10 Awesome Lead Bait Ideas For Freelancers

Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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14 Videos (38m)
    • 10 Super Cool Lead Bait Ideas For Freelancers So You Can Grow Your Email List Stuffed With Prospecti

    • Why Is It So Important For Freelancers To Build An Email List? This Might Surprise You...

    • Lead Bait Idea # 01

    • Lead Bait Idea # 02

    • Lead Bait Idea # 03

    • Lead Bait Idea # 04

    • Lead Bait Idea # 05

    • Lead Bait Idea # 06

    • Lead Bait Idea # 07

    • Lead Bait Idea # 08

    • Lead Bait Idea # 09

    • Lead Bait Idea # 10

    • How To Drive Traffic To Your Lead Capture Page? Here's A Few Quick Ideas...

    • How To Go Forward With Utter Confidence!


About This Class

In This Course You’ll Learn All About 10 Awesome Lead Magnet Ideas Specifically For Freelancers

This course is all about building your list as a freelancer.

So, if you’ve struggled with thinking of lead magnet ideas as a freelancer in the past, or just want to brainstorm with me all about 10 awesome lead magnet ideas specifically for freelancers, even if you’ve never thought of how it might work, then enroll in this course.

Have You Ever Been Frustrated Because You’re A Freelancer, And You Want To Build An Email List, But You Have No Idea How? Or Maybe It’s Never Even Crossed Your Mind But You Realize How Risky It Can Be When You Run Out Of Leads And Clients?

If that’s the case, then I literally created this course for you. So you can skip the trials and tribulation of running out of freelancing clients and finally build an email list stuffed to the brim with freelancing clients who are chomping at the bit for your services.

So this course is for you if you realize how powerful it would be for your freelancing business to have an email list, but if you have no idea what to give away in order to entice your potential clients to subscribe.

Here’s Exactly What You Get And What You’ll Learn Inside This Course:

In this course, you’re going to discover 10 awesome lead bait ideas so you can build your email list as a freelancer.

The best part, is that it doesn’t matter what type of freelancer you are! You can be a ghostwriter, a freelance programmer, a freelance IT security specialist, a freelance graphic designer – or virtually any type of freelancer - it doesn’t matter.

That’s because these 10 awesome lead bait ideas were developed to be 100% evergreen – so not only will they work for virtually all freelancers, but you’ll also develop rock solid rapport and prestige as you build your email list.

How Much Is This Course Worth?

Imagine if you had to pay a lead generation expert to brainstorm 10 lead magnet ideas with you. That would probably cost you a few hundred bucks, maybe even a few thousand bucks.

Instead, you could easily enroll in this course now so you can finally brainstorm with me about 10 awesome lead bait ideas specifically for freelancers, and you’ll get access to a pittance of the true value that you’re getting today when you enroll.

Right Now You Have Two Choices…

You can continue doing what you’re doing now.

But, ask yourself how that’s been working for you?

The other choice, is to enroll in this course now. I’ll try my best to brainstorm 10 awesome lead bait ideas with you, so you can finally have the confidence and freedom of being a long-term freelancer, without struggling for your next client, even if you’ve never thought it’s possible to build your list as a freelancer.

The best part, is that I’ve got your back for life.

So if you have questions now, or 5 years from now, I’m always around to help you.

Finally, Proceed With Utter Confidence As A Freelancer!

If any of this sounds cool, then I’ll see you in course!

Enroll now so you can start to brainstorm 10 awesome lead bait ideas specifically designed for freelancers!






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Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

Thanks for checking out my bio!

I'm an IT nerd who lives in the greater Boston area. 

My main goal as a Skillshare teacher is to share some of the cool marketing and tech stuff that I've learned after spending countless hours blogging, writing, publishing, and messing with all kinds of online projects over the years.

So... Why should you study alongside me?

I've worked IT for some of the biggest and coolest organizations on the planet. I've also been building websites and marketing them since I was a kid. I have over 30 books published on Kindle, and teach thousands of awesome students from all over the world.

I'm also an email marketing nerd, and have been email marketing my own permission-based email list nearly every single day since 2010/2011.

My only intention is to share my knowledge and experience with you.

If I can share with you just one thing, and make your day better even if by a smidgen, then I'm fulfilling my deepest core desires.

So you can have the confidence and freedom to realize your fullest potential - even if it's far more wild than what you had in mind. My only goal, is to empower and enable you.

You rock; the world is yours.

And always remember, that life is glorious.


See you in class!