10 Types of Watercolor Mini Bouquets - the joy of painting small illustrations! | Pooja Kenjale-Umrani | Skillshare

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10 Types of Watercolor Mini Bouquets - the joy of painting small illustrations!

teacher avatar Pooja Kenjale-Umrani, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. What's this class all about?

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Mini Bouquet #1 Pink Bouquet with Roses & Peonies

    • 4. Mini Bouquet #2 Blue Wildflowers Bouquet

    • 5. Mini Bouquet #3 Tulip & Yellow Wildflowers

    • 6. Mini Bouquet #4 Assorted Flowers in a Paper Bag

    • 7. Mini Bouquet #5 Pink and Purple Bouquet

    • 8. Mini Bouquet #6 Peach Roses & Eucalyptus

    • 9. Mini Bouquet #7 Purple Flowers in a Labelled Paper Bag

    • 10. Mini Bouquet #8 Pink Wildflowers in a Waffle Cone

    • 11. Mini Bouquet #9 Peony and Stock Flowers in a vase

    • 12. Mini Bouquet #10 Dahlia and Long Stems

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About This Class


Hello everyone!!

Do you like to paint small illustrations? Do you like the idea of painting small yet something more defined? Ummm do you feel a sense of joy when you paint something miniature which is also effective enough to reflect your sense of style? And lastly, do you love the idea of painting tiny cute flowers? Well, if you answered YES to any of the above questions then this class is just for you!

In today’s class we will be painting 10 unique types of mini watercolor bouquets! The beautifullu stacked bouquets and flowers at various florist shops and grocery stores really inspired me and then came the class on painting mini watercolor bouquets.

The main essence of this class is to learn to paint miniature florals and how to compose small yet attractive floral arrangements in the form of mini bouquets. We will be painting together some really unique bouquets such as - tightly tied bouquets, paper bag bouquets, bouquets arranged in waffle cones, vases, bouquets tied with ribbons - well, just all of them!

Other than the usual step by step instructions and guiding you with color combinations and composition tips ,my main agenda of today’s class is to pass on the joy and happiness of creating something small, cute, and adorable.

Well, they say, life is about finding happiness in every little thing you do, so I say, let’s paint some little bouquets!

If you like this class, please leave review so this class can reach maximum students. I am so thankful to you for taking this class today. :)

Happy painting,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pooja Kenjale-Umrani

Watercolor Artist


Hello there! I am Pooja.

I am (or should I say was) a software engineer by qualification and product manager by profession. But I prefer to be identified as an artist by heart. After working for several years in the IT industry it was eventually the heart that won over my soul and mind. I finally decided to quit my 9 to 5 'job' and decided to take on with a dream to do something my heart loves. What followed was a long, arduous journey that led to a beautiful outcome – By The Lakeside Art Studio. A manifestation of my passion and love for making handmade candles, the art is my attempt to blend my fondness for lights, fragrances and colors. I have made over 500 candles and hold an expertise in making paraffin and natural soy wax candles. 

