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10 Tips For a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

teacher avatar Christopher Greenwood, Smartmusicbusiness.com

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Trailer: 10 Tips For a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

    • 2. 10 Tips for a successful crowd funding campaign

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About This Class

"People don't support what you do, they support why you do it"Simon Sinek 

My name is Chris Greenwood a.k.a Manafest and I've completed 3 successful crowd funding campaigns raising over $60,000.

Why pay interest to a bank, be in slaved to a record label or book publisher when you can raise the money through crowdfunding.

I was scared to step out and ask because I thought I'd be met with criticism from fans, friends and family.  Instead when I launched everyone rallied behind me wanting to see me succeed.

The only thing you should put off until tomorrow is procrastination and I hope this course inspires you to take action towards your dreams.

In this course I teach you my 10 success tips to launch a successful crowd fudning campaign that you can apply to your next campaign.  

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Christopher Greenwood



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1. Trailer: 10 Tips For a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign: Hey, what's up, guys? Is Chris Greenwood here? Also known as Manifest? I've sold hundreds of thousands of albums, millions of singles and toured over 21 different countries. I just finished doing my third crowdfunding campaign, and now I've raised over $60,000 without a record label just going to the fans. And now I want to teach you to do the same. Scared to get on that stage, doing a phrase scared to jump off those stairs on your skateboard? Do it. Afraid scared to call and put your resume and do it. Afraid we're gonna make this one shot way in this course. I want to give you my best 10 tips for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign. If you implement these in your next campaign, I guarantee you'll raise more money. You'll get more marketing behind your album or whatever it is that you're trying to release or promote, and you'll have a better connection with your fans. I encourage you to sign up now and never even release another album or single or product without doing a crowdfunding campaign, because not only does it help you to raise the money, it also gives you the three or 45 months extra marketing and buzz around your product 2. 10 Tips for a successful crowd funding campaign: Hey, what's up, guys? Is Chris Greenwood a k manifest? Welcome to this bonus lesson on how to have a successful crowdfunding campaign where they're using Kickstarter pledge music, Indiegogo or whatever else they got out there I've done to crowdfunding campaigns, one for my fighter book and one from my album. The moment have raised over $40,000 and it was amazing. It was awesome Tool to connect with your fans and raise some funds for whatever your project is. And I want to give you 10 tips just to help you crush it with this thing and really connect . And I just want to say, you know, I thought like, you know, I saw friends doing it and they did it really well and it was successful. It was like the crowdfunding craze. And I was just like, I got I got to try this thing and I thought, like, you know, I just put it up there and just the money would just start pouring in. Boy, was I ever wrong. I wasn't wrong with Yes, fans did support right away, but I thought we just gonna hit our goal over, and I just sit back kick my feet up on the money to start coming in and all my projects funded. No, it is a lot of work. W O R K again work. You know, opportunity knocks at the door, you answer it. Who's their work? You gotta put in work. You gotta put in time, and it just doesn't happen overnight. So don't want to crush anyone's dreams. But let me tell you, it is worth it to connect with your fans and to build your fan base and give them an awesome product and let them get involved in your art like that is so awesome. We could open the door to the backstage of what you do in the creative process. So let's just jump into this Number one. What do you need? You need a fan base. You need a fan base before you start. In my opinion, you wanna have fans that already support you? I don't know how many. It depends on what your goal is and how much you want to raise. But you want to have some sort of fan base or some sort of network where you can put this thing out there and promote it because if you don't have a fan base, you don't really have anyone that can really funded. Or if you don't have a network of a feel, it's or someone who can promote the thing, because it might not be just music. It might be something else that you actually want to fund, and you want to make sure you can get that out to as many people as possible. So you need something to work with, whether you have a list or somebody has a lister, you have partners, and you're gonna promote this thing together and