10 Hacks To Increase Fan Engagement On Facebook

Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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13 Videos (33m)
    • Welcome to our training!

    • Meet & Greet

    • Hack #1 - Know When Your Fans Are Online

    • Hack #2 - How To Find Valuable Content That Gets Shared

    • Hack #3 - Sneaky Trick To Boost Fan Engagement For $1

    • Hack #4 - Like vs. Share

    • Hack #5 - Caption This!

    • Hack #6 - Inspire Your Audience

    • Hack #7 - Keep It Short

    • Hack #8 - Make Your Fans Curious With Open Loops

    • Hack #9 - Likealyzer, A Badass Analyzer

    • Hack #10 - Fill-In-The-Blank!

    • Congratulations!


About This Class

Do you want to double or even triple the engagement rate of your Facebook fan page? Great, because in this course, I’ll show you 10 proven & tested hacks that work right now!

You’ll discover powerful strategies to boost fan interaction and get better results almost overnight!

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Learn Proven Tricks Deployed By Brands Like Walmart & Coca Cola:

  • Get more likes, comments, shares & clicks
  • Boost fan interaction by up to 300%
  • Increase your organic reach

By the time you compete this course, you’ll be able to triple your fan interaction, increase organic reach and your fan page performance like a professional marketing agency!

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Very useful, specially the different tools given to check your progress. I recommend watching it at x1,5 speed, it can be perfectly understood.
Very useful tips for engagement. I like it a lot ! Thanks !
Very good to the point course.





Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I...

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