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1 Minute Marketing Lessons - 30 Quick Marketing Strategies

Krisztina Rudnay, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

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31 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. 30 Basic Marketing Strategies

    • 2. Mi biggest marketing secret

    • 3. The ideal customer

    • 4. Find the niche

    • 5. Positioning

    • 6. How to position yourself

    • 7. Long term goals

    • 8. Research your competitors

    • 9. Understand the sales funnel

    • 10. What is a Lead Magnet

    • 11. Come up with Lead Magnet ideas

    • 12. What is a Tripwire

    • 13. How to measure if the Tripwire is successful

    • 14. The popcorn test

    • 15. Why should you start blogging?

    • 16. Blog secrets

    • 17. Where is your blog in the sales funnel?

    • 18. Free blog traffic

    • 19. Write better posts

    • 20. Blog SEO: Where to use keywords?

    • 21. The perfect email newsletter

    • 22. What to send other than promotion?

    • 23. The customer journey

    • 24. How to send your newsletter

    • 25. List segmentation

    • 26. Ads that don't work

    • 27. What to advertise

    • 28. What to advertise for cold traffic

    • 29. Shift their focus from the price

    • 30. Set a deadline

    • 31. Evidences

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About This Class

Are you an entrepreneur, or do you run a small business?

Do you feel that marketing is overwhelming?

Do you have 30 minutes to master the basics?

With 30 of my best marketing tips, you will understand marketing a little deeper, and it takes only a few minutes to learn them all!

Build a foundation for your marketing with this short course.

  • How to find your best customers
  • Write better blog posts
  • Drive massive traffic to your website
  • Understand sales funnels
  • Email marketing tips

Learn a powerful skill in just 1 minute

In this course, I collected short topic overviews with free marketing tools that an entrepreneur can use to be successful in his business.

Content overview:

This will be your introduction to marketing, to help you get familiar with basic market research, sales funnels, email marketing, blogging, and even writing better ads.

Each lecture is around 1 minute long, and covers basic marketing knowledge - as much as I can tell in 1 minute.

Note: This course is not about technical skills like how to build a website, or how to use an email autoresponder. These are practical tips for building a marketing plan, with marketing tools and tactics.


