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27 Lessons (7h 12m)
    • 1. Why to enroll in 100 ways I made money online!

    • 2. What I think you will love about this class!

    • 3. Executive Summary Part 1!

    • 4. Executive Summary Part 2!

    • 5. Introduction.

    • 6. What has worked the best for me!

    • 7. The list #1 to #25.

    • 8. The list #26 to #47.

    • 9. The list #48 to #64.

    • 10. The list #65 to #83.

    • 11. The list #84 to #100.

    • 12. #1 Method to Work Online is making products.

    • 13. Tips for selling products successfully online and myths busted.

    • 14. Why are video courses the best opportunity today?

    • 15. Acquiring customers slowly and steadily for consistent growth.

    • 16. #2 method and the easiest to start working online is serving clients!

    • 17. Doing a great job for one client makes a great way to work online!

    • 18. The value of patience working with clients online.

    • 19. #3 affiliate marketing.

    • 20. Affiliate marketing is very challenging without an inside advantage.

    • 21. Many affiliate programs do not work.

    • 22. #4 advertising revenue

    • 23. Where are the best ad revenue opportunities?

    • 24. #5 investing

    • 25. Investing with faith for long term gains.

    • 26. What now?

    • 27. Class project for 100 ways I made money online

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About This Class

Would you try enrolling in this class if you are hoping to earn money working online, increase what you already make as a freelancer, or take your business to the next level? You might enjoy listening to the stories in this class if you would benefit from an honest look into my experience working online for five years. What have I done since I started my business in 2011 that you might like to find out about? I have made over 1.5 million dollars online working full time from home for most of it while being suspended or banned from nearly every website that paid me that money. Taking this class might help you avoid the messy failure stories I created followed by amazing growth and avoid making the same mistakes I did. Unlock courage to go forward in your own business today after seeing the 100 different ways I have been able to make money online. Know that if I can do it, you can do it better!

When you want to make your first $1 or $100 working online, I hope this class will be inspiration for you to get concrete examples of strategies you can test yourself starting today to produce income for you online. In 2004 when I tried to learn to work online, I could not find any honest information about what worked and what did not. Use this class to get a comprehensive list of what has worked for me to make at least $1 online in 100 different ways and look deeper into how I combined all of these methods to produce over a million dollars.

As you build your career freelancing online, you might enjoy adding new strategies to your business and feeling comforted in your failures by knowing that I have had more failures than successes. Get a real look in this class at how many times I have messed things up online from getting my Google AdWords account suspended to Udemy banning me and so many more stories where I did my best only to end up with nothing to show for it except experience which now gives me the power to do even better today.

To take your business to the next level, you might be inspired by the relentless passion I have for helping you achieve your goals today that is translated through this class to you in the stories I tell. You might see a new opportunity based on what I have done that adds a valuable new way for you to grow your business and enjoy it more. Even more likely, you might be motivated to cut out a lot of what you do today that you do not enjoy in an effort to isolate exactly what you love to do and to it best more often. Hearing the laundry list I provide of ways to make money online as an entrepreneur in this class might show you the power of not trying to use every means of making money as a means to an end but to focus on what brings the most value to the customer at the least cost.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you enjoy the class!

