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10 Ways to Get Your YouTube Videos to Perform Better

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

10 Ways to Get Your YouTube Videos to Perform Better

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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12 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. 10 Ways Welcome

    • 2. Tip #1

    • 3. Tip #2

    • 4. Tip #3

    • 5. Tip #4

    • 6. Tip #5

    • 7. Tip #6

    • 8. Tip #7

    • 9. Tips # 8, 9, & 10

    • 10. Bonus Tip #1

    • 11. Bonus Tip #2

    • 12. 10 Ways Project

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About This Class

In this Course we'll go over 10 ways to get your YouTube videos to perform better.

YouTube is an extremely competitive place.

Nobody wants to spend hours & hours creating the best piece of content they can…only to find out that it doesn’t perform they way they’d hoped.

You want to know ahead of time that your video WILL perform before you put massive amounts of effort into creating it.

These are the EXACT tips I wish someone would’ve shared with me when I got started on YouTube.

I hope they help you jumpstart your YouTube growth if you're a smaller creator with a new channel.

If you're an experience YouTuber, I'm sure there are some tips you might not have heard of, as well.

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. 10 Ways Welcome: Welcome to the 10 ways to get your YouTube videos to perform better course. Now there's gonna be a mini course. It's gonna go very, very quickly, and each specific lecture is going to be broken down into each of the 10 different ways. Obviously, to get your YouTube videos to perform better, I think it's gonna go very, very quickly. I think it's gonna be very streamlined, and I think it's going to be very beneficial to watch it in that order and be able to consume the content fast so that you can better understand each of the waste to get more out of your YouTube videos to get more reach on the platform. Obviously, to get more subscribers, get more views, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera and ultimately grow your channel a lot quicker. So with that being said, I wanted to welcome you to the course and let's jump in to the first election 2. Tip #1: tip number one is to create your thumbnails, entitles ahead of time and to understand why this is actually very important, you have to think of it from the perspective and psychology off the viewer. What process do they go through when they click on a video and actually decide if it's worth watching or not? Usually a farm Naylor title interests them. Then they click. Then they might spend a short period of time deciding. Okay, is this video what I clicked on? And am I actually getting what I bargained for? And if you create your thumbnail entitle first, it's so much easier to them after go and create the video that the viewers expecting. But if you create them after a lot of times, the video won't be paralleled exactly with the title and thumb now, so it might turn people off when they click it and then find out that the video is not exactly what they came there. 3. Tip #2: now Tip number two if you're struggling to find good content ideas, but you want to ensure the videos you create have the best chance ahead of time to succeed would be to search for proven content. So what you want to do, and I'm gonna show you really fast here, is you want to go to other YouTube creator channels that are very, very similar to yours. You want them to be, ideally being the same niches yours and roughly the same size as you, For example. Right here, Right now, I'm sitting at about 15,000 subscribers, so I'm not gonna go to a channel that has 200,000 subscribers because they're gonna rank a lot better in search and suggested than I will. So it'll be a bad indicator. Ideally, I wanna find somebody that is below maybe 100,000 or more, ideally even below 50,000. But, you know, maybe like 10,000 to 50,000 and if I can find somebody like that, then that's pretty much ideal. So what I'll ideally do is I'll go find somebody that has a channel that's very, very similar to mine in both niche and size and I'll go to their most popular videos. So let's go to their channel. A good example of this is Adam are Fisher. Hey, makes also arbitrage radios and also private labeling videos. So it's very, very similar and nish wise to mind. It's like make money online that also Amazon. And what I'll do is I'll go to their videos, like I said, and I'll sort to through most popular. Now you'll notice here that I made a video just like this. His most popular video right here is my first Amazon product. That true results, while I'm made a video exactly like this with my own spin and my own failed private label products, and literally copied his same exact, you know, title and thumbnail idea and put my own spin on it with my own experience. Now, you could do this with a number of other channels, and you're not always gonna hit, you know, Just cause he got 100 60,000 views doesn't mean that I will on my video, But it is a good indicator that there's an audience for that topic, so it basically just gives you a little bit better, you know, reassurance essentially ahead of time that, hey, there's an audience for this kind of topic and somebody with a similar channel, size and niche hit on this video before. So maybe you will as well. Now, General Thumb is, if you make you know 5 to 10 of these videos where you're seeing other most popular content creators that are in the same niche and same subscriber count roughly. I'm gonna hit that home because that's very important. Then if you make about 5 to 10 these videos, at least one of them is going to hit like you'd hoped. You might not get 160,000 views. You might not get 300,000 views, but you should do pretty well. Considering your channel size, you might get 50,000 you might get 100,000. This is a very good tactic that you can use to, you know, essentially, really grow your channel and ensure your videos have success ahead of time. 4. Tip #3: moving on to tip number three now, and that is to front load a smart, targeted keyword phrase. Now I have a tool that I use for this. I'm gonna show you how I use it here in a second. But if you look right here, this is what the video title was going to be before when I got the idea essentially create this video. It was how to give your YouTube videos the best chance to perform well. But then, after a little keyword research and finding that YouTube videos to perform was one of the best keyword options for me, I decided to change the title. Two X tips and obviously I filled in the 10 tips there. This is pre, you know, 10 tips that I laid out 10 tips to get your