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10 Things Authors Do To Sabotage Their Book's Success

teacher avatar Corine La Font

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. WELCOME


    • 3. No media kit sabotagers

    • 4. Opt in or out 10 things

    • 5. Testimonials 10 things

    • 6. Book cover sabotagers

    • 7. Platform 10 things

    • 8. INDEX




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About This Class

A warm welcome to all of you, new and returning students! It's a pleasure to be your instructor in this course. As you traverse through this journey, take notes and write down your questions and feel free to post in the discussion forum so all can benefit from the responses.

I will be opening up my online conference calls to all my students to allow you to get your burning questions answered live! More details to be shared later in the course.

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I am a Certified Self Publishing, Online Marketing and Virtual Events consultant. In essence, what that means is that I work specifically with authors, coaches, speakers and businesses. I help my clientele coordinate and execute successful digital publishing and online marketing events, promotions and campaigns.I am also an Author, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host and Columnist for the Jamaica Gleaner 'Pointers on Publishing'

Corine La Font

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1. WELCOME: Hey, welcome to the course. 10 teens Or does due to sabotage your book Success? Yes, There are some things that you do to sabotage. When stocks is we all sabotage says we have no idea what we're doing decided. So this courses with highlight to you sendings that you have been doing Vaginal Aware are conscious about that is causing you to sabotage a little success. And that could be more success into himself. Persons buying a book, bosoms reading about loses, engaging in trouble blues and stated not interested Mobile. Yeah, so we don't know what it is. I stopped you from having salt. Says the trouble is gonna be some fun things was 10 things. I tell you, I've shared these another places and it's surprising to see people's reactions like that. So, yes, what was really is sabotage because not everything. Some tea did you take for granted. So this is gonna highlighting what? Not to take for granted on. So I just want to welcome everybody to the force. I want so much for trusted me until being here on like I always say it on my closest investing in yourself. But knowing during our knowledge with the understanding How much you must mean that Little passion on an interest for what you So you're seeking monies were seeking informational persons who are exposed. Bosoms were knowledge of like myself that can tell you where you're going wrong. I want you to do to correct it. So welcome with my home. How some fun like no on this. Just enjoy majority. 2. SABOTAGERS INTRO : Hey, his Korean Laban, your instructor for this course. Pen things. Orders due to sabotage your books upsets, you might think. What would you be doing? The sabotage. One cell. I know it sounds crazy, right, But believe me, I have I have had years of experience doing this, and I know that you're a subway car genius. It That's why you're here. Because you want to find out what it is that you're doing. That maybe holding you back balm. Self seeding, making sales in your books, building a list. You may be trying to figure that out, and I'm glad that your years I want to wish you a warm welcome. 3. No media kit sabotagers: Okay, in this lesson, we're gonna talk about the online media. Get how you're gonna be phoned. Onda. Ah, love orphans on a lot of other people, Not necessarily organs. Don't realize oppo off having a media kit on e media Kittel online media Kid. It is very important to have one on your website because it poisons are looking to find information on you. They need something that's quicken easy. They don't have timeto wit to contact you. You get back in contact with them, send them information. It could being them. The newspaper could be radio. It could be somebody who wants to interview you for some reason. The quickest way to get toe have a snapshot of you is really having your online media kit ready. And that includes, you know, your pictures and stuff like that. And I would have gone through all of this in the lesson. Um, so this is this is this is what you know. Um, you you would have to do You have to have your pictures. You have toe have probably some recordings or testimonials. Um, the services that you offer things like that. So having a media get gives us snapshot. And you have the friend. Um, you need a professional photos done. Not something that you use. Your phone, your camera phone to use professional photos, different poses, different shots so that it can be used digitally. It can be downloaded by the by the media. Who? Whomever. Me needed to interview you so that it can quickly just get at information. They shouldn't have to be waiting on you to provide him with any sort off text or images or testimonials off people who may have used your services or people who, you know may have use your products. So what we're gonna do as you can see on the screen here I have tree examples, including myself. This person here is a very good friend of mine, and I'm done some work with her on this is my client Mild win off Alfa Chicken. Of course, this is me, Corey LaForce. It would look at the different media kids. Okay, so we're gonna hop over to let's look at miles first on. Then we'd look a comparison with Maureen and then we can look at mine. Ok? Okay. Here we are at miles site. Isn't she just beautiful. She is such a wonderful woman. Beautiful on the outside, on on the inside. No mile has changed her side. She's she likes change a lot. So she has changed aside. She's toe Have how many options off here? But no, I'm looking for it here. No, um, let's have a look. So she has her navigation, But down here on the menu, someone to click on Media on is gonna take us Noto hom e ticket on it says it. Let's just take a quick look here. Click to download Miles Need a kick. Very well done. She has it in a pdf. If you want to shed Yule off a speaking, you go here. If you want up a media appearances, you go here. I mean, she has made it very ledge herbal Claire, to