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43 Lessons (4h 11m)
    • 1. Welcome to 10 daily goals for humans!

    • 2. The old way of setting goals in time versus the new way setting goals for today.

    • 3. Example of a daily goal versus a long term goal in my workflow.

    • 4. Time spent working and enjoying long term goals versus daily.

    • 5. I can still set long term goals as long as they fall within a daily goal.

    • 6. Daily goal setting eliminates setting goals where I do not control the outcome.

    • 7. When I control the outcome of a daily goal, jealousy does not appear.

    • 8. Anything that blocks progress on a daily goal I work to eliminate.

    • 9. Days of failing to accomplish the goal become okay because of so much success.

    • 10. The data saved me from telling a story of my failure after having a baby.

    • 11. Microsoft Excel works for me to track my professional progress.

    • 12. HUGE HEALTH UPDATE better than myfitnesspal!

    • 13. MyFitnessPal works for me to track my diet, exercise, and weight.

    • 14. Mint works for me to track my finances.

    • 15. I participate in a support group each day to track my sanity.

    • 16. Prayer and inspirational books help me track my mood at morning and at night.

    • 17. Everyone helps me track my service and purpose for living.

    • 18. What are my 10 daily goals? Saying them out loud helps me practice them.

    • 19. Stay sane by not creating more pain and suffering for myself and others.

    • 20. Make a positive contribution to my family members and friends.

    • 21. Eat a balanced healthy diet and feel I can eat whatever I want to.

    • 22. Exercise.

    • 23. Do the right amount of something productive.

    • 24. Have some fun.

    • 25. Stay curious.

    • 26. Help someone.

    • 27. Clean up and fix up.

    • 28. Practice saying thank you and staying grateful.

    • 29. Nothing I get involved in is more important than my daily goals.

    • 30. Sometimes it comes down to a walk at the doctor's office.

    • 31. Laziness is my friend and I design my life around accepting how lazy I am.

    • 32. Habits are my friend because a few good habits accomplish most all the goals.

    • 33. Anything that gets in the way of daily goals I consistently fix.

    • 34. Accepting the things I cannot change and changing the things I can.

    • 35. This seems too easy to be really work! The mind loves complexities.

    • 36. Any sickness that exists will trample on daily goals.

    • 37. Being above or below accomplishing daily goals and humility.

    • 38. Too busy to have 10 things to do every day?

    • 39. If you see you cannot live right on your own, the only solution is to get help.

    • 40. A year later, how does my life look after doing these goals?

    • 41. Practicing unconditional love for others

    • 42. What if I fail the goals?

    • 43. Thank you for finishing this course! What did it motivate you to do?

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About This Class

If you want to be more productive and have a happy life as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or business owner, you can find an exact blueprint that works for me every single day. This course gives an exact system to live one day at a time by accomplishing 10 simple goals every day!

Most of my life I set long term goals, worked hard to complete them, and then quickly moved onto the next one with very little time to enjoy the results of my hard work. Life was frustrating and painful most days. I was able to escape all that by learning to set the same 10 goals every single day. You have the same opportunity to enjoy life in its fullest each day when you take this course!

As an entrepreneur, I have a lot of freedom that can be difficult to manage effectively. This course is about the 10 goals I aim to accomplish every day which make life worth living and solve the majority of my problems in both my personal life and professional life. With sharing these goals with you and explaining the design for living that supports them, you can gain inspiration for adapting your life into these 10 goals starting today.

Most of the lectures are screencapture videos where I show you how the 10 goals today have given me the chance to have everything I could have ever wanted in life and to leave me feeling for the first time like I am enough. You can finish this course today and get started immediately!

