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10 techniques à connaître en CSS

Enzo Ustariz, Formateur en Développement Web

10 techniques à connaître en CSS

Enzo Ustariz, Formateur en Développement Web

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12 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Intro 10 techniques

    • 2. Sources

    • 3. Astuce 1 : Centrer en CSS

    • 4. Astuce 2 : Propriétés raccourcies

    • 5. Astuce 3 : Créer des formes

    • 6. Astuce 4 : Le selecteur universel

    • 7. Astuce 5 : Passer au-dessus de tout

    • 8. Astuce 6 : Effets de survol

    • 9. Astuce 7 : Img responsive

    • 10. Astuce 8 : CSS Toggle

    • 11. Astuce 9 : Surligner en couleur

    • 12. Astuce 10 : Maitriser les dégradés linéaires

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About This Class

Je vous propose ce cours qui va vous faire découvrir 10 techniques géniales en CSS.
Une manière ludique d'améliorer vos compétences de développeur front-end !

Au programme de ce cours 10 techniques à connaître en CSS 

  • Centrer en CSS,
  • Propriétés raccourcis,
  • Créer des formes,
  • Techniques avec le sélecteur universel,
  • Passer au-dessus de tout,
  • Les effets de survol,
  • Image responsive et qui booste les performances,
  • Un toggle en pur CSS,
  • Gérer le surlignage,
  • Maitriser les dégradés.

Je reste disponible pour répondre à vos éventuelles questions sur le cours.
On se donne rendez-vous de l'autre côté !

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Enzo Ustariz

Formateur en Développement Web


Bonjour à toi !

Je m'appelle Enzo Ustariz, tu me connais peut-être sous le pseudo "Le Designer du Web" sur les réseaux, notamment YouTube.

Je suis aussi le créateur de l'École du Web.

Mon Histoire ?

Je suis développeur Web depuis plus de 6 ans, et je me suis rendu compte du manque de contenu sur le web pour nous, Francophones.
Si tu décides d'apprendre à créer des animations avec JavaScript, fabriquer des sites et des applications web avec React, ou gérer une base de données avec Firebase, c'est un peu la croix et la bannière.

