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12 Videos (31m)
    • Course overview. Watch this first!

    • A manager's responsibility

    • #1: You're not an elevated individual contributor

    • #2: Adaptation is your magic bullet

    • #3: People LIKE structure and guidance

    • #4: But not too much structure and guidance

    • #5: Let your people lead in their area.

    • #6: Listen actively, and default to trust

    • #7: Ask "what do you mean by that?"

    • #8: Focus on behavior

    • #9: Be unapologetically optimistic

    • #10: Your job is to make your people successful


About This Class

If you manage people in any capacity, this course is for you. You'll learn the top 10 things that every manager needs to know on a psychological level to motivate your team to perform at their highest level. These tips are based on real world techniques that I've used in organizations. When taken together and implemented consistently over time, you'll see productivity increases of 20-30%. 

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Great class with a lot of resources. Concise and yet very rich in information.
Wow! Karlyn, where were you years ago when I first became a manager? If you are a manager, especially a new manager, then you need to listen to this course. Karlyn covers a lot of great material in a very short time.





Karlyn Borysenko

I teach people how human beings function at work.

Karlyn Borysenko is an organizational psychologist and executive/performance coach. She is the owner of Zen Workplace, where she helps individuals find greater happiness and fulfillment in their professional lives and works with organizations to help create amazing environments for their teams that drive productivity.

Karlyn's approach is grounded in organizational and positive psychology, and mindfulness techniques applied in a highly practical way. She holds an MBA and a PhD in Psyc...

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