10 Tips For a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Christopher Greenwood, Smartmusicbusiness.com

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2 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Trailer: 10 Tips For a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

    • 2. 10 Tips for a successful crowd funding campaign


About This Class

"People don't support what you do, they support why you do it"Simon Sinek 

My name is Chris Greenwood a.k.a Manafest and I've completed 3 successful crowd funding campaigns raising over $60,000.

Why pay interest to a bank, be in slaved to a record label or book publisher when you can raise the money through crowdfunding.

I was scared to step out and ask because I thought I'd be met with criticism from fans, friends and family.  Instead when I launched everyone rallied behind me wanting to see me succeed.

The only thing you should put off until tomorrow is procrastination and I hope this course inspires you to take action towards your dreams.

In this course I teach you my 10 success tips to launch a successful crowd fudning campaign that you can apply to your next campaign.