the point if you want to just have something here online by one media kids, in case you don't want to. Don't know this yet. You say you know before I don't know this I want to see you know, you can see her full bio. Of course, she has an image that you could click The download is ah, high resolution. She's telling you she loves pink, and you tell she just loves being on. But she's repeating it again. Click here for speaking on media appearances, and she's also telling you the kind of topics that she can speak about so media and speaking angles. So you have an idea. If you are a media person, you have an idea what kind of area she can speak on. So you don't waste your time, know who's And, of course, he gives you a little synopsis about her book because she, of course, is going to use the opportunity toe promote her book as well. And, of course, she tells you about how many book awards she has. One, Um, Amazon bestseller, etcetera in Canada on USC, where she has been featured, and really or TV articles magazine. So it adds, Ah, lot of credibility to harm. Somebody can just look at this and say, Yes, this is a person that I want to come and speak up My even. This is a person I want to have a media parents. This is a person I want to bring on TV to interview. We'll have on radio have as a family sore or whatever it may be. You feature in something, so you have to be ready. You need to have that media kids I'm not going to click on. I don't know the media kids. You can do that. You can go to Miles Media Kate. I mean, this is her website here, man, do in coach that come forward slash media kid or just goto alfa chick dot com I think it is so I can put those links if you wish. Eso that is easy for the click on get did. But Mile has a fantastic meal ticket, Don PdF. So let's no look at Marines. Know she's a declutter coach. She's in Canada. So the Clippers coach Doc C. A. I'll also put that link for you. Just a bigger comparison. No Marine does not have the type of media kit that you would have seen with Mal. You know, mild paid much more close attention. Ah, to Tommy ticket very detail on. Of course, she constantly up days. Not that she wins a water. Anything new comes up, you have to keep updating it, so there's nothing really here. You can see from her menu from Marines menu. She doesn't have a media kid, but you can learn a lot of both Marine like it is a meat marine. Or if you want to request up for media interviews, you can request here. I think it's a just a patriot of billowed information, but she doesn't have that needed. Any reason I'm showing you this is because some people do this and they really don't know ho toe to set up a media kit? No, if you want to know how to do that is pretty easy. I mean, you could just do a Google search to do that. There are some, um, places that will probably even provide you with a template. Or you can just use aside from Marine Sorry from for months, toe. Have an idea. So what, you should do what you can include on. That's why I'm doing this screen cast for you so that you can see and I'm gonna put the links for you so you can have an idea what are some best practices to follow? But Marine doesn't have this. She just has a home page. Well, of course it takes you toe have long onda she doesn't really have a page dedicated. I'm trying to see if I can find any here. She doesn't really have a piece. Dedicated Forum Medicated would probably sought her best to have that. Um, I don't know. For her industry, she's into organizing. She's unorganized, especially sports on, um, but she has. Let's have a look here made marinas have a look. She has a bit about herself. She tells you a bit of acidification. Things that she had studied the ears that she covers, holding level one to virtual organizing. She's on a lot of our couple of books, a few books, let's get overnights, etcetera. And she also features these books here, which is pretty cute that you can see what it looked like. If you know you need a Christmas, you know, Christmas is coming up, you know, you need a Christmas book on to get organized. Is this the way to do it? So she has somewhat off up a media kit, but is not really something. That is Structure is just a page about herself, and she probably feels that she doesn't have enough to put in a media kids, so she just keeps it a one page and you're free to do the same. You can do it here. But the main thing about a medic it is just a have information here to tell about yourself that the Medio whoever is trying to find you can get information on you. No, Let me bring up my immediate it on mine. Is that help? This j not calm if you're going to see my my website. Okay, let's look on the services. I don't have another particular page. Um where do I have mine, stranger? I'm telling teaching you about this in my country. Remember what I find mine that c coaching programs ago. Two options See, if I have it on the team Probably is on the my name. Like someone look become very image. Yes, it's under my name as the lead. So click here to access my media kit. Of course, it quickly takes you to my me naked, which is a pdf downloadable. So it has a bit about me And of course, try to keep your media kids the norm. Oriental pages. So I have ah, cover page which basically summarizes type of person that I am because I'm looking for speaking gigs. Eso postings got easily see the kind of person I am a za speaker. Yeah, on off course, A different the most requested topics. It doesn't mean that these are the only topics I can speak on, but those are the most requested topics. And of course, I would have images on so under follow from there, or persons can request the images and I can send them the most relevant ones. Okay, because the other thing is, you have to be careful with having your images. People can use them for anything because it's easily downloadable. So they're my social links, which are clickable books that have written magazine on, but just an example off product that I have. And of course, these are my testimonials. So persons can have a look at mine on see if this sort you. So you were given two examples mine and miles. And of course, you were given a simple example of marine. So choose which approach suits you, which is easy, which is quicker. But get something up there because you don't know who may be looking for you. Who needs you on because you