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10 Awesome Lead Bait Ideas For Nonfiction Authors

teacher avatar Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction To 10 Perfect Lead Bait Ideas For Nonfiction Authors

    • 2. Why It’s So Important For Nonfiction Authors To Build Their List

    • 3. The Perfect Introduction Method

    • 4. The Freebie Method

    • 5. The Resource Method

    • 6. The Coaching Method

    • 7. The Preview Method

    • 8. The Secret Method

    • 9. The Choose Your Own Path Method

    • 10. The Community Method

    • 11. The Listen Along Method

    • 12. The Critique Method

    • 13. How To Get Readers To Visit Your Lead Capture Page

    • 14. How To Go Forward

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn 10 super powerful lead bait ideas designed for nonfiction authors!

So if you're a nonfiction author who wants to build your email list, then enroll now!

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Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer


Thanks so much for reading my teacher profile!

I'm an IT nerd who is passionate about the world of teaching!

My main goal as a Skillshare instructor is to share some of the best skills that I've learned after spending countless hours interacting with all kinds of technology over the years.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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1. Introduction To 10 Perfect Lead Bait Ideas For Nonfiction Authors: are you a nonfiction author who has struggled to grow your email list? If that's the case, maybe you're just not sure what kinds of lead magnet you could give away. That's why you might love this course. In this course, I'm going to discuss 10 different lead magnet ideas that are specifically designed for nonfiction authors. So maybe you realize the value of building an email list, but you're not sure how you can ethically bribe your readers to subscribe. If that's the case, I think you're going to love this course so you can finally offer something that's totally cool to your subscribers while prompting them to subscribe. Because, as you know, if you want to build an email list, you need to offer something really, really enticing and attractive in exchange for your users email. This course is all about 10 lead Magnet ideas specifically designed four nonfiction authors . So if you are a non fiction author and you would like to brainstorm 10 different lead magnet ideas, then you're going to absolutely love this course and you're going to benefit big time. But first, ask yourself How much is this course really worth? Well, if you bring storms thes 10 ideas with a lead generation expert that would easily cost you a few $100. In fact, it might cost you a few $1000 or more than that. Or what if you hired an email copywriter to help you with your lead generation as a non fiction author? That would also run you at least a few 100 bucks. And that's just the money part. Also, ask yourself, How long would it take you to brainstorm thes 10 unique and supercool lead generation ideas ? Would it take you a few days a few weeks, a few months? Because you could break your back and strain your neck, studying email, marketing and lead generation for years like I have, we're You could just take this super easy shortcut and spend an hour of your time brainstorming with me right here right now, because let me tell you a little secret. One of the main reasons that I have published over 40 books on Amazon Kindle is to build my email list, and I have spent days, if not weeks, trying to brainstorm awesome ideas about read magnets so I could entice my nonfiction readers to join my list. So how much is all of this worth to you? Imagine if you could finally add leads to your email list, all the while being totally cool to your readers and your new subscribers. If that would feel good, then I think you're going to love this course, and you can agree that you're getting in for a pittance of its true value. I hope that sounds cool. I thank you for joining my community, and I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture. 2. Why It’s So Important For Nonfiction Authors To Build Their List: why it's so important for nonfiction authors to build their email list. You probably realize by now that the main element of success for any type of author often comes down to your ability to generate traffic because you can have the best books in the world. But if you can't effectively market your books, nobody is ever going to purchase your books. That's an unfortunate fact. You could be the best person in the world. You can be an unrivalled writer. However, if nobody ever sees your content, then you're not going to sell a single copy of your book. So in fact, you're beautiful. Efforts shall be for not unless you get people to at least preview your book. That is the sole reasoning behind why building an email list is so vitally important, especially for non fiction authors, so you can get hordes of hungry targeted visitors to preview your book the moment it launches. There are several caveats that you might not pick up on immediately. For example, driving traffic to your book, in my opinion, is never as important then as when the time your book initially launches. In other words, when your book launches you should really aim to get an instant gush of traffic to be looking at and hopefully by in your book. That's why an email list is so