Jerry Banfield

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Jerry Banfield

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You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Why to enroll in 100 ways I made money online!: welcome toe 100 ways. I've made money online. I think this course will inspire you as you listen to the entire list of ways I've made money online. I think you'll be motivated to go out and try some new ways to make money online yourself. I think you'll be motivated to give up some of the ways you're trying now that aren't working. I think you'll be inspired. You'll listen and you're here and you'll say, You know what? If this guy can make $100 that way, But I can make 1000 I've been motivated this way to grow my business. I've seen other people teaching. I've said, You know what? If that guy could do 100,000 I could do 500,000 And I hope giving you the inside stories of both the things that have worked in my business and the things that haven't will be really helpful for you. This class begins with an executive summary, so if you just want to get the key points right away, you can knock that out in less than 30 minutes. I then give you an introduction and I hope is empowering for you to learn exactly what works best to make money online. I then go through the entire list 1 to 100 each different ways. I've made money online, I then going to five different ways that are very effective. The number one method work online is selling products and courses just like this is a course here, I explain to you why video course or the best opportunity today? Lowest competition. Eyes demand. I go into the number two the easiest method to start what is the easiest method to get started. I go into number three, affiliate marketing, ad revenue and even a little bit about investing. I do all of these things that have made money all of these ways myself. I break down all the different ways how much I made in each one to show you what's the most effective. I hope this is really, really, really helpful for you. If you're trying to build your business online, launch your business, grow your business and expand what you're currently doing or even drop some of the things you're not working well and replace them with things that are working better. Would you please and role in this class. If you want to build your business, if you want to expand and grow and get expired, would you share some more time with me today as a student in this class? 2. What I think you will love about this class!: thank you very much for enrolling in this class. I'm honored. You're already in the top 20% of people who view the landing page. Can you believe that? Yes. Out of the hundreds, if not thousands of people that will view the video in the intro page you saw you're already in the top 20% in terms of making a commitment to increasing growing building and learning each day. And that gives you a nearly certain chance to be ableto work online. To be ableto have the freedom and the lifestyle that you want. How doe I know because that's my life. That's what I do and I will give it to you. I give back to you. I give you all of the things in this course all of my experience to help you have the best chance to have the freedom that I have today toe work online, know essentially play around in my bedroom and make good money doing it now. This was originally recorded as an audiobook, so I originally made this as an audiobook and I've turned it into a video course here for you. The audio book is available on Audible if you prefer audible, and it's also available as a paper back or a Kindle on Amazon. I tell you that because I want you to understand the format this is in. So this is the last time you'll be seeing my face until the very end of the course. The rest of the course is just this little background screenshot rendered over the audio. So I've put this screenshot with some relevant things. I've shown you the inside of my business, my expenses and income for 2016 because, hey, if I'm gonna tell you about your business and I'm gonna tell you all about it, I should show you the inside of what's working right now. Now, keep these facts in mind. I started my business in 2011. I lost money the 1st 2 years of it, and I first profitable year was 2000 and 14 in my business. So I'm very grateful to finally have made a profit in my business after taking a loss several years getting my business started. I've also got these 10 facts on here, so this is optimized for just listening without watching. So that means in your planning I know I read books. I listen to books. I watch video courses. In your planning, you might enjoy figuring to use this course on. Say something like a mobile device like your phone that you can download this there and then you can listen to this on the go. You can listen to it while you are at the gym. You can put it on in the background while you're looking at something else. So since this doesn't have any rial video content, it's just mostly audio rendered over top of a screenshot. Then I hope this is helpful for you to plan to use this course in a context where you don't have to see the screen. I like to listen to books while I'm making my smoothie while I'm taking walk. So I hope this would function. This would be a great course for you to use in that manner. Also, most all my other classes are video intensive, and you really need to watch them. But this one, you can just listen to it and you'll get the same experience as actually having the video up. So thank you very much for getting started with this class. Would you, please? If you at any point, find even one thing that's really helpful. Would you please go in, leave a review and explain what you found that was helpful. This is what I do when I take other people's skill share classes. If I even find one thing, just one thing that helps me in the class. Then I go through and put a review, and I explain exactly what I found. That was helpful. Why do I do that? Because I want to take away and learn and build and grow every day. So if anyone helps me with that at all, I'm very grateful for that. And if you help other people find this class by leaving a review, I am very grateful for that. If you would like anything added to this class B of questions, would you please use the community tab and post a discussion to get the conversation started? Thank you very much for getting started with this. I'm honored you're here and I hope you absolutely love this class. 3. Executive Summary Part 1!: executive summary. I'm grateful I received a one star review on my Facebook ads book that indicated I rambled too much. That has motivated me to give you an executive summary right here in this book. Y will attempt in a very short period of time to tell you every most key point. I'm going to tell you now. This doesn't give you the chance to hear all the stories behind it, which I think produced the greatest learning. However, I hope this executive summary section will give you the key points from the book Right away . Number one. My entire system that I've found that's best for making money online out of earning money at least 100 different ways is as follows. It incorporates three different ways to make money online. First building audience, preferably by focusing on giving for free everything you know. The best way I found to do this is do YouTube videos essentially look at YouTube is a resume you want to screen, capture, tutorial or do a webcam video or unseen film. Show everything you can about what you know. If you're a counselor, you put up what you know about counseling. If your Internet marketing guy. You put up with it. You know about Internet marketing for me. I'm an Internet marketing video games guy. Put up what I know about Internet marketing, video games on my channel, the best of it up there for free. Then using that free audience, you have the ability, as I do, to make money three different ways by selling products by serving clients and by ad revenue . I make money all three of these ways today off of my YouTube channel, the easiest of which to get started with is usually serving clients. And I say get started with in the sense of making at least $1000. It's easier, obviously, to just make one YouTube video in turn, ad done, or to put one product up and maybe make a couple of dollars in sales. Serving clients is the easiest way I've found as a part of this system to make a good living online. You put all your YouTube videos up, you show what you know, and then you put your email address, preferably a lead collection specific email address, like if you have a jury banfield dot com domain. Something like Hyatt. Jerry banfield dot com You can see in some of my older YouTube videos. I did this, you say, Hey, if you're thinking about doing it yourself, do you want some help? Just email me and there you have an inbox instead of needing to go cold message. Cold email. Cold call. You literally just get leads in your email inbox on his regular base says you can. If you want to spend money, you can use you to bads toe, advertise all of your videos to help them all rank higher and to speed this process up. That's what I've done. I've spent more than $30,000 advertising my YouTube videos. I now have a channel that gives me thousands of views, almost every video free. That is my complete system that I've found to make money online in the most effective way because you can do anything then, based on what you need to plug into it. Once you've got the YouTube channel, you can then sell courses online. You can sell audiobooks. This is an audiobook here. I originally made it that way. I've made the most of my money selling online courses to my YouTube channel and then getting some positive reinforcement from the online courses. You can also, if you make a big enough channel in terms of views, get a lot of and revenue. But that tends to take the very longest time. But once you've got it set up, it is one of the very nicest ways to make money. As you can see from TV ads, Number two learning to make money online is somewhat like digging for gold. It's very difficulty, Oh, even get started with. And once you find a little bit of gold, it often takes a lot more effort to keep digging deeper. There's a story I like. I've just been listening to the book, Think and Grow rich. It talks about a gold miner who went out looking for gold in an area he heard was good. I went and found some gold and then dug up the mind. But very quickly he lost track of the gold. See often there's just a little particular bit of gold mine, like a little line of gold almost in the ground, and then you have to follow it. He lost the line he looked around for and looked around. He gave up, sold his gold digging equipment. The guy who bought his gold digging equipment from him, then asked in another engineer to come out. Look at it, say, Can you find where the gold was that this guy was looking for? The gold, the engineer found, was three feet away from where the guy gave up. And the guy who bought the equipment engineer then made millions of dollars after they found that gold line digging all the rest of the gold up that the original gold miner missed. And that's exactly what happens a lot with Internet marketing. In my experience, it's very difficulty even find anything that's worth doing the start with and once you find it, then often what looks like a messy failure in the end of the line is actually three feet away from the gold. If you've listened through the whole book, you'll see how Maney failures I've been through, how many times I've said all these things up like you to me. I had courses. It's spelled u D E E M Y. I had 70 something course up on, You know me. At one point they paid me over $600,000 between the two parties, me and you. To me, we somewhere messed it up to the point that they felt it was best to ban me the best gold digging, so to speak, I ever set up online. Gone with one email. Now, here I am recording audio books. I had, ah, hundreds of clients. I got online, and I only still have one of them left. I have had a business online for five years, and there's no getting through messing things up. In fact, the main difference I've noticed in me versus the students I'm teaching. Either I have more failures or I'm more willing to share my failures for the benefit of others. When I go through the one section, you might be amazed how many things I've messed up. How many accounts I've got suspended? How many times I've got band? How maney things I thought were going toe work good. That didn't out of the 100 ways I list. I make money. There's only a handful or so of them that have made good money. A lot of them were digging in the wrong places in gold digging terms complete waste of time . And even though I made a little bit of money, for example, I did a series of vein articles I will talk about. It was awful many of the times I effectively paid the work, even though I technically got paid money, I spent more money in it than I got paid back, effectively paid money out so I could do something I didn't like to do. That seems to be fairly normal. Which leads to Point number three. You want your work to be a labor of love. That means it's not a means to an end. That means it's not something you hate and you just have to do. For now, that means it's not something you're hustling or trying to make it. It means it's a labor of love, like narrating this book. If no one ever listens to it. If it doesn't make any money, if it doesn't do any good, that's fine, because I am enjoying making it right now. That's the bottom line. While technically you might say, I'm working right now, I don't feel like I'm working. If you want to be able to make money online, especially, you've have to be able to do a labor of love. Now, this is just a suggestion. All the things I give in this book are suggestions and intended to help you. If you don't follow the suggestion that's up to you. I've learned by doing it the hard way. I've done a bunch of things just to hustle, just to make money, just to use as a means to an end. And I list lots of them doing things like that can be a good learning experience. But wouldn't you rather learn through a labor of love? Wouldn't you rather learn, doing something you enjoy? Sometimes you have to have pain and misery toe, learn to get where you are. But I think you've had enough already. Wouldn't you like to go forward doing something you wholeheartedly love and enjoy doing because you're still going to mess that up To me, the worst thing to do is to mess something up and fail and have hated doing it the whole time. Many of the things I did for clients I didn't enjoy doing, I messed it up and then didn't deliver even good work. That's the worst of everything. The client wasn't happy. I didn't enjoy doing the work, and it didn't work out how I hoped it would. If what you're doing is a labor of love, you'll know it because they'll be great joy and doing it. The doing itself will become primary, like the narration of this book is Primary. That's why I'm here is to narrate the book. Everything else that happens is secondary Now. Obviously, I have my plans to put this book up and sell it, etcetera. The work I'm doing with its primary. It's what I think about. I think about doing the work, making the book. I don't fantasize about how great things will be when the book sells so much, and I don't sit here and think about all these things I'm afraid of. I think about doing the actual work itself to narrate the book. That's what I think about what I noticed. Consistently working with entrepreneurs online is very little focus on the doing, a lot of focus on the ginning. Okay, so I'm gonna do this whole course and then I'm gonna sell, and then people are going to do this and then and then and then and then. Well, what do you actually going to do on the course? Well, I'm going to talk about this. Isn't that okay? How are you gonna do that? Well, I don't know. I figure that out. The I don't know if figure that out, that that can be trust the emphasis, if you really want great results, has to be on the work. If you used to hear me talk about clients, I didn't talk about doing any of the work for them. I talked about what I got out of it. Oh, I got this client. He paid $400. Only took me two hours to do the work instead of I got this client. He paid me $400. I learned all these exciting things. I did this for the kind of did that for the client. And then I showed him how to do this. And I had a lot of fun. And then things went wrong and I talked to the client and I worked through that and we had fun and we laughed together. And then I talked and did This will decline. I did that. And then the Facebook guys worked Really good and it was great. And now the client wants to keep working with me. You see the difference between those two? It looks subtle, but it's all the difference in the world. Number four. Making money online is an outstanding opportunity. Today I have a home office. That's what I do, and at the same time it has different limitations than working in an office or working a regular job. It's easy to go into workaholic mode as I illustrating many of my stories, and this still is something today that takes lots of effort because some workplaces often imposed healthy limitations on how much work you're going to do and how you're going to do it when you get into doing a labor of love. When you get into making things people enjoy when you follow what I've outlined in this book all the sudden, you may wake up and realize that when you went to that MLM program before or that seminar that get rich thing and they talked about all these things you could have like you can wake up with no alarm, financial freedom and security. When you wake up and realize you actually have that one day and you're still crazy as hell because all you do is think about do work all the time. You don't spend enough time with your family, your friends, you and that happens. That's very easy to happen with an online business. I have a client that he started trying to do more and make a business online. His wife immediately is like, What are you doing? You're working as much you used to, and now you're spending all this time doing your business online. What about me and your son? That is the easiest way for all of the good. Out of what you've been hoping for to be missed out. I started working online so that I'd have the freedom and flexibility to hang out with my wife and daughter and spend time with my family and friends. That was a big motivation for me to work online because I worked lots of jobs before that were full time and where that was more difficulty keeping these things in mind. From the beginning, you can be a wise person and learn from my mistakes instead of being a smart person and having to make your own mistakes and learn from them 4. Executive Summary Part 2!: finally last number five. The ways I list to make money in the book The best way I think to make money overall is through selling products. Selling products works at all levels. It works. Rather, you're just getting started and you have no clients, no sales. And you have nothing but time to just make you two videos to build your audience and then make products to sell them. It works when you're mid level. When you've got some established sales or clients, you've gotten established audience. Even if it doesn't make that many sales, it will help all of your sales start off better. And it works when you've got more than you know what to do with any product being released , then has a chance to make plenty of money and influence plenty of people. You see, the whole system works together to do the same thing, and that's what's beautiful about it. This is what I do most of the money I've made in terms of profit, not in terms of revenue and revenue. I've made a lot of sales working with clients, but the profit is often a lot lower as well, depending on how you set it up. I love making products also, because making products is a big leap of faith. I sit here while technical. I stand here and record this. I don't know if it'll make any money. In fact, I have to spend money, Did it get it transcribed and edited into a book first, and then I can actually go back and put the audiobooks on audible, and then I have to work to sell it. So while I don't know, it'll sell anything. My data suggests that I may be able to do very well selling this book. I may be able to make thousands of dollars selling this book, and once the books out there, then it can make sales indefinitely. Most products tend to have 1/2 life, so some products are just the very best for three months or six months, or some even one month or 12 months. And then after that, they very easily start getting replaced by competitors, newer books, newer products, etcetera. The best way found to make money by far is making products. However, it's not the easiest to get started with. Making products is great if you already have a job and you already have an income or if you already making enough income working online that you don't need more. I in fact, borrowed $50,000 or so to give myself the peace of mind and financial security to make products and, thankfully, have already been able to pay nearly all of that off, plus a bunch more than I racked up serving clients. Serving clients is the easiest way to get started making some good money because it only takes one person to be able to pay you a lot of money to help out. The problem with clients is it tends to be more like a job in a sense that you're accountable just the same as you might be accountable. Boss, you're accountable to a client when you serve clients well, as my friend Albert does, he effectively has just a handful of people he works for, and he gets paid much more. Then if he had his own full time job, he got a full time job offer. And what do you make? Serving clients is about double that, and the best part is he doesn't have to commute either, and he can even double dip. Sometimes in the sense of he can have one. Clients work, even overlap, like the work for me as one of his clients. He can have that work overlap with doing work for another client. Because some of US clients have relationships with each other as well. Serving clients is an awesome way to make money online. It's the first thing that worked really good for me. There's also affiliate marketing, ad revenue and trading and investing ad revenues extremely hard to get started with and tends to require constant work to maintain. My business model is shifting right now to incorporate ad revenue as a significant part of it. As I get close to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, which that's a hell of a lot, it's hard to get a channel that big, and my ad revenue still has not even broke Even I've spent over 30,000 ads. I haven't even got close to that in ad revenue yet, however, and maybe five or 10 years, I may tell you, have made millions in and revenue ad revenue really snowballs. Also, once you get things rolling, it just tends to have this moment tum of its own, so ad revenue can be a very powerful way to make money. It's very hard to get started with, though affiliate marketing is easier to get started with, however, it tends to run into limitations very quickly, and it's kind of the opposite of ad revenue and sense. Most of the time, If you get your affiliate marketing working really good, it will also turn into a problem. So while ad revenue is very difficult to get started with anyone theoretically in Foreign affiliate link out there and get an affiliate commission many of the ways I've earned money our affiliate commissions through selling various things at the same time, there's nothing I fail that quite as effectively as affiliate marketing. I've tried so many affiliate programs in so many ways, and the only one I got toe work. I also ended up getting removed from I made more than $20,000 in in commissions, so ah, 40 or 50,000 and actual sales as a unity affiliate in just a few months, and that got me into being a top U to me affiliate. When you're a top affiliate, your activities tend to be scrutinized very carefully and often to become a top affiliate. Things you needs insider advantage is often things that others might consider cheating or unfair. I was a you to me instructor, So I taught you to make courses and I was able to use Google AdWords re marketing to capture all the people who went through my courses and then sell to them with paid ads using the U to me affiliate program. I was able to capture ah, bunch of people searching for you to me, which was not allowed in the terms. However, I did it by putting them on my re marketing list without using the affiliate code on the introduction. And then as soon as they visited my course after searching for you to me, then I had the affiliate re marketing ads there. So I got to be a top affiliate because I was an instructor. If I wouldn't have been a you to me instructor, I would not have got to be a top affiliate. I had conversion tracking on my affiliate sales, and that is the exact problem with being an affiliate. Is that often when you get to doing really good some of the things you used to get there. They'll then decide even if they were within the rules. When you got into being a top affiliate, they may decide. Okay, well, we're not going to allow you to do that anymore. So often, success being a top affiliate will then end up causing the end of things. You, to me, removed me from their affiliate program after they removed me from their website. More than likely because I was still a top affiliate, I would guess, based on my sales, even after I had been banned from you to me. And then they see all they might not have noticed if I hadn't hardly been making any commissions. But as a top affiliate, they noticed that I had been banned from the website and I was still cleaning up on commissions with my Google AdWords data and with my website set up. So Philip marking it does offer good opportunities. It's very hard. I recommend starting with products and clients. Affiliate marketing and ad revenue can be added along in the way when the time is right, if you try and start with either of them, though in my experience is really frustrating. Last investing in trading investing in trading, I feel, is significantly different than the other four things I've mentioned because you need some money to start with investing in trading, whereas making products, serving clients, doing affiliate marketing and ad revenue, you don't need any start up capital to do those you need to be able to invest something to do. Investing in trading Investing in trading also doesn't rely on an audience. You could do very well investing in trading with no audience. You don't need to work for anyone if you've got enough of your own money. Investing in trading also has a whole life of its own. I talked about briefly in the investing in trading section, some of the things that can go wrong doing, investing and trading, especially things like turning it into an emotional game you're playing to be right similar to gambling, which happened to me several times of investing in treating at the same time, investing in trading presents some of the best ways to have faith in other people. Digital currencies, whatever it is you want to invest in trade. To use the money, you have to have faith in others, invest it wisely with the rational plan and then to just get a return out of it. I've invested in a lot of these digital currencies similar to Bitcoin and I've made thousands of dollars out of it. Now, at least I have 10 Bitcoin right now instead of I should have about seven or eight without my investing. I've got 10 Bitcoin now, so I've made thousands of dollars in Bitcoin that I could cash out at a moments notice into U. S dollars back into my bank account. So having already had money to invest it around 5000 or so in trading currencies between just buying them and holding them in a wallet and then putting other Bitcoin on a treating site, I think Bitcoins a good investment. I give my money on faith that then it will give me back more. Investing in trading is a nice supplement as I see it to the other existing methods. When you get some of the others toe work, you could try a little bit of conservative investing and trading in areas. You have faith in that. Then you can make a little bit more out of it that way. I believe all five of these together present a well rounded and comprehensive approach to making money online. All five of them are selling products, serving clients, making money from ad revenue, affiliate marketing and investing in trading. I'm actively involved in all five of these today as a part of my business selling products makes the majority of my money. Serving clients, then is one of the next biggest portions, along with ad revenue, that ad revenue is the fastest growing portion of my business, with up 50% in the last month or so on YouTube from 1000 of 15 or 1600 dollars a month and then investing and trading. I can use the money I make then to put some of that in my business. Affiliate. Marketing for me is still lucky to make $100 a month. I see other people, though I may be in the gold mining stri maybe three feet away from a great affiliate marketing set up. I hope this executive summary of the entire book is useful for you. This contains the key ideas that I will attempt to share through my own stories and experience in the book, some of which I hope are entertaining for you, others of which might make you wanna cry at my stupidity or at my ability to seemingly mess up a really good thing. I'm honored. You're here with me. I value your time and your feedback on this book. My parting idea is the importance of feedback. I wouldn't be here with you today if thousands of people hadn't taken their time to give me feedback as to what I could do better. And even the one star review on the Facebook ads book I made on Audible I'm grateful for the feedback I got because hopefully starting out with this executive summary, I'll attempt to give you some of the best and most important ideas I teach in the book right up front here so that you don't have to listen all my rambling stories and tangents if you don't want to. The same time. I also noticed that the vast majority of my feedback is positive, along with one star review. There's three or four very enthusiastic positive reviews, and that's what motivates me to go forward every day, every month on YouTube Now I get about 9000 people who like my videos and about 900 who don't like them, along with hundreds of give nasty comments and hate what I dio. It's a labor of love for me each day, and the feedback I get good and bad helps me consistently to do better. You're in a much better sound studio with me than before because so many people took the time before I finally could see that they were right. My last studio had terrible echo. I'm here with you today because thousands of people before you have asked me to be here again, and I thank you specifically for being one of them. I appreciate you listening in this book, and I hope it's helpful for you. 5. Introduction.: introduction. Why are we here? What is the purpose of this book? What do you get out of it? What are the 100 ways I've made money online? How much money have I made online? This and more I hope will be revealed in this chapter. Because I have a lot of excitement about what I do online, which is I work full time online with my own company at home. I'm literally making this in my bedroom right now. I've worked with my own company now for five years, making it by far the longest job I've ever had in my life. The second longest was two years. I love working for myself online mainly serving clients and selling products. Over the last five years, those of the main two ways I've made money online. I have put this book together while I am putting it together in real time here with the hope that you have the opportunity. If you would like to work as much as you would like out of the comfort of your home online doing things that people need help with. I hope this book is helpful for you in advancing your career. Both through inspiration by seeing what I'm doing and being inspired to do it yourself, combined with practical tips and ideas based on what you've seen me do now, I'm going to say some things in this chapter that will make me look what you might call good. So let's start off with some things that make me look bad. I've spent over a $1,000,000 online. I've wasted money in hundreds of ways. One of my family's favorite is a movie theater. Add. I paid $2800 to put a fiver video that is on video I ordered on Fiverr dot com for something like $5 to advertise my business. I put it in the introduction of a local movie theater in the ads section for a year, not one sale. I can't prove Chair made a dollar off of that ad That is the norm for the different things I've tried. I've tried tons of different things. Most of them have been fall on your face failures. I've got banned from you to me, where I made more than $600,000 for my payments over $2 million in sales. I got banned because I was committed to being a very top instructor at all costs, even if it meant pushing the limits on most of the rules. Even though I asked about the limits I pushed in that said it was okay. My attitude, then in response to changing the rules, caused a big stir in the community. And then eventually they just got sick of having me around and banned me. Messi failures great opportunities like you, to me, squandered through my own selfishness through not seeing the bigger picture that if I did too good on you to me, they might need to get rid of me that if I blatantly did things in their face, they didn't like, such as pay someone else to make one of the top courses on the website and then take most of the money for it and then tell everyone I did that. Even though it wasn't against the policy. You can see how they might not have liked that, and they might not have wanted that as an example. On their Web site of how to be successful, I did a big focus group project through my client in Asia of huge government project. And I did a bunch of focus groups with temporary employees because I said I could find people who did mobile APS, and it turned out I couldn't. So I just hired literally people off the street to come in and test mobile app on their phones. It required a lot of cleaning up on the clients, and it was quite a disaster. The government was not very happy with the users I put into the test. If you want to mention some or bands, I've got my account suspended, my 1st 2nd and several Google AdWords accounts after that suspended, which Google's was looking at me for a while to be there, brand ambassador to be the one that made some of the new Google AdWords videos. And I guess they researched me well enough for maybe something else came up and they saw that I'd had suspended AdWords accounts before, so maybe he didn't want to put me as a brand ambassador. When I had went and clearly broke the rules on Google. I've got my website manually band on Facebook. That means someone from the headquarters actually took the time to tighten my You are Ellen and permanently ban it. You can't even put the u R l n. You can't even typing in your message. It's not one of those auto bands, because I got it Auto band before. But those 10 aware often if you go around through the spam filter and of it and go straight to the company and spam filters that you can get your sight restored that way. I've got my linked in profile suspended. I've paid tens of thousands of dollars to freelancers to do things that didn't even make one sale. I have paid for a bunch of back links and S e o to try and get my website ranked higher on Lee to make it plummet forever. I've made YouTube videos that have got removed my first YouTube video. If you haven't heard this already, was on how to say the F word. Yes, along with all these things that have went well, there have been a ton of Messi failures, Aton of stupid things done selfishly without thinking about what, how anyone else would be impacted. So I want you to know that I'm just an average person. I'm just ordinary. I'm a regular guy who just sat down and was determined toe work online because after working full time in law enforcement and corrections and trying some court internships graduate school, college being cashier I just wanted to be able to have my own business on my own terms because I could see all I did was go work for other people for a little while until I got tired of them and moved on. I wanted to have the rewards of having my own business, which include a flexible schedule. I remember hearing in an ML M scheme I went to in college about you can wake up when you get diamond level, you can wake up with no alarm. It could be eight or nine or 10 o'clock and you just wake up. Oh, what a beautiful day. That's how I wake up every day today. Except it's more of Madeleine and her crim calling out for us. Toe. Hey, get your butt out of bed and come get me out of my crib so I can eat and start the day out . I have an amazing life today. I literally forgot on my iPhone where the alarm waas I went looking for another day because I was timing my laundry and had been months since I even went and looked at the alarms I couldn't find where they even were. That in and of itself is not worth having your own business over because there are lots of days having your own business stinks. It stinks worse than going to work for someone, because when you goto work for someone, you mess something up. Or when things don't go well, when the company gets something bad happens, it's not usually that personal when you submit a Kickstarter project. I submitted this as a Kickstarter project 100 ways. I made money online and, God willing, this will go through at least on Audible on Amazon. I submitted This is a project and they said no and I appealed it. May said No, No, that too. I put hours into writing up a nice project. I was excited to give Kickstarter Try them when they do know, they didn't even say why. They gave me some copy and paste. Oh, it doesn't follow our rules, you know, See the link here, which I read which I looked and saw their people doing the same kind of project. No explanation, no concrete details, the new better. Just a blanket rejection. No, not even any help, even when I asked for help, Not even in the help. Things like that stink. Having your own business having your own business is wonderful, and yet it fundamentally is just the same is working for someone else. There's different limitations. Yes, it's nice. I don't have to get up to an alarm. I can work whenever I want to. It's not nice how easy it is to become completely workaholic with my business. I never had the trouble working for someone else that when I went home, I constantly was obsessing about work. Even as a police officer. Work is so much of your life. I very quickly got tired of talking about it outside of work because you spend enough time and energy on it. At work, you want to get obsessed with something and go all workaholic mode. Having your own business is the way to do it. All the hours and hours I've talked my wife's ear off with one idea another. At least now I realize I've got about 3 to 5 minutes where she might listen. And then at that point for then she That's about enough for her. So I tell her a little bit about what I do each day. Now. I used to talk hours. We take our two car ride some more, and I'd talk the whole time. Then I get frustrated when she didn't want talk. These things you might not hear right away about having your own business. The work life balance is really hard, sometimes with their own business, because there's no one to tell you to stop working. And when you worked on other people's things that you haven't cared about that much your whole life and you suddenly work on something that you really do care about. It may be a little hard to contain yourself after all the years of school working on projects you didn't care about and working in a someone else, and then you finally you're writing your own book. You're making your own website. You're selling your own products. Why not work 10 hour days every single day of the week? It's your project. This can be more destructive to families than working a regular job where the job imposes certain limits on you. Most of the time, I realize you can go into these things also in various career lines. I know friends and family who go way overboard with their job, even though they work for someone else. I've never done that. So I'm speaking just from my own experience in this book because I feel that's the most honest. I try to take other people's experience in your account when possible. The point of this is up in the front of the book that I want you to see your equal with me . Anything I've done, you can try and do also some of the things I have not got toe work. You may get torque. You might put 2800 and nor movie theater add that cleans up. That makes your store a huge seller in its area that gets your product line launched. You might be able to be successful with your first Google AdWords that come. You might be able to send messages on LinkedIn and not get your account profile suspended. You might be able to hire freelancers and not waste a bunch of money on it. You might be able to serve a lot of clients and not lose the majority of them. Did I mention that I've had hundreds of clients online, and now I have three that my churn rate for clients with any years about 99%. But if I get 100 clients after a year, I'm likely to have one. Now. That's based mostly on data from 2000 and 12 and 13 and 14 when I was in the middle of absolute selfishness of Onley, hustling and getting what I wanted and carrying very little about what I did for anyone else. If you get one thing out of this book, if you want to make money online, you will focus on doing good for other people, or you will not achieve any definition of success that you're happy with. What does that major? What do you What do you mean focus on other people? Of course I'm focusing on the people. I'm making products and services for other people. No, no, no. I mean, make something that's genuinely good for someone else that genuinely focuses on someone else first, and you getting your money second. Well, of course I'm making a product. No, no, no, no, no. Something that really is good. That really does something for other people. 6. What has worked the best for me!: this book is intended primarily to be useful for you. Yes, it may make some sales for me. It also may not. It may not even get approved. It may not get approved up on Amazon or audible for some reason. In that case, I will stick it on my podcast for free. And if someone steals all the audio, I had a hard time trying to steal my own audio files to get them to go on a different MP three player. Maybe you are a little more technically savvy than I am in that department. If someone steals my audio files, I'm never going to chase them down because the purpose of this book primarily is to be useful for you in doing any of the things I've done or doing what you are doing today online. Based on learning from my experience, that's the primary purpose of the book. Now there is a way for me to make money set up in this. That's after I've put out thousands of free videos on YouTube. If I hadn't put thousands of free videos up on YouTube, I would put all of this up just for free on YouTube as is I'm planning to put this chapter up for free on my podcast as an introduction to the book. The idea is that this is primarily being created to be used for one of service to you after doing so much free service work after making so many videos with tutorial showing the best of what I know totally for free. And I am about to embark on putting the roughly 2000 videos I've put on my online courses, packaging them up in different formats and putting all those free on my YouTube channel. Also, that's what I mean by making something that helps someone else, preferably something that is absolutely, completely for free. And that's the foundation of your business. Why there are way too many other people and companies today that already have the market covered on products that already of the market, covered on selfish things that just make them look good. That spot's taken. There's hardly in the opportunities their relative to the opportunities available to make something out there that really is genuinely useful for someone. This might make me look great along with everything else. So I was going to fresh market yesterday, and I feel it's important, since I often just kind of do a straight from the heart straight through on many of my courses. All I've done is just narrate them from the heart. I've didn't do a script. I didn't spend a bunch of time. I just spit out what came freestyle out of my mouth straight from my heart. So this means that I have never actually really got to do anything more than listen to the words coming out of my mouth. As I produced a book in my Facebook audiobook, for example, I hardly know what's in there. I just narrated it from the heart. I didn't spend a bunch of time making it. So at fresh Market, I downloaded my own Facebook ads in marketing audiobook from Audible. I downloaded it and listen to the first chapter in fresh market, and I was thinking, Wow, this is actually pretty good. It's funny if you make something you if you put so much time and energy into it, to not even listen to it. While I've just focused so much on making things that are useful for you that I often just didn't even stop to go back and look at what I did. So I listen to it to try and get some feedback. And even that first chapter off the book was helpful for me, even though I made it and recorded it. It had a lot of good motivational things in it that were good for me to hear again, because you've got to keep hearing things that are good for you every day. You if you're like me, which you probably are, you have a very good built in. Forget her now. Maybe not for resentments and angers. I'm sure you can remember what someone did you 10 or 15 or 20 years ago with pinpoint precision. What may be difficult to remember is that thing you used to do every day last year. That worked really good and you're happy. And then all the sudden for no sudden reason, you can remember you suddenly stop doing it. I have to remember and take effort each day to remember to do the things that are important to my continued survival, that air important for my daily spiritually maintenance that are important for me feeling connected with the world. And speaking of which I think I'm going to go take a second to do one of those right now, which I get down on my knees every morning and pray and asked to be of service that I will be done, that I serve the collective good. So I'm going to do that, and then I will finish up this chapter with you there. I'm done with that. While that took no time on your end, that took a couple of minutes on my hand. Helps me to continue being focused here, and it helps me to approach life with some humility. And that's what I wanted to start this book out with, because in the course off proving to you that I'm a valid instructor for this book, in the sense of going through the ways I've made money online and the successes I've had, I want you to understand up front that I'm just an ordinary man like you or an ordinary woman like you. However, that goes, I'm an ordinary human being like you, and that there's nothing special allow what I've done or anything I'm teaching in this book . These are ordinary ideas, these air tools that you can go put your hands on and start using. Today. What special is the focus on truly doing something for the greater good? That's what special. So if you get anything out of this book in your work online, focus on what you're doing that genuinely is good for someone else. Not that's a backdoor way for you to get paid. For example, an email list that sells something for you that could theoretically but practically. We want to give out as much for free as possible. Wired a friend. Email me, he said. I've been working on line seven years and I'm not successful like you are, and I don't even know what to do next. Right now, he jumps from one thing to another. He said. He has shiny eye syndrome. He jumps from one thing to another to another all the time, always hoping that the new thing will provide salvation, that the new thing will make tons of money and then very quickly. The new thing doesn't make tons of money and then very quickly is disappointed. And after seven years, he's gone round and around and around, and he still essentially starting from nothing. That's what happens when you keep just chasing in trying to grab things when I'm sharing in . This book is sitting peacefully where you're at today and honestly thinking about what you can do to help someone else. That's why I'm still alive, because I started thinking about what I could do to help other people instead of what I could do to help myself. I wouldn't still be here if I'd continued thinking on what I could do to help myself in the first years of my business online were focused on what I could do to help myself and that poisons everything you do, even if it works. Even my you know me. Even though you, Timmy was Onley focused on my selfish desires for the first year or so, and it had a healthy mix of genuinely trying to help other people. The poison, when it came to harvest ended up with a ban. I'm hoping now on audible for the first time, I can do something truly out there to just be of service instead of trying to make me into the best audible author or instead of trying to push my way into the top on audible that I can just be here and serve on Audible the way I do on YouTube. I just put out free videos and try and serve to be another good YouTube creator. I don't try to be the number one YouTube creator anymore, or even the number 10. I just try and do a good job on my channel every day because that brings in a lot of sales . Many of the sales I get now from people who've been watching free videos for years. They found me before when they had a problem. They kept watching the videos toe learn more. They watched free videos for years. I've helped them with tons of things for free, and now they already maybe this is you. Now you are ready to buy an actual product. That's what has worked the very best for me setting up a system like that where you provide really good free help asking nothing in return, not asking for an email, not asking for a sale, not asking for anything at all, just giving the help completely for free. A good example of this While I was getting started as an author on Audible using the Audible Creation Exchange. I had a hard time finding an exact format to put my books in That would comply with audibles policies on how they wanted the files done. And I Googled on Google Google and I was struggling to find help. And then I found an author, Rob Derricks. Here is a book called Where the Heck Is Tesler or Something like That? I found his blawg and his blawg showed me exactly what he did to get his book approved. He literally put the file up for download completely free. No email address, no $10 payment for a product. He literally gave me everything I needed completely for free on his blawg. I'll took the exact file he used on his blogged. I'm the I listened to the beginning of his book, which I now I'm going to buy as soon as I go shopping on audible again. And if you listen in a Facebook audiobook, I did you Didn't you say you were gonna buy his book on two months ago? Yes, I'm still planning on buying his book, and in the meantime, I've told a bunch of people about and I've never even bought the book. That's what we want to accomplish. You see what robbed your ex did he held to me. I got my first audiobook approved and got the courage to go forward and make another audiobook because Rob gave me something totally for free. He set up a big, deep post explaining everything he knew. He took his time to put something out there, that he had no way directly to get anything out off. No money, no product, no email. He just completely gave something that was really helpful to me for free. And now I feel an obligation to pay him back. I feel an obligation. I literally went. After visiting his website and book, marking that page and looking at it and trying to set it up six or seven times, I went to his website. I then intentionally went to his website once because I remembered he had a little email pop up. Bridget and I am programmed to ignore those, and I remember he had one. I said, I want to know when he released another book. I want to actually get emails from him now Think about that. Thousands of people have tried to collect my email address, and I've said No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 999 times. And here Rob goes and gets my email address, and he didn't even set out to do it. That is the most effective, were found to make money online, free videos, free blawg posts that are exceptionally helpful and ask nothing. And when you've put those up and they've went viral, sure, you can throw a $9 coupon to a paid course on the video and sales or come straight in from there. You can put your email up and clients will come straight in from there. Make the video first to give the rial help first, and then you're looking at a great business online. If you just keep chasing the next best thing, you keep trying to serve yourself. You can literally work your whole life and never feel like you're successful or you didn't anything worthwhile. Even though that's not the truth. You could easily feel like that. The only way I'm truly successful today as I appreciate where I am, and that's something you can do no matter where you're at, you can be imprisoned somewhere and appreciate Well, it's nice when it rains. I don't get rained on. That's good. They give me a meal every day. Know what time to get up every day. That's nice. You could be anywhere in the world and appreciate where you're at, or you could be anywhere in the world. You could be at the nicest imaginable resort. They give you a massage every day. You have five star chefs cooking food for you all day. All you can eat all you can drink what a. And you could find something to complain about. Their that damn mosquito slipped to right in through the nets and through all the traps and the little air sit filtration system. That damn mosquito landed on my food at breakfast this morning. Did you see that you bring and create heaven or hell wherever you're at? That's why it's so entertaining. The watch celebrities in what looks like heaven as they go around their life and bring hell with them. What's really inspiring to me is watch someone who looks like they're in hell is they