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope to see you in the course soon!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome to 10 daily goals for humans!: welcome to 10 daily goals. Four humans originally called 10 daily goals for Entrepreneurs and now updated for all humans. I'm your instructor, Jerry Banfield, and I made this course with the hope that you have access to the same lifestyle system I do that allows me to have a happy, peaceful, joyous and free life on a daily basis, using daily goals as primary and then long term goals as secondary. Sure, I have long term goals. I have things I've set for my business for my life. But those are secondary. Accomplishing my goals today is what allows me to work towards them and what allows we do enjoy accomplishing that 10 daily goals today instead of having toe wait until I graduate college for a brief moment of happiness and then to go right back to the grindstone as I go to a job. And then I have to wait to be happy until I've got a better job. Way to be happy and Targo Graduate school. This 10 daily gold system eliminates waiting to be happy. I'm happy every single day using these daily goals, and I accomplish long term goals better than ever. Would you try watching this class today to unlock an amazing system you can use in your life that I'm using in my life. I will show you. I made this class more than a year ago and I will show you how my execution of the daily goals has changed slightly. But the daily goals themselves stay the same and continue to guide my love and support through every day. If you're in recovery or you live a life based on spiritual principles, I think you'll find this class a great help with applying those to your life. Thank you so much for getting started with this class. I'm really excited to be here with you. And I would love to hear your thoughts, your comment, your discussions to see what you've done with this class. 2. The old way of setting goals in time versus the new way setting goals for today.: in order to understand what I'm saying, let me explain the old way of goal setting that I use for most of my life and how I see most people setting goals today and compare it with the new way that I'm sharing with you in this course. Now, to be fair, what I'm saying has been the old way. In some places, in some cultures, it's been preached. It's been taught and religions. It's not my original idea. It's an idea I've adopted from learning about the world. So I'm putting this in terms of my old way versus my new way. So my old way with goal setting was to make a goal in time. That means the goal could never or rarely could ever be accomplished today. In other words, when I started my business in 2011 I set a goal to make money and then by 2012 and 13 I was setting goals like by the end of the year, I want to be to 10,000 month and then whenever I accomplished it, I'd change it to by the end of the year, I want to be to 20,000 month, so the goal was always in time. I was always saying I want to do this by next week by next month by next year By the time I retire, the thing is you can start today and finish the goal. Today. The key is to make goals you can accomplish today because then you get the satisfaction of accomplishing the goal. Today, let's look at it from a simple point in terms of how do you do this? You set goals that are smaller and easy to do. Instead of sending a goal on something that takes a long time in a lot of effort, you set the goal as one individual part of that. So for me, I don't set a goal that I want to are making anywhere from 40 to 80,000 month on you. To me. Right now, I don't set a goal that by the end of the year I want to be up to 100,000. I keep the same goal I want to do to lectures every single day and then today I will have done the two lectures. At the end of this video, I get to have accomplished the golden are get all the happiness that comes with having fully accomplished a goal. I don't have toe wait for one day when I finally make it. All of this is based on idea of salvation. Is salvation here right now, or do I have to work hard and struggle for The key is to see that you don't have to work hard and struggle your whole life and to see all those times you set goals. I set goals before. I want to have a hot girlfriend and man. As soon as I did that, I'd be happy for a little while. A few weeks I'd suffer being single for months and struggle and get so mad when I couldn't accomplish my goal and then a few weeks of happiness and then a new goal. I want a hotter girlfriend. I want a girlfriend. That's nicer. I want the girlfriend. I have to be better to do this, to do that very little satisfaction on a daily basis. The key is the difference from the old way is that satisfaction. All the rewards of the goals are right here right now in today, everything I could hope to get out of a goal in terms of how I feel about my life, I get it today by setting really easy to achieve simple goals in every aspect of my life. 3. Example of a daily goal versus a long term goal in my workflow.: Here's an example of exactly what I mean setting daily goals I can accomplish versus setting long term goals. Now I'm going to use the exact same result here as a long term goal of 2000 lectures on you know me and compare that with a daily goal off, upload to lectures every day. So the way I used to set goals, I would have set a goal. Like I want to have 2000 lectures uploaded on you. To me or more accurately, I want to have 40 course on. You know, me. I remember seeing an instructor when I first started, who had 20 course in thinking, You know, if I had 20 courses, I'd have it made, but I know I can't make 20 courses. I was enough off self knowledge at the time to realize I know I can't make 2000 lectures, and that would be foolish to even try. I had enough humility to see I'm a very limited human being who can barely do anything relative to what I can think off. And yet I am grateful I could see what I needed to do with daily goal setting. I could see What I really need to do is just do a little bit of good on you to me every single day and soon enough, the results will add up to a lot. How much do I think I can do every day? I set a goal of average two videos every day, seven days a week, indefinitely due to videos a day, because I thought, What can I definitely do? I was at a point where I realized I have all these course I want to make. I don't realize how I can make them. I can't just go make 20 course all at once. What can I do today that will impact making those courses. If you'd have said, Jerry, I need you to make 2000 videos Owner said. Absolutely not. There's no way I could do that. That's impossible, That take me years. What I said, Waas. Can we make Jerry can? No. You make two videos every day. Well, yes, of course I can make two videos a day. That's easy. Now here's my average. I've averaged 4.5 every day. Now that doesn't seem like very many, does it? 4.5 videos every day that seems pretty manageable. You probably could sit down and shoot 45 videos today that's added upto over 2000 in just a little over a year. Now. The difference between that is everything. Because if I would have set a goal to make 2000 what I would have done based on my experience with everything else I did in life in a similar way, I would have went at it ridiculously hard in the beginning. And this is how I started on you. To me. I literally made my first course in 12 hours because I said, I want to make a course today. I want to make an entire course today which having only made one other course that was 30 minutes long, having the goal of making Ah three plus hour course and one day was pretty foolish. It took me all day. It was stressful and I got so burnt out I couldn't hardly stand the look at you and me for a month or two. After that, I see new instructors in the studio doing the same thing almost every day. I worked all day to render my videos burn out is the worst thing that can happen to you in life because you have to live life every day or stop living. When you get burnt out. It drags everything down. It screws everything up. So setting the two videos a day Look what I didn't stay now here. If I would have set and I'll zoom in some more so you can see this a little better. If I would have set a goal of 2000 videos, I would have felt like I was doing nothing on that. I would have felt for all these days here I was doing nothing. And then when I went to visit Mom with my wife for Christmas, I would have felt this horrible shame. Look, you're making no progress on this 2000 goal. And then I would have came back and worked really hard here and then seeing that, let me see how Maney I've got right here. I'll just select these having got to 173 after working hard for a month. At some point within this month or two, I would have quit. I would have said, Screw it, I can't make 2000 videos. I've been working all month on this, and I'm getting nowhere. Forget it. And that's what I did on almost everything in most of my life. Either that or I struggled for it a long time and then wasn't happy with what I got. I struggled, like going through school. I did all this work to get a degree that brought me no happiness once I got it. So I knew beforehand I can't go about this. The same way of went about everything else in my life. I'll fail. Now let's compare what actually happened. I said I want to do to videos every single day. So on this day Well, all right. I did four. That's twice a Zeman. Ease my goal. Yes. And then the next day, all right, I did to our got my goal. I got it. I did it. All right. And then this day, 80 my God. I went four times over My goal. Next day. Same thing. All, man. I'm crushing it. Then these days I did to today I did too. I met my goal. I did, too. And then going forward here. Same thing. So by this week, instead of running into shame that I'm missing my goal, I'm falling behind what I ran into Waas. I've done so good on my goal. I've done so well that it's okay if I take a few days off. It's OK to take a few days off because I've accomplished my goal almost every in every single day since I started it. So I can take a few days off here and I keep the same goal as soon as I came back from that trip, were right back to the same goal and then here, forward every day to and as I continued trying to do, too. I kept looking, What's holding me back on days like this? Right can Onley due to what's holding me back from doing more than two. And then I started toe make better videos. I started to get better equipment, and then every time I had a stretch here, like when I traveled, then often when I come back, even better productivity. There's no shame in failing on the goal for a day or two, either, because the goal is still there. And so whenever I have a day where I can't do any. I come right back to it. And that added up quickly, just continued forward through having a baby through being in due dad through all kinds of changes in my business, through trying new things like live streaming, which sucked a lot of energy out of you to me all the way up till today. I'm still doing this today, more than a year later, course after course. After course. It's march 16th 2016 and this today is four already have already done for. I've got a bunch of things to do later today, and I know I've already done enough. I've already done enough work today. Don't have to do anymore, and if I can do more, that's great. You can see the happiness and satisfaction that this brings. 4. Time spent working and enjoying long term goals versus daily.: Here's the biggest benefit of setting daily goals versus long term goals. And I know this because I set long term goals for most of my life. Long term goals like I want to get a bachelor's degree. I want to get a really good job. I want to have a spouse. I want to have a family. I want to have a new house. I want to make 10,000 or whatever 1000 a month. I would set these goals and then spend 99% of the time working towards them and about 1% of the time actually enjoying the result of those goals. I struggled for years to get my bachelor's degree. I worked and worked and worked and worked. I took extra classes. I spent tons of money consistently feeling everyday, the goals not accomplished until I got that bachelor's degree. And so there was no time to rest to relax until I got that Masters degree. And then I got the bachelors degree. Remember, there was a little bit of time where I could celebrate and be happy a few days after four years. And then what happened? Well, now that I have this bachelors degree. What now? I need to get a job. I need to get a better job and one thing after another. I very rarely with long term goals, gotten to spend any time enjoying having accomplish those goals because as soon as they were done, I'd work so hard for them. I'd soon enough set up another goal today with setting daily goals. I spend about 70% of my time enjoying having accomplished my goals. Today it's about 10 a.m. I got up around 7 30 or 8 a.m. and by noon or somewhere around there, I will have already accomplished my goal. And in fact, I've already uploaded to. So I've already accomplished my goal. So making this lecture, this is just for fun. Now I've already done my goal of two. Today. I get to just sit back and enjoy what I'm doing. I don't have to struggle for anything. I've already done the work I needed to accomplish my goal. I'm already done. I can feel fulfilled and I will feel fulfilled the rest of the day that I've done enough today that I've finished my goal for today and then I can sleep tight at night when I'm going to bed knowing I accomplished my goal today to make two lectures on you to me. And then tomorrow I get a fresh start. I worked as on these goals as early as I can, and then I have the rest of the day to enjoy them. No more working for years to enjoy something that I can do today because ultimately, rather, I get to enjoy life or work and struggle through life. That's up to me as soon as I figured that out. Hey, I don't want to work and struggle all the time. I want to spend most of my time enjoying the results of completing my goals. Setting daily goals makes this possible. 5. I can still set long term goals as long as they fall within a daily goal.: as Dr Phil would say here, let's get riel, We'll Jerry, obviously, you have to set some long term goals, right? Yes, of course, I still have the ability to set long term goals. The difference is that long term goals must fall within a daily goal. I do not set long term goals outside off a daily goal. For example, Obviously making this course is not something I'm going to do in one day. You can see what I'm doing right here and making this course live. These are the videos I've done today. I made these 1st 3 and then that last one. I just him up loading that right now and look, I can even click publish on it here right now. Obviously I have a longer term goal off finishing this course. The difference is that goaless secondary. It's not the primary thing I'm trying to do. The primary thing I'm doing is two lectures per day, the two lectures per day, then feeds longer term goals. The difference is the two lectures per day is what satisfies me today. That's the main goal, and that applies to everything I'm doing everywhere, for example, with losing weight. I take the same approach. My goal is to eat healthy today. That's my goal Now, obviously, to get down to £191 from £218 I obviously had at some point to say I think I should weigh between 1 71 90 That's probably what this body is ideally programmed to way. Obviously, I had to become aware of that at once. The difference is I realize I can't finish or accomplish any long term goal without doing the work on a daily basis. And if I don't enjoy accomplishing the little parts each little part of a long term goal, then the long term goal is irrelevant. For example, if I do not enjoy making each individual video in this course, if I don't get great satisfaction out of having made these few videos in this course today than the long term goal of finishing, this course is irrelevant. Setting daily goals respects the fact that the work in everything I'm doing should be enjoyable. A lot of things I did going to college were not enjoyable. If I would have set daily goals, I absolutely would have dropped out of school a long time ago and went about learning on my own. I've learned in a few years what I was not able to learn in school in 20 years, and that's valuable skills. Then I can immediately apply and live a lifestyle on my own. So long term goals often get in the way of short term happiness. If long term goals air chosen poorly. Sometimes this means that the daily work will eliminate a long term goal. If, for example, I don't enjoy accomplishing the goal in this course of making two lectures per day. If I don't enjoy and don't feel fully satisfied after I make the lectures in this course, if instead I feel I haven't done good enough unless I finish the whole course often that leads me to abandon intercourse. I will stop making your courts. I have several courses on you. To me. I stopped making because I wasn't getting full satisfaction out of actually making the course each day. I started to do it as a long term thing, like, I want to have a course like this up rather than I'm enjoying doing the work to make this course today. Rather than feeling good enough about contributing to the course. Short term daily goals guide my energy to the right places. They have guided me into making this course today with you out of having seen that I could make a course like this, Andy realizing I'm not going to make a course like this in one day. I have to enjoy loving every step of the way or the long term goal itself is not worth it. Because if I make this course and I don't enjoy it, you'll know it. I've made a lot of things in my life as a means to an end. And everyone who consumed those things I made could tell my heart wasn't in it. What people love about my Corson. You'd me. The reason you're probably here is because you can tell my heart is in it. I love doing this and you feel that. And I've learned this by seeing it in what other people do. So, yes, I set long term goals today as long as they can be accomplished through a daily goal 6. Daily goal setting eliminates setting goals where I do not control the outcome.: I had a goal in 2013 to get to 10,000 month by the end of the year. My business, then by the middle of 2014 was on the brink of going bankrupt in April 2014. I had accomplished my goal earlier in 13 2006 months earlier than I thought I had a month. I made over $10,000 and then I immediately set the next goal $25,000 a month. Well, what happened instead is I was so quick to pursue $25,000 a month. I ended up dropping well below $10,000 a month. I ended up stopping doing many of the things that had worked to get to 10,000 month. As I discovered those same things would not work to get to 25,000 month Today I am grateful . In the 1st 16 days off March 2016 almost two years later, my you Timmy earnings are already 25,000 this month. Now, I've already spent probably at least 10,000 to generate thes, so by the end of the month, things should work out pretty well, and yet I don't set any income goals today because I don't control this. This is out off my control. These numbers are not something I can do anything about. Today. Daily goal setting eliminates foolish goals that you don't control the outcome. I don't control how many people by my courses today. So why would I set a goal? Like, for example, here you can see 39,000 last month in February, the lowest months since July. If I was setting goals like I want to get to 50,000 last month would have been really frustrating. I don't set goals any more like that because I don't control this. This is not something I've controlled or I've done. This has been given to me as a result of me doing good work for you and hundreds of thousands of people like you. This is a result off this. This is what I can control. I can control what work I do each day. I have no control over this at all. So why would I set a goal on how much income I can make? Why would I set a goal? I'm finding, uh, having a child. There's something like that Or back when I was single, I used to set these goals of finding a girlfriend. When I didn't have any control over finding a girlfriend. I could do the work. I could make a dating profile, which I did. I could go out with lots of girls, which I did. I could try and be the best friend I could be and see what happened from there. I could not control the outcome of my goal, though, because if the girl wasn't right for me, it just wasn't going to work. If I'm not doing the right work on you to me, then this doesn't happen. I have no control over all of the things that happened relating to buying my courses. I can't go sit down on your computer for you and go by the rest of my courses. I can keep trying to do the best work I can for you today and that therefore maximizes what I'm doing. And when I maximize what I'm doing, life gives back to me. Life gives to me as a reflection off what I'm doing. The beauty of this strategy is I never have to set goals now that I don't control the outcome because you can see how stupid that be to do it on a daily basis, you could say, Well, Jerry would be stupid for you to set a goal of making a certain amount of money each day because you couldn't do that. You Obviously, if you try and set a goal like that, you'll fail at it so often you'll realize you shouldn't have done that. When I said ago, I can control like I've done with this. I succeed at it so often I keep doing it. So this might sound really simple and you might think some parts of it are repetitive. It's really, really important to not set goals. You can't control the outcome on because that's how life is miserable, even something like getting a college degree I couldn't control. Rather, the university gave me the degree or not. It was foolish to think that I could control that All I could control was the work I did towards that degree. So I'm grateful today to have learned this. After 20 plus years of setting long term goals were mostly I had no control over the actual receipt of the goal itself over the actual handing over of what I worked so hard for. You don't have to do that anymore. You can set goals today where you do the work and then where you control the outcome. Therefore, you have to do to do the work and you accomplish the goal. 7. When I control the outcome of a daily goal, jealousy does not appear.: daily goal setting removes the jealousy that comes from seeing other people accomplish your goals. And I will use an example that was helpful for me when I first started on You know me. I saw instructors poster income and I got jealous as if someone else was somehow stealing my income because I wanted to be able to make what they were making. In other words, when I was setting goals based on things I couldn't control, then seeing someone else have. The things I had set goals on made me feel inadequate. It made me feel not enough. It made me feel jealous. So I'll show you here, and you can diagnose yourself. Are you jealous off my $0 I earned in April 2000 and 14? Are you jealous of the 69 or 100 I earned hereafter hustling and running ads all month and struggling and trying to make my course better? I would guess. Probably not. I would say you're not going this, look at that and say, Man, I wish I had those $0 in sales. After all the work and all the things I've learned, I wish I had that Now, what about the other end of it? What if I show you all of the sales here? You're looking at that saying Screw him. He's taken my money. That should be mine. He doesn't deserve that. You know, if I was making all this, I'd be a lot happier. Daily goal setting removes that element of it. Because when you see, things are all about what goals you set for yourself each day and you can get full enjoyment and happiness out of them. Then everyone out there is really here to help you because no one out there is holding on to something that you can't have. No one else out there iss stealing from you. I know when I wouldn't see other instructors post their earnings like this before I started daily gold setting, I used to get jealous. When I switched over to a daily goal setting mindset, I started saying, This gives me motivation to do my best today toe work on my goals. Seeing that instructor post their income motivates me to know that if I work each day on you to me, I know I can do at least a good as that instructors doing, if not better, because just looking at him in his videos. I can see he's not me better than me. He doesn't have anything I don't have. He doesn't have anything I want. He has the same basic qualities I do. And if I'm willing to do my work and said daily goals, I know I can do that good. It's an amazing mind swap. It was baffling to me to even start realizing that to go from this mindset that everyone else has what I want to. You know what used to make me jealous when a guy had a hot girlfriend and I was single? God, that made me jealous. I was so mad as if he'd stole my girl. You took her. I should have been dating her. I should have a hot girlfriend like that. Well, then, when I got a wonderful wife after going through a lot of things that didn't work. Then all that transitioned into my business, I'd see what people posted. And I get jealous. You jerk. You're taking all my money. That's my money. I should have that. And now today The reason I have these things is because I stopped chasing them. I stopped chasing what other people had. I stopped being jealous of what other people had, and I started looking at What can I contribute? What did those people do that got them? That not what do they have and how great their life is? Because when you set long term goals, anyone you see who's accomplished your goal in your mind, you think they've made it. If you're trying to be a pro athlete, you look at pro athletes and say they've made it. They have everything I want when you set your goals on a daily basis, when I set my goal to do the best I could on you name each day to make two videos. Suddenly, every other instructor was there to teach me something. The ones who weren't succeeding and were just complaining everyday and making no money. Those were there to teach me. Also, it's probably not good to waste my time complaining about things because that doesn't make maybe money, then the ones who were doing good, all right, what exactly did they do? They made deep courses with technical information that helped a lot of people. They helped other people learn. They help other people get what they want if they put their heart and soul into their teaching on you to me. Okay, I can do that too. Instead of everyone being a person who somehow stealing from you and taking the limited supply of things in the world, everyone becomes a case study. Same thing with weight loss. When I looked around at people who are attractive, I see guys at the gym and I just think f him he's got a nice body and I'm sitting here £50 overweight. I'm lifting these weights. I was desperate to try and prove I was just a good is that guy who was in there in good shape when I switched to get daily goal setting Suddenly I started looking the guys that were in good shape. What are you doing? What exactly do you dio? Because I'm going to start doing whatever it is you're doing on a daily basis. OK, you exercise every single day. Okay? I'll do that. You pay attention to what you eat. Okay? I'll do that. You get a good night's sleep. Okay? I'll do that. And then I can do all these things on a daily basis, then if I'm still overweight, then I am not looking at other people like they've got it better. I'm confident that I'm doing what I need to today. I'm learning what I need to today to accomplish any long term goal and seeing that there's no more fulfillment in accomplishing the long term goal than there is in doing the work for today. 