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10-Minute DIY Pocket Notebook/Planner

teacher avatar Kate Chystykova, Craft Addicted

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Cover Material & Size

    • 4. Step 1: Fold paper

    • 5. Step 2: Cut/Trim Paper

    • 6. Step 3: Make Paper Blocks

    • 7. Tip 1 How to save time and fasten notebook to the cover

    • 8. Watch Before Fastening #1 Stapler

    • 9. Step 4: Fastening (1) Stapler

    • 10. Tip 2: Include a ribbon

    • 11. Watch Before Fastening #2 Sewing

    • 12. Step 4: Fastening (2) Needle & Thread

    • 13. Step 4: Fastening (3) Sewing machine

    • 14. Step 4 How I fastened the notebook, cover and ribbon (Sewing machine)

    • 15. Problems and mistakes

    • 16. Final

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About This Class

Wanting to start journaling? Think about a tiny pocket planner to start with so you can understand is this or you or not.

It's also important to like the planner where you can write, if it looks appealing to you, peronalised, you would want to open and fill it in! 

This tiny notebook is perfect to be your agenda, where you can write down:

  • schedule
  • daily to-do lists
  • shopping list
  • ideas
  • brain dump
  • wishlist
  • movies/books etc list

There are tons of ideas and what's great, that you can just simply write them down and not to hold them in your head. 

As it's a small notebook, you can always carry it with you in your purse and look in it when you need it.