bring heaven everywhere with them, someone who has cancer and who's dying, who has a beautiful attitude. That's what we're looking for here is to have a beautiful attitude about where we're at today. I'm making this to help you to help me, to help you. I tell you, it helps me remember that my most important thing is to have a good attitude today. So I feel now, after about 30 minutes here of getting started, I feel safe to share with you some of the good things that have happened with the ways I've made money online in a space where you can receive that in the same light that you've received these other things. I feel that these inspirational motivational things, arm or important than any method used they're more important than any of these things I list off to you that have worked to make money. They're more important than any amount of money there, their ultimate in importance. If you don't get the motivational inspirational things right, it won't matter what else she dio. If you're not doing things for the right reason, you're wasting your time Now if you suddenly switch later to doing things for the right reason, all the things you did wrong will suddenly become assets as they are for me now 7. The list #1 to #25.: the complete list of 100 ways. I've made money online, so I will now list you the 100 ways I've made money online. And then, from there I will go in deeper to individual groups of those together with more details about how I do them and about how you might be able to do them first. I'll give you some broad categories. The number one way I've made money online is by selling products online, specifically online courses. In total, I've made more than $2 million in sales selling online courses in the last two years or so . It might be 2.5 blind now. Starting I made my first sales on online courses in the beginning of 2000 and 14. The best month I had was about 200 to 250,000 and sales. The best month I got paid was about 80,000 or so. Out of all the things I've done online, selling online products and specifically selling online courses with you to me made mawr in revenue and profit than all the others combined. Now think about that for a minute. One method. Now there's a collection of small methods I've included within the big method of making core sales on You Know me, you. Timmy's a website that sells video courses online. The idea is that the 80 20 rules at work here I didn't make the most money. I didn't make more than all the other methods combined on you to me because it just worked really well. I put a ton of time and effort in the U to me. Also, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising my you Timmy courses. I put a bunch of free YouTube videos up advertising the courses and the basic method of getting the sails into you. To me was especially people watching free YouTube videos they found in organic search and suggested videos. So that's the number one method that's worked for me. And that breaks down into a collection of several small methods, including even things like affiliate marketing. So the number one way of Made is selling digital products online. The second, where I've made the most money. Both revenue and profit is serving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and probably somewhere between 50 and $100,000 in profit from serving clients online. Now the same is with the courses. Out of all the clients I've had online, one client brought in more revenue and more profit than all the other clients combined. That client started out in a country different from mine, with $100 order of fake Facebook likes. I then fessed up when they contacted me again. I then said, honestly, that yes, what I did for you about six months after the original service wasn't very good. However, I have now found a better way to do it. Using Facebook ads. Would you like to try again using Facebook ads this time? I'll give you the same deal as before, except I'll use Facebook ads instead of fake likes from fiber and again with that client a year or two after that, I made a $8000 bookkeeping mistake. They had me do media buys, and I accidentally double counted one because I put it in one way the first time when I sent it. And then when I went back through and I put it in again, I didn't see it because the numbers were slightly different. And then when I found that bookkeeping error. I think they noticed it first and waited for to see if I would report it. Then when I found the book keeping air, I said, All Oops, I found $8000 mistake. You still, instead of our contract being done, you have 8000 more dollars in credit. As soon as I found that mistake within a month, they gave me a contract that was three times bigger than the one before, and the one before was much bigger than the second order in the second order was 10 times the first order of $100 that one clients accounted for more revenue profit than hundreds of other clients combined. My second top client, same thing that clients accounted for more revenue and profit than most of the rest of the customers combined. I didn't realize these would be my top two clients out of under clients. I thought it would have been others. The point of this is that selling services to clients, you often don't know who your best client is going to be up front. The only system that really works is to try and do your best for each client and to try and continue to build a relationship with each client because you don't really know who has the biggest long term spending power with you. So those are the top two ways. I made money online selling products, especially Digital Prague's and serving clients, and I wouldn't even include consulting in that. Now. I've also made money online. Other ways, receiving donations, you two bads and Google AdSense. A little bit affiliate marketing. I even worked affiliate marketing into you to me and made about $25,000 on that in a few months, many of its skimmed from my unit me core sale. I've had membership groups on my website. I've done investing and trading with both. I have a stock market account that I just essentially buy things my friend Joe recommends. And then I have a Polonia X account where I trade online currencies, and that's made a few $1000. The most I can show I've made is $1000 an hour using clarity to take a call for $16.67 a minute. So technically, after the clarity fees ALS almost $900 an hour. That's the executive summary off the ways I've made money online. So now I will verbatim read you the list 100 ways I made money online with short explanations is relevant, and these are just in the order. I came up with them on the top of my head, so I already gave you the very top ones. Now, these air individual parts of often a bigger system. So, for example, I have a jerry banfield dot com slash resource is page of my website. It has links to all the products and services I use in my business. For example, the microphone. I'm using Slate down there. The software I have will be linked on there soon. The last version I used is on there. The wire cast that used to make the videos is on there. The webcam I make videos with is on there. I have a whole page basically of affiliate links. So, for example, number one is a fiver referral fiber dot com. As a refer a friend. I have the fiber link on that jury. Banfield Resource is page and that's on their number to go Daddy affiliate program. I'm a go daddy customer. So makes sense, too. Let people know that I use Go Daddy, and they have an affiliate program. I think I've made about $20 on that Amazon Kindle Unlimited. So on Amazon, when people subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, they could just go read all the Kindle books they want to. And then as an author, you get paid based on how many pages they read, so I make a little bit on that each week. Amazon kindle sales a little bit on that each week. Create space sales a little bit on that each week, maybe, like currently maybe $2025 or so each a week. On that. I have a TD Ameritrade Self Employment Plan Ira right now, which allows me to deduct up to 25% of my profit by putting it into an IRA Reich and then buy stocks Number seven coin based Bitcoin buying and selling. So coin base is what I use as a wallet for Bitcoin. And there's a link to that on jury banfield dot com slash resource is where you can get $10 when you buy your 1st $100 in Bitcoins. So that involved buying Bitcoin at higher prices and selling it at lower prices and losing money, and then sometimes buying in at lower prices and selling at higher prices. Number eight Polonia X Trading Polonia X of website We can put Bitcoin or other digital currencies on it and then trade them. So I started out with five Bitcoin. I have seven plus Bitcoin today. That's a profit of about a thousands some dollars by cashing out in about three months, which someone on the YouTube channel said, That sucks, Jerry. I made 20 Bitcoin on pony X in one month. Congratulations. Number nine Polonia Exit Ethereum Fork One of the funniest ways I've made money online. Polonia Axe Put a fork into the ethereum Blockchain on their marketplace. I guess the fork happen and they just put that up there to trade in the process of putting the fork in. They've made this new Ethereum classic and gave me some of it. It went up like four times, all on its own, and I sold it and I made a little bit of money on that. That was cool. Number 10 Cafe Press Marketplace Cafe Press is a website where you can sell on demand shirts, mugs, products, etcetera. That was one of the first things I seriously put my time into to making money online. I made several $100 working on it after spending thousands of dollars on ads and hundreds of hours making different designs, most of which were based on things like video games and which you couldn't do exactly on there. And most of my designs since have been removed, so overall loss on that. But I did make several $100 YouTube ad revenue number 11. That's pretty straightforward. I make about $2 every time 1000 people watch it. Ah, video Patri on Patron is website where you can pledge on a monthly basis to creators. I've spent a ton of time and energy, and I've made several 1000 on Patron. I've written a lot of articles about patron that have gotten organic traffic to my website . Also, the hard thing with Patron is people hate monthly payments. Most all my friends said they rather make like 80 or $100 donation than contribute anything at all monthly. So that's a big limitation with patron number 13 is theme forest theme. Forced is where I bought my unfold WordPress theme. They have an affiliate program. I made about 30 bucks by having link I'm a bottom my website go directly to the theme for store instead of straight to the author's website. Number 14 Camped Asiatech Smith of Phil and I have used temptation to film more than 2000 videos online. I've made around $50 as a camped Asia Philia Number 15 Coin base. Refer a friend. I've done Bitcoin trading tutorials showing that I use an insured wallet through coin based . I've made about $200 in Bitcoin in refer friend bonuses Number 16. Gaming for good. One day I was streaming video games online. Ah, guy named neat pork. You pine came on my twitch Channel demanded to make a donation to me. I said, I don't take donations. How do you even do that? He gave me a link. Gaming for good. I went to the Gaming for good website. Set it up. He immediately made a donation of $2. I've now received over $100 in donations on gaming for good, while technically it's called the donation, it's not really a donation because they're just giving it to me. It's just tax boy and come for me. Since I'm not a charity number 17 I have a gaming donation link now on my website that takes donations through PayPal and even through YouTube now on both of those have been used Number 18 my online success group. Once upon a time, I made a membership program on my website where we would meet and talk all together once a week. I let anyone in pretty much who was willing to pay the 20 to $30 a week cost to join the group. The other people in the group often didn't get along very well together. The one lady who was really enthusiastic got mad about a post I made and left the group. And finally one guy stayed in the group and talked with me for over a year in the group. His name's Jordan. Jordan's now my friend. We talked once a week every week after ah, year two of him being in the group in paying $20 a week. I then started paying him 3000 month to do work for me when things were going really well on you to me. And then a few months later, I got banned from you to me. So now we both just talk about our businesses online number 19 you to me, Google Organic search sales. So one of the biggest successes on you to me, was the ability to rank a course high. So when you searched for Facebook ads course, when I was on you to me, my course came up. First of you search for a hacking course. My course came up first. If you search for ah bunch of types of courses in Google, you would find my you Timmy course, because, you know, he has a great pay drink. They have a big website, so it's easy to rank pages high. And then I had a good system of sharing back links through free coupons. So the page will get a ton of back links. And even if some more spam ah, lot of them were good back links with free coupons. So I got my courses ranked very high all over Google, using you know, me and then every day often hundreds of sales would come in from Google Number 20 m media ad buys when people wanted to show mobile ads, and I used to use a media. I would offer a fixed package with a certain number of impressions at about 2 to 10 times the cost. I paid for it, and then I would go by, take their banner ads, run them on em media and then make my money that way. Number 21. I talked about this little already Focus group user testing. I managed around 10 plus focus groups for new mobile app that were popular in Asia, getting them released over here in the US I had temporary employees try those out. That was a really nice thing, because now the payment was really low. For these. You really needed a lot higher payments to use the kind of people the client wanted to with temporary employees. That was great. I got 1500 a focus group. I could get to focus groups in so 3000. The temporary employees cost about $15 an hour, and that's all the fees and everything. They probably only got $10 an hour, but I paid $15 an hour to 10 people for four hours, so that's $600 or so So I'd make about $2000 a focus group. It was really nice deal. And that's what gave me enough money to start teaching on you to me, Number 20 to you to me affiliate selling my own courses. So I would advertise my courses with my new Google AdWords account. And I had a nice system. I would just use affiliate links because then if someone bought my course, I would lose a significant part. I'd Onley actually get then 25% from you to me on the sale so I'd lose 25% of the sale. So if I sold it with my own coupon, I'd get 90 something percent without an affiliate link. But if I sold it with my own coupon an affiliate link, I get 50% through the affiliate program and 25% from you to me. Well, the nice thing when I sold course with ads, often people go by other courses also, So I actually came out farther head by affiliate, selling my own courses because then if they were you to me regular, sometimes they'd by hundreds of dollars, of course, is along with one of my courses and then I'd come out way ahead on the affiliate program. I made about 25,000 doing that, and I spent probably 10,000 and adds number 23. You to me affiliate using Google AdWords Well, already covered that one, actually. So let's go back. Number 22. I did the same thing that I just talked about. What? AdWords. Except I did it on my own website. Now that didn't work very good on my website because most of the people who came to my website were truly just interested in my courses. Whereas most of the people on AdWords, if they clicked on add they had no loyalty to my specific courses they were just is likely to buy someone else's courses as to buy my courses. Number 24 a huge power spike right here. YouTube, sales of my you Timmy courses I'd put up and still do this for my course on my website. I put up long free preview tutorials of, say, a 20 hour course, put up a Muchas a nine hour free preview of it and then use that free preview video to sell . Of course, that is what got everything started for me on you. To me. Without that method right there, my uni courses never would have went anywhere. Number 25 Amazon affiliate Selling my own Kindle books. This doesn't work that well, but it does allow me to see what people are interested in buying when they're clicking on my book. So theoretically, what other things I could make But what I do I have my own books on my website and I have an affiliate link. So if people go buy anything else on Amazon, they then give a small affiliate commission to me. 8. The list #26 to #47.: number 26 Amazon affiliate selling products I have purchased. So on my books page I've also got all the books that have been really helpful for me. Affiliate Link. Also, this doesn't work very good, either. It's made maybe $20 number 27 5 or Facebook ad gig a few years ago to try and get new clients. I set up a gig on Fiverr that I'd put up a Facebook and show it 10,000 times for $5 I showed it globally, so it only cost me about a dollar to run the ads. The problem was $4 for the work to make a Facebook gag campaign was terrible and three after five or takes their dollar. But I hoped it would work to get some new clients didn't work very well. Number 28 as you'll notice a common theme here. Most of these, while they have worked to make some money, haven't worked really well. Now you might be able to make something out of one of these that I haven't made anything out of, and many of these I haven't made money out of because of persistence or lack thereof. I'm limited. I can only do so many things. So Number 20. It's a good example. Live class online. I made $9 selling seats toe live classes online. I tried it for a few weeks, and it seems people rather pay for a pre recorded course on a certain subject than to pay for a live class where you have to be there to certain time. You might be able to get a live class toe, work one on one calls. Number 29 has one on one calls using acuity scheduling on my website. It's really sweet. It allows me to sink my Google calendar up with my schedule, and then any time I'm available on my Google calendar, I just leave that wide open and accept calls for $199 currently for 30 minutes. And then I'm raising that to $299 for 30 minutes. Is my base rate with 199 as my Max discount starting in October? Because I've been getting enough of those that it's been taking away from my time to be here and do books and free videos. So that works really well because one of the problems I'm about to explain from number 30. Scheduling calls is a disaster. Acuity handles a scheduling. I only deal with people who have paid to have a call number 30 clarity calls, which have got me the highest. I can report dollars per hour. Clarity calls $1000 per hour to talk to people about Facebook as now. The problem with the clarity calls. You have to submit a request to whoever you want to talk to and then often people submit three times the exact same day, one hour apart. So clarity is a nightmare currently, for it's just annoying to go through the call scheduling process back and forth. It takes often as much energy to schedule calls. That doesn't actually have the call, however, if you're starting from scratch and you've got a lot of good skills, clarity might be a good place to go. Help people for free and find some people you could talk to and get paid to do it on a regular basis. Number 31 click to Call affiliate from Mobile Ads Commission Junction has what they call a click to call affiliate program where you get paid to generate calls that fall within certain parameters. So I did a couple of different adds. I took banner ads that they gave me and put them in mobile ads. And then you get paid every time there's a qualifying call. So I think I made about $7 from that. The initial $1 ad spend made $7 profit. I was really excited about it. And then all the rest of the hundreds of dollars adds. Been after that, made nothing. Not sure all that worked. But there's some potential there, I think. Number 32 Chase Credit cards Sign up. Bonus. I've worked this angle a bunch of different times. They pay you to get a new credit card. Most recently, they gave me a new business card with a $500 bonus. If you spent 5000 on it now it has a $95 yearly fee after that, so maybe I'll cancel it in the future. However, it helped me increase my credit limit. They gave me $500 to essentially spend money. I was going to spend on another card anyway, so I've got thousands of dollars from Chase signing up for credit cards and then Chase now has the majority of my credit cards. Also, so good example. What works good for them works good for me. Number 33 YouTube views through Amazon payment. So I used Amazon payments to collect over $3000 from McCline I'd worked with before who couldn't find a way to pay me with PayPal and who paid me $3000 to get millions of views on his YouTube channel, which at the time I used fiver. Now they were really cheap views he got to, but it's too bad I wouldn't have been able to use you Too bad. That would have worked a lot better for him. But that was at the time, one of the most profitable clients I'd ever had. About a year into my business. Number 34 Warrior Form Warrior Special offered a you to me course. This made more than 10,000 in sales and got a lot of new paying students onto my you Timmy courses because the warrior form featured this in an email to everyone who got warrior form e mails. This was one of those things that if I would have tried to hustle and scheme fort. Early on, I couldn't have even come close. The warrior form literally just approached me and said, Would you make this warrior special offer for us and then run the war? It will run. The warrior special offer is a deal of the day. And then you can get a percentage of the sales and we'll send you a students warrior special offers a little post you pay, like $20 to make. And then you make a some kind of product or sale you want to make on their I still give those a try here and there. Today number 35 1 I done before was a warrior special offer for Facebook likes an ad campaign setups. So that one worked really well at the time because then I didn't have a good warrior form presence. So I just would post and then linked my warrior special offer. And then I got people reading my posts that went back to my special offering became clients . Number 36 is another warrior special offer, and this is specifically the daily deal promotion I was talking about. So the initial special offer I did that got affiliates and that did well on its own. But it did really well when the warrior form put it into the warrior form email that went out to like a 1,000,000 people, so that the once warrior special offer got promoted both from me promoting it and the warrior form promoting it. And that combined to make an awesome opportunity for all of us. Number 37 I got paid to win a contest on Facebook. There was a guy he has son at the office I had for about a year. His son was in a contest, and he knew I did Facebook ads and marketing. And he asked, Can you help my son? When the contest I said for $150 all guarantee your son wins the contest. He went straight upstairs, sent me the payment through PayPal. I went straight on the fiver, bought five or 10 gigs of people who would vote for his son. His son blew everyone else on the water and won the contest. Okay, I can figure what you're thinking after that Number 38 self. If based on what you were just thinking, number 38 win the regional round of a national social media competition for a marketing company. There was a marketing company that is funny because they did social media marketing, and they still saw that I was doing things so much better. But they ought to hire me to help them win the competition because they weren't going to be able to beat their number one competitors. They hired me. They paid me thousands of dollars, which is the time I thought was amazing. But the problem was, after all the work it took, it didn't result in a good client relationship. I won them the national round of the social media competition, using combination of Facebook ads and fiver number 39 focus groups for mobile app testing. This was a project I did for my biggest client because they had a huge government project working internationally to test mobile APs that were popular in their country in all different countries around the world. I I was lucky enough to land the US portion off the focus group for mobile app testing. I was selected to do this because they couldn't find anyone else to do it. It's not that common have focus groups for mobile app testing, and it's especially not common to have them done for cheap. They offered me $1500 for a mobile app focus group, which you might think, well, that's not very cheap, you might say. I promise that I could get people that do a good job with the test. I thought I could easily find mobile app developers because at the time I worked in an office that had a lot of mobile app. Developers and tech savvy people like me in it. So I thought I'd be no problem to get them to do a focus group test. What I didn't take into account was how unwilling people like me generally are to stop doing whatever it is they're doing and do something else because we're passionate about what we're doing. If someone came by my door right now and asked, would you participate in a focus group? They would probably have to offer at least $1000 for me to stop narrating this book. Not as much because narrating this book is worth $1000 but because I love narrating this book and I'm willing to do it for a lot less than you'd have to pay me to do something else . Long story short. It cost me around $200 to get a really mobile app developer to participate in the focus group. According to the guidelines the client wanted and that the government wanted on a $1500 budget toe have often eight Teoh 10 plus people to a focus group. You can see the problem I had. I solved this problem with a lot of ingenuity. I thought I found a temp agency. I figured a anyone. Everyone uses their phones. Anyone can just bring their phone in and to do a mobile APP test. Somehow using temporary employees, I did mobile app, focus test groups. Somehow they worked just barely good enough. No one was happy. The client wasn't happy. The government wasn't happy with the tests. They said they looked on professional and somehow I got this one done. This was one of the toughest ways I made money in terms of getting things actually done, and at the same time it was extremely profitable with using the temporary employees as I mentioned before, it cost maybe 500 to $1000 to run to focus groups for four hours, and then I would get $3000 to do that. So it was a really sweet system, and I had anywhere from I don't remember exactly 10 to 25 plus of these focus groups to do Number 40 selling 10,000 of my mom's books on eBay. My mom literally had a huge room in our basement back in 2000 and three or 2000 and four. She had a gigantic room in our basement full of 10,000 plus books. Many of them were in new to moderately used condition because she liked to go the bookstore and by a whole bunch of books at a time after work. And after doing this for years, she'd accumulated 10,000 plus books. My dad was saying something about getting people ago. Throw them out in dumpsters. I said, Let's put all these books on eBay. Someone literally paid 5000 or so dollars to fly out from Oregon. Come pick the books up, rent a U haul and drive them back out there so his wife could start a used bookstore that was one of the first ways. I made several $1000 online, both for my parents, and then I made about $900 out of it, which my mom was really depressed. Then I was in college back then. That was one of the earliest things I ever did to make money online. My mom's really depressed because then I just gambled the money away. And that is another way of made money, online poker stars or gambling online. I'm not including that on this list because it's not legal in the U. S. To gamble online, so I'm not including any illegal things on the list to make money. Why? Because you can probably figure those out yourself. Number 41. Selling my apartment on Craigslist. I'm spending a little bit of extra time on some of these things like this, because then I'll go into more of the things in later chapters that are all similar, like affiliate marketing, selling products, etcetera. So something like selling my apartment on Craigslist, you might think that's crazy. What is that all about? When I went to move home after I quit, my job being in police officer went to move from South Carolina to Mississippi to live with my parents, and my dad informed me he would help me move. He would bring his Ford Explorer and put some stuff in there. And I had a Toyota Corolla and I had a one bedroom apartment full of everything you needed to live. A bed dresser, etcetera, all the things you two couches the Philip apartment with. So I have put almost my entire apartment most everything I own, especially big, but many things small on Craigslist and I made about $700 having 10 to 20 different groups of people come over and take things out of my apartment. I literally had a status about six years ago yesterday on my Facebook. That said, Time to wake up out of my bed so I can sell it. Then I slept on the couch the next week, and I sold both the couches to the day I moved out. I sold the couch. I had slept on the night before. It was a pretty sweet system. Family came over and took all kinds of extra things out of my apartment. So I have made about 700 selling almost everything I owned on Craigslist It's amazing how easy it is to get rid of things you don't want anymore and how liberating it is to go from having a bunch of stuff having a lot less. Number 42 List of Facebook page You are else in the course off trying to get clients. I would send messages to Facebook pages offering my services, and whatever messages I would send would continue to evolve with whatever all services I offered. So I got the bright idea at some point after having paid a freelancer to build up this huge list of Facebook pages to start selling the list of Facebook Page You RL's because I realized other people might want a huge list of pages to. So now, on my website, there's a little page. I sell a list of Facebook page girls and you can buy it and for whatever you'd want to do with them. There's a list of I think hundreds of thousands now Facebook pages on it. Number 43 list of video game addiction, help videos. This is one of the silliest because I sold it for like, 99 cents. I sold access to a YouTube playlist of video game addiction, helping knows and someone actually bought it on my original website when I started working online gaming addiction dot net Number 44 building a website using Google sites. That was not a good idea. Google sites is not ideal for building a website. It is fast. It is supported by Google, which is nice. Google Sites is Google's kind of little WordPress type platform, except it has a lot less features than WordPress. It's not compatible. At least last time I used it with hardly anything, but I did earn thousands of dollars building websites using Google sites Number 45 Google AdWords Monthly management This has been my most single successful specific service for a client still to this day, earning hundreds of dollars every month. And I have been for years managing Google AdWords for a client who often doesn't have me do anything throughout the course of the month with the Google ads and then occasionally there's a month where there's a bunch of work number 46 Google AdWords account on it, an ad campaign creation. One client hired me to actually audit their existing Google ads and make some new ads for them when they weren't happy with the very first group of ads I made, though, then they didn't have me do anything else for them. Number 47 60 s CEO Vein articles. This is one of the worst things in my whole life I've ever done for money. The client paid me hundreds of dollars to produce 60 search engine optimized articles talking about their business, which happened to be vain. Restore. It still bothers me to even say the word vain today because I spent hours and hours and hours spending hundreds of dollars myself ordering these articles on fiber. My theory was I could just literally outsource the 60 article straight to five and make a few $100. What I didn't count on was that the client would actually want the articles to be decent. And the people I found on Fiverr for $5 an article, so $300 it was difficult to get decent quality articles. I have $5 for a s CEO optimized article. The client paid, like, four or $500 so I ended up spending 10 or 20 hours and almost the same amount of money that client paid me to get them a bunch of vein articles. They weren't even happy within that they never ordered from again. Another good example of just a nightmare off trying to offer to do everything for people when you haven't done it yourself, that one hour sitting there, editing vein articles, trying to make them even readable. I can't even stand to read about anything Vein related today. 9. The list #48 to #64.: number 48 a paid email response. This is something I tried recently on my website to limit e mails because the amount of emails I would get on a daily basis just putting my email out there. Ah, bunch of emails, mostly selling things, mostly wasting both my time and the person that sent them's time. So I tried having a paid email response. I made it $25. You had to pay to email. Me and one or two people actually went through and paid the $25 to email me. The problem was that I didn't have a very good way for my customer service to get set up then. And another problem. Lots of the good opportunities I've gotten if came through free e mails. So now I'm grateful. I have a friend, Albert, who reads the emails first and is the gatekeeper Number 49 Teachable direct sales. I now host my courses on a website called teachable dot com, which is then hosted on courses dot Jiri banfield dot com and I've now made some direct sales through courses, not jerry banfield dot com. Instead of using my woo commerce page on my website another different way of selling courses that is effective Number 50 selling teachable courses on my website. This, currently is how I make the majority of the money I'm making online as of September 26th or something like that. 2000 and 16. This is currently making about $300 a day selling courses on my website. Now let's in sales. I have to pay out some of my co instructors like Ermon, but I have the courses listed on my website using woo commerce. Then I actually sell a free coupon into the teachable course. So that's why Number 50 is different from number 49 Number 51 selling free coupons to you to me courses on my website. So instead of using my website to sell free coupons to teachable courses, I also sell free coupons to you to me courses. So obviously I did this before. This was the first thing I did. I sold access to free coupons to my you know me courses. Now I still sell free coupon to other people's you to meet courses. I'll talk a lot more about selling course online in the later part of the book Number 52 sold my website on Flipper after I got my website banned from Facebook and when I was trying to rebrand is jerry banfield dot com. I realized I could probably sell my website ban work dot com on Flipper and make some money on it, especially because ban work dot com It made the majority of the money for my entire business. I knew I could put good financial numbers up there and get someone to buy it. This was also right. When my business was nearly bankrupt, everything was a complete disaster. I was just starting getting sober and trying to put my life back together, especially with my business and in my personal life. And out of nowhere, I got this idea to just try and sell my website. And one night when I couldn't sleep because if you drink a lot one of the things that often happens if you stopped drinking or don't drink it all, you have a hard time sleeping. One night I stayed up all night not because I was intending to, because I was not tired all night, and I sent emails out to almost everyone who never emailed me personalized individual emails showing that I was going to move to jerry banfield dot com because I was selling my website. One of those emails reached a former client who really wanted to buy my website, and I was able to sell my website for $5500 which was amazing, because at that point it was something I didn't even want. Another random thing. I then made a course on and sold the course for thousands more dollars on you. To me. Number 53. I sold domains on Go Daddy. My wife is so loving impatient with me. She came home one day and I reported to her Guess what? I've got the new next big money making venture. This was at least three years ago, if not four years ago, when my business was still fairly young and I didn't have hardly any money, it wasn't self sustaining. What did I do? I announced my wife proudly that I bought five 100 short domains five letter dot com domains that I'd research, and I thought for sure those would be increasing in value things like woohoo dot com or all kinds of other random five letter dot com domains that were available for whatever the lowest price go Daddy offered, which was many $678 a domain in bulk. I bought five or 600 of those domains for over $5000. I sold Wait for it, wait for it about three or four of them before the next year's registration came Dio. Thankfully, I had the sense to not renew any off. Those actually think I did renew like 20 of them, and none of the 20 ever sold, so I dropped them all. Yes, that little adventure costs me not only about 4800 plus dollars lost after the sales of the exit of the domains. Not only that, it cost me a ton of time and energy trying to sell those domains a bunch of fear that was realized that I wouldn't sell hardly any of them. And yet I did make some money on some of the domains. A few of the domains I bought for $8 sold for 50 or $100. Just it was only 3 to 5 of them out of hundreds Number 54 creating Facebook ad accounts often clients were using fraudulent systems with Facebook. Ads need new accounts a lot because they get the accounts and then they burn through them. They get the budget up to say several $100 a day. Then they run the budget up on Facebook. They make some real payments than they run the budget up on Facebook and then don't pay it off. So often. These advertised on Facebook are trying to save a bunch of money doing the background work of ads for their clients by trying to fraud Facebook. So these advertisers often need new accounts Now, I didn't realize the whole back end of this system until I started working with an advertiser. I just thought, Hey, I know how to make new Facebook ad accounts. I'll help someone out. This was before the business manager back when you had to have a Facebook ads account, created mostly just by using personal accounts. So I made a new Facebook at account, got it created and working for the client, who then got it disabled right away. The client wasn't happy they had paid through a wire transfer, so there was no refunds. Hundreds of dollars for me to make a new ad account. I said, That's too bad. It's your problem. You got the account disabled right away. I did everything right on my end, and I never heard from the client again. So another I did what the client hired me to do. They didn't end up using it correctly. So another example off what happens when you try and hustle instead of providing true value ? Sure, I made a few $100. It was aggravating for everyone involved and overall, not worth doing a good learning experience, Though Number 55 Facebook likes on a weekly basis, this was one of the first successful services I ever had. The most amazing thing about it was that it was a recurring subscription. I got a bunch of people to agree to pay me every week, every month, a few people, even every day to get them a certain amount of new Facebook likes, which I did through, Facebook adds. So I knew all I had to do is set the adds up once and then leave it running. And often the subscriptions were incredibly profitable. I'd have a dollar a day ad campaign running, delivering 100 likes a day for the client, who then often would have bought something like several 100 likes a week. The client was getting more likes than they paid for. I was getting often hundreds of dollars a week to do that. Really good services, very profitable for me. The problem was that the clients often didn't care for the global likes. They wanted them to be from a specific country or even if they had ordered the global likes to start with, and they realize that's what they want. And they chose to do it. They usually would get bored soon enough, or they would just want to save the money. And most of these subscriptions didn't last very long. A few of them lasted quite a while, though, and it worked out good for me and the client. The client got a big Facebook page out of it, built with real people from Facebook ads, and I made some good money off of it. Number 56 share of a startup for online ad management. Now, this is never something I would have done with someone I didn't know I did this with my friend Robb, who I knew from working across the hall from him. In my startup, I agreed to take 1/2 percent ownership of his start up in exchange for doing his Google AdWords. As for three months now, The caveat to this. I also said that I had the right to record and show anything I was doing for him and put it into a course in Sell It or put it out on free tutorial videos, the tutorial videos and courses I made off of Rob's Google AdWords ads. We're very profitable and are still selling today, and people are still watching the videos today from that because his or some of the most successful Google ads I've ever done before. So that is our example of something that worked out very well for both of us. That's something set up for mutual benefit. Rob's company has benefited greatly from having the additional exposure of through Google ads he's made. I think now millions of dollars in Bitcoin buys from the people who found him through the Google ads I set up and now that my friend Albert is running for him, notice the big difference between that which I set up about a year and 1/2 ago, and many of the things I set up earlier and have talked about number 57,000 YouTube views per month. This was a genuinely helpful service that ran for about a year from my friend John. I met in a business networking international group A k A. B and I. I met John and he was still is a real estate agent, and he is building his YouTube channel. Upside said John, you really could use just more views on your channel. Just get a good foundation, build all your videos up. So he paid me about $100 or so a month for about a year to get him 1000 YouTube views per month. And then I spent about a dollar a day on Google AdWords to do that for him. So that was a nice deal. Made about $70 a month working with him over a year, and then he just got a five plus $1000 commission for selling my house. So what? What you give you receive? John gave me good business for a year and then guess what? When we needed to sell our house guests. Who'd we got to sell it, John. Now, to be fair, John did know that Lauren I own house when he started working with me, so that was a good investment on his part. Another. That's a good example of serving client in everyone's best interest, Number 58. Send Facebook page messages for a client. I was so effective at getting new clients via Facebook page messages. One guy actually paid me to send the messages for him. We never worked together again because none of the messages I sent for him got anyone any business that I know of. Number 59 Twitter advertising. I had at least one client pay me to do Twitter ads for their account, and I've never seen that. Twitter ads have worked very well for me, and I don't think the client was very happy, either. If you'll notice just the sheer amount of failures in this list is amazing. Still, I got hundreds of dollars to create Twitter advertising campaigns. Number 60 local mobile ad campaign out of all the work I did globally actually got at least one client to pay me to do a local mobile advertising campaign with M Media. They paid me a fixed amount. It was a roofing company. They paid me to show ads for their roofing company all over the place, and that's what I did. They paid several 102 showed have me show the ads, and I paid about $50 to run the actual campaign number 61. I should mention that Rufer. I also meant through Business Networking International Group and the Roof First Company later got paid thousands of dollars to fix my roof number 61 optimize the Google plus page . This was for another friend I met through Bien I, and he paid me first to go optimize his Google plus page. So he paid hundreds of dollars for me to drive over to his office and make some quick changes on his Google plus page that then he started getting lots of new clients through. I made the simple change he was with, still is with the same insurance company and in most of his colleagues, just used there name. So his name, and then l l C for the Google Plus Page. I came up the idea. Why don't you put the name of your insurance company in the title of your Google plus page . I'm not sure if that's even allowed or not by the Google terms and conditions. I think it is. Since it he's an independent contractor for the insurance company. Anyway, I set it up. He got his insurance companies name in his actual Google Plus business name Page, all the sudden when people googled that a local agent from that company guess who they found first. So he was saying he was getting lots of new clients who were found him on that Google plus page when they're searching for an insurance agent with his specific company, and it did great for his business. Not only that, he sold my wife and I on life insurance and flood insurance and homeowner's insurance. If you're getting the theme here, be willing to give first, because often you will receive much greater So several of these last ones for clients They spent a few 100 with me. I spent a few 1000 with them. Number 62 create a digital marketing plan. I had a few clients pay me to create a digital marketing plan for them, which was kind of funny given that Ah, when they paid me to do it, I had never done that great of digital marketing for myself. But sure enough, they paid me to create a plan. It's often easier to create a plan for someone else than it is to actually do it. Executed yourself. Number 63 AdSense on my website. This is one of those things you hear about that. You think, Oh man, you can just make a website and put Google AdSense on it and you've got it made. The more accurate description is trying to get visitors to your website news. Google AdSense to monetize. It's more like a job. I have 14 plus 1000 visitors. Ah, month to my website right now. So that's about 500 a day. And I don't bother with Google AdSense because I'm lucky to get $2.1000 CPM on it. So that means I'd be lucky to make a dollar a day using Google AdSense on my website. You sure I might be able to make two or $3 a day in return for having ads on the page that encourage people even if they're successful, Toe leave and go visit another page. I like visiting websites with no ads, so I don't bother with Google. AdSense it all on my website. Now. If I'm getting maybe 10,000 visitors a day on my website, you'd think I could have a more profitable way than using Google AdSense. I have a friend, Jordan, that I talked about the my online success group. He's made hundreds of thousands doing Google AdSense, and he said, It's just like a job. You have to work on it every single day. Number 64 AdSense and custom search engines you might think. What is that? Can you read that again? That doesn't make sense. Google AdSense in custom search engines This is the idea I like to point to, especially when someone says how successful I am. I like to point to this idea that I had about five years ago one of the first ideas I had to try and make money online once I'd started my business. If you get a custom search engine from Google, which anyone can do, Google will give you the ability to have your own custom search engine code that you can use and then, if people use your custom search engine and click on Google ads, Google actually give you a percentage of the revenue. My bright idea was to stick these in library search engine bars. If you manually went in and switched google dot com for the search provider or for the landing page, you manually switch that to whatever custom search engine. Like I had google dot com slash one over my custom search engine. Then I thought, Man, that'd be great. I'll go in the library, change up all the default websites instead of google dot com. It'll go to my custom search engine. Then when people sit down, a search, something clicking and I get paid. Imagine doing that on 100 library. Computers in the college library are putting that on 1000 computers every day. I'll be making thousands of dollars from people clicking on my add links in Google. Custom searching just wouldn't that be amazing? And my friend Joseph went out and started helping with this. I don't think he did very many of them, but he did go out and do some of them, and I did some of them to never made even a dollar I can prove from doing it because most libraries are on to the fact that people switch the landing pages. Can you believe that? Can you believe? And this was like, five years ago. Can you believe that most libraries air onto one of the basic things that most people would try and do every time I go the car dealership. Now, I still think of this all right? Honestly, not every time, but lots of times it comes up. I'm like I could switch the landing page because they just have a regular log on computer. I could switch the landing page, put my custom search engine on here when the one person once a week logs onto this computer that slow as hell and searches for something, and then they don't click on a Google out of mine that I could be disappointed. I like to point this idea because this is an example of an average entrepreneurs idea. Ah, bad, stupid idea. That's entrepreneurship for you. See, out of these 100 ways, I've made money. How few of them are actually good ideas? I'm no genius. I'm no great person. You could even say I'm just a persistent fool who goes about trying to do his best and by just sheer determination, blunders and the things that work good. 10. The list #65 to #83.: number 65 I built a website for an author and author of Children's books. I built a website for her. I actually think that Joseph helped build the Web site for her and managed a relationship. So I actually built this one. I think this was on Google sites. Also, this was a little different because then she also had us Teoh in connection with her Facebook page and everything like that. And I actually collaborated to get this one built instead of building it myself. So well, Jerry, just nickel and diamond to try and get this list to 100. That was a lot like another one. So number 66 I sold a shirt on eBay. Here's another one of my great ideas. About five years ago, when I started my business on video game addiction, I thought, You know what? I'm going to dio I'm going to buy. I bought $1200 or so of T shirts. I bought hundreds of T shirts from the Vista print website. I found that was just I thought was so amazing. Look, you just you pay like $6 a shirt, you get these things, put it on the shirt. They're funny. People laugh at him, and then I can sell these. I can sell these for, like 20 or $30 a shirt. I'll be rich. My dad said What a dumb idea that was, as did Ah, few other people in my life. I didn't care when I had bought all the shirts anyway, just finally, when my wife and I moved a few months ago, I finally found the last block to those T shirts and gave them away to Goodwill. However, number 66 states shirts sold on eBay. I sold one one of those shirts on eBay for 10 or $15. I made a few dollars profit on it. Yes, that's the average entrepreneur right there for you. Number 67. My mom had a bunch of extra joined. She thought, Hey, maybe you can do the same thing you did with those books. So I put a bunch of my mom's old jewelry on eBay and sold it. This wasn't quite like the books, though. This was a matter of me not knowing how valuable any of the jewelry was and putting some things up there that were probably pretty valuable in getting almost nothing for them and then spending a bunch of time putting other things that weren't very valuable up there. That didn't sell a ton of time and energy. Very little return on it. I think I still have some of my mom's jewelry somewhere in a box that I need to give the good well. Number 68 Isaiah paid tweets I Z a is a website, and I think it's limited by country. Think it's only us or other Australia, Canada, UK, etcetera. I don't think it's open most of the world yet I Z is a website where you could connect your social media accounts and then they have advertisers who will put projects up that you can actually get paid to do a tweet about them, for example, with several different companies on their, they had these paid tweet options up and they'd be as much as $5 to some, even 10 or $20. If they approved you, you'd hit, you'd hit that, you tweet it, you'd write little custom tweet and you'd hit it. The problem was that this website, the interface was horrible. The advertisers were terrible about actually going through in approving you. A lot of advertisers just would put something up, never even check it. And if the advertiser never checked it, your request would never go through. So the advertiser there was no penalty for putting up a whole bunch of projects and never looking at any of them. So that got pretty old fast as user. Occasionally, though, an advertiser would actually go through an approval tweets. So I did make some decent money sending out tweets on I Zia. Maybe 2030 $40. But that was with a lot of Twitter followers to overall not that great of a system. But still, it was a cool thing to say. Hey, I made some money on that website to I Zia Number 69. This is one of the craziest online gaming addiction intervention via email on my gaming addiction website. In my quest to find ways to make money, I offered a service where I would do an intervention for you. You would pay me something like 10 or $25 or something like that, and I would write an email to someone you were concerned about. So would be anonymous sense you could pay me in. The email would come from me instead of coming from you. So a girl literally paid me. I think it was around $25 to send an email to her boyfriend as an intervention toe. Let him now that people and his life were concerned about him. That he might have a problem with video gives. That is, I never got a response from him. That is one of the funniest things I've ever made. Money to dio online. Let's take a moment. Appreciate how ridiculous that is. A girl paid me to send an email to her boyfriend anonymously. So, So ridiculous. All right. Back to work, Jerry. Back to work. Number 70 Cafe press products sold via Pinterest. Man, I thought I really had it going on for a little while. When Pinterest was new, I, uh, started putting all my cafe press products up on their many of which were rip offs of existing products. Things like the honey badger don't give and I quote, honey, I let me just say Honey, badger don't care. And also nastier versions of that. Well, Jerry, that's a grown up book. Just say it Honey badger, Don't give a shit. Look, he's over there and he got but he didn't give a shit. If you seen that video, then you might have been a part of the honey Badger don't care. Ah, honey, Badger Don't give a shit viral movement online that lasted for a little while. And many of the benefits of that word that you could put honey badger don't care products up or honey Badger and I had Honey Badger and then the word care and a little sign and crossed out That was my best selling product on cafe press next to some of my gaming products. What I did, I posted pins off my cafe, press products on Pinterest in back then there weren't a ton of spammers trying to just get into everything feed and make money off of it. So my spamming trying to make money off the everything feed worked really well. I put all these pictures up of honey badger don't care, and honey badger don't give a shit shirts and glasses, things like baby ones ease. And I started getting a lot of sales off of those and I was really excited. My wife remembers the excitement. Oh, can you believe it? There's all these babies out there wearing my honey badger don't care shirt. There is all kinds of people drinking out of my honey badger Don't care glasses. I was so pumped hundreds of dollars just by posting pins up off my cafe. Press print on demand products. Of course, Pinterest killed that within a month or so of it working as more and more people like me figured out easy ways to spam affiliate links and then grab commissions and spam all kinds of products and get all kinds of sales so that very quickly stopped working. As with most anything that's really powerful, it's usually a very limited time number. 