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10 Secrets To Making The Perfect Video - How To Make A Professional Video

Mark Collins, Teaching Online Skills That Matter!

10 Secrets To Making The Perfect Video - How To Make A Professional Video

Mark Collins, Teaching Online Skills That Matter!

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13 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Intro To 10 Secrets

    • 2. Welcome To 10 Secrets - Learn How To Make A Professional Video

    • 3. Video Production

    • 4. Modern Motion In Video

    • 5. Intros and Outros

    • 6. Get A Pro When Needed

    • 7. Content Viewers Want

    • 8. Editing Software

    • 9. Sound and Music

    • 10. Titles and Graphics

    • 11. Export to Web

    • 12. Optimizing Videos For Increased Views

    • 13. Conclusion

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About This Class

Video will soon represent 80% of all media viewed online. Learning how to make a professional video is a skill you can use in multiple ways online. If you aren't making videos you are virtually invisible. Discover the 10 secrets the pros use to make the perfect video. Inside each lesson, you will learn a secret the pros use to always make videos that get views, clicks, comments, and shares. Learning these skills and understanding how to make a professional video is something that will help you in every aspect of earning online. When you know these secrets to making the perfect video you can get the results you want. It is not magic, it is simply knowing what to do and the steps needed to make a great video every time. 


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Mark Collins

Teaching Online Skills That Matter!