1. 30 Basic Marketing Strategies: Oh, marketings. Expect marketing one on one for start up on. My name is Cristina. Would name marketing cause Sudan full time blogger and certified email marketing specialists. In this course, I have collected 30 off my best marketing. It's for you. All intended to have Q B family are with the basics of marketing, whether you are start up entrepreneur or a business owner. If you feel like marketing is elaborated, food were clear, and you will have a better idea about how to do your own marketing. You will learn about market research, how to find your idea customer and how different it yourself from your competitors. I will talk about this. You know how they work and how can you be your own. I will give you my top tips for blogging and email marketing, and I will show you how to advertise more effectively. The individual lectures are warming it long just long enough to cover all the important elements of photography. Do you have 30 minutes and real now and get your marketing machine started 2. Mi biggest marketing secret: What's my biggest marketing secret? I'm not trying to sell anything here. I just want to give you my most valuable advice. The secret on how to make the most out of your marketing effort. The secret is in the everyday part. Looking at Facebook posts for an extra 30 minutes every day doesn't generate profits for your business running errands for another 30 minutes. One generator profit. But how about taking an extra 30 minutes every day to learn more about marketing your business and working on your own marketing plan? The best advice I ever learned. I was a newbie marketer when I heard this advice no matter what, don't go to sleep without having done something to get a new customer. Work on getting a customer every day. So just to reinforce this piece off advice if you really want more customers and a strong brand name, you have to do something with your marketing every day. Make a least 30 minutes every day to learn and create 3. The ideal customer: the idea Customer image. One method of defining your idea customers and is to create an imaginary character that represents that customer called the Persona Demographics. The background off this persona or demographics is the basic information about your idea customers. This normally includes facts like age, gender, Maria, status, geographic location, education, carrier, information income, etcetera, environmental. Where do they live? Country, cities, suburbs? What language do they speak? What is their nationality or cultural background? What payment methods do they have available to them? What do they want? How do you know what to write in your advertisement? If you know what is in their mind, what are they? Problems? They fears the motivation and their dreams. The answer will be obvious. Determining the hopes and dreams for your buyer persona and the things that this person wants or needs both personally and professionally allows you to create more targeted content. 4. Find the niche: who are your customers. Selling to everyone equals selling to no one. The biggest mistake a new business owner can make is to believe that they simply sell a product and that everybody wants that product. If you think that everybody is your potential customers, I have bad news. At the end of the day, nobody is your potential customers. Advertising for everybody can be a huge waste off marketing dollars. You can fix this by narrowing down your audience. So how do you figure it out for that? Niche is you use a technique called market segmentation. Market segmentation is the division off the market or population into subgroups with similar motivations. It is widely used for segmenting based on differences in geographical areas, personality demographics, techno graphics, Busia, graphics, gender and even product use. Old fashioned marketers thought the bigger the group they advertised to, the better. Today, marketers know that the narrower the group, the better 5. Positioning: Now we're gonna talk about how you position yourself and your product. First, you have to identify yourself. Most small businesses don't position themselves. They see themselves as restaurant owners, carpet stores, software engineers, or they see themselves as the best in something or the cheapest or the longest in business . This is not enough for positioning. If you position your business well, this will help you make effective decisions to help different eight your brand, attract your target customer and win market share from your competition. No other marketing tool can give you better results than positioning. If customers can't see the differences between you and your competitors, you are effectively invisible. However, when your customers identify with your business and see how you stand out from the crowd, you will experience a waste air a off associative benefits 6. How to position yourself: first determine your current position. Answer the following questions. Who are you as a brand, and what do you stand for? Distinction off those attributes and values that only your company can provide to your customers also needs to be established. Second question. Who are your target customers and what do they want or need? The difference, Distinction and attraction determined. You can achieve the focus outwards to determine which customers your company best serves those customers. We represent the market segment. Your final market position will be set up to serve 1/3 question. How will you reliably meet those needs? Great brands understand that it simply isn't possible to please all people in all ways all the time. Instead, they rely on a clearly defined market segment where they can serve the customer base more meaningful. E because off their unique attributes, the fourth question is, Who are your competitors and what do you do differently? Trying to slot your company into a market position already occupied by a competitors and things a tough up here better 7. Long term goals: Let's see some long term goals for your business. The secret to business success is reaching long term goes through consistent marketing, something that many business owners struggle with. Some examples off long term, business goes include brand awareness. If you're operating a new business, one of your main goals is to increase awareness about your product or service. A business reputation builds over time, depending on the nature of your business and the industry you are in your reputation goes might be different. Google Search Ranking and search engine optimization a long term goal for any business should be to rank on the first page of Google Market share