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10 ways to repurpose your content like a BOSS

teacher avatar Amsa Venktesan, Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction to content repurposing?

    • 2. Definition - What is content repurposing?

    • 3. Benefits 1

    • 4. Benefits 2

    • 5. Benefits 3

    • 6. Benefits 4

    • 7. Repurposing Idea 1

    • 8. Repurposing Idea 2

    • 9. Repurposing Idea 3

    • 10. Repurposing Idea 4

    • 11. Repurposing Idea 5

    • 12. Repurposing Idea 6

    • 13. Repurposing Idea 7

    • 14. Repurposing Idea 8

    • 15. Repurposing Idea 9

    • 16. Repurposing Idea 10

    • 17. Closing Thoughts

    • 18. Course Project

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About This Class


Struggling to keep up with content posting?

Creating long forms of content will rank you higher in the search engine but you are not a content machine. It is almost impossible to create new content every week to drive traffic. Managing your clients business and yours can be daunting.

That's exactly why, I use the Content Repurposing system. It makes you more efficient and you can create multiple forms of content from just 1 long-form of content so you can rank higher and be seen an authority in your niche!

In this course, I will uncover the top 10 ways to repurpose just 1 form of content so you never run out of content ideas. Also, I share my exact strategies as a content marketer.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Amsa Venktesan