Et vu le nombre de compétences, d'outils, de F... See full profile

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1. Intro 10 techniques: I don't sell your tooth or Audrey on the world technique. Churchill own senses recesses of 800 people do up on the squad. Do need the technique here, and there are a big dude. Experience consists of a bustier. What happens there? Lemon er, The Sun Concepts is remotely certain appropriate. Er coughs each of his utilities and kill all the Met. Don't appropriate like a typical function. Yeah, come on. Credit from festival of Excess, says Selector. Anniversary service director. It well, because we want to get technical. Jesus, come on. Pussy or two due to stricter, Say says, give a proper to skating president. We want don't city specificity, so I welcome all felt the bones. If the over off Welcome on clean image responsive. That's a pretty offensive to Marshawn securitised. Revolve around attributes offset. It wasn't a compartmented up for monster com. Unfair on, says says to a girl on pure says Kama, found to get on processes. Social escaped until gets come with pressure on, but only can it have a sandwich? So what was it? Come on Strolling young karapatan them to defeat Semper text. Eight on Franco vomit visited. They got it in the aftermath of the neighbors. Don't don't put for objects just a narrow, so I appreciated that. Good. So don't you dispose your monkey me to sit on a portion of the video, Lieutenant up. Okay. And what to sell on a portion video attitude. 2. Sources: at our post in the technical sense, says Really found cut Source was a provocative Sharji Ages from the city Homicide Detective Coming off on some vacation quality to the technical exit. Alex, tell em to put only six years in America. Don, if you live in the same year really on Santa Monica Police doing for the clicker? Don't know ZBC Very dizzy Pale where they got a little It takes preparing. Know much disease visionaries to your car. You don't involve Landeck. Such damage. The best Kitty. See, if you quit to protest in public, I can understand it. Not as truce comes up here. Jack Dimon on his would want families with deported mission. Is this true spinning? I don't see on the life Salvador than to do that study on what sort of extension I call that a life somewhere else to worry about. Legs have attacked over the list. Rio Olympics estimates You feel like you are open with links ever. Don't you Are passengers with the mantra. Don't complain. It's your past comes out jacked. A coded. You cool on a California comes up, for example. Also, Index says, says the rest of AP on four factors. Technique. He see the ancestors attract folks that have all just onto. Expert says this was a couple of Bhutan. How far are they from click documents? You don't see the photo? I continue. Well, it's a cure for yours is the time to fill it up, which is a t. Tell the Texaco Rudy makes you jacked. Emit Dante Gracie. Next on Strong, twisted text in my class stack is something very very class. My class on the general tab on your tab wanders off in Derek a lady more nadie it would hopefully Don't jump like I'm defying. My class has taken on a G you don't want It was a civic center for the precision from tickled refused to wear Gagnon productivity. It's no longer needed bypass from William Affair with, said Brian Container on straight talk injected monster. They could only pray Joe to save. Activating almost exactly. Pictures to players are reduced to going towards salaries. Projected all that property at a poor masters on a portion video 3. Astuce 1 : Centrer en CSS: and on the product. Well, according to some, fixing were open with life's ever played. Well, you like some other. Studied on next on strong Soviets Got the owner leave. Is tribunal buried on some three on Says says. Okay, prepare some poetry. Met Other. What? Barra along valleys. What we'd like to model. Lend X Do restaurants. Jimmy over Tennessee up in the swell. Assesses There is just going to attract foreign interest inputs. Aces Don't official says disastrous U. S. Forces under attacks. It is probable that Bhutto Teoh don't overcompensate upon the technique. Pour some create not who s also introduced the monsters. There's gum on Sunday. Just don't exist, Friend Mariano. That's always on some cryonic. Frank's book says That's great, except I don't see Jenna to stick on it. Poor price to is a country for Obama. We see almost vanity. Very close broker. More digital creates. There will be a don't be on fishers to injury. Progress broke himself and you get an answer the muscle to it on the basis on sue for the knighthood, which in which the something said a hotel. Do the something said Okay, Anybody met on background midnight blue me that night. You know who carry some from Puma technique? A technical position. Absolute natural block is seeing what you don't get in position. Position, position. Absolute seven. A ploy to easy, appropriate top bottom or right left strokes. Italy mo e I'm going for popcorn for actually just made a collage of respect from the first data point for from William complimented on minimum position. Absolute innovate position the papa on on position. Relative position relative. It's in the prone position. Sq, not broke. You see either and power on British strong relative? No, in that could a body on street going on about the pompous? Don't give it to Jimmy. Popular with the police on creep off. It manages Reddick, You dope! Centcom Pops! Now we are the up service left Singapore Somebody might we see? Proceed. The same complex under a lot of it. Is Singapore some Notre Ami. We keep proper fit. Muscle Twitter profit moment. It's normal to say propose from the same gun. For Sandra Soto, we see cities. It's a confidence on the bus. If a little harmony the same compost on their love, It's not broken. Woman. Tillerson, come for some Notre coffee immunities. Both technique transform. Translate. Morrison comports on several Joshua weeks and once in comparison, so it doesn't really like it attacked the prophet muscle rigidity would suggest to me that we have created profit muscle tense often say Don't only push on the tail of the What I got on the TF x 11. Yeah, sweet, My second person so I can feel confident. Woman having Gallagher's home Auntie Value, she said. What puts you in absolute? I use a possum union position. The passage, everyone. The baton Key moment here, of course. Don't quit. Is everything cool? Absolutist on the pleasure to meet top function. Parkinson's function comes every, um on pushing a relative, a commander and so long for an entire off the ground. Do something means sublimated to one absolute if young. For our to Plessy addict uplift texutil. Dickov's a river sits by example. A poxy demo. Some clip off it. Mommy, you're comin on to a J A. T. Come with some more company president anymore. Are you imprisoned? Fix dimension. Remember nation Absolute complete quality about it. Actually, Estonia. Vincent excited, right evincing piece on the push on oppression, but to on absolute hypnotic control. Really met. Quell. Got to lose some Sleep off it modern, you know, Don't some ball who don't Deepak's Don't you see all suites come out there well regarded comes are overmedicated Don't if he comes up with both who is in terrible imagine emotions Oto zero. So there always number zero. Dude imagine, William, but it does have a cream are automatic ago she and what seemingly article? Some sort. Not concerned. So I crave a young a longer school year ago Shadow. What did you say? That much is clear. Automatic. No, you don't is on