10 Step Digital Product Blueprint - How I managed to gain over 10.000 Students on Skillshare

Philip Hofmacher, Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT

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8 Videos (41m)
    • The 10 Step Digital Product Blueprint

    • Evolution of Information

    • Digital Information Products

    • Where to Start

    • Making the right Decission

    • Pros and Cons

    • Selling, Community-Building, Working with Experts

    • Create your Project and Talk to Me


About This Class

Exactly a year ago I joined Skillshare without having any idea of what's going on. I have never heard of so-called Digital Products before. It took me several months to collect all the necessary knowledge to create my first course. However, from this moment on I was hooked. I spent day and night improving my knowledge about this kind of business model. I read over 30 books and spent thousands of dollars on courses and seminars, but it was worth it.

Today I'm happy to say that I have over 10.000 students in my courses, which makes me one of the top Skillshare Instructors of 2016. I'm the #1 Skillshare Instructor in Austria and I built a massive Passive Income from it. So you see 2016 was a really great year for myself, but I'm not going to stop there. So what's next?

I decided to start sharing my experience with other who also want to earn a living creating Digital Products. I offer 1-on-1 coaching, host workshops and now I finally decided to release my 10 Step Digital Product Blueprint on how to create Digital Infoproducts. This 10 Steps are packed with my knowledge, experience and guidelines how I create all my courses. Also, my bestselling course "Instagram Marketing: Get 100+ new engaged Followers every Day" which over 3000 students enrolled already has been created using this 10 Step Formula.

If you join this class you are going to learn

  • What and Why 2017 is the year of Digital Products
  • What Digital Products are out there and how to decide where to start
  • How to create outstanding Digital Products
  • How to sell tons of your Products daily
  • How to built a loyal community that can't wait for your next release
  • And tons of other expert tips and tricks...

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This presentation gives one an insight about the various tricks of the trade to launch your own digital marketing,Ideal for beginners and knowledge seekers who are not yet exposed to this form of communication
Worth watching!





Philip Hofmacher

Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT