10 Actionable Growth Hacks to Explode your Marketing Efforts | Srinidhi Ranganathan | Skillshare

10 Actionable Growth Hacks to Explode your Marketing Efforts

Srinidhi Ranganathan, India's Fastest Ai Digital Marketer

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14 Videos (43m)
    • 10 Actionable Growth Hacks - Promo

    • What is Growth Hacking? - No Blah Blahs

    • Growth Hack - 1

    • Growth Hack - 2

    • Growth Hack - 3

    • Growth Hack - 4

    • Growth Hack - 5

    • Growth Hack - 6

    • Growth Hack - 7

    • Growth Hack - 8

    • Growth Hack - 9

    • Growth Hack- 10

    • Bonus - Growth Hack Tip

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About This Class


This is how Apple did it. Orange Did it. Pineapple did it. Sorry and No! We are not going to talk about typical case study lectures here in this course. We are getting right into action. Have you seen a film which is so boring without action sequences and just you see everything moving in a slow pace with melodies? That film is boring. 

Welcome to the course "10 Actionable Growth Hacks to explode your marketing efforts”. There are 10 actionable growth hacks I will teach and provide examples of how you can implement them. So, by the end of the course, you will be learning some awesome growth hacks and ways you can implement them all. You can post a discussion anytime or message me, if you are unsure or stuck somewhere - implementing a growth hack that is taught here. I will be happy to help you out in case of any queries.

Course Curriculum:

- Learn a snippet about growth hacking

- Learn 10 Actionable Growth Hacks that can create a vital difference to your business.

- Learn how you can implement the same with examples that are showcased in the course.

The course is targeted at:

- People of any age or ability

- People from any country

- People with an interest in Growth Hacking

- Young entrepreneurs

- Internet marketers

- SKILLSHARE teachers

- Business Professionals

- Social Media Specialists

- Content Curators and Writers

- Beginners who are learning Digital Marketing

- Beginners who are learning Growth Hacking

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Srinidhi Ranganathan

India's Fastest Ai Digital Marketer

You think I'm yet another digital marketing coach?

Ären’t there enough growth hackers or marketing trainers out there floating around in the internet? There’s blah, blah, blah and blah. Agreed, but you know what? It’s time you changed your mind – when it comes to me – Srinidhi Ranganathan. Expect some open challenges coming your way now.

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