YouTube videos to perform better. That's a great keyword phrase. It's not necessarily front loaded, but ideally, you'd want that closer to the front of your title. And that's gonna basically give you long term search results on long term traffic, you know, so that you can build momentum over the long haul. Now, here we are with the keyword explorer and to buddy. I'm sure you exactly what I mean by this. So let's assume that I was making a similar video like this. What would be a good, targeted keyword phrase? Let's just kind of go through some examples and see, You know how this this to works and how you can use it to your advantage. And remember, guys, you want to do this before you create the video. You're not trying to, you know, title something. This is why it's important to do this ahead of time. You're not trying title something afterward because it might not be extremely parallel with your actual video. Ideally, you want to find the title first and then make the video about that. Let's say we're making a similar video to this. You know, let's say small YouTube creators, and that's the key word phrase that we're looking for. Now we'll see here, it pops up with a fair score. So, yes, there is a decent man in search volume for it, but the competition eyes a little bit high right there, too. Now there is optimization strength, but ideally, you want to get something in the green, and that's what you're gonna go after now. This doesn't necessarily guarantee that your video will hit, but you know, or that it would be success. But it does give it the best chance, essentially to succeed long term. And, like I said, build long term momentum because it will be an indicator that there's search traffic out there for that and not the competition to match that search traffic. So let's find some other similar targeted keywords phrase like this starting on YouTube is also very poor, So a lot of search volume the competition is very, very poor. So that means there's Ah, high amount of competition, although there is high optimization strength. So how about starting starting to create content? Now? That's a very good one. See, that's just that's how easy it is to just play around with keywords. And what I would essentially dio when going to create a video like this is maybe I would say something like 10 tips to 10 tips to have a successful YouTube channel when you're starting to create content, boom through that keyword in there. Like I said, it's not front loaded. Ideally, you want it front loaded in the beginning, but maybe you know things to keep in mind when you're starting to create content would be another example of this, and that's a great way that you can use to buddy. Now you know there's an audience for this, and you know that the competition is not necessarily there to match that potential served treff search traffic, hence why it's a great tool to use. 5. Tip #4: staying in the keyword Explorer now for tip number four, and that is to actually physically say your keyword phrases throughout the video. So what I like to do is I'll write them all down and then I'll try to make sure that I kind of integrate them into my video. And I'm actually saying them throughout the video. Ah, lot of people worry about, you know, the description and the tags. And yes, they're not as important now, but they're a little bit important, but not as important as actually physically saying the words in your video. YouTube is constantly scanning your audio for your video. To best, they can determine what your video is about. So if you say your keyword phrases over and over again, you're gonna rank higher for those in search results. And YouTube is gonna have a better idea of what your video is about so that it can suggest it to the audience that is basically more inclined to want that. So say your keyword phrases. Now you can use keyword explorer as well to find good keyword phrases. Ideally, maybe you want to write down 5 to 20 of them, and you don't want to just kind of throw them in there and spew them all over the place. You want to kind of make sure to hit on points. 6. Tip #5: tip number five now is very, very, very important. And that's having intro that captures audiences attention almost immediately. YouTube is competitive. We all know this, so it's very, very important to capture your audiences attention immediately. Because if you don't chances are they're gonna click off your video to another video that does. Now it's been said that you only have about 3 to 10 seconds to capture your audiences attention. But on the at max, at most you might have 20 seconds, so make the most of it. Those first, about 3 to 20 seconds, are the most important over your video. That means you need to get right to the point and basically reassure them that, yes, they are exactly where they want to be. And the video that they clicked on is exactly what they're about to get served. Also do your best to relate to them as well. Why should they care? What are they going to get out of staying and watching the video through 7. Tip #6: tip number six now is about the ideal length for a video. Now I think that the ideal length is about 10 minutes and one second in between that and 19 minutes and 59 seconds. So the ideal length comes from this, essentially anything 10 minutes. Plus, you can add multiple ad breaks in your video. Multiple ad breaks are there's little ads that you see either at the end or in the middle of your video. We're all familiar with those firsts capable ads right in the beginning. But if you have a video that's over 10 minutes and you're monetized, you can add multiple ad breaks in there as well. Now, multiple ad breaks obviously mean more money for you, the creator. But they also mean more money for YouTube as well. And if you don't think that YouTube is going to suggest and serve and give more visibility on the platform two videos that make them more money while quite frankly, I disagree with also, the 19 minutes 59 seconds maximum comes from the idea that you want as much watch time on a video as possible, so you want it to be over that 10 minutes to get multiple ad breaks, but you also want accumulate as much. Watch time because watch time is a major factor, among other things as well. We'll help your video rank, you know, higher and search results, and it's suggested video as well. For some reason, when people see that to zero in front of a video for the time, it just kind of turns a lot of viewers all. So instead of getting that five minutes wash time or, you know, maybe even that three minutes watch time you get zero. 8. Tip #7: tip number seven is to script your videos Now, this is a mistake that I made quite frequently when I was first starting out, I would just wing a lot of videos. You don't want to waste your