don't have a media kid up or something. For them to be ableto glean information form. Just decide if you're a best fit. Then you're out in the cool on. You really don't want that? 4. Opt in or out 10 things: Okay, great. So we're talking about opting in or opting Old on what you see on the screen is quite related to know database or potential customers? No. How do you get potential customers? Potential customers is true, Upton. You know, up to note, Andi, we're going to be looking at some samples off how that is done on trade off the same website that we looked at before. If a country member, the order of the lessons. But in one of them, one of the lessons. If you haven't meditate, you may come upon it. So we were using three examples on we're going to continue with those three examples. Throw the lesson once it's relevant. Toe the particular lecture. Um, we're gonna be looking at that. So let me switch over to that and show you what opting in and opting wrote is on a boat at home, you can build your database off potential customers. All right, here we are at Mile Dwayne site. She's a friend of mine on a client on I'm using her as one of the examples here to demonstrate what opting in and opting old is on building your database of potential customers, which is one of the things that many other sites do not have on. If you look at it, all right is normally to the right of your website. It is something that you need to have any website. You can also have it, I presume on your Facebook page, I'm sure they have some sort off take action. They have a take optional action tab No, on Facebook, so you can take a look at that. But when you have your website, you're going to be having an opt in and opt in is really setting up a space on your website . This is what you'll be doing at the back end of your website. If you're doing without, would press he have a WORDPRESS website. There are plug ins that you can easily install or if you're using things like meal chamber , a Weber or even the hello bar. And I'll show you what a hello bar is about in a little bit. But with mild way inside, which I presume is a is a WordPress site. It looks like a WordPress site because would persons quite likable by Google and so it's easy to keep up within and change around as often as you wish. So it's very easy to manipulate on use quite friendly. And so when you're looking here and this is what you're often is a boat on the Upton basically gives you on something for free, something of value for free in exchange for your name and email address as simple as that. So she is giving away here you're free life recovery guy. Tree keys to restoring self woods or your nose is an audio package and you can see it here . So you get a guide, I guess is ah e book or pdf book with an audio as well. So you're putting your name on email interest now, this is really cool in the bribe somewhat, But, um, you know, this is what you're going to be opted in for. I'm So once your name and email addresses here, you opt in. It means to say that you are putting your name on getting something in return Z and I'm giving it up for free. Um, well, yes, you're giving it up for free, but you're getting something in return, so she's giving you something as a sort of bribe or to influence you. Hey, I need you even were to give you something. She can no keep sending new, valuable information as often as she desires. That can be every week or every moment of every quarter to keep you informed. So she's providing value. She's adding value to your life. But by building this list, what it does is that she's building a database of potential clients that she can eventually , if she has a productive or service can eventually sell to. You know, this is something that orders really don't take advantage of on. Let me tell you why. Because it happens to me, too. It takes up a lot of time. It means creating these newsletters or blog's or, um, podcast or whatever. It may be that you want to open toe subscribers. That's when they call. When you put in your name and email address here, it means to say that you have to keep abreast. You have to keep up. So if you're saying every month you're going to be sending on something, then you have to keep up with it. Every month it is every two weeks or every week. You really have to keep up with it on its hard. Some people outsource it, you know, people to write for them on. Then they just upload the information and shed a little way to go old. But let me tell you, it's hard and you have to keep up with the value, you know and what most people do. They start with this and then they continue providing value over time. Now let's switch to my mother, my other friend on Dumb Client. I worked with her for you to have a look at while she has done it. Same thing to the right. This is Maureen, talky. She's a declutter coach and she is offering here. Ah, free copy off Easy Woman Family organizing. And she's saying Entry on human evil address and you'll get immediate access to that. So it's similar. Same concept is I'm not often once you want a 1,000,000,000 A list, which is really the money is in the list. You know, they talk about following up. The money is in the list, people, you have to start building on this. I know people with tens off toes ins off subscribers on the list. It didn't happen overnight. Sometimes it started with five people to people, you know, and then you have to keep building. You have to keep offering things off value, and it's not only on your website. You can do this. You can do it through your Facebook. Like I say, you can run contest. You can do a number of different things in order to get people to sign up on. Once you're on your website, which is your major platform, it is highly, highly recommended as an auto anybody into business tohave an opt in and to give something off perceived value for free. It can be an e book. It could be a chapter from your book. It could be in on audio, anything that you want. A podcast once it is offering value that people was they hate was with my time giving my name and email address because giving out any money Lena immune addresses is, you know, is very, very important to you. And you don't want have time to waste. No, Upton Old is if after a while you feel look, the information is cluttering up my inbox, and I really don't want to continue getting these emails from