10 Steps to Boosting Your Artwork to the Next Level | Brad Woodard | Skillshare

10 Steps to Boosting Your Artwork to the Next Level

Brad Woodard, Illustrator + Graphic Designer

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11 Videos (50m)
    • Introduction

    • 1. Establish Your Goals and Passions

    • 2. Broaden Your Pool of Inspiration

    • 3. Collaborate with Talented People

    • 4. Set Rules and Limitations

    • 5. Work in a Series

    • 6. Write and Teach

    • 7. Experiment and Play

    • 8. Understand the Basics

    • 9. Be a Student

    • 10. Address Your Weaknesses

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About This Class

Looking to enhance or find your personal style? Want to land that dream job? Want to work on more exciting projects? 

In just 50 minutes Brad Woodard, professional illustrator and graphic designer, will share the same steps he followed that led him to co-found Brave the Woods within only two years of working professionally and create work for clients like Ebay, Microsoft, Target, and USPS.

Nothing replaces mileage, but you can get to where you want in your creative career, quicker if you follow these simple steps to success. 

*This is mainly talking head style with a few visuals, in a digestible format. Perfect for listening while you continue to work. Though it is a lecture style, you still have actionable tasks you can take from each step!*

What makes this class special?

  • Every step comes with an actionable task to help you see quicker results and track your progress.
  • Included are downloadable cheat sheets and worksheets to aid you.
  • The class is under an hour long and could be listened to while you are at work. 
  • You are getting access to content Brad generally saves for his lectures.

Who is this class for and what do you need?

  • Any and all creatives welcome! All skill levels!
  • You only need a healthy drive to make your creative goals happen. 






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Brad Woodard

Illustrator + Graphic Designer


I am a graphic designer and illustrator raised in the Great Northwest, now living in Boise, Idaho with my wife and two little kids. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design, I started my career as an information designer and illustrator at Column Five Media. The digital illustration courses I took in college paid off, as I found that more and more clients were requesting illustration work in their designs. Merging both skills together I have been able attract all ty...

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