10 Phrasal Verbs using 'GET' (English Intermediate Vocabulary) | Chloe Holgate | Skillshare

10 Phrasal Verbs using 'GET' (English Intermediate Vocabulary)

Chloe Holgate, My British English Coach

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    • 10 Phrasal Verbs using 'GET' (Intermediate English Vocabulary)


About This Class

In this lesson, I will teach you 10 phrasal verbs using the verb 'GET'

Any English student knows that learning phrasal verbs is difficult. There are so many and there meaning is often idiomatic. 

In this lesson, I will teach you the phrasal verbs through context. That means, you will see an example sentence and from that, I'll give the definition of the phrasal verb. You will also have a gap-fill exercise so you can practice what you have learnt.





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Chloe Holgate

My British English Coach

H there.

My name is Chloe and I am from Lancashire, England. I have a Trinity TESOL qualified EFL teacher with over 9 years of experience. I have taught hundreds of students from all over the world! I have experience teaching in the U.K., Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

I have experience teaching all levels and ages. I also have a lot of experience teaching exam courses - such as, IELTS and Cambridge exams.

More recently, I have been developing my name in the digital world un...

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