Marine or Mollo. Anyone else a new on? Subscribe on. You will have that option. The unsubscribe in your feet in the emails wants the information comes to you. What it is hoped that you don't. But if you do, that is always a choice. There's free will, and that is always a choice. Let's have a look at the one that I have. Mine is not us. Obvious s as you see, the one here for Marine and on my my previous design of my website was different. It was quite clear on the corner, just like the same as you see before to the right. But mine isn't know if your school donor, you would see it says for news tips. Resources on free email courses subscribe here. Once you subscribe here, you will get access to a number of different things once you subscribe on my list. If you want to go to my blogged, click on any of these clogs to read. You will see it on the side bar. So mine is not as August is always going to keep it off. Yes, so that people don't miss it so people can subscribe my blow via email and I also have a pop up. I'm is not showing up yet, but I also have a pop up where persons can subscribe. So even if you don't see it at the beginning on my home page, you will see it's showing up as a pop up on the website, asking you to to subscribe to my blog's so it will capture you hear it can capture you lured own, So it's up to you to decide how you want to work it. But I would highly recommend that like, mile and like, um, more Marine that you keep it very often so people can't miss it to the side. Right panel is always the recommended place to put it, because I guess he could read from left to right. I'm so is easier to always have it to the right on. You know, once something becomes consistent, it becomes a habit. And so you see it. You always see to the right you're looking for it to, right, So having an opt in as part of your website is very, very critical. In order for you to build a database of potential clients it is something that I said people take for granted. Some people don't want to do it. Some others really don't want to keep up with having toe right loans or do audios or giving away anything so they don't do it. But if you don't build a potential list of your target audience, who are you really going to be selling your work, too? You're gonna have a very, very difficult time. So consider doing it. And I was See you in the next lecture. 5. Testimonials 10 things: one of the main sabotages is not getting enough. He back no testimonials or endorsements or what you would also consider as reviews. No, you may think, Gosh, am I going to get those? You just have to work at it on Axe Persons for the review. Just keep asking persons who may have your books, he said. Listen, would you mind leaving a review on? You? Could probably give him a free copy off your book because nobody wants to do anything for nothing, especially these days, probably long ago, but not anymore. So how many uses? Very, very critical? Whether it's it gives a good feedback as the slide issuing. If it's excellent, good average or poor, you need to know so that you can make the necessary adjustments in your book or probably in your marketing approach. Yeah, so having testimonials or endorsements or reviews, um, are very critical to your success. And these are the things that can seriously sabotage because one of the first things and I mean I do it, and I'm sure you do it is that we make decisions based on reviews, and it doesn't have to be a book alone. It also pertains to when you're booking a flight. It also potential when you're booking accommodation or hotel. You want to see what the reviews are like before you can make a decision toe toe by or the purchase, or to look any food. And so reviews are very, very critical. So we're gonna look at, for example, some books on Amazon, which is the largest online platform for orders, and have a look at what some of the reviews on some books are that are doing extremely well because I'm sure off reviews. Okay, so we're looking at a Top 20 list in books. The first category here, speaking to the Tip Top 20 bestselling books of All time and the top 20 customer reviewed books of all time on the In, the Top 20 editor's picks and a top 20 best selling Children's books. Top 20 bestselling nonfiction books of all time. No, I can You can easily find this. I just went to Amazon com. Look on the books, and then I selected his area. So unless look at the top 20 customer reviewed books of all time, No, because we're talking about testimonials, reviews and endorsements so These are the top 20 and the 1st 1 would be gone good. I think there's a movie on that Onda. It has 41,000 876. It's the largest number here, based on the other books on this particular page. The fault in Our Stars. I think that's a movie, and most of these books turned into movies. See 50 shades of grey Hair on Broken Oh, I saw this movie. If you ever get to see this movie and this is assigned a side note, this is fantastic. It was, um, directed by Angelina Jolie. Fantastic, Fantastic movie. Yeah, so these books are the top 20 customer review books of all time. I'm not going to go into the type of reviews, but just showing you what it what happens when you have reviews and what it does is reviews tend to increase the rankings. It becomes more noticeable. It moves up the totem pole if you want to call it up on. So people get to notice because people are leaving more and more reviews, especially if they're good reviews and especially if they're giving like four and five stars, it helps to increase the rating and increase the ranking of the books and bring them up on the on the first page because most people that want to be noticed on the first page of any search. As you would know, everybody's trying to increase the SC or whether it is with a website or whatever. It is a marketing that I want to come upon the first pitch because most people don't go beyond the first or the second page. So everybody wants to be under full speed. Let's see what else? All the hunger games we know about that, um divergent, which is also part off the whole movie making production. Let's see here. No, the motion. And this is a movie going on right now. Most of these books are in the movies, and I think having it in the movies has to increase significantly. Increased the reviews and ratings because if you haven't read a book prior to watching the movie, the book will make you the sorry. The movie will make you want to go on me. The book or the book if you're ready before, might make you want to go and watch a movie. Although I've heard people say I'm hearing my birds in the background. Can't have that, but the books when you read it first. Most people say the book is better than the movie. I don't know. It's just always better than the movie. But this is that This is just giving you an indication off what happens when you are in the top customer review books, and this is not just in a month or a year. This is off all time, which means that these books are consistently getting fantastic reviews consistently. It means that a lot of marketing is going on. There are a lot of time is being spent. So if you are not in in this ranking or in this rating category, then you have a lot of work to do. It's not easy becoming an order. Trying to get your book over there is very, very difficult is very time consuming. You really have to push on mixing the right circle, so getting reviews as you can see, can keep you up there. You have to keep at it. You have to do whatever it takes to get your name on your book over there so take a look at what these reviews are. This is like your homework or activity toe. Go to this particular page on dumb check. Old check on the review is what I would do know is just kind of copy dealing and share that with you as one of the resources. So that is easy for you to just click on the link on, get to this page quickly. So check the resources tub for the external link to this page so that you can see the only thing. I would say that by the time I'm recording this, these books may change or list may change, although it may not. But it's good to see what the comparison would be. No on then. So try and capture reviews trying. Get your books up the rankings and under ratings so that you can also be here as one of the top 20 customer review books off all the time. See you in the next lecture 6. Book cover sabotagers: great. So in this lesson, we're gonna be talking about Do you judge a book by its cover on As you see there, there's a little multiple choice question. Is that a yes or no? But it is automatically, I'm sure, is a human quality that you will say yes, we don't listen our everyday lives, we judge people, we judge things, we jumped situations, by the way. Holy look, they feel the circumstances, the context it's in on we be prejudging based on our owner, um, values and standards and beliefs on experiences and how we were brought up. So even colors our own preference for colors would be would would also be a consideration And how colors make you feel if it makes you feel warm. If it makes you feel cool, if it makes you feel angry if it he walks on emotion in you. And so all of this is part of the book cover very, very significant because colors fund, um, images are all very critical in a book over that would appeal to the particular target audience on. Of course, you know, you may not know, but just to let you know that the book over is the first thing that you see on it is that that you, judge oh, will allow you to decide if you're gonna reach forward and pick up that book off the shelf . What? It is a physical shelf in a book. All what it appears to you on the virtual shows, like on Amazon. So we're gonna stop over to Amazon. No one just have a little quick example or demonstration to see what it is that may appeal to. You know, I'm going to use myself as an example on what appeals to me. I just have a slight feeling that you may feel the same. You may not, but you may feel dizzy, but even if you don't agree with me, that's fine. Is just a demonstrate that everybody's going to see, like something based on. Like I mentioned before your experiences. You're bringing likeness off color, etcetera. So we gotta hop over to Amazon and take a look at some off their books on their virtual shells. Great. So here we are at Amazon. This is Amazon to me, and pH and all idea is I love being here in the broza amazon dot com and I went to book cited a selection of books on it gave me this off course. This is my account when I'm I'm not signed in, but I guess they figure it's me on. These are some items that they recommend it, you know, they always do that to get you to buy more. But let's use this is an example on dumb. These are some books that I have and I'm reading. I'm into Bob Proctor. So it was a lot of his book showing up for me. But just to show you these as an example, let's look at this because I mean we can spend the rest of our lives just looking at book covers and book covers. But when next you're going toe bookstore, physical bookstore or you're buying books online, just pay close attention to your behavior and why you may be selecting a particular book based on the look feel on holy you know the emotions that are revoked from you from selecting that particular book on off course, a book cover is gonna include The water is in the water that makes you want to buy. The book is in the images isn't being the burb, which gives you a short summary off what the book inside the book is about. You know, just a cover, especially if you're going toe physical bookstore Or is it the way how the book cover feels ? Is that a hard cover with the jacket? You know, sometimes I mean, that appeals to me. You know, the book over the jacket up used to me You know that it's for longevity, especially if you're going to buy a book that you want to keep for a lifetime is not just a noble that you just put on and move on to another one. It might be a book that you're investing in yourself. Um, so far it, for example, for me I would I would invest. You know, I invest in these books because they're about Proctor Nightfall about Proctor. So if he has hardcover books or like G. Abraham books, I bought a hardcover with a jacket because it's gonna keep the book for a little while longer, so it's a lot of different considerations. And of course I'm unique. I like to smell the pages of the books, but I was talking about the interior. And I was just a side note on. I'd like to feel hold upon the pages, feel and smell and so on. But that's a side. Know that that goes beyond the cover, you know? So let's look at some of these covers on See what's going on here. So we're looking at some of these books here? No. So mm. No, Let's see for me. Like I said, I'm