vital for nonfiction authors, so you can consistently and reliably promote your previous books and your upcoming book launches without spending a fortune without bending over backwards, begging for other people to help promote your books. Finally, the most beautiful thing about having an email list as a non fiction author is that you're no longer dependent upon any single platform. So in the future, for whatever reason, if you decide that you would like to move on from your current book platform or otherwise expand, you're never at the mercy of the platform that you're currently publishing on. Because now you control the ability to promote any of your books whenever you want, without anyone's permission and without being locked into a single platform. So really, having an email list as a nonfiction author provides to you the ultimate freedom. That's why I think you're going to benefit from the following lectures tremendously so we can brainstorm together as we discussed 10 supercool lead magnet ideas that worked perfectly for nonfiction. authors so you can build your list, generate massive authority, prestige, goodwill and trust, while at the same time protecting and securing your business as a writer over the long haul . With that said, I thank you so much for checking this out and I will see you in the next lecture. 3. The Perfect Introduction Method: the perfect introduction method. The first lead magnet idea is something I call the perfect introduction method. The perfect introduction method is all about inviting your audience onto a webinar. So why are Webinars such a great lead magnet? Well, there's really aton of different reasons as to why Webinars are absolutely perfect for nonfiction authors. First of all, you can actually approach other people in your niche to help you promote your webinar. And if you have something to sell on your webinar, you can incentivize others to promote your webinar by giving them a commission. But that's really besides the point. Even if you're the only one to ever promote your webinar, they still go on to build insane amounts of prestige, authority and reputation simply by showing your audience who you are. Because the audience connects with you, they hear your ideas, they hear your voice, and they connect with you. You can also pitch absolutely anything that you want at the end of your webinar. Even if you yourself don't have a webinar, something else you might want to do is joined a Facebook webinar group. Ask around to see if anyone has an evergreen automated webinar that you can promote as an affiliate. This is arguably the single best thing that you can ever promote as an affiliate, because not only are you going to be providing awesome value to your subscribers, but of course, you'll also have the chance to earn a commission in the event that webinars simply are not your cup of tea. You could even have a short video, Siri's or a short video introducing yourself so you can build rock solid rapport with your audience, which will definitely solidify your email list well into the future. Then, after the video, you could sell some of your books, products, services or any affiliate link. Additionally, you could have a call to action under your video promoting absolutely anything that makes sense. So maybe your video introduces you. It talks about maybe some of your upcoming books or some of your existing books. Then, at the end of the video, you could simply have a link saying, If you want to read more of my books, please check out my entire library. So for a call to action on your lead capture page, you could say something like this special online workshop shows how to publish your first book in 72 hours, even if you're struggling from writer's block or maybe 100% free online presentation reveals my strategy for generating thousands of website clicks for pennies on the dollar in virtually any niche. This was lead magnet idea number one. I'm a huge fan of webinars. I think they have so many benefits. And like I said, even if you don't have your own webinars, join a Facebook Webinar marketing group. Introduce yourself, tell them a little bit about your audience and simply ask if anyone has an affiliate, Evergreen Webinar that you can promote. So this method really comes down toe, offering your new subscribers a webinar or a video presentation in exchange for their email address. As you can see by the simple leave capture pages, this works in any niche, and you can teach anything you want while at the same time pre selling any of your books or services or literally anything. If you would like the brainstorm or about the perfect introduction method, simply give me a buzz, and I'm always happy to talk. Thanks so much, and I will see you in the next lecture 4. The Freebie Method: the freebie method. The second lead magnet idea is something that I call the freebie method. The freebie method is all about offering a free book or a free course in exchange for your readers email address. This is personally probably the one that I have used the most extensively. Over the years, I've lost count of how many three courses I've given away. I have therefore probably attracted hundreds or thousands of leads simply by giving away free books and free courses. This is probably my favorite lead. A magnet idea. This is one of the best ways to generate a nonfiction lead, because the people who subscribe to your list via this method will be interested in whatever books