Digital Marketer


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1. Introduction to content repurposing?: content is the number. One thing that changed my business. I used to post to Facebook to London and sometimes throw a block posts up just like that without a content plan in place or without knowing what's called the content repurposing system. If it means following my Bloods are my articles for quite some time, you know that I'm obsessed with creating content for my business. Well, to create these long forms of content, you need to spend a lot of time and at the same time need a lot of patients to create these up. Well, that's exactly why I used the content repurposing system. And that's exactly what I'm going to teach you today and the 10 different types in this course. Hi, my name is I'm serving reason, and I am the creative director behind Team Car Vision Consulting. Ah, full scale, the shoe marketing agency aimed at working with a local and online businesses to help them generate consistent leads into the session. We will be talking all about content marketing what you might have to do to create the best content and the 10 different ways by which you can repurpose dis content so you are never shot off post, so you also have a lot of useful, valuable and the post that can really turn your cold, warm leads in tow, hot and grieving fans for your business. If you want to know more about it, stick around. 2. Definition - What is content repurposing?: So here is the most common question. What is republishing content where repurposing content is simply where you turn one form off, opposed into totally another form. Well, you could ask me what that means simply as you know me because you have been following me. You know that I love to create a blog's, which is a long form of content, and I repurpose them into quotes or videos for YouTube, skill share. And you know, my instagram poets as well. I also create Facebook lives from one popular blocos that I have for the month or for the year. And I turned around and I repurpose them into different forms, simply creating one long form off post and repurposing it into another form, this card content repurposing. I'm sure you're gonna learn more about it now. But before you learn the 10 different types, you have to know all about the benefits off content repurpose ing 3. Benefits 1: So here are the benefits off. Repurposing your content. Benefit number one is that you can increase your reach on social media. Well, if you are a lover, are probably you Write a lot of bloods when I talk about long form of content than we basically target, you know, writing blocks. So if you are a blogger, for instance, and you write a lot of love posts, you can take one long piece, which is your blood post. Or you could even try this with your Lincoln article if you are a person who doesn't like writing a long form of content. But if you still think that, you know, writing shorter farms off articles still work for you, you can still adapt the same procedure, take a long form of content and try to repurpose that with a short video on Facebook life. Hey, there you go. So you have a Facebook like, now we're ready. So what I typically do for my businesses? I take one of the black course. I pretty much know this, but every single the force that I do, because for me I need a lot of different content forms, and I have I'm on Facebook on London ambulance to brand. Also, I have to do a lot of G does for my clients as well. So to let people know all about my content, I take one block post and repurpose that into our Facebook life on every Justin. If you have not been following me on Facebook, feel free to check out facebook dot com. Forward slashed in cognition so you can get all the details about the latest posts that we do for our business. So that's one thing that we typically do where we go through our block post on Take that and repurpose that into a Facebook life. And then I take shorter pieces from that Facebook life on repurpose it for Instagram as one minute videos, you could do the same thing. And by the way, did you know that your engagement increases by 62%? If you do a Facebook live 4. Benefits 2: the second main reason why you might have to take repurposing content into consideration and because it helps you increase your ASIO ranking. Yes, if you have never heard of a CEO, it's called search engine optimization, which you should be using using different keywords in your industry just to show that you a rank on top, you know, among your competent us. So for you, when you use the taglines or even when you use the West Capture function what's available there and you try toe record videos or repurposed the same post, for example, Like I said, the block post in tow Arlington article and you have trying to basically use the same keywords. But you're trying to use a different style off writing one for Black Post and one for Lincoln article, and you re about visit again into a video or into a podcast and try to leverage the same keyboards. When you're trying to use, you can drank on top off your such So, which means it's a kill boost for your CEO and on your s your score so your company guys can find you everywhere using the same keywords on your platforms 5. Benefits 3: the Todd reason why you might want to use content repurpose ing out. The technique is because it helps you build on. Be an authority in your niche, whether you're working with coaches or you work with local businesses. Are you work with the dentists or whatever. Well, when you are on, all platforms are a case most the platforms that I would say I would recommend you to strongly be available, at least on two or three platforms. I'm always available on Facebook, on instagram and on Lincoln because you know that one kid Parton on Facebook let you post different content, or instagram found so own from instagram onto Facebook. When when you're at least on two or three platforms alive, I am for my business and the you start repurposing content. You are spreading a lot of information about the same content that you're trying to post in different forms, which helps you built credibility in your niche. And you know that you're a competent us probably could be doing the same thing, but it's all about value that you add for your clients, and they can see you as an authority in your niche 6. Benefits 4: the main benefit number four. So why you might want to rip up your content is because you're trying to get out the main idea off your topic. That's right. So when you right along the block post, you are trying to write everything in detail, and you put down the reasons why you might have to do a BCD things on. But when you try to repurpose it into a London article, you are using a different language because you are writing an article for people. Your your Mitch could be, you know, very busy business owners who have no time to read along locals. But they have the time to recharge articles, which are less than 200 to 50 words, and they want to be on your Lincoln platform because you're already doing great and they want to follow you. So when you're right and talk about your main clients in your videos, the shot videos of great of Instagram or in your Facebook life or in Lincoln articles, you are trying to establish the clear points that you want to go inside off the long content 7. Repurposing Idea 1: here is the next big question. How should you do that? Like I said, I'm going to give you an entire process, probably