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1. Intro To 10 Secrets: How did you know your customers and potential customers are online? Right now, 85% of them are viewing videos. If you're not making videos today, you're virtually invisible online. Maybe you haven't been making videos because you just don't know how. If that's you, you're in the right place. Inside. This short course is a solid introduction to the 10 secrets to making the perfect video. You'll learn inside this course exactly what marketers used to make videos that they post on their websites and Web 20 properties like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many others. Videos can literally help double your own line. Sales get started today huge to make videos that they post on their website, - double your online sales. 2. Welcome To 10 Secrets - Learn How To Make A Professional Video: Hello and welcome to 10 secrets to creating the perfect video. Currently the most popular media online is video. In large part, popularity of video has risen because of the wide use of inexpensive camcorders and smartphones, and the endless led to oocytes that make sharing videos easy. In the marketing world, videos have become essential marketing tools. Through videos, marketers have found a great way to tell their story and communicate highly complex ideas in a straight forward and easy to digest manner. Videos air also highly useful educating and expressing ideas website owners want to convey to the customers followed Today. One can instantly create and share a video of inequality and link through the use of various Internet based platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, among many others. Even the video possesses immeasurable power, too deeply engaged audiences. They also have the potential toe board and turn viewers off accordingly. Creating compelling videos is mandatory for any person who seeks to use videos successfully for the purposes of marketing, educating and expressing your ideas. In order to create compelling video, you will need to understand how it is different from rich in content as discussed below the following or some of the new techniques that are proven when one needs to create videos that engage, hold the viewers attention and wow reality. 3. Video Production: Hello, 10. Welcome again. This is video to and here we will be talking about the importance of planning your production. The first technique is creating homemade videos that look professional. This doesn't happen by accident. The best videos will require pre production planning, regardless of the event being recorded. The most important thing is to have a plan. It involves writing down or making a mental list of shots and scenes that should be included in the video. As an example, a person planning to create a video of a Halloween party may include the following shop, decoration and food, arrival of guests at the party in their costumes, mingling of the guests at the party introduction and exchange of pleasantries among yet tos made and dancing Apple Bar presentation for the best and worst constant, as well as the departure of the guest. If the video was about an event has highlighted above, the agenda for the event could be used to prepare the list of shots in simpler terms. It is important to know what is going to happen at the event said that it is easier to shoot the video without a proper planning of the event shooting video may be difficult, and 1 may miss out on the most important scenes that viewers would expect of any event if the video does not cover and it is still important to plan, so you are sure to take the right shot. Tangles need to arrange them in a chronological order, captivates viewers attention. Planning The shop is only step one. You will then use to think about how you want to take the shots, that type of music you want to include. End a video, what graphics you will need and how you plan to edit it. In general, the planning process is an important first step of creating a video that is more likely to succeed when you put it on mine. The pre production planning for quality and engaging video and bones creating the shot list storyboards, probably Herstein as well as to be Road B roll is the additional footage that makes the story come to life. You 4. Modern Motion In Video: Hello and welcome to Video three. Here we will be discussing the modern uses of motion. Modern viewers are no longer captivated with motionless video. Today, the most interesting and appealing videos are created using modern users of motion. Aerial footage is steady. Cams, time lapse and sliders. The use of slides that have light flashes, lines and shapes that come in and disappear are also popular for video presentation. The development of remote controlled drones provides video makers with inexpensive ways of getting there GoPro's or their DSL ors airborne to shoot video use of pre made presentation effects makes including them in your presentations easier than ever before. The results from such technology for as good as those of time from helicopters, planes flying over building and others second steady can help in eliminating, shaking and rolling when a person Walt Braun, from shooting. Yet even though they were introduced in 1976 Steadicam remains one of the most 30 tool in creating top. When the shaken of a body in motion is eliminated, one can create clear videos of which all details are captured without any Joran effects. Video maker can shoot alongside the subject as a runner wall as to give them the sense that they are in action. The subject will act in the right way, while the video maker will eliminate any undesired text related information. Third techniques of time lapse health, brain, great effects, video being creative in the action scene spread how, but the camera remains static. Very short. The movement of the camera is also under the control of motorized rig, which are only capable of subtle movement. On the other hand, hyper enables the camera to move considerable distance to provide perfect videos, regardless of the motion passed our angle of the camera in simpler terms. Both time lapse and hyper lamps are the same, except that the latter has no limitation on notion. In general, the changes brought about five time lance or hyper land or settled with the outcome are remarkably interesting and appealing. Lastly, sliders amounted our tripods that allow the camera smoothly. Sliders are mounted on a tripod to emulate technique years back through to a greater results for their 5. Intros and Outros: Hello and welcome to BDF. Poor here will take a look at interest and outright opening