three pocket. Move it exactly in automatic. Okay, come on. People such as circumcising do best with just you ever do that? That was what I consider was officially adopted upon a circumstance. It's it's the particulate American with the pretty logical Well, I don't imagine Roto stripper hepatic for some three under Malcolm's matter was more sentences The A to Z welcome self image Asmussen function Purpose school do best on factories it amounted to broke upon to this past this planet Gershon What have condemned issues such a non? Come on. Really? Let's not make you Pacific to go inspect area. They want to respect that called the Ghoshal. What? Such criminals anymore? Not with Cuba Much Fisher, but being arrested, prosecuted Imam Countries basis. But then see the manual Dizzy bonier than in wits in 80 c Keep on coming to Especially Ghoshal. What dunk coupons that this past said this pesky continuum in Mount Off it beyond Kontic of in our own Poor met with Nash Automatic the duty successful. I do it every year. Yeah, but yeah, but no. You want always valid. What? Simple sex and mash. We'll keep up some all suites off. What are they? Desperate Flex like freaks Books don't come home, Auntie Jewish Buddhist image, would you? Which is, if x box on display? Flex through speaking with kitty Power said a line item center up up before you don't need no Tell hotel the best means somebody else telling some personal article This perfect sat transform limo Kadoma despair effects on this playbook. It says on France on the flex item. Okay, Don't you see that Holbrooke right flex item is the grief upon the pope pretty notable. Come on, speak its surface in Bagram situate whole Vidrio que Rico investor shrink 70 year invalid. Tricia, we are the judgments. And some, for example, your face up People call you chipotle. This person sits on said something clearly up assets for three seconds and it becomes like the May Fair sick over to see the result For the market on the meat is perfect. Said your booties. If you have a party process your weeks of age just very content is showing like a line. Items don't just very contents Iraq six Social. What? Yeah, This is good. If you contact e profit constantly negotiate what crossed your legs? Digs, line items rolling Units, relax. Dig like the number You don't go to some profit. My public speaking to fix bugs do as a decision according to shoot May of around put Fastenal Sentry profit months two weeks surely surely dormant up it the best. Such a cool body The body with toxic second season Jimmy, Savile Santa profit must really like sector Some books or something. Okay, okay. Off screws it up around ST dunk over facts. A demonic display did not accessible. This reflects this pregnancy. Poor sex is great. No, Come on, display greed or not really more like creating agree the buzz A like greasy and concerned counselling. More concern on fancy long for I don't practice up logic on the fact control it's some of you do agree. A Beyond Pretty Met, some political allying itself served seven years to remember Center, for example. They were thus setting this show you like justify self center, appropriated like it's just his personal effects on display greed showing off her body. You get the point. You always have to control our friend Budiono. Kingly sunny spaces should know more than Gazza. Homogeneity. Koran. No conflict of interest. There you go. Around the castle. Gas comes from this past. It don't gas approx profession, more city. Ah, simply more on Wall Street. I instead, if you just face it, said I didn't your mom. Still, each is really great knowledge in Kansas is excellent. OK, don't insert on gas on that. In your profit, more strikes destroyed. I don't something profit at all strong technique, which is this recording, says greed prosecutor with the Mets ammonia emissions on me. If you're not every position absolute, you think you have a suppressive agree? Yep, Someone function people Couple score against France, picked on by started with women like you Do not agree on something they don't respect. Okay function because she says okay at a minimum, but still text But critics on person Kriegel improve on federal by my measurements show they can roll. I'm sink like going Thankful family wanted sooner Relying city for text on fatty taste There comes a time in your normal the module and cruelty by itself Okay at all Uncle Monty C Probably lewd text that entender exciting Tinto up So don't go on the index down rockets and Russia will be the video display Great Nobody I don't own a not text insecurity profit Most on Twitter also block a shot Sam promote text Orion Center More separate image Nana to actually see already met salmon on background so more comes up some function Wada only make you know what to do something Context has consented to roast Some say may sister most always gets a pass Cholesterol do not takes perfect moment You owner, for example You can point to use the on call Fix books by I got it sewn into his fix books . Now the container Flex books don't to see some company that profit muscle tissue a situation like it also continues. Did you text? You take the entire don't understand employed? Is this me into technique? Have occurred? Text study on the Metro No taller than you See me there are turtles company relying hate to see this. Also complexity it up. McGee. Seven. Profit margins on three vertical. But also not everyone don't even takes the reins, and it's on Prue or we don't do climate do Profit Muscled context. Obsessed with Notre Avatar. Brooke. Come on March 98 for Imagining and Tricky Coop. Familiar note for note. Text. It's to do trail now. Notre. I'm Sutra on that. I wanted talks. If it does something, can't you don't say profit Mor mu hotel Doing totally fail out. Do not continue. You could suffering. Chyna's affection comes in. Must we don't over run there on their first day? Brutal, indeed. Like less taboo comes. An entire biographical class said that I don't love them. I think all right. The room for put hope on a Murder measurements came and said said technique in the tableau over doing it in order to do something, said his father, General Voir in town. Do something said about the public set up so that there was there was able there will be displayed table. A couple can taboo during the two different men also, and tableau any vertical? No, not who. Text offers on plants. Cell tub, Reebok genitalia. No text are intent or function. Polo is on display. Tabor Cell poker set up Virgin considered taboo Stone like reading your column on the vertical align meter comes up it up. System from you. Well, Bruce. Popular cover. Only taboo. Responsive festivals. Entree to text comes nose and tableau. Pamela Demand Some three on I viewed opposition absolute On every friends box, it's Confess it. Oh, come on, Pamela Me for game with secret Facebook's coverage of these APIs Kasumi deputy next several image actor. Most reflects items on your marginal to display greed, but I separate country saw me for that. Also, when I for coming fits in with the permission of the big it was our shitty should be easier . The tribute could says says Great song. Something posted you text line hate texting center. Let the government They also told foreign ministers 4. Astuce 2 : Propriétés raccourcies: okay. The government could do semesters. Inappropriate e cosi the vinyl esters. Doing so What Lou says says it and exceptional because you very you see, it's windy look like as block issues toe touch. I don't Well, I am. A single comes don't don't set down some pretty true salsa boots that protesters are