my process as for how I repurpose content and how you can do the exact same thing for your business as well. So, first of all this process, like I said, the 10 different types is going to take you through my exact process. And for this, the step number one is where I agreed a block post. Like I said, you need a long form off continent and I use ever know to write on my posts. You guys can probably use Google sheets. Are I'm sorry you can use Google docks, you know, right out your content on. Probably you'll be comfortable using any no taking document. There are different no taking documents like my personal favorite is Ever note. I also I've also tried bare. I want to try notion. If you've never heard of this, don't worry, I will just walk you through and another course as to what these are. But at the same time, you can feel free to check out what these are on Google. Well, there are simply no taking APS that will let you have, ah, back up off the action content that you're writing because having a backup off all your previous content is really essential. So this is how my begin on the actual of blocos that I started a draft looks like on the, you know, on my Evernote so you can see this clearly. So once I create a draft off my block post on Evernote, I then copy this. And if you use what press or whether you use class space, which is completely up to you, just be afraid of copy pasted, and you can just add it there. And you know, you can just create a black post just like his hat. So once you have copied that, you now have, like I said, a long form off host for you to create and have, as a draft posted their publishers with one of a graphics you have. And there is the very first block post that you have very first form or a piece of content . It's actually a form of content. I wouldn't call it a piece because it's a long piece of content. So you have ah, long form of content that you can use for your business now, which is your blocos. And you know I love grating love. Also, I grade locals every now and then. 8. Repurposing Idea 2: my idea. Number two is to use what's called the medium dot com. If you have never heard of medium, it's again, Ah, blogging platform, which a lot of companies are trying toe use for their business, and you can probably try cross posting your content to medium. When I say cross posting, it doesn't mean just copying the same conscience and putting it there. Now that's not what I mean. Instead, what I wanted to do is I want you to capture the main ideas from the block most of your Britain using the same keywords that are in your industry and creating another piece of content altogether, probably with the same with the same topic, but probably a few different words. You could probably have the same draft and two or three different types and using that on medium, remember Google might, you know, actually realized that you are posting the same content in two different places so your reach will go down. So it's always advisable to create different types off the same topic as draft and to cross post between different mediums that we will use so medium dot com. And this is how it might look so medium dot com is another way for you to repurpose your content so you have a whole lot of new followers were already there are medium, and then he opposed clear, really interesting content on medium people are going to follow you and your reach from medium to your blog's again Nigerian Grace, which will show in your Google analytics. If you have never heard of Global Analytics, I will do another course on that. And if you're in just a few, let me know we will do another coast on that. But for now, try medium dot com. 9. Repurposing Idea 3: content idea Number three, he's creating Pinterest graphics. If you have never used interest, then you should start using, especially if you are a blogger. All you write the hosts for your business. Well, interest is basically another platform where you use. It's more of a visual search black home that people use just the way they use Google for anything wishful. They use Pinterest. So Pinterest is another place that you can actually been all of your blocks. That's the term they use, which is spinning and repealing other too most popular turns for Pinterest. So you take a block post, create a graphic with the Pinterest dimensions and you added Julia Block Post right there, which is going toe again. Drive a lot of traffic to er blood, which is again going to help you increase your Pinterest analytics, but at the same time, but just is an amazing place for you to use. And if you don't know how to create benches, traffics. Well, I'm sure you should go back and check out my course on how to create Stella graphics, which is right there in my course page 10. Repurposing Idea 4: idea. Number four is to create a YouTube video from your main piece of content. We're here. The main piece of content that I'm telling you is my block post that I'm creating. So I would take my first piece of content, the long form that I created into a YouTube video, especially I will not create huge of videos for all the block posts that I am writing. Essentially, the way I created a YouTube video is when I realized that that post is getting a ton of traffic and you can check out my YouTube channel. I will link down below. You can check out my YouTube channel, and you can see that I have pretty much created off. I feel different, you know, Ah, block post as videos because they get a lot of traction when they get a lot of traction. It really helps me understand that that is the type of Pontin that my audience wants. It could be the businesses that one's, or it could be students like you who wants the kind of content that you would want to learn as part of my coaching program. So when you learn that particular topic and Venetia when people show a lot of interest in that particular you know, country type and they let me know in the comments below our Google Analytics shows me that that blocos has been given a lot of times. Then I create a video based on the same topic. Probably I would add a few more appliance just to make it more and ties ing. I would record a video using a simple video recorder that I have, and at the same time I would reap up is like I said, I would create a video. I would add all the main points. And once I'm done with that video, I had been edited, so I don't send it to any video editors. I love everything my videos. So I added the videos. I add the subtitles. You know, I add the opening the closing for the video, and I add any cards that I want to insert. Probably it could be related to that topic, and I uploaded to YouTube using the keyboards and, you know, some searchable terms. Keep it or nothing. But searchable terms are the most searched tones on YouTube, where people are more interesting which lets my audience understand that I have graded the topic and at the same time, in the description section in the age of video, I link it back to the block posts so they always go back to my content yourself, which is my website on my block page. 11. Repurposing Idea 5: all right, so the fifth idea would be to create what's called the Facebook life. But if you have never drive using Facebook, live for your business before or on your Facebook. So generally what I'm talking about is using Facebook Live on your business page or your fan page, whatever you call it. But Facebook lies are the next bacon thing. So if you're not using Facebook lies and I think you're