1 Hour to a Complete LinkedIn Profile that Gets the Job | Samm Mammoser | Skillshare

1 Hour to a Complete LinkedIn Profile that Gets the Job

Samm Mammoser, LinkedIn Enthusiast

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7 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Intro to LinkedIn

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Building Out Your Profile

    • 4. Headshot and Cover Image

    • 5. Developing a Headline

    • 6. Writing A Summary

    • 7. Final Touches


About This Class

The class will educate students on how to use LinkedIn to get a new job, stand out in the field and/or land a freelance opportunity.  Lessons will go over how to build your profile to create a great first impression with a good headshot and explanation of their skills. We will talk about visual elements along with creating a killer headline and summary. The class is for anyone who is starting on LinkedIn or looking to make the most of the platform.


1. Intro to LinkedIn: hello and welcome to one hour to a complete linked in profile that gets the job done. I'm Sam and Moser, part of Dempsey Mammals or marketing in this class. I will educate you on how to use LinkedIn to get a new job, stand out in your field and or land a freelance opportunity. Lessons will go over how to build your profile to creating great first impressions with a killer had shot. In an explanation of your skills, we will talk about the visual elements of your page, along with creating a awesome headline in a summary that helps you land your job, the classes for anyone who is starting on Lincoln or looking to make the most out of the platform. As I said, my name is Sammy Moser, and my first name does have two ends. It is not typo, just some background on myself. I'm a digital marketer living in Denver, Colorado, and I'm originally from the Chicago Land Area. In those pictures, you see my cute little family and I know what you're thinking. He is the most adorable dog. Lincoln is my news obsession, and I want to help you make the most out of your page. So here's the class outline. We'll talk about getting started on the platform, building your profile, getting a good head shot and cover image and what works best for you and your personal brand. Developing a headline that will help you stand out and give that three second pitch so people know what you're about. We'll work on writing a summary, and we'll talk about final touches. If at any point, please feel free to pause the class toe, edit your personal, blinked in page or take notes. Let's get started. 2. Getting Started: Okay, so now you're thinking, Why should you be on Lincoln? There are so many social platforms, and it's exhausting to try to see upon all of them. I completely get it, but I think linked in his ideal. If you're thinking about your personal brand or you're looking for a new job or you're a freelancer, did you know that 87% of recruiters used the site to find perspective employees? And it is a great opportunity if you're not looking for a job to build your personal, bland brand. Lincoln now lets you publish blog's. It led to use Hashtags and let you post videos. So Lincoln is growing. It's getting better. And it's a great place to set your footprint, especially now, before the algorithm gets extremely complicated. As we've seen with Facebook and Instagram. Get your foot it foothold in now. So people know that you are a thought leader in your industry. Okay, so let's get started. As you can see, this is my personal linked in page. If we're not connected, feel free to send me a friend request or connection request. So we're gonna talk about all the different sections and then I'll break him down different later on. So as you can see, this is like the header of your page. This is your cover image. You have your profile image. Your name? Um, this is like you are different. Headline is what they call it. It doesn't have to be a job title. I'll break into that later. This is your workplace, your education, all that kind of stuff. Then down here, we have your summary. This is your dashboard. And as you can see, it says it's private to you. So you all are seeing my dashboard. Um, but each page will have that. Now we have a section for articles and activity. This is if you're publishing a blog's. So I wrote one not too long ago. This is stuff that I've commented on. Or if I have liked or shared things, this would all pop up right here. So then right here you have your own experience. Um, where you can write your different jobs and like what you've done and everything like that , and then the pencil lets you edit. The plus side lets you put in a new job. London has now put out this new feature that if you work for the same company and change rules, it just some draws a connecting line. So and then you can see my other former jobs air down here. You just click for more. Okay, so then we get to education. Same thing, plus button, um, pencil button to edit. This lets me move them around and switched time. If I wanted Teoh. So then there's also volunteer experience that you can add same things as above is how you can add it. It, um I love to put my volunteer experience in here to show people that, you know, I'm not just a B two B marketer. I work in other, um you know, organizations and everything like that and that, You know, it's fun for me to work with organizations in the social world. Okay, so we have skills and endorsements. Um, so you can come in here and you can edit out a new skill. You can show more. I have way too many, um, skills. And then people can vote you up and say that they think that you are good at those types of skills, and then we have recommendations. So