goes one goal off your marketing planning might be to increase your market share. This means you will have to take of their businesses from the competitors. Creating a brand to maximize your sales with a specific target customer convinced him that your business offers something specific for him rather than a general benefit 8. Research your competitors: learn from your competitors. Today's marketing is a hustle. You can stay about water if you research and learn from your competitors. Don't compete with weaker or cheaper competition because you will fall in that category. Learn from the big competitors what they do. Better research and get to know your competitors compete with those who do their things better than you. This guarantee or improvements in your business. If you compete for smaller companies than you are, you will be weak and cheap. This is not beneficial in the long run. To be a winner in this marketing castle, you have to be smarter, integrate other people's knowledge and learn from their experiences. You can ask your competitors, but you can take a research. Collect all their marketing materials. Brochures, catalogues, analyzed a price list Website store. You can even make a test purchase to know how it goes, how their customer service is, how fast their process etcetera 9. Understand the sales funnel: Let's see what a sales funeral is and how it works to understand each steps. The most important aspect off creating your sales funeral is to segment potential customers at each of the levels. You have to send different messages and offers based on which level they are on. Funerals are low businesses to see who their target audience is before they begin planning a marketing strategy. The essential four stages off customers are leads. Those who have never interacted with your company and products. They're called audience. They may have heard of you but have no opinion and have no connection with you. Prospects. Those who have contact with your company and are interested in your services or products they may have done loaded your lead magnet or may follow you on Facebook but haven't purchased anything yet. Customers. Those who have successfully about something from you and repeat buyers. Those who spend more regularly, such as a membership site, users or people who have purchased more than one product from you. The goal is to reach the four stage with every lead. You have to carefully segment your prospects as they move down yourselves. Funeral because your message has to change for each stage. Let's see each stage, what to offer at that stage and what kind of message to deliver to move them to the next stage of the funeral. 10. What is a Lead Magnet: email is a very personal thing. People aren't simply going to give you your email address without a good incentive. Even if they like your brand, it's your job to give them a compelling reason to do so. A lead magnet is how you create an unforgettable first impression for your potential customer. The lead magnet is the entrance into your marketing funeral and therefore provides the highest leverage point. The bigger the positive impact of your lead magnets, the better push you have given the prospect down yourselves. Funeral the goal off the lead magnet. It's simple. Convert traffic into leads. Lead magnets don't make money directly. However, they do create the first impression with a customer and gather the most valuable information from a lead. You only want to focus on your target group because they have to be interested in your offer, which ties to the lead magnet offer something that clearly leads to your product. Lead magnets were best if they are relevant to your offer. Cover an ultra specific topic. Deliver high value and they're easy to consume. 11. Come up with Lead Magnet ideas: step one brainstorm for lead magnet ideas. All good marketing begins with knowing your customers identifying your target customer. The idea person you would like to have signed up for your email list will help you create your offer so your lead magnet attracts where qualified leads. Create a worksheet or spreadsheet and list common situations that your target market faces on a daily, weekly and even a monthly basis on the left side on the right least 3 to 5 high level step someone would need to take to get their desired and result. Ask yourself what's one problem or situation I could have my market to solve? How can I give them value with my content? Answer these questions by using the worksheet we just talked about. It will help you systematic olive. Write a list off the pain points your audience faces, then ideas for lead magnets Network. A successful lead magnet provides great value to the customer by solving a problem. Here are some ideas for lead magnets 12. What is a Tripwire: So let's see what is a trip wire offer Before you create traffic to your landing pages? Create your offers after you generate elite. Your next step is your trip wire. Offer a trip. Fire is a product or service specifically designed and priced to convert as many leads into customers as possible. Your goal is not to make profit from your trip wire offer, but rather do dramatically increase your customer base and cover all of your lead generation expenses. Generating leads isn't the biggest challenge companies face, but converting the leads to customers is the hardest part. If you understand that execute on your tree prior offer, he will set yourself up to dominate your competition. When sometimes becomes elite, they showed some interest in your brand, but moving them from a free lead magnet to buying an extra product is sometimes hard to achieve. That's where the tree prior offer comes. The goal off a trip wire offer is to turn lead into customers by making them a locust relatively painless offer than having the opportunity to upset them once they are in your cells. Funeral 13. How to measure if the Tripwire is successful: Let's see how you can measure if your trip wire is successful. First, let me extreme the numbers. If you're Ed received 1000 clicks and you paid 50 cents per click, you spend $500. Let's say 50% of the people gave you the email address or opt in so you have 500 leads. It means the lead cost you a dollar. This is your cost per lead measurement. Let's say you offer your trip prior to these leads and 10% off them. Buy it. If you say your trip wire for $10 like I do and you get 50 people who buys it, that's $500. So your investment in the advertising is the same amount that it generated for you in sales . Your tree prior is successful because it covers the cost of your advertisement. 