missing out on something that's really big, which could generate a lot of traffic for your business. So if you know you find nothing is working on your page and you want to try a different thing altogether, that ever how you recommend you trying out Facebook life, because when you do a lot of Facebook lives, your baby is going to show on top of the algorithm, so you're going to start driving more traffic to your beach. What you can really do is take your you know, the actual block coast of your right or the origin piece of content. Whatever you try, take that and just trying to talk in front of the camera, talk to your audience, try to make it more relatable but you and I concept they just the way I talk to you guys. So try to make it more relatable and talk to your audience. Give them actual valuable insights on the topic that you're creating no matter what, naturally, without really selling to them. This is the key here. The more value you provide, the better results you can see in your business and with your audience. So creating an engaging with your audience here is the key. And so do not think about selling at all any of his book life and stop providing a lot of information and value. If you want, you can skip the you creating the YouTube video park and do just the actual YouTube life of the Facebook Live for your business are if you think you want to build your YouTube channel as well. But you should always remember to do the money making activities first before to spending time here and there, just creating card in the. The reason why they're trying to reap up is I used this. Actually, content strategy is because we don't want to create tons and tons of constant every single week, and they're trying to take one long form of content and repurpose it into other forms. Remember, Facebook live is the next big thing, and you should be definitely an a doctor. Probably at this point, we cannot be so the earlier doctors. But I can still say you have to start adopting this concept right now for your business, and you can actually see an increase in the algorithm once you start doing a lot of weekly Facebook lines. But before you know your Facebook life, tryto have the concentrated E. So you all basically the authority in the niche give your audience are clear introduction as to what you're gonna talk about. Also, to start promoting the event, you can use Facebook outs if you want to dio. But at the same time, you can create an adventure that, you know a Facebook live will happen next week on that particular topic within East graphic Again, you can look for the graphic creation course in the course page, but feel free to create the action topic and try to post it so people are always a band of the fact that your pages really active, and that's exactly what I do. on my beach. You can go and check it out if you want to. So once you start doing that, your audience will start building more trust on you. And at the same time, you be seen as an authority in your niche. So all these provide value given introduction. When you start your Facebook life, have a nice clear up. You know, the actual the meat off the subject that I call us, give them more actionable points, just like actionable points from your blocos and try to give it to them in points, if possible, share scream. Try to make it more educational. So your audience able to relate to it. And they really enjoy what you do in your Facebook live but that also give them your closing thoughts. When you try toe, conclude the topic that you're trying to talk about, and this way you will have a clear idea off what you might talk instead of just mumbling any off video which might not make it look nizer so always right, I'll have the structure make it purely in a structure. Have the actual thought point that you want to talk and rock your Facebook live 12. Repurposing Idea 6: idea Number six is creating Facebook and Instagram posts. That's right. So I love taking again my long form off block coast and my video from YouTube. And once I create these two for that particular content for that top A I then pick um you know, the main points from the block posts are from the video. I then click them into shorter pieces on I create tips on that topic I create, you know, a long form of text for Instagram. You can check out my instagram and you will know the kind of idea that I'm giving you. So I create multiple Scoble images like the Carrousel images where you see a tip. So when I talk about 10 types of content repurpose ing and then you know you get scrawl herbal images tender from the midges. So they're 11 total posts, which adds a lot of value for all my followers on Instagram. And at the same time, I go back to my Facebook and create quotes out of the main idea that I tried to do. And then I create, you know, tips based out of what I'm doing there and at the same time, I create one minute videos. From what I'm trying to do on, um, you know, from the YouTube video onto Instagram on, I create actual graphics again, using my heart creates stellar images Course. So I use canvas to design the actual colors or those images, and I do that right. So here are some sample images from Can va that I have created for my business so that our dimensions which are customized, which are already there in the library, just go ahead and feel free to check out can va and to check out the previous scores so you know how to do that? 13. Repurposing Idea 7: idea Number seven is to share everywhere, especially if you love Pinterest, share it multiple times on Pinterest Pinterest has again its own audience where So if you just share, people who follow you will be able to repin it to there will be able to pin it to their account. And from there, then followers and so on will be able to re been. And then they will have breathing repeating which is the actual topic. And by the end ofit, I had, ah, block Post. I had pretty much three block posts, which went viral. Um, you know, on Pinterest? Probably. I think, you know, I think it was a few months back. I don't remember the exact month just few months back. I still have the statistics, which is there. I think it's the quality of the image. It's the kind of the phone, my brand phone that I used. It's the kind of image that I used on camera, which really abdominal was enticing for my audience to click through. And there are a lot of reprints. Pretty much I think I went from, um when I had just started my Pinterest, I think I went from 21,000 to 40,000 taller wars A fireable, right? Yeah. So I went from 21,000 to 40,000 followers, 40 or 41,000 followers in just a span of three weeks with that content. So I know that it goes viral. So that's the reason I've been everywhere. I create graphics for all my platforms and I pin them there so I know that it was I grade on graphic for like I said for Facebook using Facebook dimensions on camera one for Instagram, one for YouTube, one for Langdon, one for Twitter and one for Pinterest. I create pretty much multiple images for Pinterest and I add them back. 14. Repurposing Idea 8: idea. Number eight is to create a freebie, a e book or even an E cores out off your main content idea or from a main content piece like from my blow post, for instance. So once I have a black clothes that I know is really performing well, I would then create a lead magnet out of it. If you've never heard of what's a freebie? The other name is going to lead Magnet, which is basically what you will give your audience as, ah, freebie. Like