going to talk to you about my preference. Personally, I would absolutely like this book if I was to pick one of these up on the top Here. I would like this, Um, make Facebook for your business. Seems kind of boring. I don't know the blue because I guess the color off the icon is in blue, but it doesn't have that. It doesn't stand out to me. To me if if it had that big f you know, like holder icon looks, um it might attract me more because I would know it's Facebook, but just right in the world. Facebook Mightn't appealed to me. It doesn't grab me immediately. Um, the tripling off a leaf. I really don't know what that book is about. So clearly, I'm not gonna go towards that knitting. It is very clear that this book is about meeting. You see the little needles and the tread on. They have a little design here. What you can need. And of course, a fund is your so playful, You know, it even looks like you're knitting the words as well, so it's very playful. So I really like this. And the colors are playful, so it makes me feel that is not gonna be hard learning this course or understanding how to knit It says you're amazing patterns of everyone can. It's It makes me feel wonderful. I can do this because the colors of the fund our easy going on the eyes it makes me feel is very easy. Yeah, it has playful colors. Nice colors here that stand on the blue, the pink and the yellow. No, this one. Clearly I would not buy. I don't know what this is about. Seem kind of evil to me. I hope one of you listening is not one of your boat. What is it wasn't appealed to me. Seem kind of like a rock type of thing. Um, I'm not into card so I wouldn't buy this. But even so, modern card counting. I really don't know what that means. The cover doesn't give an indication from the get go. What the book could entail this one is OK, It shows it Seems my mother daughter to me as opposed to show me whole, not toe look, all it seemed more building a relationship Mother daughter, as opposed to, um no, not to look over. I think, you know, they should have been probably a different type of image toe show. Ah, contrast. A significant contrast. Now if we were to go down below to this days. No, The thing about it is that Bob Proctor has made any among you. See, when you're made a name for yourself, you can create any type of want. Your name is on the book. It doesn't matter what the cover is like. That's That's the That's the beauty about having such credibility. And you're an international person like Bob Proctor and as a matter so just in case that's assume I didn't know about Proctor. We didn't know who Bob Prop days. I may not be attracted to this book at all, just from the design of the cove. And that's what we're talking about. Be a magnet for money. I mean, if you're looking at a magnet, I would think probably was an actual picture of a magnet and is pulling pulling the money towards it or something like that. But definitely I wouldn't go for this book if I didn't know about practice. Because I know he is on this level by the book. Same thing for this torture things. I mean, yes, you have some little talk bubbles here. And, of course, it's saying to you, you can turn your talks and make money became become rich. Um, this is a fantastic book. Think and grow rich. I mean, I have the book, my Children are reading the book and of course I have this because, well, this one is a big clot out. You were born rich. I mean, it's it's it's a long title. Not very long, but what really could you do with a title like that to really, uh, explain what what the book could be about? I mean, it was just tell you right off, so you don't necessarily need a lot of images when this type of book. You could probably put a book in green to give the feeling off money. Or you could have some money, some images off dollars there, Um, something like that. The NBC's our success. Pretty simple. Another about profitable. Um, pretty basic. Nothing much of talk about with that, but it stands old. ABC is so it keeps it very simple. Um, this one. I don't know if I would go for it. Science of getting rich doesn't appeal to me. So if I want to pick any one of these, obviously this book would be more appealing. It has a nice little design, very attractive at the end, um, thinking role rich, which is telling me it's not really about my mind, but also body think that I need to do. But lucky for me, I know about Proctor, and I know he's a fantastic order on a person as well, and he's he's a leader and what he's doing. International Speaker on Dumb Prosperity coach. So if I didn't know him, I would not buy this book or any of these are the only one I would buy will be this, And this is why Napoleon hill for um, who he learned a lot from. He had this book as well, and that's how we became personalities today. So if I were to choose some any off these, it would obviously be this book because I love color. I like simple and easy. I like playfulness This one would appeal to me on. I would buy this one. So the question is no what would appeal to you? Like I said, everybody picks and choose based on their values, beliefs, attitudes, how they were brought up, colors, experiences. A number of things would would appeal to people one, of course, need. You know, some people may say, Yeah, I need a book like this and it just back. It doesn't matter what the cover looks like, but the thing about it, if they are competing books for fears, more work for your business. Make Facebook work for your business. You will definitely be choosing based on the cover on this synopsis under cover on the back of the book. So it's very, very critical to consider what your cover looks like. An considered to fund the color. How does it communicate what's inside the book with our persons having to read a book. Because once you're in a bookstore, not really is it was me reading the book. You have to bite in order to meet it. That's the beauty about Amazon. They have the look inside feature where you can look and see. But, um, outside of that, you really supposed to just look under Cove and decide. Is this the book for me? So the question again, like I said, is, which one would you have chose on? It will be interesting to hear your comments on that. Um, please leave those comments in the discussion forum so that we can know what really appears to you. You know what appears to me? So I'm eager