14. The popcorn test: Let's talk about pricing strategy. There was an interesting marketing test on National Geographic TV in the show Power Off Perspiration. It was talking about the pricing more their strategy, which can literally make or break a company. The movie theater popcorn size. The example used involved an experiment in a movie theater with pop course sizes and pricing. The first test group was offered a small popcorn for $3 the large popcorn for $7. The majority choose to buy the small popcorn. When the customers were asked what they choose the small popcorn, the either expressed that $7 was too expensive for popcorn or the small was a better size for day appetite. The second set off customers were offered three sizes, a small for $3 a medium for 6 50 in the large 47 A much higher number were buying. Now the large size and the movie patrons were asked why they choose. The large day exclaimed. It was only 50 cents more to get the large. They perceived so much value in the extra popcorn for only 50 cents. Customers are often more influenced by the fear off loss off savings than by actual savings . Based on this test, you have to create three products or three different offer. Basically three different size. The first level will be the starter product. The second medium popcorn is the core product and the third will be the upset product. You can sell the same product with different bonuses or extras as well. 15. Why should you start blogging?: because it's affordable. Anyone can start a block for free, and if you want to take it a step further, want to customize your blawg and get more opportunities in blogging? You can self host your blog's, which is not free but very a four table. For almost anyone, it helps you be than audience. Blogging enables you to reach thousands or even millions off people. You can even help other people solve their specific problem and potentially change their lives. These visitors can be converted to customers later. It challenges you. Starting a blogger is pretty easy. We all usually have quite a few good ideas for post to get started, but writing regularly, coming up with new ideas and building a community. It's not that easy. Just like every other thing. You want to succeed that you have to be consistent dogging teaches you how to be consistent and stay focused. 16. Blog secrets: here is my block secrets Cheever placement. The most important trick that led bloggers all know is to front load keywords in your block , post content and titles. This means making sure that you use keywords at the beginning of your post. If you can't make hyperlinks opening new windows, the simple, bogging secret can dramatically increase your crawl rate. Use a conversational tone, use a conversation a tone and don't use long, difficult sentences, either. If you wouldn't say it in a casual conversation, don't write it in your blawg who most frequency this one can be overstated. You need to post that a regular intervals. If you post in an inconsistent basis, you will lose repeat readers that look to you for their blogging. Fix the more content and more regularly you published, the better chance your block has to grow. Be patient. Success doesn't happen overnight. You need to stick with your blawg post. Consistently work on it every day and be patient. Have a call to action. If you want your readers to take some actions subscribe, dig deeper into the topic, etcetera. Tell them every block post has to have a clear goal and the call to action for that goal 17. Where is your blog in the sales funnel?: a content marketing funeral has three different parts. B o f you Beau Fu, The bottom off the funeral M o f you ma fu the middle off the funeral and T o f you tofu The top off the funeral The bottom off the funeral are blog's social media posts e books out the O podcasts Video Podcasts, Physical Magazine. The goal with this content is to increase, offer a fairness, grow retargeting list, increase engagement level and grow traffic are retargeting works. Someone arrives to your website, for example, through your block post, the website drops a cookie on the visitors to remember them later. After this, you run a Facebook ed and target people who already visited your website and you send them your lead magnet or the offer the cookie will show who visited your websites through your blawg and appear your ads to them. This is how relationship starts between you and your website visitor, and this is how to make them a buyer because they read your content and find the information interesting and value able. They're more likely to say yes to your next offer through a targeting 18. Free blog traffic: the best ways to drive free traffic to your blawg, right? More marketers know that the more often you post on your block, the more traffic it we received. So if you want to get more attention from the search engines post at least twice a week for a marketing, share your knowledge with people asking questions about your topic. In return, you will get free traffic to your blawg, your signature to as other four members who you are and how to read more about you. Be sure to include the right information and links. If allowed, Upgrade your block design. If your blog's design is clear and friendly and easy to navigate people, we want to keep coming back to it. Optimize your content for more shares and likes at the top and the bottom of your post. Make sure you include social sharing buttons. Use S. Seo Properly content marketing is the best way to attract organic traffic, and blog's are great content marketing tours 19. Write better posts: every writer may have been own unique style, but these five metals from Russ Henneberry from Digital Marketer can be applied to any Blawg blogger or block bust. First, focus on in trolls, sometimes an article via Go from Good to Great. Just by chopping off the 1st 5 paragraphs and getting the reader to the point much more quickly, use a very punchy curiousity building sentence to open every post second open loops. Notice how Ryan opens a loop by revealing a benefit that we'll explain later in the article . This keeps people reading. Opening a loop is a simple as ending a little tease early in the article and previewing the goodies that will come later. Three. Break of the text He should rarely have a block off text that contains more than three sentences. You will often have only one or two sentences per paragraph. Use blooded list number list, block quotes, subheadings images, bolding italics to break up the text. Five. Write better headlines. Watch out for headlines that are merely statements or incomplete phrases. Six. Focus on closes. Your closing doesn't have to be epic, but be sure that article doesn't simply end abruptly. You can often tie it up at the end by returning and restarting the intro and then asking for comments in the comments section. 