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1. Meet ----- The Bra Coach

Debra S., The Bra Coach

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About This Class

Hello and Welcome !

This is like the first day of school.

My name is Debra and I am "The Bra Coach".  I will be teaching you how to choose the correct size and style bra.  Bra shopping becomes easier once you know the formula to figure out the band size ( the number) and the cup size (the letter).

No more guessing.  Each class will give you the information you need to choose bras that will fit, lift, and support. 

Thanks for watching.

Debra aka The Bra Coach





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Debra S.

The Bra Coach

Debra has been teaching women, of all sizes, how to choose the correct size and style bra for over 12 years.

Online, Debra is known as "The Bra Coach" and can be found on Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest @thebracoach.

These "bra fitting" classes will cover every problem, solution, or question pertaining to bra sizing, bra fitting, and different bra styles.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR ------ Debra has traveled the world as an Air Force chil...

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