8. Anything that blocks progress on a daily goal I work to eliminate.: with simple daily goals off, for example, with you know me doing two videos a day seeing what's blocking my daily goal. Progress is very easy because the things that try and block it come up right in the middle of trying to do it now for goals like going to college and getting a bachelor's degree. It was really difficult to figure out why my progress was slowing down because the goal is long term and also took a long time to diagnose problems. For example, it took me two years to realize that didn't enjoy my major and do if you do daily goals and things block your work that day, it gets really easy to see them. So here's something you probably won't be jealous of it all. This is a Discover personal loan I took in 2000 and 15 because I realized one of the biggest blocks to my ability to do videos every day and you to me, was my fear that I'd run out of money. My fear of not having enough money in the bank consistently tried to get me to do things that would make money immediately. So what did I do? I said, Okay, what's the rial problem here? I'm afraid of running out of cash to pay my bills. That's the problem. So then my mind opened for a solution. In setting my daily goals to lectures a day, I said, Okay, how much money? What I need to have in order for me to just keep doing the lectures and not be afraid of running out of money. And once I realized if I had 20,000 in the bank right now, I wouldn't think at all or even worry about paying my bills, because I know I could pay the bills indefinitely. I know I could have enough money to get at least six months, if not a year down the road just fine. So then, seeing that that problem, the money in the bank problem was blocking my daily work. That happened within a month off starting the Excel spreadsheet I show, and it happened within ah, month off, starting my daily goal setting. When you set these long term goals, often the problems aren't clear because you don't enjoy doing the work to get to the goal anyway. Well, I really enjoyed my work and I still really enjoy my work on you. To me. That's why I'm doing it. So it was easy to see fear getting in the way. It was easy to see me looking at my bank account and getting anxious. So then, since I knew exactly what I needed to do, I needed to keep making these videos on you to me, no matter what. I got an open mind. I said, Okay, someone's going to give me money. I will find someone to give me enough money so that I can just do these videos and not be afraid so that I can block and remove this limitation. I could see that it was only going to be a matter of time before I stopped doing the videos . I knew that from experience. All the other times I'd tried doing teaching online, all of my previous you to me experience taught me that when money became a problem, I'd forget about doing the videos because making these videos does nothing. Four money in the short term. Now, in the long term, it's the most valuable thing I've ever done. So I went to discover Bank, among other places, I ask clients for loans. I applied, I don't even know. But I just asked and asked and asked until someone gave me the money. I already had a credit card with Discover and suddenly those annoying offers they kept making for a personal loan. One came in the mail again, and this time I said, Ah, now I'm going to take you up on that offer because now I need it. And the interest rate was the highest. I was paying on anything. It was like 13% or something. And I'm grateful. You can see here. This is the inside of my account. I've paid it off. I paid it off last year. That last payment for 7600 I made some other big payments. Before that, you could see my payment history down here. I borrowed. They gave me the money on January 2nd, 2000 and 15 before I had hardly made much money on you. To me, especially relative all the effort I had spent in terms of money and adds in time. So I borrowed this because I knew that by me time and then I just kept paying it down and Then when the course sales went up, I made a big payment on it, and then when the course sales kept going up, I made more big payments and now it's paid off. Now I scroll up to the top. You can see I've paid the whole loan off. There's no more balance. I paid thousands of dollars of interest on that loan, and yet I've made a lot more than that by doing all of the things I'm you. To me. When you set daily goals, you will not tolerate disruptions to whatever you're trying to do that day. You will relentlessly solve problems related to things that are blocking your daily goals. You will do things I never pictured. I'd be the kind of person to take a personal loan until I started daily goal setting and seeing I wasn't going to keep working on you know me if I didn't get some, get some kind of alone. The daily goal setting eliminates all the blocks to doing what you need to do to accomplish your goals today, 9. Days of failing to accomplish the goal become okay because of so much success.: What I love about setting daily goals is that it promotes love, understanding and forgiveness during those times where I fail to accomplish the goal. It sets up an environment where there's lots of little successes and, ah, few little failures. That way, I don't have to dread the goal Being completely failed When I was going through college, a lot of my motivation of Succeed was based on fear of failing fear, of putting all that work into not graduating and then fear of how I'd feel about myself. I didn't end up getting a degree. Fear used to be my main motivation to get through a goal. Fear that I wouldn't accomplished yet and then desire desire tohave the rewards of the goal of the new system I use of daily goal setting. It eliminates fear, and it eliminates desire out of the process. It promotes love, understanding and forgiveness in place of those things, and this is especially powerful on failure days or days where the goal is not accomplished . So after around a month of tracking my daily work on you to me, what happened? I went to visit my mom with my wife for Christmas So at first I was anxious and afraid because upto this point and tracking, I'd accomplished a goal every single day. So let me select and show you how many of these there were. So 19 days in a row before this, I'd accomplish the goal every single day. What happens when you fail? I've never failed on this goal since I'd started tracking it. And then I had a day when we drove there. At first I was thinking It can maybe get lectures in before we drive. Nope. That didn't work. OK, maybe again, stopping it amount of road somewhere? Nope. Maybe I can do him after we get there. Nope, Too tired failure. Then the next day, I started thinking, You know what? I made it through yesterday without doing it. Maybe it's better, since it will be very difficult to accomplish this while visiting my mom. Why don't I just not do any lectures now? I still did work on you to me. And yet I did not do any lectures on these five days. So up then that's 24 days. I'd had total. With five failures in a row and 19 successes in a row. The beauty of daily goal setting is as soon as it turned the 28th right here. Those days of zero are irrelevant. They don't matter. It's a new day today. It doesn't matter what I did yesterday, the goals the same to today. Excellent. Good. I can do it here. And then I had a streak off over Ah month every single day. I accomplished it every day, and then I took a trip to South Korea. Same story here, Difficult. I hope to do them on the road. And yet I just had six days here. I didn't the beauty of it Then, when you're back to normal circumstances, whatever went on before is irrelevant. It's a new day today, and often you'll see. Some of the biggest breakthroughs I have are after zero days, 12 year 12 the next day, and then this is where I started getting help. These zero days helped me realize there's some days I'm not going to do the lectures. I need to collaborate with other people who can work even on days when I can't, because if I can upload video, someone else does. Hey, that counts. That still counts So what you see here I worked with, started working with my co instructor Erman on this wire shark course and he made all the wire shark videos. Except I made a couple intro videos and promo video on things like that. He made most all the videos. So right here I have a big breakthrough where I start up loading his lectures this way with daily goal setting. Every failure is educational. Every failure informs you of your limits. These days of zero informed me, and these days of zero informed, be very effectively of my own limitations. Well, as I continue to go farther forward into this for a few months more uninterrupted and then towards my daughter getting born here now, all kinds of days interrupted with zero helped me see, I really need to more actively collaborate. And as I continued to try and upload other people's lectures, I got to see, while maybe it's better, the other person just up close their lectures directly, and I don't even have to mess with uploading anyone else's videos. Every zero day, then, is nothing to be ashamed off When I used to have a failure like in college. I struggle, I get f on a test, and then it just would be this entirely miserable semester. And then a couple of class, I got season, this whole ball of fear and anxiety, and then it was all shameful. It was all this awful thing I done. I wasn't a good enough person. And I didn't learn very much from that either, because I was so ashamed of it. I just wanted to hide it and sweeping under the rug. When you set a goal every day and some days, you don't accomplish it. Every failure then encourages curiosity. Well, what happened on these days? I didn't do anything. What happened on these days, where I did zero. What can I do to work around this? What? Can I do it? Oh, except these limitations I have. And these long zero stretches air these frequency or stretches. What can I do to accept that? And the best part in here? You can see over the holidays. I had a ton of zero stretches and yet I still every chance I got every day is a new chance . Even in the middle of a bunch of zeros, I'd have one day, right? Say all right, I can do it today. I can accomplish it today and that breaks up the zero chain because when I went on a diet before trying to do this after a couple of days where I did zero on the dire, I just ate. Normal didn't do anything on the diet. It didn't take very many zero days before the diet was completely broken because that was a long term goal in as soon as the long term goal started to look like it couldn't be reached complete giving up with daily goals, there's nothing to work towards in the future. Every day is a new chance to fully accomplish the goal. 10. The data saved me from telling a story of my failure after having a baby.: one of the most destructive things I've experienced in my work with daily goals and with long term goals. Any goals are easily destroyed by stories I tell in my own head stories. My mind tries to tell me about how I'm not good enough about how I'm not doing enough about how things are going down Hill. My mind is programmed toe love a problem So it often creates problems where none exists. My spreadsheet here saved me from a nasty story that easily could have destroyed my work on you. To me, the nasty story was Look how bad you're doing after your daughter was born. Look how little work you're doing. Look how much you're failing. Look how inadequate you are on you to me since your daughter was born. Look how you're not doing enough on you to me. Look how you slacked off since your daughter was born and thankfully, I had data here to prove it wrong. If it weren't for this data, I absolutely would have bought into this. And that same kind of story broke diets. I was on in the past, broke relationships. I was in in the past broke jobs I was in that story of how everything's not going very well . Broke me over and over again. I'm grateful that this breaks that story, so I'll show you the data here so you can see the day my daughter was born in six days after not one video done. Which makes sense. I was in the hospital. It was a lot to say the least. So what happened here? I tried to respond as much as I could. My wife and I got a little bit of a schedule. I just tried to work as much as I could and get these videos up. Well, what happened here, then? I kind of broke a bit again. My mom, we went to Michigan to visit my family. My mom fell off her horse and all of a sudden the schedule for the baby change. So over then by we're getting into December here, four months after you could see tons of zeros into January. Right here I started telling the story of how bad I've been doing since my daughter was born, which creates enemies out of my daughter. It makes me and not good enough, person. Very toxic, destructive story, the same kind of story that's wrecked me over and over again. So what did I do? Well, at first I just was nodding in. Yeah, that's probably right. Then I said, No, no, I'm gonna look at this spreadsheet and we're going to verify this. We're going to see if this story's for real or not. So I selected the 140 or so days since my daughter was born, and I look back at those and I said, What was my goal? What was my goal for you? To me, an average of two lectures every single day. That's my goal. That was my goal. That still is my daily goal life set. And then I looked at all these. An average them. And down here, you can't see it very well on the bottom of the spreadsheet. I'll move it up. I can't zoom in on it at all. The average is 2.7. So when I saw that I've averaged 2.7 videos every single day since my daughter's been born through going to grandma's funeral through everything and all the changes in child care, everything I still overall have accomplished my goal. And now that's why what you see up here is my average total. This is a new number I use. This is my average per day since I've started this right here, 4.49 That's my average per day since I've started this. When I looked at that data, that little story dropped and it doesn't try and come back anymore in that particular form . And in fact, my mind knows I won't buy that story again, so it's given up. It's not trying to tell me a story anymore about what new problem like buying or selling our house. We're just getting started with that. There's people coming over any minute. My mind would love to tell me a story of how buying a house is a serious problem or selling this house and how it's getting in the way of my work, because that's a serious problem that needs to be solved. And then all the fear and anxiety needs to come up to deal with that problem. The mind needs to be very active, very active, to solve that problem. I'm grateful today. This seemingly little tool smashes very powerful stories I tell in my head, and when those stories air smashed, it's very easy to accomplish my daily goals. If that store would have set in around January, just like it did on every other thing in my life, at some point, I'd have probably just looked away from you to me, too, ashamed to even come back as I did several times early on in you. To me, I was too ashamed. After not making sales to even look at it, you disgust me. I don't even want to see you again. And that's how I live my life. Up until daily goal setting. Now I can see for myself with clear proof what's really going on as far as how I'm accomplishing my goals. 11. Microsoft Excel works for me to track my professional progress.: This is Microsoft Excel. I use Microsoft Excel to track everything I do on you. To me. I use Microsoft Excel to track not only my spreadsheet work here where you can see I've put in lectures. Two courses. I also use Microsoft Excel to go through and track all of my promotional emails to track all of my course links and to track all of the videos I upload to YouTube. The messages I answer Microsoft Excel is what I use to track my professional work. It works for me because I know how to use Microsoft Excel, and I like to be able to use formulas to set up things like this so I can quickly see the data. What I've done in this lecture, I've attached a copy off my spread sheet so that you can literally just take the skeleton of my spreadsheet and adapt it to your own needs. My friend Jordan has done this, and he's been really happy with that. He's put in all different things and he's tracking all kinds of things in his professional life now, and he likes it because then he can look back and see what he's done just the same as I have, and it's nice. It's like a gold star. I give myself credit in Microsoft Excel when I do something good, You might like these formulas as a result of a spreadsheet as you continue to track mawr and more, because if you just have a few days here to track at once, you can easily use select and getting average out of it. Now the problem is, when you have hundreds of days, then you can just set up some formulas. The formula I have up here to give me this is the average numbers of lectures I've done every single day. I have average parentheses, B three to B 10,000 so it just averages all the numbers in here together. Same thing with this one. This goes and tracks the averages of discussions and reviews. I've responded to 5.6 per day on average. Here this goes average YouTube videos or Facebook videos per day. So 0.85 there, which my goal is to get about one of those done so lately, I've been doing one or two more days with two and then I've got all these these air just some some sum, and I sum the whole column, basically, now the tough one. Here's the date because the date is an ongoing some here that's copied all the way down the column. This took me a while to figure out you can see equal some date parentheses. Year Prince sees a 4 61 prince sees month Blau plus one at the very end of it. Well, if you use my spreadsheet, if you just go download this the date formulas already set up for you. So all you to do so you can see I've ran out of dates here. So what I do is control. See on Windows Air Command, See on Apple. And then I select down a stretch of days right here and hit paste. And then it keeps copying the days out one at a time, and this is really sweet. It It knows when there's a leap year, for example, it through February 29th in here on this year. But then the year before, it did not. So this is comprehensive in terms of moving your days down one day at a time. So if you don't have Microsoft, Excel or you don't like Microsoft Excel or don't want to use Microsoft itself. Fortunately, there's a nice free alternative called Google Sheets. It's just google dot com slash sheets. As you can see here, you can use Google sheets for free. You can share Google sheets. Google sheets are great for collaborating now. The limitation. Google Sheets doesn't have all the features Microsoft Excel has. That's why I like Microsoft Excel. It's got features I already understand how to use. I've been using it for 15 years. However, if you haven't used Microsoft excel much or if you already use Google Sheets, you do all the same thing in Google sheets for free. So thank you for watching this, and I hope showing you my spreadsheet is useful for you in tracking your own professional life. 12. HUGE HEALTH UPDATE better than myfitnesspal!: thank you so much for continuing this class with me. This is a major update because I filmed this class more in the year ago, and I'm keeping this class updated for you so that you can see news of what works for me. What I'm about to show you in the next video is called My Fitness Pal, and it's how I used to track all the foods I ate and track my calories. However, what I've learned since I made this class is an even Mawr effective way to have an incredibly healthy diet on a daily basis without needing to count calories without needing to try and use self control. Toe limit my diet. I'm on nutrition facts dot org's looking at book, and the book I read was recommended to me by my general practitioner doctor, who is also my uncle. He recommends this toe all of his patients on their first visit. It's a book called How Not to Die. It's a New York Times bestseller. I have ordered it on Amazon, using Audible to listen to the book. I've also ordered it for my mom and several friends. I love this book and now I don't need my fitness pal to track my calories anymore, because all I do, I eat fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains. And that is a foundation. That is my diet, and all I do is eat till I'm full. While minimizing added oils, salts and sugars you all have to do is eat until I'm full every day. And I've lost a another 10 or £15 in addition to the 20 plus pounds I lost using my fitness pal. So I think any weight you're at any nutritional situation eating a whole plant food based diet is by far the best solution I've found for comprehensive health. If you read this here, Dr Michael Gregor explains how this been. This book in detail explains how the top 15 cause of death in America, that things we hate, the things we struggle against the things weeks agreement and cussed at and take and kill our relatives, like my dad and his dad and my grandma. All these things that we try and take drugs to do the rial easy, simple truth is, if you eat a whole plant food based diet, this provides comprehensive prevention and even reversal off all of these diseases, and I read another book called Hole that explains why this is not widespread public knowledge because it's not profitable to tell you about it. It's profitable to sell you pills. It's profitable to sell you solutions to problems which you're creating through things like eating animal products and, like eggs, dairy meat and food loaded with extra oils, fats and salt and sugar. All these create a lot of problems, which then is profitable to sell you those things and then sell your solutions to those problems. It is the least profitable for you to not even have those problems to start with. So I read this book. It has been one of the biggest changes I've ever seen in my life. I didn't think it be fun to just stop eating meat. I love beating me. I loved eating eggs. I had eggs every morning in a breakfast breeder, along with cheese and then hot sauce, a bunch of added salt and a white flour tortilla with almost no nutritional value. I then would consistently fill my meals the rest of day with meat, for example, Ah, hamburger or a salad with a pound of chicken dropped on top of it, a bunch of Caesar dressing and crew thons and then maybe a hamburger, A steak for dinner. That's how it most of my adult life I was fat. Most of my adult life, my body got tell, almost like a little bit of a hangover. After lots of the meals I ate, it felt slow. It felt sluggish and work terms. We call this the after lunch slump. How you feel after you've had that big meal. I my people keep asking me, Jury, God is 10 in the morning. How do you have so much energy? I've already done a live video podcast. I'm in the middle of doing another video. Four class. I just finished this smoothie. This is 30. I guess you can't see it cause it a green screen. 32 hours, 32 ounces off. Fruits and vegetables ground up in that. Fruits and vegetables are a natural energy drink. And sure, I'm not big on the taste of carrots. I like Ko, but I don't want to eat a whole 12 ounce tub at once. I like that broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I have a hard time finding ways that are healthy to eat them. So what if I do? I throw it all in the blender with things like strawberries, pineapple grapes blended all up through a bunch of over the spice in there and drink it. And I learned how to do that in this book. How not to die. I haven't even longer video on my YouTube channel. If you want to hear me talk about this for another 20 minutes or you could just go by the book. I love this book. I'm extremely grateful for this book. As soon as I started reading it, I could see I had all the information I need from a doctor who has dedicated his life to doing this research at all the information I needed to eat a healthier diet. No more, my fitness pal. No more tracking calories, No more self control sighing, Jerry. Now, you shouldn't have 15 of those bob sweet stripes while Jerry, you already had two hamburgers and a hot dog. Do you really need an ice cream cone? Yes, I dio Jerry. Now you've had half of that birthday cake you made Now you shouldn't have any more of it. You already had frosting when you're making it, Jerry, you're not. I'm not overweight. I'm just big boned. This book has relieved me from a ton of stress and a ton of work tracking my food. I make my 64 to 72 ounce smoothie every day. That has all the fruits and vegetables I need for the whole day in it. And then all I need to do after that is have some whole grains, nuts and beans, which I like to do. Triscuits with hint of salt dip those in homis that I make home made with no salt. Added beans. Ah, homis packet and then some spices. And then I have Laura bars which have nuts in them. Then if my family has some kind of vegan dinner, I can eat. Sure, why not? I'll have that. I already had all the nutrition I need for the whole day. I'm at a better wait. I'm healthier. I'm or energy. Everything health wise in my life is better than it's ever been. You might say I'm such a lunatic about this. I switched my dogs to this diet because except they get ah higher percentage of beans, they get more protein. I believe the dogs can live 30 years if they eat this way. I believe I can make it with a little technological assistance, maybe to 150 or 200 years old by eating this diet my whole life. What? My grandma, A bacon and eggs. And she lived in 95. She might have lived to 150 if she'd eaten this diet. It says. In the Bible, people lived almost 1000 years. There's no reason that's not possible for us in a few generations as well. So thank you very much for experiencing this with me. I've left the original my fitness pal Video in next because I realize you might not be ready for this today. You might not be ready to instantly give up all the meat and animal products you're eating . And in that case, any improvement using something like my fitness pal account calories, any improvement is good. If I hadn't used my fitness pal for a year to count calories every single day, I might not have been ready for this. This might have seemed impossible, but after a year of practicing what I told you in this class, I realized you know what? Maybe it would just be easier to just eat these simple foods to just eat this way. Maybe I take that energy I use in my fitness Pound put that into making a smoothie every day and put that into learning a new way to eat. And now I have incredible health. I have incredible confidence and faith going forward that I don't have to die from all these things, like cancer or heart disease, like so many of us are. For that, I can live my life to the fullest of my control. So thank you so much for experiencing this with me. If you enjoy these updates that I've added more than a year after I made the course, would you please say that in the discussions to encourage me to come back and keep updating this class going forward? 13. MyFitnessPal works for me to track my diet, exercise, and weight.: I use my fitness pal and I'll pull the bar down here so you can see the website. It's my fitness pal dot com. I've used this now for 223 days in a row to track my calories and to track my exercise and to track my weight. Before this, I use the free health app on iPhone. And then my friend told me about my fitness pal. So now I put everything in my fitness pal. I'll give you a quick demo of how it works. So what I've done, I've assigned myself a calorie goal. Based on my ideal body shape. I think my body should be around 1 72 1 £90. It's currently at 1 91.8 so I've assigned myself with default calorie goal of 2150 calories . At that rate, I should drop a pound or two off fat every month because I will eat slightly less then what my body needs to to maintain it's weight. So I said, a calorie goal that sustainable my body doesn't go into panic mode. If I set some crazy low goal my body go into panic mode and try and conserve it. This calorie goal. My body tries to just slightly drop a little bit of fat if it doesn't get enough each day, and that's what it's done. Since I've started using my fitness, pal, you can assign your own calorie goal or you can pick a gallery goal based on what it recommends, what you do every day. And this is an app on iPhone and I believe it's on android. Also, you might even be on Windows phone and you can use it online. I'm on the website right now, so I condemn Oh, this for you. What you do is you add food every day and then add exercise every day. So 2150 is my default with no exercise. Now, for every bit I exercise, including taking things like walks, I get extra calories. So here's my diary for yesterday. I filled this out completely as you can see and I filling out completely every single day. Now you ask, Doesn't take a lot of time. Yes, it takes time every day. What I did to make time for this, I stopped playing Star Wars Commander on my phone It's kind of like clash of clans except Star Wars. I stopped playing that because I realized if I put that time and energy into my weight and fitness and diet, I could literally fill this out every day and that play a game that was worth winning. I didn't get anything out of playing Star Wars, Commander. I get something out of doing this every day. So this is what I did yesterday. Yesterday you can see my calorie goal is 2668 calories because I took about 10,000 steps yesterday, I took a long walk with my dogs and walked in some of the rest of my daily activity, so I actually ate 2440 roughly calories. I put in everything I eat if it's substantial, so anything over 50 calories I generally put in. And if even if I have three calor 3 20 calorie mints, I'll put those in his 60. Or if I've already eaten and I'll put things in 2030 calories if I just have a bite of food or something like that, I may not put that in, but I put up 95% of what I eat in, and especially if it's over 50 calories. So this is what I ate yesterday, and it's cool because it has the nutrition all built into it, and I'll show you how easy it is to use this. So 300 grams of carbohydrates, 108 grams of fat. Ah, 101 grams of protein and the sodium. I'm over on that every day. And sugar, I thought a lot of sugar. And yet I don't actually eat a lot of sugar most of time. I have to try to eat my recommended sugar every day because I very easily get under sugar and not enough sugar, which then can lead to problems just the same as having too much. So I did this yesterday. I literally Here's everything I ate yesterday. This is my breakfast burrito. I eat it every single day and I'll show you how easy it is to put all of these in individually. Here's my lunch. I ate this for lunch, I think five days in a row or something like that. And then here's dinner. I had popcorn for dinner. Yes, that's right. I had a giant bowl of popcorn for dinner and watched a movie. Then I had snacks throughout the day, and most of these were separated. So I had a good to go bar. I just ate one of those before that I had to bananas and I had a juice movie, and that came prepackaged from the store. So that's what I ate yesterday. I have this down every single day for the last 200 some days this is what I ate the day before you can see. I went out to breakfast, had eggs. Benedict had spaghetti, and then I just had snacks. The rest of the day I put in snacks in place of dinner. Sometimes like Girl Scout. I literally had Girl Scout cookies and bananas for dinner. And this allows me to do that because if I eat healthy, if I eat a breakfast eggs Benedict and and spaghetti, it allows me to see that I am bouncing out my diet. So, yes, I have room four Girl Scout cookies. If I eat the rest of the day healthy. That's the beauty of this act. It shows me where I can afford to eat unhealthy And that's why it's awesome. I don't go on any kind of diet. I'm on no diet. All I try and do is play this app like a game. I want to eat whatever I want and I want it to fit in my calories. So let's look at how the game's starting off today. All I do is click add food on here and now you can see I have all these foods I've had for breakfast before. So if you eat something one day it remembers it. You can then go back and just put it in what I've got. I have an entire meal saved up. I have a breakfast burrito for breakfast most every day. So I hit. Add checked. Now you can see this, then drops my breakfast burrito here exactly into complete with each thing and all these had barcodes on them. So I scan the barcode scan the barcode scan, the barcode scan, the barcode. That's why these exact products pop up in here. And then I start my day off healthy. I have a good bit of protein and some fat and carbs, all balanced out accordingly