71 curious dot com curious dot com has a lot of short video tutorials. I think it's owned by Yahoo. And even though the quality of the tutorial seems to be very low, somehow they get tons of traffic. Yahoo must run ads for it or something, and I made thousands of dollars putting up one 20 video Facebook ads. Course the original one I put upon you to me that I had to update, update, update, update to get any sales on it, and it made thousands of dollars. Somehow, I'm curious dot com Now I'm not sure of curious dot com went out of business. I haven't heard from them or got a check from them lately, so I don't know what's going on with that. But it paid out thousands of dollars and was an incredibly aggravating process. To get the videos up there and then putting new videos up was even Mawr aggravating. Joseph and another freelancer fooled around with it, and we tried to do more. And now I'm just grateful for the money that was made. Hey, look, do you want another story similar to the one above? Let's look at skill feed Almost exact. Same is curious. Skill feed was shutter stocks attempt or parent company's attempt to get the basically same thing is curious dot com, a basically similar thing to skill share, which I'm about to read next. So skill feed was another paid membership website, Rico. Watch a bunch of tutorials and I had a few good months on skill feed, bringing in hundreds of dollars when I was just starting teaching online. I tried to scale that up I paid freelancers hundreds of dollars to put more and more and more videos up for me. Then skill feed collapsed internally. The hundreds of videos I put up all started getting rejected common theme here because they didn't like that. They they didn't like the hacking content on their photography focused website, even though people were watching it. And then the website closed down completely. Number 73 Skill share. I was just talking with my friend Joe Paris about skill share. Yesterday, skill shares paid out thousands of dollars Now to put my videos up there, the problem with skill share. It's very much a here and now focus kind of thing. So whatever is the very newest trends very easily currently on skill share. And while I'd love to have more time in my life, The Audible Book The Facebook Book has sold over 100 copies in the first month, and that should pay out skill share paid last month 400 my first full month on audible at this rate should pay out over 500. Now think about that in the very little amount of work. I've done very high payout on audible lot better bet to put my time into doing audible instead of skill share. However, some of my fellow co instructors have made thousands of dollars and still are making $1000 a month on skill share. So skill share seems to me like it's here to stay. Not like it's about to go out of business. Which is good to know when you start investing your time with company number 74 Stacks Skills Stacks Skills has been a windfall coming out of the you know me success. So stacks skills, cells, bundles of online courses. They approached me after seeing my courses on you to me and stack skills. Just put AH Bush of my courses up in other bundles and now stacks skills pays out thousands every month, and I don't have to do anything. It's a really sweet system, Thank you. Stack Skills and Stacks skills seems to be continually building bigger and bigger. Number 75 linked in message to get a Facebook ad client. While most of my Facebook ads, clients and Facebook ads campaigns were the main way, I made direct money with clients, I also used a linked in message to find a client who paid me $399 to make Facebook ads. Number 76 Twitter messages both direct messages and replies in order to get Facebook like clients. So this was similar to linked in, except it was using Twitter. I sent messages on Twitter, two people who were talking about wanting mawr, getting more Facebook likes, or people who were asking people to like their page. I then would send them a message, and I got a few clients that way. Number 77 fiver Twitter Tweet gig. This was a more recent one just to test things out for my Twitter course, I put a gig up offering that if you paid me $5 I would tweet your message out to my 20 plus 1000 Twitter followers. Actually, a good bit of orders on that 1 may be 50 to $100 earned on those gigs combined, and Joseph actually ran those gigs. Number 78 textbooks on Amazon, back in college and graduate school. Selling textbooks back to the used bookstore was a terrible business to be in. They hardly give you anything, and you would have paid everything. That's when I first started. Using Amazon is to get my textbooks sold on Amazon on a much better price. And that was Amazon's original business model, As far as I know, Number 79 a paid webinar. Now consider this compared to how most people are doing their webinars trying to spend money to get people to come to their free webinar and then sell them something. I actually, as a result of my courses on you to me and all the related sales efforts. Someone actually paid me hundreds of dollars to do a webinar for them on what I was doing on, you know, me. They had an audience that they were doing a series of webinars with, and I said, Well, the only way I would participates Have you paid me several $100 to do it? So they paid. They paid it at the last minute, right before the weapon hours about to go live because I told them you'll pay me before I do it or I won't do it. Number 80 Mobile app. Install media buys. So for this, I was set up to get people to install mobile APS using mobile ads so I'd have clients with mobile app. So they wanted to get the installs. I would make the media buys, then for them on behalf of my client. Now, my client did most all the work to set this up to get the relationships. What they needed was then for me to be able to wire over the money to make the mobile app by So my company has been a big part of getting mobile app installs, even though I personally have done little more than look at the project overviews and send the money. So this is work with a client number 81 mobile app. User testing. Now I told you about the focus groups I did before. Number 81 is different because it's strictly online user testing. So I got people my cousin's friend's family members to go test mobile APS. I paid them something like $10 to download and test the new app, which would take often 20 minutes or less, and I hired a bunch of people on Fiverr to help out with this also. Now I hired so many people at once, and so Maney Fiverr users complained that fiver actually pulled all of the gigs I bought at the same time across the whole website. I bought hundreds of gigs because the client paid thousands of dollars to get these mobile APS tested by users. I spent hundreds ordering gigs on Fiverr and fiver decided. The best thing to do is pull all of my orders at the same time. That means pull the orders that people were happy to have received, as well as ones people didn't like. I sent a nasty email. The five or customer service told them to put my orders back in. They said no. They at least said they'd allow me to go buy new orders. And they asked that I use better discretion and not by gigs that users had offered for one service and attempt to get the users to offer something else. Another messy failure. And yet, somehow I got barely enough users to complete the AP test. The client was happy, and I made a little bit of money, although if you calculate the time it took to do it, it wasn't at a great hourly rate number 82 one on one Skype call through my website. Before I used acuity scheduling, I would have a Skype call available that you would pay anywhere from 300 to $400 to schedule a Skype call with me, which either was for consulting alone or often was the first step to become a client. So I'm grateful. I've got lots of Skype calls ordered through my website, and those have been very helpful for supplementing the income from everything else. The Skype calls now led to me setting up the acuity scheduling, and those tend to be one of the more productive, higher earning parts of my business. If you think about it, obviously getting paid anywhere from 206 100 our to take a call of someone's really good deal, not just for me, but often the person I actually have the call with is very happy with what they get out of it. Because what I try and do is listen in the calls, and I try and provide genuine value in this sense of giving honest advice instead of giving advice, trying to get them to just by my products or take more service, I give them. I tell them what they need to hear often, which is preventing them from scheduling another call because they you don't really need to have another call for me. Build your YouTube channel, get a freelancer, help you with your website. That's it. That's all you need to do. Maybe have another called me in six months if you need. But you've got a lot of work to do right now. Do it, This wife. So I really like that about the calls. Those have been one of the areas I would say of success, that people are consistently happy with them, and I enjoy doing them, and it compensates me at a good rate as well. Number 83 a weekly consulting package I'm grateful, like a couple of years ago, I had a client pay me $700 a week to help out with their ads and do hands on consulting. Soto have a phone call with them every week to do everything with their ads, accounts to completely get them out and get their product out there. Now what did we do? We found out very quickly their product was not one that people wanted to buy. I had the benefit, given that I was doing the weekly consulting of being honest with them. I ran the online ads for it. I said, Based on these add results, people don't want to buy your product that much. You need to try some other things with it. And I encouraged the guy. He was a consultant, often earning 10 $20,000 a week to go get hands on consulting, where he would go show up on site and help companies make major changes. So I encouraged him. I said, You're doing such a good job of the business you have. Why bother trying to set these other things up? Just focus your energy on continuing to build the business you already love. You already enjoy. Continue building that business and just do that, that you make such good money doing that. These side projects often end up just being a waste of both time and money, things you could be doing and having fun with family or friends. And then you already have enough money, so why try and make more? And he provided me a lot of value to, he said. You know, Jerry, one of the best things about what you do is that you communicate a lot of these same things Other people communicate. You communicate it from a loving and service point of view instead of a I want to get something out of you. Point of view. So you have a rare form of delivery for your Internet marketing message. So I am very grateful to the client who hired me to do a weekly consulting package and helped me so much. 11. The list #84 to #100.: as well as I hope I helped him. Last time I talked to him, he was fully booked for his own business and focusing just on building his in continuing to do his own business. Number 84 Blawg posts to you to me, core sales. This is something I'm trying to do with my books now. And because it worked great on my you Timmy course sales. So I put out some blogged posts. For example, here is the newest of what's happening with you to me and then here by my course, at the bottom off the block post that has worked good because it gives a lot of free value and then sells a related product. So what I'm doing now is the same thing. Taking parts off my book. Each book that I write taking the books are anywhere from 20 toe 40 plus 1000 words. Take out a percentage of the book. Maybe 10 or 20% of the book put it out in the form of free blogged posts. So I've got the actual content, helped the book out there for free. And then I send people of the book at the bottom of the post. So I'm still doing this one today number except not to you, to me courses just to my own courses. Number 85 APP store. You know, me core sales before you to me wanted to push their own mobile app so much they were doing really good business selling courses on the Apple App store. I was really impressed with the sales so many purchases directly through the Apple App store for my Facebook course, which I believe they did it, putting up a direct app that had my Facebook course in it, which they would sell for like $20 people were buying it that way. So it's funny to think I don't look at the APP store, something I've made money off of very calmly. But the fact is, I've made, if if not hundreds, thousands of dollars off the Apple App store in selling my just original one or two courses on you. To me, they've discontinued this now because they try as far as I can see and push everyone into that You To me, app Number 86 is very similar to 87 Google play you to me course sales again. Same thing. I don't look at Google plan. Think I've made a bunch of money off that. But I've made, if not hundreds, thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars off of Google play purchases for my you Timmy course app back when they made individual courses in the individual absent before they transitioned over to using the U to me app. So I'm grateful that I had the chance to make some good money out of both the APP Store and Google play, and I'm keeping my eye on opportunities to repeat that process. Number 87 you to me in APP purchases the complete hacking course and several of the other courses took a long time to get in the, you know, me app. But I am grateful I made lots of money from in app purchases of my courses. So these are people who are using the, you know, me app who actually bought the course in a mobile phone. So another thing I don't feel like I've made money with in app purchases and yet I've made probably tens of thousands from in APP purchases notice some of these methods I use so intentionally try and make money. And now some of these I'm reading to you almost no effort to try and make money that way. And yet, working with 1/3 party distributor, I've made money on a bunch of platforms like the APP Store or Google play in APP purchases without even setting out to try and do that on purpose. Number 88 Facebook Event promotion campaign locally. So I had a couple of clients hire me locally to prevent events for them on Facebook to promote the event and advertise it locally. Set the event up, and these were good things because the client then had their own people coming to the event , and then when the event was successful, they just counted my work with it as a part of it. So these were good, mutually beneficial things, and I just found them through networking. And I also found a couple of businesses through Facebook messages to then do the event campaign promotions for them in another place Number 89 Facebook National Tour event promotion. Now, this was a crazy job. That client paid me thousands of dollars just to make the ads and then spent tens of thousands of dollars to promote their national tour, where they went around the country from place to place. Now this was really up and down because the Facebook events all looked huge and then the client arrived. Some events I don't we don't know what happened with the Facebook events. A bunch of people said they were going and never showed up. So the client spent all this money and we'll get to some events. And there was like a handful of people there. When Facebook said there were hundreds going and then other events a client will get to in the Facebook would accurately represent it. So it's a there are hundreds going and the place will be packed. So some places they rent this huge hall, there'll be no one there. Others they'd run a smaller place in the whole place would be stuffed full. So that was an interesting set of events for promoting the ad campaigns. For that, the client, then after the national tour, decided they preferred Teoh just do their own ads, even though the data showed that my ads working five times better, and if you calculated the cost they were actually saving $7000 per ad campaign to pay me $400 to make the ads on the ad campaign. So example, the client promoted one new product, $10,000 to get around 20,000 and sales. And then often I was making 20,000 and sales on my campaigns for them on a couple of 1000 in ad spend. So a good lesson if you're serving clients. Clients are not always rational, that often doing things. How the client wants to do it is more important than the actual results you get unless you're a math geek like me. And I ruthlessly care about results, which has cost me sometimes because I've not thought about how I'm doing things in order to get the results. Number 90 Bitcoin sales on Wall of Coins Wall of Coins is my friends website I talked about before where I get this year of the ownership on it. In exchange for doing the ads on wall of coins, you can set up and put your Bitcoin on there, and then when people buy your Bitcoin, they literally by it by going to put a cash deposit straight in your bank account. It's so convenient. There's so many great uses for it. And I made some money on wall of coins because the Bitcoin price often would go up and then the wall of coins. Price would still be the same. So if the Bitcoin price dropped all of a sudden, I could drop my Bitcoin price not quite as fast, and people would buy it at a higher price on wall of coins. Or if the Bitcoin price went up suddenly on wall of coins. It was easy to adjust my Bitcoin price and keep it a little bit lower and make a good profit. So I made some money, I think, hundreds of dollars selling on wall of coins by buying Bitcoin and lower Price and selling it at a higher price. Number 91. Selling video games and consoles on Amazon. Before I had my business, you might not think of this is something to make money online. But when you're putting all the work in to sell video games and cell gaming consoles on Amazon, that is very much making some money online, and the skills that go into that translate into other places. Writing the sales pitch for why you should buy my version or my specific used X box instead of someone else's used Xbox. Seeing the ruthless nature of putting the price lower than someone else's to get an instant sale versus putting it $5 higher and having toe wait days to get a sale. That was my strategy. I learned from Amazon. You put the price ruthlessly low, and people will come by it. You put it lower than whoever the lowest seller is. If the lowest sale price for used Xbox and $90 you put it in there 89 you'll get an immediate sale in that way, you don't have to worry about it. You have to think about it. You just immediately put it up and get a sale. Meanwhile, you put it up $100. You may wait weeks to make an extra $10 and after you take the fees, it's even less so. I learned a lot by selling video games and consoles on Amazon, especially writing things like landing pages. When you write as to try and explain why my used Xbox is somehow better than someone else's used Xbox, you learn to write a story as to why you bought the X box Council. Why you're selling it? Why? It really isn't about to die. Even though you've played modern warfare two on until the so to speak, wheels of nearly fallen off. So I'm grateful that I've got the chance to consistently upgrade Xboxes. I'd sell the old one for, ah, $100 or so and buy a new one for a couple 100. And that way I'd avoid having my Xbox break. I'd use it for quite a while and then sell it before it broke. Number 92 Host Gator Affiliate. When I used host Gator, I would then do host Gator affiliate links, and I made some commissions with direct links over to host Gator Number 93. Expedia affiliate links This and host Gator and the next one or all available through Commission Junction and I made some Expedia affiliate purchase. Is I just by putting the links out on my website, and I maybe even just bought through my own link. I'm not sure whether that's exactly how it happened or not, but it's one of the things you can do with affiliate programs, depending on the terms and conditions is used. The affiliate link to buy your own products or services. So, for example, with Expedia, I believe I booked a trip, and then I got, like, $6 back through the Expedia affiliate program. The trip was the same price that would have been otherwise. Number 94 job dot com affiliate. I don't even remember how I made money doing this, but somehow I made money with the job dot com affiliate program. I may have done mobile ads for it or just linked to it on my website, but hey, I don't even remember how I made money on it. But I got a payment from Commission Junction from job dot com. Number 95. This was one of my clever moves. Amazon affiliates sales from mobile ads for a client. So one of my clients had a product that they wanted to sell on Amazon. So what did I do? I ran a bunch of mobile ads for them because that's what they paid me to do. And then I threw my affiliate links on the mobile ads. So if you clicked on the mobile ad, it took you to Amazon, And then I got an affiliate commission. If you purchased anything in that session, it was a really sweet set up because I had a guaranteed win, plus a little extra bonus. I don't think I made much, but I think I made anywhere from 10 to $50 in Amazon affiliate commissions by running ads for the client, which, in addition to the hundreds of dollars a client paid me and I only had to spend about $100 in ad revenue. That was a pretty sweet set up. The sad thing is, the client I don't even think made one sale. Meanwhile, people were buying other products on Amazon through my affiliate link number 96 Bulk free you to me coupon purchase. Now you might think, What the heck is this? And I wondered, What is that at first, too, when I'm reading my ever know here the bulk free, you gonna be purchased? One person actually asked to buy a link to a specific course with hundreds of coupons available so that they could then just sell access to the free coupon, the same as I was doing on my website and Joseph managed to get them to pay about $500 for 100 coupon links. I was one of the best deals I've ever made before because I routinely create free links all the time. If you actually by one of my courses, the free links often have a lot of different redemption. So if you were so inclined that you could literally by access to the free link and then share the free linker sell access to it yourself, I'd never know the difference. Now if I saw that there are a ton of students a rolling, I could go and disable it. And yet one thing that I often avoid doing is disabling little things like that because, hey, even if you are selling access to my course, then I am still getting new students that way. New paying students that way that I can then do my marketing for. So I'm very grateful that one person paid $500 for their own access to coupons and everyone was that honest and that giving I would need to be, ah, lot more generous since giving and spending my money away because I'd have so much that I wouldn't know what to do with it, and therefore I'd have to be spending it with other people, so that would be a lot more work. So I'm very grateful that they came along and paid for coupons for that course, Number 96 daily digital marketing retainer for a week Now. This was a cool one is that I was paid by a client with a digital marketing retainer that I would help out with any of the needs that they would have with digital marketing. And they paid to have me on retainer on a weekly basis, and they did that for a while, So that was a cool in the course of serving clients. That was a cool thing that happened that came through what I would guess was a Facebook message. Now there's so many of these. Sometimes they all run together. Number 98 Twitter followers delivered via fibre. One thing I offered as a service was that I'd get you more Twitter followers and I delivered that through fibre. So just like with my Facebook likes gigs, I would have on my website that I give you 1000 Twitter followers, for I'd put a higher price on it like $100 I go buy it up for $5 on Twitter. So I tried as many of these different angles as possible, and I don't offer the majority of any of these services anymore. Number 99 lead pages affiliate program lead pages. If you buy lead pages, they will allow you access at the right level of lead pages to the affiliate program. Now the problem is, with this, it costs $500 for a year of lead pages at the rate you could get into the affiliate program , and so far I've made about $20 out of the lead pages affiliate program. I will be cancelling my lead page subscription and no longer be doing the affiliate program as soon as possible. Finally, the grand finale, the number 100 you've been waiting for. Are you ready for it? It's a huge shocker. I sold this book on Horrible while not this one in particular. But two books Before this, my first video gaming addiction stories was just a test pilot book, a really quick book to see if I could get a book approved on Audible and then the one now that sold hundreds of copies. My newest Facebook ads and marketing book on Audible. This is currently my favorite way to make money, because Audible is something I use myself. I've bought over 150 books on Audible, so I know how great it can be. There have audible customers. Meanwhile, I didn't like buying video courses that much. I just am not a sit down in front of the computer and learn in a course kind of person. I like to learn by listening while I'm doing something like going to the gym, driving on a trip, especially etcetera. Therefore, this book. If you've bought this by now, then this book, actually the part of the number one current way I'm using to make money online because I think audible will scale Justus Well, if not better than you to me did. Because Audible has a huge reach. Audible has books like Harry Potter on it, huge bestselling books on Audible that then once people read, they need new books. And while there are always new books to read, some areas are really weak on audible like in some of the things I know how to teach, so I'm excited to be making books available on Audible. I'm honored. You've went through this entire long list of 100 different ways. I've made money online. I hope that this list is inspirational for you to see different things that are possible to hear some of the stories behind some of these foolish ways. I made money online to see that it's not about coming up with a great idea or some scheme to get money out of people. It's about doing something you generally enjoy. Like I genuinely enjoy recording this audiobook. I love it. I'm excited First thing in the morning that record this audiobook. It's about doing something you genuinely love, enjoy that provides real value and service to others. You can see most of these things I did to make money did not do that. The ones I've enjoyed the best and that of work best have done that. So thank you very much for listening to this long part of the book. When I'll do now is going to more detail about each individual way that I think is best for making money online and ways to go about doing it. 12. #1 Method to Work Online is making products.: my favorite method of making money online selling products by selling products. I specifically mean digital products, although you can apply these things to selling physical products. The ways I've made the very most money online specifically is selling products more than two million in sales on you to me now tens of thousands of dollars of sales on my own website since you, to me this current month should be close to $10,000 in sales, with me paying out co instructors approximately 2 to $3000 of that. On top of that, this month on Audible is over. 150 sales are ready, which should be over $600 in sales on Audible. What's Really exciting? That's just with two books with one primary seller that sold all but one copy with the same number of audio books as I have video course. I have 27 of my own video course on my website, and if you count all the things I have with other people, I have more than 40 different products you can buy in the form of video course than video course bundles on my website. If I had that many on Audible, I'd likely be making more from audible. Then I would be making on my website with the same number. Selling products on you know me was fantastically profitable. For me, it's by far the best venture I've ever made in my five years of business online, resulting in more than 600,000 and payments form is you've probably heard eight or 10 times now because why wouldn't I like to toot my own horn, so to speak, with selling products you might think. OK, Jerry, that's great. How did you know what products to start with? I didn't. What do you mean you didn't? How will the f does know what product you should make to start, right? No, that's not what you need. First, you don't need to even think about making your products before you have products. What you need before you make products, are people a cell your products to and I don't mean an email list for that. I mean people, you've built a relationship with people. You've done something very useful for likely for free. But if you have a place that you've done existing work such as you've worked with a lot of people already through your current job or through everything else you've done online, then you may be able to go straight to a product. Most of us, though most of us don't have anyone to sell a product to. Therefore, making a product is usually not worth the time. Oh my, No, that's whole. What do you mean, making products? Not worth the time. You mean if I just go put a course on you? To me, it's not worth my time. Yes, 99% of the time. That's what I mean. Now, if you're the 1% which I don't know if you think you're special, like I always thought I was the 1% for most of my life. But deep down I was pretty afraid that I was the 1% worst rather than the 1% best. I'm guessing 99% of the time. If you go, just make a product. It will be nearly complete waste of your time. And that's the most difficult thing about products. You very often can make a product. You can write a book. You could make a video course or any other kind of product, and most of the time it's a total waste of your time. You get nothing out of it. And that's how my you know me courses were for the first year. My first unit course. According You, Naomi has published on August 2000 and 13. It did not make $1 for at least six months, and I tried to sell it. At first, I couldn't even get it approved. So if it's your first time making a product, you may have issues with things like approval special. If you go try and put a video course on the new website, you try and put audiobook on Audible. My Facebook book got rejected because the volumes weren't right. I had to go back and edit all the volumes and change my software to make a software that could actually fix the problem. I was using GarageBand. I didn't even know how to fix the problem in GarageBand. So now I've moved over to Ah Dobie Addition. CC, which costs $800 a year toe, have all of the adobe products together. That's another thing that happens when you're building your products. You may get rejected and you may have to realize you need to invest more money in things like different kinds of software. Algeria Enough by I could use the audacity I know. I like stuff. That's a complete, all one package. I don't have to download a bunch fracture plug ins anyway, before we go too far off on that tangent, you very often with products, are likely to run into a bunch of problems. Spend a bunch of time and money doing something that makes you know sales. And guess what? When it makes you know sales, you'll say, We need to advertise this. Let's get Facebook ads up. We're gonna make a YouTube channel and waste more and more and more and more money to make no sales. That's what I did on my you know, me courses. And there's a big difference with my UNI courses. I already had people following me online. I already had an audience online Before I tried to sell that, I still had a hard time selling it. I had thousands of views on YouTube. I had hundreds of thousands of likes on Facebook. I had all kinds of clients and guess who? One of my first sales the 1st $100 I made on my Facebook ads course. Waas to. I sold it to a client for $150 in exchange for taking that much off when they ordered a campaign with me. They never did order a campaign with me, and I didn't think much of that sale because then, while out of spending all the money I spent on ads to sell my course all the time and energy, they learn how to get a course approved on you to me, set up, build a better ah, studio all the time and energy I spent to make $150. I didn't even think anything of it. So for about eight months after I made my Facebook course on you to me, about four months after I sat there and went through build a whole studio, invested all kinds of time and money in ads. Then it finally made a few $100 on its own and somehow, out of frustration, I just started giving it away for free. I was running all these ads spending all this money on this Facebook course that no one would buy said. Fine, fine. If no one will buy the stupid course, I might as well give the damn thing away for free. So I ran Facebook ads on Facebook giving my Facebook course, which was brand new hours of video. Other people, it seemed to me, were charging thousands of dollars, if not hundreds, for the exact same kind of a product not nearly as updated. I had what looked to be the best Facebook course for a little while on the Internet, and here I just gave it away on Facebook because I was that frustrated with selling it. Some really good things happen from that. I gave it away so much. Thousands of people took the course, even though it was very hard to get reviews on you to me at the time. I got some people who absolutely loved it, who took the course for free. And those reviews got the attention of you know me back when you had to get manually included in the daily deals. They put my Facebook course in the daily deals, and as soon as they did that, it started pulling in $1000 a month from about 100 or 200 the month before, and that's when I could see Wow. After almost a year, I now have a product that's viable. That course went on to make over $100,000 for me, and I would guess probably two under plus 1000 for you, To me and sales, that was my second best selling course on you. To me, the 1st 1 came another year or so after that, collaborating with another instructor. The point of this is that even though I had a really good course, it took me a year to get anything to happen with it. And that was back when you, to me, was really low competition. Now there's all kinds of great Facebook, Corson, you to me. What I just told you wouldn't work if I tried to do it right now, especially since I'm banned from you to me. But if I was just starting off, in other words, you deleted the whole Jerry Banfield's stuck me and some other fleshy body, and I went to work doing the same thing. If I just put a Facebook course, I'm buying you to me. It wouldn't go anywhere there are ready to many other good courses on Facebook now on you, to me. I hope this is giving you a clear picture of the downside of products. And what I hope to provide now is how you get through that. You get through that first by making a lot of things for free. Especially what I like is YouTube. I put up tons of free videos. My basic strategy. Right now, I put up tons of free videos on YouTube, which I use to sell my courses on my website and sell books on Audible. Here's the key part of that system the YouTube channel, the organic free traffic. I'm grateful I get hundreds of thousands of people who find me through YouTube search for free every month now. I've been doing my channel for five years. I have an entire audio book on how to do a YouTube channel, so we're not going to go into that here. The point is, having a product thes days is not worth anything. Having an idea is worth absolutely nothing. In fact, having an idea often is worse than having no idea, because you at least might be open to doing whatever ideas in front of you if you have some great idea that actually can be worse than nothing, because what you're likely to do is get stuck in the always having an idea. Trap the shiny eye syndrome or you're always chasing after the next idea, and you're never actually fully executing. One idea if you'll notice that little Facebook, do you? Timmy Core story I told. That's a fully executed one idea. I didn't get that idea. If you're sitting here thinking, man, you're brilliant. You thought to go on you to me. I didn't get that idea. No, I didn't think of that. I was putting out free video tutorials, getting clients at the time, so I was doing the work I'm suggesting to build your free audience up. I was doing that work, trying to get a bigger free audience on YouTube so I could get more clients the second best way I think, to make money online serving clients, so we'll go into that next. I was trying to get clients and someone came along after seeing one of my to Tora videos. They said Gerry, where's your course? I want to go by it, I said I don't have one. And then someone linked me over to you to me Because I said not only I don't have one. I didn't even know you could sell video courses online. Yes, I was that ignorant. I didn't even know I could sell video courses online. And three years later, millions of dollars in sales Isn't that ridiculous? The one good thing I had an open mind. I didn't have an idea off what was going to work specifically for me. Someone literally told me what I should dio if you've got an idea that's so good you can't accept other people giving you ones that are better. That you could actually execute. Because if you're like me, you often get into fantasy mode and you get these ideas. I frequently hear friends and other people I work with talking about these ideas. Well, I'm to do this. And, Jerry, after I got bad from you to me, a bunch of instructors, Jerry, you should make your own website like you to me. I have a little bit of an idea off the work that go into that, and I'm not interested in doing it. That is a gigantic, huge project that were require collaboration among hundreds of people to successfully pull off a lot of entrepreneurs, get the scale of their ideas all messed up. And to start, at least you need an idea that you personally can execute along with a little bit of help. Yes, I realize the founders of Google ended up building up Google and the founders of Facebook ended up building a Facebook. They started it with just them. Mark Zuckerberg started it with just him, just on idea that he could execute him and then a friend or two. That's how Facebook started. Google started with Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two friends in college, building up servers in their room. The two of them had an idea they could execute just the two of them. Now, once your ideas proven to work, then you can keep adding on from there. Ultimately, if you're going to sell a product, though, it needs to generally be something you have the ability to execute. Preferably just you. But maybe with a friend or two for best results. Like I said, my best selling course, it was really a collaboration initially between me and Herman Coupon IQ, and then it also expanded to include Joseph Delgaudio to run the back and get all the subtitles done. Answer questions Several more paid staff from Erman than it became a collaboration among many people. Making a product and selling a product is hard, and yet it's by far the most profitable. If I think about all the time and energy and money I put into my Facebook ads course and then I looked and I got 100,000 out of it, that's one of the best deals I've ever made in my life. That hacking course over 250,000 I got out of it. Erman got over 100,000 out of it, as by far, probably one of the best deals whoever making his whole life and one of the best deals I might make in my whole life, too. An amazing deal and the set up for it was incredible. The amount of money invested in online ads, the time the energy, the buying new equipment that collaborating the using another website defined Erman. These things are not things that you want to start off with. You want to start off with something easy that you can sell to the people who are already following you. Remember I talked about Audible little while ago. I didn't start out and put my Facebook ads in. Marketing book is the very first book on Audible. This time I learned my lesson from you to me. You try a little test product out just to make sure you can get approved. Then you try out a better product on you. To me, this is what I did. Also, after I couldn't get my Facebook course approved, I tried a little 30 minute productivity course for free. I got that approved, and then I went back and made my older Facebook course, which riddle generally just consisted of YouTube video. I then went and put that together into a brand new course. Selling products has a much higher learning curve and difficulty getting started, then serving clients if you want to just make money. The first thing I did that made good money online with serving clients. There's something that works really good with serving clients because one client can fully fund your business. One customer. If you've got a product, it's very hard for one customer to be able to fund your whole business, and I think having low price products is better now. There's a lot of differing opinions on this. I, like toe, have products that sell between $9.19 dollars. I think that's ideal because those air what I buy and I want access to the very largest audience because the bigger my audience is the mawr I can sell. See if I only have ah 1000 people in the entire USA that I can sell a product to. Sure that's great. If it's $1000 I can sell it to them and make a $1,000,000. How do I find those 1000 people, though I'd rather have things I could sell toe 100 million people in the U. S. A. For $9 even if say, only 1% of actually want to buy it. That's $9 million and I can get a whole of those 1,000,000 people relatively easy. It's hard to find people of by your $1000 course, and I would think it's even much more difficult to find people to buy your 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th $1000 course. It's very easy to find people by a $9 video course. I found them in nearly every single country in the entire world. Yes, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, China, Almost any country I can think of. I've sold of course there. I'm pretty sure I've even sold one in Cambodia Blouse, Singapore. All kinds of sales in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom. Obviously every state in the US, probably nearly every one of the top 100 cities in the US It's easy to find people to buy a $9 product. I think I've actually sold one to someone in Iran, but I'd have to check the data on that. I've definitely made sales in Iraq is funny. And Afghanistan. I think I've made a sale there, too, probably us or other personnel overseas, but is possible. I even sold to someone who's from there. I hear these place on the news and these air place to me. I think customers, because it's easy to get a customer for $9 around the world for digital product, it's very difficult to get one for $1000. It's very difficult to get one for several $100 13. Tips for selling products successfully online and myths busted.: based on my experience trying to do that now. Sure, you'll see case studies where people have one in the some group and talked. Someone are of several people into buying their several $100 courses. You'll see guys online, present case studies of how they built email list and then they sell their courses for $1000 for a limited time there, never upon their website. These things sound great. Good luck, actually setting them up. I have a client. He sets them up. He sells a several $1000 course, and he's in property development, though, so he's in a high money making and money spending business. To start with, you've gotta have hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to do property development with him, if not millions, and preferably in cash, so you can move things quickly, not get stuck with all these bank applications. That's an exception. Yes, he is able to go through. I work with him and he's able to set up. He has a huge funnel built out, and if he even gets one person through the phonological thousands of dollars for him, he's the exception. The vast majority of us do not have something like that that makes sense to set up. And there's only room for so many people who have expensive things because there's huge competition for those people who can afford to spend lots of money. There's gigantic competition for them because everyone else sees how valuable they are to. If you can have a product, especially one online that you can sell for $9 you have access to the whole world. Even countries were $9 is a lot. Some countries, people say they have to save up and do all kinds of crazy things to get a hold of us dollars to then by my courses for $9. But that's the awesome thing. I can advertise in those countries for really cheap, and I can show it to 10,000 people who won't buy the course who then end up bringing their one friend, Ian, to buy the course for $9 then probably the other 10,000. They all share it together something and even things like that. If you have a way built in, you can give your product away for free to get it reviews and things like that on you to me to get it social proof that it's a great product. That's what happened on you. To me, I was one of the first to get huge social proof in terms of lots of students, lots of good reviews and lots of sales on my courses in several different areas. And having the number one product in an area is often worth more than having number two through 10 put together. Not always, but often that, in my case, is exactly true. My number one course made about as much as my two through 10 courses combined. My number two course made about as much as the three through 10 combined. It's the 80 20 rule of economics. All these things mean that if you don't have a product and you don't have an audience, making a product is not worth it. You need to get the audience first, and preferably you need to get the audience that you give them free solutions to problems. You give them what they need when they need it, and you build a relationship with them, preferably at least a year. I get a lot of people who buy things who ask about working with My company is a client, and they generally have been following me for quite a while. Very often they'll say things like, I've been following you for a couple years now. That means they've been watching things and looking and often not comment and are not saying anything. They've been watching and looking for years before they approach me. Once. Selling products is a long term business, selling to clients and building a client based business can be done very quickly, especially if you do some things to jumpstart like Goto, a business networking international group which that worked good for me to find some new clients that worked even better for them to find me as a client. There are some things you do to jump start your clients very quickly. Products There's not as much you can try and go to a publisher. Burn a brown who I love because I found her on Audible, and that's how I know how powerful our boys, because I've found so many people I love. On Audible, I found burn a brown inaudible. She talked in one of her books about how hard it waas to get her book published with a publisher. She spent years all kinds of effort to try and get her book published by a publisher, and she already had a PhD. She already was in a place with Valley credential soda speech was already in the right environment. You might think to do that, and it took her years to find someone a publisher book. Now she's seems like she's got a good deal worked out with her publishing, although often when someone publishes your book, they take most all the sales. A lot of us grow up wanting to be the actor actress wanting to be the musician wanting to be the person who performs the performer usually makes a minority of the money. Would you rather be the music star or the record label? If you want money? The record labels not out there in front of the spotlight having to perform the record label sits back and usually makes nearly all the money. The book publisher usually makes nearly all the money selling a book. Now, sure, it's divided up among product distributors. If the book sold at Barnes and Noble, Barnes and Noble gets a cut, the book publisher gets a cut and by the time the author get some the authors lucky. If the book sold for maybe $15 author, be lucky to get a dollar out of it when you sell your own products like I do. If I sell a course for $9 I get $8 some change out of it after the payment processing fee. At the same time, I have toe have a way to reach my audience. Now, if you manage to get your book published by a publisher, you managed to get in to a record label. You will have a lot of help with the publicity's E. At the same time, though, you'll lose most of the money you create as a performer. So there's given taken every situation with selling products. I think it's ideal to build your own audience. I N d e p e and e e anti. Do you know what that means? Yes, I broke right out in the middle of this book with that. I haven't even heard that song in years. I don't even know if I spell that right. I think it's great to be independent because you build your own audience that comes just for what you make. And then when you have a product to sell to them, you can essentially make a product and sell it anywhere. You could make a video course insult on audiobook and sell it. You can make Aziz creatives you want to. You make your own CDs. I know no one makes CDs, but you can have your music somewhere to go by. There's all kinds of options you've got once you have the audience. And this is not a book about building an audience. I've got The YouTube book is about building an audience. The Facebook book I've got may help you build an audience. An audience is how you have the best chance to make money online. You get an audience by genuinely trying to help people. That's the easiest and most effective way to get an audience genuinely trying to help people. I had a really hard time with that one. The genuinely tried to help people. Part of that. I had a hard time with that. I couldn't hardly conceive of doing something that was just for someone else without me getting something out of it. except when I started my business. To be fair, when I started my business, that wasn't even truly an interest in trying to help others absent of my own self interest . I started my business help people with video game addiction because I could see I had a problem with video game addiction. And I thought, If I start my business to try and help people with video game addiction, then maybe I will get some help out of it, even if you have to use that selfish motive to get yourself out there to genuinely do something good for others. Hey, that's great. Whatever it takes, I feel I'm able to have moderation as an option for playing video games today because of my help with other people in a video game addiction. If I hadn't taken that leap into helping others with video game addiction, I might not have ended up then, seeing that I needed to do the same thing with my alcohol problem and with a lot more of my problems also to go try and help others and therefore to receive the help I needed. All of this comes about for having an audience because What you want to do is have the ability