If you've worked with people, you can ask them to give you a recommendation. You just click this little pencil and you could manage your recommendations. And then if you want to ask, you could ask recommendations. You've been type in the name and send them a request to give you a recommendation. You can also see the recommendations that you've given. So this is a great place for you to allow people to suddenly brag about you and how great you are. So they also haven't accomplished Fishman section, which I put in a bunch of stuff that I accomplished here in college. I also have, like, different certifications and, you know, honors languages, projects, all that kind of stuff. And then you have your interests so you can show what pages you're following. What, Peters, you're interested in all that kind of stuff. So, like these air imprisoned influence I follow, these are the different companies that I follow groups, schools. You get it. So this is a great place to show you where everything is located. Another thing to know is that you can click this pencil scrolling scrolling, and you can come down here to contact info and you can create your own girl. You can create what email they have contact to you with, so you can. Also, if you are a freelancer, you can come in here and add a website even at your company log all those types things. Oh, so that is just the basic outline Okay of where everything is located in What's it? It is all called, um, with all the platforms, everything's air called so many different things that it's hard to keep them all straight. Don't worry, I completely understand. Okay, so let's roll back down to this dashboard. So I'm sure you're wondering how do I become an ulcer, which we'll go over in this class So huge way to becoming all stars, obviously, to fill out all the information where you can build out your profile and then is to edit your headline. Um, did you know that customize headlines are likely to show up 27 times? Maurin searches. So that is a huge thing to get you to be an all star and to make your profile stand out. Okay, let's go into editing in building out your profile. Okay, so I know mine is a little hard to work with because I'm not starting from scratch. But let's just pretend like we are. So the first thing that I would do is I would come down in here and I would add experience . So we'll hit the plus sign and you can put in your tight also. Let's just right. Social media and you can see different titles pop up, so it's easy for you to find your title. Then you can search your company. Um, so let's just surge. Your company will pop up. If your company has a page, the logo will pop up, which I just think looks prettier. We all know that visuals make things so much better, so the logo pops up. If you are a freelancer or run your own company, you can create your own page. Um, and then, you know, you can just set it up with logo and everything like that. You can add your location. So I am currently in Denver, Colorado. Um, and if you can hear the space heater behind me, I apologise. But it is cold today, um, so add your location. Location is super helpful. It'll help you pop up 23 times more in search. Um, so it's a great little piece to write, uh, everything. And then you come in here and it's like your resume. Say when you start working. So it's November 2018. If it's your current job, you know you have this check box or here I work in this role. If you're putting former jobs and you just have to come in here and put an end date uh, okay, and then you can have a update, your headline or update your industry. I would say unclip update your headline in a later section, we're gonna talk about creating a headline and just a little spoiler alert. Your headline does not have to be your job title. So then you're gonna come in here and you can write out your job description and what you do, Um, and everything like that. It's a great place to talk about, like your role. And if you have any data or numbers to back up, like why you are the best that while you are, because we all know you're the best. I would definitely put this in here. Do those points at the top um So if you have one position listed, you're eight times more likely to get profile views. And if you even have to positions listed, you're about to get 29 more profile views. So even if you're a young college kid, like, go in there and put in what you did when you were in high school here, working or your internships. You know, um, if you go and look at my profile and scroll down, you'll see that I have all my internships in there And, like even weird ones where I worked for a publishing company for a summer and stuff like that. So it just helps you get more views. And it'll show that, like you were working and trying to do stuff while you were figured out what you wanted to do, Okay, So when you come to dio the description, obviously you're gonna lay out what you do. I am a big fan of bullet points and fragment sentences. When you play this out. I think it looks better. Um, when you're laying out, just remember either pick fragment sentences or pick full sentences. Don't go back and forth. It doesn't look as good So if you start to add in your bullet points here, um, you can either copy them over or you couldn't use the like, um, keys to use it so far on when no machine you had ault plus 0 +149 or you're on a Windows machine. You hit option comp plus eight. So that's just a great way to get in there. And to add in the bullet points so everyone can see what you're doing. It doesn't have to be a straight copy paste of your resume. You could put some other things on here. There's also a couple ways to go about