in this breakfast burrito and this app has motivated me to go look for healthy snacks like this one. Here. I'll look in my snacks and you can see good to go Bars is good to go bar chocolate chip. I just ate one of these before making the videos today for this course I hit that. Now I've found this good to go bar because I looked for snacks that would fit into my fitness pal that have a good amount of protein, Not too much fat, not too much carb so that I could have healthy good tasting snacks throughout the day. So this is what I've eaten so far today. Now I can see 470 calories eaten. Today I've got 16 80 remaining, so I know I need to do some exercise today because I like to have about 2500 ag meat every day. It makes it easier to have more calories. That means I can basically have to 750 calorie meals again by breakfast burrito, and then I have 700 calories or so off snacks every single day, so that, to me, is an ideal way to be able to eat. And then when I want ice cream. Or occasionally I'll go back to last week when my family visited. You can see I had some days here. When my family visited. I went a bit over. Where'd I go out to eat with them? Uh, I think it was on Tuesday. Here. So what? You can see I had ah lot Teoh eat on this Tuesday when my family was visiting. I had 3000 calories that day. And yes, I went and had one scoop of ice cream here from kill wins. Now this APP has encouraged me to have one scoop instead of to what do I really want ice cream? Do I really want to scoops while when I'm already this far over on my calories, One scoop is enough to give me what I want and then to allow me to not blow this the calories up too much. So this is a really sweet app. You contract exercise the same way. And here you go over to exercise. You can see yesterday exactly how I burned my exercise. That beauty is my iPhone automatically tracks my walking it automatically tracks that I did a lot of walking yesterday and it puts that in there automatically. So then it just drops that in, and I'm all set. So if I go back same thing the day before. Now, if I go back here, I did personal training at the gym. So I did 25 minutes of each of these and did a calorie estimate based on online. And then my walking added in here. So then I had 658 calories of exercise here, and it calculates all this automatically based on your weight. It's a beautiful app that has helped do fantastic things for how I look, how I feel and my eating habits. So I'm honored of the chance to share it here with you today. It was shared with me by a friend multiple times. Actually. He told me about my fitness pal the first time before I was tracking my calories and I ignored him. He told me about it again, and then I listened. I said, Awesome. This is just what I'm looking for. It would be a lot easier than what I'm doing. So you've got it straight here. I'm using it every day. I love it, so thank you very much for learning about it with me. 14. Mint works for me to track my finances.: Today I use mint dot com to track all of my finances. This has helped me a ton since the very beginning because just looking at all of my bank accounts, it made it very difficult to accurately see exactly how much I was making, how much I was spending. I use it in the net income graph here. I'm able to track all of the money I make both for business and any other way. And then all the money I spend both for business and on personal things. So this shows the total money in and total money out now. It helped me right when I started out. When I first started tracking everything, I was doing really poorly in my business. And then as soon as I started tracking everything in men, things started to get better. The problem was I wasn't using daily goal setting here. I was still using the goal setting for long term. So you can see here I had this month in February 2013. Reid wanted make $10,000 in one month. The month before had set a goal to do that by the end of the year and When I made it in February, I thought I had made it. I thought I was so far ahead of things that you can see while I had fairly reasonable expenses in January compared to what I made. Then in February, I thought I had made it so much that I started spending a whole bunch more money. And then already by March I'm losing money and then I go down. The absolute awful rabbit hole off nearly reaching bankruptcy in 2014 is you see all these red expenses and now, through daily goal setting, you can see since I started daily goal setting, that was one of my worst months. My finances have continued to trend up as I focused on doing Mawr daily goal setting focused on just doing the best I can. Today. You'll notice my expenses have stayed fairly the same with some higher advertising costs in some of these months, which is then ends up being related to some of the higher earnings in later months. The thing you can see is that daily goal setting, when applied to tracking my finances, has proven fantastically powerful, whereas long term goal setting back in here did very little because as soon as I reached a long term goal, then I just overwrought on my expenses. I weigh over, clocked on what I thought I could do. Daily goal setting promotes humility. You realize it doesn't matter how much money you make in a month. It comes down to Are you doing your best work? I talked with my friend yesterday and he said, What do you want to do to make more money? I said, I don't care about making more money. I am making enough now I want to optimize my service to the world, and tracking my finances has given me the ability to do this, to focus on optimizing my service to the world each day. And that then almost automatically translates into income. Back here I was hustling and struggling and trying to get money the way it seems most people in the world do, and you can see I was getting some good results. But then some very bad results. Also, I love that mint dot com gives me the ability to literally look at every single month. Before I started tracking this, my business was a total disaster and immediately I got some improvement just by tracking it . However, as I continued to make worse and worse decisions using long term goal setting, then it was obvious of my finances. I needed an entirely new way of life, and that new way of life comes with daily goal setting. And now I'm grateful. I've got one simple number. I can see what I've made on average every month since I've tracked my finances in September 2012. So I really appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful for giving you an idea of what you can do to track all of your finances and to give you the accountability on how much money you're making and spending so that you can look at it so that you can have transparency with yourself and not have areas where your spending impulsively, irresponsibly, that you'd rather not look at at the end of the month. But to baby able to see everything in one simple interface the way I do in mint dot com, 15. I participate in a support group each day to track my sanity.: every day I participate in a support group to track my sanity, to make sure I am keeping a sound mind and keeping a spiritually way of living. This has been essential in my practice of daily goal setting. Before I participated in a support group. It was all about living in the mind or long term goals and all these great ideas of salvation that could happen in the future. Today, it's about doing my best to be of service to the human race each day, and to be a service to my higher power each moment to honor the life I've been given in to enjoy life to its fullest. Now I'm lucky I had an addiction, that I also knew how to get help with. And I am recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body through going to my support group, which then reconnected me with my higher power. That gives me a sane way of living that I must work on each day. I have no illusions that at any point I'm not 10 minutes away from going crazy. Participating in a support group each day gives me the ability to track my sanity every day . It allows me to match up how I'm thinking and behaving with how other people who are similar to me are thinking and behaving. Now, if you have anything in your life, there's a support group where you can go on. Even if you don't think you have anything in your life. At first, you might be surprised how many support groups there are now. The irony of going North Support Group has been that it's really good for me. And yet the thing that attracted me to go to a support group was realizing I might be able to help other people who are struggling with the same things I am. And that's the real value of a support group is being there and working together to help each other with the same issues. Now I participate in what is known as a 12 step group. 12 step groups are often four addictions and recovery, even if your family member. So if you've had an alcoholic or someone who's using narcotics or lots of other types of addictions, even if you've just had that as a family member and not even as yourself, you can go to these 12 step support groups, I mean, based on which one you qualify for. So there's a there, which is Alcoholics Anonymous. There's adult Children of alcoholics, and I qualify for a lot of the group's. I'm here and I've participated in a couple of them. I go to a every day. That's the one I go to. And I've also went to Alan on Allah team because it seems a lot of my friends and family members are alcoholics in their own words also. And yet there's tons of other things on here. There's marijuana. Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous. There's pills Anonymous for prescription pill addiction. They're smokers, anonymous sex addicts, sex and love addicts. Workaholics. Anonymous. Now I definitely qualify for that one. Also gamblers Anonymous food addicts, anonymous emotions, anonymous neurotics anonymous for recovery from mental and emotional illness. There's no or a non for friends and family members of addicts. There's Clutters Anonymous. Hi there. I know a few people are qualified for that. There's Debtors anonymous and families anonymous. There's these air, all 12 step groups, and for me, I love a 12 step group. That's why go to one every day. It it's the 12 steps of recovery are based on Christian principles that are adopted to fit anyone that have been stripped of the Christian specific language in most ways. And the principles themselves are extremely effective, especially if you've had often a dysfunctional Christian background, where you lost your connection with religion and got put off by various history and that sort of thing. Now the great news is, even if you're not interested in a 12 step group, even if you don't want any of this, there are tons of other support groups all of a place. For example, I'm looking on psychology today. I just Googled support groups. There's single and struggling relationships. HIV support group, couples therapy, women's self esteem, divorced parents, epilepsy support group co dependency. And if you get toe work Googling support groups, you can find support groups in your area. I'm or online support groups. Exclusively being a member of support group is a connection to humanity, and often the problem, it seems a lot of human beings have, is being disconnected from the greater humanity, which then is a connection with your higher power. Also, with all of life and all things, the basic problem generally with all addicts, with all people that are crazy is disconnection separation. This idea that you're completely separate, unit separate person from everyone else. It's me against the world, all that way of thinking. All of these support groups are great way to get reconnected and to have a daily measure on insanity every day. Have some perspective. I know when I listen to everyone else's problems. I was a little annoyed yesterday doing my taxes. I wanted to get him submitted. I've been doing them for a couple months already, and I went went over to my A meaning and man. When I listened to some of the other people talk about what was going on in their lives, my perspective returned. Oh, everything's pretty good in my life today, isn't it? Not that I don't have real problems. Not that I don't have really things I need to work on. My life is pretty good, though, and yet it's so easy to get thrown off that support groups make it so easy. Whatever kind of support group you're going to any kind of support group can help keep a sane point of view each day. My main problem for most of my life was not having a consistent point of view every day, not being connected to humanity. Support groups today I'm really lucky. I was so sick, so desperate. I had failed so many times that I finally went to a support group for help. There's nothing shameful about going to a support group. In fact, it's a great opportunity to do something good for someone else. People have said hundreds of people have told me how much I've helped them at the support groups I've went to, and that's why I keep going, because it's good for me and it's good for other people. So I'm really lucky today to have been attracted to a support group out of desperation. And maybe if you're seeing this, you don't have to get as desperate as I Waas to go try one out 16. Prayer and inspirational books help me track my mood at morning and at night.: This is where I sleep every night. Right here. I'm grateful my wife and I have this nice king size bed here. I sleep on this side and what you'll notice over here, the books I have. I have daily inspirational books every day and prayer, and I get up and start every day out with prairie There, get down on my knees right here in the bed if it's a little cold and I don't want to get out from under the covers here or I get down right here on my knees on the dog bed and I pray right here every morning before I get out and go do anything before I set off on my day, and this helps me to get my mood right every day I have a goal to have a good, peaceful, helpful disposition and moved every single day. So then what I do before I get out of bed? Or like, today I got out of bed and went and took the recycling out to the side of the road. And then as soon as I was done with that, I came back in. I sat down on my bed here and I have these these two books I read every single day, these two books I was connected with through my support group and you'll notice in these books they have specific days. So today is I think it's March 17th today and then this is what I read in March 17th today . So I sit down and read the day every single day I read from this book, and then I have this book, same thing. It's got something different to read every single day. So before I even got out of bed or right when I've gotten out of bed, I've already prayed and I read two different inspirational books. Now, then down here for the evening. I have my reading down here now what I've been reading every night recently. This is the course in miracles, So the course in miracles is a book. It's a Christian foundation. It goes through, and it's very similar to kind of the 12 step programs. And yet what I really like in it it's a workbook. The idea is to help re educate my sick mind that thinks I'm separate and that attacks the world I see around me and gets me into a mindset of love and peace and service so you can see today's idea. And I usually read this at night before I go to bed because it's a good time. I can meditate on these ideas before I go to sleep. So last night ized deal was the light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. And then So this is a review section, and the idea is you practice what you read in here each day, so these ideas often helped me a lot. When I'm struggling, let me not forget my function. These ideas have helped me a lot when I'm struggling. For example, on this day the day before, I had several points. I struggled a lot. And man this second phrase here. Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. That's my function. My function is not to attack other people. My function is not to be better than other people. My function is not to tear other people down or to prove how great I am, it says right here. Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. That's what I'm here to do and I read this every day have been going through this. Eckhardt totally mentioned this a lot. So then today, tonight these are being my readings, and I've already had these lessons. So I'm in the review section. So this lesson then says, My function is my only function is the one God gave me. I have no function, but with one God gave me and then this one, my happiness and my function or one. So that's what I will be reading tonight. And then some nights I read more than others. So I put often a book from my support group. I'm back to the big book, as it's known in a And then I have dropped the rock over here, which it look is another A book. And then I went toe one of my my first Allen on meeting for friends and family members of alcoholics because, well, most of a lot of my friends and family members are alcoholics, and that's a little separate from actually having it be you. So I'm going there to learn about that and to see if I can be helpful in that support group . So the point of all this. It's not that you need to read any of these books. You can find your own books. The idea is to have some system that gets my head right every single day and my daily goal . Then read both of these books as soon as I get up, read this book before I go to bed. And if I've time read from one of the other ones, either during the day or before bed or if I need extra in the morning, you can see I've got Resource is here to get my mood right at the most critical times of the day, right when I get up and going to bed often times that are overlooked often times that are just run on autopilot. So I function my life today. I have daily goals in almost every single aspect of what I do and now you. If you want to apply this, all you can do to apply it is to look for your own two books to read first thing in the morning. It doesn't need to be these two. I even have a daily inspirational course with hundreds of my own videos for free. I'm working on making my own version of these books that people can use. There's tons of these kinds of books all over. There's daily devotionals. I'm sure there's one. If you have a religion you want to use, I'm sure there's one for your religion, whatever it is. If you I'm sure there's one for atheists, a daily devotional for atheists every day and agnostics. I'm sure there's one. There's one for about every single thing you can do. So the point of this is I track my mood every day. I work on my mood as soon as I get out of bed and going to bed, and that's a key daily goal that helps me live a good life today, and this is exactly how I do it. 17. Everyone helps me track my service and purpose for living.: everyone in my life today helps May to get an idea of how I'm contributing and serving the world. I track how I'm being of service and my purpose for living Based on what I'm hearing now, some of it is good. Some of it's bad, but I track often showing you my Facebook page here and my YouTube comments, these air good examples off how I'm able to track everything I'm doing today. Throughout life, you get feedback from people involved with what you're doing. Rather, it's at work or rather, its hobbies and interests or having fun and the feedback that you get this a good way to track what you're doing. I get a lot of positive feedback from people who say Thank you very much, Please doom or I really appreciated what you said, and I get a lot of negative feedback from people who mostly are already frustrated with life, and here I am right in front of them. I'm another thing that's in their way. I'm another thing that is seen as blocking them from getting where they really need to be. And I get some negative feedback from people that say Hey, Jerry, you could do a bit better job on this, and that inspires me to do a bit better job on this. So all of the feedback I get now this is where my work is. Since I do my work, I get all these comments and feedback online. Now, if you do your work somewhere else, you'll get your feedback somewhere else. Rather, it's from things. Co workers are saying to whether it's what your boss, their customers air saying to you if it's at home how your friends and family and wife are treating you. I'm grateful today that everything I hear is a indication from the world around me off exactly how I'm perceiving life. If I hear something that theoretically is a huge attack on me and I'm okay with it, I don't need to fight it. That helps me see. I'm doing really good. I'm in a good place where I'm loving and accepting the world. If I see a comment where someone says something nasty and hateful and I'm all nasty and hateful with them, then I'm in a place where I need help. So I appreciate everything today that I get from life is an indication that helps me track why I'm even here on this planet and how I'm doing in my mission to be of service to you and each other person here. 18. What are my 10 daily goals? Saying them out loud helps me practice them.: What are my 10 daily goals? Saying them out loud helps may to practice them each day and to emphasize and remember them each day. These air daily goals, which means they must be remembered Each day I get up with a mind that can conveniently forget every single morning. So I have to work to remember my own daily goals each day. So saying them out loud here helps me to concrete Lee define them here with you Now the beauty If you look at these goals, these goals fit almost every single human being on the planet. And to be fair, these aren't goals. I came up with somewhere that I originally made these air goals. I've seen working for other people who have the kind of life that I think is worth living. I have applied these from all kinds of teaching. So these aren't new. These air 10 goals I've internalized from all the teaching around me. So I give you the simple version of each of it and then explain the number one thing that I pray for every morning. The number one goal is to stay sane by not creating more pain and suffering for myself or for other people on this planet. That's number one. If I am not saying if I'm creating more painted suffering for the other human beings on this planet and most importantly for myself, because I have to see and experience all of it, if I'm going through and doing that, all these other goals will be shredded. I can't do any of these other goals if I'm not doing this first goal. So that's my first goal, and then the first goal allows me to do the rest. Make a contribution to each of my family members and friends collectively each day, eat healthy exercise, help someone do something productive. Have some fun. Stay curious, clean up and fix up and practice saying thank you and staying grateful. 10 simple goals that every single human being can apply across the planet. Thes 10 goals handle everything that happens in my life, and I'll explain how, as each one of them relates to everyday life 19. Stay sane by not creating more pain and suffering for myself and others.: my number one goal every day is to stay sane by not creating mawr misery and suffering for me and for every other human being on this planet to experience, and that includes animals or anything. That's my number one goal. And I phrase that I practice that like this. I attempt before I get out of bed every day and throughout every single day. I asked God as I understand him so that any kind of word, it's the creator of the universe. Higher power, Whatever word used doesn't matter. I asked God as I understand him, or don't understand him or it or her, whatever to I say, I will do anything to stay sober today. And if I have a thought about anything unhealthy, I pray I ask for help with it. So to me it started with sobriety, because when I'm all liquored up or doing other unhealthy behaviors that I wouldn't consider sober, like gambling all day at the casino or anything like that, that, to me is not sober. So it starts of being sober. If I'm all liquored up, there's no hope. Forget it. I can't do anything else. I'm on autopilot. There's no telling what I'm gonna do, so it starts with that for me. And yet that's the beginning. That is only the beginning. If I'm doing anything, anything I'm doing either relate to me trying to not be sober or me trying to have a good, peaceful existence on this Earth. Because when I first went to a, then I could see that my basic problem was drinking. However, the longer I go, it's obvious for me to see that I drank because of 1000 different things I was not doing right in my life. I'm seeing their obsessing over some other person. Well, alcohol relieved that obsession. I'm sitting there working way too much alcohol, relieved that obsession. I soon enough wouldn't care about work. After a few drinks, I'm sitting there beating myself up, saying what a bad person I am. Alcohol relieved that obsession for me, So staying sober to me is about living a life that's worth living about, living a life where I'm not hurting myself and other people today, when I'm not doing bad things when I'm not hurting people, I don't have any desire to drink when I am doing bad things when I am hurting myself and other people. When I'm seeing their whipping myself saying gear, you didn't do a good enough job. You did really bad on that. You don't deserve this. You're a jerk. You're a nasty person. You're a liar. You're a thief. You're a cheater when I'm doing that, and then when I'm doing that to anyone else, that person, to jerk this drivers and asked, You shouldn't cut in front of you did this. You did that. When I'm living like that, I need relief. I can't stand living like that. I hate living like that. And that's why I drank because the drinking knocked out that insanity, and yet it also took me into complete insanity. All the sudden, I was just ridiculous and didn't care. It was like I was fully dead, living an awful life full of misery and pain and suffering. So today, to me, the word sober for me represents living a sane, peaceful co existence on this planet because there's no desire to poison myself with alcohol or other drugs or obsessive compulsive behaviors or depression anxiety. When I'm living a life that's not hurting myself and other people there's no desire. There's no need for all those other bad habits I drank because it helped depression, and yet it made it worse. Also, I'd be having a bad day. I'd be all depressed. I'd get liquored up in all of a sudden I'd be having a great day. But then the next day I'd be even more depressed. Liquor was my one stop magic cure for everything. So in asking the stay sober, I'm also asking to live a life that is worth living. So that is a prerequisite that I try and do that every single day, and I say and I mean it, I will do anything to stay sober, too. And if the sobriety is not a particular issue for you, to me, this gold translates into I will do anything to be a good person. Today. I will do anything to stay sane and not create more pain and suffering for others and for myself. This foundational goal allows every other goal to be possible, because if you're insane, these other goals won't work. Maybe one day they'll work. They won't work another day. I used to be so crazy I'd be trying to do everything healthy. One day that next day I'd be getting liquored up. I'd be screaming doing all this crazy stuff. I'd be eating 5 6000 calories. I've knocked out a whole pizza run through, ripped the refrigerator up, be eating sticks of butter. There's no way if I don't do this first goal, any of the others air possible. And yet all the other goals are inseparable from this first goal. All these other goals practicing them is what gives me things to do because I used to not do anything lots of times and sit around to get bored. Well, you'll see with these following goals, this first goal is necessary for the others to occur. And yet each other goal supports the completion of this first primary goal. So thank you for going through this with me. Thank you for listening to it in my particular language. I hope the intent of it comes through and translates into whatever language is most helpful in your thinking today. 