10 Awesome Lead Bait Ideas For Bloggers

Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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14 Videos (43m)
    • Let's Brainstorm 10 Awesome Lead Magnet Ideas Specifically For Bloggers!

    • Why List Building Is Vital For Bloggers...

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 1

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 2

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 3

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 4

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 5

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 6

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 7

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 8

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 9

    • Lead Magnet Idea # 10

    • How To Get Your Blog Readers To Actually See Your Lead Capture Page?

    • Concluding Thesis...


About This Class

How To Build Your List As A Blogger Even If You Have No Idea What Lead Magnets You Could Offer…

Have you ever wondered how some bloggers have massive email lists, and almost always get more subscribers …?

While other bloggers strike out bad when trying to get readers to join their email list?

Before you answer… Ask yourself this…

Are You Frustrated Because You’re A Blogger, But Your Readers Never Join Your Email List?

Are you frustrated that you just can’t get new email subscribers?

Have you tried to entice your readers to join your list, but your readers just ignore your lead magnets?

Have you ever been embarrassed when you write a new blog post, but then nobody even reads it?

Does it irritate you to know that other bloggers are building their lists like crazy, and they probably don’t have as much experience as you?

If That's The Case - I Understand Your Frustration!

I’ve wasted years of my life struggling with BAD lead magnets that left me feeling embarrassed…

The worst part is that my readers felt let down because they were expecting awesome blog content and better results for all of my hard work…

But when I didn’t have an email list, I felt like I was just wasting my time writing blog posts.


I felt downright ashamed, especially since I’ve invested hundreds of dollars in domains and years of my life trying to build an email list from my blog...

Can you relate to my struggles? Have you ever felt like you were wasting your time blogging?

If You Can Relate - You’re Going To Love What I Have For You

After struggling for years, I finally cleared my desk, and brainstormed 10 awesome lead magnet ideas specifically for bloggers...

You can access my brainstorm session for a pittance of its true value … But first imagine this scenario…

Would You Like To Steal My Lead Magnet Ideas For Bloggers?

You’ll crack a massive smile as you brainstorm alongside with me, the first time you watch this course.

You’ll finally have the respect and prestige from your readers who see you hustling to create awesome blog content day in and day out!

If It Would Feel Good, Enroll In This Course Now!

You’re going to learn the exact secrets that will let you offer awesome lead magnet ideas to your blog readers.

The best part? Is that many of these lead magnets only take a few seconds to setup…

In fact, you probably have everything you need to get started today!

Enroll now for instant access.

How Much Is This Information Worth?

How much is it worth to have the prestige and respect of your readers?

Imagine having so a blog stuffed to the brim with cool lead magnet ideas that actually worked?

Would you offer one lead magnet? Or maybe sprinkle your blog with 5 lead magnets, or maybe all 10?

Or maybe you could start split testing different lead magnets so you skyrocket your success? You’ll be shocked to see…

So, how much would that be worth, to have the confidence, prestige and respect that only comes when you can actually offer something cool to your subscribers?

If You Agree That This Is Worth A Few Bucks...

Then enroll in this course now. I’m ready to brainstorm alongside you.

The best part? Is that you have absolutely nothing to lose. If your blog readers don’t like these lead magnets, then what have you really lost? Nothing.


Enroll ln This Course Now! So You Can Finally Deploy These 10 Super Cool Lead Magnet Ideas Even If You're Struggling Like Crazy To Add Subscribers To Your List!





Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

Thanks for checking out my bio!

I'm an IT nerd who lives in the greater Boston area. 

My main goal as a Skillshare teacher is to share some of the cool marketing and tech stuff that I've learned after spending countless hours blogging, writing, publishing, and messing with all kinds of online projects over the years.

So... Why should you study alongside me?

I've worked IT for some of the biggest and coolest organizations on the planet. I've also been building websites and marketing them since I was a kid. I have over 30 books published on Kindle, and teach thousands of awesome students from all over the world.

I'm also an email marketing nerd, and have been email marketing my own permission-based email list nearly every single day since 2010/2011.

My only intention is to share my knowledge and experience with you.

If I can share with you just one thing, and make your day better even if by a smidgen, then I'm fulfilling my deepest core desires.

So you can have the confidence and freedom to realize your fullest potential - even if it's far more wild than what you had in mind. My only goal, is to empower and enable you.

You rock; the world is yours.

And always remember, that life is glorious.


See you in class!