10 Minute Martial Arts Workout Challenge - Flower Patch

Jason Gandy, Quantum Course Instructor

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4 Videos (13m)
    • MAL Promo

    • Flower Patch Routine Overview

    • FlowerPatch Routine

    • Skillshare course conclusion


About This Class

Do you need an exciting, full body workout that can be done in only 10 minutes each day?

Welcome to the The Martial Art Lifestyle: 10 Min Daily Workout Challenge!

The Martial Art Lifestyle: 10 Min Daily Workout Challenge was developed in order to help current and aspiring martial artists learn or improve techniques, develop stamina, increase flexibility and improve their overall health and fitness.  

Using a combination of stretches, martial arts techniques, and cardiovascular exercises, this course will help you challenge yourself to practice and improve martial arts skills daily, while at the same time staying fit and healthy.

These 10 minute workout routines were specifically designed for students at any stage in their martial arts journey, whether novice or expert.

  • For Current Martial Artists - These daily routines will help develop and maintain your current Martial Arts Skills.
  • For Beginners - You are able to learn new techniques and prepare your body to be ready for more advanced Martial Arts practice. Some of the moves may be challenging at first, but as you continue to practice the routines over time, your form will undoubtedly improve.

Enjoy the workout!







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Jason Gandy

Quantum Course Instructor

Jason Gandy has over 10 years teaching experience. He graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Business Information Systems. 

He is a lifelong martial artist that not only has a history of competing, but has also taught many students in the art of self defense.

Jason is also a published author, frequent traveller, stock trader, website developer, Amazon expert and serial entrepreneur.