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43 Videos (4h 11m)
    • Welcome to 10 daily goals for humans!

    • The old way of setting goals in time versus the new way setting goals for today.

    • Example of a daily goal versus a long term goal in my workflow.

    • Time spent working and enjoying long term goals versus daily.

    • I can still set long term goals as long as they fall within a daily goal.

    • Daily goal setting eliminates setting goals where I do not control the outcome.

    • When I control the outcome of a daily goal, jealousy does not appear.

    • Anything that blocks progress on a daily goal I work to eliminate.

    • Days of failing to accomplish the goal become okay because of so much success.

    • The data saved me from telling a story of my failure after having a baby.

    • Microsoft Excel works for me to track my professional progress.

    • HUGE HEALTH UPDATE better than myfitnesspal!

    • MyFitnessPal works for me to track my diet, exercise, and weight.

    • Mint works for me to track my finances.

    • I participate in a support group each day to track my sanity.

    • Prayer and inspirational books help me track my mood at morning and at night.

    • Everyone helps me track my service and purpose for living.

    • What are my 10 daily goals? Saying them out loud helps me practice them.

    • Stay sane by not creating more pain and suffering for myself and others.

    • Make a positive contribution to my family members and friends.

    • Eat a balanced healthy diet and feel I can eat whatever I want to.

    • Exercise.

    • Do the right amount of something productive.

    • Have some fun.

    • Stay curious.

    • Help someone.

    • Clean up and fix up.

    • Practice saying thank you and staying grateful.

    • Nothing I get involved in is more important than my daily goals.

    • Sometimes it comes down to a walk at the doctor's office.

    • Laziness is my friend and I design my life around accepting how lazy I am.

    • Habits are my friend because a few good habits accomplish most all the goals.

    • Anything that gets in the way of daily goals I consistently fix.

    • Accepting the things I cannot change and changing the things I can.

    • This seems too easy to be really work! The mind loves complexities.

    • Any sickness that exists will trample on daily goals.

    • Being above or below accomplishing daily goals and humility.

    • Too busy to have 10 things to do every day?

    • If you see you cannot live right on your own, the only solution is to get help.

    • A year later, how does my life look after doing these goals?

    • Practicing unconditional love for others

    • What if I fail the goals?

    • Thank you for finishing this course! What did it motivate you to do?


About This Class

If you want to be more productive and have a happy life as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or business owner, you can find an exact blueprint that works for me every single day. This course gives an exact system to live one day at a time by accomplishing 10 simple goals every day!

Most of my life I set long term goals, worked hard to complete them, and then quickly moved onto the next one with very little time to enjoy the results of my hard work. Life was frustrating and painful most days. I was able to escape all that by learning to set the same 10 goals every single day. You have the same opportunity to enjoy life in its fullest each day when you take this course!

As an entrepreneur, I have a lot of freedom that can be difficult to manage effectively. This course is about the 10 goals I aim to accomplish every day which make life worth living and solve the majority of my problems in both my personal life and professional life. With sharing these goals with you and explaining the design for living that supports them, you can gain inspiration for adapting your life into these 10 goals starting today.

Most of the lectures are screencapture videos where I show you how the 10 goals today have given me the chance to have everything I could have ever wanted in life and to leave me feeling for the first time like I am enough. You can finish this course today and get started immediately!

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope to see you in the course soon!

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I watch it over and over again. It's so awesome and helpful that you could hardly imagine you could find something so impactful at all. From what I understand Jerry packed a ton of hard-earned wisdom in it.
Just what I needed to start focusing on what´s important in your life. 10 simple goals that everyone can do everyday. whatever it´s your situation. I like how you track your work, excel it´s a very useful tool. I only don´t like a couple things you say in this course, but I don´t know how to ask you on a private message. Anyway, Thanks Jerry, without your course i wouldn´t be as happy as I am today
I like the 12-step influence of Jerry's 10 goals (as I share it myself in large part), but really the title is a bit misleading. These are 10 daily goals to be human, not just be an entrepreneur. As far as being human goes, it's a great list!
Laura Thomas Boren

Sexagenarian Auto-Didact!





Jerry Banfield

Gaming, Music, and Teaching!

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