20. Make a positive contribution to my family members and friends.: My second goal is to make a contribution to my family member and friend relationships, in other words, to be a good husband, father, son, brother, family member friend. That is my second thing and that is also included in my daily prayers. Each morning after I say I'm willing to do anything to stay sober, I asked to be a good husband, a good father. Ah, good family member, a good friend, a good teacher online, whatever roles I'm needed to play in my relationships with other human beings. Today, I pray to do a good job with those because relationships with human beings is a foundational reason we're all here. Most people have completely isolated from other bodies. Either have a spiritually awakening or go completely crazy. What stood out to me is how I've noticed, at least in my studies, from listening to others that Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed all had these times of isolation where then they received a spiritually way of living. Jesus went out in the desert. Mohamed went into a cave, and I don't remember exactly what Buddha did if he just sat under a tree or something. These periods of isolation from other human beings can be helpful to heal our relationships , or we can go completely crazy in the point is that were intended to be connected and of service to other human beings. We are intended to live our lives in large part through our relationships as someone who had damaged a lot of their relationships throughout life. One of the key steps I went through in my support group is intentionally looking at repairing all of my relationships. When you do damage and neglect relationships in your life, it creates a lot of suffering for you. When you hold resentments and do things that hurt relationships, it makes life miserable for you. I'm grateful today to realize that relationships are one of my most important areas today, and especially the relationships. Why have a lot invested, like being a family member or being a friend? These air relationships that take consistent effort each day I if I do not do anything to maintain them, they will disappear. And a lot of my happiness and joy comes from my part in relationships. And yet I am not simply, ah husband. Ah, Father, a family member, a friend, a teacher, those are roles I'm playing. Those are who I am. And yet the rules I am playing are an important part of the reason I am here. The reason I'm spending this life in this human body, why I'm here right now. A lot of quotes in life you'll see come down to how family members and friends are the reason for being. When you see war veterans, they often say about their buddies in the Fox hole. Are their brothers in arms were the most important part of the war? You ultimately do this life to do it side by side with other human beings. So to me, this is a big extension of my first goal, to to not poison and mess up my relationships, rather to do my best to add good to my relationships each day. This then automatically handles problems when I'm consistently adding good things to my marriage. Then, when bad things happen, I've added so many good things that we can almost get through the bad things on mo mentum. It's like finances. If you've saved so much money that then all the sudden you get some big bills that you didn't expect or that came out of nowhere don't seem fair. You can just make a withdrawal when you're adding something good is just like with my spread sheet when I add a little bit of good to my marriage every day. An unbelievable amount of good exists there. When I had a little bit to my friends and family every day with a thought or a small action , or with some time spent playing video games, talking on the phone, watching a movie when I add a little bit, I have very strong friendships, family members and relationships that sustain me that. Then, when I'm having a hard time struggling not to be in a place where I'm hurting myself and other people around me than all of those relationships lift me up when I'm struggling, not toe, circle the drain. All those relationship hands air there to pull me up right away, and I am there to pull everyone else up. We all live together and work together and stay connected. I used to have a lot of turmoil with family members and friends. Consistently, even friends who were really healthy sometimes would go into being unhealthy with me because I could get so one healthy. So today I'm grateful. My family members and friends are some of the strongest areas of my life today. And even if there's a hard time with one family member that's not caused by me, I have so much love and support that all of us get through it collectively with some measure of grace. So this is my second goal of each day. Another goal I try and ask for help with. Before I even get out of bed, I realized the quickest way for me to go insane and a fail it goal Number one is to screw up gold number two. Gold number two is critical to gold number one. So what I've tried to do is organize these that way so that you get the most critical goals in order. And then each goal supports all of the total being accomplished 21. Eat a balanced healthy diet and feel I can eat whatever I want to.: My next goal is to eat a balanced, healthy diet and feel like I could eat whatever I want at the same time. You might think that's not possible. Either you have to eat healthy and balanced diet or you can eat whatever you want. I feel it's important to be able to do both in this department. I feel like I can have whatever I want to eat today. If I want to go have ice cream the rest of the day, I can do that. The irony is that I don't want to do that, and that's what's really cool. What I want to do is eat a healthy, balanced diet and still feel like I can have the things I want. If I want to go have ice cream right now, I can do that. If I want to go, have ah, a bunch of Girl Scout cookies. I can go do that the way I do This is through. Using my fitness pal is I've shown to track my Keller's. Now the key with this is keeping it in ah, game mindset. Keeping it is something that I'm essentially playing every day. Let's see if I can eat whatever I want and have the numbers look good in the camp. So what I try and do is figure out what it is I like to eat and especially figure out what I like to eat this healthy. I have these good to go bars here. I love to eat, and I've been eating these for a while now because I discovered those were great healthy snack. They taste good. They're sweetened with semisweet chocolate chips, so they've got chocolate on. And yet it's not as high calories. Most chocolate. It's made with good ingredients. It has 10 grams of protein in it, which makes up a substantial portion of what I need all day. It keeps me full for an hour or two. I went and saw out healthy snacks. When I first started doing this, I realized I don't know what foods I like and are good for me. I need to figure out what foods do I like eating that are also good for me. After about a year of doing this between tracking my calories first with the Apple Health app and then now, over 200 days of using my fitness pal I've got a lot of foods. I know I can eat that air healthy that tastes good and has taken a lot of experimentation, has taken a lot of trial and error. I've had to go through and buy some foods I didn't like and to try them all. No, I you know, I don't like that. I've tried a bunch of different granola bars to find these good to go bars. I tried a bunch I didn't like. I've tried buying different kinds of cereal. And then, after seeing the nutrition facts, I say, Well, I'd rather have my sugar in a more fun way. I'd rather not eat my sugar up with serial. I'd rather have some crackers that have carbs and fat and then have my sugar separately in something like straight up sugar out of the Cabinet. Or I'd rather have some ice cream with fat and sugar and then have healthy foods like have a meal of spaghetti or tacos or something. The nice thing is, the more I do this, it keeps getting easier. It's so easy now. I have pretty much a menu of things I like to eat that I can just rotate back and forth, and I have the flexibility where I can go out to a restaurant and order whatever I want. And now I've learned also that I don't have his big appetite is I used to, and I've learned to accept that if I go out to eat, I don't have room to getting on train appetizer, salad, dessert. That's too much. And I know now if I'm going to go out to eat, I save up the calories ahead of time. I eat less earlier in the day, and yet I never want to be hungry, either. I don't want to go through the day craving food and then have that binge that happens when you've been trying to use self control to avoid eating. And I need a whole bunch. I realized that I need to minimize myself, control, usage and just pacify my hunger all the time. Keep pacifying, pacifying past fine. Oh, you're hungry. Here, let me throw a good to go bar at that. It's only 100 50 calories. Good nutrition facts. I don't get anything for telling you this either. It's just what I eat. Oh, you're hungry. First thing every day. Let's have a breakfast burrito when I'm noticed is that if I don't get up and have something healthy to eat first thing in the morning, my whole day screwed up already. That's why this is up there towards the top. What I eat has a huge impact on my mood. If I'm hungry, I'm a lot more likely to get angry. I'm a lot more likely to do damage in my relationships. If I'm hungry, I'm a lot more likely to make poor decisions and hurt my relationships. And then all that could end up to me getting so unhappy that I'm back at the liquor store drinking and then forget about the eating. Forget about my fitness, pal. Forget about all the other habits that are good, so eating today is an integral part of maintaining my consistency. Each day I get up and eat so one of the first things I do every morning and I have the same meal breakfast breed almost every morning, and that consistency then starts me off right every single day. So eating, I've noticed is one of the reasons my friends often get angry and do damage in our relationship. now the healthier I am, the less damage they can do on my end. But they do it on their end, and they have to experience it. Several times. I noticed my friends will get screaming mad at video games, only to say I haven't eaten all day. I'm gonna go eat now after a game, and I sit there and say, Thank God I know that I need to eat all the time because I get Hang Gree. I'm not myself when I'm hungry, just like that Snickers commercial. So thank you very much for going through this with me. I appreciate you learning about this daily goal that seems impossible, and yet it's one of the most powerful health goals I've ever implemented my life. 22. Exercise.: each day. Having exercise for approximately 30 minutes or so is another one of my daily goals. It's often a goal. I start thinking about as soon as I've gotten up and gotten out of been eating. I start thinking, When can I do my exercise? This morning I saw that I had a good opportunity. I could go take the dogs for a walk before the sun came up and it was cool because I live in Florida and it gets really hot here when the sun's up and I sunburn easily. So I went straight for walking the dogs this morning, and that handles my exercise goal for the day. Now, I don't need to do any more exercise today because I've done my 30 minutes to an hour off activity I've noticed in people that are older and are having good lives. People like my friend e, 74 years old, he has a good life today. He's healthy still, and what I notice is that he exercises every single day. He goes to the gym every single day and at least does sometime in the treadmill. He's active and goes in the pool. Also, he takes his dog outside. He's gotten active life, and he takes time to exercise every day. So I looking at that, I have consistently seen that in people who are older and healthy people that I would be happy to look and feel like they do when I'm 60 70 80 years old, exercises a common ingredient. My dad passed away two years ago, and one of the things he did not do very much in his life was exercise that periods He did exercise and went for walks Each day. He got a lot healthier. Everything started working better, and yet then at some point, he'd stopped doing it. So what I do today is making a point every single day to get around 30 minutes of an hour of active exercise, at least walking because the biggest difference is doing nothing versus doing something like taking a walk for 30 minutes. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in before. I have exceptional energy all day. I almost never get tired anymore. Almost the only time is at bedtime and sometimes waking up. I'm grateful that I know exercise is a key part, and it's a daily goal that sometimes a bit more obnoxious than others sometimes is a bit more overwhelming to try and figure out the perfect time to exercise during the day. So to help make that easier, I just bought a treadmill. Now I know I've got this trend. My can easily walk on that 30 minutes any day for the money it costs versus a peace of mind . It's well worth it when you have daily goals and things start to get in the way of them. Like exercise, Ben. One loves daily goals, often get anxious about. I then work to find ways to solve the problem so that I have the peace of mind. I know I can complete that goal that day. So exercise one of the foundational goals for doing everything else in all of these other goals. So thank you for being here with me. I hope this is useful for you in planning out your daily goals. 23. Do the right amount of something productive.: do the right amount of something productive you might have noticed in some of the earlier videos. I had just do something productive. Well, the trick with that is a daily goal is to not go overboard on doing something productive. With most of the goals, I'm able to achieve a natural, healthy balance with, for example, exercise. Although I've had periods where I was doing too much exercise with eating healthy, I've read periods of doing too much with that. The man thing I've had trouble in my peaceful life today of going overboard with is being productive. I've often done too much work. I've dunmore than I've needed to. So today I try and do something productive, and yet I try and also not do too much of something productive. It's a delicate line. The walk. I work between 3 to 5 hours every single day. Now, I guess occasionally I do take a day completely off. And yet I'm still thinking about stuff. If you were doing this for a job, you might call it when you're saying there at the desk, planning things, not actually producing anything. You're thinking things out. So it's rare. I take a day where I don't even think about anything I'm doing or talk about anything I'm doing there, have a call about it or do some kind of video that could be used for practically. I work seven days a week, almost every day of the year. The trick is I rarely work more than 3 to 5 hours of one day. That gives my mind a healthy amount of something productive and yet it allows me to not burn out now. Today I started working around 8 a.m. and it's already almost one PM so I'm pushing the limit on my work tolerance today because my wife's out of town thing with the Madeleine things air really quiet. It's a great time to film and I just got everything set up on my website for new linking structure. So in doing something productive, it's important for me to feel like I'm useful and I'm making a contribution each day now for my wife. She doesn't have a job in the regular sense, so to speak. Right now, her a something productive is taking care of our daughter every single day, and she does a lot of hours of that every single day. So doing something productive doesn't have to be worker making money. In fact, some of the most productive things you could do might be supporting someone else in your life in their work or raising your Children or anything like that that is producing something that's producing the good results that we can all work with in the future. I'm grateful that my wife is willing to stay home and raise Madeleine because it gives me the chance to have a balanced life where I can do work consistently like you see here. So doing something productive, it can be a hobby. Also, it could be building something in the backyard. Anything that you feel is contributing and is producing something that counts as being productive in my mind. So I'm grateful Toe have the knowledge today that I realize I need to be a productive person every single day. The way used to live. I often have days where I felt utterly useless, and it's because I didn't do even one thing that was productive all day. I often was sick because of having too much fun. The night before, I'd lay in bed all day and do nothing productive. Then some other days I'd play so many video games. I do nothing productive. I did discover living with my parents that even if I played seven or eight hours of video games a day washed up movie, if my mom had dinner and lunch with my parents and went to the gym, that if I just did something for 30 minutes or an hour, that was productive everyday felt ah, lot better about myself if I did some grad school applications, if I applied to a job or even I got a little part time job. If I worked at that a few hours, I felt a lot better. I felt like I wasn't just a drain on the human race, So being productive today is a key daily goal for me that at this point I don't have a problem. Not doing it is more of a trick to not let this daily goal consumer get in the way of the other daily goals 24. Have some fun.: have some fun now. This seems pretty straightforward at first, and yet there's a lot more depth to it than I would have imagined. So I'll explain more. But I have some fun. I mean, do something where there's no strings attached, no pressure. It's purely just, ah, hobby. This is kind of the opposite of something productive in most instances. So for me, playing video games and doing things like reading are often things I would consider for fun when I'm playing video games, I am not hoping to accomplish anything. I'm just saying they're kind of ideally spinning my wheels, messing around and having fun playing the game Now, ironically, I've said all the things I do up in video games so that they can contribute to and be a part of my business also. And yet I consider these things in terms of daily goals fun. Doing something fun might mean watching a movie with my wife and daughter might mean going out to dinner with my wife and daughter could mean a lot of different things in that regard . The idea with doing something fun is to just like with being productive, to do the right amount of it. I've noticed if I spend my whole day trying to have fun and crowd out the other daily goals , then I don't feel very good about myself. If I do all fun one day and no productive, I feel that useless feeling. I feel like I'm not contributing. I've done a lot of days in my life where the Onley goal I had that day was to have fun, and that is an awful way to live. It sounds great if you've been depriving yourself of fun on a daily basis. It sounds like heaven, and yet too much of anything is hell. It's healthy for me to have fun a little bit every single day. It's very unhealthy for me to set up an entire day where there's no fun at all. Where there's everything is pressure. Everything is scheduled, For example, a day that is straight work from getting up until going to bed and I wouldn't count necessarily exercise specifically in the fund. So, for example, I just got up and worked all day and I've done this some days and just in our two of playing, some video games are hanging out with my wife and daughter watching a movie or something, or even just talking. That makes a big difference versus not having it there. Some of the more stressful days I've had, and some of the times I've been more depressed have been when I didn't take any time at all . The have some fun and my wife's been having some hard days because she's been being so productive and so much. She's invested in work raising our daughter. She has skimped on her own fund a lot of times, and she gets really stressed out if she doesn't have some time to just do some things that are just for fun, for her, where she doesn't have to focus on raising our daughter. Also, I go out to lunch with her friends or go to a movie with me when she doesn't have time for that. That's when all kinds of other things start getting more difficult for her. And this appears to be the same thing that goes on with most people. If there's no fun on a daily basis, there comes that binge fund craving that craving for a get away vacation or that craving for a lifestyle that's all fun, and I've spent a lot of time in all fun, and it's not all fun. There's a few things more depressing than spending a whole day having fun and then waking up the next day and you have nothing to do but have fun and you're just sick of it. You feel useless. You feel wore out, and then you feel like you're wasting that time and you have to go back to this hellish life at some point when no fun. So for today, I find it very important every day to carve out, even if it's just 30 minutes of time where there's no pressure, there's nothing to be accomplished. It's just purely fun. And I also work every day to have a healthy definition of fun activities, things that are fun for me, with no consequences. So for me, that means no drinking from me because drinking consistently has consequences now for you. That may vary. I have friends and family that you have a beer, too, and that's good fun for them. They have a beer and watch TV or go to a baseball game, and that works for them. One person's definition of fun may not work for you. For me. I know I have to find my own fund. There's some people that might not be able to play 30 minutes or an hour of video games a day without getting sucked in to playing at an unhealthy amount. I can play just a few hours, a few hours or a few minutes of video games and feel good about things. So it takes a bit of research, sometimes toe lock down exactly how you can have fun in a healthy way, with no consequences on a daily basis. I realize if you have a 9 to 5 job, that could be difficult for me. I got rid of the 9 to 5 job that didn't work for me that did not work in my whole day legal system. So I got rid of it. And it's amazing when you get rid of things, how easy it can be to find healthy, happy lifestyle parts to replace those things. So I'm grateful today that I'm planning on playing some games later, and that will satisfy my need for fun today 25. Stay curious.: stay curious. I'm grateful that I read about the value of being curious in your own life in several books , and it got things going in me. Stay curious means to ask what's going on inside me, especially. Why am I feeling like this right now? What's up with that? Why is that? I think if this happens, I have to do this. How am I able to have fun in a way that's healthy with no consequences? These air curious questions. My daughter is very curious about life. In almost seven months, she grabs everything. She tries to stick everything in her mouth. She jumps up and down as much as she can, and she can't crawl yet. But if she's standing up, she tries to move up and down and goes all over the place. She's very curious about life. That energy is crucial to a having a life full of joy. My dogs are very curious about life. They want to get in and sniff everything, now sniff the same pile of dirt every single day with the same curiosity. They have an exciting life. Because of that. What makes life born one of the frequent things that adults say is a problem is boring. I'm bored either. I'm busier on board. There's almost no in between. People ask you, staying busier. Well, I do everything I want to and I have time. I feel like I can do anything I want to and yet I'm always doing what I need to. It's a strange contradiction where I'm neither busy nor board. The key to doing all this is curiosity. If you stay curious, you won't tolerate. You will look for reasons why things aren't going how you think they should be adults. We get this thing that I know everything. I know everything. And we're trained that we have to know everything because it's so shameful for someone asked you something you don't know or then for. You look stupid for me. Today, curiosity comes with not knowing. I realize I have no idea what you're going to think of this course. I'm curious to find out what your thinking off this course. That's why in all of my course I consistently asked for your feedback and I want to know how you even found this course and got this deep into it and what you're thinking at this point what you like about it, what you hate about why you think I could do better. What, you think I'm screwed and can't do anything better in certain departments, like how my face looks or something. I'm curious today when I get in a bad mood, I look around and say, How did I end up in this bad mood? The couple months ago, I got in a ferociously bad mood and it sparked at a ton of curiosity. How did they get in that mood? What do they do leading up to getting in that mood? Where did I learn how toe have a mood like that all the way back in the childhood? Wen's the first mood I can remember like that. When did I get programmed that if this happens, this happens and that happens, and then I get in this mood. The difference between curiosity and contempt prior to investigation is a difference between being able to consistently do better and make progress. If you're curious versus the difference of being a miserable know it all, I've been a miserable know it all a lot of my life, and if you realize Honestly, you're miserable. Know it all. There's a great opportunity than to just start asking questions. Well, how do I know I'm a miserable know it all? When did I get to be such a miserable know it all? I got out of being a miserable know it all. When I started asking these questions, I was obsessing over having a drink because I was a miserable know it all in life, hurt it, hurt to live. Life was annoying, painful, boring, frustrating anger. Ving no matter what was going on around me, those qualities were there. And when I got curious, I started looking. Why am I afraid? My curiosity sparked when I realized I was afraid to do anything new and I was afraid to do anything I'd done before and that crashed my whole mind. I said, That's impossible. I can't be in a position. How did I get in a position where there's no way toe win? Why am I afraid of doing something new that's messed up? At what point did I get to be afraid of doing anything new? Why am I so afraid to do anything old? While I understand that I understand that I've suffered so much. I can't keep doing it that way. But why? Why am I afraid? The thing that actually sparked it I realized I was super stressed out. Oh, just whole body tense and like my God, I just need some relief. And I was parked out in front. I looked at the liquor store and I thought, you know, I was going to say every or not every day that a couple days a week I go every day. Now I was looking out that I'm like, I can't go in there. I'm afraid of going in there. And then I looked. I had went to go get a massage. Also on massaging it looked. And I said, I'm afraid to go in there. And that sparked my curiosity because I knew why I was afraid to go in the liquor store. Thousands of bad things. I knew how I get that holy crap. I'm afraid. Why? I have no idea. I'm I was scared to do anything new, and that's when I just desperately is Pringle. But please help me here. I'm clearly messed up bad, and I don't even know why I'd like to know why I'd like to do better. Curiosity is an absolute miracle. You can break out of any nasty thing you're in with curiosity. If you're in a bad relationship, start looking around and asking questions. You'll figure out either way's to fix it or ways to get out. If you're stuck in a bad job, get curious. Why am I still working here? Why do I think this is so bad? Why do I go in every morning? The problem is, most of us are programmed to stop being curious. We stick our hand on a burner in it. It burns us. So we decided. You know what? I'm just never going to stick my hand on anything again. We get in a relationship and we get burned. We, Sam, never. I'm just never going to get in a relationship again. And we get so afraid of getting burned again that we Onley stick with things that are tried and true. And yet my dogs are so curious they bang their heads off stuff. My dog the other day is walking. She looked around this little kid scooter on the ground. She smacked her head off the handle bars because she was so interested in my dogs pay the price for being curious all the time in the form of little physical pains, minor irritations, sometimes even things that are more aggravating, like a fall or leg that gets hurt for a little bit from running around. And yet they are happy every moment of the day. They're happy. They are grateful to be alive every single day, and curiosity is absolutely at the core of that. They're always looking around seeing what's new, what's going on there, always willing to get into and try something new, especially if it has something to eat in it. Having curiosity today allows me to do these daily goals because without curiosity, I could never set up a way of living that's conducive to doing these daily goals. Without curiosity, I would have continued to do the same things I've always done before. And lack of curiosity is what broke all of my other attempts to do better. I would just say, Oh, that'll never work that will ever work. That'll never work that will never work without even having investigated it. Today, I say, I don't know if that person's right or not, I would like Toa learn more and see if maybe they are. I want to learn how other people are right today instead of just saying you're wrong. You're wrong. Like, Well, okay, I don't agree with that at first. Why don't I agree with that? And maybe I can figure out how you are, right? How you are seeing it from a point of view that you're right and then I can grow from that So you can see just talking about curiosity. I am so excited to even consciously realize today how important curiosity is for me. It allows me when I mess something up instead of whipping myself. Jerry it he failed, screwed this up. Today I went off on this tangent on Google AdWords making some ads and everything got messed up and didn't work. And I said, That's interesting. How'd I get off on that tangent to start with? And there's no shame in wondering, How did I get over there? That's interesting. That's not what I would have expected. Ice. And then once I Oh, I see how I got over there. Okay, well, that's fine. And then that's fine. It's not this horrible thing, it's that's fine. Okay, I get that now. What can I do to get back on track? It's a wonderful life today, and I am doing all I can to share that wonderful life with you if you'll have it. 26. Help someone.: help someone. When I help someone each day, I'm helping myself. Also, I'll give you an example of what I just did between making these last two lectures. I realized there's a guy Derek at Apple. I got this guy, Mac. I'm filming this on through a lease through Apple, so he's been calling me to follow up with me. Now that's often one of those things you might look at is kind of annoying like, Well, I've already got the computer here. I'm fine with how everything is at yet the same time he's got a job to do. He has a group of computers, I guess, and equipment that is out on loan. Or I actually did a least two by kind of thing where I think I can pay like a dollar to actually buy the equipment. So he's got a spreadsheet. I would guess of those things that he needs to check off so while for me it might be a minor annoyance toe, ignore his phone calls. It might be one of those things, like, I don't want to do that now. I don't want to do that now. For him, it is a help If I called bag and connect with him about what's going on with my equipment, it doesn't bother me at all in terms of I've got everything here already. It helps him out to give him a call about it. And, of course, then it helps me out, too. When you have things set up that you often think are annoying in some context, like some companies sending you a bill for something or someone's asking you, Can you go do this for me? In those instances, it's never a one way street. Everyone