Hope you like this easy and quick notebook idea^_^ 

Meet Your Teacher

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Kate Chystykova

Craft Addicted


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1. Intro: so ho Ah, my name is Kate. And these class, I'm going to show you how to make these focus mobile, which you're gonna place in a small, really small back and they're going to use a toll like it s a plan Them. It's in the journalism. Asus and all book itself is like a small sketch vocal whatever you choose, like or maybe some bucket list ideas you can right here. And this projects take like, Lesin two minutes. And don't look on the duration of the video off the class because I included if you message And if you keep videos, so it, um it is longer than 10 minutes off Muslim, and I really want to show you how you can make it. It's really separatism. And this time you can actually make it with the. Since you already have at home, you don't need much tools and materials, so I hope you will enjoy this data 2. Supplies: for this day while you simple need some office pipe of the color you want and a ruler at pencil Ah Zan Sarette Hands and legal to a few your paper blocks. Ah, you'll also need some paperclips and then choose so wallpaper or cards on for your car when exists and even hallucinate a glue and scissors. Let's start our dear Why? 3. Cover Material & Size: for the cover. You can take some scrapbooking paper exists, for example, with a green or just simple Awan. Ah, I will pay for you. Have some. I lags is a break kind off effect. So I'm gonna use this piece. But you can also use some fabric, for example, like for laser Or maybe like a cotton. But cotton is not really sick. So you need to make it sick. It and it will like called the shape. Although you can also use felt and I'm going to you, I'm going to use these wallpaper so as we have like a six former notebook we need, it's so little bigger. It is like 16th centimeters. So my notebook And like even if I have, if you want, they will fit here. And I wanted to have a Felipe free so you can understand what I mean. Sleep. I want this extra part. So is it to my I chose almost almost rented six centimeters. So I hope you understand the measurements and I also know them on the screen. And I believe that disease can hold like so three notebooks together Really great. And its next three does. I will show you three fasting and Mrs off textbooks and also some deeps is it gay and save you to him? 4. Step 1: Fold paper: The first process is to fold the paper. You hold it in half. I also used a ruler that help me make clean fold ends. And I folded a king. So your fault twice each paper. If you use a five paper, you just fold it once. And you also miss Step two, which is about the cartons of ages repeats. The folding process was always a paper you have. 5. Step 2: Cut/Trim Paper: before we can make actual paper blocks, we need Teoh gods that apart that Bruins us from opening pages. I will show you three options. 1st 1 East paper knife. You take a role, Um, and be sure that you hold it Firm Looser doesn't slide slick in my case and got it. My life wasn't really sharp, so I couldn't cut it. And the paper waas fizzling. Actually, if your knife is sharp, then it's really a great option for you. Just got through to three millimeters above Second option is scissors, which helped me Teoh make a killin age after their life. I would advise you to draw a line with a pencil and then cut it. It's much more easier, and you can help all of the pages always accept toe size and certain option he's got. It's super easy, but it can also be a little bit confusing because so if you got it like free fans, their size off each paper can be different a little bit. So I would also advise you to draw a line before and then only Carter to ease the Qatar 6. Step 3: Make Paper Blocks: Now it's time to make paper books. Ah, collect your shades off. Label in color or do you perform? If you use just white paper, just collect him. I advise you to use with 6 10 sheets of paper. So you have, like, 12 20 pages in each one. But the mop religious you have is a hard date. Will be toe my exam even off the same size. So you need Teoh. Uh oh, God, is that ages? 7. Tip 1 How to save time and fasten notebook to the cover: so I actually record. It's sorry first in Mrs, but I wanted to give you a tip. Whatever message to your choose you can already fast in your coward, please. A notebook so you don't need to have, like one more extra step fleet and bring listserv facil light So and so in Syria for its remains, it's like stable look, using seven mission and pencil in this one and before I show you each step in the video in details or faster and notebooks on the notebooks. Before that, I'm Aidan U V does there, in which I explain how you confessed in your notebook to the cover already, even if you have two or three notebooks. So ah, keep watching to see what I mean by sit. 8. Watch Before Fastening #1 Stapler: So let's start with the ones that don't include seven, and it is a staple. So what you need for this if you want to first in your no book? If you're using, like paper, scrapbooking paper, it's much easier to fascinate to these statements about it. Also can work always like saying fabric what you need to do. Um, Flick. Let's imagine I'm going to show you on another piece things. This will be our cover just for example. So if you have a few pieces, I advise you to fold the spine. If you Peter. So it's really flexible, then, um, before you first and was a staple What you need to just before you shoot. Measure is the size off your staple. This one's in to make room, so you need to mark hose in your notebook, Aunt, in your cover, I advise you like to clip your notebook into college together, so it helps him like, for example, exist one you so it doesn't move and you make hosts already in your no book here and here for something, and you need to use a needle to make some holes is in thank you re imagined like require click here and here, here and here, once into meter Johnson to meet him so you might calls, and then you need to Bush, you're stable inside from their cover does the notebook and you secure it with some pliers . Or you can also use even a rule toe fold the staple, and this works fine with one No, no book bottles of system. What you need for the seventh. You just you just like let's imagine that it's already crossed int what you need to oh, make a gap like 35 millimeters. So as like the notebook, it's kind of heavy sickness, so it's not really, like close together and make you host in the cover. And in the second notebook, you also put it here the equipment and what you need to do key. And here he and here and you push your next stables here and it is all secured. I hope you understand what I mean by that. And in the next leader, I'll show you how toe fast in just your notebook with staples so you can see what I'm Julian's body chicken also fast and eat already. Who is the cover 9. Step 4: Fastening (1) Stapler: with the second option used to use a stapler. You will need a staple so we can re made some holes according to the size of it. Don't forget to secure the pages with a paper clip. The hardest part is toe actually put a staple in the horse. I have the career a long nail, so it's kind of hard for me to do it. But you can also use like pliers that can help you, so it's really easy to use players ends. Then you will need just toe secures a staple on the other side. So it's super easy. You can watch is a video tools and how I attempt with my nails to put the stable inside. But still, it's a really easy way to secure the paper blocks if you don't have a sewing machine or a needle and the threat, for example, and I kind of also set the sort option, he's a sewing machine. I will show you in the next video 10. Tip 2: Include a ribbon: and it's cheap. Number two if you use sarin message like friends. So always a servant machine. When you put your cover on top like disease one over terror I advise you already to boot your ribbon or whatever you choose. So you can like, may cannot and close, you know. So if this this one So you close it like this and you know where is secure to bees A clip so you can measure zillions off your ribbon. And you know, like example, like six. So maybe even look, you feel more. Yeah, exit And to know Oliech the ribbon should be here and you need to so eat here. So what I suggest to you like hold it with your hands