As years passed by,... See full profile

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1. What's this class all about?: Do you like to paint small illustrations? Do you like the idea off painting? Small. It's something more defined. Do you feel a sense of joy when you pain something miniature, which is also effective enough to reflect your sense of style? And lastly, do you love the idea off painting tiny cute flowers? Well, if you want said yes to any off there about questions than this class is just for you, a big hello and thank you to all those who have been following my classes so far and a warm welcome to all those who have tuned in for the very first time. Hi Ambuja, the artist behind the Instagram and YouTube account by the league side out studio. I'm a watercolor artist based out of North America, and I welcome you to my eat skin share class. You can read more about me and my our journey on my skin share profile. Into this class, we will be painting 10 unique types off many watercolor bookcase. The beautifully stacked bouquets and flowers at Wearies florist shops and cross restores really inspired me. And then came the class on painting many water callable case. The main a sense off this class is to learn toe paint, miniature florals and how to compose small it attractive floral arrangements in the form off many bouquets. We will be painting together some really unique bouquet, such as tightly tied bouquets. Paperback book is the case arranged in waffle cones, oases, bouquets tied with ribbons, 12 Just all off them. Other than the usual step by step instructions and guiding you with color combinations and composition tips, my main agenda off today's class is to pass on the joy and happiness off, creating something small, cute and adorable. Well, they say life is about finding happiness in every little thing you do. So I say Let's pain some little bouquets. Are you ready to paint with me? Let's jump into No, the supplies needed and get started already. 2. Supplies: for people. I will be using cold pressed watercolor block By our philosophy, this people has beautiful texture for pains. I will be using our philosophy what took a look. And he said, This is a good go to palette with the perfect mix of all the colors that you may need for painting. Florence. I would love to be using some shoots from my custom palette, but all you need a fresh set of things reds, greens and blues. So feel free to pick any brand of your choice. Clashes have be using small size around brushes from Princeton Heritage cities, the Brushes said. I've got here out of the size 14 and six, but mostly I will be sticking to my size four brush. Small brushes will give you good control to paint the tiny elements in this last. I will also be using White Wash if I need to add details at any point. This one is from Vincent on YouTube. People travel to clean the brushes to Schaars off clean water to Renzo greens and things we want. The book is to look fresh, so make sure you don't mix your greens and things in the same John or else the muddy brown water will start transferring the dullness to your flowers. All right, that's pretty much what we need today. Now let's stop being being 3. Mini Bouquet #1 Pink Bouquet with Roses & Peonies: direct. Let's proceed for the first. Okay, I want to a book, a sense of freshness by using really light and subtle sheets off pinks, reds, speeches and light oranges in this book A. I want to surround the roses, peonies and abstract wife flowers and Berries with some nice lush green stems and leaves. I want this book here to be tense and look as if it is tied tightly at the stems. So let's start building it step by step, using this general idea off how we want the book it to look like. I'm starting off by drawing a small being cruce using C shape strokes in a circular manner . The science off This entire book is around 4 to 5 inches, and hence the flowers are quite small compared to the usual big size bookies that we paint on an eight by 10 people. So bear in mind to reduce your sizing to draw these miniature bouquets. The best way to achieve this is to use a small size brush. I'm using a size four brush to paint. All my book is in today's class, so here is my first rose in the book A. I'm not going to paint any off the flowers in a perfect way, Firstly, because they're supposed to be mini bookcase and secondly, adding too many details will make them look platter. I want to achieve an abstract yet slightly define style for all of the's bookies, so don't work too much on getting your flowers perfect. That is also a reason why we won't be focusing too much on practicing specific dress strokes in this class. Keeping that in mind, let's go ahead and add a couple of more roses. I'm sticking to my pink color palette and mixing some light reds and some blush pinks with wailing values to paint the remaining roses to mix all of the's shades. I'm using my artfully, softly what Okanagan Freddie said. Let's go ahead and paint one modules next to paint appear me amusing, a beautiful PG shade called Mendon from the art philosophic unfriendly said. However, for some reason my camera is not able to pick up the shade. It looks likely orangey here, but in fact it is a very beautiful light beach. I'm trying to paint it slightly side faced, so not all the flowers are from the front of you. Let's add one more being puny that's facing down. - And now let's being to peony that's facing up to paint this one amusing. Porter, Spain from Windsor