to hear what your comments are. 7. Platform 10 things: another area where order sabotage themselves is having no clear position in or platform. No, you may see these platform shoes and you see how strong the foundation is. Um, if you fall, I mean, you're falling really hard, but normally if you walk in these, you're on solid ground. So if you're building a platform or building a solid foundation, one of the key things this is the focus on dream mean Here's on. Why? Why? I'm going to point over the stream me mean areas is because these are the eras, that if you're going into traditional publishing like a traditional publishing hose or you're doing hybrid publishing, for example, if you're doing both self publishing on traditional publishing, one of the things that they're gonna be focusing on at these three things that I'm going to be pointing onto you these three areas of focus and I'll explain why, as we go along now, one of the areas is having a website is one of the me in foundations on why ah ah website is because it's it's your store is your store front where everyone is gonna come toe get to know you will get to new book on Having a blawg is very important to create engagement on would press. As you see here is one off the most popular, if not the popular website platforms to use two billion website on to create oblong. It's pretty simple and user friendly. I'm easy to set up in a matter of minutes. Once you know what you're doing, all you get guidance. No, her sons who are looking for your books are want to publish. You are in a traditional publishing hose. They're gonna be asking you things about your website. How many visitors? Um, the the Sud Conversions. They're gonna be asking you all that information in order to see if you're really getting high traffic to your site on in terms off engagement. So before we mention a boat are often in on, we're going to be talking about that in a little bit about building your list. But let's move on to the next one Now. The second major Erato Patraeus, Social media. No, You know, social media is the thing. Nobody is. I don't think it's going anywhere right now. Actually, more and more you want are popping up, but these are the mean ones, and I'm showing me recognize some of them Andi, Social media and eat about following People would need to know. You know, when I say people here, I'm talking about traditional publishing causes that will be interested in knowing how many followers you have, because these are the basis this is a foundation. This is your platform when you talk about an author's platform there talking about the website, the social media, and soon we'll be talking about it subscription list because they need to know. How many people do you have on? Let me tell you, you can gauge from know anything less than 10 or 15,000 following or a subscription. This is not gonna be worth their time. It must be at least 15,000 or more, right? Anything else less than that is not going to be looked at in order for them to determine the potential off your bookie. Potential sales, the projected cash flow common in because I mean doing these things is a business, so they need to see your following. They need to know the demographics on all of that. So let's move on to the Final one, which is your subscriber list on? You would have probably done the lesson on opt in or opt in. Old on this is really where the focus is that, you know, we having a list a database off people that you can massage and build a relationship with over time is not what happened overnight, but it's gonna take time. But it requires consistent effort on your part to be able to build at least give away something for free in order to on give away something off value over time, create engagement on being relationships because these are the people that would be lawyer on would be following you no matter what. When you have your first book out and they love it there, certainly looking for the second under two on you can be guaranteed that they are going to wanted by everything that you produce where it is a book or not. They're going to want a part of that because they believe in you. They trust you on their loyal to you. You're built that no lank and trust factor. So once you have this tree areas intact, I mean, there are many other areas that we can't consider. But once you have these three areas intact, your website social media on subscriber lists is going to put you in a good position a solid foundation, a solid platform or the platform in order for you to push forward and move forward, a lot of orders don't pay attention to these things because they just want to write. They really don't want to get involved in the marketing engagement, talking to people you know, gain invisibility and then they complain. Nothing is happening. That cannot be the case. If you really want to see success on dream uvda pitfall, such may be happening. So for doors off you, um, our students off this course participants in this cause I hope for some of you that you're learning this before your book is published so that you can start preparing from beforehand Toe build your orders platform. Don't wait until you have published a book to do so. These are things that you need to do from beforehand. So I hope you have learned a lot from this particular lecture on. I'll see you in the next lesson. 8. INDEX: Okay, great. So we're gonna be talking about no index as one of the sabotage others for your book success. Creepy little thing on index bone at the back of your book really meant for non fiction orders. It's really that section of the book that if you I'm looking for a particular would craze or something, and in particular in the book that you want to find out, you don't know which page to find it on. The index is where you go. So you look to the back of the book. I say, looking for the word culture. You flip to the back of the book, you look up. It's an alphabetical order. You look for the one culture on. You would see the pages that would culture his phone on so you could easily go into the book on those specific pages and find it. Some people take it for granted. I knew one. That's why it's a sabotage because it is meant to be a nonfiction book, especially people who are writing school books, textbooks, books that are research oriented. It's a monster has to be in there. So it is one local sabotage