10 THINGS TO HELP YOU MEDITATE | Master Kay | Skillshare
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About This Class

Hello if you have never done Meditation before then this Course/Class is for you! Learn what is needed to do Meditation...in this Class you will be Learning 10 things that help with your own personal Meditation... Our Mind Thoughts Create the world we see out of...sometimes those thoughts are Correct-sometimes those thoughts are Fictional this can lead to Anxiety or Stress even Depression...so if you want to Control your Stress & Anxiety then Meditation is the Answer! Stay tuned & Follow me-because i will soon be bringing out some different Meditation Techniques that help with Stress! Thank you 4 taking my Course!





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Master Kay

Spiritual Master Life Coach-M.A. CHT (NLP) MCC

Hello,my name is Master K-I am a Certified ( Spiritual Master Life Coach ) waking People up to the Power they already have but can't always see...I am a Certified Reiki Master-A Master Universal Energy Pain Healer-A Telepathy Mind Healer-Ch Kung Master Healer-Out of Body Quantum Traveller-A Meditation Teacher-Qualified & Certificated Acupressure Practitioner-Artist-Author-Certified Anxiety Management Consultant-Psychic-Certified 7th Degree Si Gung Kung Fu Master-Certified Karate Master-Qualif...

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