and Nugent. Professional watercolor. No, let's add some small wildflowers around these mean flowers. I'm using a watery mix of open upping to paint a couple of tiny flowers, then, by using a slightly darker shade off, being on, painting a few more wild flowers on the sides and then adding some red Berries to fill up the book it. - So now that all the flowers are in place, we will add some greenery to complete this money bouquet. I'm using green appetite, genuine from Daniel Smith to add some stems and leaves. I'm keeping the bunch of stem slightly title just under the flowers to show that it is tied together and then finding out the stems at the bottom. Then I will move on to adding stems to all the flowers in the book came and start adding some leaves and green filler stems to make it look lush and for low, make sure to use varying values off the green color that you're using toe Axum dimension to your book A. Have a good mix of light and dark O'Toole's um, adding a hint of darko green just under the flowers to show shadows. I'm also adding some doctors stems to show that the other Lord off stems tied together the bottom, and it'll also different shared the stems that are in the front and the ones that are at the back dance filler leaves can instantly bring your bouquet to life and hence be patient while painting all of those tiny to eggs and leaves. - I've been nowhere centers to all the white flowers that we added, or Leo having some final touches to all the flowers to know when to stop fighting deeps. Take a step back and check if your bouquet looks balanced from all the sights, and once you think it looks good enough and all the white capsule covered properly, stop adding any more regiments to it, and there you go. Our first mini bouquet is now ready 4. Mini Bouquet #2 Blue Wildflowers Bouquet: for the next money bouquet. Let's paint a bunch of blue flowers with lots of light and dark tones using multiple sheets of blue, I will be using indigo, ultra marine blue, cobalt in blue and Prussian blue to get some variety in the blue shade. Facebook is going to need a lot of blue flowers to bring out the fuller look. So the key to painting this book A is to be super come and just and lots of flowers to the bunch comes together. I'm making simple brush marks to build these five petaled flowers and keeping them close to each other for a dense look. Keep changing the values off your blues and go on building the bookie. I will speed up the process and add some more flowers. - I want to place this bookie in a semi transparent ways, so let's painted using wet on wet technique. We will show that the stems are immersed in the ways on. A slightly diffused look will added depth to your book. A. Using a lighter mix of British brown color, I'm carefully painting the outer line off the ways and then applying a wash of water toward - once the surface is wet. I'm writing a hint of great condo from the site of the ways the Greek color will instantly bleed into the weight surface and give you beautiful bleeds on the sites. - I'm not going to go ahead and add a few more blue flowers to balance the size off the bouquet. With the size of the ways, I will no start painting the stems and leaves while the ways is still wet. I want to extend a few stems into it to show the diffused, semi transparent look have allowed some leaves around the flowers, and that should complete the look off the bouquet. I'm going very easy with the leaves. Making is really easy and or sharp brushstrokes, which looked like oh, sharp leaves that are coming out from the flowers from all the sites. So just make sure that your lives are not perfect, but they're very easy and free flowing brushstrokes, and that will give a very breezy and a soft look to your bouquet. - Now that the leaves and stems are in place, let's are some final touches by painting the centers off the flowers. I think that instantly lived the mood off the bouquet, and I really like how it looks in the end, - and that's it. Our second mini bouquet is now ready. 5. Mini Bouquet #3 Tulip & Yellow Wildflowers: the main highlight off this book A is a single to look flower, so let's start by painting it. First. I'm mixing a very, very light shade of blush pink as an initial wash to sketch out the tool with my brush. I'm starting out by painting to over shapes next to each other with a sawn white gap between them with the hint of dark hoping I will brighten up the edges off the two oval shapes, forming the flour and just march the layers very carefully. - This loosely depicts a closed to look flour, and I won't be adding any more details to it. Once the to live but is ready, I'm going to pick some yellow on my brush and make some brush marks to show sprigs off wildflowers with tick yellow floral bunch on their tips. It may or may not resemble a real wife lower, but I'm just going with the flow. I came across a similar bookie on Pinterest, and I'm just using the colors and generally look from there to build my own composition. I'm writing quite a few yellow stocks because these will be the only flowers other than the main tulip in this book, it so keeping in dense and fuller with these wildflowers, I'll speed up the process slightly and see you once these air done. Next, let's paint a rectangular ways and which does? Mini bouquet is arranged. I'm mixing a very light shade of green and painting an outline off the ways. The process is quite similar to the ways we painted in the only A bouquet. Once the races and