on fast in it And then you know what Where it should be. So I recommend you, Teoh, tape your ribbon These it's shaped so it doesn't move and it will be a sold to as a cover and to the notebook. Alright, adjust by one step. These will work so really fine If you saw it, uh, so together your cover into notebook and you can already so your ribbon it will make much more easier for your end to foster dear wife 11. Watch Before Fastening #2 Sewing: Now it's time to show you how I want to help you to save your time. You can already first in your cover and a notebook. So you're Jones, like, make extra step, was it? Ah, this is our imaginable cover. So even if you want to trust in like 23 notebooks, it doesn't matter what you need to do. So you might cause in your fields notebook whenever you want and to make the exact same holes in your cover. And then you need to solve it together. Just you, just for your you I I recommend you to clip it to its some paperclip. And you saw it just together entities. So in wigs it then when the first notebook is so you just put your second notebook don't forget to make click and gap you to be in their roll off hopes for your, uh, threat. You might cause in the cover and in the notebook as well. Make some host and so it together. So you can also use this method for us to three notebooks and secured to the cover and said to work really funny. So I hope you understands it. How? What I mean, yeah. If we look at this notebook, so is the yellow. What's our cover? It would be already sold in Turkey is, um but the cover should face Let the big sentinel book. That would be a much better. And let's move tour where? Sirte My sense. 12. Step 4: Fastening (2) Needle & Thread: Now it's time to frost them. The paper blocks I will show you three options. The host Juan ease and needle and district before you start, secures the pages serious paperclip and then you need toe remains the holes, so it will be easier to sew it together. And it will be Colleen. In the video, you will see the distance between the holes. I'm it. You can make them the way you want. You can make like two centimeters between the holes. X ray centimeters. I made, like two centimeters. 3223 and two. You will see now each on the screen. I promoted the holes, and only after that I started sewing with a threat. You can choose a bright color or you can use like a white one. If you used white paper, it was really go to use, like really bright, like being blue, Red mutual like sparkle. And let's move to the option to 13. Step 4: Fastening (3) Sewing machine: was the sort option I suggested east to use a sewing machine. And you just so your old paper together. It is really easy. And I actually advise you to use this message as it is the fastest imam. Ah, this three options And it can make a really clean and sharp line. Don't forget to secure the threat. I, uh, moved it up and down and then forget it to do the same mom way at the bottom. Be sure not to use a really long thread that comes from the middle because it can get stuck and you have lots of threat. And it's not really clean. I had this problem and to use to got the extra threat, and I also had to protect these basis Reach Go left over. I hope you see that I used it all. I also did this speech like up and down the secures. Just cut it with the systems. And to make Arison perfect, I suggest you to use and nail polish to secure the notes and the ends off this threat 14. Step 4 How I fastened the notebook, cover and ribbon (Sewing machine): in this video, I'm going to show you how you can. So your notebook does it cover? And to the Aruban old organism. I'm going to use my seven machine. But you can also can solve it yourself. It will work fine. Ah, and what I need to go. I also removed Staples and the threat from two other notebooks. Now I need to put my notebook inside, say a cover. Close it. And those who close asleep can't measure my ghareeb. Um ah. So I also make, like first much nothing not. And I secure the ribbon to the cover released some tape you can also use a Russian is in You need Teoh on a clip and toe Open your notebook so you can see it's a spine and now pull slightly is a ribbon Now we can sort together So make sure Is it are you notebook? Lies way you wanted it to be Ah, secure your notebook. Does a cover breeze a paperclip? Now we need to sew it. Um I remind you that you need to make to secure the threat. So I moved back and forward on the door. Benton's a bottom and when I finished So in I caught his excess Sarette Anti security To these a nail polish You can also security three eso a tiny drop off glue ovens. The first known book is sold in Ah, we can. So the second notebook and the interview toe You will see how I did this. Ah, I also sewed is a sort. No, the book pods I d exists only to show what problems can happen and how you can solve them. So is the next day dough. You will see why I preferred on the two notebooks in this tiny pocket. Atlanta So let's see together means the next credo. 15. Problems and mistakes: So yes, you might have noticed is a roast on mystics. If you have really like sick notebooks might happens is you can see like this throws a really lie close together and center is like a really big gap like seriously, the spine is like here. And is this fine? Possesses here? E If you Hansen's is releasing the Delinda threat, that would be for you Can Manager said. So I like really, like together and the without any gifts. So the him So my suit is wilder. Another scene is it can happen. This is great as it happened, him eat can go. Is there room away legs? It's And it also happened because the two other notebooks were really sick and it was really hurt. Oh my goodness fucking Is it as a mistake? Clear to show. Make sure is it there is not much neighbours. So like this? No, it's already messed up. So when they work with another bullish make sure is that you don't use too much force it And tonight is it like I also have some extra holes because of the staples. And your obviously will not have him because you don't like just used the first message. Then you decided to change it. Just use one first in and message. If you use a staple that will be fined, you can just already fast in like all your mode books like and raise your hands and staples and how to first in everyone. You can actually glue it. Ah, you can. It's like an extra staple Ah, in the middle. But you should fast and your ribbon all whatever you choose to recover before you start fasting and covered to the notebooks. Okay. And is suppose disease are my main tips and problems that happened to resist? Not so, um, he's local exists. It looks really, really clean. John local this and it looks origen eyes for me. I'm still going to use it for my personal no use. So it's fine for me, but I wanted to show you what mistakes might happen and give you some tips. And now to our final video 16. Final: So this is the final video facilities, dear. Why? I hope you injured it. And you did your personal book notebook and I wanted to know if you understand everything. Clearly, use instructions were clear. It is actually my second time doing thes, um, lesson for skill share and did this notebook because the 1st 1 we're not really maybe clear with no clear instructions and Jimmy some video sexual. And in this lesson, I edit. Actually, if you're more first inning methods which you can use and some extra tips and problems for you So I would love to receive if it book about Gless about the technical process ive the instructions were clear. And I would love Teoh. Also receive feedback about project maybe Like what problems you had when you did this project on your own. Maybe it didn't include something or maybe some tips that you can give me. And I would also love to see your notebooks here projects. And I would love to know how you use them. I'm going to use it maybe for my worker, because it's really, like small it. I can put it in my back. And though my Berrill said. Some goals here. Some plan, maybe you will. You you can use each for like, a planet or for vocabulary like if you're learning some language because it's really like Tynan's, it can work really fine. So I would love to see and receive your photos, your common sea of feedback. I wish you would like with this project, since a whole for my peeps. Help to you, Teoh say sometime and makes a is no big really quickly. We say materials you already felt at home. So it's angular for watching for these ah, class.