10 Things You NEED TO KNOW When Using Photoshop

Christoffer Gullin, Random Tech Guy

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About This Class

Welcome to my class "10 Things You Need To Know When Using Photoshop"! In this class, I will cover 10 things that I feel are important to understand and to know how it works when you get started with Photoshop. 

This class is aimed for beginners of Photoshop so if you are new to this awesome software, this class will help you tremendously. 

Some things that you will learn when taking this class: 

  1. How you can work with layers
  2. How to use effects to make a text look much better and cooler
  3. How to make a vignette to show off something special in a photo
  4. Multiple tools that will make your life easier
  5. How to apply filters to your picture (#instagram anyone?)
  6. Much more...

The class project is to make use of some of the things that you have learned in this class. Show off your new skills for everyone else to see! 

So click that ENROLL NOW button and start using the most powerful photo software that exists. 

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Very interesting course. I'm not very good at Photoshop, so this was very helpful, thank you!
Mark Lareau

Digital Marketing Teacher since 2007





Christoffer Gullin

Random Tech Guy

Hi there!

My name is Christoffer Gullin, 23 years old living in Sweden. I have studied network and system administration on University and is now making an income on the internet.

I love computers and hardware overall and it is something I am very passionate about. I am spending most of my days on YouTube watching reviews and other people building computers (don't tell me you are not spending hours on YT).

I also love working with Software. I am using many kinds of software in my daily life. On Skillshare, you will most likely find classes regarding software. It can be Photoshop, Camtasia, After Effects or anything really! 

Have an awesome day,