police, we've been let it dry partially and come back to it to show the immersed stems off the book A. In the meanwhile, a mixing of fresh, lemony green and adding leaves, stems and twigs to the bouquet. Make sure to add two or three big leads to show the tulip leaves. As you start painting the stems, you can slowly extend them onto the damp surface off the ways, and they will bleed a little, making them look soft and fuzzy. Just the way you see through a glass. - If needed, you can always go back to the yellow flowers and make some tweaks here and there to fix the sizing and colors with respect to the newly added elements around them. - I'm going back to the green snow and adding some more stems and leaves. Once the leaves and stems are in place, I will use a slightly darker shade of green to highlight some elements, just to add a bold character to the book. It to be honest, sometimes it's very difficult to know when to stop, and that urge to keep adding things is simply addictive. So do take a pause. Take a step back and the catcher bouquet. If you feel you don't need to add anything more than it's totally fine to skip this last step and that's it. Our many bouquet with the tulip and you know why Flowers is now ready. 6. Mini Bouquet #4 Assorted Flowers in a Paper Bag: for this book? A. I want to show a cluster of colorful, poppy like flowers packed into ah greyish brown paper bag, which is tied loosely from the outside. Now that's the general idea that I'm going to try and the picture. I'm starting out by mixing a very light wash, agree and brown. I will draw the 10 outline off the paper bag and painted with an initial wash after the first wash is done, Um, adding hence of brown and gray from the sites off the bag and keeping it very light. At this moment, we will work on the flowers and the paperback simultaneously as and when the layers on the back start drawing partially for the flowers. I'm starting off with some red poppy like flowers. I'm simply making some strokes to draw the petals and leaving a tiny gap to fill in the centre. At a later point, I'm writing about five red flowers at different positions up off the paperback. - Next , I'm going to add some details to the paper bag. No. Using a lighter shade of brown, I'm painting a few detailed falls or lines on the paper bag. The initial wash is still damp, so these lines will bleed into it and create a soft look. - Okay , I'll resume back to the flowers. Now Let's out a couple of deep yellow flowers similar to the red ones, amounting about five year low flowers and just placing them randomly around the red flowers that we painted initially. Next, a man in a couple of blue and lavender flowers, those filling up the book, it gradually Let's get back to the paper back and start adding some final details. I'm just redefining the lines we drew earlier. I think it is slowly coming together, - going back to the flowers. I was so doubting some stems and leaves. Now I'm following just the usual rule of thumb to fill up the white gaps, balancing out the weight of the bouquet and then some last minute touch ups. Once the leaves on background stamps are in place, I will fill in the centres of all the flowers and you will see an instant lift to the book A. - Let's get back to the people back one last time and being the string tied around the bag. Amusing kinds create to paint the string, - adding some finding Dutch chips and that sent our colorful book in a paper bag is now ready 7. Mini Bouquet #5 Pink and Purple Bouquet: so I want this book here to be very settling soft. The color said I'll be using for this one are soft pink, lavender and some purple. And while it for DACA toes What the leaves I'll be using a slightly warmer shade of green are close to a mix Sophia low and olive green. So with this idea in mind, let's start painting or book A. I'm starting off by bending the main rules in this book, a using a very soft shade of pink. My camera is not able to pick up the slight worshiping, but as I start building on the doctor layers, you should be able to see the rules. I'm using this really soft shade off bank in the artful, softly confetti said. And with the help perfect, I'm just going to bring out all the layers one by one and then marched them carefully. This rose is the main central point off my book is, so I'm taking my own sweet time to make sure that it's so soft and pasted and remains very , very light. So take your own time to build your bookie and don't rush into it. - Then I want to add a small purple rules next to the pink one, and I will keep it very soft and be still as well right behind the popular rules. I want to act more bugs, but we will define the details later on. Now I want to be in some delicate love into leg stems around the roses. I'm going to switch between lavender and violet for these ones. Once you start painting these mini bouquets, composition ideas will automatically start flowing in. Like in this case, I had decided just a color scheme initially, once I started painting it, composition came naturally, so don't body too much about composition, but keep painting more such bookcase. After a few, you will realize that they're falling in place and you take much lesser time building them as compared to the initial ones. When you just started out putting something wild flowers now. - Okay , so now I'm happy with the flowers in the booking, so I'll start adding some stems and leaves, - so I want to smoke here to be seen as tightly tied at the stems. So I'm going to paint some stems that are coming down straight and show as if they're tied with a great club. While this part is joining, I'll go back to the bookie and add some more leaves. Now let's come back to the died abortion and extend the stems downwards. 