20. Blog SEO: Where to use keywords?: in this lecture, we're gonna talk about where to use the key words you can use in the title. The title is the name of your site. Ideally, it contains one or two key words, and it has to wake up a visitor's interest. Try to keep the keyword phrase s close to the beginning off the title tag as possible. The meat A description tag. The major description tag or Mehta tag provides a short description off a page content. This is the description when you see when you get a result for a search. These are much like headings in a book, but these come in a very specific order. H one h two h, three age four and so on, With H one starting the page as the main heading the biggest letters, the remaining heading coats decreased to the lower level headings on the site. They are all important for search engines domain. If your domains contains your keepers, that's awesome. It will be obvious to search engines what the site is about. The same principle applies to sub pages. If you write a sub page for your website or post for your blawg, give them a unique You, Errol that contains key vert for the page pictures and videos for search engine boats to properly index images, videos and other non tax content. All stags need to be applied to each image. I think a brief description off what the image or video contains. 21. The perfect email newsletter: how to ride the perfect newsletter. We all know that sending Onley promotional emails to your subscribers will burn out your list quickly. You have to send content. You have to allow them to get to know you better to educate them to build trust with your brand and get them ready to purchase. How destructor the email you can use to type off subject lines. The blind When you don't state obviously, what's in the email? These subject lines are often used to be curious city direct subject lines when you tell them exactly what's in the email. The opening. It's a quick introduction elites to the article. They are usually a very short sentence designed to a vacant curiousity and drive readers to the next sentence. The whole purpose of destructor is to draw the reader down to the content. The body it can be blind or direct to blind body copy is when you just ease the reader with what you will give them. But don't exactly tell them. Direct copy ties The reader. What's in the article If they click on the link? The PS a lot off people read the PS, so make sure you pulled some benefits out of the body copy and repeat the car to action 22. What to send other than promotion?: So what should you right about? There is wide vary ity off content. You can integrate into your newsletter tips, then demonstrate your expertise. The purpose is to inform and educate your readers and build your reputation as a subject matter expert. You can write about company news. The goal is to build relationship with the customer. If they know what's going on in your company and how your team is doing, they've you feel closer to you than your competitors. You can build your personal image. People buy from someone they know trust and with whom they feel personal connection. Let your personality shines through in your newsletter wants. In a wife, you can talk about a new product. People love new thing more than anything, they love feeling that they are part of a special group and have inside information that the general public doesn't. Before you lunch your new product or service promoted in your newsletter and build some prelaunch excitement that you can turn into quick sales. When you launch, you can send questions and answers if you receive a good question via social media. Email on your website over the phone or in person included that question and your response In your newsletter, you can send testimonials and case studies. You have to send testimonials and case studies. First. Person testimonials from happy customers can be a trattorias and convert someone who never bought anything into a paying customer. 23. The customer journey: Let's face it, email marketing is huge. The primary purpose off your email marketing is to drive customers a longer past the customer journey to turn them into a buyer and the fend off your brand. It's a six step Beth. First creative earnest, then subscribe. Engage purchase. Receive so much value that you make additional purchases. Become a fan or a brand advocate with a bit more detail. First, your target customer has to be aware of your brand. They may see a block post or social media update and visit your website that creates a fairness and get you on their rather once on your website, they see your lead magnet and subscribes, and maybe more. You keep them engaged with useful content. You provide them with valuable information, and in doing so, you build their trust and confidence in you The next stages. When that engage subscriber who already signed up for your lead magnet crosses the threshold and we can initiate a purchase, become a paying customer and because they receive so much value from the product they bought, they make an additional purchase. The final and ultimate stages, when customers receive so much value from your product and their experience with you that they become brand advocates. They tell their friends about you and they promote you on social media by sharing their experience and posting great things about you. 24. How to send your newsletter: Let's see how to send it. Send it with four bush With full bush, you deliver your content right in the email. The reader doesn't have to click on a link, then brings them to your website, for example, to your block post. I mentioned full Bush emails here, but I don't recommend using them, especially if your goal is to bring traffic to your website. Who doesn't want free traffic and later retarget them? Party a push. You deliver a little bit off content in the email, essentially a teaser, and insert a read more link that takes them to your website. Even if you share a YouTube video, be sure it's embedded in your website and they can watch the video from there. With this method, you will have more engagement, more traffic and more data to re target people who are interested in particular topics. 