to sell your products to your audience. And if you genuinely help people, you will build a system that allows you to sell your products to the people you're helping every single day. That, to me, is ideal. System for selling products is to sell a few products every single day. Consistency. I realize it looks so sexy. Toe have this being huge product release out, and it's only available for a limited time. I know the marketing concept say that you have to have a limited time offer. You have to have a big, huge deal about it. You want everyone talking about your product all at once, and most of what we see in advertising and marketing campaigns in terms of the big money spenders, things like elections. There's a very limited scope in time for the election. It happens a certain date. You have to go vote. It only happens every four years, so it has those kind of basic things, like it's limited. You only get to go vote once and there's all these money spent on it, and yet it happens every four years if I miss a vote this year. Maybe I can vote in four more years. While it seems very limited, it seems like it's a huge deal. It really is just business as usual for most of the country, most every day, regardless of who gets elected. And that's the same with business. One of the most disappointing things to try and do with selling a product is do a huge launch for and guess what? No one shows up. Think about how you buy products. I'll tell you how I buy products because, well, I don't have the chance to listen to you right now. I've just him here, talking, listening to myself talk. So I better to say something right? Here's how I buy products. I have a clear need for a product and I don't even realize it. But lots of times my friends and family members do realize it. They say, Jerry, why don't you go read that Eckhart totally book the power of now. That really helped me, Jerry, Why don't you go look at proof of heaven? That really helped me. I really liked it, Jerry. You might like Harry Potter. My family pitch that a lot to me before I finally got into it myself. And now I love Harry Potter. Most of the products I buy today, our friend referrals. I have an Evernote file of books and ever know file of movies. And many of the movies I watch are from friend Referrals. Now, yes, there are some that are promoted. The regular advertising waited. I see a preview for in a movie, but that's also good less than a lot of the movies I end up wanting to buy. I see while I'm at another movie. That's the only time I see them because I rarely watch anything. And as a movie preview today, I've you to Bread, which was one of the place I used to see movie previews in the form of ads. I don't anymore. It is nearly impossible to reach me with an ad on TV, and it's even difficult to reach me with an ad online because I go to my own website, which doesn't have any ads on it. I go to Facebook, which I hardly look at as a user, that much because I'm on my own page the whole time I go to you tube, which I have you to bread so I don't see any ads on there where you can reach me with the new product is somewhere I'm already at. If I'm at the movies, you can reach me with another movie when I'm buying. Eckhart Tolle Lease 38th Different Audio Book I've bought from him Audible. Recommend other books I might like to, as I'm buying the 50th or whatever it is Harry Turtledove book. Horrible, then is recommended me some other people's books that I've bought also. Therefore, there are two ways that I've discussed that our main ways I buy things. And then here's 1/3 1 pain point. I'm in fact standing on a brand new Matt right now in my home office here because I like to kick it barefoot in my house because then I can have my socks straight out of the washer. I put them on than their straight in my shoes. So my shoes get a lot letting nasty inside my shoes last longer when I put a fresh pair of socks on in them. So I like to stand and walk around in my house barefoot, and that way I end up needing these mats to stand on. Well, I don't need it. I'm a pampered Western capitalist. I can afford to have it. So I have it. I have these three new comfort floor mats on. Because that way, then my bare feet don't have to stand on the bare laminate flooring, which very quickly the bones and the muscles and whatever goes on down there, and my feet starts to get war out. Oh, my God. You're I hope this point is worth listening to. Here it is. Pain point. I thought nothing of going and dropping $50 to get to more of these Mads to fix a pain point in my life because my mind is conditioned to do everything it takes to avoid any possible pain in life, which is pretty good for physical pain. Not so much for mental and emotional pain. It's better to actually just deal with that and move on instead of keeping it in the background. Oh, I'm not here for an inspirational book. Okay, we're moving on. The idea is that I'm willing to spend and byproducts in three basic ways. If there's a pain point, my judgement discretion is much lower. I may look at reviews I may shop around, but I am open to buying a product I've never heard of. If it might solve a pain point, I am open to buying a product. If a friend is told me about it and likes it, I'm also open to buying a product if it's integrated naturally in with where I'm already shopping. If I'm shopping on Amazon, I'm very likely to buy someone else's Amazon product. If I'm shopping on Amazon, I'm not very likely to go by your video course on another website. If I'm buying you're video course on another website, I am likely to buy another video. Of course, on that same website. Those three basic ways are the best ways I know to sell products online All of those ways. Do you notice any particular way in there that has a limited period of time in it? A pain point has a limited period of time for the user, but other people all over the place are encountering the pain point every day on a regular basis, and occasionally they all may encounter it at once. But most of the time it's just a little bit of pain consistently on a daily basis. And then here and there people decide like me. I've had enough stating on my laminate floor, and it's too hard to put my socks on. Put my shoes on on my third computer location around the same standing nest. So I'm going to spend $50 by two more floor mats. So I don't have to fool around with putting my shoes and socks on to do work, because that would be hard. So that was the pain point I've been dealing with for months before. I actually did anything about it, then with the friend referrals. Sometimes those happen once, but usually those take time, and the integrated natural referrals tend to come once you've done the 1st 2 So if you set out to make things that genuinely help people, you will put yourself in a position. You'll put your products in a position to be there on those 1st 2 things, especially because audible or wherever you're selling your products, you Timmy didn't start referring my courses to other people, and still I did a good job of selling them to my existing audience that means the main option you have to get started is to help people with their pain points and to get in with friend referrals. You usually are going to need to help people for free first. Now. Yes, you theoretically could have got these mats that I bought now on Amazon, and then I might have bought your mat instead of whoever's Matt I did by. So there are some cases where you can go straight to a product, but usually it's better to start out and build the audience for free. That's exactly what I did, which is why I have validity talking about doing it this way and why have less validity Talking about doing it another way. I built a YouTube channel that helped a lot of people with their Facebook ads for free. And then I was able, ah, year later to start selling to some of those people. When I made a new version off what I'd already given for free. If you want to do products, audiobooks, video courses, those air to to me of the most lucrative current opportunities, especially video courses, long as you don't get banned 14. Why are video courses the best opportunity today?: video courses. There's much less competition for them, which is awesome. Now they're still so new, and some people like me. I'm just not big on learning through a video. Of course, I like audiobooks so you won't be able to reach everyone If you do video course so you could make it in new audio book and the print book to and then you really have the entire audience spectrum from everyone who likes to read toe watch toe. Listen, it's a great opportunity for that. And here's the amazing thing. I love this. I think it was a C. D. C. Said this that we pretty much of saying the same song the whole time and that's all I have to do today is keep singing the same song and put it into some new products. Here they're. This book is not significantly different from anything else you've ever watched a listen to that I've made. It's still the same I caught up with you yesterday. Is there may be a little bit more random singing in it because I'm getting more into that lately. It's the same basic teaching the same basic principles. It's like Eckhart totally I haven't bought 30 something of his audio books to hear something different every time now. Yes, technically, we're pretty much is the same thing over and over again. He pretty much says the same thing over and over again. And some people notice that my videos Jerry, I'm just thinking, you saying the same thing all the time. Tired of this. I'm done one star review on this course, just like the last three. Why you bought the last three and then another one and hated them all. Well, that's another good point to look at, but you want to be able to get your song out there. You want to show people watching New in. The best way to do that is show it for Free Danube Make products to sell them that are essentially just updated versions. I know indefinitely at the rate I'm going have the building to make a new Facebook ads product at least every year, if not every month, I could make a new to our Facebook course every month and the same people about the last one. Many of them would buy the new one. In fact, how many audiobooks have you bought before this. Did you buy the Facebook or the YouTube one already? The idea of ideal products is to get your audience is biggest possible. Find all your people. I look at it, I look at it. I want to find my people all over the planet, the people that for some reason, like uniquely listening to and engaging with my message, my message, which is not unique. My particular song resonates with certain people, just like all the songs. You listen to my particular teaching style, the exact way M resonates with certain people. And I want all those certain people all over the globe, and I want to run them up for free on a genuinely good teaching. So I want to use the pain point and then word of mouth marketing and then on YouTube's all these things for a free happen on YouTube. The pain point, the initial people searching for help, the word of mouth marketing. Hey man, did you see that video I watched it provided really good help with ethical hacking and then the integrated referral, YouTube says Wow, these people who have been helped with the pain point and then they've been talking and sharing this video. We think this is a video that will keep people on YouTube longer than some of these other ones. So we're going to show this all over YouTube. Now. All those things happen for free on my YouTube channel, and then they feed back in to the same thing for selling products. Once you've made that initial impression, you've got the whole world open to sell products. For example, I bought Amy Schumer's book The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo. I thought it was a great read. I was sick for several days, and I listen to that book for hours each day while I was sitting or laying down on the couch. That is why I love audiobooks, because you could be ultra lazy while you listen to him as well as up on the go. If you still are drinking or you're an alcoholic like me, thank full leader. God, I'm not drinking. Haven't had a drink for a couple of years, and I goto a meetings every day to try and keep that going. But if you are still drinking and having hangovers on a regular basis, let me tell you how good audible is for hangovers, Old man, that is a real life saver. I'm might have just decided it wasn't worth the pain of it anymore if I hadn't had all those audiobooks toe listen to. Pain points are essential if you can provide something that helps people get through a difficult time. Fantastically helpful hair. Eternal dove I've listened to like 50 of his books. I listened that I loved listening to Harry Turtle Dove books with the hangover that was like my favorite thing to do. So picture that there's all these other people out there that are sick. Rather, it's in a hangover kind of way. They did it themselves. Are I mean even pregnancy? You could usually argue that's he did it to yourself kind of. But it's for better reason than hangover. My wife spent lots of time six being pregnant, picture something you could give to help someone who's sick, who's having a hard time. And that's at the core of all my videos. I had a lot of people who helped me that provided things when I was sick, when I was having a hangover in bed listening to burn a Browns the power of vulnerability. I started to feel like there was hope that if I would be vulnerable and honestly share what was going on with me, maybe I could have some help. And that's, Ah, big part of Hind. End up getting to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the first place and finding some really help in a program that works for me helping people with pain points, then pays forward when you help someone with the pain point you've made a lifelong customer . I buy every burn, a brown book I could get my hands on because burn a brown helped me after my dad died with her book The Power of Vulnerability, which was an audio speech in a very similar format to this. This is one of the things that's motivated me to do it straight like this. No strict script, just talk straight from the heart because that's how she did her book. That's what helped me. So I do it the same way, and here I am telling you about her book. So in the middle of doing my book and my product, I'm showing you exactly how I buy these other products. And if you see how I buy products out, you buy products. Then you understand what you need to do to do the same thing. To sell your own products. Burn a Brown helped me through a huge, painful time by honestly sharing about her painful times and her struggles with shame in her life. I buy every burn, a brown book that she narrates. I don't buy the ones that she doesn't narrate. And she's figuring that out, I guess, because now she's making the transition to narrating her own books. So I buy all of our books. I tell my mom about her. I've told my wife about her and with everything else I do online. There's probably hundreds of people bought Bernet Brown's books because of me, my friend referral, so to speak. And what did burn a brown do? She honestly shared about her life and her pain in a way that helped me. And it was there, and that was one of those books that was a referral by audible. So all a bow saw. Oh, I see. Jerry, you are You're listening to another Harry Derval Dove book with a hangover. Maybe you would like to listen to the power of vulnerability because lots of readers just like you, probably other guys with hangovers and other places in their beds, with Scarface posters in their room, listening to alternate history books, thinking about how much better things would be in another universe. They liked listening to burn a Brown's book also, because then they got the same help you might get out of it. There's a magical system right there, and nowhere in that system did I describe a lot of the things you see other people doing out there. What I've described is fantastically powerful. Why? Because it produces consistent sales. I don't even know why. Sometimes people are on my website buying my courses all the time. It has a life of its own. At this point. There are now thousands of searches for Jerry Banfield. Every month it's taken a complete life of its own. I set out to help people. I put it out there for free. Now the products I have almost sell themselves. You've heard of things maybe about having I hear a guy. He has an email list and you only get his course for a few weeks and it's $400. I don't buy those. If you buy those, you maybe can operate like that. Whatever world you operate in, you might be able to work in also. But whatever you put into its what you are going to get out of it. If you feel deep down like the people who have sold you expensive courses have exploited you and just taking your money and not giving any real value, then you probably wouldn't want to do that yourself. I don't buy expensive course in products. If it's more than $25 it's really tough to sell me on it. And I I realized, with $100,000 in cash right now, that sounds cheap. I am about to pay the I. R s sixties 1000 of that or so and then put most of the rest in a retirement. So, technically, I do have that in the bank, though I'm on my way to the bank right now. I figure if it's born $25 it's an information product, my default answer is no. I'd rather just search for it on YouTube. I realized there's some kind of cheap programming there. I just feel like there's so many good products for $10 or $15 on Audible. There's so many good course out there for $10 that is, honestly, is your is your $50 course really that much better then another one and get for 25? Can I find a coupon for your $50 course for 25? I probably can. Ah, lot of us are programmed that we can get things of really good value for cheap. Therefore, it's easy to work within the programming. It's hard toe work outside the programming. There are so many cases in my business that what I've done is failed because it worked outside the programming. Here's places people appreciate innovation in People appreciate cars being innovated to have higher gas mileage. They appreciate innovations that can help save them money, extend their lives. What people don't appreciate our innovations in ways to spend money. Most of us have been programmed about what is safe as faras spending money. And then if you try and get people to spend money in a new way, for example, pledged to me on patri on and then you can be my friend on X box That got people saying f you to me literally. I'm not gonna pay you to be your friend. I'm going to report this video for copyright and get it taken down when you're selling products. In my experience, it works best to sell things the way people are used to being sold them to. So those three things I just gave you people are used to buying products to solve a problem . When I had a headache most of my life, I would be willing to buy product like Advil to solve my problem when I had and a campaign in another area by a problem when I had a mental or emotional thing by a problem. One of the best things that I'll used to like to do when I had an acre pain and I still do this today. Buy a book, a mental acre, Pain by a book. When I was having a hard time not knowing how to be a good husband, I asked friends that had been married for a long time. What do I dio? They said, Buy this book. So I bought that book, books, courses and that kind of products that are the easiest and that you might enjoy making very first customers. You're likely to get other people buying it off of a pain point. And if they pain point customers really like it, they'll tell their friends about, as I've told as many people as I could possibly get toe. Listen about Eckert. Totally burn a brown Scott Adams, the I, the creator of Dilbert. His books got such a long title. It's hard to say. So you want to keep a shorter title of possible Scott Adams. Book is something like How I fail that everything and still one big or something like that . That was a really helpful book, and I've told a bunch of people about it. Same thing, honest down earth. Look at his own problems and how he got through and solved them. And then I could look at him and say, OK, I see how he's crazy in this aspect, this aspect in this aspect of his life. I see how what he did looked just like blind faith in these areas of his life, and now I am able to see how I can do that. My own life. When you help people, the pain points you generate friend referrals when you generate sales on a daily basis with pain points and friend referrals. Then at some point you'll trigger the big opportunity and the big opportunities, usually getting referred by wherever you're selling your product. This is why I advocate consistently against just selling your products and courses, or whatever it is you're doing on your own website. When I'm selling a product online, I want someone else to make money off of the sale and preferably a big company that has big resource is That's what worked rate with my, you know, me courses when I made a sale on you know me, that gave proof to you to me that my course was worth selling when I made 100 sales through pain points, audience following me and then through friend referrals. Hey, that Jerry's Facebook guides courses Really good. You should get that. Then when I made hundreds of sales with my audience on, you know me, you know me said Okay, this is one of the best courses on this topic. Now we're going to start promoting it consistently. Then when you me did that. You know, he brought in thousands more students off of my initial few 100 sales. So instead of me having 100 students, all the sudden I had thousands of students that then new course comes out. I'm able to make a direct referral to the new course, so I'm able to refer people directly into the new course. So then my new course on YouTube comes out hundreds of sales right away. You dummy says again. Okay, this is a really good course. We're gonna make effort to sell it. And then when that happened in the very in the hacking topic, that was one of the top topics on you to me then I already had a bunch of students following the initial sales. And there then you, to me, brings in tens of thousands of new students. Those tens of 1000 new students flow into all the other courses, and it tends to just be cumulative. But it all starts with helping people out with those pain points and preferably first for free. You help people with pain points. That's why people buy products. That's probably a reason how you got to be here with me Now think about how you originally found me. Weren't you looking for help for something? Or didn't a friend refer you or didn't? A system I'm using bring you in. So you either searched for me or were brought in by a referral, either by a friend or by the platform that I'm hosted on either YouTube Or you might have found my website through Google. Or you might have found that this audiobook through audible. Or maybe you downloaded it illegally, somewhere and a even then if things that are downloaded illegally, the ones people like the most you're probably more likely to find. And hey, if you downloaded illegally, maybe you'll actually buy the next one or you'll go to my website er, subscribe to my YouTube channel. And that's a sweet thing that can happen when your products are really helpful. Even when they get copied and Pirated and stolen, that can actually help you make a lot more sales. One. You've got some of these products you see now that are really popular and that you, like many of those started off by being Pirated. Many of those products, like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, I used Microsoft office for at least 10 years before I ever paid for it. A family member used to get Microsoft Office for work and everyone in the family, and often some friends of the family would all use the same dish to install it. The same CD key. I finally then paid, like $20 to get a student addition in graduate school, which I then used for about five more years. So Microsoft provided me with something that was really helpful for 15 years, and they got about $10 on a me. And if you take out the distributor fees, they probably got about $5 out of me. Now I'm in office. 3 60 subscriber. Maybe it's 3 65 I have their new office subscription, where I pay hundreds of dollars every year. Toe access. The very newest versions of Microsoft on now, My Windows computer, both of my max while three of My Max, my Mac Pro my I Mac and My Mac laptop. So after 15 years, Microsoft now has a great paying customer who, originally by any definition use their products illegally to begin with who used multiple CD keys on many computers who took great pains and efforts, sometimes to make sure to get it illegally, rather than going to the store to buy it and spend $100 who often took. Even when I was at college, I'd go to great lengths to go make sure I got Microsoft Word office on my computer from free for who, whoever had it. 15. Acquiring customers slowly and steadily for consistent growth.: 15 years, Microsoft gave me something that was helpful before now. Now I'm a customer and Microsoft. Then once they gave me something in the form of Windows. Then when I bought my first computer, they got me to actually pay for Windows on that for the first time. After being a Windows user for many years. While it sounds really sweet, have the idea? Oh, man, I made this product and overnight. Have you seen a new story? Sometime, this guy, he made these Facebook ads. And overnight he's this millionaire to date. I don't know that anyone's done a new story on my you know me story, which is more interesting than most of the stories I friend. The point is, what's worth having often isn't newsworthy. What's amazing often isn't newsworthy. It's patient loving work each day. Now that's not a great news story, is it? While he sat there for five years, he had a stupid business to start. That was all about him that was ugly, A made videos telling people how to cuss different ways, which were terrible videos making fun of cases that were going on that were affecting people's lives and then Somehow he has this total disaster in his personal life. His dad dies. He nearly goes out of business. He starts going to recovery meetings every day, and somewhere in there he manages to make Ah, good business, makes a bunch of money, fouls it up. His relationship goes downhill and yet still keeps doing work, making new products each day, records a little bit of a book each day, tries to make a video each day and tries to hang out with his family and friends a little bit each day and enjoy life. Enjoy the full rewards of life each day. That's not much of a new story, is it? It's actually kind of boring, like it's just ordinary life. Another movie. I've watched 1000 movies like that. Ah, guy starts off with excitement. Our girl. There's a big crisis. They nearly die their whole world ending. And then somehow everything's OK and moving forward, and then they die at the end. And then there's room for you to watch another movie after that. Maybe it doesn't actually unlike what's worth having is love and peace. Enjoy every day and what you do. What's worth having is the piece I have about recording this book. I have no fantasies that my life will be better when this book is published. I have no fantasies that my life will be better if this book is selling 100 copies a day, which my, you know me courses at one point were selling thousands each day was make, and I'm not the $80,000 that I've earned. Yeah, they must have been selling some days two or 3000 sales in a day. What's worth having is loving and enjoying the products you're making each day. You know you can hear it. I love making this. This is fun. This is awesome. There's nothing I'd rather be doing right now. My mind's like attempt to suggest something. It prove him wrong, Prove him wrong. Prove around Nothing. My mind has nothing. Nothing else I'd rather be doing right now than this. This is what I choose to do. This is fun. This is awesome. And yet it easily could be ruined. It could be ruined by thinking that this product is going to be my salvation. It's nice with having made I think now hundreds of products online I realize no one products going to me, my salvation, even a product that makes hundreds of $1000. That gives you financial freedom. You wake up from every why you don't have to set an alarm clock anymore. You can be your own boss. No product will provide me salvation. Salvation is available right here, right now. Thanks. That car totally. Or it's not available anywhere. I can find it now or I can do without it. And that's deeply. It's up to me. When you make products from a place of peace and joy and what you're doing, they tend to come out really good that yeah, right, Jerry, wait to you see the review. I'm going totally issue. They tend to come out really good, and I'm okay now if they get bad reviews. One of the things I got into with products was fighting against the reviews. If you make products out of love and joy and peace and you are happy doing your product, if you're happily simply doing the work to make your product, I'm happy simply doing the work to create this product. Then that will resonate like a song. It will resonate with the right listeners. It will also be infuriating to some of the wrong listeners. Just like when you hear one of those bands you don't like, it's not that their music's bad. It's that their sound doesn't resonate with your song if you're singing a song of love and Peace and joy and Christmas carols or whatever. Uh, Christian religious hymns are any kind of gospel music. Jerry, you gotta really branch out in your music, man. I don't listen to much music, whatever you like. Rock n roll, hip hop, blues, jazz, whatever music you like. If you like that music and you walk in that music's on your likely be happy if you're singing a song of love and happiness enjoying angels? Ah, then whoever else is in that song will likely enjoy your song If you attract the wrong people in. If you're singing love and joy and happiness and you attract in the head banging, I'm gonna burn the world down if you attract those people and they're going to hate it. So if I were, if you're trying to burn the world down, have burned low everything socks, we're gonna go dying, tell on our way out, if that's what you're into. And I got you in here and I've tricked you all along somehow through hours of this book. I'm sorry about that. And I accept that if I trick the wrong people into buying my book wrong, people buy. If I act like my book is, everything sucks and you get in here. Everything's awesome. Then you my home man. That's not what I expected. This this block socks were burning it down. You really went off on a crazy tangent here, Jerry. I see. I think this is a lot of fun. I think it's fun to create, like this, just wide open straight from the heart. I think that's fun. I listened. No chapter in my book, The Facebook One. I thought, Man, this is actually pretty good because deep down often when you create something, you'll have this fear that you're a fraud. Even if people really like what you do, you'll have a fear that people are gonna find out that somehow you're not who you say you are. Creating products is challenging. I may do a whole book on creating products if you want to. I've done this one on different ways to make money online. So at some point will be time. Now. Wrap this chapter on products up. I went on a lot about products because I love products, products making products is the foundation of my business online. Almost all the money I've made online's from products, and the rest is from clients. I love making products, so it also can be really difficult. When you do make products, you do follow everything else. I said. Jerry followed everything you said. And now people hate my product. What the I try not to cuss anymore. Moment of silence for all those dead cuss words I haven't used. All right, we're moving on. Jerry. What do I do about all these people hating my product? Now you said make products. I love making my products and now people don't like them. I've gotten a lot of bad reviews on my products, and at first I used to fight with them. How dare you leave a one star on the best Facebook ads course on you to me? I'll show you I'm gonna write six paragraphs with the intention to make you look stupid in front of everyone else who reads this in my response. Oh, you don't think the course has this in it? While you clearly didn't watch section 52 because in section 52 are going all about this. Didn't you see the other reviewer who said Section 52 made the whole course worth watching ? Oh, you think you know about Facebook ads? Well, where's your Facebook page? I don't see your facebook page out here with two million likes. Where's your course? I'll go by your course so I can learn from it. You see what I mean? You don't want everyone in the world to buy your product. What you want to do is make a product you love and you're happy about that Helps people who have the same pain points you dio and that they them pirate. I've included this at the end of the product section because I feel this is very important for going forward, creating products online. Your product will not save your life. Nothing you dio will save your life outside of seeing that you have all the life you ever need. Right this moment you have everything you can ever hope to have right this moment. The worst thing you can do with a product is created with the idea. It's going to be your salvation, although if you do that, enough times hopefully will break the cycle. I used to create products, thinking they'd be my salvation if I just make this product and I'll have this, this, this and that. There we go off my all of it made. I can lay down in bed all day, have fancy experiences and do absolutely nothing like my dogs the rest of my life. That is, that having it made, there's a good story. That guy tells the four hour work week that I'm going to attempt to retail and butcher it in the process. There's an American. Let's call him a business major. Let's make this fun. Let's make it a college business major. I'll change the story a bit, so it's actually unique. So there's a business major on spring break in Mexico. Jury. It's not the same stories for work week and, well, good. There's a business major from California traveling to Mexico for spring break. He runs into a Mexican fisherman and the fishermen. He asked the fishermen about his business because he's curious. He's a business major, and a fisherman says, I go out every day. I go catch these fish. I go sell them at the market. I go out with my family and friends. We dance, we eat, we drink, we go home, go to bed and we do it all again the next day. And the business major says you're leaving a lot of money on the table. You know, if you stayed out little longer, caught a few more fish and sold and then skipped the dancing going out their friends. Then pretty soon you could buy another boat when you could buy another boat. You could then have other people go out and fish for you could take a percentage of their sales, just like you end up getting a percentage of your sales taken because you have to go out and get this guy's boat and use his boat. If something happens to your boat, etcetera, so you could build up this whole fleet of boats, and then when you build this whole fleet of boats up, then you could make a big fishing company out of it. When you have a big fishing company could buy the other parts. You could buy the distribution, so you kind of a food company instead of just a fishing company. And then you could get in grocery stores all over the country. Then you could go move to the U S and D. C and lobby and try and make changes. You could try and save the world, and then you could cash out and sell your company. You could come back here and retire. And the fishermen says what I do when I retire and the business major says, Well, then you could You could go out and drink and dance and eat, Hang out their family and friends and the fishermen says, Well, that's already what I do every day. Why would I skip doing that so that I could do that later? Why would I miss out on the best things in life for 20 or 30 years so that maybe I could have them when I retire? That's how I look at my business today. Like a fisherman, I go out and make a little bit of progress on the products and on the work I do every day. And then I take time to enjoy my life with my friends, my family. I take time to live, stream and play games online. When you're creating products that can be easy to get sucked into that cycle of, we're gonna work 60 hours a week. This is gonna be so good. And then when this happens, that's gonna happen. Then everyone be talking about that, and then I can I can't even listen to that anymore. I have a friend I went to have lunch with, like, a year ago, and he was talking looking just like that, that anxious energy that things aren't good enough right now. But we're gonna work really hard. We're gonna sacrifice. We're gonna avoid doing the things we love today and maybe in the future, salvation will come when everyone's talking about it. When everyone's got this and then and then and then and then I I can't even listen to that . That is how I used to live in. It was hell, because the foundation of that is that today's not good enough, and there's no way I would sit here and do this book if today wasn't good enough because there's no instant salvation in it. This book is going to need to go through transcription and then editing. And then it's going to have to be on creates basing Kindle before you even put the book on Audible and then the book goes honorable. And then we need to sell the book, make videos for send emails out to it. I do this because I love doing it because I'm genuinely trying to help with the same pain points in your life that I've experienced in my life. So with making products, I feel these are very important things to go along with that because products are powerful , you couldn't do great things serving clients and with affiliate marketing. To me, the easiest way to do a lot of the things you might want to dio is with products. So I think the by the fact that this lawn more is on right now in the background, I think this is the universe trying to tell me I've done enough on this chapter Right now. I used to get mad at stuff like that because if you believe in salvation, if your products are going to save you any little thing that disrupts it prompts a gigantic fear response. Oh, my God. This lawnmowers going in the background, I might not be able to finish this book. If I don't finish this book that I'm not gonna be able to get to heaven. I'm gonna get sent to hell because I didn't finish this book. You're either in heaven or hell right now. When you're in heaven, you'll create more heaven. When you're in hell, you're create more hell. So I try and create products that are useful for you today. Products that if you're in a little bit of hell, might help you make the transition to having if you're in heaven already, if you already have a great life, though might be useful for your and refining it, polishing it, helping you stay there, Justus. Everyone else's books I read are helpful for me doing the same thing. I love selling products online. I'm very grateful to have this way of life today. It is a life based on faith and love and joy. It's easy to create this out of faith. Love, Enjoy. I have absolute faith that this book will reach you when you're ready for and I have a practical understanding. It won't reach you before you're ready for it. Thank you for listening to this with me. I'm honored that you've summoned me into your universe today, and I hope you have a great day. I hope you enjoy the chapters that follow. 16. #2 method and the easiest to start working online is serving clients!: serving clients. Serving clients is the easiest way, I think, to get started earning money online that is good money and to build valuable experience. Serving clients is the first thing I was able to do successfully to make $1000 online. I did lots of other things, like selling T shirts and helping people out with video game addiction. I did all kinds of little plots and schemes that made a few dollars, but serving clients very quickly. As soon as I started trying to serve clients within a month or two, I'd already made $1000 serving clients. The reason serving clients is so good is because the focus is on doing something directly for someone else with trying to make products online. It's often a lot more difficulty to get that specific focus out there because of your own incentive to make money out of selling the product with a client. It's obvious no clients going to pay you if you don't help them out with what they need. It's a very simplified version, essentially selling a product. You sell one specific service to a client and then you help them with it. Serving clients Therefore, I think is the best opportunity for most people getting started online, because you on Lee have to be a little bit farther ahead than the client to help them effectively. When I started trying to get Facebook ads, clients, those air my first very profitable clients for doing Facebook marketing and advertising. The only thing I had was a little bit more experience promoting my own Facebook page. Then most of them did. Promoting there's now some clients actually seem to have asthma much or more than me, and what they liked is that I had different areas of expertise than they did. That's why serving clients is so great often to make a product, you have to have a lot of expertise and be able to put it in a nice package and sell it and then build your audience for preference. If you want to try and build your audience first. Otherwise, ing it's a lot harder to do it the other way. You see, it takes up often years of serving clients to get experience needed to make great products , at least for me. After I'd served clients for years, then I had a lot off good knowledge to teach. I had a lot of good experience to show how to do it yourself in such a way that could be easily applied, because I'd helped hundreds of other people do it before getting clients. Often it seems like this big black hole like, Well, how do you get them? And the part I missed. How do you keep them? You don't have to work that hard to get clients if you keep ah, high percentage of the clients you do get. This was something I missed big time with serving clients. There's three key things with serving clients, and I understood the first thing that you have to have something you have proven experience or experience you can demonstrate to help with. So I realized to start that no one was going to hire me to help. Most of the time with something that I had no proven experience doing, I set out to build proof that I was a great Facebook ads and marketer. And then from there, Step two was easier. Getting clients. Once you've got something you can help with, then it's a matter of simply reaching the right person at the right time in the right way to get a client, which that's not so easy. However, you don't have to get very many clients if you'll keep the ones you have. I set out in my business thinking that the more clients I could get, the better. So I ended up getting hundreds of clients and more than 20 countries and keeping on Li two of them for more than two years. Guess where nearly all of the profit I made serving clients came from the two clients I had longer than two years. The one client just canceled with me, effective starting this month, because he finally, after years of working with me, just ended up with an office manager who could also help with his Google ads. And he figured, while since the office manager had those skills, there's no point paying me also. And I said, I totally agree. I wouldn't do that. You're lucky Oven office manager. Let them do it. I'm happy toe not take any more money from you that clients paid me tens of thousands of dollars, most of which, over the last two years, is required. Very little work. Now I've worked with the client for four years. The 1st 2 years, there was a lot of work doing their Google ads and doing other services for them. The majority of the prophet in the relationship with that client came in the 2nd 50% of the relationship. With 99% of my clients, I missed the most profitable part of the relationship because I only focused on getting clients with my number one client. I built a relationship with them that started out in the range of hundreds of dollars and has now got to the point in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is what happens when you keep clients. So if you can learn anything from this book, learn the value of keeping clients a lot of what I see other people advertising is about getting clients. Rarely do I see the focus on keeping those clients. It's the same as dating. If you go out on a bunch of first and second dates, is often pretty unhappy and not feeling very good about yourself or about the other people you're trying to date with my wife. We've had just the most unbelievably great relationship. It started off better than it's been with any other girl before her and then has continued to get better from there. My relationship with my wife is an absolute outer space compared to any of the other things I did dating. The same thing goes with serving clients, because ultimately life is very similar. The same dynamics, which is funny. If you're new to this, the same dynamics that go into dating go into getting started with clients. You want to make sure you both want the same thing out of the client relationship as well. In dating, it's obvious to see, for example, you are dating and you don't want to have kids. Or if you're older and you're dating, you don't want to live together. Whatever thing it is, it's important to get those big things out there in the open right up front, preferably so you don't end up. Then all of a sudden, down the road, trying to force someone to do what you want or looking at having wasted a bunch of time on something you should have known to start with with clients. To me, the main thing I need to know up front is, does the potential client have the money to pay me? In fact, that's almost all I need to know up front. Thankfully, there's a simple solution for that. The client needs to pay first. I set it up that way because I work really hard to show that I have the experience to do a good job for a client. I have course all over. I have YouTube videos all over the. By the time the client finds me, they know I or they reasonably suspect I can do a good job helping them. Meanwhile, I know nothing about them. I have no good way of telling the difference between one potential client and another. The only fair way to do it is simply require payment to get started. This eliminates the majority of the guesswork on my end, and the second thing as a part of that payment is to have a payment threshold that I'm comfortable working with most anyone at. When I started trying to serve clients with Facebook ads, I set the initial campaign price at $99 for campaign set up. The problem I had it was that I didn't feel like working very much. After I got that $99 I wasn't going to do 10 hours of work for you if you paid me $99. I was willing to do a couple hours of work for you if you paid $99. That didn't work out Very good, because clients who pay $99 the price for them was very high. They expected a lot of work. This one lady, I remember talking tour right When I was about to get in the shower, she called me and was texting me and emailing and was after I'd already built her campaign up. And I finally just said, I'm done. I'm done. I'm not doing anything else. I'll give your money back. I don't want to work with you anymore. That motivated me to raise the price. Also, if I was going to endure that kind of work with a client, I better charge more, and I eventually Now I recharge $499 for an ad campaign, and I make it clear that all I do is supervise. My friend Albert works with me part time, and he then actually does the Facebook ads under what I set up and make the plan. I take a look at how things are initially and then I work with Albert On the feedback end of it, he asked any questions? He comes straight to me for the question sent. I had the price at $399 we got a new client and all the emails and time the Albert spent with it. I decided we better put this up in another $100 because most people will pay 399 will pay 499. And if someone strictly stuck and only 3 99 I'd rather just exclude them and take less clients. At 4 99 It's tricky with clients to get the pricing just right. And sometimes there's no way except to just set, ah, price that you are comfortable with a price that for what you've offered to do, you're comfortable doing it, and you're comfortable doing it without a resentment. If you set the price too low, you're likely like me to get a little bit of a resentment about it like, Well, I gave them such a deal. They shouldn't be expecting all this work out of me. It's just like dating. You want a good, happy relationship? If only it were a simple with clients as having dating profiles Dating. Actually, in a lot of ways is more simple than trying to get started working with a client, at least on While. Six years ago, back when I used a dating site, they had, you could specify on there whether you wanted Children and all these other things, which then pre qualifies. I OK, well, I don't want to go out with a girl who says, Not sure about having Children. Ah, here we go, she says. Definitely want to have kids. Good. I'll go out with her, she says. Doesn't smoke good, she says. Social drinker or good that that's works good for me now. Obviously, everything is not perfectly accurate in dating profiles, but you get the idea. The dating profile today allows you to pre qualify well with clients, you need ways to pre qualify as well, and you need to try and be on the same page right away about what's important. The money to me is if you're going to serve a client. The client needs to prove to you they have the money, so there's nothing easier to do than just charge upfront. I realize some clients won't work with you or me if they have to pay for the whole service upfront, and that's fine. Some people would prefer to get free calls. I've stopped taking calls prior to serving clients now because the amount of free calls versus the amount of clients I just had. A guy emailed me yesterday. And Albert is still bit new to serving Flying's, even though he has a full time job that he's essentially created out of serving clients. I referred my friend Robb, and Albert now does 30 hours a week for him. So even though Albert is in the middle of serving clients more than I ever did, Albert is fairly new to the process of getting and making a new client relationship. Since Albert's worked with me and then a referral from my friend and Albert, then is gets a little worried about what if the client doesn't want to pay for the call and I said, Albert, I don't want a client who expects toe have a call for free and who is not willing to pay for one willing to pay $299 to have a call with me. Now you might think that you're insane, Jerry. Ah, who would want to work with you? I only want to work with people who are willing either to just pay the $499 then work strictly through email or willing to pay $299 to talk to me first for 30 minutes up to 30 minutes and then paid another 4 99 to then work with Albert and me via email. Those are the only clients I'm interested in working with. And now, yes, I have the luxury of doing that, given how my business is set up, however, I had the luxury of doing that before. I just didn't see it. It's better to have fewer clients that you do a great job with and then have time to make things like YouTube videos have time to make things like books have time toe, hang out with your family and friends have time for your hobbies and other interests. It's much better to have fewer clients just like dating. It's much better to have one wife who I'm completely on the same page with. Then it is too passively or whatever you would call trying to date several people at once. I have a wonderful working relationship with my wife, and it makes everything in life so much easier. The times in my life where I tried to date multiple girls by comparison or a complete disaster. No one was happy. None of the girls were happy and I wasn't happy either. Serving clients has the same properties having one or two clients you do a great job with often is worth much more than having 10 or 20 that you do halfway job with. Just look at Albert Albert right now. He graduated college. He was going to work with me full time. Then I got banned from you know me. Albert then persisted in both applying to jobs and checking with me to see what I had available. I worked out that he could do part time 20 hours a week with me, and then I referred my friend who's got the wall of coin startup. Ah, Bitcoin cash start up and who I worked with to get 1/2 percent ownership off his company. I referred him because he Rob was telling me. Jerry, I need some help with my marketing. Do you want to help my civil know? Rob, I have enough going on. What about my friend Albert? 