your writing. If you're an online instructor, you could also give away free coupons to your course. This is also something that I have done extensively in the past. On your lead capture page, you could write something like this, subscribe to my newsletter to grab any one of my books for free, 100% guaranteed, or maybe stop paying for online courses. Download my newest weight loss course for absolutely zero cost when you subscribe to my email newsletter. This was lead magnet Idea number two, the freebie method, which is basically the traditional method of offering one of your books, or perhaps many of your books or a video course for free. If you're totally stumped as to what you can give away, try giving away one of your books or one of your courses. If you have any amount of traction and traffic, you might be shocked to find out how well this works. Thanks so much for checking this out, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 5. The Resource Method: the resource method. The third lead magnet idea is something I call the resource method. The resource method is all about offering a list of resource is a checklist, an infographic or any cheat sheet that can be compiled in one page or less. Another cool thing you can do with the resource method. It's simply have one single thank you page on your blawg that lists many different resource is this is the lead magnet that I'm using right now. I think that I shall use this method indefinitely. This method also allows you to create dozens of small cheat sheets, e books and reports, and you can create a lead capture page for each lead magnet if you wanted to, which can help attract mawr subscribers. So maybe you have a cheat sheet showing the top 10 ways to get website traffic. Maybe you have a resource list off everything you need to get your blawg up in writing. Maybe you have an e book that shows how to publish your first course in 24 hours so you could have one single thank you page with a download link to all of the resource. Is that you promote. The key here is that you can offer many small cheat sheets. Resource is e books and guides, as opposed to some massive lead magnet that takes you forever to make. How long would it take you to create a small cheat sheet that shows 10 different traffic methods, probably less than a day? So this is important for a few reasons. First of which often times your lead magnet that you give away. It's simply never consumed. I don't know about you. I have dozens upon dozens of lead magnets that I downloaded from other marketers that I've never even looked at. If you're worried about that, consider giving away a small lead magnet that your subscribers can consume much faster. A one page checklist, a cheat sheet, an infographic. These could all be genius ideas because, in my opinion, your subscribers will be statistically more likely to actually consume that lead magnet, which is big time important because only then when your subscribers get value from your lead magnet, are you going to gain any goodwill, prestige and authority with your audience. So on your lead capture page, you could write something like this 100% free cheat sheet shows how to lose weight in seven days, 100% guaranteed or maybe breakthrough Resource list shows everything you need to get a beautiful website up and running in seven days without any technical experience, 100% guaranteed. I'd like to emphasize again that the cool part about this method is that you can have 20 different small lead magnets and then have one massive resource library, which is just a thank you page that lists a download for all of your different lead magnets . And then you can promote lead capture pages for all of your different lead magnets. This was lead magnet idea number three, the resource method, which is basically offering a short lead magnet that your audience can consume quickly. Thank you so much for checking this out if you ever have any questions, or if you would like to brainstorm about maybe how you could implement any of these methods , never hesitate to give me a buzz and I'll see you in the next lecture 6. The Coaching Method: the coaching method. The fourth lead magnet idea is something I call the coaching method. The coaching method is all about offering a free coaching call or a consulting call toe a client. This is easily one of the best ways to generate massive respect and authority. It's probably also the single best method to generate coaching leads and consulting prospects. If, in the event you have any type of coaching or consulting business, the cool thing is that often times if your call is valuable, your prospects could actually ask if you offer any coaching or consulting upon which you could easily make them an offer. If you decide that you are a good fit, of course, on your lead capture page, you could simply write something like this. Clean your 100% free coaching call so you can get more leads and more sales. $197 value yours 100% free. Or maybe if you're still trying to lose weight, then claim you're 100% free. Phone consultation. $197. Value yours free. This was lead magnet Idea number four, The coaching method, which is basically offering a consultation or a coaching call for free. After your lead subscribes, you could simply redirect them toe a scheduling plug in that you can get for free on WordPress or follow up with them via email. You could even ask for their phone number in the lead capture page itself if you wanted to . Thank you so much for checking this out once again. If you ever would like to bring storm with me, remember that you have lifetime access and I am a great brainstorming partner. So put me to the test and I'll see you in the next lecture. 