25. List segmentation: segment your list in email marketing using least segmentation to personalize your customers . Experience is one of the most effective tools to boost customers. Engagement email. This segmentation is a technique that allows email marketers to send highly targeted emails by dividing their list up into smaller groups or segments. Emails that you send out to your entire list might be relevant and helpful to some people, but they won't be to others. For example, if you are running a campaign, sending the second step to everybody will be out. For people who already bought the product after the first email, you don't send it. Don't without only 24 hour left email to someone who already to get off the offer or if you create a campaign for your current customers who already bought from you. You don't send the campaign to those who never about anything. They will feel that your message are not for them, and it will create a greater on subscribe rate 26. Ads that don't work: Let's see some examples. What? Don't work. Mistake one. A list of your services is not an ad marketing capital offense. Simply listing your products or services is not an ad mistake to your business. Name is not an ad. Look at your ad. If it has your company's name in the headline, you are doing it wrong. Readers ultimately don't care about your name. They care about themselves and how they can benefit from your services. Marketing Capital offense if your ad is your brand or your company's name. Mistake Number three. The ad is about you. I understand that you spent most of your time building your company, but the reader doesn't care. They care about how your company can solve the problems, how it can help them achieve their goals and how your products or services will benefit them. Marketing Capital Offense. Talking about your company instead of the customer 27. What to advertise: don't advertise your product directly. Instead, if you want good results, use this. If you have never run at before, you are advertising toe a called out the Ends People who never heard from you. People who don't know your business don't know your brand, and they are not likely to creek on ahead and make a purchase. So first you want them to get to know you. But how promote your page for likes this type off that is a good one for those who are active on Facebook and focus their marketing efforts there. If you see it's full off advertisements, offers and product demos, it's pretty unlikely the visitor will find interesting content and catches their eye and informs, Help inspires or make them laugh. The page should capture attention and keep it by giving them something off value. Promote a post. If you are selling the service education or consoling, you can quickly build your reputation by posting articles or new block posts. Two birds with one stone viol. A paid product is too difficult to advertise. A freely magnet is much easier. Give them a very able lead magnet as an incentive, often convert a piece off content into a video, and you probably also have your number one block post or a great piece off content that still beings traffic and generate conversions, turned that content into a short video and promote it on Facebook. 28. What to advertise for cold traffic: So how do you advertise for called traffic? If you have a new business, you must start with cold traffic to bring people to your website and then target them later when they are family are with your brand. You have to offer something else which not related to money but gives the reason for prospects to come back and visit your site again. You can't effectively target these people from the start because they never have visited your website and haven't interacted with you. So you have to create an audience based on geographic, data age, gender and interest. What should you offer them? Everything for free, for example, a nice block post or a social media update. Videos, podcasts, lead magnets, squeeze pages, service or guides anything which is free and they can connect. 29. Shift their focus from the price: the second element off a compelling offer is to shift their focus from the price. How to make a customer purchase Instead of thinking, Let's see an example from the core business product one. A Mercedes Benz with three year guarantee or a Mercedes Benz with three year service guarantee. Ah bonus navigation, extended guarantee for five years and free oil change for the first service. See, the customer doesn't think of buying the car or not there. Think about which offer to buy there is that 15 20% of your customers who don't care about the price give them a choice to buy your full extra product for extra price pricing. Tip offered extra product for only 10 15% more than the regular product. This way, the customers would say yes for the most expensive offer because the different is not that big. 30. Set a deadline: is to set a deadline. You have an ad running in the local paper or a special social media promotion going telling people about your newest product. Do you want them to wait a few months before they by no, You want people to step forward and do something with your offer. Now, when people cnet and they think about giving a company a try later, they might actually mean to do it. But people most off them move on with their lives and forget all about the ed and the product that they might have been interested in. For example, you can make your Erez a stable offer time limited. If people see that they only have a set amount of time, such as a few hours, they were more likely to make a move now rather than later. This will help your customers make fast decisions and give you the opportunity to close the sale. Vidin, one day market in Capitol offense, wave or extend the deadline. When it's over, it's over. Customers will listen and react to your next that line campaign because they know they will lose the opportunity if they don't take you seriously. 31. Evidences: he and evidences are very important elements of a compelling offer. What is more effective for you if you watch a movie trailer? What says the movie is interesting and engaging? Or if you read the critic from people who watch the movie and says, How good is it? That's why it's so important that you have to seem an expert who knows a lot about their field or because it's very popular or because other people have evidence that it works. How to be an expert Write articles. Public relations be on TV, local magazines Industrial Media's Blog's YouTube Jeffy How to be popular People like to buy things, what other people use. If you have success stories or testimonial, start to use them steps For a testimonial, use a headline. Find the most important sentence in the testimonial and put it at the top with bold letters . Obvious include full name or website if you can. If you can include the customers photo use, testimonial videos. Everybody knows that we can edit text but can't edit a customer, be they. Also, it creates more accuracy