10 Tips to Improve Your Video Creation Process

Amy Lin, 1-1 Online Chinese Teacher, Learner & Doodler

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15 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Before Your Continue

    • Tip #1 - Improve Your Video Quality Easily

    • Tip #2 - Turn Off Auto-Focus

    • Tip #3 - Create a "Posing Video" For Thumbnails

    • Tip #4 - Easy Thumbnail Creation

    • How to Create a Thumbnail - Tutorial

    • Tip #5 - The Key is the Lighting!

    • Tip #6 - Good Old PowerPoint Presentation

    • Tip #7 - Screen Recording Choices

    • Tip #8 - Maximize Your Free Trials

    • Tip #9 - Editing Tip - Edit Backward

    • Tip #10 - Audio Editing - Noise Removal

    • How to Remove Background Noise on Audacity - Tutorial

    • Class Project & Thank You


About This Class

I have created over 200 videos ranging from talking head videos to screen recording tutorials. Here are my top 10 tips to improve your video creation process. I cover topics such as how to improve your video quality easily without buying an expensive camera, how to create great looking thumbnails even if you are not a designer, how to improve your audio quality with two easy steps and more.

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Great class! Tons of super useful tips getting started with video production, especially for creating classes online all packed into this one class.
Nice tips for beginners. I just learned the bit on turning off auto focus when filming the hard way, so great that you included that. I wanted to add that if you have a Zoom account you can also use that to screen record for free.
Sadelle Wiltshire

Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art

Awesome! I learned a lot from this course. So helpful.
Jenny Hu

Korean Tutor





Amy Lin

1-1 Online Chinese Teacher, Learner & Doodler

I am a language learner and an online 1-on-1 Chinese (Mandarin) teacher. When I am not teaching or learning, I will indulge myself in Korean dramas or Japanese anime. I also like to doodle every now and then :D I recently started watercolor because of YasminaCreates on Skillshare!

I started a podcast show for Mandarin learners in January 2018 :D You can find Chinese Mandarin Cafe Podcast on iTunes or Stitchers.

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