7. The Preview Method: the fifth lead magnet idea is something I call the preview method. The preview method is all about giving a small sample of your next book for absolutely zero cost. So this could be the next book in the series. Or maybe a long ago prequel that you wrote five years ago, or just about any other book that fits into your business plan and would make sense and be desirable to your reader. The cool thing is, hopefully the preview of your book is enticing enough for you to be able to effectively promote the full version off the book. So towards the end of your preview, you could have a massive call to action, prompting your readers to purchase the full book on your lead capture page. You could write something like this if you like this book, then preview the next book in the series for absolutely zero cost. Or maybe if you liked X y Z Book, then preview ABC for free. Another book that you'll definitely love. This was lead magnet Idea number five, the preview method, which is basically offering your readers a preview off your other books for free, while at the same time monetizing that give away by promoting the full version of the book in the lead magnet itself. Thank you so much for checking this up. And I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture. 8. The Secret Method: the secret method. The sixth lead magnet idea is something I call the secret method. The secret method is all about offering the missing steps that your book perhaps did not cover. So you have a few options here. You could either create a few additional chapters that you use specifically for a lead capture page and for a lead magnet. Or you could otherwise create some type of synopsis revealing information that you did not reveal in the book. This is going to provide additional value to your readers. It's also going to invoke a fear of loss because your subscribers are not going to want to skip out on this additional content, especially if they think that your book was cool on your lead capture page. You could write something like this. Download the secret chapter that didn't make it in the book so you can build your email list using this hidden strategy, or maybe download the missing chapters so you can finally figure out how to X y Z. Even if you've already a B C. This was lead magnet Idea number six, the secret method, which is really offering additional content that complements your original book. This content should be presented in a way that enhances your original book. Thank you so much for checking this out. And I shall see you in the next lecture. 9. The Choose Your Own Path Method: the seventh lead magnet idea is something I call the Choose your own path method. The choose your own path method is all about interacting with your readers and a very cool way. In fact, this is by far the most interactive way you can build your audience as a non fiction author while getting your audience glued to your future content. In my opinion, this lead magnet arguably takes the most effort. However, it's easily the most powerful overall, because you can invite your end users to literally tell you what book they would like to read next. So maybe you could get breakthrough book ideas and build your list at the same time. Maybe after your prospects subscribe, you could simply redirect them to a Surveymonkey survey, then ask them which topics they're most interested in. Or maybe you could even ask them outright what specific book they would want you to write. This is going to build insane report, and if you actually write a book that your audience tells you to write, I believe that they're going to love you for it, and they shall be statistically more likely to buy your next book on your lead Capture page . You could write something like this. What do you struggling Toe learn? Tell me what book I should right next. And if I write that book, you'll win a free copy or win a chance to help dictate the future. Simply tell me what book to write next. You could win a free copy. There are a 1,000,000 other ways you can position this. It's really up to your creativity. Maybe you could give everyone who makes a recommendation a free copy. Anyway, after they subscribe, you could either invite them to a survey monkey survey, or you could even redirect them straight to a simple WordPress contact form. This was lead magnet idea number seven. The Choose Your own Path method, which is basically a really powerful ends. Cool way to interact with your readers and to get them to buy your book hand over fist. Thanks so much for checking this out, and I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture 10. The Community Method: the community method. The eighth lead magnet idea. It's something I call the community method. The community method is all about offering access to not only yourself but also to your entire community. As someone who has had a Facebook group with thousands of members and a Skype group with hundreds of buyers, I can tell you that the power of having a community is arguably even better. Van An email list. There is one massive downside, though. That downside is that it's very, very time consuming. So if you don't have time to spare, you might consider skipping this method. However, if you have any intention of building unshakable report and prestige, then definitely consider building your own community, be it a Facebook group or a Skype chat group or even a Facebook fan page on your lead capture page. You could write something like this. Join our community of readers around the world who all love X y Z so you can brainstorm with like minded individuals whenever you want. Or maybe join our Facebook group so you can brainstorm with like minded professionals. And you could also win some really cool stuff, like free books, courses and more. This was lead magnet idea number eight, the community method, which is a super powerful method. However, I must warn you that this will indeed require ongoing effort and to work. But it can pay off better than perhaps anything. Thank you so much for checking this out. And I will see you in the next lecture. 11. The Listen Along Method: the listen a long method. The ninth lead magnet idea is something I call the listen along method. The listen along method is all about offering an audio version of your book for free to anyone who subscribes to your newsletter. Depending upon how long your book is, this might be impractical. However, if your book is on the shorter side, it's definitely worth it because you can turn around and you can even sell your audiobook on different platforms. And if you wanted to, you could turn around and turn that audio into a video course. So having your written book turned into an audiobook, whether you do it yourself or whether you outsource it is a genius idea, because you turn one asset into potentially two or three different assets. The beauty is your readers would probably love tohave an audio version of your book, making this lead magnet arguably one of the most practical and desirable. There's also a service partnered with Amazon, called a C X. That will help you to sell your audio books, and if you need someone to narrate your book, they'll also help you with it. So it's definitely something to at least consider So just Google Amazon a C x or simply ask Amazon about a C X. If you can't find the website. If you don't want someone from a C X to narrate your book, then you could consider doing it yourself. Or you could hire someone on Fiverr. And depending on the length of your book, this would probably cost you a few 100 bucks. So when you lead Capture Page, you could write something like this. Free gift for new subscribers. Download a free audio version of the book so you can listen on the go. Or maybe would you rather listen to the book? Subscribe to my newsletter to get a free audio transcription. This was lead magnet idea number nine. The listen, a long method, which is basically offering an audio version of your book, which is something that I suspect your audience would definitely love. Thank you so much for sticking with me if you have any questions about the listen along method or any other method. Always remember that I have got your back forever and always thanks so much, and I'll see you in the next lecture 12. The Critique Method: the critique. Method Bleed Magnet Idea Number 10 is something I call the critique method. The critique method is all about offering a review copy of your next book. There's a few very secret benefits toe offering a critique of your next book. First of all, let's pretend that you give away 100 review copies of your next book. What's going to happen when your book launches well, you're going tohave a lot of people giving you feedback. Hopefully, some of them might even be cool enough to actually help you spell check and check for grammatical errors, which is a very free and very sneaky way to get help actually writing your book. Another very powerful thing is that when your book launches, you can ask all of you reviewers to then write a review. So imagine if the next time your book launches you might have a dozen or so people leaving reviews which, as you know, condemn, definitely have a drastically positive impact on the success of your book. Finally, you could also increase the chance of selling your book because there's at least 1/2 way decent chance that your readers are going to support your endeavors. At the very least, having people review your book will give your book more momentum. When it does launch on your lead Capture page, you could write something like this. Get 100% free access to my next book when it's ready to preview. Subscribe now to claim your Cacique copy. Or maybe who else wants to critique my next book before it officially launches? Subscribe now for updates. This was lead magnet idea number 10 The critique method, which is really a super cool way to not on Lee Get some reviews the moment your book launches, but you can also hopefully increase sales by just a smidgen and even get help proof reading your book, which is definitely a cool collection of perks. Thank you so much for checking this out and I shall see you in the next lecture. 