17. Doing a great job for one client makes a great way to work online!: So Albert did such a good job with Rob that Albert then got a full time job offer. Rob countered with a 30 hour a week offer that would combine with my offer. Now Albert has more work at a much better pay rate than the full time job he got offered. Plus no commute Teoh downtown Seattle, which would take Albert at least our if not two hours every day from where he lives. Albert is practicing exactly what I'm saying right here. Albert is doing a great job serving to clients, and that is enough for him to have a full time job that he works at home on his own terms. That's an awesome deal. He just has to clients to serve that to me is an ideal client set up. Of course, you could counter say, Well, Jerry, if you just have to Clients look at Albert, for example. What if Rob cuts Albert? If Rob suddenly says Albert, I don't need you at all. Then Albert goes from having 50 hours of work a week down to 20 and then I might be able to offer him more hours by then or for sure. Albert will have a lot more great experience that he's learned working with Rob and then Albert more than likely would just be able to build his working relationship with me now. You could also say what if both of us cut Albert Albert then as a very valuable set of skills he can use to find something else. He's got deep experience working with to clients on all aspects of our marketing. He would be in great shape then to get a full time job or to continue working online. Albert then has relationships with two of us. He also just like having a job would expect reasonable notice if he was going to get cut. So I worked with my friend Jo, who now is doing his own business. I worked with Joe for since the very beginning of my business, and that left Joe in a position where most of the time he was working with me, he was only serving one client. Well, that did happen to joke. When I got van from you to me, I let Joe know. Hey, I've been working with you full time now for over a year and 1/2 and in three months. I'm not going to have enough money to continue paying you without risking putting myself out of business. And if I do that, then there's never any more money for you. So I gave Joe notice. I said, Hey, I'll keep giving you full time Keep helping out But then in three months, you're on your own. So Joe had plenty of time then to start setting things up for his own business. Joe already had most of the money I had paid him saved. So Joe's in a great position then to start his own business. And if Albert and worked with me and all the sudden Rob managed to cut Albert and I cut Albert the same time, we probably both give Albert notice, and Albert would be in a great position than to do whatever he wanted to. With all the experience with us serving clients, is Justus in perfect as having a job. In that sense, you can goto work anywhere, and you still run into the same downsides as serving clients. Serving clients in many ways is a job, especially if you do it right. You have someone you're accountable to. You have a working relationship with someone. The nice thing is that it can be more of an equals relationship instead of a boss relationship. When Albert works with me, I'm not the boss. I am a teammate were both working together on my business. When Albert works with Rob, they're both working together on Rob's business. If the work that Albert does isn't good, Rob's business suffers and then robs less likely to be able to keep paying Albert. Same thing with me. When Albert does good work with me, my business does good. Then I'm able to pay Albert at a higher rate. Joe started out in the $20 an hour range, and Joe worked his way up to at least double that. Within a year and 1/2 Joe ended up making great money working with me because Joe did great work for the business. The business took off and Joe got paid more. It's nice then to serve clients because there's so much more flexibility often than there isn't a job. You can get a great raise working with a client. When you do a great job easily. That may be a lot harder to pull off with an actual job. My family member just told me that he always acts about what's going on with me because what I'm doing interesting, that he has a job in the sense that his salary and everything's kind of boring, that he's made the same money plus or minus 5% raises within the last three years. So what is there to talk about with his job? He goes to the same place every day, does the same things every day, gets paid the same things almost every day. What is exciting about that? That's the nice thing about clients, that it can be exciting. You might want to know. Okay, well, how do I get clients than how did Albert end up working with you and Rob? To me, the best way to get clients is with family and friends. Of course, some people suggest never work with your family and friends. I read a business book that said, Absolutely Guy example. One guys, his cousin. Just do this and never do that. I love working with family and friends because to me, an ideal work relationship is also based on a good friendship and preferably the friendship comes first. It's good that I've been friends with Joseph for eight years because I have some compassion . Then when I'm telling Joe, Look, I realize I've been paying you full time for year and 1/2 and I'm going to have to stop out of our own best interest. It doesn't help you. Joe likes to use the analogy about tapping the water dry. He doesn't want toe tap the well, dry, so to speak. So Joe has been aware from the beginning that my ability to pay hymns conditioned on me having money if that hadn't been with a friend, that might have been the end of the relationship. And the same thing with Albert. Albert started working with me full time the week I got banned from you to me, literally days after Albert started, I called him up and said, Albert, I got banned from you to me, which means I immediately don't have any money to pay you because Albert was doing online advertising for me. So I immediately stopped all my online advertising once I got banned from you to me. Therefore, there's no work for Albert to do it all back. This was in June. Albert then persisted with me. I've been friends with Albert and Joe for eight years. Both of them were right there when I started my business, encouraging me to go forward and start my business. And both of them helped off and on since the very beginning. And Joseph's helped a ton for the last two years, and Albert now has been helping actively off and on for the last three months with now part time, 20 hours a week. I think the best place to find clients is among family and friends because you get inside opportunities you wouldn't get otherwise, and you get a love and understanding. Assuming you have healthy relationships with your friends and family, you get an understanding and compassion you wouldn't likely get at a job. I haven't had a job, at least where the that element has been there as much. Now I've had some nice jobs. I've had some good employers. I think it's nicer to work with family and friends and that that's just me, because then it's more like you're on a team together instead of one person's of boss. To me, the best working relationships with clients with anyone. It's like you're on a team. Albert gets excited about the sales numbers on my website because the more sales I have, the more I can pay Albert the better job security has the higher pay rate he has. We're all a team in this together. Albert knows if I'm doing well, that'll go over and help him out to. Joe knows, the better my business does. In fact, things have went so well with Joe. He's now able to make his own business. He has the tools working with me for two years full time and then working with me the whole time since I started my business. Joe has the expertise and tools to make his own business. Now he's got mentors essentially along the way. For two years, he's ready to do all the things he's seen me doing and put himself out. There is the front man. Same thing. I ended up finding Erman Krepon IQ on up work a couple years ago, actually just a year and 1/2 ago Erman and now has launched his own business and that to me is the power of working with friends and family and then you bring in people as needed from other places. Yes, most of my clients weren't friends and family. The clients I've stuck with, though, have become more like friends and family. I went and visited my top client over in South Korea. That was a long trip, and I paid for the whole thing. I just After working together for years, I wanted to actually go meet the client who gave me the ability to build my business to next level. If it was not for the exceptional work that client gave me, I would not have been able to build my you to me teaching business. The reason I was able to build my unit me teaching business is because my top client, those focus groups, were such good work. They paid so well that I could go knock a couple of those focus groups out a week, and then I could. I dropped and didn't take. I dropped all other clients I had, except the second client that I mentioned before, and I refused to take any new clients and I stuck to just teaching on, you know, me and that number one client gave me the chance to teach on you. To me, I wouldn't be here narrating this book with you've if that number one client ho, they got really good opportunities for their business. If they hadn't passed him those on to me and lots of different ways, I wouldn't have been able to build my business with clients. The idea is your all building. Your business is up together. You're all serving and helping each other. You make good working relationships. It's just like a healthy family. In that sense, you take care of each other, You look out for each other you trust and love and accept each other's mistakes. When my top client I made a $8000 booking eras, I have mentioned at some 80000.1 of my books, and I didn't notice this for at least a month, and I think the client may have noticed it and waited to see if I would correct it. And then within a few weeks of me correcting it, the next year's contract was provided, and once I noticed it took a lot of integrity and honesty to report that because it was $8000 error in my favor. Admitting That mistake meant the client had 8000 more dollars that they had already paid for me to spend so that men I spent 8000 more dollars on my credit cards when I was already maxed out that the client. Then I went 8000 farther in debt myself so that the client would be even. And then from next year's contract that really good opportunity came and I was talking about to do the focus groups. If I hadn't admitted my mistake, they wouldn't have trusted me to go forward and do any more work. With every working relationship, there comes times where both parties make some pretty serious mistakes. And that's why this isn't a chapter on how to get clients. It's mostly chapter on the value of clients and keeping clients. Almost all the good opportunities I've had are out of keeping clients, and it's tough to keep clients just like it's tough to have family relationships because you have to get through things going wrong. That's why I'd rather not even start with a client who doesn't have the budget to spend with me or who wants toe have a bunch of hands on micromanaging from me in the form of talking on the phone all the time and having a bunch of emails. I'd rather let someone else serve that client with every one of my working relationships. There have been points of small mistakes that were annoying in big mistakes. My client that I had the $8000 bookkeeping error with. They then ran $10,000 extra up over what they had paid me on the next year's contract, and I then stopped their ads after they'd went more than $10,000 over. They had some budget issues. It took them several months to send me the extra $10,000. Now, thankfully, by then I had made so much money from you to me within just the year between the $8000 I was nearly bankrupt. In the next year, whether client ran $10,000 extra, I had made so much more money. It wasn't a big deal that they'd ran up the $10,000 because I had paid all my credit cards off. It is amazing how things change back and forth, and that's what happens when you have good client relationships like Jo Jo started out working with me when I barely had any money at all. We just did things on straight up commission. If he helped make a sale, I give him half of it. Then I started working on, you know, me. I just paid Joe a little bit part time to help out with a few things, and he even realized he said I didn't wanna work too many hours, some weeks because I realized how broke you were. Then, once the U to me money started coming in good. I gave Joe a generous salary every month, not requiring that much work out of him most of the time. Strictly results basis, no hours, toe work or anything like that. And we did that for about a year and 1/2. And then after the you know me, Ban Joe's now ready to start his own business. That's big ups and downs. That's huge salary raises. And then all of a sudden, getting laid off. Essentially, Joe and I both made some good mistakes in there. I had Joe do one part of the review system that if Joe would quality controlled it better. The whole you Timmy band thing might not have ended up happening. I told Joe, Just get as many reviews that you can and Joe kind of left it wide open and he set himself . He said, You know, if I had checked more of those reviews and things like that, this might not have happened and it's nice when you have a friend relationship, you understand that you didn't do anything by yourself. If I hadn't told Joe. Go ahead. Do whatever you want with it, get as many as possible. I don't care. I didn't tell him to be careful that maybe if we got too many people wouldn't like it. And I've done lots of those kinds of things with Joe. I've asked him to do stuff and then asked him to do something else right over top of it. I've given him way too many things to do before. I've been inconsiderate of his time. I've called and talked to him while he was busy doing things. I've got him involved in things he didn't really want to do and and I've done lots of selfish things working with Joe and it if you're going to have a good relationship with the client. It helps to me to look at them is more of a friend or family member toe. Have some love and tolerance with them. Working with Albert, we just had a a little issue with one of the Facebook accounts. And look what Albert's already been through working with me. He planned this whole graduating college and getting a job based on working with me full time for months. He planned that out, and then as soon as he starts working with it up. Sorry, Albert, I don't have any more money. So for several months he doesn't have any money. Then after college, he doesn't have a job, and Albert took that in stride. That, to me, is what makes a great client relations. That is why Albert has a sweet work at home job now, and at the rate he's going, he will have the ability to do this indefinitely. Between working with me and Rob, he doesn't necessarily ever even need to get another client. Rob and I both have businesses that look like they're doing good, and if either one of us should be able to afford Albert full time soon enough and we may even be competing for Albert Certain enough. I already asked Albert how much drive to pay the crowd rob out, just in case I would like full time help. Instead, Albert has a sweet set up, and he's done it by being a good friend and family member by just taking care of the relationship. Is he already had in his life. I'm amazed how many of my friends I've tried to get involved in my business, and they just weren't interested. And that's OK. My friends that were interested have done a great job. So the easiest way to keep clients is to treat them like their friend or family member of the whole time. They understand that there will be mistakes, just like there isn't every other relationship to realize if there's a big mistake on their end, they're making space for you to be okay with the mistakes you make with them. Just like the bookkeeping era. It was funny almost exactly a year later, the exact same kind of bookkeeping error in the opposite direction for almost the exact same alone of money and every mistake that's came a longer, inconsiderate selfishness, frustration, almost everything I've experienced working with Joe over the last two years. Both of us have been on the giving and receiving end of the same kinds of things. 18. The value of patience working with clients online.: Joe has had a lot of patients working with me through this change. I've had a hard time going from working with Joe full time to then switching the Joe, having his own business and then both of us having to try and figure out how we're going to get all of the income set up. So Joe works with Erman now directly. And then I worked with German on my website like, Well, how are we going to divide all that income up fairly? These things with clients are the difference between having a great business and having a business that's frustrating and barely makes it. Now I realize depending on what business you're in, you may not have the ability at least getting started or building or growing, depending on. For example, if you make signs, you probably don't have the ability to just serve one or two clients. I realize some businesses if you have a restaurant, you probably can't just serve one person or two people. As your Onley clients. I get that if you have more than one or two. The same principle applies to treat them like friends and family, and it really helps out to set healthy boundaries with clients, just like it does with friends and family. That's why I have the boundary I set right away with clients. You're not going to talk to me on the phone or on Skype for free. I don't do that because I spend all that time doing videos and doing books. So if you're attracted toe work with me because of all my videos and books, then you accept the limitation. I'm only taking paid calls because I make all those things that got you here with me and start with. If you don't have all those kinds of things like that, I have talked to a client on a paid call, He said He's done really well, building his business by offering 30 minute free calls getting started. I think something like offering 30 minute free calls might be an exceptionally good way to grow your business and to build a relationship with clients. Of course, you have to set boundaries, though, and take into consideration if your clients going to want to talk to you several hours is a part of whatever you're doing for them. You might want to include that in the price I used to charge for my Facebook ads campaigns and not keep in mind how much the client would want to talk. I used to give clients my cell phone number. Like I said, talking to that lady when I was about to get in the shower. I'm naked because I had been talking, nor for like, 30 minutes. I called her or she called me at the office. I drove home and then I did everything I also get. Think government was getting ready and waiting to get in the shower. I used to give clients my phone number, and I didn't take into consideration when I charged even several 100 for a campaign that some clients would want to talk five or 10 hours in addition, toe all the work I needed to do on their ads once I learned that, then I set up the paid call system because I had taken the time to build out my YouTube channel. If you're willing to do a 30 minute free call per se, that is a great way to get people in the door toe work with you, whether you want to do coaching or consulting are some kind of service management. Whatever it is you want to do, a 30 minute free call could be a very powerful way to do it. I used to take free calls to sell clients on my services. However, if you don't have any clients and you're not sure where to get them, the best work often is to demonstrate your experience. You notice I haven't given you any strategies in 40 minutes of this Chapter two cold message clients or to cold call clients or too cold the email clients. I think those things tend to both generally be a waste of time and not get good results most of the time. Well, Jerry, how did you get your top two clients? I sent Facebook page messages cold messages to Facebook pages that I saw were running ads for Paige likes. This is what worked to get me hundreds of different clients. You'll notice out of the hundreds of clients about a 1% retention rate. Cold messaging is not a good way to get clients. It is an effective way to get clients in the short term. It's not a good way to keep clients in the long term. Ah, great way to keep clients is to use the free time. You have to demonstrate your experience as much as possible. So don't even bother with products. Don't bother with free e book downloads. Just put everything you know out there for free on your YouTube channel. Then you're in an outstanding position to convert that in the clients. As soon as I started putting out my Facebook ads videos and asking for clients, I started consistently getting emails every day sent to me by people with questions asking if they could pay me to do their Facebook ads. And some of them even will go directly to the website pay $399 order after seeing the video without even talking to me. That's a great way to get and keep clients. I didn't know any better way then. Cold messaging and cold calling and cold emailing cold messaging is the most effective compared to cold calling and cold emailing in my experience, because on social media, if you're using your own Facebook profile, then you've got a lot more trust behind you than someone who's just cold calling or cold emailing. I advise against ever cold calling or cold emailing. Take that right off your list of strategies. Don't cold text message either. Now, these air suggestions, you go do whatever you want to. If you've already done some of these, you might laugh at how right I am about this. I'm not saying you can't get clients doing these methods. I've got clients doing almost every one of these methods. Actually, I don't think I've got any cold texting or cold calling. I can't prove I've got any cold emailing. I've got cold Facebook and LinkedIn message clients, cold Twitter ATS messages. I've gotten a lot of clients online using social media messaging, and I would have been a lot better off to show my experience on my YouTube channel with all that time I spent messaging. It also scales up very well. If you do get cold messaging toe work, it doesn't scale up. As I found the best I could get it to scale up was toe. Have Joseph send the messages that did work when I tried to hire freelancers to send cold messages for me that did not work with getting clients you don't want to do anything that won't scale up. Putting YouTube videos up, demonstrating your experience scales up when someone watches it and says, That's great. I want to work with him and they share that with all their friends. And you get a couple of their friends interested that scales up nicely. The more interest you get, you can start charging for calls instead of offering them for you can start charging more for your services, and you can start being able to work less and make more. You should have the chance to build even deeper relationships of their clients and maybe bring additional people to help in. And all you have to do is just show what you know how to do. The best part is if, for some reason no one wants to hire you as a client, all that time you take to build an audience than you can translate into selling products. You're I hope that by this point, like good, I listen to this for 45 minutes. I'm glad I got one little Gemma wisdom out of it. I hope that this is something you can use and put to work right away. The main mistake. I see that freelancers make in. I've hired hundreds of freelancers online, and the main limitation most of them have. They have no proof that they can do what they say they can do now. When you go show up at a job for an interview, you might be able to get a job with no proof of what you say you can do. But at least you're standing in front of the person when you're just sending a random application somewhere online. When you're just out there with their freelancer profile, you've got to have proof off what you say you can dio or you don't count. I've looked at So Maney Freelancer profiles anyone can write an impressive profile. And while its funding, a lot of people can't write an impressive profile. I can usually tell pretty quickly about the people who are trying to hustle me as someone who has done a lot of hustling. The people who try and write up fancy profiles and have no proof are generally ah, pain to work with, just like I waas. I wrote up all kinds of fancy things I could do before, many of which I had never done. If you listen to the part where I list all the ways I made money online, you heard a lot of consequences for what happens when you try and offer services. You don't know how to dio. Then I tell you about those vein articles. I had a client. Oh, yeah, I could do S e o article. Sure. What do you need? I had a client pay me hundreds of dollars to produce a bunch of search engine optimized varicose vein articles which they were then doing for their client. I then hired down on Fiverr and spent hundreds of dollars getting the articles written and then spent hours and hours editing the articles. And then the client wasn't even happy with the result. And I was so disgusted with anything to do with the word veins. It's still bothered me years later today, even a sign this seeing varicose vein removal brings back those nauseating memories of working on all those vein articles which I essentially paid toe work on. If you mess up working for clients, you can literally pay to do work for a client. Well, how would you do that if you try and do something you don't know how to do. Then you end up having the outsource it or you try and do something you don't know how to do. The one client hired me to try and do this win this social media contest. I won the contest for them and it costs more. Not calculated, actually spent several $100 over what they paid me to win the contest for them. I literally paid to help them win the contest, and then they weren't even happy. You can learn from your own mistakes and be a smart person, or you could be a wise person and learn from mine. I've got it wrong about every way you can do it now. Honestly, I realized there's lots more ways to do it wrong. I've done it wrong a lot of different ways. I've done a lot of client relationships where I've essentially paid to do work for them, and that's a stupid as it gets because the client expects if they're going to pay you that it should be worth your time. If you set up the payment and the terms in a way that it's not worth your time. That's your fault. It's up to you to fix at it. That's why I only take paid calls. Now I only take paid interviews. Now I get lots of requests to get interviewed. Lots of requests was. That means you're I get an interview request every week or two, and I tell all of them, Sure, go to my call page. You'll notice it's $299 currently for a call. If you would like to have a call with me, that's the only way. That's what I've done after learning the hard way of doing it so many other times off, trying to have a free call with the hope of something and then doubling down and doing stupider and stupider things like continuing to do more work and fill out more forms, an effort all with the hope to get some offer than the never even comes through. I respect my limitations today, any time I spend needs to be spent productively. For better or worse, I have a lot of opportunities to do productive things today. If I don't in the future, I'll go back to taking free calls and that's fine. There's nothing wrong with free calls on the general basis. For me, there's something wrong with free calls, because I have so many people want to talk to me. And that's my own fault for demonstrating my experience. If you demonstrate your experience well enough, you will have the problem of having too many people want to talk to you, which then you can solve with charging for it. Serving clients, I think, is one of the most powerful ways to build a business online. And if you ever want to sell your company, it can be difficult if you have products that are all about you. I can't see anyone wanting to buy my company when all my products are all about me. If there's no jury Banfield, there's no company. Then, with all the products and courses based strictly around me, when you have a business that does a great job serving clients, you also have a very lucrative business toe by. If you want to consider selling your business, serving clients is a great way to go for it because if you've taken good care of those client relationships and you sell your business, you very well may be able to have many of the people that work with you to help with clients go to whoever buys it. So you have a good chance of being able to maintain those client relationships with a buyer . You can demonstrate how much the clients are worth in terms of what they pay in what you do for them. If selling a business is your goal, clients is the way to go. If you see businesses getting bought out, the client ones are the ones I've seen that have been consistently getting bought out. Because buying clients is something that larger companies due to get even bigger, they have extra cash. They have extra employees available. Hey, let's buy another company that already has clients and we'll serve them with our existing system. Serving clients is also a very comfortable position of being compared to creating products . Creating products is very difficult and frustrating, often especially getting started. You do all this work toe, get an audience and you try and sell it the audience with the huge audience I have. I've had 13 or so people by my YouTube book. In the 1st 2 or three days I've released it. Now think about that. I have two million. Facebook likes 80,000 subscribers on YouTube and 5000 on my email list, and I made 13 sales on my new YouTube book in the last, I guess almost a week now it's hard to sell products, but the nice thing is, if you just work to demonstrate your experience, the same things you do to get clients will also set you up to sell products. Serving clients and selling products are not mutually exclusive. You can have one client that pays your bills, and then you can spend the rest of your time working on making products and demonstrating your experience. That's how I got here to be with you today. I had hundreds of clients that paid my bills and to clients that gave me the ability than to have enough time. They paid so well. Then I had enough time to sell products. I had enough time to just build my audience, and it took me five years toe work into, ah, smooth system. You have a lot higher competition than I did today, and I hope this gives you the ability to do things a lot faster. Their life is full of opportunities. Toe work online. Right now it's not a scam. Toe work from home. In fact, I've worked from home now full time. For four years, my friend Joe has worked from home full time for two years. My friend Albert may never need to get a real job at this rate, he's graduated college. He may never end up having a full time office job in his entire life. I mean, he did pick marketing and with the specialization and digital marketing, so he made a good choice. I picked criminal justice, so I ended up working a lot of full time jobs and none of them very long. Serving clients is an awesome way to work at home online, especially when you combine it with selling products. I hope the principles and experiences I've laid down this chapter for you are useful for looking at the best ways I've found to make money serving clients. In summary, you have one or two clients you do a great job for if you confined them by demonstrating your experience online and realize it's going to take time. But it's worth taking the time just like dating is worth taking the time to stay single until you find the right person than just taking whoever comes along and then not being available to take the right person when they're available. It's better not to be bogged down with 50 clients you don't like when you're one amazing client walks by and sees well, there too busy with these other 50. I'm not going to walk in there. I'm gonna go to someone else who will appreciate me. I appreciate you spending so much time listening to this book. I realize this book's not perfect in the sense of the mind world. I realized my talking is not always smooth. I realize there's things that could be better. And yet what I hope is perfect is my desire to be of love and service to you today to give you something that helps. I hope that is perfect, that I have a perfect desire to be of service to you to help you do a better job than I did . If you're willing to accept the hell. Thank you for listening to this. I appreciate the time you've spent with me 19. #3 affiliate marketing.: affiliate marketing out of the ways I've listed to make money so far. I don't know why affiliate marketing sounds so easy. It really is much harder than selling products and serving clients. I've made around $20,000 affiliate marketing. If you compare the effort I've made to affiliate marketing relative to clients and selling products, affiliate marketing is way less effective, earning money compared to selling products and serving clients. In my experience, I don't mean it's going to be that way. In your experience, I've tried a ton of different things to get affiliate marketing work. The Onley thing I've got to work really well was affiliate selling my own you to meet courses and then therefore other people's you Timmy courses, too. The one thing I got to work well, I had conversion tracking set up in Google AdWords. I would advertise a course directly on you to me dot com, and then I would give 50% of the sale when they bought my course or anyone else's course. I tried this lots of different ways, and when I did it on my website, it didn't work because most people buying on my website just bought my courses. And if I sold my course on my website on, you know me, I got 97%. If I sold them is an affiliate. I got 75% total when I used paid traffic. Two people, especially who had already bought a una me course with me. So I knew they were you to me, buyers. Then I could essentially just sell them on my additional, you know, me courses and half the time or, um, or they wouldn't even by my course, they'd buy someone else's. The nice thing is, though, Google AdWords would track whenever they did by my course. So Google AdWords got to figure out which people were most likely to buy my course and therefore other people's courses Also. Then I had a simple system. I could just advertise my courses on Google AdWords, and then I would pick up a lot of affiliate sales in the process. What do you notice about that system? That system sounds kind of cheap. Dozen it, like I had an insider advantage, and absolutely I did. If I didn't teach on you to me, you couldn't just do that as an affiliate. What I did with having the Google AdWords conversion. Tracking data available and selling my own courses gave me a huge advantage on the affiliate program that most affiliates didn't have. It got me to be one of the top U to me affiliates very quickly. As soon as I started doing that, I had months where I made 6 $8000 on the affiliate program, with usually only about 25% of the money stolen from my own courses in about 75% on course . Other people are buying often. What I was doing was just skimming other people sales. These are people who would have bought a you to me course. Anyway, they just got tagged with my affiliate code. Now it on Lee lasted for seven days, but still, if there was, ah, hot sale on especially a bunch of people just clicking on my ads and looking around or tagged with my affiliate code, they go on, made the actual purchase right. Then I'd get half of sometimes hundreds of dollars of sales all at once. That, to me, is where you do really good. An affiliate marketing to some. This whole chapter up If you want to do good affiliate marketing, you usually need some kind of inside advantage in my experience. So I had re marketing data from people who have already been to you to me dot com. I had hundreds of thousands of people on my Google analytics and AdWords re marketing lists who I knew already visited. You know me dot com and who I could send them back to you. Jimi dot com. If they bought one of more than 50 of my course, I could actually track a sailing Google AdWords on it. That's an inside advantage. That's a huge inside advantage. So all I needed to do when a sale came on was turned. My ad spend up and my affiliate income will go up. If you can't track sales directly in the ad platform using Google or Facebook and you want to do affiliate marketing, odds are it's not going to work. I wouldn't even bother setting that up based on my experience setting up all bunch of things just like that, and very often they don't make anything at all very often. Also, the initial results I've gotten with affiliate programs don't scale for example, I used a pay per call affiliate program. As I said in the 100 ways I made money online. I used a paper call affiliate links so that when a qualified call came and I got paid, like $7 I figured with five cents a click on mobile ads I couldn't lose in that I was wrong . Well, actually, the worst thing happened. I was right at first, and then I was more wrong. The first dollar to I had an adds been resulted in a $7 qualifying call. Now imagine my excitement. I thought, Oh, my God, we can pop bottles all night. Baby, you can have whatever you like. You like stacks on me all rights. Sorry for the T I, intra lewd. They're actually I'm not really sorry, but I just feel like I should understand that you might not have enjoyed that. That's what comes on in my head. Whenever I feel like it's raining money and everything's going crazy, which doesn't sell, not appealing to me anymore. Well, Jerry, can we get back to the story now? Yes. We'll get back to the story. Thank you. When I had that start, toe work. Guess what I did. Oh, man, this is it. I'm going to scale this up. And guess how many more qualifying calls I got? None. None. Not even one more in hundreds more dollars of ad spend. Not one call. Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because on the first run of the ads it was the first time someone had seen it and I got lucky. And then many of the ads after that were shown repeatedly to the same people, or I didn't get lucky again. Sometimes it's just dumb luck to try and do something, and all of a sudden you get a sale on it, and the worst thing you knew then scale it up right away because let's imagine, out of 100 people one person is going to buy and you just happen to get lucky after, let's say, a dollar and ad spend out of 100 that you end up getting a sale if you spend 99 more dollars just testing your campaigns you originally found you would see not going to work for the long term. Well, when you get lucky right away and you try and scale it up. Then you make a mistake that much bigger. So if you plan to $100 ad campaign and you get your first sale right away, but you're only going to make a sale 1% of the time instead of wasting 99 more dollars to see that you're not going to make another sale. Yuka waste 999 more dollars to Onley, make nine more sales, or maybe even know not make any more sales. If you're me affiliate program stink. Most of the time I'm ah, Go Danny affiliate. I'm pretty sure I've only made commissions buying my own things to which, of course, if you're an affiliate now, some of the affiliate programs say specifically that How dare you go by any of your own? I remember the match dot com affiliate program. You will not use this to buy your own subscription. I'm like I'm married. I'm not going to buy my own subscription with it. Chill. You will not use this to get a discount for yourself. How dare you? I'm the most affiliate programs. The only one you're likely to make commissions on is yourself. When you go to buy a product through your own affiliate link. That's probably the Onley commission you're going to get, and I'm pretty sure that's about all I've got through. Go, Daddy. Even though now check this out on the bottom of my website, which gets 500 to. Actually, now it's over. 1000 people a day come to my website. That's very nice of all of you. I have a go daddy link on the bottom, and I feel like it's so smoothly done. It says This website is hosted with GoDaddy managed WordPress, and when you click on it, it goes straight through my affiliate, Lincoln. Guess how many sales I've got on that this year? $25 in commissions. If you average out it's at least 500 a day for the whole year. So let's just say 100 and 50,000 pessimistically unique users, $25 on YouTube having 150,000 views on a video is worth about $2 so that sounded 50 times to $300. If I had a YouTube video of 150,000 views on my website, having my go daddy affiliate link down below is worth 10 times less than YouTube ad revenue and YouTube ad revenue isn't great to start. That's normal. Affiliate marketing Go Daddy benefits without me paying are getting paid. Hardly anything. And that's honest affiliate marketing, because that's what I do use to host my website. Dishonest affiliate marketing, trying to sell something you don't use, Which is why I'm going to stop doing lead pages of Philip because I don't use lead pages anymore. I don't make lead pages anymore. Why would I be an affiliate? Fourth then? And many of the people you bite see making good money are doing affiliate marketing. I'm guessing either with some inside advantage based on my experience or some this honest objective in the sense they're making money off something they don't even use. It's profitable to sell it to you and tell you to use it, but they don't need to use it. That's the world of affiliate marketing affiliate marketing. My friend worked for a company that did affiliate marketing, he said. They Onley accepted certain advertisers because then they could affiliate market all those advertisers. So they accepted all these advertisers with certain kinds of products because then the company itself doing the ads would affiliate link all those Affiliate marketing is a world of insider advantages. And if you don't have an insider advantage, good luck. If you're not in a position where you've already got an audience, good luck. I do not recommend spending one moment of your time trying to do any affiliate marketing in a lot of the ways I tried to do it, and I've seen other people try to do it before. For example, sending people a message with an affiliate link in it, taking time to cold email someone I get a lot of these people cold emailing me is an affiliate. I don't care how good the services. It's generally a waste of your time to cold email someone with an affiliate link. Remember what I said? 150,000 people through my website in $25 go Daddy commissions. Well, right next to go Daddy, I say what WordPress theme I use which I know lots of people see website they like what team does that use? I've made $60 on that this year will clean and up compared to the go daddy one, I have a resource is Page. Why list almost everything I use on that page? I think I've made a few $100 even though I've spent probably 1000 advertising that page in one form or another in re marketing ads, mostly. And it's up there on my website affiliate marketing hard, even if you do it honestly. And in urine, I'm in, like, 50 affiliate programs. If you count every little refer a friend link I have. I think I've gotten 10 or $15 off the fiver. Refer a friend link. Now there is one area I've done pretty good this year and I say pretty good. I've made about $240 outside of you know me, I always did I mention you to me removed me from the affiliate program after they realized when they banned me as an instructor, they did not ban me as a You do me a fill it and I still made thousands as a band. You knew me instructor using the you Timmy affiliate program because I still had Oh, my data from before. Banning me as an instructor did not wipe out all my data. So I am now banned as a you to me affiliate. And so I don't count any of that as things working in addition, already talked about the unity income. The one thing that's worked great this year is and will Did they ban you for violating the affiliate terms? No, they banned me. They just removed me. They didn't even say anything. The I got banned from you to me from teaching on you me because they didn't like what I was doing. And they have plenty of reasons to ban me. Not exactly ones that fit within the policies. But they didn't like what I was doing. I was too powerful and influential. So they got rid of me. Which makes sense. If more instructors are listening to me on how to become a U to me instructor than the official you Timmy platform, then well, that's too much power and influence for one instructor have 20. Affiliate marketing is very challenging without an inside advantage.: long tangent short. I am back to the very basics of affiliate marketing, just like everyone else. And it's hard. I've got one good thing to work this year outside of the U Timmy income, which worked really well. I am referring friends to coin base. Coined based is an insured Bitcoin wallet hosted in the U. S. A. That I use to buy and transfer and store my Bitcoin. I've made five or so Bitcoin training videos showing how I trade Bitcoin with other currencies and then make well I make Bitcoin, which then can be sold for real money. So I've done a bunch of these free live training videos. These have one Outen Facebook's news feed Teoh. At least half a 1,000,000 if not a 1,000,000 different people around the world. I've advertised them hundreds of dollars on ads and then these air on YouTube, these air getting organic traffic on YouTube every day. Now I've made 24 friend referrals worth $240 of Bitcoin on coin based currently and thats working good because that is set up now. I don't have to do anything else. I just get a referral every day or a few days on there now, So let's look at that. I can't track the actual referral bonuses on that anywhere, so there's no room to advertise that I don't have any. I mean, I already emery marketing to everyone who's watched my YouTube videos and visited my website. I'm already doing re marketing on those. There's no way for me to track one, actually get one of those. So there's no way for me to scale that up outside of continuing to do live tutorials and essentially, if you look at it, I spent five hours or so doing live tutorial videos, and I spent several 100 adds, I really have pretty much broken even which is generally my philosophy with ads now, because as long as I consistently break even in the long term, that's a big profit. So with the affiliate program on coin based 24 referrals, did I mention the person referred also gets 10 extra dollars when they buy $100 in Bitcoin . Then they get an additional $10 so Coin based gives them a free $10 worth of Bitcoin, and then I get $10 also, so that's been one of the most successful affiliate programs I've done without an insider advantage of some sort. Anyone who has a coin based wallet can go set up and do essentially the exact same affiliate marketing I'm doing. That's how tough affiliate marketing is. I realized there's some people that are probably doing really good with affiliate marketing . Some companies, they're doing really good of Philip marketing. I hope this chapter's educational for you as to the relevance on your potential for affiliate marketing. There are some great opportunities for affiliate marketing if you can set up a logical referral naturally, in the course of what you're doing. If you're a blogger, for example, which I've got a lot of pages on my blawg, some of which make a villian referrals. If you can say on pay Tree on, I've made posts that are really popular on learning about Patri on. I get thousands of visitors each month. I then give you a Lincoln those to go join Patron through my referral, which I've not earned a dollar yet on. It is very effective at seeing how many people are reading my posts and actually signing up for Patri on after reading one of my posts. What I'm going to start trying next is doing some YouTube videos that intentionally do affiliate marketing, for example, talking about website development and hosting. So then I'll have affiliate links to Go Daddy to my WordPress theme. And that way people then if they're searching for Go Daddy or my specific WordPress theme, confined the video. And if they're searching for out to build a website or just browsing videos, they've already watched our subscriber with me, then they can see that, too. So I'm going to test out, I think YouTube as huge potential for affiliate marketing, just doing affiliate marketing on the Web sites. Difficulty not on Lee, because off how hard it is to actually get someone to go through, and then you can't track it. I can't track when I've made a sale on my go Daddy. If if one of my paid ads resulted in sale, I can't track that, so I can't tell which adds air making sales, which means I can't optimize and scale up now. My website. I can set the tracking up, and I had this good with the unity program. I could tell you right where you know me. Affiliate link came from because I had tracking on the affiliate and and then I had my conversion tracking in my courses. I had all kinds of tracking. Now, with most of Philips, you can't do very good tracking. But if you can at least set some kind of signature value to show you where the commission came from, you can then do more of that. So with my you to me affiliate, I had signature values for a lot of the things that were outside of paid ads. So then I could see Okay, well, this, you know, me commission came from this specific page on my website. So now I know a good format that works. I know, for example, Aiken Doom or off this specific page to get more affiliate commissions. And I did that. If you can integrate it in with something like a video, it's really powerful, I think. And it seems that's what the one affiliate program for Web hosting that I don't use contacted me and said, This guy's doing really good with his. We think you could, too. Well, it doesn't seem like he's doing that great on his actual website. It seems like he must have something set up on YouTube or somewhere else. A blawg post because his websites really simple and straightforward. There's just a couple of links. There's got to be somewhere that's getting a bunch of organic traffic. And usually to me, that seems to be videos based on what I'm eating organic traffic. So I'm going to try some affiliate videos and see what happens kind of go over each aspect of my business and explain it and then have affiliate links that way, if someone's looking it up right now, I've done that with QuickBooks Self employed. If you look up QuickBooks self employed, you'll see I have a 40 minute inside. Look at it, along with a refer a friend bonus that give you 50% off. Affiliate marketing is really hard, because if you've gotten a good idea on how to do it, so do other people. If you realize hey, you know, why not? Just do why just go, Daddy, why don't you do a top 10 lists of best website hosts? Everyone's done that already. Now I could probably try YouTube video. With that, it's hard to be honest with something like that, though, because I've used on Lee out of five years. I've used several different Web hosts, but that's not 10. I could list a few that. Hey, maybe I would try this one, but it's hard to be honest with that, unless you've actually went through and tried all of them. But that doesn't mean you couldn't do it dishonestly and just make a top 10 list of Web host based on having no knowledge of them yourself reading things or what every ah, lot of people have already done that. In fact, if you try and figure out which Web host is used, which one is the best? It's really difficult because you Google on Google and Google on all you find. Are these affiliate pages like that. And then guess what? Whoever gets the last click winds usually. So if you go look and click, everyone's affiliate links whoever is the very last one you clicked. Actually, in most affiliate programs has the best chance of winning. This means if you want to try and set the same thing up, the odds are very much against you. Unless you do it in some clever new way. You are a clever person. There's lots of things you may be able to set up that I am not able a set up. So I trust your judgment as to worth affiliate marketing. It's worth your time and energy and effort. The question I have to ask is, Are you going to do something genuinely useful for your fill eight marketing? Or you just going to skim off the top of other people's earnings? What's your vision for affiliate marketing? When I did my you Timmy affiliate marketing, my vision was that I should get credit for all the people I'm sending the u to me dot com and I should get credit if I'm running ads in someone else by someone else's course. I deserve credit for that at a five paid for it. So I did something genuinely useful for you. To me and other instructors. I sent lots of people to you to me dot com, who might not have went there otherwise, are also skimmed other people's earnings. I took sales with re marketing, adds that very likely other instructors, or you to me would have got a higher percentage of if people hadn't got my re marketing ad clicks in there, so I very much did both. I did something genuinely useful for everyone by sending paid traffic that wouldn't have went to you to me and I skimmed other people's earnings. Making sales as an affiliate often is not ideal in the sense of working together, because unless you've got a unique angle to go at it with, unless you have something that's personal that you can identify with, it's difficult often and not set up an affiliate program that then either directly or indirectly messes with what someone else is doing. And it's easy to also get removed from an affiliate program if your links don't don't do the things they like if you submit a website. My friend submitted his affiliate application request, and it got rejected because they didn't think his website was good enough. So you might spend a bunch of time and energy applying affiliate programs and not even realize that with your current Web site traffic, no one wants you as an affiliate. To participate in most affiliate programs, you need an established website and or YouTube channel. If you don't have that. A lot of affiliate programs don't want you. And most affiliate programs now have rules against doing lots of things that you might think of first. Like oh off. I'm going to join affiliate program. I'll just set up some search ads for that term. A lot of affiliate programs don't allow you to use search ads it all, or they have strict rules on what kind of ads you can use. Guess which ones work the best, usually the exact ones they prohibit. Guess which adds work the best for me to make a bunch of sales on my you know, me courses, ones that in the affiliate program weren't allowed. Now I had a way around it. I ran ads with no affiliate code on my you know, me instructor course, which sent people straight to you to me dot com on the search term. You to me. So when people search for you to me, they found my you know me dot com link. So I brought in tons of people around the world for really cheap. Just a few cents a click globally brought in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people through my you Timmy instructor course with no affiliate link on the you Timmy search term, which was not love for the Philip program. But I was an instructor, so I brought him all through on that. And then guess what I had. Even though they had no interest in ever buying a course from me, I had people who were interested in you to me, loaded up on my re marketing list. Then then I would advertise paid links affiliate links. Then I would send people back to you me dot com with an affiliate links. So technically, I wasn't violating the affiliate terms and conditions because I ran those ads for my course . So if they search for that, if they searched for you to me, they'd go click my course and see I wasn't running an affiliate link on it. And then I'd have re marketing to then clean up the affiliate commissions. You can see why they might have got tired of meat. You to me with all these little systems I worked out. But, hey, that's what the normal world of affiliate marketing looks like. It's very often if you want to make money be successful added, It often is pushing the limits on things, figuring out little ways around rules. And that's why often discourage affiliate marketing as a primary source of income. It's much easier to create and sell products out of the honest goodness of your heart out people. Same thing with clients on affiliate marketing. The whole premise of it is set up on taking commission sales, and if you want the best results and often helps to have a ruthless approach at it founded with a respect for the rules, you don't want outright break the rules. But often the best results do come in pushing the limits on the rules. For example, if you can get everyone to go to your website on the exact search term where there's no filet commission or get them to watch a video of yours that's on YouTube than you could put in YouTube re marketing. And that way, even if you're an affiliate, then you're able to use all that search traffic for cheap. There's lots of little things you can work out. The Philip marking The problem is they often don't last. Also, I was making six or 8000 month on you to me at the beginning of the year before I got banned from you to me and the affiliate commissions. Once you, Timmy, did this horrible price change policy that then killed sales. I guess they went through a purge because they got rid of a lot of other instructors along with me, using just the price change alone. The affiliate commissions absolutely died when that happened. Almost no one was buying, you know, me courses. So even though I had all these sweet systems set up, hardly anyone was buying it all. Therefore, all my systems didn't work. And then by the time the sales came back, I was banned from, you know, me and this very often. If you're an affiliate, these kind of fluctuations that can be from nothing at all. You've done so if you're trying to affiliate itself for ah company and they get some negative press and you've got this huge sweet system, you spend all this money to get it set up and something the company gets a bad reputation or something like that, or Google bands, some kind of term you're using, which can be absolutely immediate and devastating. Any of these systems you set up for affiliate marketing are often very fragile, like my you know, me affiliate marketing system. It didn't depend on me in the sense of people weren't coming specifically for me. When I have a YouTube channel selling products, people want my specific products working with clients. They want to specifically work with me when you set up an affiliate program that's not based completely on you. Ah, an affiliate program that is based completely on you would just simply offer affiliate links. If you do, videos just simply offer. If you're doing a product in a video, you have an affiliate link or in a block post. You have an affiliate link. That's the system based on you. That's a good way to do affiliate marketing. That's pretty much what I do now. And as I've said, it makes very little money. If you want the 20 plus 1000 commissions, if you want the big money from affiliate marketing, it very often involves, as I just described, setting up a system that is just there to make money, and it's not there to even promote you or what you're doing or get people connecting with you, then any little change in the system will completely wipe out what you have because there's no customer loyalty, then you're just in affiliate. People don't care about you. Specifically, they'll go by from any other Phil. Later, they'll go buy directly from the distributor or the manufacturer than or whoever it is themselves. 