that doesn't mean to say that it has to be only in those books . It's not really phoned in fiction books, storytelling, books, novels, etcetera. But once you're on nonfiction order, it is recommended. So if you're right in any hole to book or research information, scientific, factual data measurement, a school textbook university and this is any book like that you need tohave your index. It is something I can easily be taken for granted. But let me warn you, it is something that is costly. Preparing on index wagon eighties software, Old energy thing can save you time and I actually think can be done supreme. Let me tell you, this is something that has to be meticulously done. There are experts Oh, there in the field that are called index ALS on. They actually work through the book your money script page my page to be able to document all weather information of those specific words are free. This can be phone, so it's a specific specialize. So little Caray, if you want to go with that on, persons have to be a lot of money to do with a few people in the field, but what I will do for you is trying to find a couple of my friends in the industry, and I'm going to recommend them for you because I know they do a fantastic job. 9. PENNYWISEPOUNDFOOLISH: on here. We're gonna talk about Pennywise phone Kulish. I'm going to give any explanation of that. That's a Jamaican freeze. I don't know if you're familiar with till, but basically, here is what we're talking about in relation to this course. Okay. All right. So you know you need a eligible. You know it. Why are you trying to quiet corners? That's what Pennywise bomb Coolidge is cutting corners. Yeah. Why are you trying to cut corners? I have seen on work with daughters who believe that I don't want to spend any more additional money on editing my book on DSO. It cost you. In the end, we have seen some many sad mistakes. Grammatical errors, bad sentence construction, bad formatting. I mean, take the time, spend the money on investing, your book, it. If you have an idea on experience, you're an expert and you want to share this with the world that can impact other people. Why compromise the quality that you can offer to the world? The thing about it is that you have to keep in mind is that your readers are very discriminating people and I don't being discriminated in a negative sense. I mean discriminating here, that they would pick up something. Read it again. Not going to be very nice to you when they have to leave a review on the worst thing that you would want to have is a bar review, but a mistake. Opal compromising something that you could have spend the time on. I know it's a long process. I know editing takes time. I know anything costs, but if you are very serious about putting on a good quality, because there then take my advice and spend the time on effort to edit your book. 10. WHOAREYOUTALKINGTO: Who are you really talking to? A lot of orders really have a passion for what they want to write and share. And I love that passion. When I everything your voice, when I speak to them, you can feel it. You know, you know that they're carrying this idea, this concept with this experience for years, and you really want to get it over here? That's awesome. Congratulations. But the thing about it is, while you may want to write something, you have to be careful who you're really writing it for. Who is your target audience? You need to know it's gonna be willing to read who's gonna be willing to take the time to bag. You have to understand we a target audiences because most of the time when I speak toe orders, I think everybody will want this book. You cannot have a target orders. That is everybody. That is impossible. You kind of case that everybody billions of people around the world, anything everybody needs is that gonna be You need to know how to niche down on Mitch dome toe with watchable. You need to know whatever, like where did they go? What they need. What do they look like? Yeah, you need to know who your target audiences so that you can decide if your book is going to be. That audience was small hole large. It is whether you find them. Yeah, So that you know where after your publish a book, where to promote so spending time, understanding the sector, the psychology behind of the your readers or behind your ordnance is very, very critical. I think it's one of the first things that you need to spend time on. You need to take the time to be able to know we're targeting who your book is meant for, so that you can speak their language. You can communicate in the way that they would want you to communicate. 11. WHATAREYOUSAYING: we just spoke about. Who are you talking to know we're gonna focus on What are you really saying? So before we were talking about determining who your target audiences on, my sort of hinted in that lesson about the language. We're going to spend a little time on that. Knowing what language your target audience speaks on is not only a matter of language is also a way off understanding how they consume information. Remember, we all learn differently. Some people are auditory. Some people are visual. Some people are, you know, kinetic. They need to do things. So you have to be with Understand what? What have you make A. What is the best approach to put together your book with a printed or a boob? Otherwise, you need to be able to understand that. What language do they speak of? Your special praises? Special Lingle. On depending on where you are in the world as when you were no particular praise. And so it should be have books and translations, different languages, which is another way off helping you to read some more global market, the same target audience, but in the front part of the world Yeah. So you need to really pay attention to what language they're speaking. How do you communicate home where they consume your information? Is it best to produce a book that is in audio? Who is it best to produce? A book with a lot of pictures? Because some people really are not into leading a lot. Is it best to produce a book that would involve people to take action? A lot of activities? You need to be able to know that, buddy. Only way to know that is if you really understand who your target audiences see, how all of these things are coming together on a link. That's what we want to see. You're going through the course.