viewers time, and you want to make sure that you hit on the points that are the most important. If you wing it and it doesn't matter how good at winging it, you potentially are. You can forget important points and skip over them. I'll pop my plan for this video specifically up on the screen right now, and you can see just how comprehensive it is. It's not written out fully, but there are targeted points there, and I do want to make sure that touch on all of them. And I literally outlined it in order ahead of time. So I knew exactly what I was gonna talk about before I made it. So you wanna have a plan? But you also want to outline the key points going forward. And yes, I still wing videos going forward, and I will continue to do so here and there. But I do notice that the videos that I have a plan for and I basically cut around and touch on the points that I no need to be touched on. Perform vastly superior to a majority of the videos that I just wing and kind of blindly talk with those videos. I can kind of waste people's time from time to time and, you know, kind of get lost and carried away speaking like tangents like this. Like I'm talking right now. I'm wasting your time. But if I hit on specific points that I know I want to hit on, well, then you get all the value out of it and I keep. The video is short as 9. Tips # 8, 9, & 10: All right. Tips number 89 and 10. Now I'm just gonna hit you with rapidly. Are you ready for him? Backdrop matters. Lighting matters and audio matters now, backdrop isn't crucial, especially when you're getting started. But if you're filming a video in front of a camera, this could be a huge, you know, indicator to people just how serious you're taking YouTube in general and whether they should stick around or not. This is something that I'm seriously considering trying to improve in my own videos going forward. Now, if you have a gaming channel within, you don't necessarily need to worry about this. And if you're doing screen recordings like I am here, then basically you need to focus on improving. You know how much you're moving around, how much you know engagement there is on the screen and you want to keep people engaged with the viewing of what's actually on the screen. Ideally, you want to be moving around and showing things on the screen. You don't just want to be talking in the little corner like I'm doing right here. When you're recording on a screen or, you know, using your computer record, I personally suggest using a blue yet eat microphone. I'm recording with it right now. Um, and I find that that's the best thing because it plugs right into your computer. Super easy is easily plus, the sound quality is pretty good. Now, if you're according with a camera and blogging that I suggest he was a shock on Mike a lot like this. But if you're kind of talking, you know, in front of the camera and just kind of sitting there, maybe you're like a finance channel. Maybe you're talking about, you know, your experience in business or something like that. Then I suggest using a lava Lear mike like this. So audio definitely matters You want to maximize your audio quality is one of the most important things. It's also one of the biggest turnoffs for people when they come to your video and the audio quality sucks now for lighting, I suggest two things. I mainly use a ring light. That's the little ring light that goes literally around the camera. You put the camera in the middle of it, and you kind of adjust it. I find that it's literally the best like that. I have ever used. I suggest that light to a lot of new content creators or people just looking for lighting advice in general. And it also suggests using umbrella lights if you're just getting into it because you have a lot of flexibility with those and they're very, very cheap. 10. Bonus Tip #1: comment on other relevant channels. Basically, what you're gonna do is we're gonna find other relevant channels that are either the same size you or a little bit bigger or slightly smaller. And you're gonna wanna turn on post notifications on what that's going to dio is every time that you get hit with the notification that they uploaded a video right away, you're gonna want to try to go run to their video, find something thoughtful to say. Don't just spam by something something thoughtful to say about the video. Give a little bit of insight and comment below. That's gonna give you potential exposure and is literally one of the best free methods that I know currently to generate free traffic to your videos and captured potential views and also potential subscribers. And if we just scroll down here on the left, you'll see just how maney video just how many channels I'm actually subscribe to. Now, I don't suggest doing this as much as I do necessarily, and I don't always comment on other videos. However, you ideally want to be subscribed to a bunch of them because that gives you a bunch of opportunities to hit this home 11. Bonus Tip #2: the last bonus tip and perhaps the most you know, important tip of all is just a have fun. Have fun. Guys enjoy creating the content and enjoy the creative process and going through the entire motions of creating the video. If you're enjoying yourself, people are going to that's going radiate through the camera or, you know, wherever you're filming, or however your recording and people are going to notice it and they're gonna enjoy it more as well. If you enjoy it avail. Enjoy it, too. 12. 10 Ways Project: So there you have it, guys. I really hope you enjoyed all the 10 ways and all 10 tips to essentially get more out of your YouTube videos so that they ultimately perform better. Now, your course project is basically what I do. In a nutshell. I want you to basically go through and write down each of those 10 specific ways and tips to get the most out of your YouTube videos and then keep it next to you or wherever you are planning on uploading your YouTube videos in your content to run through as a specific check list every single time before you actually go ahead and hit that upload button. Right? So before you hit the upload button, I wanted to literally check off the West and look OK. Did this one did this one? I could improve. This one did this one to do this one that did this one, etcetera, etcetera, right. And that will really allow you to kind of run through and make sure that you hitting me. You're hitting these points home every single time you upload. That way, you ultimately get more evergreen and performing better performing videos that perform over the long haul, right? So use that as a checklist and really, really help you guys out when you're uploading your content to the YouTube platform. So I hope you enjoyed the course, and I really, really hope to see you in the next one.