10 easy warmups for singers of all levels - Create a fun commute playlist you can practice anywhere | Jayne Carmichael Norrie | Skillshare

10 easy warmups for singers of all levels - Create a fun commute playlist you can practice anywhere

Jayne Carmichael Norrie, Singing Teacher, Entrepreneur

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5 Videos (50m)
    • 10 Easy Warm ups Chapter 1 Get Ready

    • 10 Easy Warm ups Chapter 2 Creating your sound

    • 10 Easy Warm ups Chapter3

    • 10 Easy Warm ups Chapter 4 Building your sound

    • 10 Easy Warmups bonus video


About This Class

How do you feel about warm-ups?I'm sure some of you think they're boring and dumb.They are an essential part of your development as a singer.  

They shouldn't be overlooked or done in a half-assed way to get to the more exciting stuff.

Think of them like an insurance policy for your voice.  


A good warmup routine will instill a good singing technique into your mind and body. 

So, next time you try something too advanced, or you haven't prepped properly for it, it's the warmups (your insurance policy) and the good technique you have established from that which protects your voice.  

Even when it's YOU that's being dumb, trying to do vocal acrobatics that you aren't prepared for (oops).

Warmups are VITAL for your voice. 

Good warmups will improve your singing.   

You won't even notice they're doing it, because you'll be too busy having fun and being motivated. 

10 Easy Warmups makes it easy for you to look after your voice, and to have fun.

We've created a collection of warm-ups for you to use. 

Create a fun commute!

Don't be frustrated when you're waiting in traffic; seize that opportunity to do our warmups and keep your voice ticking over.

Slay your playlist

We show you how to keep your collection together in a playlist.  Then we show you how to make a Spotify playilst which you can sync with your computer or your phone.

I point-blank refuse to do a lesson without warmups, and I can't think of any respectable singing teacher that would skip over them.





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Jayne Carmichael Norrie

Singing Teacher, Entrepreneur

Hi Skillshare

I'm a professional Singing Teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

I'm an entrepreneur, mum to my cute fur baby Chico.  I'm on first-name terms with the baristas at my local Starbucks.

For the last 9 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom to doing 3 minute pitches in front of HRH Prince Andrew.

There are many pictures that are more fancy than this, but I think this feels the most like the natural me - with Chico behind ...

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