21. Many affiliate programs do not work.: some affiliate programs. On top of all this just don't work. And it's heartbreaking. For example, I love Audible, and no matter how hard I try to tell everyone how much I love Audible, no one's looking to go sign up their horrible through my subscription. Now here is a really great way to do affiliate marketing. Audible has a built in affiliate marketing system, and I'm hoping that this will have the chance to do some great affiliate marketing. For me, Horrible hasn't system a bounty program, which they have the right to discontinue at any time. Audible has a program where if someone buys my book as the first book they buy and then they stay as an active subscriber for 60 plus days or Bill pays me $50. So if this is the first book you bought unalterable and you're a subscriber for at least 60 days audible, give me $50 for that. Because Audible knows, according to its data, I would guess if you stay for 60 plus days a subscriber Audible's got a good shot at making a lot of money off of you, and they probably know that from me. I pay audible $230 every year for my membership to get 24 credits. Now that's for me and my wife. Oh, I use most of the books, but my wife occasionally will buy a book for her too. Audible, then knows that that original book I bought was a key part of me being a subscriber. So the first author I bought a book from probably got a $50 bonus in addition to probably only making fibers. So dollars on actual sale of the audiobook, the bounty program. That's a really good natural way to do affiliate. So on you know me. I estimate around 10,000 people bought a you to me course, their very first course. Because of me and Erman, especially. I looked in tons of people. The only course they bought was the complete hacking course or the complete Facebook ads course or another course with me. If you do may have had a bounty program like that, Whoa, I'd have doubled my money down. So on audible audibles, a subscription service. So you, to me, doesn't have a program like that because it's a one time purchase. Audible is a subscription so it's a lot, lot, lot harder to get a subscription. However, it's a natural affiliate program. All I have to do is do good work already selling my product, and in the course of it, I should hopefully get maybe 1% of the sales would be an affiliate Bounty. Also, Audible also has its own affiliate program, which I've only made five or $10 off of, even though I love audible and tell everyone about Audible. So an affiliate program that's naturally integrated like that his ideal an affiliate program or a bounty program where somewhere you're already working tends to be really effective. Amazon affiliate. You might think that so lucrative. I've had very disappointing results with the Amazon affiliate program. The best thing I got to work. I advertised a product for client on Amazon and I put affiliate links on the mobile ads to it. It was a perfect system because the client was already had a product there and paid me to run the ads. So anything I made on the affiliate program was a little bonus. Now I think it only turned out to about $34. But given the client paid several 100 for the ads, and I made several 100 profit on the ads. They paid me an extra $34 for almost no work to throw an affiliate. Link on. There is a pretty sweet deal. I put in the Amazon affiliate link to the new Harry Potter book on one of my live streams, which went out to a mealy in people in the Facebook news feed, according to Facebook's data that it gave me a 1,000,000 people's news feed for free. Guess how many affiliate commissions I got? Hint. It's the same as the last moment of silence where I asked the same question. Zero. Yes. How do you think I felt realizing a 1,000,000 people saw my feeling like I didn't even make a dollar off of it? Ouch. Same thing I had a PlayStation four headset I gave away because I bought it and it didn't work. I needed it to. So I just gave it away to one of my feet fans on my page. I paid the ship it to I put the Amazon link up to the exact headset. It was so people know what it was. Hundreds of people clicked on it, not $1 earned. Philip Marketing. It's really, really hard most of the time. So I'm going to be testing new ways. Though guy we press on is the model for my family. We press on. I'm going to try some more natural affiliate marketing in my videos. Also, because my links on my YouTube videos get lots of clicks. I'm going to try describing Maurin videos exactly what I do to run my business and then make a series of those videos out there with affiliate links. So maybe in a future version of this book, I'll be like Affiliate Marketing Rocks. I was an idiot before I'm affiliate marketing millionaire now. Ha ha ha! That's pretty unlikely, that whole scenario, I just for some reason felt like mentioning that. So either that's what you needed to hear today because you liked it. Or that was the last straw that broke the camel's back. Where you now smash your phone and regret buying this book or even stealing it illegally somewhere, which I mean, that's not really I watched the FBI pirating thing really like, really, who's getting really someone's losing money? Because so, anyway, I'm not gonna get upset if you steal my book. Long story short, and I try and pay for everyone else's creative works today so that I feel like I'm a good person. So if you pay for everything, you get to easily feel like you're a good person. If you steal stuff, you've got toe work a bit harder at it, which is extremely related to affiliate marketing. When I'm recording this book for you, I'm feeling good about who I am and what I'm doing when I'm serving clients. I'm feeling good about why I'm in what I'm doing with the Philly and marketing. It's a little more questionable because the whole system set up that sometimes you got to just steal someone else's affiliate Traffic affiliate. Marketing can be done where you feel good about yourself. Affiliate marketing is very easy to set things up, though, where you don't feel good about yourself. I'm not so sure I feel good about my doing the U to me Philip program the way I did with all those insider advantages and becoming a top affiliate. When I saw some friends who were ruthlessly, I guess it's not any better. Worse They're spamming affiliate links everywhere, every possible place. They could think of ruthless, relentless Twitter posted affiliate links. And here I'm making, like 3 to 5 times as much as them, hardly doing anything, just putting some paid adds up and using what I already have. And then I'm like, Well, that's should I feel bad about this. At least I'm not spamming people on Twitter and Facebook Off the wall of affiliate marketing is often one. If you have a shame trigger like Ideo. I like to be a good boy, just like my dogs. I want to be a go boy and the affiliate marketing is really easy to kind of trip those things out toe. Do it in a way where I don't feel like a good boy. Well, I'm kind of stealing the dog food while the owners not looking are, you know, going in the bathroom on the floor or something. You see what I mean? Affiliate marketing. If I make a bunch of videos setting showing home during my business, then what's going to happen if someone else's go? Daddy affiliate videos were doing good, and I go put my videos out there. Guess what? I'll probably steal their commissions. Well, they weren't theirs to start with. While you're right about that, too. Affiliate marketing. If you easily get in trouble and break the rules like me with lots of things, I'm doing better with that. I'm doing much better with that now. If you set out to just be a productive affiliate and help other people get connected with the things they need to, I think you have a good shot at doing affiliate marketing. Well, if you have a roof less desire to succeed at all costs. If affiliate marketing is going to be a means to your end of being great and living the four hour work week and sitting on the beach somewhere, sipping whatever it is you want to sip water and some different exotic location if affiliate marketing you're going to show everyone else how great you are affiliate markings you're going to likely end up crashing and burning more ugly than even doing the other two before and with more wasted time. If I had to isolate products or services versus affiliate marketing, I have probably paid to do affiliate marketing, even counting all the you know me affiliate money. I've spent a lot of time and energy trying affiliate marketing. I'm even continuing a little bit more. Sometimes the trick is in life. You've failed at it just enough times to figure out how to do it right. It's possible I've failed that affiliate marketing just enough times to figure out how to do it right now. The difference is that when I failed at doing products and selling clients, that made pretty good money failing an affiliate marketing often yields just about nothing . And it yields often no brand loyalty, no customer Loti. So I have a great love and respect for affiliate marketing. If you could do a clever affiliate marketing set up, you can really do some amazing things. I also have a healthy respect for the downsides of affiliate marketing, so I'm grateful you've listened to each of these. Today, I'll give a few parting tips on affiliate marketing number one. Think about your intent with your affiliate marketing. Do you genuinely want to be of assistance to people you genuinely want to help people find products and services that would be helpful for them? Or are you strictly doing it to try and make money for you without an honest regard to what other people need. Most of the time, I've done affiliate marketing with out and honest regard for what other people need. A majority of my affiliate marketing has been driven by my desire to make money. That's probably why most of it hasn't worked very well. And that which I did get toe work fell apart within a few months. Number two. Do you have a set up where you can integrate affiliate marketing naturally in the what you're doing. For example, I have YouTube videos. I do tutorials on everything the coin based videos I just told you about those air integrated naturally and what I'm doing. Look, I trade Bitcoin this certain way. Here's when I used for my wallet. If you want a wallet, you can use the same wall that I do using this link, and you'll get $10 very natural. Those are likely to have good potential, even with you. To me, I was advertising my courses on you to me, so I was trying to make sales on my own courses. An instructor, it naturally fit in and do an affiliate link with it or are you trying to do an affiliate link? Unnaturally, I say unnaturally, for example, you have no personal interest invested in it. You're just trying to make money. So if you're trying too often, just do search ads that go straight to the affiliate website or display ads straight in the affiliate website Facebook ads straight to an affiliate website. If you're doing things like that, your odds of success are really low, especially in the long term. Even if you get something, the work the better. You get something work, the more attention is going to draw, the more likely you will get banned. I might not have even got banned from the Unity Affiliate program if I still hadn't been probably a top affiliate after I was banned. If you use something where you don't have a natural interest in it and you're just scheming to make money, doing well is likely to mean the end. Also number three. I think we're on for this. Do you feel good about the affiliate marketing you're doing mostly affiliate marketing? I didn't feel that good about now with the affiliate marketing I do. I feel pretty good about. It's still a little unnatural for me to sell someone else's product on commission because I'm so self interested. I'd like to sell my own, but I've got a resource. Is page with list of things I use in my business affiliate links? I feel like that's an honest system. I share things I use, and then I remove things I don't use. If you feel good about the affiliate marketing you're doing. If you're willing to sell your friends and family straight through the affiliate marketing , you're doing like a mom. I really like this product. Would you go buy it through my website? So I get a commission? That's probably good. If you're selling something that you wouldn't want to tell your mom about as an affiliate, then well, that often might be a bad thing in terms of long term success with your affiliate marketing , and that wraps up into number four. Are you doing your affiliate? Marketing is part of a bigger long term vision where it's a productive part of your business, along with everything else, or you're doing it today with the slash and burn philosophy that I want to make some money today. I'm gonna get rich. We're gonna pop bottles for me. The affiliate things I have now and as they were on, you know me were part of a long term plan. Now I couldn't help so to speak, that things worked out the way they did on you dummies. End of it about my whole affiliate system was set up as something I could do indefinitely on long term plan. And my system now is set up the same way when I go to make some YouTube videos about what I use and have the links in, um, it's set up so that its long term I put the video out showing what I used to host my website and my WordPress theme. And then that's out there indefinitely. I could be in a productive affiliate for years with the video like that, if it's set up for a long term, it's worth going through all those short term growing pains. It's worth messing everything up. It's worth failing enough times until you get the exact formula, right? I hope through this chapter, any miss you've had about how easy or how huger promising affiliate marketing have have been at least deflated a little bit to a productive level. Affiliate marketing can be really powerful. It is a great tool is a part of a complete business. It's not your salvation affiliate. Marketing is just a tool, like selling products and services and can work great. It also can be a giant waste of time. It can be a big area of shame. Triggers like you get banned from affiliate programs, you get rejected. I know I hate the feeling of getting rejected from something, and I've got rejected from lots of affiliate programs. They have all these default rules set up that they reject you. Match dot com rejected me. I was so excited because I met my wife on match dot com. I want to tell everyone about it. They rejected me from the Filic program. I said Why? And they said you didn't match our our website category. It was an automated rejection here. I felt bad about it and they just They only accepted affiliates with three certain types of websites out of like 50 and I didn't pick one. I did get manually approved, but then something I don't know, they change their update of their terms. Now I have to get manually proved again, and I'm kind of lazy about it. So plus, I haven't used match since I met my wife in 2011 so my affiliate video might be a little bit out of date on that one. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had to do with affiliate marketing. I hope, honestly, sharing my experience with affiliate marketing is useful for you. I try and make references where appropriate, to relate to the things you might see and stick with one. I know, because that's honest. Thank you very much for listening to this with me. I hope this has been useful, and I hope it's a productive part of your business. 22. #4 advertising revenue: ad revenue. Google AdSense is a great way to make money online. However, it's often a great weight of for people who already have a huge audience to make money online. Google AdSense is Google's advertising platform that you can use for display ads on your Web site and that advertisers can use to show ads on your Web site. Now I'm also applying Google AdSense to YouTube ads because YouTube and Google are both the same company. So I'm applying AdSense because the payments come through AdSense also for YouTube ads. So I'm including both of these together as one. I'll talk about them a little bit separately, and I am aware there are other advertisers and ways you can make money online in a similar fashion, for example, you can be running ads in your mobile app and get paid for every person who clicks on those . I will stick to Google AdSense for this because that's what I have the most experience with personally, and Google can make you money in just about every way. If you have the mobile app, you can have Google AdSense in your mobile app. You have a website. You have video Google can make you money by allowing you to show Google ads in almost any format. I've made money showing ads on my website, and I currently am making about $1500 a month showing ads on my YouTube channel. It's not easy to get these things set up. In fact, it's very much a business running these things well does have the potential make you good money. My friend Jordan made over $100,000 using Google AdSense on several different websites. He started out on Flipper. He bought a few websites, one or two of which were working well, the start. And then he put the time and effort to continue improving them over time and increased the Google AdSense revenue to the point where he made over $100,000 in the space of around a year. Google AdSense, Ken work really well. However, it's not some little passive income thing you set up and you get it set up perfectly and ignore it. It's very much an ongoing active business, and so is a YouTube channel. I once saw a course about how I make $2000 a month on YouTube with no filming. It's not that easy now. Yes, you can get lucky. You can put a few viral videos up and just get lucky. The out of getting lucky in that sense are extremely rare. The more you start up lingering videos, you'll realize how rare it is out of 1000 videos. One video. I've done one video just hit that formula out of luck. The coaching video I did with a professional league of legends player who now just does coaching. I did a live stream with him, didn't even mean to make a video out of it. I just meant to stream it on twitch, and it also ended up going on. YouTube went viral all on its own. Out of 1000 videos. One video went viral. It's got almost 500,000 views for free now, which is worth about $1000 in ad revenue. What is ad revenue worth on YouTube? 1000 views will get you about $2. Yes, if you have an audience that is very profitable to watch my best Facebook ads tutorial ever video, I would guess a lot of people watching that cost more to reach with YouTube ads. That video has done more than $2 CPM or cost per 1000. Why is it CPM of its cost per 1000 se cost per mil or something like that? And it's just cost per 1000 CPM. On other videos, it's been Maurin the little over a dollar range. And if you're not in the U. S. A. And your videos get a lot of views that aren't from the USA, your cost may be significantly lower that you earn on ads because they're based on where the people watching them are located. So in the U. S. A YouTube view, if you want to pay for it, is about eight cents each in Google AdWords. And what you're earning is an advertiser is relative to what the advertisers are spending. I mean, as a publisher, I guess is a better way to put that whatever the advertisers are spending, that is what you get. A percentage of that. So in the US, at eight plus sense of you, every person who watches my video ends up seeing and not skipping and add brings me in a course bonding amount of income when I'm paying one cent globally to show ads is an advertiser. Obviously, the cost I'm going to get when I'm having people watch my videos as a publisher is going to be a lot lower to date. I've still spent more on YouTube advertising on my channel than I've actually earned back in ad revenue. I think I should be coming up on about five 1000 or so I've earned in YouTube ad revenue soon. The nice thing about ad revenue, especially on YouTube gazetted often can snowball. If honestly, you think you're going to just set it up overnight, though, you're very likely to be disappointed. Five years and 1000 videos later, I know and making 1500 a month and YouTube ad revenue. Obviously, there are manipulations you can dio. Obviously, there are things you can do to try and cheat. I don't think those things are worth doing because they still won't be truly passive income . Anything you set up will end up requiring work. So if you set up something manipulative and cheating that you don't enjoy doing just to make money well, in the long term, it's very rarely ah possibility that that's going to be worth your time. Now I have a YouTube channel I love and enjoy. So all I have to do is keep making videos and the snowball effect. As long as I continue making a video every day, my YouTube income from ads is likely to continue to go up and up and up until I hit some kind of plateau. The nice thing is on YouTube, there's a lot off up room. The downside is it's very hard to get into the up room. 99.9% of YouTube creators or something like that are never going to get into the up room, the area where you can start making good money on every video just by making new videos. I'm grateful. Now. Almost every video I make it makes at least 1000 views, or so they. A year ago. Every video is getting about 100 views, so things can happen very fast. Getting up to even 100 views on every video you make will more than likely take a while. The nice thing is, if you do videos every day, it'll add up a lot faster. For about four years of my channel, I did not do videos every day so you can do things faster than I did. YouTube ad revenue Once you've got it, rolling to me is about a secures a salary. Now there's hit and miss Some months I've had YouTube income. Ah, few months. It's been about 1000 a month. This month. It's up to 1500 a month or a couple months ago, it was higher. I think I had, like, 1601 month because the way YouTube gets people watch videos continually changes over time. What videos are popular continue to change over time? What's popular today in a year, no one might be watching it anymore. What I try and do today's make his many evergreen or longer lasting videos as possible. And that's contributed to me making a lot of these League of Legends coaching videos. These things have a long shelf life. Some of the videos I've made, like call of duty, zombies, videos every time a new map comes out, everyone collectively mostly not actually everyone, but probably 90% of the players stop watching the last map and start watching the new map. This means every new map is fantastically and overly popular and the old maps, then hardly anyone watches those. It's nice on League of Legends, because things are way more drawn out and there's not as much new content. It helps if you want to make ad revenues, your form of income, to locate things that have a huge viewership with low competition. I've located League of Legends of something huge viewership, relatively low a competition. There's Onley, Ah, few people, a handful of people. Now. League of Legends is the most popular game in the world, apparently AH, 100 million active users a month worldwide, and you more than likely haven't heard of it, other than me mention it in other videos. Meanwhile, with all those users globally, there are only a few big names on YouTube that make League of Legends videos. You might think well, of course, that makes sense and call of duty zombies. There are a fraction of the players compared to League of legends, and the players tend to be I don't even know how to say that word afirma Wolf Airmall. I'll pick a different one. They tend to burn out pretty quickly, or they'll just watch a video here and there occasionally, whereas League of Legends players air consistently active every month. And there's so many of them all over the world and they play for a long period of time and they keep coming back in call of duty. Zombies are a bunch of people competing to make great videos. There are bunch off streamers with gigantic audiences, So a lot of the very most new popular games. There's tons of people who already are making a ton of ad revenue every month that go after all, those so some of those air insanely competitive to get into. Meanwhile, Lee of Legends is fairly wide open. I don't even hardly watch League of Legends videos, and I am able to tell you a lot of the people who make League of Legends videos because people mentioned them on my stream all the time. I can tell you all the call of duty zombies, people, even though I watch those I can tell you if maybe 10. There's tons of people, though the competition is insane on those videos. So the trick with ads is to locate something of high demand and low supply and, of course, dodgy area. Of course, That's what I want to do with my ads. Obviously, if you can think of an AdSense website low competition, high traffic, that's a good recipe to show ads on your Web site. The trick is, is to use the things you already do and know about and to keep testing in different areas over and over again. The video I made on League of Legends on My Channel that went viral on its own was not the first video I made on League of Legends. In fact, I thought it would be the last video I made on League of Legends as I gave up and quit playing the game after that until I saw the video went viral. Months later, I tried hundreds of different videos. Before that, I tried all kinds of different games. I tried making my own call of duty zombies, videos, and if you want ad revenue, you do have to be a slave in some sense, to the number of views you get when I make a call of duty. Zombies video the cap. They almost never go over. Ah, few 1000 like 5000. I made a few tutorials that did get up to like 50,000. So I snuck in a few call of duty's black ops zombies videos that did make it into the top of the results for a new map. On the first day it came out, I had one of the first good tutorials showing how to build a few of the basics. And those got collectively about 100,000 views between four videos among four videos. Jerry, What I noticed in the data is that I got very few subscribers out of those. I got very few people who then are sticking with the YouTube channel out of those, the key, especially for ads, is defined. People who want more of what you're creating and who don't have a lot of other options. If you're trying to do an AdSense website and there's 15 other websites out there just like yours, then, to me, that's not a good idea to start out with. If there's established fierce competition, other people have already done a good enough job. Then maybe you want to go after something else. Now I realize there's another way to look at it. You don't want an area with no competition at all more than likely, unless you think that's something you can just test out without going all in on it. Obviously, if you could be the first mover in a certain area, then that can have a gigantic upside. But most of the time of first mover goes nowhere. Most areas air, not a place to move in, so to speak. If you get lucky and hit in a certain place that no one's got to yet or from your own knowledge of what goes on, you realize that then you may be able to break it out. In the league of legends, there were plenty of other people who had already done League of Legends coaching videos. In fact, it was a proven model, so to speak. It was proven that you could do a league of legends coaching video and people would enjoy it. There just is very low competition on that, though, because that requires ah, lot of set up. It also requires a certain reduction and ego in the sense that for me that's easy enough. I realize I'm so bad I need a coach to try and get better. It's one of those things, though. that. For some reason, the bigger streamers want to just be able to play and look good. So they're not going to hire a coach unless that some special collaboration another streamer than the average person. Same thing they want to show off their own games go because everyone wants to show how good they are. There's an opportunity to work with someone else to make a great league of legends, coaching video, and especially then to make them on an ongoing basis. And that's what I'm doing now that First League of Legends video went viral little over six months ago, and since then I've made 10 plus more videos similar to it, and I'm continuing to try and make one or two more every week because almost every League of Legends video I make now gets at least 5000 views within the first week or so that I put it up by comparison, the original coaching video I did got maybe a few 100 views in the first week or so that I put it up. If you want ad revenue, you've got to make things that are popular to an audience with high demand, low supply and these are very tricky to find. There's no one formula that works outside of simply testing different types of if you're on AdSense, different types of pages or different types of websites. I advocate doing up. If you want to do AdSense, I advocate doing a website that's about you so that you can test out all kinds of different pages on it. I have the ability I could put AdSense on my website right now, and if I got about $2 per 1000 I have about 14,000 people that come through my website every month. I can make like 20 bucks in AdSense on my website right now, while I'm really leaving money on the table. I might bell make a little bit more than that, but to me it's not worth doing on YouTube. I have so much traffic. I have hundreds of thousands of views every month. The $2 per 1000 works really good. I think I got about 600 plus 1000 views in the last month on my YouTube channel, and the key is to keep making videos that all the subscribers and everyone who's watched a video already wants toe watch Mawr off, and this is why I recommend against doing anything exploitive, manipulative, anything you wouldn't want to keep doing indefinitely, because the snowball effect on YouTube I'm making this today. My longer term strategy is to make all of my income off YouTube and then toe have some supplemental methods, some alternative methods that make some in case. There's a problem with YouTube, for example, audio book sales course sales on my website YouTube. I think, though, has the potential to make me 100 plus 1000 a month in ad revenue because it continues to reward you further and further as your channel gets bigger and bigger. The upside on YouTube is massive, and the tipping point seems to be somewhere around 100,000 subscribers and the tipping point, our guests continuing to get higher when you get 100,000 subscribers. Well, I've got 84,000 or something now. It goes up hundreds every day, and I easily lose track of it. I've got enough subscribers now that when I do videos repeatedly in the same area, people like I'm getting about 50 dollars worth of ads on every one of my videos for free right after they come out. So all of my videos then get placed ranked higher above everyone else's. And then everyone who's watched one of my videos before YouTube knows there's a good chance that watch another one. So once I grab some one on one video anywhere, I then have new videos all the time to grab again. And now I'm trying to do as many in league of legends because once you've got a niche down , then the ad revenues really good. Every new video I put out that means it makes about $10 in ad revenue within the 1st 48 hours or so that it's been out, and then every video that goes to 500,000 within six months. That's $1000 each video that does that right now. Everyone of these coaching videos I'm making every single one seems to have the potential to go that far if you give it a year or two because I'm in an area where the game doesn't change that much, which is really nice. If for ad revenue you can get in an area where things tend to stay the same, and often that is an area where people will, from a creative sense, be kind of bored and unwilling to enter it because things stay the same so much. 23. Where are the best ad revenue opportunities?: a lot of other creators will be drawn. Other, more exciting areas. If you're willing to go into an area that looks kind of boring in the sense of it stays the same. There's not a lot of big changes, then there's likely to be a good opportunity there. Every opportunity fades, though, as well. Which is why I advocate having a channel. It's about you, my channels. Jerry Banfield. When people subscribe, many of them realize and see quickly that I do videos on all kinds of things. I put League of Legends videos up. I still put call of duty zombies video. I put other games up. I put training videos. I put tutorials up. I put videos up on all kinds of things, and that's great because my channels Jerry being filled that I can put up whatever I want to. Now, if I'd called it something like League of Legends coaching videos and for some reason, League of Legends just fell apart, I'd have a whole bunch of subscribers sitting there who then it wouldn't make sense to subscribe on a different topic if you saw the channels called League of Legends Cokie Ching videos, then If I put hacking videos out, it wouldn't make sense to subscribe. So I like to do everything with my name at the center of it because ultimately you want to keep people coming back over and over again. If you're going to make ad revenue, you really need those people who come back repeatedly. The reason is that the people who come back repeatedly will get you out in front of the people, the masses. So on my channel, there's about 1000 people or so who checked the channel almost every day. That's relative to the total viewership that small when I just started my channel. It took a long time to get one or two people who would come check the channel every day. And this is where the snowball effect comes in. You really have to have the snowball effect if you're going to make it with ad revenue, and it takes so much work and faith to even get to the point where things start snowballing good. But it starts when you get one person that comes of watches every one of your videos. A snowball effect starts every video you make, then automatically as a few people that watch it and the same thing with an AdSense website . Most websites have hardly anyone that visits them Ever. Having one person come near website every day is a huge difference between no. One that's a chance to get back links. That's a chance to have someone search for it. And Google has a good idea of the traffic coming in near website. The more people that are going there every day, the higher you're likely to be able to rank your website. The more pages you have on your website that people are visiting every day, the higher all of your pages are likely to rank. That's why websites like Wikipedia universally take top search results all over because there's so many people who check Wikipedia on a daily weekly monthly that keep coming back to check Wikipedia over and over and over again. If you want to make it on ad revenue, you want to make something that one person will go crazy. About. A few years ago, I got an email from a guy said, You know, I check your website your YouTube channel every day to see what you've made and that started to help me see what I needed to do. I don't need to make things from the masses. I need to make stuff for him because he will watch everything I make. He'll give me feedback on everything I make and the more people that come back every day. If you can make a website that you have 1000 people that come check it every day, that's AdSense revenue every single day. Doing little cheap strategies to get places is not likely to work for a good in a long term . It's about creating. Videos are a website and website page that you love and enjoy, and when you keep doing that over and over your build from one person, you'll get that first person. It might even be a friend or family member. They'll talk to another person or someone else will come in a different way. People attract more people and more people attract more people. The 1000 people are still on my channel that come check the videos every single day. They then give every video the proof it needs to go out to the masses. They then allow every video I make to rank higher than the majority of competing videos from other channels. And that's why the bigger your YouTube channel gets, the easier you haven't there, my friend. No A J. He's made so many of these videos and any new call of duty zombies video he makes about a new map. It goes almost straight to a 1,000,000 views. He gets almost instant top placement on his video, any new video he makes about it because he's got so many people who come watch all of his videos. He's got I'm a subscriber. He's got millions of other subscribers that the initial traffic he gets gives him instant top ranking. Now, of course, if other people make videos and the second place video starts doing better than his, his videos will drop down and maybe even all way down if other people make a lot of better videos. YouTube. When the video first comes out, though, will give you the benefit of the doubt based on how many people watch it right away and how long they watch it. This the only thing you can do really to counter that is to use you to bads. I tested this out on a gaming video for a new game, and I advertise the new game video right when it came out and I spent like, $50 a day or something. So I simulated having an established audience on it with ads, and my video got stock right up there at the top and stayed at the top for a long time after that. For that game, game wasn't his competitive. I think it was Wolfenstein, and at the time it didn't look like a very smart move in the sense off. Well, you spent several $100 on the ads to rank a video at the top that you weren't even running ads on just to see just toe learn from it to see how much it would impact it, having those ads on it. The nice thing is, if you do have the money, you can speed up the snowballing process by advertising videos. Now, unfortunately, with AdSense on websites, it's much, much, much harder. You can't as easily just advertise of website, especially I have seen so many clients. All right, Joe, I want to run Facebook ads to this website and then use AdSense. It's not that easy rarely is it that easy now, For some reason, you've made a website that just gets lucky. Then, yes, all you need to do is advertise it. But 99% of the time, that's not the case advertising your website often if you're not making new content on it all the time, If you haven't made something memorable like if I advertise my website, then I have re marketing. I could bring people back on my websites. Also, Brandon about a specific me. So once people have initially seen the jury Banfield name, then if they come back to it, it's easier to make an impression for me. Seeing all these bland company names doesn't do the same thing. There's lots of websites. I've went to that a branded on company names and unless of friend referred me to it. Specifically, I'll come read an article or two on it, and I don't keep coming back to that same website. In fact, some websites and they have too many ads. I will intentionally avoid their search results and say, Well, I'm that website. I'm sick of their ads. I'm not reading what they have to say anymore with YouTube videos. The nice thing is for making ad revenue if you're willing to spend money up front, and this makes so much sense, if you're willing to pay YouTube to advertise their videos, YouTube is going to give you much higher placement organically on your videos. And then you can use that. And I've spent over $30,000 on YouTube ads. By contrast, I've earned much less than 10,000 on YouTube ad revenue. Still, now that is likely to change soon at the rate my YouTube channels going X consistently growing and getting bigger every month. I'm making new videos. People are liking better and better every month. I'm making new videos every day. My YouTube channel is continuing to get to that point of critical mass where all of the sudden the growth just takes up ridiculously fast. And with 7000 subscribers in one month, you probably say it's already there. You want to be able to invest in what you're doing, and if you don't have money to spend on ads, that's fine. The best money I've spent to make money online has been in YouTube ads to write videos high now, while I haven't got paid out in YouTube ad revenue toe match. What I have spent in YouTube ads, I've got more than paid out 10 plus times return on investment in sales from all the organic traffic buying products on my website and on my you know, me courses. So if you set your YouTube channel up right from the beginning and I've got an entire book from that, the ad revenue will be a secondary source of income. Unless you're channel gets two critical mass and gets pretty big out there, then it may be your top source of income for ad revenue. While you do want to be aware of some of the trending topics, it actually can end up being a big waste of your time to do things just like everyone else does. One of the traps I've got drawn into is trying to just chase whatever the newest thing is. The problem is, everyone else is doing that, too. And the big YouTubers are often chasing the big things all the time. You'd think, Well, why does someone who's already making a $1,000,000 a month on YouTube need to try and squeeze every single additional dollar out of it by trying to make these videos about the very newest games all the time. They don't And yet it's easy, especially if you're making money on ad revenue to get sucked into the well warm I going to do to make the absolute most dollars. And one thing I've seen is that trying to just do what's working for other people is not necessarily going toe work for you. That's how I made this league of legends coaching video because I was trying so many different things. I could see that the things just doing what other people were doing wasn't going to work for me. I couldn't afford to spend hundreds of dollars to advertise every one of my new gaming videos to try and give it a chance to rank up towards the top against people who were getting the same thing for free. And if you don't get your video in a competitive category to rank at the top, you're going to get almost nothing out of it. I have a friend. He made a great battlefield video with better footage than I had in any of my battlefield videos, and even with me showing his video. The most people that watched his video. Actually, the thousands of people have watched his video. They watched it when I put it on my channel and narrated it. He called his video something similar. Toe Look how overpowered or 37 kill streak. There are a bunch of other videos just like that on YouTube. There are tons of good videos in certain categories all the time. There's more videos than there is a desire for people to watch them. The only good way you can even find the exact niche of where there's very few videos and very high demand sometime is to just try making videos in different areas. And the problem is, whenever you discover new niche, other people are seeing that, too. All these other guys playing league of legends right now watching my videos are seeing how Maney views my league of legends coaching videos, air getting and believe me, there's people all of the world right now plotting on how they can do their own League of Legends coaching videos. There's people have already done lots of coaching videos who are probably wondering, why is this guy's coaching videos doing so well, one of the things, if you want to make ad revenues to have something of a little bit of a standout appearance from others. For me, what stands out for me is that I have a pro streamer looking appearance, and this is thanks to all of my online business in teaching. If I was just dreaming games living at home or something, I wouldn't have spent thousands of dollars to set all of that up. I spent thousands of dollars to build my studio up so I could teach and make courses that would sell, which then just happens to work really well. However, I still didn't have to spend an extra $300 a month to really get a pro streaming set up that I can stream on four websites at once. And then I can make ad revenue on three different off those websites, potentially as a partner on twitch in on Beam. Right now, I am making thousands a month on YouTube, and my life streams now are a big part of that. I'm top of it, having enthusiasm in genuine excitement about what you're doing helps and partnering with the right people If you look at my top viral videos, you noticed, sadly, you might look at it. It were, from my ego point of view that most of them don't just include me, and that stands out a lot if you're trying to make something that gets people's attention, so many people that you get an ad revenue you more than like they're going to need to collaborate with someone else because more than likely, you don't have all the stuff yourself. And that's something a lot of people aren't willing to do is admit that they don't all got it on their own and work together actively with someone else who complements their skills for my top video. Erman Krepon IQ does most of the video I paid him to make it. I paid a lot for him to make it, although relative to what it turned in ads. Now the ads itself of paid to get the video made, not to mention all the other subscribers the League of Legends Videos. Now my number two viral video, My Hold Channel, which is crazy because I've spent a lot of money on ads on the other ones. I paid something like 30 or 40 euros an hour to work with the coach on that one, which at the time you might have thought that was really stupid. And now it's worked out, so it looks pretty smart. Now. I continue to work with the new League of Legends coach. I pay him now $25 now or we do several hour sessions and we produce more videos each week. I've got another instructor, Erman Hermann has a ton of videos that I paid him to make that or on my channel. And I've paid other instructors to make videos that are on my channel, many of the best videos I've done or collaborations, and if you honestly realize you know what it's like having a band when you realize you can sing, you realize that you make better music. If you get someone to play some other instruments along with you, same thing on YouTube or even for having an AdSense website. If you can get an interview with someone recognizable on your AdSense website, that might work really well. If you can put YouTube videos in combination, you can get two for one, then when people are coming near website. They can also potentially be getting involved with your YouTube channel. When you can start collaborating in building things up together effectively, then add revenue could be one of the very best forms of earning money. All the TV shows you see are many. Now, with a lot of watching Netflix, those aren't set up on ad revenue. Those have different arrangements. Most all the TV shows you watch her on TV and a lot of the things you've seen online ad revenue is the foundation for them. Ad revenue is something it's hard to get started with. But if you're willing to put the work in and it's not really work, if you love what you're doing, if you're making videos about a game and you enjoy doing it, then it's not really work. It takes a lot of patients, though, if you want to do ad revenue products and clients and even affiliate marketing, by comparison, require way last patients than trying to set ad revenue up. Now consider all the things I've made money online. All the things I've done, all the things I've listed 1500 a month in YouTube ad revenue. Remember the affiliate Marketing had 6 8000 in some of the months working on you to me with affiliate marketing. Within a few months of trying to get started, set it up selling products. Hundreds of thousands serving clients, hundreds of thousands. Ad revenue. Less than 10,000 Total rule in ad revenue. However, I'm looking at how things are, and I'm going to guess at this rate, someday there will be millions of dollars in ad revenue it at the rate that thing's air currently going because it's easy the hard to get on YouTube to just continue jumping up higher and higher and higher. It was harder to get my 1st 100 subscribers. Then it was to get my first. Are next 1000 subscribers. It was harder to get the 1st 1000 than it was to get to 10,000 and at this rate it will have been harder to get to 10,000. Then, to get to 100,000 it gets progressively easier as you keep going up higher and higher. I told Joseph he's already got his 1st 200 subscribers. He's already done. The single most difficult part is just a matter of now. continuing to make more and more videos and continuing the learn from each video you make with ad revenue. It's critical you learn and look at the data on everything you make rather you doing AdSense on a website or whether you're doing a mobile app or rather doing YouTube videos. That's how I found the League of Legends Video went viral. All of a sudden, I saw Why Why is this video getting watched so much? It was quite unexpected when you have hundreds of videos to all of a sudden when most of them are making sense. One just comes flying out of nowhere is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in doing my work online. I make this video only like 10 or 20 people. Watch it to start with. Hardly anyone sees it after that for a while, and all of a sudden it just blows up. All the other videos were more of a I gotta work hard at this. I have to try and make a bunch of different ads to try and advertise these. Get these to rank higher, most of what the rest you would call was work. If you do enough work at some point, then you'll just be handed an opportunity. And YouTube AdSense these air great places. If you love what you do, you continue learning. You continue looking at the data. You'll just at some point. It may take years, though, but at some point you'll just start getting fed opportunity after opportunity. So I'm grateful to talk about ad revenue with you today. I think it's a great way to make money online. If you've got the patience to get started with it and follow it through. Thank you very much for listening to this. I hope you've enjoyed it. 24. #5 investing: investing and trading. Making money online with investing in trading seems like an awesome opportunity. I'm sure you've probably seen some kind of commercial or add before. Like, Hey, you