#1 Learn WordPress in Bits - Installation and DashBoard Overview | Ricky Wahowa | Skillshare

#1 Learn WordPress in Bits - Installation and DashBoard Overview

Ricky Wahowa, Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

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8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. 1 WordPress Introduction

    • 2. 2 Install Xampp - Localhost WP install

    • 3. 3 WordPress Installation in Xampp

    • 4. 5 Login Log out

    • 5. [Added from another course ]redirect wordpress installed on the subfolder

    • 6. [Added from another course ] Install WP on BlueHost

    • 7. 4 WordPress Dashboard Overview

    • 8. See you in the next Class


About This Class

If you want to learn WordPress, join this class. I have divided the full WP Course into short bite sized Classes that progress from one to the other .

In this first segment /Class you shall learn to install WordPress . You will install WP on your local computer . You will also learn to install WordPress on a Web Host. I will use Bluehost as my example Web Host .

After installation you will learn to use the DashBoard . And if you need more skills, more classes will follow after that.





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Ricky Wahowa

Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

Web Developer and Trainer specializing in WordPress and Front End solutions. (HTML, CSS , JS, PHP, WordPess Dev) .

Notable skills in : SEO, Email Marketing (GetResponse, MailChimp etc), Usability.

You will learn step by step.


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