10 Ways to Survive Indie Publishing

Susan Quinn, Author and Rocket Scientist

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    • 10 Ways To Survive Indie Publishing


About This Class

A 30 minute webinar covering core ideas from the Indie Author Survival Guide by Susan Kaye Quinn.

Indie Author Survival Guide

(note: the second edition of the Guide available May 2015)

This book is for every author who's thinking about indie publishing, or has already taken the leap, and wonders why no one told them about the sharks, the life-sucking social media quicksand, or the best way to avoid sales-checking, yellow-spotted fever. This is a guide for the heart as much as the head. And because I promised myself that I wouldn't write a book about how I made a gazillion dollars publishing ebooks, I would write about the fear: owning it, overcoming it, facing it. From a person who didn't pursue a creative life for a long time, and then discovered creativity can set you free.

Note: gazillion is a technical term, which in this case means something less than a million and more than the average income in my state.

Susan Kaye Quinn is the author of the bestselling Mindajck Trilogy and Debt Collector serial and has been indie publishing since 2011. She’s not an indie rockstar or a breakout success: she’s one of thousands of solidly midlist indie authors making a living with their works. This book is a compilation of her four years of blogging through changes in the publishing industry. It’s a guide to help her writer-friends take their own leaps into the wild (and wonderful) world of indie publishing... and not only survive, but thrive.

See more at her website.


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Training from practicing, successful creative professionals is invaluable,in my opinion. This course delivers, in less than 30 minutes, a tremendous value for the time invested. Excellent.
I had never considered indie publishing before this video as I had a lot of misconceptions on how hard or unprofitable it was. I'm very glad I took the time to see what an author who has experience in this field thinks. I will definitely be thinking of this as a possibility in the future. The only thing I would like to know more off was how to make yourself visible in a market that I assume is very saturated. Lots of people are self-publishing so there is an influx of new stuff and old stuff. How would one go about standing out from there?
Eva Joti

online writer, film-lover, amateur photographer.

An excellent summary of the major points from Quinn's book, Indie Author Survival Guide. As a newly published indie author, I can attest to the value of every one of these ten points. Well worth the 29 minutes to watch and listen. Thanks!





Susan Quinn

Author and Rocket Scientist

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Susan Kaye Quinn is a rocket scientist turned speculative fiction author who now uses her PhD to invent cool stuff in books. Her bestselling novels and short stories have been optioned for Virtual Reality, translated into German, and featured in several anthologies. Susan has been indie publishing since 2011, but she's not an indie rockstar or a breakout success--she's one of thousands...

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