just put some money in, Have your coffee in the morning and you make a bunch of money out. It's that simple, right? You buy some of this, sell some of that and look that I make 1000 a day doing that or something crazy. I've made some money with investing in trading online. I've also lost some money investing in trading online. Now what's the worst thing you can do with your time? Pay the work. That means you are spending money to work. That's exactly what I did with my Bitcoin when I started out doing Bitcoin investing. I you could say by bad locker bad skill. However you come about it. I started buying Bitcoin in 2000 and 13. Just a little bit of it. About 600 I think I bought a little bit, open an account. And then, as the Bitcoin price continued to drop from there, I figured, Well, it'll go back up to 600 someday, which I was right about just took two years longer than I thought it. Then over the next year, in 2014 it steadily tumbled all the way down to about 1 71 $170 for a Bitcoin at the lowest , and I then continued buying all the way down. But long story short, I lost about $5000 and spent at least 100 hours, so I spent $50 an hour to trade Bitcoin. That doesn't sound like one of the ad you read, does it here spend $50 an hour to trade Bitcoin, and then you'll feel really bad when you know other people are making money and you're giving it to them. Good job investing in trading is not easy. The worst thing about investing in trading is that you can buy in and buy just being lucky . Make some money. I read a book called What I Learned Losing a $1,000,000 in the Stock Market or something like that, and that's what happened with the guy. He basically got lucky repeatedly and a bunch, And then he finally got a trip down back to Earth, to the tune of a 1,000,000 plus a dollars lost in a very short period of time. One of the best things that can happen for doing investing in trading is for you to lose right away like I did. I'm lucky that was my first experience with investing in Trading online is buying and selling Bitcoin and trying to make a profit. And I saw right away I'm not smart. I don't have an edge. I don't know things. I and I saw how impatient I waas. I didn't have enough cash on hand. I I had a really good idea that Bitcoin and I still think someday Bitcoin is going to be worth or similar currencies and maybe not even necessarily Bitcoin. I think these online currencies air going to be how most of the world does business online in the future, and it's going to take ah, lot longer for them to go up. And I think someday a Bitcoin will be worth something like $10,000 lots of other people have said this to the thing is it may take 10 or 20 years before that happens. It takes a lot of people steadily using something before it grows. Same thing with a lot of the great stocks that you might want to buy. When Facebook came right out, I didn't have any money to buy it. I would have bought some when it was down low because Facebook's got a lot of long term potential. Same thing with Google. If you'd bought Google stock right when it came out, you'd be in a pretty good position now as is. I just bought a little bit of Facebook and Google anyway and my TD Ameritrade account. The point is, with investing, it's not easy and it looks easy. In fact, the easiest thing to do in investing is either to lose your money or to invest, and either have it just be boring or get lucky. So it either goes bad or neutral or you get lucky. I mean, getting lucky can include just happening to pick something at the right time. Investing is very much just like everything else. There are lots of opportunities to make good money doing investing. I now have a system where I use Bitcoin. I've got about 10 big coin right now, which is about $6000 now that Bitcoins back over $600 a Bitcoin. I've got a system I used to invest in trade Bitcoin. Now the big difference. The key thing. And this is what I read in the book what I learned losing a $1,000,000. If you're going to do investing, it needs to be done rationally without emotion and ego in it. And if you are doing investing or something with the motion and ego in it, often hearing that will make you mad. I'm not doing it with emotion and ego. I'm doing it to make money. I remember listening that abo glue what I learned losing $1,000,000 while I was in the middle of my Bitcoin speculating and it was difficult to listen to. Thankfully, I was grown up enough to realize that it bothered me because it was right. It talked about how the guy's ego got so big trading all these futures, and he thought he was the man and he thought he had any thought. He knew it all until he just absolutely got wiped out. And he got wiped out because of the ego of the I'm going to be right, and that's what happened to me with Bitcoin. I started in on it as something that I wanted to be right about. Something I hoped would make me, ah, bunch of money in the short term and those two things together, extremely potent, producing a bad situation. And the luckiest, most merciful thing that can happen to you is if it goes bad right away, which it did for me. It still took months, but it went bad straight away. And then by that, I'd lost so much. By the time it was down to 1 70 I was not in a position, even capitalize on it. If I had had a more patient in rational approach when it got down the 1 70 I could have bought in with all my money instead of having lost it, and then made some really good money. So what happened? I went in with ego and emotion. Jerry is a big deal. I'm gonna show everyone how great I am by trading Bitcoin. My wife absolutely hated it. Here's how you know if it's unhealthy. I was checking the Bitcoin price almost all day, all the time on my phone, obsessing over every little up and down with it. That's a good sign. It's not healthy. I went in without a specific plan, and I went in with the intention to get something for me without a regard to what anyone else needed. I didn't think about what my buying Bitcoin would do good for anyone else. All I wanted was to use it as a means to an end, an end of making me look good, building up the idea of Jerry making money and being able a Bragan taunt. Look what I did with Bitcoin. Look how smart I waas These dynamics make investing very hard. Teoh get started with and used successful ism method to make money. If you're able to see those things in yourself because those exist in almost all of us, the question is whether able to see those things working. If you are, then you may be able to do some investing with a healthy, rational point of view. Absent of those ego needs, absent of the desire to be right, absent of the desire to make money improve how great you are. I took about a year off once I sold all my Bitcoin. Finally, after I bought with all the cash I had left I bought at 1 70 I quickly got impatient and scared and sold in the two hundreds because I had invested, I had bought with all the cash I had meaning. I had nothing left for my business at nothing left anywhere. And I realized if the price plummeted again, that was going to ruin me. If you over invest, if you go too far in right away, you will miss out on a lot of the big opportunities. I took about a year off of Bitcoin after that. Now here's the trick. Some things in life are really good opportunity. It's just about how you approach them. Bitcoin to me, seems like buying some of those stocks that today are worth so much that you wish you'd bought before. I wish I bought Facebook right after came out. I wish about Google right after came out. I wish I bought Walmart are McDonald's. There's so many of these stocks that you look at and say, Man, I wish I could have held on to that. Are bought some of that 30 years ago. A lot of these things you look at and reminisce like all man. Imagine if I'd bought that right way. Bitcoin to me is one of those things. And so are these digital currencies there things now that have massive potential. And they are going to continue to take mawr and more time to realize that potential. They are the really lucrative stocks that are still relatively cheap compared to what they're probably going to be in the future. The opportunity and the thing itself must then be separated from how you're interacting with it. So I took, and space is often the best way to accomplish changing a new way of looking at it. So I took a year off of buying her trading or doing anything fulling, mouth, Bitcoin. Then I ended up collaborating with an instructor who teaches Bitcoin on you to me, and that got me back involved in that got me back, involved with making sane, rational plans with making healthy and safe boundaries. Now I do have much more cash on hand. Then I did. When I started trying to trade with Bitcoin a couple of years ago in 2014 I was literally using borrowed money off of personal loans to keep my business from going under and then trading Bitcoin with him. That was stupid. I now have my own cash on hand. The 10 Bitcoin I have are essentially just money taken out of my savings account. Now that is an amount of money I can afford to lose completely if all of it gets stolen. Now I have some of it in an insured wallet. I have the rest of it. I have seven Bitcoin on an exchange which that could easily just get taken. I never get it back. And then I have it in an insured wallet, the rest of it in an insured wallet which I also used to pay freelancers and accept orders on my website so that theoretically then it says it's insured just like it is in the bank. So theoretically, if that got stolen, I'd get that back. The point is, I have went back into investing in trading with Bitcoin with a rational plan. Absence of those ego needs to be right, realizing I'm not smart, I'm not special. I don't got it that what am I going to do? Good for other people involved. So here's what I've done with my new Bitcoin investing plan. So I compared it with my initial investing plan. In my initial goals, my initial goals were to make a lot of money with trading Bitcoin. My initial goals were to be right and the look smart and to get my business out of trouble by buying and selling Bitcoin. My goals now are to be able to educate and show people how to trade Bitcoin with other similar currency. So Bitcoin is what's called a crypto currency. It's questionable as to whether it's a real money or not. There's lots of other things, like a theory, um, folding coin, doggy coin, all kinds of other things similar to Bitcoin that are worth much less generally than Bitcoin. And then you can trade all of these together. So what I did initially, I started buying Bitcoin again when it was in the three hundreds, just buying a little bit every day at the time on you. To me. I was making over 1000 a day at the time, and I decided a healthy amount of Bitcoin I could by about $20 a day. I could afford to essentially put that in your retirement savings account, so my outlook then and still now is that buying Bitcoin is a long term investment. It's essentially like putting money into my TD Ameritrade account. It's not there to trade and make whole bunch of money and get excited about cash out. It's there to put it in there and leave it in there for a long period of time to have it. There may to just start buying and buying it now on the have it maybe 10 2030 years to just hold on to it. Why, what good does it do? The more U S dollars I put into Bitcoin and especially the more U S. Dollars I put into these newer they currencies, I am believing in them. I am having faith in them. I am giving them something of established value in exchange for essentially their faith that they will continue toe work on building their currency up and make it more valuable in time and the same thing with stock market. You essentially give your established US dollars or whatever your currency you use, you give something that has established value. You know, you can go to the store and buy this amount of food or these amount of products you give them on faith that they're going to do good things with it and that what they've given you in return, a stock certificate will continue to be worth more and more. Over time. I bought Facebook and Google. I gave them my established dollars and I did that my TD Ameritrade account because that account, then give me pretax. So I'm able to put money in there without paying tax on it and reduce my taxable business profit or otherwise. I wouldn't waste my time with that, because the only reason to do it is for the tax benefits. To me. I I am holding on the the rest of my cash for the next stock market downturn. The next time things go south in the stock market, then I'm want to buy back in. So for now, I've bought a couple of stocks just maybe four or five and small amounts just to say I have some. And then I am holding on arresting cash in my TD Ameritrade account. So with that, you can see I went in with a sane, rational plan. I want to wait until the stocks have another tumble, which they do every few years. The stock market rolls downhill for a while. No one wants to buy anything. There's some big panic, and that's when you go in and make a great investment because the most valuable time to put money in is when everyone else wants to take it out. So what I did with Bitcoin going back in, I made a safe saying plan. I said, I'm going to start buying in amount $20 a day that I can afford to buy. I'm a Ford of waste $20 a day if it turns into nothing and I'm not going to take it out until, at a minimum, the price doubles, which is likely to take a while. The price. Well, it technically has doubled since when I started. I initially set my withdrawal point at 900 but now I don't have any intention of withdrawing because I'm looking at This is a savings or retirement accounts, so I just want to keep putting Mawr Bitcoin in and just hold on to it. As over the years, I believe the price will continue to go up. Meanwhile, then I started trading with the primary goal of being able to educate about training. I do a lot of YouTube videos and the more things I can educate about, the more things I can show that collectively builds up my YouTube channel and lands me paying customers. Someone who is interested in Bitcoin is also likely to have an interest in the other courses I'm teaching. So I went in trading with my primary goal being, I want to be able to educate people on how to do this, and I now also have healthy boundaries. Investing in trading are easy to go into without held the boundaries. If you're not familiar with healthy boundaries, healthy boundaries set limits on what you're willing to do and deal with when you don't have healthy boundaries. Life tends to be uncomfortable in the sense that people will ask you to do things you don't want to do, and you'll do them. You'll be running on empty, doing more than you can handle giving more than you have the offer. You'll feel overwhelmed, your feel spent. You'll feel used. You'll feel resentful. You feel angry, feel afraid. Setting healthy boundaries minimizes all of these things. For example, my phone is on. Do not disturb from 9 30 at night till 8 30 in the morning and the way I have it set up. If you are in my friends list, you can make a call. And if you're not, I will still hear the vibration for multiple calls. And half the time, the vibration doesn't wake me up. Realistically, you'd have to call five or 10 times in the middle of the night to get a hold of me those air healthy boundaries because, ah, lot of people, I have my phone number and I sleep at night and I hang out with my wife and daughter. That's what, 9 30 at night till 8 30 in the morning. Usually we wake up in the morning around between 7 38 Those are my boundaries. You don't call me. You don't text me and and bother me during those times unless it's an absolute life and death awful. Once a year or two, maybe for someone to do that, that's my boundaries. I didn't use to have boundaries like that. And then I get mad when someone sent me some careless text in the middle of the night. Setting boundaries with investing and trading is very important. For example, I don't go around checking the value of my accounts all the time now, and I absolutely don't check the value off my account on my phone. That, to me, is a boundary. I've said I learned that I don't go around checking the value of things on my phone because it's too easy to access it. And then it's too easy to start screwing around in trading in situations where I shouldn't be. When I was buying Bitcoin, my wife and I were on a trip to Boston, and what was I doing there? I spent half the trip. It felt like trading and Bitcoin buying and selling it. King is cited and talking to her about it, and if I didn't have it on my phone, I wouldn't have done that. So now I only access my trading account to my Bitcoin savings accounts on my computers because it's very easy and quick to access it on a computer, and then I'm not out messing around it all the time, and then I have limits on how much I check it. I often will take a look, Maybe each day or so to kind of help me effectively educate about it so that I can see Oh, in on a day to day basis what things look like from a bigger picture. I checked before this to see how things are going in. Things consistently go up and the upsides air so high, even when the downsides with the current strategy I'm using. 25. Investing with faith for long term gains.: My current strategy is based on faith. I buy in for around 1/10 or 20th or 1/5 of the Bitcoin. So either 0.5 point one and 10.2, I buy into that. And then I set up automatic sell things. If it doubles, triples, quadruples, etcetera. I sell certain parts of it. So that way every one of these new digital currencies that all of the sudden everyone goes crazy about. And I buy currencies that are flat and boring and what I figure out undervalued. So I buy a lot of the lower tier currencies that you can trade, and then I just hold them. And sometimes it takes months. I buy one, and it does nothing. It loses money. It flails, it's useless. And then it'll all the sudden go up three or five or 10 times in value, sometimes in one day. And then I sell all of it back to Bitcoin, and then I'm able to do the same thing again on that one when it goes down or on another one. So what I'm doing during flattened, boring times when many of these currencies air working hard to do better than people behind them or working to do better. I'm putting money in at a time when most other people aren't interested in it. Then when the big spike comes, I cash out and I'm able to do it again on another flat time. I go into this strategy much more in my YouTube video, so I'm not going to explain all of the details of it anymore. No authority have here because I've got two or three hours of videos on my YouTube channel showing exactly what I'm doing in real time. The point is that this has worked good for me. The amount of time I've put in maybe 20 to 30 hours. I've been able to make hours of educational videos that thousands of people have watched that have then sold courses. They made money and ad revenue. They've got subscribers, they've got new likes and people following my channel, and I've managed to make ah 1000 or plus dollars on it. I've made at least two Bitcoins so far in about three months trading in, and someone made sure to come along on one of my videos to say Jury, that's terrible. I made 20 Bitcoin in a month, and that's good. Actually, that could be bad, though, because what they're also not saying is how much Bitcoin they've lost trading in various months as well. One of the worst things that happened to me in college. I started gambling online. I bought $10. I'd never one Morton, maybe 100 or so at once. I bought into a tournament for $10 which that was about as much as I normally would buy in with it once one of the worst nights I would ever had. Up to that point, I'd lost $50. I bought a new return mint one night for $10 while most of my binds were $5 heads up game. So one V $15 heads up. That's what I usually didn't. Then I'd buy into this tournament for $10 at 3:15 a.m. In the morning it started, and I'd be drinking doing this also. And then one night, actually, two different nights, I got first or second this the first night I got second in it. I won nearly $1000 so I turned $10 into $1000 while I was drinking and playing poker over a series of five or six hours in the middle of the night. And guess who thought they were a big shot after that? While before, I'd only ever lost about $50 at a time, which was a lot of money in college. After that, I had a night where I managed to end up by the end of the night in a $500 heads up. I lost several $100 at night, and I got a real good gambling addiction. After winning. You don't think about it that often you might look at, Ah, gambling someone buying scratch offs at the store, look down on them or buying lottery tickets are going to the casino, the card room or gambling online. You might look down on them and say, Why are they such a fool? Don't they see what they're doing? Or you might do it and think it's pretty harmless. The thing that often happens, and this is exactly ties in with trading and investing. Whenever you win big, that's where there's likely to be a problem, and it's not likely a place you'll look for it. While a selling products doing affiliate marketing and doing clients and services can have these same properties I could have from making all my sales on you. To me, it could have been a huge bad thing. But thankfully, this has happened to me so many times in my life. I'm used to seeing that most of my problems actually happen after I win and trading and investing. The worst thing that can happen to you is if you get started with it and win right away or win fairly early or things. They're just kind of boring. You don't do it and all of a sudden you win big, and then that's when likely all the problems will happen. If you trade for X and you just buy in at the right time and the currency plummets, you make a bunch of money on it. That's when there's likely to be a big problem, because losing can have the same properties with Bitcoin. I lost 5000 whereas a more rational person might have only lost a few 100. If you're losing, you can make this need to be right out of it, which can be bad to so what? Trading or investing. You get to really bad things that can happen. When you start buying in and losing right away. You'll keep doubling down to try and be right, especially if you came in like I did with Bitcoin to some ego thing. Like I'm gonna be right about Bitcoin. And the more the price plummets, the more I keep putting in so that when it goes back up, I can be right. Well, when you've lost 75% of what you put in and then all of a sudden it's not so fun anymore. That's what I always did with gambling, too. I would play little $5 games than that. If I lost, I doubled down to a $10 game. If I lost, I do a $20 game. Well, that works most of the time to cover your losses. But what about that one time you go lose everything, investing in trading as a lot of similar properties with gambling. If you've never had a problem with gambling in the past, it's never too early to develop one. Gambling is one of those behavioral things that can come on in any time and investing in trading overlaps a lot with gambling, especially if you're doing things that don't have any real value behind them, and you could make the argument. These digital currencies don't have any real value behind them. I think they dio they're like online credit cards, essentially, except you don't have to have a bank or anything if you're trading and trying to make money , investing online, Being aware of the things that happened for the big win, where you get a huge ego and go off that direction and then get a whopping unbelievable loss or you start losing right away and you fight back by trying to do more and more and more and you dig yourself in the hole, you can't get out. These things make investing and trading very hard to be successful with, and they make it hard because there's tons of other people and systems usually that are set up to capitalize on that. There's people in systems that are set up to capitalize on a new guys big win the new guys . Big Winnie wins a whole bunch doing some investing and the people who sit out there and patiently trade every day on it like a job tend to take advantage off those little wave movements all the time. People now like me. My whole trading system is set up to capitalize on the wave movement, the big ups and the predictable downs that follow. I buy when it's flattened. Boring when there's a big up wave. I sell everything when it goes back down, then I buy back in. I'm set up to capitalize on the new guy who comes rolling in, makes a bunch of money on something. Then when things are going up, tries to do it again on something else. Buys in when their way at the top. I'm. Meanwhile, he's buying from me as I sell all of what I have and then he's stuck at the top. My friend said he nearly lost about 40,000 trading one of the new currencies online. Now that's his business. He works in digital currencies trading online so you can see how this can happen. No matter. Rather, you're just getting into it for fun. Or rather, your entire business is wrapped around trading and investing. Once you've looked at some of these angles of trading and investing, there's a lot of good opportunities in trading and investing. As long as you're aware of many of the worst things that happened with it. There's lots of great ways to make money training and investing. What I've described is a fairly safe way to make money trading and investing in the sense you capitalize on the wave movements, you buying on things when they're not fun, they're not going anywhere, up or down, and then you sell them when they go up, you buy back in when they go down. It's not, too, and you can do this with algorithmic trading. I believe on a very rapid basis, and I would guess there's some people and companies doing really well making money like this. If you set the automated system up to do little micro trades up and down on all the little tiny ups and downs, and there's so many people that are in the market and companies that are making money off of things like that, it's also very easy to just put your money into something and have it lose it or go down. There are great opportunities, though, if you can see the value of something like I think I can see that Bitcoin has a lot of potential to just invest in it and then accept that it doesn't really matter whether you're right or wrong. I might be wrong about Bitcoin the 10 Bitcoin I have that are worth 6000 today. By the time you listen to this, they might be worth 3000 or 2000 or they might be worth nothing at all. And that's okay. I'm not creating a self out of the things I'm doing. I'm OK and honored to have a chance to play around with these things, and it really is just a game. So if you can pick out a stock or four X trading pear, whatever you can pick out, you might be right. You might be able to make a little money if you can make a little rational system to invest over a long period of time. My friend Ravin er I teach Bitcoin courses with He seems to have a nice, rational system that he invests in, sells Bitcoin with, and that seems to work good for him. A simple system without over emotional attachment can do really good with investing in treating, especially if you focus on what you're doing to contribute if you focus on Hey, I'm giving money to a company I believe in because I think they're doing good work and I want them to have more money to do more of it. Then when the company goes up, you can be grateful, like I'm happy they're still doing more good work. Like I put stock in Google and Facebook. I think they're doing good work and I think they're making a great difference and I want to see them continue to do more. So I give them my money in exchange for ah value, I get all of their stock and then as their stocks go up, I feel grateful. I don't feel like I'm some genius. I've invested in companies that I believed in and they were not great and the same happens . I believe in all these currencies have a shot, all these digital currencies I invest and I think they have a chance. So I give them $60 here, $30.100 dollars. Here I give them that money in the form of Bitcoin, which has proven value is easy to cash out. I give them that And then when some of them do well, they make a new story that gets everyone excited and all of a sudden the value goes up five or 10 times. I sell all of what I bought, and I then make 3 to 5 times when I initially invested with. Then I feel good. I don't feel like some genius. I just gave everyone some money to start out with. Here I have something. I had faith in them. And then there's this one currency called Deem Its abbreviated S t e M. I gave them $60 and that turned into $6. So what did I do? I bought another $60 at the $6 value, and that now is has lost another 20% or so. And again, I'm no genius or I'm no fool. I had faith. I simply invested with them and said, Here it looks like you're trying to make a great digital currency, have some of my money to help, and they end up in the short term not doing very well. Oh, well, the nice thing is when your trading to have a longer term approach to invest with money you can afford to throw out because then there's not all the anxiety and fear. If you put in more than you can afford to lose, then you're likely to suffer the consequences on a bad day. Especially, I advocate against doing any margin trading. I advocates true advocates strongly against doing anything where you don't own the whole thing. I have stocks on TD Ameritrade. If those stocks go down, toe almost nothing and go back up, that's fine. I'm not looking to cash out today or tomorrow, the day after. If Google I think it's at, I have no idea what I'm just gonna guess. Its, I think, is that, like 700 something. If Google goes down to a dollar because of some huge scandal or epic failure and then it goes back up to 300 I have the ability to hold it the whole time. I never have to sell it. So if the actual losses, like 400 overtime eso what I bought in with money, that is pretax, that helps me lower my tax burden through a self employment savings account. Then if I lose some saw what I already got a big tax benefit by putting it in there, and if I lose a little bit, that's fine. Now here's what times if you're fooling around on the margin or with money, you can't afford to invest, and that's what I did. Starting out with Bitcoin, I put in money I couldn't afford to invest, literally borrowed money off of personal loans at 12 13%. I put in money that if I lost absolute complete devastation to me and my business, it would have met bankruptcy. I have a family member who invested a lot of their business profits, was trading them on the margin, initially made a lot of money, then ruined everything. The whole savings for the whole family had to declare bankruptcy because of the margin trading. And that's not a unique story. It's happens a lot. I advocate in Onley trading whole things because, like with these digital currencies, you can margin trade them. But margin trading greatly benefits the people who have the whole currency. If you have the whole currency, you can withstand wave movements. So, like that steam currency, I just mentioned the files trading on the margin. I would have completely lost everything since I've bought the actual currency. And this is different from for X and four X. As far as I'm aware, you don't have any actual dollars or Canadian dollars or you don't actually have any money . You're just trading with it. So you're not actually buying riel euros your trading on the value of the euros? You don't actually, so as far as I can see for exes, all margin trading, Jury, you're totally wrong about that. Maybe as far as I can see, Forex is all really margin trading. The only thing you do is withdraw whatever money you have at the time. In other words, if I actually go by 1000 euros, then I'm gonna hold those indefinitely if I buy. Trying to trade on points are various things. If a certain, if it goes down to a certain point, I lose everything. I can't just keep what I have and walk away. Same thing with the digital currencies. If you trade them on the margin and they have a bad day, you're completely out. You don't get to get back in if you trade in the whole whatever it is you're doing. Stocks, currencies If you actually have the real thing itself, then you withstand wave movements and wave movements are where you make money and lose money. So with that steam currency I mentioned, if I had bought in on the margin, I'd have nothing. Now I actually do still have about 60 year $50 of it. I bought in for a total of 120. I bought in 60 and it went down the $6 I put another 60 in, and now it's down to about $50. If it goes way up, though, I still have the possibility. If it some point it goes way up, I still could add that 50 could turn into $1000. Same thing with stocks if you have the actual stock and it has a really bad year or really bad few years. If you have the actual stock, you can withstand that. If you trade on the margin, you can easily get wiped out Now. Yes, you can make more money trading on the margin. Also, which of those do you think is a good idea? If you don't know what you're doing that well, Well, Jerry, I know what I'm doing. I'm really good at what I'm doing. Go for it is not my money. I don't trade anything on the margin because I know I'm not that good. I know I don't have any insider advantage, and I'm going to guess that a lot of trading that's done really well, really effectively is based on insider advantages. Why do you think they would make it illegal? Because it's so common that a lot of the people make money almost. I would bet always have some kind of insider advantage, even if it's not illegal, even if it's using something like an algorithm. So the only way that I see a regular person who knows hardly anything about investing in trading can have a good shot to make money is with a long view with the short view. If you have an insider advantage, you could do great things. You can buy a whole bunch of something right before it blows up and then sell it and make money right away. If, for example, you knew that one of these digital currencies, I was about to release some huge new thing that was going to go viral and make the price up . If you knew that beforehand, you could buy a whole bunch of it up and then make a ton of money. I'm going to guess there's lots of trading within digital currencies that happens that way . The people on the inside No, before a lot of these air going to break, while the only way you can essentially beat that is to have a long view and put faith in everyone. If you put faith and everyone and have a long view and the whole system urine goes up, for example, the stock market. If you buy a bunch of different stocks or mutual funds or have you do it and you have faith , the whole system's going to go up, then the day to day trades and stuff don't matter as much. Digital currencies. I have faith. The whole digital currency system is going to continue to grow and grow. Now, plenty of the individual ones will fail. But as a collective system, I think it's outstanding. So I put in my money and then I hold it, and then all those little insider things I get to ride all those two. I don't have to even know about them. Well, I hope this is a good overview of the relevant things I've learned about trading and investing with my limited experience. Well, I don't know how limited it is. I obviously I've explained the limits to you on it. I've shown I'm not some Super Day trader. I don't know that much about the stock market. Are trading the digital currencies? I do know enough to educate on trading the digital currency's. I've made a lot of mistakes when it comes to investing in trading and gambling. I've made a lot of mistakes in these areas, and that might be now why I am in a position to do something that might work often. Ah, lot of what I've seen in my life. Especially like in investing in trading. If you mess up enough on it, you may be in a good position to actually get things toe work, to do things in a way that gives you the ability to make the best out of how things currently are and have peace with it. I'm grateful today that you've learned about my adventures with investing in trading, and when you subscribe to my YouTube channel or like my Facebook page. Oh, get to see your subscribe to my email list. Venturi banfield dot com. You will continue to get updates on what I'm doing with these things. So if you're interested in seeing while house my Bitcoin trading going or whatever, then I'll continue making new videos on these things when that's how you can stay updated. So I'm honored. You've here and you've spent this time with me. I'll be have a great day today. 26. What now?: What now? After listening to the list of 100 ways, I've made money online and more details about the five different ways that I find best for making money online, including selling products, serving clients, using ad revenue, doing affiliate marketing and trading, investing what now you're armed with information and, I hope, inspiration that's useful for you to go do the work that's useful for the rest of the world . I was listening to the book about ways to think and grow, which, and they described 12 of the ways to be rich in that book. 11 of them don't include anything to do with finance, and then the last one includes financial security, which is not a reflection necessarily of the actual money you have, but the money you have relative to the money you feel you need. In other words, you can have a $1,000,000 feel very financially insecure. You could have a dollar and feel very financially secure. In fact, they define even in the book. All 12 ways to feel rich are fundamentally ways of thinking, and the ultimate gift you get out of being rich is positive thinking. I hope this book has given you a set of practical hands on tools and approaches based on my experience that you can learn to use to be wise, avoid the mistakes I've made and discover exactly what is useful for you to make money online. I hope you can use this to do something great with your power. The book think and grow Rich also explains the power of affirmations. If you will write down and say what you're going to do every single day, you will get it. Now that's a great power. And what are you going to do with that great power? I realized I don't even know what I need to do with my great power. But something somewhere does I pray to be of service and to do the will for the greater good today to some higher power that I may serve, rather, that's all of humanity. Some intergalactic group. I don't even know directly what it is. I know that I want to have the reward, though today of a positive outlook on life, a peaceful, happy Joyce outlook on life that is given and compliments my work freedom. My outlook gave me my work freedom and my work Freedom gives me back my outlook today to be able to play video games with my friend in an hour or so and have that genuinely be a part of my business to be able to have a schedule. The reward. You might think about having money to be able to enjoy those and start enjoying those today . You have the ability to enjoy all the things you have today. If you don't like where you're at today, all you need the new point of view. Right now, you don't need to go get anything or do anything. All he needs a new point of view right now. And if you have a point of your happy with then to have gratitude that you haven't and have faith that you'll keep it because it's possible to have a great attitude now and then be afraid you're going to lose it in the future. I hope this book is a productive part of building that positive rich outlook on life, which then very often will produce more ways than you could ever imagine to make money. I just tried something new that in recording the beginning of this book kind even set up yet I set up a new friends leaderboard on my website. This brought 100 plus dollars in donations in from a total of six or seven people within the last three days or so just to play. Ah, few video games with me. An incredible thing, a scheme so far beyond any reasonable hustling I could have imagined years ago. Here it is given to me, and people seem to be very happy with it. Who are using it. It's that jerry banfield dot com slash friends. If you want to see it for yourself, I consistently suggest to everyone I coach don't set out to try and build everything based on how you're going to make money. As you can see, the biggest thing I did wrong in most all my stories as I set out to make money, almost all the things I did setting out to make money instead of delivering real value didn't work. The things I set out to deliver real value often produced so much money. It's absurd, and I'm willing to go through with them because I have faith. For example, I'm making these League of Legends coaching videos. I'm paying the coach $25 an hour. He often works 3 to 4 hours with me at once. I spend anywhere from 50 to $100 with him per video. In the short term, it's a huge waste of my time and money. I make videos that maybe earned 20 bucks back in ad revenue in the first month or so. I made one video, though. In the last six months it's earned $1000 in ad revenue. It's brought tons of Scribner's. It's helped a bunch of people. I have faith that doing something I reasonably believe will be very useful for a lot of people. We'll work out how it's supposed to, either. It'll earn ad revenue and I'll get other opportunities that I won't even imagine in. I don't know. I go forward and do each video because I realize it's possible that each of the videos makes 500 to $1000 in ad revenue. In the meantime, I go forward and do the videos on faith. I go for and try and do my best each day. I've started a new thing of putting my courses on my YouTube channel for free, the ones that don't sell very well. First, just throw the whole course out there have been selling enough sold all over. Just throw the whole course up for free and see what happens. And guess what? My website sales are up this month. Go figure. You'd think fear would tell you if you put it out there for free. Less people by somehow more people are buying. I don't even understand it. I know that I'm trying to do the right thing today. I know that this moment I'm trying to say the absolute most helpful thing I can imagine in the universe to say to you. I hope that all the different ways I've said the exact same thing have sunk in because I know I needed to hear the same thing in a lot of areas of my life, a lot of different ways, with the same basic meaning. Before I understood it, a lot of the times it aggravated me. You need to focus, focus, focus, and I just don't focus on what you don't get me. Now I get it. You need to focus on why you're doing your work And once you focus on why you're doing your work, it's almost a Ziff. You get a plan laid out in front of you. You didn't listen to this whole book by accident or skipped Indian by accident. You're here on purpose. You're here as a part of a divine game. I think it's called Leela or something like that in Indian Tax. This is a divine dance. We're all doing together as one. It says if we're projected all from one singularity, if that's our home and we're all projected out here looking separate in this world raw kind of doing this divine dance game together, there's a very clear purpose that you got here and listen this book for and it may be a part of you being able to finally be yourself. And do not be yourself in some future fantasy to be yourself right now to be a vulnerable little child who goes out into the world and has absolutely no reservations about their purpose. My daughter is a year and a month old. She seems to have come down from heaven to this earth to learn how to love and share the message off love and joy in this life. Everywhere she goes, she relentlessly works on her purpose. She relentlessly shares love and hope and faith. She works to make people laugh wherever she is. You, Everywhere she goes, she seems to be emphasizing her why she plays around with the world. She has fun. She dances. She's a perfect example off. If you listen the teachings What Jesus says we must live. Learn to live like little Children. As you can see my career working online sounds about like something a foolish child would dio or a misguided adult in many areas. You're here as a part of your divine purpose. And this book, I hope, has had power for you in, uh, helping you see all the tools you have as I point Teoh what's inside you and say Look, you have the same tools I do. Your tools might be shaped a little different. You might have a screwdriver instead of a wrench. Your tools do Justus. Many amazing things is mine. Do if you can see the amazing things mine do, then you also can know that your tool set does amazing things to, and if you focus on why you want to use it, why you're here, Why you've went through all these things, then you have the opportunity to fully realize your entire life's purpose right now, starting right this moment, and that's exciting to me. I've had so many people have helped me with this so many books I've listened to many of what I wanted in other books was more concrete examples and stories of what people actually did. I hope this book has provided those concrete stories and examples of what I've done and especially the stupid thing. So many people thank me, too, said Jerry, after listening to how you messed up this Google AdWords account who messed up doing these things for your business online. I feel a lot better about mine. If listening this book helps you feel better about who you are and what you're doing now, that's good. If you think you're some great person above all others, and this book helps you have some humility than I hope that is helpful as well. I like to be right size today. I'm just a little baby love here with you, who is another old baby love. We haven't really grown up at all. We're immortal beings here together and you've summoned me into your universe. I've chose toe make the ability for you to summon me possible. We're here together and I'm grateful for that. And I've put this in because so many people before you have asked me to. Jerry, please keep these motivational things in. I like that. Your stuff is practical and motivational combined, Jerry, Your value is to deliver these inter mark that marketing things you do along with the motivational stuff and how to put all of it together to conclude what I'll do is try and make the retail audio sample here that if you previewed the book will be the 1st 5 minutes and also then is how it ends because that's all kind of a circle. Then the book ends the same as it began your journey starting here with me and the same is it finished. And I hope to provide all of the value in this, that you hopefully have gotten out of the book so that you remember it when you try and remember what you need it out of the book later, when you're ready to use it which might be in now, might be in a couple of minutes or a couple of days, and I hope then in the retail audio sample to give you the value of this book that you already got in here for and confirmed that you got this out of the book. I appreciate you listening. Let's wrap this up. Thank you very much for listening to 100 ways I made money online. This is a book that I hope is useful for you to look inside and see the unique tools you have to go serve the world and do amazing things online. I've listened to a lot of books like this, and I like concrete examples where the authors done things right and where the authors done things wrong. What you get in this book is a lot of concrete examples off little story short stories about various ways I've made money online. I made it money online in more than 100 different distinct ways. I've made money online in five basic ways. Selling products, serving clients, ad revenue, trading and investing, and affiliate marketing. I think a basic system to start out with all of these its most powerful is to put everything you know up for free on YouTube. I will say that a lot more times in this book because YouTube provides the audience. Once you have an audience, then you can sell products. Then you conserve clients. Then you can get ad revenue. Then you can make affiliate sales. Then you can further improve any investing and trading you're doing based on having taught it on YouTube. Exactly. I'm doing all of these things now. That's the beauty of this book. I'm in the middle of doing all the things I've talked with you about. These aren't things I did five or 10 years ago. This is what I'm doing today. I have a client that I've had since I started my business. I'm making this product right here right now. As an audiobook, I have jerry banfield dot com slash resource, a huge page of affiliate links that's also set up to be really helpful and show you all the things I use in my business ad revenue for over 1500 this month and YouTube ad revenue. And it seems to be growing fairly quickly investing I'm actually able to teach investing today. How crazy is that when all I've done for most of my life is have ignorance and contempt for investing in putting videos on YouTube and starting on Bitcoin investing has allowed me to find a new way to make money that is fun, and that helps people. That, to me, is the amazing value of this book. It are all the practical tips you get combined with the motivational aspects. I try and highlight in this book how making money online, having the rewards of positive thinking that come from having freedom to do whatever you want to having all the things she you think will make you rich having all of the things you might have ever wanted. The big reward is having a basic sense that life is good and I try and tile of that end as to how my motives for each of the ways I want to make money, impacted the results I got. I try and explain for each different way to make money, tips and tricks on what works in my experience, best to make money with each of the different ways I highlight This book has been very helpful for me to reinforce the things I've already learned. They say that teaching is the most effective way to learn something. So I am a student. I continue to learn and listen and read new things each day. And I hope this is a productive part of your continuing education to advance your career or consider starting your career online. The basic idea of the book is that I'm not special. These aren't things just I can do especially or you go through the list and then each different subsection where I go on, explain that Maurin depth on how I made money each different way and what I'm doing today. You'll see I'm nothing special. I'm a very painfully ordinary human being who has the ordinary American life. Today with a family, a child and even to dogs, I have a very ordinary life. And yet you might think that I do extraordinary things when all I really do is try and be of loving service. Each day I try and do my best to be here and do something useful for you. And I keep learning from everything that's presented to me. I'm honored you're here with me and I hope you've enjoyed this 27. Class project for 100 ways I made money online: Wow, You finished the entire class out of everyone who's enrolled and we're doing a weird time thing. No one's technically enrolled yet, but by the time you watch this, other people will be enrolled out of everyone who's enrolled. You're likely to be the top 1% who actually finished this class, and you're serious, And I finish a lot of long books. Tony Robbins of one of the last books I was listening to. He said most people won't get through the first chapter, and I'm like, I'm gonna go through the whole book. So I guess you either skipped to the end or you're one of the people I'm gonna go through the whole class. That is, that is perfect. Let yourself no appreciate yourself. Say, look, you just did a really good job. You listening this whole book, you are loaded with the best information that I've found for learning, earning and building a business online. I met hope that you can see how amazing you are that you are one of the very few that's finished. They said you really care about successfully working online, helping people and building a better world together one way you can do that is to share share what you've learned in this class. Would you take the time to share a class project really quickly shows something, show one of the things you've learned or show one of the ways you've made money online. Then we can turn this into 100 102 105 122 100 ways. That money has been made online, especially if you earn money in a different way or you've done better than I have in a particular area. Share your class project. Share screenshots. Show other people what you've done because all the other students can then see your class project and learn from you as well as from me. If you are the first or one of the first to share your class project, if you include a dash payment address and I have a class on skill share. If you just search for and skill shoe search for Jerry Banfield Dash, you'll find it or you search just for a dash class search and find my dash class to see how to get a dash address. If you are one of the first to post your dash address up there, I will send you at least $10 in dash to your dash address there as my thank you for getting through this class. So that's a giveaway available to you if you complete the class project is my thank you for helping other students and forgetting all the way to the end of the class. If you haven't already, would you please smash that lever review button you got all the way the end of this class. If you hated this clashing, you watched all the way to the end of it. You must really enjoy torturing yourself and maybe just getting here and seeing that. Wow, I hate myself enough to listen to this guy's book for seven hours. Or maybe you put it on double speed only listen to it for 3.5 hours. If you got all the way the end and hated this, you might just leave a good review by realizing that you've got some self hatred to deal. If you got all the way the end of this class and you've loved it, would you please help other people find it just like you review helps a lot with getting the course found on skill share, and he's helping other people look at the landing page. See it that this is actually good course, especially if you include ah, public review. Thank you for getting all the way to the end. I'm honored to have the chance to serve you today as your skill share instructor, and I will be continuing toe work for you on a daily basis, which you with new courses that I hope you'll enjoy.