10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Online Course Sales | Sarah Cordiner | Skillshare

10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Online Course Sales

Sarah Cordiner, Edupreneur & Online Course Creation Specialist

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11 Videos (23m)
    • Want to increase your online course sales - without the extra work?!

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About This Class

Got an online course?  Want more sales?

In this short course I will show you 10 simple ways that you can increase your online course sales - FROM EVERY SINGLE VIDEO YOU PRODUCE!

I use these methods to get a full time passive income from my online courses (and I'm a full time mum!)

I often see new instructors posting in social media groups with the ever familiar sentence: “So, I’ve just finished my course, how do I get my first sales?” – if only this question could be answered in a simple Facebook comment!  

When it comes to marketing, promoting and selling our online courses, there is a lot more to do than many people think, and the most important thing that online instructors need to learn, is that selling a course is a LONG TERM game that requires a careful concoction of multiple marketing efforts (targeted to your audience).


Just like any good business, nothing works in isolation; and when it comes to marketing online courses, there are many moving parts.

There is no ‘one’ strategy to marketing and selling online courses – successful course marketing involves the strategically engineered juggling of many different components.

The top online instructors have thorough marketing plans for their online courses before they’re even built – just as any successful business would for their products and services.


If you havn’t done this yet, don’t panic – it’s never too late to start.  

In this course I am going to show you the simplest and most effective way to rapidly increase your course exposure and sales with 10 easy strategies.






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Sarah Cordiner

Edupreneur & Online Course Creation Specialist

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