10 Ways To Make Money With Music

Christopher Greenwood, Smartmusicbusiness.com

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3 Videos (22m)
    • Trailer: 10 Ways To Make Money With Music

    • 10 Ways To Make Money With Music Part II

    • 10 Ways To Make Money With Music Part I


About This Class

Hi my name is Chris/Manafest I've sold hundreds of thousands of albums and toured 21 different countries.  I'm thankful to continue to make music a full time career and now teaching artists how to do the same. 

Music is the gift that keeps on giving because you put the work in once and you can continue to get paid for it year after year, month after month.

In this course I cover 10 ways to monetize your music that you can start implementing today!

#1 - Online

#2 - Touring

#3 - Sponsorships

#4 - Merchandise

#5 - YouTube

#6 - SoundExchange

#7 - TV/Film Placements

#8 - Teaching

#9 - Songwriting

#10 - Affiliates 

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Awesome lesson; a lot of 'how to make it big' courses are vague and the ideas are obvious, but Chris makes specific suggestions on certain sites and tactics, and a lot of them were genuinely surprising! Fantastic course, thank you!
Lots of great info. Something for everyone. The videos are out of order. It should be watched: 1, 3, 2.