the interest in the script. This one of the most powerful techniques that one continues to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Wedding their appetite with a bit of information that is coming, often serves the purpose of making viewers thirsty for more opening and closing loops can be liking to foreshadow. They help in evoking the curiosity of viewers because they allude to the Peaster detail of video. In practice. Opening and closing loops are easier said than done. There is need to engage a skilled operator to execute them without any flaws. Opening Loops set up an intriguing situation that leaves the audience wanting to know more about the situation and simpler it helps in creating the momentum that carries viewers throughout the video. Good video use everything lips to create credibility in type audience curiosity and stimulate the need to see and understand more. Once the video has an opening loot, it must be closed to provide a payoff. For instance, closing loop helps in giving the audience the satisfaction of having watched the video as an example a marketing video that introduces the new city capital of diamonds would start by stating that Antwerp, Belgium it's no longer the diamond city capital of the world. In this case, the audience will remain glued the new capital of the world. We're dying. Instead of giving the actual capital, the advert would go on to state that it takes 34 hours of air travel to reach the new capital from a particular location. As be seen, this is a good opening loop that creates credibility, grab the audience's attention and stimulates their desire, as the video provided that allowed viewers to correctly forget his new capital of the world for diamonds. 6. Get A Pro When Needed: Hello and welcome could video five. Here. We'll talk about when to use a professional. It is important to approach online videos like commercials we watch on television. In practice. Ah, homemade video that is poorly produced is worse than no video at all. Accordingly, it is important to find a video graph for who has at least basic equipment and understands the procedures of creating compelling storyline. Today, there are many pre applications or so where one could use to create the videos. However, this is Onley advisable if one understands how to use the software and has sufficient knowledge on creating personal videos world. For those who are willing to invest the time in the learning how to do it in practice, the golden rule is that one should always start professional, help them creating video. Hiring a professional to create the videos has the following advantages. First, a professional would complete the video quickly and ensure that it is released target audience at the right time. Second, the professional will always provide guarantees against any failures because there is a contract on what they should deliver. Third, professional videographers help include my mute elements and details that are not professional would easily omit in the video. Finally, professional videographers provides tips on how to optimize the video and ensured that it garners top views on different class in practice. This is called third opinion. It involved other people spotting the strong and weak points whenever one is creating a new video based on a person's opinion, the video will always be proved to satisfy the needs and expectations of the viewers. Despite the many advantages of using the profession, one will happen part for some amount of money for the video to be completed. This is not always practical for everyone. Unfortunately, there are many alternatives, but those willing to roll up their sleeves and put in some work in general using professional videographers, Holly recommended. When you have the budget and lack the skills to do it yourself, it is ideal in that situation because the owner of the video, I will continue being in charge and control the entire process. It can often have a project completed, but with the tools available today, anyone who is willing to put in the effort can make a great fit. Yet for this reason, it is never a good excuse to not make videos just because you don't have the money to hire a pro 7. Content Viewers Want: Hello and welcome to video. Six here will discuss Y. It is important to deliver the content your viewers one high quality and engaging videos are largely dependent on the content they contain. For this reason, it is important for the person making the video to focus on writing the content readers want, as well as how the readers want it presented when the content of the video does not provide the viewers with values port. If it doesn't solve problems, answer questions or a t least entertained, there is no purpose of creating video. Poor content always fails to residents forget shared between viewers and their friends in practice. Creating the content that viewers will fall in love with is not just about the creation process but also the approach of creating the content. There are a couple of ideas unlocking one creative juices and increasing the chances of creating videos that many people will watch to completion and share with friends for other pages and plant for first, the contents of the video should be you'll resistible. Great video content is all about the artistic deduction. Every seen in the video should capture the viewer's attention by entertaining them. Never forget the video is about them and not you. According to a study by The New York Times, 94% of people share content simply because they believe it is healthy. But content being created should not simply be educated but also entertaining. Irresistible content is entertaining, and therefore you'll need to bring the light even to the most practical content. Lastly, backing up the content of the video ensures it is credible to the viewers. Credibility brings trust and causes people to share the content with other people on various platforms. Second, create mobile friendly versions. According to a survey conducted by Google in 2017 more people use their mobile devices to search different content in order to give viewers what they need. The video should be created in a mobile friendly version that people could easily access on the bones rather then on a desktop computer 8. Editing Software: Hello and welcome to video seven here will take a look at the various video editing software options. High quality videos need to go through video editing software to improve and add various features that cannot be captured using the camera. The video editing stage is important and helps many video producers to appeal to the senses of their