13. How To Get Readers To Visit Your Lead Capture Page: how to get readers to visit your lead capture page. I've known a boatload of authors who just can't get their readers to click on their lead capture page. I honestly don't think that this is going to be a problem for you, since we just brainstormed 10 awesome methods that your readers would inch their way over a bed of hot coals to get their hands on. But let me ask you this. If you can't get your readers to click onto your lead capture page, how many subscribers are you going to get? You really won't get many. So here's the advice I give you. Make sure to promote at least one of your lead capture pages two times in your book in each and every book I should say the first time you promote your lead Capture Page should be right below your title and author name so directly below the title of your book and the author name. Have a call to action promoting your lead magnets. Why so close to the top of the book? The logic is simple and sound, because more eyeballs will see this spot mawr than anywhere else. Even people who don't go on to buy your book and who are browsing your book. Say, on Amazon, Kindle will see your lead magnet, and perhaps they will go on to subscribe to your newsletter. Also, you probably realize by now that a certain percentage of your readers will never finish your book. It's not because they don't like you or your writing style. It's because they're busy. They forget. So slapped them right across the face with a big pile of star dust in the form of your lead magnet Justus. Soon as they crack open your book, this might frighten you at first, but I promise that it's a genius strategy. Because as time goes on and you publish more books and you have MAWR lead capture pages, you'll want everyone to know about it. So you're going to be happy when Mawr and more people join your email list. The other place I recommend promoting your lead capture page is at the very end of your book. After your readers read your book, often times they're hungry for more. This is the perfect time to pitch them one last time to join your email list. You're also going toe have one last chance to sell the benefits and tease them of what they get when they join your list. I would also advise to make the final lead capture page link at the end of your book, visible in your table of contents, so whatever you're going to give away free as a lead magnet, promote that in your table of contents because this will make it so more people click on it and more people are aware of it. It's also going to make it a potential selling point. So people who are previewing your book and they see a really cool lead magnet in your table of contents they're going to realize that you're giving tremendous value. So it's a selling tool. Also, people who actually read your book and they make it to the end of the book. Naturally, I believe they're much more likely to go ahead and wants whatever it is that you're lead magnet is. So the end of the book is perfect. So in summary, promote Julie Capture page twice in your book once at the very beginning, so you get more eyeballs on your lead magnet. Then once again at the end. So you make sure to remind your diehard readers that you're giving away something really cool, and the one at the end should also be in your table of contents to further remind your readers and to also turn the lead magnet itself into a selling point. The really cool thing about this is that this compounds on itself. So every new book you publish acts essentially as a mechanism upon which to build your list . Thanks so much for checking this out, and I'm going to see you in the next lecture. 14. How To Go Forward: how to go forward. I thank you so much for being part of my community. I would like to let you know that if you ever have any questions going forward, feel free to ask me directly. I have been writing nonfiction books and email marketing for many years now, So if you have any questions or if you just want a brainstorm, I've got your back for life. So if you have questions now or 15 years from now, just let me know. I'm never going to abandon you. The coolest part about everything that we just talked about is that it's so agile you could literally have a new lead magnet for each new book, so your audience grows massively. As a result, another wacky thing you might try is to promote different lead magnets in each book. So maybe at the front of the book you could have a link that says, Download the next book for free, and you have a link that points to a lead capture page offering a free book. Then, at the end of the book, you could have a link that says, Help me mold of the next book, Click here to help me brainstorm the topic for my next book launch so you could literally Sprinkle different leader magnets in your book. This way you can entice difference readers who would be attracted to different lead magnets . You can also best determine which of your books is going toe. Perform the best this way while at the same time split testing your lead magnets. Everything we've talked about this far brings me to the fishing analogy that I have used countless times. Adding email subscribers or any type of subscriber is like going fishing. You can always catch more fish if you have different hooks in the water. Only this time we're not talking about going fishing for a big, fat, juicy trumped. Instead, we're talking about adding readers to your email list. So pick one or a few of these. Build a lead capture page or two, then start linking to that leave capture page in every book and on your block so you can grow your list and keep them apprised of your future books into perpetuity. I thank you so much for checking this out. If you ever have any questions, remember that I'm always at your beckon forever and always. This has been Mike Div incident and I'm signing off. Have a beautiful day and always remember that I've got your back.