8. Mini Bouquet #6 Peach Roses & Eucalyptus: The idea behind this book is to paint some fresh, peachy roses and are some eucalyptus stems and foliage around it and finally have to smoke it tied with acute beach ribbon. The process of building this book is very similar to the earlier ones, so I'm just going to let you watch it and argue to paint with me without thinking too much . All right, so let's get started for the Peach Shade. I'm using a color called Mendon from the art philosophic on, Freddie said. I'm not very happy with the way my camera is picking up the condo, but in really it is a super pretty fresh peach Carlo. I'm going to keep this bookie really minimalistic. So I'm going toe are just three peach roses, and that's about it. Once my roses are in place, I'm going to paint just a ribbon first. I don't want my stems to bleed into it, so I'm going to keep it ready and let it dry. In the Meanwhile, I will finish adding all the leaves. Let's add some eucalyptus stems now if you ever wished alone how to paint eucalyptus leaves in detail, I have a class called 20 types of horticulture leaves. And, um, in that class, I'm talking about how to get the perfect shade off eucalyptus leads by mixing various colors. So do check it out if you want to know or learn more about eucalyptus leaves. - Now , let's go back to adding some stems around the beach ribbon that we painted earlier. And it's quite simple, Owen just Axum stems around it, and that should be it having some final touch ups to the roses. - And there you go. The bouquet now looks ready. 9. Mini Bouquet #7 Purple Flowers in a Labelled Paper Bag: in this book. A. I want to have pence purple wildflowers packed in a brown paper bag, having shape off a corn. I also wanted to have believable or a stick. Oh, and which we will think off writing some message when we get there. So with this general idea in my head, I'm starting to paint these tiny, round flower like shapes in assorted shades of violet and purple. We're going to be needing a lot of these, so maybe you want to just grab some coffee beforehand. Once a decent amount of flowers are done, I'm going to build our cone shaped brown paper bag. I'm using a very light shade of brown to draw an outline off a corn and leaving a circle in the center, which will be our label to write the message. Now I'm going to paint around the circle using waiting shades of brown while the surface is still damp. Okay, so the basic structure off the paper bag isn't Please. I will go back to filling in some more flowers now for this book A Instead of leaves, I want to add these brown twigs and just try something different. So let's see how this look comes together. In the end, let's come back to the label and the message that we want to write on it. Amusing Pines, Great to write a message that say's for you. Using my size one round brush. You can write it with Ben and of course, right, any other message of your choice? I'm not very great with calligraphy, so I'm just going to try my best. And, you know, just write something decent, - just starting a little ball on the top. At this point, I realized that the paper bag is not looking very bold, so I'm just going to add an extra layer off a darker brow and marsh it altogether. And then we'll see how it looks when the brown area is still trying. I'm gonna go back to the flowers and see how I can add some minute details and touch ups to them. Using a darker brown color, I'm thinking off hiding some texture to the people. Back are probably add some stripes and see if it can add any character or boldness to the design off the paper bag. So let's see how it comes out. - I will be using White Wash by Winsor and Newton to add some detailing to the flowers and the brown paper bag. And that said, our wild flowers bouquet in the brown paper back is now ready. 10. Mini Bouquet #8 Pink Wildflowers in a Waffle Cone: this book. It is very easy and quick. I'm going to add something wild flowers all around and then sketch out of awful cool underneath. And just like how we did in the previous one, I realized stems and leaves Philip the bouquet and then come back to the corn again to add all the finishing details. This one is pretty straightforward to understand, so I'm just going to let you watch and enjoy the rest of the process and see you in the next part. 11. Mini Bouquet #9 Peony and Stock Flowers in a vase: for this booking. I'm going to paint a pink peony, had a couple of stock flower branches in the back and fill up the rest of the book Evidence foliage. Once the book is completely ready, I will go ahead and add always underneath. The color choices are pretty obvious for you to follow and the matatu paint oasis the same the way we painted earlier, too. So let's jump right in and paint this book it together. 12. Mini Bouquet #10 Dahlia and Long Stems: So here we are to paint our 10th and the last bookie off the class. I'm keeping this fairly simple with a nice PCI dahlia flower in the center. Then paint a couple of great long bomb like branches in the back off your yellow wildflowers on a couple of green stems. This book is quite sparse and lose, and I really like how simple it looks in the end. Do give this a try and let me know how you like it.