just as an opt in for them toe, give them their name and email address in exchange for it. So once you know that you have your audience was interested in that particular topic, I then create a freebie based off it. It could just be a few points or like a checklist, you know, which they can download and they can use. I have recently created on S CEO audit under Facebook on checklist, which even you can grab, and I'm also working on Google Adverts are checklist, which I can give my audience who is trying to, you know, get into my newsletter. You can also create a e book with the kind of information that you have probably an evil, which is just two or three pages long, which will help you ideally work on that. And at the same time, you can as well create an E course, probably like the one that I'm doing now. For skill share, you can as well create a different topic. May get some free, of course, but with extreme value, because your audience agree like that. If you're doing a coaching program, just give them a coaching sample. If you want to sell a bigger, you know, high to get course. Give that as a mini course as an introduction, so you can do all that so your audience knows the kind of person you are. They are able to really relate to you before buying that. So at times you can also avoid a lot of refunds, you know, from getting from your audience, because you can tell them. Hey, I already gave you that idea. I order to give the inside you're really liked it, and you purchased it. So feel free to give them off. Freebie. Have a book or an E course where they can really grab it. Feel a while you gonna grade? You are idea. So I for my business have you know, a Facebook audit as a freebie, the big antique. And once they really find value in that, they then add it and, you know, get the maximum out of it. With my full package on Facebook ads on Facebook I audit. 15. Repurposing Idea 9: Quentin Idea Number nine is to create a webinar out off your, you know, out of your main love post. So I take my block post. I had a few points. I prayed a lot of market inside. I create infographics and I add that to my actual weapon are so I create a weapon or with a tear introduction that is just like 10 minutes long. Not more than that, because people might not be interested on my packet with tons of value. So people bringing know what to expect there, and I give them that Webinar again as a freebie are before selling ah, high ticket product again to them, I give them a webinar, so they are interested and they know my personality and style before getting into it. So there are a few basics off a webinar that you might have to learn before setting up a weapon are. But this is exactly how webinar looks. So once you get an idea of how it works, creates light grey presentations and help them understand the actual reason behind why you're trying to sell, give them all the testimonials, give them the good reasons why they have to work with you and Webinar is another great Chuy's for you to choose to repurpose your content because it's the full off value, remember to make it full of value. 16. Repurposing Idea 10: content idea Number 10 email your list. This is my by far favorite idea that I ever toe well, I would either of you. I like, you know, emailing to my list my life. I love great and videos, and I love writing the block host itself. So when you have to write, you know, when you ride these locals, sometimes when you have an email list and you have no clue water ever to do with this email list, you might be wondering, Well, how do I really put these things in order in place? And you realize that at times you might have to talk to your email list. You have to send them that content that they need, all right, And sometimes I sit in front of my system having great ideas, and I'm like, What do I send to my email lists? Because I'm supposed to send them a week in use later, and I have no clue where I'm supposed to send, but that's the time. But when I started testing out sending my block coast, all my videos that I created for that week from the locals people were really interested in , I started getting a lot of traction to my buckles to the weed Eos that are created and people started to really enjoy. So if you're just sitting and standing in front of the system as to what you have to send your in a list, I will tell you that sending your weekend block posts are weekly. Um, you know the videos that you create or even your Facebook life to drive traction to your Facebook page audio Instagram Beach. It's going to give you much more authority because you are letting the people know that you're in different places at the same time you're going to get likes at the same time you're gonna get. A lot of followers are also going to get a lot of shares on this. Trust me, then you are more open to your audience. You're telling them you're giving them full of value. That's when people will start buying from you also and gives you the ability to tell people that you create different types of content. You are an authority in your niche and that you know what to do, how to do and in the right way so instant. Sitting in front of your system and just sending them, not knowing what to send them. Every single week, it's okay to send you your block post, and I'm sure you're gonna get a lot of traction. And, yes, they are going to get a load of shares a swell tried and let me know. 17. Closing Thoughts: So here are my closing thoughts. Well, if you are considering and you should buy this time, be considering repurpose in your content. I would highly recommend you to stick to do the three different types of content that you will create. But remember, these will become your primary content creation technique. My family content creation is creating one long form of post, which is a block post with which I can clearly create a video, Facebook, lime and instagram post tips and quotes from one long form of counting. That's five different forms from one lawn for most content. So I have six different content types in total, which helps me grow. My business of really fast and at the same time helps me in establishing myself as an authority. So I would recommend you to find the top three or four content types if you're just starting out just fine through the three, you know, content types from the list that I've just given you and stick with these for the next three months. Once you have an idea, I would recommend you to go back and check out your Google analytics. I'm sure you would have already had, you know? Ah, clear increase in the way. You know, in the number of subscribers that you have, if you're trying to grow your email list, are, you know, big content types according to your goal according to what you want to do and try to leverage all these ideas. And I'm sure you're going to see a really increase in your Google analytics. And people would have already started seeing you as an authority in knowledge because you're making yourself available every single platform here. So try these types and also let me know in the comments. What are the three different types that you have chosen for your business? 18. Course Project: So here is your project for this course. Choose at three different types of content. If you're choosing it could be one article. It could be a block post. It could be a video. Create the forms of post on posted in your project section. I hope this was helpful on. I cannot wait to see all the projects that you are posting.