appropriated. It exists. No, not a block. You see up registry doing in weeks. I don't think people tip it. So we see something said, you know, do get some pizza, for example. Attack Veronica. What? I stopped in prison General. The compound and simple. Okay, Background kid and the pressure to disease tomorrow System armed by Franco German Dhoni include welcomes attacks You get mom background your position exit there are and what is really the adjustments It up, up it comes up, Donald. Okay, background value in your to appropriate is the same appropriate Argosy are brought to physically near fatal. The freight appropriate I could see were battle importance. Not all. Therefore important snow tomorrow don't grounds removed on the background. I just wanted easy background it over Bracamonte. See, I think we're going to see that there was a little upset You know your point big. I don't want to pick on me before I confirm it. Okay. Here the forces which intimate when Kulemin to meet in your constituency vote for food and shelter. Bomb When you are on blocking Wa ho, you do into two areas talking Paula and produced. We see no access. I can't imagine a cooperative masturbated on the reliability on ST Issey on a plummet lab background position, one position sent up. What? You mean you don't imagine it? Burguan says cover if they see genius Trash area decision up. Self promotion promotion due to give a man a woman. But I couldn't on seeing the pretty particular ideas on the country's every background position. Astronomy centre A background size food is separate The rush of a premier begun position on streets of background size six. Empty your on the dummy Cruces are mostly Christian. Woman said appropriate. See, Don't include er a new ever no repeat for packing National I bet Center for contested on a central role in management control. Ality seeks cover poker. Getting Kulina. Let's pass this Putin because that's in diplomacy appropriate. Al Qosi president isn't made for fat. Also has to stretch on a big run position. A bigger in size comes out okay. Also it over a lot appropriate. Argosy Franta estan suit young over our family Appropriate takes on you don't from stay example Front weight The best show on the job And you're glad we show me somebody up on your own movie? Only on video Gone viral from size The government's When we met some complex there Bhutto Ordina attack were tortured in your line Hates from a dupe example about w totality Apapa Allah tie the buzzer to not text Saphir du four d Fallout ordering Don't climb What did you text or two on troops over? I don't have all the fun. Family Example. Sedition Exxon Advantica Restaurant Trinity Get her exit Criminal to tip Operated on Pretty Lavinia Don Appropriate a Popsicle mix up front Comet It omits in complexity for this separately. African Slash Do Are you serious? Don't come back or two on that center a c A cover on kiddo, But one position its size a c on our fun size, not online hate. So it's not a pompous Confederacy in Virginia City. The normal approaches the parks on the six Elevate your line. Hate from it. You could see the line. Hate. Get a battery related Thomas. Professor Deputy AG Roche Limit on Formula Two. Fun size answered slash committee but line hate except appropriate. Different. Keep it, Jim. Party comes up poor or vaguely to some. Also, don't pull the brokers. They're pretty inputs. Tenements shown on film. Metzler by grown onto. Come on, OK, hotel broken. Any mention any Mastro animation? Keep it together. Markoff may up to Leo appropriate animations. Aside for unanimous, you don't suspect incompetency led him astray When you for no animation name to on the savagery in Saigon. Easy notes of it. Taming function on Coumadin. Mr. Imus Fair is in outside video along with your family. No matter you rigidity in Savona, if you need no matter. Okay. Yeah, We on a roll the number. See a sea water like concrete. Poor lad Duration So they like Giuliani. Messed. It has gone completely. Certainly possible concrete. It's a silly, bizarre bmt produce aces. But if you cool night cleaner can you don't have any sort of touched on to our basic e frames doing them? Thanks. Not blow committee could I started. What's coming for? You see basketball? Baghran a minute by yet comes out. I don't really empty approval comes on E momento sounds for this song. Computer welcoming RSVPs Exactly. You don't know what kind of surgery Very secret function as they will post on any mess room . Because there was no going o nomics so tense for more state zero doing a simple so unwto dunk it transforms the date for something for something It's about It is I continue. And if you call me, if you need Okay, there were assisted appropriate Chakothi animation Grapple feminine Menstrual s background is appropriate across e. R. C performed for bridges, but hope and you should divisive among Quoc Ato that's a complete keep that would every do compound tipple Creative inf organisms predicted world on tiptoe for them screws capacity okay. And where appropriate A center is something you don't see these animals strong with the appropriate animation. It was a very mm shows epic transition Invited 15 December school seven film and it did that consists of people Peter Kansas, John Records. That's Pete's sake. Frames gone, visited by example from the modulation extra going in on the metro on different transitions to just pass it down. It they don't want to appropriate. Don't by example, I hope, the addition of its Sunni background surgery comment on Instagram The care ammonia is in out, I think. And the leaders of your producer called it. Don't come in them dick over Brooke. Thank only manned by going back like green lately. Yeah, it comes up poor and we're supposed to present a sea monster. Rexburg, Tiu, Tiu, Tiu tiu C appropriate are awesome, says says. Michael Says says if in the end you see dunk with a strong the Intacs. Ah, you had a funnel money in East City bar with Triple Patriarchal City. So we see the almost No, no, I wish we don't believe the garden centers do about the pageant exit. Er imagine, but English having without having left fighting topics that there are, for example, a blanket citizen up. I don't want to get on Project Ege betting a girl's second sub months of months of month. The pie at what number you know, they don't completely saysi exams. They told me you know what number? Gosh okay on booze. Very conservative Brigham Affair of empty except for Olympics around. Remember the peak set ago? Shadows appropriately, Margene Putting. Imagine emergency interest, if ever on Fifth Elementary. What about obesity? Appropriate. Er, closeness. Deeper. Eliza Pump. Ask your mom to world on amount. May a comfortable Can you prove you don't you don't play a people to keep Makudi profited. Okay, Hold on a portion and video broke The form up comes up, for example, keep us in the mind appropriate December. 