always benefits so to me. I often look at helping someone as reaching out and often stepping over the barrier off aggravation or annoyance in the respect of knowing that what you're doing is useful and helpful to them. I gave Derek a colony, wasn't there. I just left a voicemail. And yet I showed him. Look, I'm trying to work with you here and figure out whatever it is you're calling me about because I didn't realize when I signed up that I needed to get a call. I didn't realize I needed actually do anything at the end of this process so often we get these things in life that either we didn't read the fine print, which I'm sure I didn't read it good enough in that case. Or there's various relationships we have, where sometimes it feels like the other person needs more where the other person needs something out of us, where the other person struggling already could even be a company and reaching out to help through the resistance. Then it solves the problems we're having. Also, I like to set up helping people on a regular basis, to sometimes its helpful just to call and pay attention to someone. I have a guy from my support group every day. I just call him the lame No harm doing and see how he's doing. I leave a voicemail every day. If he doesn't answer. I just called. Let him know. Hey, I care these around. I check on him so a support group could be really helpful for establishing a specific person to help. I call my mom on a regular basis, my brother say my call and say, Hey, how's it going now? You might not look well, that doesn't count for helping anyone. The people you help the most usually are the people who are closest to you. One of the things I liked about dating my wife right away is that we both reached out to help each other on a regular basis. We both would reach out and hi, how are you doing? And not with that just intent of I need something. So to me, the difference is to reach out with the genuine intent to give the other person what they want. I call Derek it apple with the genuine intent to give him what he wants. I don't know exactly why he's calling. I know he's calling for reason and he wants to get a hold of me. So I reach out to give him what he wants. Now, always when you give someone what they want, you get something out of it, too, when I have someone I'm working with, like even starting out dating my wife when I called her up with the genuine intent to help her and say, Hey, I had fun the other night. How are you doing? How are things going this week without the specific purpose of getting something out of it for me that made all the difference in the world and made the relationship feel like one of choice rather than one of taking hostages where you're going to do what I want to or else that's what do you need today? How are you doing? And to give the opportunity, then to have everyone be happy with things. I have a Joseph. I work with him and he does a great job on so many things. And sometimes I just call to reach out and say, Hey, how are you doing? What is it you need today? How are things going with you? How is your work going? What can we do to make it so your work is easier or more effective? The more I think about what other people need me to dio the Mawr, other people do the same with me. It's amazing now in my life how many people end up proactively reaching out to me for something that I didn't even realize I needed, or I was just seeing I needed Or, for example, life just sets everything up. So it happens to be in my way. My wife and I were thinking about selling our house and moving to be near her parents, and we just kept walking our dogs around the neighborhood. We still do. And we saw this sign of this realtor we knew before from a business networking group. Then when we went to go sell our house, we thought of him. The more helpful I am with others, the more I think about what other people need. And I thought, you know what? I bet he'd really like to sell our house. It means something to him to sell our house and not be a good thing for him. I want him to get the commission. I think it be nice for him to make the money. And so we called him, and now he's listing our house. It's amazing. The more I reach out and help and think about other people, life automatically puts the things in front of me when I need them. I don't have to go hustle and grab things and go crazy trying to look for what I need. The things I need are put in front of me. Now. That doesn't mean I don't need to do some work. It does mean when I'm thinking about helping people, other people, reflexively and instinctively help me and help other people provide helps me to have what I need all the time. So thank you for watching this. I hope my desire and thought of what exactly it is you need out of this course. How I can specifically help you today with this course. I prayed before I started making these lectures today to do a good job making this course with you. If that's my correct understanding of what the will of the universe's for me today, if that is correct, then I prayed to do the best job I can making this for you. It means a lot to me that you're here and I want you to get everything you need out of it. I know when I do a good job helping you When I give you everything you need and help you to see you already have everything you need. You'll do the same for me in one form or another. 27. Clean up and fix up.: I have a daily goal each day to clean up and fix up. This means clean up the area around me a little bit, fix up any of the issues I'm having in my life. If you have 1000 problems that might seem really overwhelming, like Oh my God, I can't do anything about 1000 problems If you have 100 little messes around your house, that might seem hopeless. Oh, man, I can't clean up all of these little areas of mess if you break it down and try and not make new messages as much as possible and to spend a little time fixing up and cleaning up all those little messes every single day, you'll be amazed how fast everything is in order. Today. I have a life where everything's a good enough order that I can have full blast productivity. I have time to accomplish all of my daily goals. I have time for fun. I have time to relax, and when new problems come up, I can tackle them right away. And I have a certain piece realizing that new things will come up all the time. The awful thing that happens with problems is not the new problem itself. It's the straw breaking the camel's back. I recently was trying to finish up my taxes, and that wasn't so bad by itself. Now, if I have had 200 other problems piled up, the taxes might have broke my back, and that's what always happened him, The way I used to live, I just was in denial about most of the problems I was having. I didn't fix things until they're incredibly obnoxious. I just tried to ignore things lots of times and to forget about them or turn away. And then all it took was one straw, one more little problem to break the camel's back. And then I just went crazy. Panic, attack, anxiety, frustration, some unhealthy behavior. And then, after that unhealthy behavior, I'd try and fix all my problems up at once and then get frustrated. See the hopelessness of it all go through the same cycle again today. I don't have to do that because I try and clean up and fix up a little bit every day. As my wife and I prepared a move here, the whole process of moving I've moved around 25 times in my life can be very overwhelming . It can be really scary in the sense of there, so many damn things to do. And yet when I try and clean up and fix up a little bit every day, it's not bad at all. I've made several trips of things to goodwill because I keep looking around a little bit every day. What don't I need? What can I get rid of? What can I give away that Goodwill just came and picked their couch up a couple days ago. Now that's one last big thing we need to move. I am consistently trying to get rid of anything I don't need so that I have just what I do need so that I don't have all this extra crap from because when you don't have a bunch of things around, it's a lot easier to manage the things you do have. My mom has a ton of things around the house, and she often spent significant parts of her entire day looking for the things she needs. I can't stand looking for things. This simple solution is toe have fewer, thinks so simple, and yet, if you've got 1000 things. All you can do is clean up a little bit of the time consistently, and then soon enough, you won't ever have to look for anything. About the only thing I look for is my blue to today because it's so small. And yet it's easy to find. I don't have that many things and places. I can put things. I have what I need, and I continue to try and clean up every day also for going to sleep. Doing some cleaning up and fixing up the end of the night can be very helpful for falling asleep. I find I go to sleep best on nights when my wife gets my our daughter ready for bed, and then I take about 30 to 40 minutes of cleaning up in fixing up before bed, and I read this exact same thing in the Happiness Project. I didn't come up with it. I read it in the Happiness Project and she got it somewhere. Also, it's about taking the things we see and applying them successfully. It all lives when I have 30 or 40 minutes to clean up before bedtime. Then I wake up to a house that's ready to go the next day. Not one that I don't even want to look at because it's so cluttered. When I clean up and fix up, I washed myself up, take a shower, I brush my teeth and everything. I clean up the dishes. I take the trash out. I do all those little cleaning up activities at the end of the day, and then I jumped right into it because at the beginning of the day, it's nice to have a clean slate when you have all 10 of these goals set up and needing to be accomplished. It's nice to be ableto have faith that any of the messes that air created can be cleaned up in the end of the day or a little bit of the time during the day. I find now I try and handle is many things right when they come up, a possible like there was on empty good to go box down in my desk before this lecture. So I tore it up and went through it in the recycling because just seeing it, my mind will know that I need to do that. So I try and keep his few things as possible that my mind is sitting there saying This needs to be done things like the taxes. Now sometimes I realize I had to wait to file my taxes tell around March so that I had all the forms I needed from everyone that needed to send them at all. The data I needed, etcetera, etcetera. You get a piece of mind, though, when you've done everything you can do. There's no peace of mind. If you haven't even started something like you have a paper due or you have a big project, you have names. Started it when I clean up and fix up the problems and the messes in my life a little bit every day, just a little bit every day. Then I have a life that feels clean and organized. My car has stayed in good shape, and my wife was consistently was impressed. Without clean. My car was and it wasn't because I cleaned it that often. It was because I consistently took the mess out, so if I had fast food idea and I took the bag, threw it out right. Then when I dropped something, I take it and throw it out right Then when I spilled something, I clean it up right there. So it wasn't that I was this crazy versus to clean my car all the time. It was simply that I would clean the mess up as it happened. And that way the whole bunch of messes. There's this theory in criminal justice, which one of the things I have legitimately been educated in that I'm teaching and also worked in for several years called Broken Windows theory. Broken windows in the neighborhood indicate to people who have a propensity to commit crime that this is the kind of neighborhood where crime happens. Therefore, this is the right kind of place for me to commit crime. One broken window in a neighborhood is a good indication that no one cares about this neighborhood, this house in this neighborhood. So this is kind of house where I can crash where I can break another window where I can bring my friends over and party and do drugs, and then maybe we'll go break in in the house next door. You would think that broken windows might not matter. You would think graffiti on subways might not matter. And yet, for New York, cleaning up the subways, they found that there were simple things they could do, like cleaning up the graffiti and like stopping people from hopping turnstiles. Some of these a little things. These a little messes in our lives can add up to seemingly gigantic problems. And the surprising thing is, I've found in my own life and the data supports that has been found in a lot of other big society level problems. If we each clean up our own mess, most all of the problems disappear without anything seeming to have happened. 28. Practice saying thank you and staying grateful.: The last daily goal I have every day is to practice saying thank you and being grateful. This is one of the most notably absent goals I had for a lot of my life. I very rarely would practice saying Thank you and being grateful today. This is one of the easiest things I can accomplish and I've already done it lots of times today. The most simple prayer you can make is just thank you. Thank you. That's it. And I try and say thank you inside my so head as many times as I can today because I find when I'm grateful everything in life is accepted and taken easily and stride when I'm grateful I say things like this when someone messes up or does something that doesn't work . I thank you for being here and for giving a try at this today. Well, that's okay. I mess things up frequently. When I'm grateful when someone gives me a compliment, I don't get my ego all blown up for it. I say something like, You're welcome. I appreciate you giving me the chance to do this. Today I returned gratitude back to another person instead of trying to hoard all of it myself. And most importantly, today when I'm able to say thank you on a regular basis, it's like I'm putting a deposit in a bank and then when I have a bad mood, when I'm struggling, if I can still say thank you in the middle of it, just a little bit and make some withdrawals from remembering how grateful I am, I get through it with some grace and dignity. A person who's not grateful often makes trouble where there's not any for a lot of my life . I was not grateful, and I would go stir up trouble in all these kinds of places because I was running on the energy that everyone and everything else was wrong. I needed to go fix the world. The world was messed up and I needed to go fix it. So I go meddle in things all the time, and that didn't make much time for me to practice any kind of daily goals. I had so much work to do to go change the world. That's a huge task. The huge task today that I work on is practicing gratitude throughout doing these 10 goals That's a big task to try and be thankful throughout each step of the day. And the best part about gratitude practicing it and being thankful is the humor that comes in in the middle of something tragic, something aggravating, something depressing. Practicing gratitude in the middle of those bad things brings this humor element out that you can see in comedy when there's a comedian up on the stage who's making jokes about something that sounds awful like how they went to prison or how they got their butt kicked . And we're all sitting here laughing at it. That's the power of gratitude and being thankful when you're thankful you can be grateful in the middle of something that stinks and just have this piece about you that comes around . For example, Ah, family member was having a hard time last week, and I was grateful to get toe have that chance to even be there with that family member having a hard time and in the middle off the stress and struggle off the family member having a bad time in my reaction to it, combined with gratitude and made the situation often very funny, like how ridiculous is this right now? How funny is this right now? And that adds a light heartedness that you often see Children have they have a lightheartedness about them. Most of the time is if things aren't that heavy, life really stinks when it feels like it's a burden to be alive like you're somehow taking up air from everyone else, like you're somehow taking up space in the world someone else could use better. When I say thank you today, I have very few of those feelings. When I practice gratitude in the form of every night, I get down on my knees and thank God as I understand or don't understand more accurately, I am thankful for getting to experience that day. Now that's kind of my reality check at the end of the day, a pre bedtime routine today. I've already said thank you a whole bunch of times. My wife just called the sage. She had put an offer in on a house, and there you could see how gratitude works really well. Also, you can hear my dogs barking in the background. Now. My first reaction is of aggravation. That's my default programming. My default programming is to get aggravated to say no. No, those dogs shouldn't bark, dammit! No, you're rolling my video now. That is not something I can easily change over time. When I've been reacting that way to things for 20 years. The second thought, though the second thought I can control that. And in the very short time where you heard those dogs barking my initial reaction stress up annoyance right after that, a thought of gratitude. Thank God those dogs are alive today, and you can see right here. That just happened while I was talking with you and the same thing. I just got a text message right now. Thank God. Whoever sending that, which is likely I'm guessing it's my wife. I just talked to her. She probably on the way home. Thank God she's alive to be able to send me this text and make her way home. Now you can see the fantastic difference that makes in practicing gratitude today. And they're even in those little things. I've accomplished that daily goal of gratitude and yet I can keep doing it and accomplishing it over and over some days I practice gratitude. Hundreds, if not thousands of times saying thank you. Thinking about how thankful I am of each individual part of my life. And that is what wraps all 10 of these goals together in a peaceful life, coexisting with every other human being and every other part of this life. This gratitude is what connects and makes all of these goals really shined together. It makes and binds a complete system together out of love and grace. That then gives me an amazing life. Today I'm thankful to live and to have the chance to share here with you. You can tell I have so much gratitude. You are watching this with me right now. It means a lot. You're taking your time toe. Watch this with me right now, and I appreciate it. Thank you. 29. Nothing I get involved in is more important than my daily goals.: most of us do really well with organization and structure in our lives. In this section, I'm going to go over a few things that help with crafting this lifestyle, things that I used to help me build these daily goals into everything I do. The first principle is first things pursed. In other words, nothing I do or get involved in is more important than these 10 goals. These 10 goals are primary. These 10 goals are the most important things I do every day. That means nothing else I'm doing that day is more important than those 10 goals. That means if I'm traveling, that's not more important than these 10 goals. That means if I have some event to go to, that's not more important than these goals. That means if there's some crisis that's not more important than these goals, these goals are primary, which means I let nothing going on get in the way of accomplishing these goals. These goals are my fundamental principles for being a productive, useful human being on this planet. Nothing is more important than that. This can be challenging, though, because the mind loves to go off in my mind. you can see loves to go off on tangents. It loves to go all in on things. It loves to neglect everything else at the expense of one thing. For example, I've went off on the work tangent a lot in my life. I've worked so much that I didn't make time to do other things At various points. I've worked so much I didn't have time for exercise. I didn't have time to hardly do anything else besides Goto work and then my bad habits. Then that be the Onley thing I'd make time for. Besides going toe work, I wouldn't take time to build my relationships with people. I wouldn't take time to do about half of these goals. And now that was throughout most of my life as an adult. Today, I don't let work get in the way of doing the rest of these goals. If I'm traveling, sometimes it takes a little bit different execution off the goals than it does on a daily basis when I'm at home, and that makes things fun. If I'm traveling, things like exercise can be an interesting challenge. When I don't have all the resource is, I haven't home when there's something like a crisis, I have a friend is in hospice right now, and you could say at various points his health has been someone of a crisis. We've went to visit him, and when I have a family crisis, these various family members have problems and have things they have to deal with. It doesn't eliminate my need to do these 10 golds every day. In fact, these 10 goals are more important than ever in the middle of something that looks really pressing. If you've seen people in their lives, they seem like they just move from one disaster to another. When you implement these 10 goals, you don't have to be like that. The discipline is seeing that these 10 goals are essential. The happiness and there's nothing worth working form or than happiness. There's nothing worth letting your happiness go over. There's nothing that's worth sacrificing the things that matter over. And yet the mind constantly, even to me today still tries to pitch things that are so important. This is so Jerry or these videos air so important. Your jury. This game is so important or the time of their family this family. Christ is so important. Nothing is more important than these 10 goals ever. Even you could say you. I'm the mind loves to throw things out. What about a life and death situation? Usually from my experience with life and death situations as a police officer and in my personal life, they don't take very long. Usually what? What If you get stuck in the hospital, you do what you can with your limitations. Yes. If you're rigged up in a hospital bed, you might not be able to exercise. That doesn't mean you don't go back to exercising as soon as it's possible. You can still do all nine of the other goals in a hospital bed just fine. So I'm grateful today that I have the chance to see that nothing is more important than doing these 10 goals every day. I'm grateful that have the chance to be here with you today. You can see him practicing these 10 goals as much as I can throughout the creation of this course with you, as I make it over multiple days. As I continue to reinforce the things by showing gratitude year here by trying to be a productive person today. So thanks for watching this. And I hope you're enjoying it. I love to have your feedback. I'm curious as to what you think of it. 30. Sometimes it comes down to a walk at the doctor's office.: Sometimes it comes down to a walk at the doctors office. This is a little story, I hope illustrates the practicing off these 10 daily goals in real life, as I design my way of living around these golds one day, I guess it must have been a month or two ago Now. My wife woke up and was really physically sick. She would had vomiting and couldn't hardly move around or do anything. We have a little girl. She's about six months old now, so she requires around the clock care. So with those things going on, obviously that impacted the execution of my goals. That goes into something. I'll talk more about accepting the things I cannot change my wife sick. I still have these 10 goals, and yet I have a whole set of limitations. I'm not used to. I am often able to get my exercise in by doing something like taking the our little girl out for a walk in the stroller, the dogs out for a walk or going that a gym or something like that. So this day we had what you might call a crisis. My wife ended up needing to go the doctor by the afternoon, and I took her there and seeing that I wasn't going to probably be able to go to my support group meeting because not only did my wife need to have me around, she might have been OK by herself. But with our little girl, I needed to be around and stay at home to take care of Rose. No one else easily available. So I rise. Okay, I'm probably not going to be able to make my support group meeting today. Well, instead, I made some extra calls. I listen to a book and I put some extra effort into my support group program because I knew I wouldn't have that our where I could actually go to it. At the same time, I realized my exercise is probably going to be difficult today. At this time. I didn't have any method inside the house exercise, and I was stuck at the doctors office with Madeleine while we waited on Laura. She was there for about an hour. So right when we got there, I realized this is a good chance to do several things right now. Madeleine was a little cranky. She needed a nap. Madeleine often will sleep when she's in the infant carrier or just the carrier. I guess now, since she's not an infant, So I went for a walk back and forth in the hallway at the doctors office is probably about 20 or 30 meters long, which about 100 feet. So I walked up and down that hallway there was just a door, Ah, hallway and elevator in a couple of bathrooms, and I walked that for 45 minutes. Instead of sitting in the waiting room, I got three of my daily goals done in that one hour. I listen to, Ah, book that helps with my support group, and I made phone calls when I could, and I got my exercise in right there, so I was able to accomplish three goals. And then I worked also a lot on being grateful. Instead of getting stuck in that mental land where oh my God, what's going to happen? I practice gratitude as much as I could. Thank you. I'm glad to have the chance to do this today, and that way I even was able to be able to make a positive contribution to my relationships right there by talking on the phone by helping Madeleine get a nap in. So I was able to do Ah lot of my daily goals that you can see here just by taking a walk in the hallway at the doctor's office. And I even considered do the right amount of something productive. When my wife's having a crisis with health, taking her to the doctor, driving her to the doctor, taking care of our little girl, that's something productive. That is what she does most of the day, taking care of our little girl. That's her something productive. Well, when I get to do it, it's my something productive also. So I also didn't get a chance to do much in the way off work online that day. I did get to be productive, though, with being there of service with my wife and daughter. So sometimes it just comes down to taking a walk at the doctors office to doing something a little unusual. Most of us are almost programmed, and you go the doctor, you sit down in the waiting room while if you need to exercise every day, then you don't sit in the waiting room. You go for a walk wherever there space. I also have the additional constraint that I don't do very good out in the sun for a lot of times, which in Florida it's mostly sunny, so I don't get too often. Go for a walk outside if it's really sunny. So I just walked around in the hallway. Now you might not have that limitation. You could go for a walk outside or could be nighttime. So I worked with the limitations I have, and I use creative solutions in executing these daily goals based on whatever's happening that day. 31. Laziness is my friend and I design my life around accepting how lazy I am.: laziness and habits are my friend in implementing these 10 daily goals Now, often in my life, I've made laziness, inhabits out to be the enemy. I think of laziness. Is something that shameful? That's awful, that laziness is something bad that I need to try and fight. The fact is that this body, and often this mind, are lazy by design. When you take a human body out into space away from the stress of gravity, it shrivels up and tries to be a small and frail as possible. That's a good example of what I'm saying. The body, and often the mind are designed to do as little work as possible. They're designed to be as lazy as possible and to do the same exact thing whenever possible . Our entire management system for life and work today is based on having people go sit in an office or goto a factory and do the exact same thing every day as if we're all mindless robots, because that is our default design and you can't fight the default design and when you can only accept it and work within the limitations. So today, in applying these daily goals, I see that my default mode is laziness, and I have a very limited amount of energy every day. I can literally waste and have on many days wasted all of my energy trying to fight my nature. Today, I accept my nature and use my limited energy to try and do new things and try and look at and set my life up. I try and use that energy to account for my nature and to make my nature work in my favor. So what does that mean? Let me give you some examples. Most of my life, I thought eating that laziness was a bad thing. I knew that I just sit down and eat some potato chips. Or I knew that I couldn't do a new diet because at some point laziness would kick in and I just would go back to my default eating habits. Well, now I realize laziness works in my favor. I realized that I'm so lazy when it comes to eating. If I just keep a snack around, I'm more likely to eat that. If I have food, I have to go prepare. I'm pretty lazy. I'm going to make the choice to eat something easy most of the time over something I have to prepare. So a lot of my life I fought that, and yet I didn't fight it in the right places. Today I see the one place I need to exert my will is when I go shopping. When I go the store, I need to have all my willpower saved up because I'm at home or an office or somewhere like that. Most of the time I have a home office, so really, it's the same thing. But I'm trying to make it makes sense in terms for your life. That means I need to be able to function on laziness most of the time. Well, when I used to fight laziness, then I wouldn't have enough self control left. I'd go make a bunch of bad decisions at the store and then fight my laziness all week. I'd buy a bag of potato chips, leave them out on the counter and then try and not eat them all week. Now you can see how stupid that is when you look at it this way. And yet, if you don't see, there's a different way of living all you do is sit there and fight the same battle and lose every day. I don't wanna fight. Laziness inhabits it, takes everything. I've got to fight one habit. And in fact I can't even fight one habit. That much was clear with my drinking. I could not fight that habit. That habit would win every time. It might not win that day or that week that have it would win, though today I must literally ask to be reprogrammed when I have a habit I want to change. I must literally work on reprogramming the entire system. So I try and do that sparingly and I try and then see where is the most efficient work point at it? Well, for example, if I don't want to drink, the key work point is not to go to a liquor store and not having the liquor I drink in the house. Now that's obvious enough with drinking. What about with food? Well, same thing for food. If I don't want to eat Orioles that I don't need to buy orders at the store. So the Onley point I need to exert my will is at the store. I do not set my life up now, so I have to exert my will. It home home is a place where I can safely be lazy. My whole life at home now is designed to be lazy. And I've done that by realizing my nature. And so I keep healthy snacks at home because I'm a lazy person. 