targeted audience. Having the right software is important when one wants to create hot online videos, picking the right software similar to picking the right core that satisfies the needs of an individual. Today, there are dozens of video, anything self. Where in the world, however, not all video editing software can create the right videos that attract views, even though there are many applications to create and edit video, the following or some of the most popular tools one can use to create good videos capable of attracting millions of years. Premier Press Adobe Premiere Pro cost about $50 each month. Since its introduction, it has become a popular nonlinear video editing software throughout the world. It could be used successfully for small or large video project. The main advantage of Premier Pro is that it is consistently updated to incorporate new pictures. This is important because of the constantly changing environment of creating videos. Accordingly, users get to use the latest features that enable them to create a top rated video. Similarly, Premier Pro has become a knowing brand because it integrates sister programmes such as after effects, media encoder, Audition and Speed. When the build in programs that premiere pro fail to work, it is possible for users transfer easily. Premier Timeline between programs. Moreover, Premiere Pro can be used to create or refined videos of all Kodak's and format. Lastly, Premiere Pro is very adaptable and open because it functions will with other plants. Unfortunately, the regular updates on Premiere Pro can sometimes be bugged. Also, exporting is a slow process compared to the f C P X. One must subscribe to the creative cloud in orderto excess and up today copy of Premier Pro . In this case, one will have to part about $50 each month in order to access the desired features and capabilities of the software. Considering the pros and cons of cream, artist, probe is an ideal technique for people who create a lot of videos and often used programs such as illustrator butter shop and after as those air all included in the monthly package . Otherwise, it would be costly for creative artists who only occasionally edit or create a few videos and fine the great features provided by Premier Pro Barrentine. The creation of high quality video gain traction on different social media platforms. Next we come to Divinci results. DaVinci Resolve is a great version of video editing software. Originally, it started as a color grading and color correction software. Over time, the black Magic design company has made numerous upgrades to make it one of the most powerful. The result caused nothing for the life version and for many of the free version is all mills ever name. The main prose of the software includes fantastic color features, sleep designed free software and note based effects. Because this is a powerful video editor, it does take a bit of time to learn. Next we come to candy motives. Kenny Moto is an easy to use and functional presentation app that allows users to create stunning multimedia presentations. Any MODO provides a wide range of tools one can use to create various videos for different purposes, especially in the education sector where it is free, unlike the traditional slide shows, and a meadow offers a creative alternative for the users to view and listen to their slash . In order to use Animate of one needs a blood photos, videos and text to be used in creating the video they're after. The video maker can add music by choosing from clips for many minutes a wide range of styles and artists. Otherwise, the user can also choose personal needs before their own voice to use in the video to be created People who used any murder, most saying up by clicking on the applied now button on an emotive site. The technique is relatively easy to use once two counters created in practice. This is a major advantage, very little technical skill or knowledge necessary for creating video. Once created, users share the video with a wide range of audiences through the Internet, and a moto is increasingly popular because it offers a simple are tentative creating supercars video. The APP is freely available on Android and IOS videos created using anima toe or highly game fumes. From the start. Prince Theo ability to incorporate music, photos, videos and texts ensures it is an exciting way of presenting information besides personal computers, this technique allows one to create videos even by using their. For this reason, there is no need for want to incur other expenses related to shooting videos or taking pictures needed for the final product. Lastly, the possibility of using voice and text sures Video maker has the ability to provide in depth the pills regarding your expenses. Because ZDF create despite the benefits associated with an tomato, one should expect the following shortfalls. First, the pre version of the animal native Can Onley create a video that last 30 seconds for long videos? One would need to subscribe for the premium version. Secondly, free accounts for the APP have limitations such as video styles, again subscribing to the premium version with allow one to access all the features of this great video making at the videos created using animate, it could be shared with target audience through platforms such as email, YouTube, Facebook websites, logs and Twitter, as well as many other online based platform. As such, marketers and other users do not have to worry about how the reach their target audience Knicks. We come to every media habit. Media Composer is a number one choice for users who create many videos because it's about $35 a month. It is designed to work almost Carly with keyboards alone and therefore allows the user to save a lot of trying in the production process. The main advantages of the Aborigines composers are that it is grateful or has server ret nearing picked ability and has an exalted. On the contrary, it has a bit of a clunky interface and requires a sleeper learning curve compared with Premier, have C P X, another act. Next we come to final cut Pro Final Cut Pro goes for $299 guarantees benefits such as a fast workflow compound. Cliff Sleep claimed the face as well as at the time of its introduction at C. P X became the biggest disaster in modern history. However, this stool has evolved to one of the best that video. It has many features that registers find helpful processing your video. Despite these capabilities, no matter has no backwards capability with F C P seven or earlier versions. There are other types of video editing software out there Types talk one nation in this list. Currently