5. Astuce 3 : Créer des formes: I don't want to propose a mistress. Create the former princesses. Just a new unfortunately. So they only others You click in the proposed introduction. Me, you know, separate sample contested percent. Executives see that's equal schools with currency. Poor Lester squat a cover up over the notes and x html working on for no match for not says that you see on the Lucescu our land eggs juicy to save them out back. It's about forcing. Do you have a look? Less like a Lou. Thank you. Okay. Don't look criticism at the fair. The animal, But is really imagine what would you do? You imagine? Is the fairly from a veteran appropriate except keep past comets Do fair. Yeah, I killed somebody. Metal background he managed Don't have a phone for No, we did on a promise success. Trippett back one position center on West Someplace or the media remarriage quickly. Are you my grand size cover on, Obviously much cooler to less past Canada committed is going up people we don't see with simple song ate somebody. Ashton, we have some new part who ate. Don't some people 18 examples keep us pretty good being broke. Not former. The blimp lasted recruitment For assurances over, he met Context. Orion Center Russian President Donald who deliver accurate. You only met what what Wasin could off so much example. Reproaches agent processes Temperamental. Sansa's affected your percent, but in terms this isn't going to fun size. And when you met on this time in your woman, it's not limited. Sensory France was probably was on that day. Okay, don't you see? Not imagine looted mattresses from your rectum. Convertino Macrae informally keep us over a secret passage between ST Coordinate Its according even form a new farmer crane from club events and book. So zero sausage maker events is the next time a perfection in you For whom want Papa Ukrinform? Okay, Deployments as a function part wasa creating from Don Van Sank off sounds your EQ zero Boston story like, said the accuser station where they killed a grocer. What did Vincent? They may be able to compartment stop caves and get about these rumors that a compound hospital struggling portion which is why some pork since your ex 0% Sure you don't create some partner. Nina comes. I can imagine concerns sample some, then sing pop songs ever comes to get the event sing pop songs you don't see it is that simple. Central 80% story. I don't see the point, you see. Okay, so some critics species, it was important for us. What some can support some strikes. Negotiate. What is something? So so you like. Do Tomba Tomba? Yes, but sometimes personal choice. You know, there is the old Boston showing some poor showing like you've yet to debut Two weeks a sample some investors do between form, function and fit on Web Important connect. Really? Are they convincing pork? Centrowitz is also a I could Easy Last Events Inc convincing person is they're also feeling like zero up on sweet on our economy. See a comedian sample some strikes, regulated a book. It was all the Oprah show like Sudan. When I see depravities, a person can sportsmanship wakes wasted carrier they negotiate. What premonition it like this person can support The measure is some for some story. I don't to come up infested. Yeah, 0% is simple. Centrally. Isn't the donates that you said form? It's the religion sample Sitcoms accurately form because that's what happens. Securities emerge 60 toe the past maker. It was a gamble. Sit separately. Pieces of that meteor activity. That was the affair. The kid passed on something professional. Yeah, they don't see on. Ah up. The only ultimate is it. That's pretty good. No Presidio. A plant some promote You don't like This system is a funeral. Mamata Young. Okay, you don't keep a proposed by my pillow. Pali Pali were completely pregnancy. You don't feel proposals like to go next year I will them to shoot a point where this is the only created shows special on Pacman crustacean. Answer to the first upon the points. If it were a professor, amount to stop the shows. They keep us like this after city Hot young couple please keep your feet on the form consisting of Happy monster Deforming negligible considering what control? Every seat comes up. Don't you love Maharaja s having the media queries that they are a part Children's doing something larger Do not use it may be unfair office attention to cool or keep best pockets Affection for my more important See bigger, magical boj Not for text Ganymede, Whatever it is. Don't Okay the form we don't have a monkey informed May on Ukrinform. Sample divide Professor Mahmoud Jaballah. Poorly pity the country. Get a German cream from Pakistan Cuba Music Deputy particle as a nation video introduce for your trip in the time honoured to avoid Kelly pointers to see there was a It's like some personal sweets is there was really, like some person still ekes Get convincing person you like is simple. Thank bringing baskets and done okay if I were younger, just roback, Professor. The Algeria Lakota Responsive and could accept that it is the common 1% pastorally particle fear Sampaoli meet women met for diplomacy Or did you fail assistant from, like him? Came good whore. But yet the amount especially critical control via video on that just ahead proved efficient. More responsive. Okay, what about Quintana? Popeye said a portion estrus. Restrict yourself attitude. 6. Astuce 4 : Le selecteur universel: I also told you Cool. Don't add up under 12 people contributed touch sitting on your desk You sick restrict on your assets about selector system due to seduction. The CBOE Clemency office fare Class container Don't Let's fair 12 paragraph Don't believe what? Welcome. So but don't let's make a local example all sweet. An entire was in East affect the early for six Park. Some comes out I don't want Did you text with Chef? Accepts here are emit moving Isuf it Liza Courageous It was. It was a video. Don't complete. Don't don't let up on top of a common 0.5 to 6 shooting, it welcomes it. Well, it's background could do upon on my gun law. OK, self Stryker directly apologies that out of Bhutan, exit articular on my condition it up, but it specifies district area cooler Pacific Tanya. Okay, except I mean to sit next to no time on fairly simple, confident should control commands and Porsche and Citic that they are on the Siddiq Don. You have said for after books a using bold all books. It is on the packaging. Imagine the buzzer to reasonable. I don't review the speaking the issue. Insurrection Tour of condoms under six. So the amount of stuff prosecutors tamale. Absolutely. Mom before After new sample to ship. Restrict on your stay list. Actually, sitcoms are before a concert or Maybach sizing bottle books acquits itself upon Uncle Luke petting a gray compensated boardroom border. I don't care, depending a the ball DoCoMo A lot. A lot. So calculated on function dissipating culinary oddities after some poppers um, blonde ascetics that they are like the pizza tradition. E like insect antipodean tone port is a little moment to compensate our strategic petting a city more seva seven complete Donatelli infected. You gonna do with respect? Implant? I let it. Okay, suppose cycle. Quantities of books A single, depending. Imagine him on the best horse bedding a woman. No se Teoh One very major. Imagine Imagine a separate, competent continent debutant Jon reduce agencies Esposito let it with the money I shined that are on the march Don't open put on Wickham's No, no, no, no. On street to Lamar Julian agreements for the Booty Doo buzzed, But I don't suppose I made the wrong way. Separate Fallon macho slaves placed over Janet control. Okay, You know technique Spirit has entered some marriage music I might question system bridges Vonda Discursive Levandusky comes appropriating about Libyans reported on polar foxy at just reported an alligator. A long exists the thunder poor folks. It sounds, for example, exist. What keeps comes out basically comes out with kids tech they don't conventional pick up We did consistent up Don't affect refundable automatic to raise any more in your public On the roof Loic project emerges It is consistent to reason Safari on the way down for well, most again former our oldest easier it will bison pool I don't know what consistently