32. Habits are my friend because a few good habits accomplish most all the goals.: habits are my friend four living this way of life because, ah, few habits for me today consistently help me accomplish, reinforce and remember each of these 10 daily goals. Now, for a lot of my life, I looked at habits is a bad thing because I had a lot of bad habits. Well, I discovered in trying to live a better way of life, I could not simply change my habits out of my own willpower. I needed help, and I need a lot of help to change my habits. I needed literally divine intervention that is executed every single day by listening to and learning from all people and all teachings around me. Now that is a monumental shift. It's not something I can do on my own. I cannot simply will my way into changing better habits. I have to ask for help to get help changing my habits because, like I said about laziness, this mind is lazy. Also, it wants to do things the exact same way. It wants to know the outcome every single time, so changing habits requires help. Now, once I receive help and I'm consistently open to receiving help changing my habits, then I've been ableto make habits that allow me to accomplish these goals each day, for example, I have the habit of getting down on my knees every morning and praying, and that habit is conducive to accomplishing my 1st 2 goals before I even get out of bed. It allows me to immediately go through and make a prayer to a stay saying right away. And it allows me to make up prayer, to make a contribution to my family members and relationships every day. That puts me on the right track to accomplish that goal, and then right after that, I eat. So by the time I've been up for our my habits allow me to accomplish or get a great start on my 1st 3 goals immediately and then often after that, I will do some work right away or maybe clean up and fix up a little bit. So my habits then of going to work right away after I've eaten by two or three hours into the day, I've already done great work on accomplishing usually about five of my goals and then at night I have habits that help make sure I accomplish all of them and finish the day off, right? I often will do some gaming at night to make sure I have some fun, or I'll watch a movie or hang out with my wife and daughter, which also can happen during the day. I often will use the afternoon and night times to stay curious to learn something new, going to my support group every day. I generally do in the early afternoon I That helps me to stay curious toe, help someone and to even do the right amount of something productive and make a positive contribution to my family members and friends. And then that helps me with practicing thank you and staying grateful at night. I get down on my knees every night and thank God as I understand him and you don't have to thank God. You can just thank whoever is listening, which might just be you, and you can thank be thankful and practice gratitude for having got through that day in one piece for having the chance to do it again on that day. So I do that and I clean up and fix up a night. I brush my teeth. I take a shower. So I have routines at bedtime. Allow me to fall asleep that allow me to accomplish these last two daily goals and then often going too bad I try and go to bed with my wife at night. That helps me to make a positive contribution to family members because my wife enjoys it when we go to bed together so that she can get a good night's sleep and we're on the same sleep schedule. And then that leaves me the bulk of the day. That gives me most of the day to just accomplish a relatively few things and to seek and to seek ways to accomplish those things. And it gives me a relative peace. Then, when I'm in the habit of doing things that are useful when lightning strikes outside and I'm able to feel that I'm on the right track, that I'm doing right things and even if the lightning hits a little closer to home and takes me out, that through practicing these 10 goals through the habits I have in my life that I've lived a good life, that I'm doing the best I can and that my time here on Earth has been worth it, that my time here has been useful and helpful 33. Anything that gets in the way of daily goals I consistently fix.: anything that gets in the way of these daily goals I consistently fix because it becomes a big, glaring problem with these 10 goals. Every day is very hard to ignore. Anything that blocks my progress on them. When I'm used to accomplishing these 10 goals every day, things that come up the getting away are right in front of my face and very obnoxious. So this forces me to keep solving problems every day because new problems consistently come up. For example, in that last lecture, you might have noticed lightning struck and the power went out wallows filming that lecture . And at the same time, you can also draw the conclusion. Well, if the power went out, how were you able to keep filming? I have everything on a double battery backup here. I have to battery backup systems I bought because the power outages were getting in the way of my ability to do work. Not as much. Even the actual time and work lost. It was my fault. Fear off the power, going out, my fear of losing my work because of the power going out. When I use these 10 goals every day in my life, the fears I have to not accomplishing them, the fear that I won't be able to do anything productive and the fears related to whatever it is I need to do to accomplish the goal. The fear stand out, and then I get toe work solving the problems there. For example, one of the things I've consistently found most difficult to accomplish in these goals every day is the exercise part. I've got anxious lots of different days because the weather and it's raining outside right now. The weather could easily disrupt my ability to conveniently complete thes goals. Now, of course, I have a gym membership, However, with a seven month old, sometimes it's difficult to have time to go out and go to the gym. I already have my support group I go to, So I'm already out of the house an hour and 1/2 every single day. So my wife already makes room for that. With everything else I'm doing, it gets to be annoying to try and figure out how I'm going to exercise every day. So what did I do? I got a treadmill because if at the basic level, I just want to be able to do 30 minutes of exercise e every day having a treadmill inside. I have the peace of mind now that I know, no matter what the weather's like, no matter what else is going on, I have the ability to do my exercise now. So that problem is taken months for me to be able to solve as I continued to get to know it better and on days like today, when it's raining really hard and I've got a lot of time to work. But then once my wife comes home, it won't look like it's very easy to go exercise Days like today, having solved this problem provides me a lot of joy. So now I live a life where these 10 goals air easily accomplished every day. Every little problem that comes up then makes things a little fun if I'm traveling and then becomes a little fun to figure out how I'm going to exercise, or if something changes like for example, if I have an equipment failure and I need to buy something new or were about to move when something changes, I have my full set of resource is and abilities available to solve all the new problems that come up. I'm not bogged down with so many problems that then the straw comes in and breaks the camel's back, and I just give up on everything today. These 10 goals allow me to rigorously and continuously fix every single problem that comes up in my life. And that's one of the biggest benefits today that instead of having a life of the 1000 problems, I have a life that has one or two problems at a time. 34. Accepting the things I cannot change and changing the things I can.: accepting the things I cannot change, having the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference between those two. This is also known as the Serenity Prayer. This is the key to me to being able to have a life where I can fully enjoy things today and not be miserable based on things I can't do anything about. It's an essential part of daily gold saying to be able to see what things I can control and what things are out of my control. For example, I was working on my goal of being productive today. I was just pulling up to the computer a few minutes before this. I guess an hour now. And I was ready to make some videos. The house is perfectly quiet and then right when I went to start, the neighbor started mowing their grass. Now, that is the typical situation for most of my life that would have drove me nuts. You? How can they be doing this right now? Don't they know? And yet today, by accepting things I cannot change. I cannot change the neighbors mowing their grass there, not knowing it. Now they're done. I couldn't change that at the time and I said Okay, I have no control over what my neighbors doing now. I could be some six cycle and try and go exert some control over it, but that doesn't match with daily goals with daily goals. 10 goals. Every day's a lot of work. I must. In order to be able to do these, I have to accept the things that aren't my business than I can't change like the neighbor mowing the grass. So when I accepted OK, the neighbors mowing my grass, that doesn't alter my daily goal. I want to be productive. Well, I also need to write the course description for this course. So I went and wrote the course description while the neighbors cutting their grass. I went and filled out as you can see the rest of the lectures. I planned to film here even though I was planning to start up here today and then I ended up making this first because it's more appropriate now for exactly where I'm at this moment having the wisdom to know the difference that I have to pray for and ask for. Because for most of my life. I didn't know the difference between the things I could change and the things I couldn't change. I used to think things like I could go manipulate someone to go do what I wanted, For example, the old way of thinking back when I had long term goals I'm gonna go out there and make that neighbor shut up various things like that to try and exert control over things that I had no business trying to control. So today I'm able to practice this way of life because except the things I can't change, and I have courage to change the things I can. It takes some courage and it takes ah, bit of patients. Sometimes for me to look and say, Well, I was already to go do this video right here. And yet why don't I go change what I'm going to do based on what's happening right now? Doesn't it make sense for me to alter my plans in order to match the situation life is giving me? That is something I resisted a lot of my life. No, no, I'm not altering my plans, and that's the thing that's hard when you set long term goals. You get attached to your plans. I was attached to my plans for most of my life attached to accomplishing my goals much more than I was attached to the actual doing off the work to get the goal. At some point, you see how insane it is to select one thought you had at one point as more important than everything else. The one thought that I had that I should go graduate college and then I could be myself, that that's more important, that all of the data and all of the thoughts I had along the way, about how pointless it was going to college, how I was wasting time wasting money, thousands of other thoughts disregarded because one thought is believed as true. One thought believed mawr true than any of the thoughts that are actually occurring. When I accept the things I cannot change and have courage to change the things I can, I'm able toe work on altering my plans, altering what I do based on the things I can't change now. There's no neighbor cutting grass here. I am filming again as soon as that neighbor was done and As soon as I got started filming this, I had to phone calls one after the other things I can't change. So I was going to just deal with the first interruption and I instead just started it over , fully engaged with the phone calls and then came back here. These daily goals will not be able to accomplish if your time and energy is off trying to manipulate other people thes daily goals force full effort on me. Today. They force me to use all of my energy to change the things I can change and then pray for the wisdom to know the difference in accepting those things I can't change today. 35. This seems too easy to be really work! The mind loves complexities.: at this point, you might be sold. Okay, great. This looks like a great system. So the question becomes, Why can it be difficult? What are the common problems that might come up for you in actually implementing this in your life? To me, the first and most logical one is the mental block of Well, this is too easy. Can't possibly work. The idea. The belief that life is fundamentally complicated, the belief that simple things aren't worth doing the practice of trying to complicate life all the time, the aggravation that comes in the face of something simple being shared. It's amazing how many times I've seen it in other people recently and how many times I've seen it, my own life, the simple things, a simple solutions People tried to give me that I would reject the simple things that I would say No, no, no. The things that would aggravate me that were suggested that I would just dismiss Well, no, no, it can't be like that. It can't. This seems too easy to really work. It can't be that simple things people say, like, just do your best. They used to and great to help me. Well, of course. Just do my best. Of course, of course. And yet there's a lot of depth to the simple things these simple things really do work. That's why I'm here with you, to improve that they do work. There's no way you'd be here with me right now if they didn't really work, and I improve. Also, that ace mind, block to everything can be overcome. My mind block used to prevent most everything because I would find a reason to dismiss. Oh, that's that's too easy. I can't work, of course, of course. Oh, or here's a good one. I know, I know. And that was very common. When you're being told something simple, the responses I know I know, for example, something like You should try and eat a little more healthy. I know. Well, there it is. It's that simple. Eat more healthy. The question becomes, then why is it necessary to complicate something like eating healthy? You just do it. That's all you do. You eat healthy. I have a personal trainer, and she has people that come to her in all different situations, and they asked her what these tips I want I want to get better and she says, Eat clean exercise. There you go eat clean exercise. That's all you need to know about fitness and diet. Eat, clean and exercise. So what is the mindset? I know, I know Well, obviously, obviously. And yet this is the biggest problem. That contempt prior to investigation, the belief that you already know, and therefore it has to be something else. If you think you already know and that simple answer is not enough and there has to be something else, then it's obvious you don't know if you're struggling to maintain a healthy weight, and you already know you need eat, clean and exercise. Then the question becomes, Why? If you already know, can't you execute it? Why, if it's that simple, can't you actually do it? Why, If you want to maintain a healthy weight, why is the ability to eat clean and exercise seem like it eludes you? The foundation of this is sickness, the sickness of overly complicating everything, the sickness of dividing the world into a 1,000,000 parts and then therefore the struggle to find two point and everything and say that's not enough. No, obviously, obviously I know that's not enough. If you can recognize this in yourself, you can get the ability to overcome it. You can ask for the ability to overcome it. If you can't even see that it's a problem. There's no hope. You first have to see the problem. And the problem often starts with I know or yeah, but eat clean and exercise if you want to stay healthy. Well, yeah, but I have a thyroid condition. So e clean exercise. Yeah, but I have to go to work all day. That doesn't change what needs to be done. Oh, yeah, but yeah, but yeah, but there it is. That is the biggest problem that blocks this whole way of life. If you can see it, then there's a chance to transcend it. 36. Any sickness that exists will trample on daily goals.: any sickness in my life. I had prevented me from implementing daily goals. Here's the skeleton off. When I tried to implement daily goals in the form of a healthy schedule in my life a little over two years ago, I had this good idea that what I needed to do was schedule my life out and set up things to do each day. That gave me a nice, well rounded existence. Ah, set time for work, a set time for eating a set time Frankie out of family set time to play some video games, a balanced life based on daily goals. Now the one problem I had with it was rigidity, so I would set the whole week up ahead of time, which is fairly foolish. But even then, that can still work if you do it that way. The problem is, if you have points of sickness in your life, you will not be able to do daily goals just like how I couldn't do them here. This schedule was completely filled out from almost morning Teoh evening, and I was able to do it pretty well on some days. The problem is, on those days when my sickness came in and sickness in the form of bad physical habits based on mental and emotional and spiritual sickness. Sickness of feeling disconnected from humanity, Feeling like I didn't belong feeling like I needed to do things like for me in particular, drinking and playing video games to really enjoy my life. The sickness for me when it was untreated, came through and wrecked all of my daily goals. I was also trying to do a diet a similar way the year before, and the sickness would come through and tread everything. If you find you can't set daily goals, it's usually in my experience because of a illness that pervades mental, emotional and spiritual areas off life. If you have some kind of sickness, you could even say that you just listen to the devil Angel or the the bad things, anything, any way of phrasing. This there's an infinite number of ways to put this you will find if sickness is a big part of your life, you can't do daily goal setting. At some point, your best intentions will be shredded. It won't matter what you want to do. You'll go into this almost obsessive compulsive thing of what you have to do, what you must do, and it will become, ah, thing like I want to do these unhealthy habits. I want to just shred this schedule. I hate this thes daily goals I've made. I'm going to just do whatever I want to. Rather, that's work like crazy rather, that's get wasted or use substances or play video games or going to some other kind of addiction, or rather, its obsess over another person. Well, this other person is doing this in my life, so I can't do my daily goals. Well, I have to do this. This and this. I have to do this. This and this and I can't do the Stickley goals anymore, whether it's anxiety or depression or whatever word you put on it. I'm so depressed today, I can't get out of bed. I can't do these daily goals anymore. Whatever word you put on it, that sickness, that one basic separation problem that almost all of us experience it shreds daily goals. It makes quick work of them because daily goals will blot that sickness out of your life. And if you don't see it or you're not working to treat it and be aware of it. It will wipe out efforts to do daily goals because it realizes those daily goals will eliminate its opportunities to screw with your life. If you have AH, daily goals like I have, there's not a lot of opportunities to screw with my life today. Those daily goals give me a set of principles that apply to every situation. They're based on a set of principles. They give me clear objectives to do today. I don't set a rigid schedule like this. I trust myself to run the schedule every day, and I trust the creator of the universe toe help Give me inspiration at each moment across the day to fulfill those daily goals. So I know this can be a weird topic to talk about based on wherever you're at in life and based on everyone's individual personalities and problems that we all think we have. If you can't set daily goals, if your efforts to set daily goals get shredded, that's a good indication you need help, and if you hate the idea that you need help, that's a bigger indication. You really need help. There's I hated the idea. I needed help most of my life, even though everyone kept suggesting it. When I stop realized, I do need help and I started to get it. Things didn't get better right away, but they started to. They started to get better. When you realize you need help and you actively receive and process all the help you get, then you will have the ability to set daily goals and to consistently accomplish them. 37. Being above or below accomplishing daily goals and humility.: another issue you might have implementing. This is either feeling you're too high or too low to be able to do these daily goals. Being too high looks like this. Well, I'm better than that. I can do this better than him. I don't need 10 daily goals. I can use one or I'm better than that. I clearly am doing good enough in my own life. I don't need to do any better. That's what being above looks like that's often called a superiority complex. I am a superior human being to every other human being or maybe most human beings. Therefore, I have my own rules. Therefore, I don't need these or anyone else's help. Therefore, I don't have to do anything. I can do things however I want and things will be fine. I don't have to respect any of the rules about what's worked for other people. I'm fundamentally better than everyone. That's a superiority complex. The opposite of that is an inferiority complex. Oh ah, hello. My life is so hard. I'm not as good as everyone else. I can't possibly even try and do these 10 goals because I'm better at failing than everyone else I've screwed up so much in my life. I'm so depressed. There's no way this would even work for me. The only thing I know about myself is that I'm worse than most people. I'm more messed up. I'm different. I can't possibly do something like this. Well, you can see the insanity of both of those points of view. And most of my life I had what you might call a superiority complex, built upon an inferiority complex or an egomaniac with low self esteem. And, in other words, that meant I went around projecting and acting like I was great, like I was better than everyone. And yet the truth was, I felt like I was worse than everyone. And this often is the balance that exists. And most people, if you see someone who projects that their their head down and I can't do anything and they they project an inferiority complex. Often there is a underlying superiority complex underneath that deep down, they feel they really are better than everyone else, and that life just hasn't given them a chance to prove it. So they're going to go almost like a socking kid and act like everything they can't do anything. Humility is seeing you're not any better than anyone. And you're not any worse than anyone. I am not any better than you or any worse than you. Nothing I've done in my life makes me any better than you are any worse than you. These 10 principles air set up, founded on humility, that I am an ordinary worker robot here who is just another blank service drone. I'm not any better or worse than any of the other blank service drums on this planet. And that gives me the ability to do these 10 goals because I humbly realize these 10 goals have worked for a lot of my other human beings in one form or another, a lot of other people have set up ways of living that are just like thes 10 goals, which I simply adapted from my understanding, my internal processing of all kinds of things, ancient things like religions and those kinds of things translated into modern practices that are often executed in support groups. I have simply adapted the principles for living that have worked for other human beings into away. They work for me because I'm not any better or worse than anyone else. Therefore, if it works for the guy next to me and it works for his wife and it works for his friend and it works for this guy he knows at work. There's no reason it can't work from me now if you're better than everyone or worse than everyone, that it's obvious you need something extra. You can't simply settle for what works for everyone else. Humility comes to me. It came to me from asking for help from getting to know what I thought of as myself, better from looking and then sharing with other people. While here's some of the bad things I've done in my life, while then that person says, we'll hear some of the bad things I've done and then everyone we all share. Oh, I guess I'm just about a regular person. I'm not that great. And this comes is available in every form. I get reviews on my courses. Jury is the best instructor ever. Oh my God, this changed my life. I get other reviews. Jerry is a dishonest instructor with no integrity who's just out scamming and cheating people. Now you can see both of those are a bit exaggerated. I'm not that great, and I'm not that bad. Humility is a very peaceful place of belonging with all of your fellow human beings. If you can honestly see either the superior ego or the inferior ego being played out into the world that blocks you from doing as something like this, if you can see that, then you have the ability to transcend it. If you can't honestly see that you're parading yourself a some superhuman or some subhuman , then it's very hard to implement anything new in your life because your whole life becomes set up on continually proving your whatever you're trying to say you are. Ah, place of humility is also place oven anonymity. I'm nothing. I'm No. One, and that's a place where anything can work for me. 38. Too busy to have 10 things to do every day?: Even if you haven't hit any objection so far, you might come up against the I'm too busy. I'm too busy. I don't have time to do 10 goals every day. Oh, man, that's crazy. I'm too busy. Let's look at my schedule for a moment. I'm grateful to have the chance to be teaching over 100,000 students online. Now think about that. There are 100,000 people who've bought my courses online. Okay, let's just forget about forget about my work altogether. You could say, Well, yes, clearly you have plenty of work you can do. I have a seven month old daughter right now and a wife who we are family and we spend time together. I have friends that want to do things like play league of legends and call duty. I have a mother that likes to hear from me on a regular basis of Brother, and I go to my support group every single day. I exercise every single day. Now, do you think I could make the argument? I'm too busy to have 10 goals to do every day. The fact is that I accomplished way less before I started using these 10 goals in my life. Back when I didn't have a sport group, I went to every day back when I didn't have a child back when I didn't have any students on you. To me, it was amazing how many days would go by where I would accomplish almost nothing. Days and days roll by and yet I said I'm too busy. I'm too busy. I'm too busy. It was that mental mind block that I've taken on all these things and I can't possibly do them all. There's a difference between actually having a lot of things to dio and feeling like you're too busy, too busy is a feeling It's a story. It is not a reality except as much as you believe it to be true. If you believe you're too busy, you will go around and keep doing all the things you're doing and not do the things that really matter. People ask, busy, busy. Are you busy? Today are keeping busy? I say I am doing more than ever, and I feel like I have time to do everything I need to do so. In other words, I am meeting the requirements to be busy. And yet I feel free, as if I can do whatever I want all the time. That is a way of life that's awesome and worth aiming for. So if you run into the I'm too busy, I'm too busy. These 10 daily goals are what allow me to never be too busy anymore. Now I say no tow, lots of things. I get tons of offers to collaborate, all kinds of things that are offered to me to do, and I say no to most of them. And then I take on some things to do. I say, Okay, I'll try that. And then I'm sorry. I'm not going to be able to do that. After all, I take on things and then don't fulfill