get the idea out there. So you want tohave a good fan. Base number two. You wanna have creative packages? That's right. You won't have really good ideas. You want to just have your CD or just the regular stuff. Try and be creative with it. Maybe they get a Skype phone call. Maybe they get a voicemail message from you. Maybe they get to hang out with you in the studio while you record a song. Or maybe they get to do gang vocals on one of the tracks or get to be made director editor of a music video that you do get your fans involved. Be creative. They gonna sign this or, you know, get the written lyrics out. Or just something crazy? Maybe a limited edition. You know of this or that? Or maybe a certain shirt that you warn a music video. Just something cool that's out of the box. It's not the normal what I did for my last campaign as we did this USB key skateboard, because I'm really into skating. And so they got my album on this USB skateboard and ah, whole bunch of other stuff. So it was just kind a little out of the box a little different than the regular CD thing or just T shirt, You know what I mean? A lot of people do vinyl and stuff like that, but whatever connects to your audience. Okay, Number three, you want to set a realistic goal, Okay? You know, when you're asking for money, you don't want you to drink. I want you to dream is big, and I want you to go. Is Bigas. You can, But at the same time, you want to be realistic as something that you can hit because as you're promoting and doing this campaign. You wanna have mo mentum? You want to show that the percentage of people pledging or supporting is going up? And if it's this huge, huge goal and you only got, like, this small little, you know, percentages of people promoting and you only have a limited time to promote this thing to hit that goal than its you know what I mean? You want to be realistic and look at some other campaigns and get an idea of their fan bases and how big their, you know, social media and list is and kind of gauge it toe what you have. So you can get an idea of what's realistic for you in your band or your artists. Okay, Number four affiliate partners and friends. If you want to have a successful campaign, you want to make sure you get people promoting on your behalf. I don't care if it's only your mom, your sister and your dog. You're going to get people promoting. I don't care if they only have three friends on Facebook. Tell everybody about this thing and ask them to promote it for you. Just ask. You know, don't be scared. Just ask, You know Who cares if they say no? Don't worry about getting rejected as some friends that maybe you haven't have some bigger followings. A man. We're able to promote this thing and just do me this favor and call in a few favors on this . Here's the time. It's your art. You're making something, making this event. You know, it's like I'll do what I'm doing. This thing not so much is like Do Can you please promote my stuff? I'll be like, Dude, I'm so excited about this new CD that I'm doing This aren't We're putting it out. We're doing this. And this is me. So fun. Make this whole thing an event. OK, that's actually another point right there. Okay? Making an event. Make it fun. Not a beg a thon. Okay, that's not what it's about. Okay, Social media, Of course, You gotta promote this thing on social media in tow all your networks and get it out there and promote and promote and promote and promote. OK, don't just post once But be creative the way you promote OK. Don't just be like by my city by my cities. The border stops a mortar stuff share a story. What's going on? This happened, Did they were in the studio. We're going to go do this paint division, paint the dream of where people are going and take them there and promoted on all your social media. Put it up on your Wikipedia page. If you have one, get creative on your you to make sure you've updated all your social media about what is going on. Okay, because eyeballs count promoted everywhere, you possibly can even do Facebook ads. I know advertising. You don't want to hear to do that. But do advertising invest in this thing? Promoted your album The soap. The cool thing about doing a social are not social on a crowdfunding campaign is you're doing it before the album is launched, so that means you're already marketing the record way before it's even launched. Most people just released the record or only start marketing two weeks before the record comes out. If you do a crowd funded game pain and maybe you've got a span of three months is which I would suggest three months. You get three months of marketing that record and pumping it up and getting the word out about it. But all sudden it launches. And we've already got all this momentum. Then we keep marketing and keep promoting it. Boom. I hope that helps out a lot. Okay, be transparent. Be realist number six. Be transparent. Be real on this thing. Show it all. This isn't the time to hide anything. Let's show This is what's going on in the studio. This is what's being real. This is what happened today. Ah, this was a bummer. You don't let your hair down. Let it all out. Let people behind the scenes the pains, the emotions, things screw up. This happen today I had to rewrite this. My producer made me rewrite this song's. It wasn't good enough. I said that producer send me something today. By the way, I'm so stoked that can't wait to go write some music. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. Seven promote without begging. Okay, Like I already said that in one of the other ones. But promote without begging It's not a beg a thon. It's a support of thorn A vision a thon, A dream a thon Your are a thorn making an event Make it special don't bag, but ask and show them why they should be a part of this, Really? Just get them stoked and, like, what? An over deliver over deliver. That's what it's about. Adding value, not begging your adding value. That's when you're souping up your packages and making them so awesome that people just can't wait to see it, you know, like this. So So it's like, I gotta have that man that's so awesome. Um, Post constantly and continuously Have a plan. Have a campaign, not just hope. Marketing. Okay, that's not what this is about. This is a $1,000,000 idea worth the whole tuition you paid for this cars. And this is a bonus part of the course. Have a plan. Plan this thing out way in advance. Don't just be like, oh, what I'm gonna do today wonder today. Um, I guess we should post something a George all. We're at Starbucks today, and I guess I had a drink. Maybe I'll post that. No, have a plan of 90 days of posts and post at least 2 to 3 times a day and make it really make it fun. Keep talking about in different ways. but have a plan. Don't do hope, marketing hope. Marketing is just like I'll just put it up there. Throw it against the wall and see if it sticks. No people that are successful. Plan ahead and say, OK, this is what we're doing this day. That's what we're doing That way. Next weekend, we're gonna be here, so be dealt if we could do that and plan ahead, And then when spontaneous stuff happens, you can just post that. Like when Ellison cool merch comes in or something cool happens. The studios, anything happens. Post that, and that's where it comes down to course. Correcting number nine. You got, of course, corrective. If it the campaign's not working, you know, do. This is not working. We're not getting the pledges in. It's like, Okay, you got to be prepared to course correct. You've gotta be prepared toe. Add more packages, add new things, try a different angle. Talk to people, talk to other pans, Ben's, reach out and get help. Don't try to do this the Lone Soldier way. If your families and still using, he's gotta post it up there and boom, it happens. Okay, awesome for you for me. I reached out to everybody and as it was, you know, working. I came up with ideas with my my coach was kind of like my manager, and he's like, Dude, you should do this or try this I was like, OK, I'll do that. I did that. We got more pledges and started to go up and we hit our goal. You know, you got to course correct. Sometimes if you go on this way, it's a lot working. Okay, it's try going this way a little bit and try different things. Number 10 don't give up. It's a lot of work, and you know, a lot of blood, sweat and tears, even fulfilling those packages at the end. You want to make sure you have a team to help you fulfill those packages. And also make sure you get your price points right because and beware of shipping as well, because shipping can really screw you at the end. If you don't, you know, really take account for that cause I did that with my book and the books were really heavy and I ended up paying way more in shipping that I thought so. I just like dang, dude. So make sure you calculate shipping and that you guys actually make money on this thing, Okay? Because you can take that money, whatever extra money in towards to do a tour, to do a music video to market and just pay for the record and everything, right, cause this stuff, it's expensive, you know? And so there's nothing wrong with you making money. This isn't like a sin. This isn't, you know, a bad thing. Oh, it's not like it's like corporate or something like that. No, this is Riel direct fan relationship. And as you do this, watch it. Build your fan base, you know, watch it build your family's. I've used personally pledged music twice. They've been amazing. They give you all the all the data, all the customer data so you can stay connected with your fans. And so when you do another one and you can continue to build a relationship, what's really cool is when I first did mine, I think we had over 300 subscribers or pledgers. And then on the next one we had 500 so hopefully in the next one will have 701,000 and just continue to grow this thing long term. And again, that's what you want to think of. Man like this is the new record label model man not born from, you know, the record label not born from a bank. But doing it direct fan relationship. Don't give up, stick with it and go out there House, um, fun and make it happen. Posting comments and questions below. I'm so stoked about this one, and I really hope this has helped a lot.