10 Art Myths - How to avoid common sense ideas that can destroy your vocation

Francisco Capelo, Visual Artist - Cascais, Portugal

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4 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction - Know what to expect from this Course

    • 10 Dont´s - 10 common fears and how to avoid them

    • Pre Conclusion - Some advices

    • Conclusion - My last thoughts


About This Class

For each 10 artistic fears you have, there are 5 simple solutions.

There are 10 DON´Ts that are stopping you from being an artist.

Don´t let this happen.

This course is very simple.

But simple advice goes a long way, when it comes to your personal growth.

Follow your vocation.

Of course you can do it - in your own terms.






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Francisco Capelo

Visual Artist - Cascais, Portugal

"My best student ever" - Art History Teacher, Oeiras Lyceum

"A dark Salvador Dalí" - Carlos Milhais

"The musician of silence" - Rui Nascimento

"The best artist I know" - Painter Gabriel Rito

"An art form that will last" - Painter Jorge Aragão

I am a 44 year old Sociologist, Writer and Visual Artist from Lisbon, Portugal.

I´ve been Drawing and Painting since 1992, and made hundreds of artworks already.

Attended drawing and painting lessons:

   . AR.CO art school (Lisbon);

   . Painter Carmina Samuel;

   . Art Studio - Trassovivo

I´ve been a Volunteer Teacher at Red Cross - Parede (Cascais).

Art pedagogy is very importante to me.

Now i would like to share my experience in Visual Arts.

If you have a question, just ask ! Thank you !   :-)