them. Sometimes I say no to a bunch of things. That's how I'm able to not be busy. I do the things I need to. I do these 10 goals every day and anything else that happens this secondary. Anything else is Onley accomplished through these 10 goals. These 10 goals of the only things I'm busy with outside of these 10 goals, I have nothing to do. These 10 goals are my entire life. And yet I'm able to do more of the long term goals than I ever would have believed. I have over 50 courses on you to meet today. It's not because I'm smart or amazing or any other word you want to put in its because I practice thes 10 goals every day and through these 10 goals I doom or than I ever would have imagined possible. So in other words, I do more right now than all those times in my life. I used to say, I'm too busy. I'm too busy. I'm too busy. If you honestly like that feeling of being, I'm too busy m too busy. Then keep it. If you don't want to get rid of it, you could keep it. I don't care. I have a life that works for me today. I am not here to tell you how to live your life. I'm here to share my experience and strength and hope with you about what I've been through in my life. And if you can see how some of the same things are happening in your life and how I'm able to live free of those things, then maybe you'll be motivated to give these a try. 39. If you see you cannot live right on your own, the only solution is to get help.: if you cannot live right on your own, the only solution is to get help. This means that if you see what you've listened to in this course as something that's not possible for you to do because you have to keep living how you're living. I was in this place two years ago. I wanted to do better. I was reading inspirational books. I was trying, and yet I did not have the ability to do better on my own. I had to ask for help because I had run out of my own ability to help myself. Now a healthy person is one who's connected and regularly receiving help from others. Ah, sick person sees themselves a separate from the world and having to do everything on their own. The nice thing is, all you have to do to be relieved from being a sick person is reach out for help. Ask for help. I'll tell you how I did it after another night off, getting into a bunch of my addictions all at once and waking up and seeing the hopelessness of it, seeing that it didn't matter how many inspirational books I read, it didn't matter how hard I tried. It didn't matter how much I wanted to do better. Nothing mattered. I was stuck being the same and there was no way out. It was utterly hopeless. And that path was going to take me to an early death, losing my family, my business, everything. And that is what motivated me to reach out for help. I prayed and I asked for help. With the Onley problem, I could see the Onley problem I could clearly see was my alcohol problem. Now the problem you can see varies between people. It might be a relationship for you. It might be your business. It might be your job. It might be, Ah, family or friend. That might be a video game. It might be alcohol. It might be a substance. It might be an obsessive compulsive behavior. It might be depression. It might be anxiety. I don't know what your problem is. I can try and translate this into language that will work for you and share it through how I saw it happen. I saw the one problem I could clearly see was my alcohol problem that it didn't matter if I wanted to stop drinking or not. It didn't matter on the inspirational books I read. It didn't matter how hard I tried. It didn't matter. Whatever I did, it wasn't going to work. Utterly hopeless now, I saw also things like anxiety fed into my drinking problem things all over the place. We're feeding into the problem. But the only one I could clearly see is the one I asked for help with. And where was I was in bed, sick again, and I prayed. I said, God, I will do anything to stop drinking That's what I said And that's when the help came. The help wasn't a magical lightning striker. Anything outwardly, physically, it was one simple new thought. Those a A meetings that probably be a part of anything, wouldn't it? Now, up until that point, I had said Ace for quitters and all these other things. I'd rejected all the help that was offered to me, and as soon as I asked and said, Okay, I'm willing to take the help, Then it came. Now that's the form it came from me. I have seen these similar kinds of stories in other people's lives over and over again. They asked for help and the help came and it came in all kinds of different forms. Rather, it was someone calling Rather, it was having a vision. Rather, it was just a helpful thought. Rather, it was being guided to a certain place at a certain time. There's all kinds of ways help can come. If you see that you really do need help, there's no shame in that. That's why I can share this with you. There's no shame in it. This is what I've experienced, and there's nothing wrong with what I've experienced. What I've experienced is what I was supposed to experience. Everything that's happened in my past helps inform what I'm doing right now. It gives me a chance to have a future that's peaceful and of service. So that's what these 10 goals air about, being peacefully of service in helping each other. And let's put it this way, if you're just realizing you need help, or if you're realizing you could use a little more help, you're not here by accident. 40. A year later, how does my life look after doing these goals?: Wow, it's one year later. Almost. It's February 14th Valentine's Day 2000 and 17 and is you can see in this video. I was filming this on March 16th 2016. So here's what I've been through since I filmed this course. I moved, so I moved about an hour away. I've downsized from a three bedroom two bath and a pool home to a two bedroom, one bath. I've got banned from you to me where I originally was teaching and made this class. I've tried different business systems will, including playing video games full time and trying to serve clients again. And now I've put this class up, and this is on skill. Share them. So I've changed a lot of things and my grandmother passed away. I think since I did this, maybe I'm remembering that wrong. Maybe I'm not. It's weird. With death anyway, of cheery. That's a heck of attention. How have I done since I've done this class at my daily goals? I think at first glance I have done exceptional because I've made some really good advances on doing a better job on my daily goals. For example, when I go up to my daily goals. I've number one is stay sane by not creating more pain and suffering for myself and others . And I have done better on that that I've ever done before. And yet there's still room for improvement. I had a day a couple of weeks ago where for about eight hours, on and off, I couldn't even barely stand to draw another breath for plenty of moments in that little stretch, I just got into a bad spot. I asked for help relentlessly, and that was a great learning experience. Now that used to be my default way of living. My wife's man and me, I don't want to live anymore. I didn't get what I wanted are that's it, that is it. So I've done better than I've ever done staying saying and not creating more pain. I have a better relationship with my wife and my family that have ever had before, so fantastic progress and doing this goal every day and yet this is an everyday goal. This is something that it doesn't matter what I did yesterday. I have the same work again today, so I think this is going very well number two making a positive contribution of family and friends. I've spent lots of times gaming with my friends. I've got a new system. Why take a walk every night with my dogs and call up my family and friends? So I think I'm staying more connected with my family and friends than ever. Much more than even when I was doing this course. Eat a balanced diet and feel Aiken Dio eat whatever I want Teoh. Now that has been a huge change. I've went through a massive positive change in the eating A balanced diet. I talked about that in an earlier update. I've started eating vegan, mostly raw foods and beans, nuts and whole grains. In addition to fruits and vegetables, I eat about £2 of fruit and vegetables every single day. My eating has got way healthier since I did this course and yet all the work I did before you even get to the point to share that with you in this course gave me the ability to go forward and make a crazy change to in one instant stop eating meat and animal products or I try and avoid them rather than consume them and then to switch my eating. So I've eaten Mawr Foods than I've tried more new foods, and I'm probably tried in the last 10 years combined exercise. I've started going for walks every single night for about an hour. That is a fantastic boost for my exercise. Now, on the downside, I've started going that a gym less. I used to go the gym when I did this a couple days a week to do personal training, and I used to go another day or two a week to do cardio. I don't go to the gym anymore, or I go maybe once a week of my brother in law and lift weights and without having a personal trainer. So you might say my exercise has changed. I don't know if it's better or worse or not. It's possible I've taken a step back with just doing an hour long walk seven days a week instead of doing more trips to the gym and taking a day off or just taking a light 30 minute walk. So I think this has changed. I think it's in a very good place today and I'm open to a more vigorous exercise. If the right opportunity presents itself, do the right amount of something productive. I have been working over the last year a lot. I'm getting great balance in my life, so not letting my entire day be consumed with doing something productive. When my wife and daughter come home to take some time and do the next goal, have some fun. I've taken amazing leaps in having fun in the last year, giving up playing video games for the first time since my parents bought me a game boy since I was six years old. But I tried to give games up for in 2012 when I started my business in 11 4012. But I couldn't stick with that for very long, and I still played things like mobile games and I'd still play. I still kept my Xbox, So for the first time since I was six, I've given up all my gaming, and yet I found new ways to have fun. Today I'm reading, so this goes great with steak. Curious, I'm reading more than I've read since I was a child, maybe even more than I'm reading about five books every day now. So fantastic. Progress on staying. Curious Now I've had a lot of challenges when it comes to have some fun. One of the biggest things I've had to work on lately is too late. Make timeto play play with my daughter when she wants to play. Play around. Makes a music, do something new. Don't just do the same old thing all the time. So I've had a lot of learning. If if I've had to look at one daily gold I failed the most is probably that have some fun one. So I'm I've made a lot of improvement on that. Especially recently. Help someone. I think I've been doing outstanding on that. I've set my whole business up to try and help more people than ever to give all of my classes away for free. Now, where if you go toe the free courses paid, you don't even have to pay to take any of my classes that are open for free enrollments. There's 68 of them right now. I think I'm doing more than ever to help his many people as possible, clean up and fix up. I've recently done a lot of this on my business, and I've done a lot of this on my life, especially since getting banned from you to me. Three months after making this course, I've cleaned up and fixed up a bunch. I've cut thousands of dollars a month and expenses I've cleaned up and fixed up Ah lot Maurin, my personal life and in the life of round me and I've practiced saying a thank you and staying grateful on a daily basis. I consistently, um, getting down on my knees and praying at night, thanking God for another day, sober with my wife, daughter and with you and everyone else that's here. I'm reading a course in miracles most nights and practicing the lessons there. So I think I've been doing very good on these 10 daily goals. Thes 10 day legals have helped me, and I've integrated my life now to try and do these by default every single day. So in the year since I've made this class, I've been doing these goals on a daily basis, and they've given me amazing life today. To me, happiness comes from simply aiming at these 10 things every single day and accomplishing them every single day. That way, every day is a fresh chance to accomplish all my goals. It's 10:50:16 a.m. And I have done great work on a bunch of these goals already today. I'm so excited to have this to share with you. So thank you so much for experiencing this update. About a year since I've made the class. I hope this is a valuable part of the class for you. 41. Practicing unconditional love for others: one of the challenges that tends to come up. The better I do in my life, the more it impacts other people. If you're in a situation is I've been lots of times in my life where people were living just like me. Then, whenever one of us tried to do better, it threatened the others. So one of the challenges to doing better is how others react lots of times. Others will react with some hostility, with some defensiveness, because they see your efforts in trying to improve as an attack upon their way of life. For example, as I've integrated this vegan diet where I eat a whole plant based diet filled with fruits , vegetables and nuts, beans and whole grains, this diet threatens. Or in some of the minds of the people around me, it threatens them, because if I'm doing it, maybe I'm doing it the right way. And maybe then it triggers feelings and others that maybe their own diet is not good enough . Not because off I'm right. It's because they believe that they have some feeling deep down that there's a better way to eat that their existing way of eating is not good enough, but they try and deny that feeling, and when they see someone practicing it, it brings out something that they're trying to deny. And this can happen with mental health. When you start becoming more of a loving, healthy person, it may start to offend the people around you that you won't engage with them in their drama anymore. If you start doing better at work and really caring about the company, are really caring about what you do. Other people were trying to slack off and may get really offended because when they see what it looks like to be a happy, productive worker, when they see you trying so hard, they will start likely feeling attacked. Like somehow you're making them look bad because you're really doing your job and caring about your job. When you set these daily goals, they're likely to produce such powerful results that sometimes people in your life will feel threatened. What? I noticed just talking. Just mentioning some of the things I dio triggers, defensiveness and others where when I say something like about how I changed my diet or how in this situation I do that, for example, when my wife says something sassy. I remember I love her and this is a test that then if I am in unconditional love for her, I will see this as proof she loves me. I will see this as great time together. I'll see this as time I'd give anything for. If I'm not an unconditional love, I'll start trying to dictate how she should live. So to me, these 10 daily goals produce outstanding opportunities to practice unconditional help and love for others. You see, it's I've learned a lot since doing these 10 daily goals to have love and patience with others, as I explain to them what I'm doing in my life and their defensiveness triggers to not go and fight with them, to not try and push what I think on them. For example, I have a family member who is very sick frequently who has all these health problems, and I just feel like I have a comprehensive solution that could be delivered in a paragraph to fix 80% of the health problems in the suffering. The challenge is that until a person is ready to let go off their pain and suffering, they don't want any help. You see lots of times people just tell us about what they're going through. They don't actually want a solution. Now. This may be easier for women to process generally than men because men most any time we hear about a problem, our minds start working on fixing it and lots of times women, especially a program to just share about their problems, whereas men were often program to hide our problems and try and look good. But these things are all just generic. I just use this. I like the examples from men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and these can be switched in lots of things. So just recognizing these different tendencies in people can help. I recognize now my wife is perfectly capable of solving all of her own problems when she's telling me about something she's having a hard time was, she doesn't need me to try and fix it. In fact, that makes her because my tendencies a man is to minimize things that often makes her feel worse. She just wants me Lishan lover unconditionally, and then she will handle it herself unless she specifically asks for a solution and the family member who's so sick and struggling just shares about their life with me. It's there to help me practice thes daily goals is there to help Remind me why I practice these daily goals? Because but for the grace of God, there go I. Without these 10 daily goals, I would be miserable and suffering if even alive and not wanting the let go of my misery, saying that this is my misery and I'm holding on to it. I remember my dad used to tell me that I abused alcohol. My dad used to give me suggestion after suggesting he said, You know, instead of being a police officer, which is not a good career to drink with, why don't you go be a bartender? You can drink at work. You'll get all these free drinks. You can get all these girls to go home with you, and I wouldn't listen to him. I wanted my misery my way and these 10 day legals air so powerful it forces me to either practice unconditional love for others, which helps me continue to practice these daily goals or it ends up putting me in a position of feeling alone, feeling worse than or better than it makes me continue to evolve. And that's why these goals are so helpful because just one person advancing the ripple effect of all that one person taking better care of their body, better care of their emotions, better care of their mental and spiritual health advances all humans collectively. And the first response is often defensiveness. The first response. All might like. You Look at Jesus while this one person is figure out how to live and love and Red has remembered God and they practice unconditional love everywhere. Let's kill him. We gotta kill that guy. What he we can't have anyone around. That's not as miserable as we are. And thankfully, today we have a world that's not filled with people who demand to be miserable. But there are lots of people sick and suffering, and the only way for them to hell is unconditional love. I've found that the better I do these 10 daily goals, the easier it is for me to try and fix everyone else's problems, the easier it is. As soon as my friends and family come with me to anything for me, to just say, Well, uh, you have a health problem. Just change your diet. That'll fix it Well, that you have. Ah, spiritual problem. Why don't you just go to a 12 step program or a church or a LA blah blah, You see, with the better my life is, the easier the more I'm tempted to try and act like and play God in everyone else's life and miss say, Well, your problems are really easy. This will just fix everything. The truth is working full time on my own Dental 10 daily goals is the only way I'm able toe have a good life today and I can barely handle practicing my 10 daily goals every day and doing a good job in my life. Some days I still struggle. So what business do I have trying to tell everyone else to how to do it? The best teaching the best way to communicate unconditional love is to lead by example. I've noticed my daughter at 17 months old. Now she wants to eat what I eat when she sees me put something in my mouth. She wants to eat it. She doesn't go for you. Eat this while dad eat something else. She wants to eat what I eat. She wants to say what I say. She wants to look how I look. She wants to talk how I talk, she learns by example. So anything that I want to teach her, I must simply teach by example. So I'm grateful. In the year since I've been applying these 10 daily goals to my life. My life has gotten a lot better, and I found more opportunities than ever to practice. Unconditional for lovers, which unconditional love for others, Which helps me fantastically, to reinforce and keep practising these daily goals. You see, if you do better, it's likely a first to produce this disconnect where all of a sudden you're doing so good. You don't feel like you relate to the people around. You can't hang around with the same people anymore, and that's actually can be a good thing When I'm in the middle of living a healthy, happy life. There are lots of people who are repulsed by that who are in the middle of their misery, and they know on a deep level, if they get close to me, they're going to have to give their misery up, because I will. I A I abide in unconditional love for others as much as I can. I pray that's my number. One personal goal is to practice unconditional love at all times. So when I go out in the world, the people who want to keep their misery tend to be repulsed, like in the grocery store, though if they see me, they will look away. They won't even want to make eye contact. They won't want to. They will look like an animal that's a night owl or that on Lee hunts by night. When it sees the sun, it goes down, it takes cover. They don't want to see the light of day. I didn't want to see the light of day. A lot of times in my life I drank and would stay up all night, and then when the sun was going to come up, I try and get in bed. I'd try and hide from the sun as much as possible because I knew if I stayed out in the sun long enough, it would burn away all of these false things I'd brought into my life. All these victims stories, All this misery, all this pain, it would be all burned away. And I would be back in the middle of my heart, just being a loving, defenseless, little being. So I'm grateful today to have that experience to share with you. I'm grateful I've had so many chance to practice unconditional love for others as I watched some of the people around me learn and adapt as I do better. They do better and they teach me new things. And then I learned from them and others I've washed fade away. Now I want to be around me doing better and others I've watched who simply share their pain with me. And then it's for me to just sit there and love them and not tell them out of fix everything. So I'm grateful you've experienced this with me today. Thank you for making it so deep in here. If you like these updates that I've added a year after I make the course, would you please let me know with the discussion to keep doing them on an ongoing basis? 42. What if I fail the goals?: what happens on days where I just fail some of the goals or all of the goals. I practice gratitude to have another chance a day. A couple of weeks ago, I fell flat on my face. When it came to doing the goals, I barely even made it through the day. I went totally insane. I created more pain and suffering for others. I didn't make at least outwardly much of a positive contribution of my family and friends. I did eat a healthy and balanced diet. I did exercise. I did do something productive. I did have something fun with my daughter. I had much I would have to say. I stayed. Did not stay curious. I think I did do really good helping someone. I did not clean up and fix up well. So I had a day a couple of weeks ago. I A by any definition failed about 3 to 5 of the daily goals. Now, most days I complete all 10 goals every day. But what happens when I fail the goal? Some days as a recovering perfectionist, a lot of my life I live by my grandfather's model and I'm sure he got it from someone that if you can't do it right, don't do it at all. Now with these goals, these air not like that you want Teoh. We want to take a shot at thes goals every day, even if they've already been messed up. Even when you've already created a bunch of pain and suffering for others that day to try and accomplish it by not creating any more pain and suffering for others. For example, the day two weeks ago I just kept having thoughts about not even wanting to be here any more thoughts about how awful my life was. All these angry feelings and frustrated, resentful, regretful feelings. And even though I had a hard time completing all the goals that day, I got right up the next day and completed them all again. Every day is a fresh start in any time in the day is a fresh star. By that evening I felt better and was trying to do my best to complete themselves. You could easily say that by the end of the day I had returned to sanity, and by the end of the day I had made a positive contribution of my friends and family members. By the end of the day, I did have some curiosity as two different ways to avoid getting into the same feelings again. And by the end of the day, I had cleaned up and fixed out most of the mental, mostly mental mess I made. So the nice thing with these goals that it doesn't matter if you fail them in the sense that every way that you fail them is an opportunity to learn and do better. If you don't exercise one day to say that you know what I'll learn from why I didn't exercise and you can ask the question then what can I do to make sure I do exercise tomorrow? Are you? Wake up. What can I do to make sure I exercise today? You can use things not going right has the perfect motivation to figure out how to do better when I I've been sick the last few days, so I haven't been taking my dogs on a 30 minute walk or an hour long walk each night because I as being sick. Sometimes you. Then it makes sense to adapt and do a little bit less physically, so on. Sometimes things outside your circumstances outside your control may prevent the goals from being accomplished. For example, if I'm sick, it doesn't make sense to do a bunch of exercise and then potentially make it worst. If you are starving and you can't get any other food, you might have a hard time getting eating a healthy diet. If the Internet's down all day and you do work like I do on the Internet all day, it may be harder to do something like being productive. If you just how around a bunch of crazy people and you can't keep it together. You might have a hard time staying sane One day you might have to work all day and have a hard time having some fun. You might mess up these goals in all kinds of different ways, but the point is to keep trying again and again and again. And until you get to the point where you accomplished these 10 gold on a daily basis every single day and then make those habits and continue to reexamine the goals, how am I doing? Can I do even better? What can I do to do better on my exercise without ruining any of the other goals. See, a nice thing about these 10 goals is it requires balance if I get too obsessed with exercise is going to mess with some of my other goals. So if I start at one point I was doing aid mile runs that took like two hours and then doing too much of that exercise started to mess up some of how I would be able to do the other goals. If I spend all my time having fun, it may be difficult to do something productive if I'm doing so many things productive and helping is so much, and I may have a hard time staying curious and learning anything new. So the idea is to balance all these goals out to create a balanced life, to not take them over the top so much. For example, if I took five hour walks with my dogs every day, that might not be the best way to go about my exercise. But each time I failed at my goals, that's helped me learn how to accomplish them even better on a daily basis. Sure, when I'm traveling and may be difficult to do some of these. So I accept that aiming at perfection, that's my job and to do the work, to make all these 10 goals every day. And if I miss one or two, those air learning experience is not proof that I'm a crappy person, not proof that I'm not good enough. So I hope I've added this in about a year after I made the course. I hope this is helpful for you to think about. What if I fail these goals and to see that every way to fail them is really an opportunity to do them even better more consistently. 43. Thank you for finishing this course! What did it motivate you to do?: thank you very much for finishing this course. I would love to know what it motivated you to do. I'm grateful. I've had so many students share so many amazing things with me in this regard. Jerry, you motivated me to try harder to get a job. You motivated me to go to the interview and just be honest and not try and give the perfect responses. But to just really see rather I wanted that job or not as well as rather they wanted me or Jerry. I've started to make twice a smudge money. Now that you've showed me these new techniques or I'm making a better relationship with my family now, these are the things that people have already said before you. And I would love to know what you've been motivated to do out of this course. When you share what you're motivated to do, it helps me to understand what it is I'm doing. That's useful so that I can keep doing it when you give you get back. I find today whenever I give people good feedback, good feedback comes back to me so you can do that in the Q and a section Ah, lot of students have said that what's posted in the Q and a section of the course is more valuable for them than the actual videos to see the questions other people have and the answers to them that might even be better than any of the course videos to see riel situations other people are dealing with in applying the same things. If you're one of the first in the course, the best thing you could do to contribute and to pay it forward is to share your experience here. The biggest difference in the course. Discussions between nothing and something. So anything you have to give is enough, Thank you very much for being here.