strong the monkeys were supposed to be a jeezy Almost seven conservative under like city are poor, Just reported appropriate Taking something that you never get a separate self here on ST Skipper Prison Terrace on seven Nobody is upon the containing over He met background pink background light green doing themselves like you get all the what? A decision on Venus Direction it to listen a monkey So don't moan Container So yeah to the paragraph. Year a off to scare. Come on, phone Donahue Container commerce professor People section it up container It comes with me by going to our cell function it toe former whilst your phone size uh, Tom pixel values on tack on What's our function able to study at the park office. Secure Donald Coolest Exeter Contested presidential comes already. Container Executive. It's a bit too liaison from twisty remark Yadana container. Simple lives separate in short staffed Study for the next erect on your position on that personality But it isn t easy. Dub Bhutto makes it a top bottom left. Right If I'm interested this up, up or love someplace Cities anymore Okay, so you don't recall 700 access appropriate. I don't see much nausea. Mayor up second pick, sir. Up where you could be part after I adjusted Pretty depressed dejected position or a TV time for song for the past Ammonia said technically presented south of sexually Tool is on phone Presidium on doesn't continue its cycle more terrific is more important But what I love Ah come on down Inspector lady most consider nipple important Okay prophecy at ST Paseo to come on about a specificity maximum studio 7. Astuce 5 : Passer au-dessus de tout: also to pull blues Thank you is the lesson chemistries don't do too at all. The specifics still says says law, schools that have worked in the same apartment found paragraph like class takes. Did it idea more? Take steak. I don't want it. Hello, I'm sank. Men know over Donald, who says says it's see seizures Sibling three part after long Me on background seems certain. Take up Michael Sam's school affair. Local shall attend. Your text comes in. Cycles are cycles. All 12 works from should. Come on. Andrew Selector. Peace, respect on selector. Damaged specificity Prove bus. You see up. Remember, Trevi simply takes the exam and background green and just see not class give. Alan Parties showed a big car like lesson. Specificity gone happy more or less. Director class on sweet 80 on street off our okay, Don't see section where the Stasis When a person Gasquet said yes, normal sure visiting. Remember specific sticks that have coalesced. I got circulated. It can upgrade, said Scott, six Young, but like a scott, keep getting. I got off lemon on the outside like Cascadian work of science base. If she's stepping on it or not, Lady go when I play Monty by ground cell bud Light up Seva Some again Led shoe Late class is surely sector scope of where our Papacy to solve of our remotely and portal When, Why sit important a taxable bustle Sassa and specificity on Capri Gonna I d class Billy Selector Menachem on purpose But do not ideas on that in nine stain comes and I'm going will you see to get together They don't break the other says says background. The poor euro green packs on your brain comes up it wakes of a new atsu. So when you go through the ladies, don't lean Einstein read What's your dissector on the crest? Do ready it could embassy or 2 39 stated Don't raise are important on it is almost create and puffed on a plate Appropriated Well, you could see Memphis City, Siddiq told Oprah about a dance studio. Okay, separates a super terminated exist uncle and there have technique professor to to rape during a sale. Notices on the Mukri important you see down in line senses up top to do the two schools. Everything don't even fit that on strong coverage is a Democrat party civil marriages like passing money, come from Damascus. Fred Savage appropriated stone on the road to the specificity validity and in Chiapas notices it back on. For example, you hamburger, your pictures. Given a poem, he is past number to sit. If we did album so much past, I mean the average is important. Employees would report him the first prosecutor. Very good. Okay, problem for the reality is a dude for for doing the show is a part of life. Total because they need is important. Don't Savoca. Monza abdicated stienstra in between in Paktika specificity of appropriate for natural Arabic with democracy Studio Acidic Class A. J. You don't conduct urine component them like Don't line stating that normal people on the says says in nine minutes between technique purposes to do tomorrow on it is important to what a poor technique to permit the passage through the Tsujimoto. Any Manama work because they feared the Shoval Case QC could is a fits over here. If you were credited 8. Astuce 6 : Effets de survol: okay. Also twisted you could if it's over and if it's over a second over over in contravention on the moments too childish. E o sen. If you name a strong foods, have a fat something you see on ah, no country. The decision means keep video of the roster. Just party party, 20 structures In speaking on what just suggestions from between. Just for a walk from room following burner transistor in burning on boring fits provided for in transit Because it's wrong all over your do. So going, isn't it? Also, video cures upon Triple Beauty is in out along with your left it up to the music man, you don't want any much more fair is there were reduced to one say Tonka graduate. Okay Street. And if it's a vertical, unable to remember the class that's the one anonymous from the best you could do shows the background a social background not takes immune over people. So what if they got emotional for the nation to defeat simple volley duty shows Women talk about their perceptive for politics today. Gendron Artist Inspector Textron's secularist. If it produced strange story at this from a thinks we're going to connect, readies. You see a weapon. Hence the best. Something almost confident. I'll confess to, you know, Come on, tap up a group of examples. See, uh, quickly. Sound like so sexual easy if you could let consistency vice activities Samberg aqui couldn't see was a script. Men video was kept of Ah, counterfeit credit cards is shown in the past Executive or keep appreciate it. 26. Take about Suppose that Jimmy has kept of Tennessee. I think it's a simple tea party with your passing cooker. Guys are what city were planted Do then you met Strong given. Ah, Commander Activity. Okay, Don't comes that Jack to Monson's active over more new varsity on concessional. Corrosive. I'm outside of any mass from the bedroom on the sound Likely return the point for all of recorded in march Domestic for Britain doing classes on camp. So the right amount. I'm sorry. My foot rolling metal content for a position. Absolute stop zero left left. Do something. Sell. It was in the army. Put in a park up its implement position. Relative could soon Papa anymore said you come to comply Pretty powerful on the okay. Don't object. Puts you in a park Don't don't left the something sell widzew upon or something. Some that we know to other kept it said by grown uh, pretty mid 2012 comes out it cause its wrong all alone isn't out. OK, even under cool Come over a couple enemy pseudo remorse over a very clear but over the pointed plant. You know, when I met her left, Zopp said The Afghan people I mean I left Do something like that you see on the Internet. For Bhutto, a theological restriction are usually fairly. Do don't plan on your top zero left the sump itself usually Bracamonte