10 Ways To Create Fabric Texture In Fashion Illustrations | Scott W Mason | Skillshare

10 Ways To Create Fabric Texture In Fashion Illustrations

Scott W Mason, Fashion Illustrator

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7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Denim & Fur

    • 3. Leather & Suede

    • 4. PVC & Sequins

    • 5. Sheer & Metal

    • 6. Feathers & Tweed

    • 7. Outro


About This Class

A key part to being a fashion illustrator is illustrating fashion... go figure! So as fashion illustrators we need to be able to showcase a variety of materials and fabrics through drawing so they represent the garment we are illustrating. So to help any budding fashion illustrators out there here's a compiled class on how I illustrate 10 different fabrics using a selection of materials.

In this class we cover denim, fur, sequins, tweed, feathers, suede, leather, metal, PVC and sheer fabrics so if you want a little help so your illustrations have texture and don't look flat then get watching!





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Scott W Mason

Fashion Illustrator

Scott W Mason is a British Fashion Illustrator and Falmouth University graduate with a First Class Honours in Ba(Hons) Fashion Photography.

Scott’s clients include Apple, Selfridges, Axel Arigato, Ted Baker, House of Holland, HungerTV, Danone, SkinnyDip London, Ethan K, Fashion Scout, The WAR Network, Boys by Girls and Candid Magazine.

Scott prides himself on showcasing his personality in his work as well as striving to always bring something new to the table.

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