most pocket other, so for all options include light works in Vegas, auto debt and debt. 9. Sound and Music: Hello and welcome to Video eight. Here we'll take a look, a sound quality and using music tracks. According to David Lynch, one of the most innovative international directors, videos are 50% visuals and 50% sound. And sometimes the sound overplays the visual. For this reason, it is important to include good sound in the video. Many video creators tend to focus on the visuals at the expense of the music being used in the video. In practice, this is always a huge mistake that results in an average video. The intention of any video that is shared online is to elicit emotion. This is achievable through sound quality and the choice of music. The sound does not have to be funny or ridiculous to create the right emotion or experience . Given the importance of sounds, the best approaches the license gives music online from a royalty free music provider. Even the one used free music. It is important to note that free music this free for particular reason as such, spending a little money on music to enable one to get the best Saudi of possible choosing a music track that is perfect at more value to a newly created video and makes it attractive to the viewers. For this reason, it is important to go the extra mile to sample different beats that are relevant to the subject of the video. One can access high quality sounds and music with following site First, the music subscription based store that offers a broad range of music in MP three format. It is the world's largest retailer of independent music and has over 3.5 noon track because with subscription starts from $11.99 per month and one can cancel their subscription any time without losing the music they've already down. Second, Amazon sells DRM free music on its online platform. Amazon has a wide range of offers on different days. Accordingly, one contort get these offers to enable them to cut down on the cost of obtaining quality soundtrack. Third Audio Lunchbox is an easy took spore platform that offers a huge election from different genres. Users consign up for monthly access or purchase tracks on a college court basis when one signs up for subscription site offers free downloads of 57 other possible sites. The pain, music and soundtracks of the right faulty include Jim Endo, Amy Street, Napster Live Download please. I and Lime Wear Store, among others in general, paying a little amount for the music shares a person can access high quality. Add to the video being created for over it allows went toe access a wide range of soundtrack that are compatible to the media. Once the right sound of music exchange, it is important to set the audio levels appropriate. In practice, every person creating a video can have personal opinions on what audio levels are standing accordingly. The recommendation from lower, not by any means alone when creating the video. The ever all mixed level can be from 10 db toe 14 to be down long should range from 12 TV to 15 to be. The music should be 18 B B 22 B and found it should be from 10 to 20. The right song with the right settings can help the audience to feel the way they're supposed to feel watching video. Therefore, one should dedicate sufficient time to choose. Add right. Any newly created video 10. Titles and Graphics: Hello and welcome to video nine here will take a look at the importance of titles and graphics. Once the video is edited, Music at it and the color is great. Video maker should consider adding titles and graphics to make it more engaging to the viewers. In practice, it is always difficult and challenging to create good graphics. For this reason, it is best that keep things simpler rather than complicated. The first tip in getting the best graphics is to keep the graphics simple. Creation of titles and credits should not be made complex. The video maker should select the appropriate sand to refund, make the point white and let it dissolve in and out. That technique works 90% of the time and will become are always better compared to an attempt to create a motion graphics sequence in After a day, it is highly advisable that regular video makers build their sand Cherie farm park. As they continue creating more video. They will prefer 1.2 others and music myself when creating titles. They should match the aesthetics of the video being produced in practice. Most applications come with built in generators for text and graphics. Professional applications can allow one to include attractive three D on lighting and particle emitters when adding pecs and emitters. In spite of all of the Wiz band features, the most important thing is to keep the texting graphics simple. A marvelous of the toning it Down is the opening title of the hit TV show Lost Picture, a Dark Purge foundation with white three day message that says Lost. Moving from far away and out of the center as it delicately curves in space towards reviewer, it quickly homes into the center as its own twirling pork. In the meantime, an audio of spooky clamors plays out of sight. It's outwardly very straight forward, dark foundation, white content and basic movement. Be that, as it name it says, a great deal in regards to sort of show you're going to see it is frightful. It is muddling, and it's beginning and End is an indicator of the good primary character of the show, a strange Aisling with its very own mind. For someone who is new toe after fix, they can use after fixed template to create awesome graphics for their video. Presently, aftereffects is the world's best motion graphics software. Unfortunately, it is time consuming and requires bad skills to create personal graphics. My hands, a person who needs amazing motion graphics confined them on rocket stuff. 