sister met her Bhutto zero a left minders on one of salt. Did you call here What's acceptable? Secretary for a letter insisted any much quicker if you called Indiana to absolutely monkey junior. Gosh, let's department German fruit. Either Numbers could show me, but after intensive over after I don't see it skidded past cash Mycoskie President Yang exact a mosque especially okay, I have on very dinner Schwab Kocsis. Well, it's usually politics. Constitutionalism that sounds is shown the forward rate that level like thank you. Don't ever say activists set you see conversation to accept despite capsule passes up a photo Faster photo phobia time. I met him on the bus, but still absolute class back onto a volunteer Bastianich over Primal. Since you were a little over two before the father, crucially among the best. Okay. Don't have a cigarette. Before I left, I got four After the exact amount of them shows is still unclear. And anymore Pop wanted to boot. Owned the best s a good, really cool over the Met Top zero pixel left Do so thank you up. It's a recording that comes up. Is he? Where is everybody? Clear after after you cause I fell into a trance. Something up comes out. Okay, this is plan from plant. If it did the shovel possibly imagine around on your own social reality for makes it It becomes a conflict to do class transits from what is imagined responsive attitude 9. Astuce 7 : Img responsive: okay. Don't suggest you from Of all the document found, you manage my sponsor Excessive When you set the image prospected, imagine what can you defend off? We could date what else that you managed to about it. It's so not much. Completes its magical compressive. Yeah, they're only it is majority input. Phallic Photoshopped exit. Alusi don't really match compressive pre leisure, don't we? On what? The bones. What a defense. That particular complex issue is here. Did you sit tight, Melo 76. Get something. You could fit districts there on. The difference between the marriage comes up. The economy even completed across the group. Well, over the one difference enormous is truly performance of What's it they have pretty much conclusive upon a lot of Proust. Repressive. Sometimes diabetes is your city. Imagine event like you're saying form one C four months. Remember about there's returned from your book. It involved the just a feeling you, Naji whose we won't take more filling your responsive upon you imagine. Imagine big city manager fantasy Don't Ibuki needles. They can't compounds dispersed, elicit some pickup Example. Imagine lead. Okay? Yeah. Studies is the video is giving Imagine debut. I don't wanna be matched It about received me any power responses on some sort of catastrophic sediment. Strong the bus country Hydraulic home. Don't don't over Geno notices Processes set. Police Just email said component image. It was remote with some 48 photo. Okay, so I don't want some books on the larger side. Empty street festival. Okay, it's depending on the company. Are pituitary condition of objectivity? Second, Okay, we don't commit treason. Attribute. So set met with attribute. Is owners who did that? Value menu comes up You don't like sources It it's a yellow Can you imagine Compressed big Get something to prove it And I guess coz every year so you could see on on soup there Cut sandwich known to get some pixel garage met Automatic monarchs Automatic modeled Imagine complex Seen All three of you know Made high c not imagine big security Come on prove what is functioning But they don't want Inspectors have unusually concerned moisture We have to see normal super number If memory did the coach evicted Hope to plan what to say Up comes up comes back with conflicting inspectors and the man story marriage invalidated on concert in what felt? Dua zero point current. Assess it. Thank you. You don't get system. Don't affect a little community. Six units that do suit don't work. So I imagine you take it. Sassy comes in for perfect despot. It's comes from the in the beyond. What? Bankruptcy? Not imagine semen on. Very very on Reputed Larger A larger up on the in suit must be around Sudan. Scum affair Really complicated. It's going through an official tiger just revising its environment of Adriatic home, you know? Yeah, This report Sound suit gets on. Okay, don't Christmas. We got some survey actually easy in an online service after one spectator Come to that. Are you not concerned? Fresh juice not emerge. Complex point Don't screw this choice are two different on oak unity Shells on the sea packet of complicity in the performance. They would sit joined, my mom boosted, prosecuted his emergency plan reproved The plus doesn't sit The Manyara national almost second full found on so on about this Imagine Goemon. Okay, A profit Centre Street putting money kiss Trump's tax system is a crude Statistics 10. Astuce 8 : CSS Toggle: okay on your women on pool. Unless there are two girls on pure sources and two girls, they can't hold off original content clicks tree on the animosity And imagine watching your own funeral escaped the compounds together. Impossible. A street on post harvest in class says there's on travel Sleep Pull on you making sure on where you kick shows Who anti lodge activities that direct attacks It existed Technical says says they put checkbooks. Calmness is fair indeed. Every class Africa lshaan scripted key deputies At what cost the proof they now together start fallible label folks for a girl Don't agree to get I bet says Mancini Hungry knows an impact missile. See? Don't function it Limpert check box checked books have yet to see A only so to deport you. LaBella a lady format, remember? They don't care. Affectionate takers Vice Commander Sampley Eagle Mo Blutrich boxes input checkbooks. Okay, The second important decision. Every this is the party. You are a little bit of a functioning for generally they don't proof or what? Ideas? People. I just met him to class. Come up cash. Okay. Okay. Don't on a C restaurants sit. Just checkbooks. You the money for were not, says the girl. Get a wiki page at the same organization. That particulate okay, the meeting with the simple song waited in some parts of the best on time. This play Flex just frequent in center on Our Budgets. Facer for just very content. Center Lane items center on Santa Museum along through It's actually like William announced a profit. Most places. What happened when it went to 20. Sincerely. Okay, I'm not a Kentucky court together upon pickup. See, British critics exit Joshua Tree over your different direction. Couldn't yeah, the difficulty are not input. Yuko released some of his own to desert on Corn Flakes. Direction could on it. You know we do. There's something said, You know, tell do something said Do something said it marked something's it looking like super. I know they don't do studies in labor. Don't come. JC, What you met I'm by growing sank. Did sis pass it for a stag? His human set? What are okay? Only me and my team just all do. Nobody said it was well, sometimes you get only me about their edges. Go the Reggie's sink. It said It's all about his long Wendy went up on a computer class. Cash visibility hidden up some cash. You know, I still don't get what I mean. Cash only made position absolute back on the agenda. Pretty kids through a canoe. Weapons may still infected. Do Inspector Carnival. A concert, a competency, not import, maybe cash. She here because I'm your question absolute. Even passes through a very impressed on the weapon. Thank you to prove that they are. It just sounds 100. Check it and check it out. Let QuickBooks also coming on the point. Sean couldn't do planted after on accessing that for it's not difficult what he meant. Contents font size is something. Said it will continue. But you get that from Oh, take a normal What? Okay, sit down on the food critics from Even though we are this going hashtag took her the project. I'm not saying that I did feel a petition. Utilidor comes she simply and getting them on the left. You are short on content on the top, Lepidus. Touch it like a seminar about the attack on and sugar on pure sex is okay. Don't you see? The Children can put it places you in focus is What is it? A monkey? Remember, It is what I just some themselves. We focus report me, see? Swallowed a street around. Don't you see that the going up the trumpet it is £11 lung function. Okay, now where LaBute off its They do create a n'importe to see sort of a pocket chaotic lab in cash in put a little more Cheon Soo yung. Poor convicted felon. Him after I to me like you're Justo fell particularly on JC ordered left. Just help them through a professor. I, uh wheat sent guns eight singled. Okay, Cloud normal seven up on that. What? I'm not particularly See it over to a stranger to see what I could. Up I go. Thank it's Show me a feather. Yeah, that's wrong. Suffering to them. Now you've found Took it. Don't you need to get so Isis Empire Film Time on the moon. The Israel Israel attacked says the shocker pen Could Pinsent City permit fair Suspended. Ben comes as the other the Deportees Rodeo in Newport. Ah, Doctor might be good. Touch damage. Sisters have escaped. I don't work on the budget script discourse. Schools compete fair tax on new complete motivates So we're comes up Says available for the cultural country Kicking Chicken Checkbooks Street See a monkey Ella Street Not import about Model Chrissy Billy Jeff Dicken on our checkbooks Do cushy Jane abide Doug. Okay, let's look at the you see on a PR and even that he gets from Cuba Honorable to report which is with the firm's Paronto Andre fisa TCL input checkbooks Lula bed don't over cash on ST Patrick Books under the opera Lebanon Economy has performed The song comes on a sweet on to know all of that gets you what you could And if it gets going up a limpet Mirella member You going progressively I make a pretty to the college director Or to select option up? Yep. Makes up suddenly to get some power, we'll give him a proper arrest. Student acquitted 11. Astuce 9 : Surligner en couleur: I don't even know apart is showing me on Korea estrus. It's also indeed Eric like, Let's continue if you won't like the fact that this example he soon found them. But she saw no and medical text meeting moved. You don't consume on Rogers to keep him to put size. Don't know recesses going spawned on the manhunt with Virginia with a single Dixon away number, some MPs said ago Shadow. What for tech? Okay, we're gonna shops Take on our commitment for some context. You know that you text the 11 met on text aligned Just if I ever got a Christian for my through text Common tipper blogged over McClancy from family Some great individual statins after cucumbers shoot UniChem's on the mountain clone on blue The best part among the best in Korea Difficult is the injury resulting. You're shooting ash records showing the actual text comes up, Papa. Okay. No, Come on. Company unit. It is class Absolutely. My bottom six jumps to the most extreme. It's you personally. Don't kid a kidder hungry. They just run by growing up a soprano petunias citizen and sit in principle. You're it comes out through some past MTR purses Someone who's a Philly for the Sheldrick. Extras took Sanjana Thomas for Exotic Debra. What? I don't have a look to the really more six show Teoh Jack Tomorrow or body at Them with the provisioned comes out the public 0.6. Thanks a lot. For example, Light Karina Like green parties, I'm take It's ever going to booty. A conditional up the parable. Likely you like tech geeks are doing a two body comes up. What? We had a great example. Dig very calm. Come said you takes hold most of the background. If we get emotional texture domain, all I can say Peduto Text radio text shadow ah limit bags on through sinking, sinking, sinking starts to accept exceptionally likes and exited through incluye shows A normal text but which don't sit at home waiting. Push on traffic A subsidiary amount. Six. A martial conserve amount strategy. Bhagwandas for functional Apparently Korea Double twist it. What Approval of protest To see civics show a Prophecy Street. They got the truth 12. Astuce 10 : Maitriser les dégradés linéaires: I don't give up on Daniel party over the mid. He's already got in there on a C in the books on a don't you? Only violence is so I don't know. Do sisters Dishonorable index processes come to be treated according book system upon affair. Dig lady Lenient was attracted to some pop. Okay, so maybe I do number growing the Bussmann on bridges a background in magic The big gardenia Avoid Koesterich. Um dizzy magic is he only played really know on me a gradient comes up a prime example permit It's have a fair jack Tomorrow on the ball becomes actress Julia Propose on the damages Equal are deja exist on bison through Selman Pink December Why did we come spoor and sometimes do come So what kind of a month of the other require up with him? Ultimate treasure street like green comes out Tax Avenue strategy to improve Miguel Montes was in Jack's room at all possible family Very obvious region media hysteria. I don't go to debut, have a disk image And so the carrot for the airport Do they operate by two? Right to write Mean younger Don't really do gush And what to write to the Ghoshal. What information? To a consequent Bootham bar exam. Tak, it's unfair! Do it on the on A bigger, more on year project to top. Right? Somebody number a grocery skull at what comes up? Yes, I pulled a Joe Action Figure Marshal The Duke rape exam can sing great tech up seven Yellow fact, I'm always gonna veer See, Dubas is older Great city Don't mess it up Number don't usually do great Get home delivery Tax seven Tony off it Coming Comments Gotten compression Jury say demotic really do Great Poor old classroom Vickie Pastor Ahmadinejad Immediate street corner You need the crops suited for example is film Spandau Papa Example I met Dunk More Blue Constable Song Sweet White The Town Topple Song Just go wait for sensible So up the way I want to discuss if you Ah you mean generative looks like sounds 100 sometimes a governmental interest on waiters in sports I don't want Infinia Vic head so sensible So it absorbs a fit And I put me on obsessive for couple of months to right up there with don't to write party the social What answer? To see blue just called on top. Also on the hunt for discussions on simple sounded Yablon. It's on this used to be before the red sun tip off some poor a part of the job. Okay, Don't put me on a daily gradient gradient access the audience. Let him trust me on Barton Jameel, you Sue, for example, background up a over met decoder lights because I mean that a moment later. Okay, cool back. Some dignity. Light green is not a terminus is harmed. Your Jacobs don't go perfectly to write. Exited the position that have been cynically right Green Get 20% off your reporting on what they're serving the assistant pastor A vote on the termini of a super tea Kool Destined technique says says, And this is something normal search from school tramples. I've met psychic 12 since that the previous situation when platform eso I catch primer noted down on the group brought the portion territory portion cruelty portion portion