11. Export to Web: Hello and welcome to Video 10. Here we will discuss exporting your videos to the whip. Most videos are viewed on mobile phones, ipads, personal computers or TV. Accordingly, it is critical to understand the right way to export for the whip. The main purpose of exporting the video for the Web is to create the highest quality without ending up with a huge file size. In practice, four major factors determine the size of the finished video. The four factors are Kodak resolution bit, grade and frame rate. Kodak refers to the file format in which the video is safe and the Kodak is compressed. Video size becomes smaller. However, it is important to note that smaller file size is of lower quality. Resolution refers to the number of pixels video. For instance, a four K video contains your times to resolution of HD video bit rate refers to data quantity dedicated to its second of video. Choosing higher bit mates enables one to create higher quality videos and files. There are programs that allow video makers to set the minimum and maximum bit rate frame rate. In practice, it is a possible to export a video in the Film Standard, which is 24 FPs, or television broadcast standard, which is 30 FPs, or frames per second. People who export their Biggio in the 48 FPs or 16 frame for second Sanders end up with Quiles that are double inside. Recommendations highlighted The Love Are the Minimum Recommendations for Respect Fecal? Who wants the highest possible quality to ensure that their specifications exceed one twisted letter. Future is the most popular video service in the world today. YouTube pants Billions of users who visit the site to upload DDS as well as wives would already exist on that platform. Any person can use the platform as long as they go through the Priest Description process. YouTube is the only platform that allows users a played four K and eight K videos. Exporting video to the size increases the chances of it being seen by millions of people. When a video is uploaded to YouTube, every goes to a smaller file size and therefore results. For this reason, every person must preview the video before launching it for the world. The recommended compression guideline for you choose or followed maximum resolution is 2160 p, which is four k Kodak is 0.264 audio a dash Elson up to 96 hurt bit rate A in the PS at 24 FPs frames per 2nd 4 K 45 MBs as 24 and train race support at 24 25 30 48 50 60. All of these air included inside of your written guide, so you can reference those tour when you need them. By exceeding these minimum specifications, one is assured of creating a reasonably high quality video that can attract on to video is preferred video streaming service that people in your industry. It allows non obstructive gearing up to sleep design as well as add three models just like YouTube video exported to video quality. Whenever quality is an issue, the audience should be able today on video by clicking on the download button alongside the video. The recommended compression guidelines for Jamie How are as follows. Maximum resolution 10 80 p. Kodak and 264 audio Kodak A C dash, Elsie at 48 okay, a bit rate. 20 n. B. P s frame rate for 24 25 or 30 by exceeding the minimum specifications one is assured of creating a reasonably high quality video that can attract viewers attention from the media . Facebook for the last 10 years has quickly growing into a popular platform online video. Presently, Facebook has a couple of 1,000,000,000 artfully visitors used to size to be different than yes from around the world. It is growing at a fast rate, and with rival you too. That's the most popular video sharing fat boy in your world. Accordingly, it should be given consideration when exporting the video. Most videos posted on thanks for often go borrow within a short period. Therefore, ensuring high quality is important to ensure the video is engaging with targeted party. The recommended compression guidelines for Facebook or as follows Maximum resolution 7 20 p . Kodak h 200.264 Audio card at a bit rate, not frame rate your up to 30 frames per second and blood. By exceeding these minimum specifications, one is assured to create a reasonably high quality video that could attract viewers on face 12. Optimizing Videos For Increased Views: Hello and welcome to video. 11 here will take a look at optimizing your videos. Optimizing the video comes once everything is done and the video is ready for public consumption optimization insurers. The video attracts views and helps the owner to create a loyal following for future video. Once the completed video is exported to the Web, it is important toe optimize the video. Optimizing. It involves taking steps that will make it reach the core audience and get as many views as possible. There are six quick techniques of optimizing video to ensure it gets the many views it deserves. First, the title of the video should catch the potential viewers attention and make them one toe watch. You may already be creating engaging video but lack the keywords that people search for in the headlines or tags. A good title can pull powerful traffic in the same way a creative and effective headlines two in particle or block post track. The title of the video is important for two main reasons. The first reason is that a great title has the magic of instantly grabbing the attention of viewers. The second reason is that the usage of appropriate keywords in the title will make the video show up on the search engines whenever people surge for related topic. In such a case, some people will get to view the video even if they were searching for different things. In the long term, the video will register millions of views within a short period of time. A simple tipped in cream and cream to write headlines or titles involves looking for those with at least 10,000 global monthly searches with low competition from Google's keyword toe . Second, the content of the video should be relevant to the ideal viewer in practice. This comes during the planning process. Accordingly, the video makers should be mindful of the content at all times to make it valuable to the target of viewers when creating the content. It should not be too much to make the video lengthy unless one as a compelling reason. Online videos should not be too long because the viewers will lose concentration and watch the next video. They find interest as such. Keeping the video Greek is advisable because viewers are 50% more likely toe watch a one minute video to completion, failing toe watch a three minute video to completion. In a recent survey, comScore reported that the average video link is 3.8 minutes. For this reason, videos that are longer than five minutes should telling reason. Used to be that long again. Long videos Air Onley advisable. Once people have already committed or endeared themselves to one product, otherwise they will tune off. Its video does not capture their attention within the 1st 45 seconds. Third video maker should include the Earl of Video when it is uploaded to the Internet during the editing of the video, it is important to take advantage of the Gipper editing features available in software. One of the straight fourth features involved adding text box to the video. At this place, one can have your l A video to give it greater exposure for one should take it. Banning judge videos branding for branding purposes. The logo of the company should be displayed prominently at an ideal location on the screen . The logo could be visible at all times For a key moments of video, However, the logo should not obstruct the viewing by the audience. Extracting the view discourages many people from watching a video because they cannot see different scenes that endear them to the video. The video should have an H female link posting the video on YouTube. There is always the option of adding a short description of the video hte email links help . Want to jump to another document or file with respect to online videos? This is a good way of leading people to a longer version, video or another document related to the video using H female and Able Video creator to effectively create a shorter video version that contains the main. Finally, one should go beyond YouTube, posting the video to the public. Many people always trust the videos need to loan get. There are other platforms that they could post the video. Today, there are different on line platforms that online users visit from time to time. It is important to understand the platforms used by the target audience so that the video could be posted in these places. Video should be in Betty's own personal or company red, as well as a posted on platforms such section networking sites like Facebook, instagram, Twitter and pears. For them, among others, you act of posting a video on different platforms, helps and increasing viewers growing a captive audience. You know 13. Conclusion: Hello and welcome to Video 12. Congratulations. You've made it to the end of this course here. Let's wrap things up By taking a look at some important points in the modern world, videos had become one of the most preferred types of communication online. People find it easier to consume videos and share them on different plant born, especially after the advent of social media and networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, instagram and periscope. Similarly, the popularity of videos among the contemporary population is owed to the increased availability of digital cameras and related devices. However, the creation of videos for online consumption is never an easy task for people seeking to create engaging videos that attract many views in a short period of time. In summary, 10 techniques to create perfect online videos include the follow First. I want to focus on the pre production because it provides the blueprint for creating the video and overcoming different challenges. 1 may face in the process, get involved organizing the video content as well as the production process to ensure everything happens smoothly and the video makes sense to viewers. Second shooting videos using stationary tripods no longer results and videos that viewers like and share today. Appealing videos Air shot Using new types of motion, such as aerial footage, is steady cams, time lapse and hyper lab and or sliders. Aerial footage is. Allow videographer to capture video while moving up in the air. Steady cans are used in eliminating Shake You rolling related body when the videographers on the move hide for loud from time lance technique helpful and bringing up affects attributed to movement of the camera over short distances. Finally, sliders enable Videographer Street shoot smooth movements of the camera during the shooting process. Third, the opening loop improved videos by creating suspense among viewers so that they can look forward to watching the coming content in the video. Good video shoes. Opening lutes to create credibility and Paice audience curiosity and stimulate the need to see and understand more. The closing loop helps viewers understand the video's content or message as intended by the producer. Fourth, using professional videographers is also an important technique in creating engaging videos . Using professionals has many advantages that outweigh the cost in terms. Associate it with the same in the end results in high quality videos that are killing to most viewers. But the lack of funds should not be tour someone for making videos. There are free and premium software choices available that can help fifth the technique of delivering content. Your viewers more involved making it irresistible video should be educating and entertaining at the same time. In addition, video should be accessible in mobile phones friendly version, given that billions of users possessed mobile clowns and used them to search for cost down Internet six. Selecting the right software is critical to improving and adding features that make the video quality appealing to the audience. There are free and premium software you can use to edit your videos. Examples of available software include Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Emoto, Avid's Media Composer and Final Cut Pro I'm another seven. It is important to include good sound and video. Many video creator traders tend to focus more on the visual aspects at the expense of the audio being used in the video paid for music. It's highly preferred because they are high quality and therefore health and improving the quality of the video. One can access soundtrack music. Amazon Music lunchbox Jim Endo, Emmy, ST Abbe stir live downloads BLEEP, iTunes and Lime where store, among many others. Eight video makers should consider adding titles and graphics to make it more engaging to the two years when creating titles. They should match the aesthetics of the video being produced in practice. Most applications come with built in generators for text and graphic, even though it may be easy to have a video find its way on the big screen. Most videos of viewed on mobile phones, iPads or personal computer. The main purpose of exporting the video for the Web is too great the highest quality without ending up with a huge foul size. In practice, four major factors determine the size of a city. The four factors are resolution, bit rate and frank. Different platforms to export videos include YouTube videos and Facebook. Come another finally optimization insurers Video attracts abuse and helps to owner to create a royal following for future videos. Agent Booth factors to consider during optimization title. An addition of ur Els branding opportunities. Addition of HTML links and posting the video on different platforms to reach the intended consumers sticking to these techniques when creating a video can enable one to produce a final product. That is a fact. Solitude and a feeling With Target, however, the list of techniques to improving online videos, making them more engaging. It's not when the advancement of technology more tech Newt's continues from fatal, and therefore you want to always strive to improve your technique.