writing your description. Um, you could tell a story where you're writing out full sentences or you could do bullet points, or you could do both. Maybe if there's one or two sentences that you want to tell a story with you start with that and then you add your bullet points. Um, underneath. You know, whatever you think is the best way to explain, like your role and what you've done Okay, so then another thing that you can do is you can add media, um, to your role in like different things that you've created. So if you're a graphic designer or a musician or something that you can upload as you can see documents, photos, sites, videos, presentations, um, so just kind of many way to show your portfolio. It also lets you like, show your portfolio position by position. Um, and that could let a perspective client or recruiters see, like, your growth and how you become, you know, better and better at your position in, like, you know, And it's a good way to show, like your personal brand and everything that you do. So I definitely suggest those, um, if they work for your field. I understand that. Like it here and accountants, Um, this isn't the right place for you to put stuff, so that's fine. But if you have the opportunity to, like, upload our link media, it's definitely very helpful for your profile. Okay, so I'm just gonna close this out. This Okay? So the nice thing Watlington is that if you know how to do one of these, you could do each section. So if you come in here, um, the plus button lets you add education. Let's just do the pencil. But I'll show you this one off. So I got my MBA at K u Rock chalk Jayhawks. Really cool. Um, so this lets you put in my school. You know, once again, I can pick my school with logo. You know? You see the degree. Shocker. You guys, I got it. An n b a with an emphasis and marketing. Um, I did online. So I will tell you I was not part of any activities or society. Is there anything like that? But I do come out here and lay out my classes. Um, kind of for two reasons. One to show. Like what? Different marketing classes I've taken. If someone is interested in to kind of show that, like, it wasn't just another marketing degree that I became more well round and I took classes like accounting finance stats, you know, managing people of stuff that we're definitely out of my comfort zone. Um, there are a lot of fun, but they're definitely out of my comfort zone. So it's a cool place to, like, lay it out. Um, you know of you are laying out your undergrad. Maybe you talk about if you were on the board of something. If you help volunteer with a project, maybe you were an athlete. Maybe you put on the club team. This is a good place to show that. Like what you were doing during college. Okay, this also has the upload section. Um, so if you made some cool projects during college, you can definitely add this into their, um, you know, and you can upload and link into projects. Okay. Scrolling Rawlings rolling. So I actually have my high school added on here. Um, you know, I think that's a personal choice. As you can see, I'm quite a bit out of high school, But, you know, if you are a college student or you're just getting into college, like go ahead, Matt, your high school and talk about, like, the different stuff that you did. Okay, so let's look at volunteer experience. Um, this lets you put in different ones. You can Obviously, this button lets me move them around and like, ranked. Um, um, you know, I'm going to go back because my O. C. D. Prefers that when they are in order of when I did the different volunteer experiences. But that lets you do that you could add a new one. You can come in here. You can write about what you did. You can pick a cause. Um, so you know all these different causes when you did it all this kind of stuff. So it's kind of the same thing. We can go in there and added and talk about what you're doing. If you're using volunteer experience, still, build up your portfolio like this is a great place to come in here and once again, talk about what you did. Unfortunately, you can't attach any media, but another option to work around this is to actually add it as a job up here and just right in here that you are a volunteer. But it would let you attach media and show off some more of your portfolio. Okay, so then back down to skills. Um, like I said, you can come in here and write them in on and move them around. You know, um, I'm not very fluent in Spanish anymore, so maybe I should move that one back down, but you can pick your top three. So that way you are ranking for the skills that like you want people to know about. So it definitely would say, like, do that come in here and at it them Keep them up to date. If you're someone who does a career switch like, make sure going back in, updating your skills, okay? And next, we're going to get into recommendations. 3. Building Out Your Profile: Okay, let's talk about recommendations. Recommendations are a great way for people to suddenly brag about you. So also a good thing to know is that you can give recommendation so you can write recommendations for people, which I'm a big fan of writing a recommendation for someone and then being like, Hey, can you return the favor? Usually goes pretty well. People are usually pretty happy to help you out with that. Okay, so you have these different recommendations that people have written for you. Um, if you click this pencil tool, it lets you manage your recommendations. Um, you know, if maybe your career has changed and you no longer want to show your recommendation. Um, that's fine. Maybe the recommendation just wasn't as good as you liked it, or you didn't like the way they awarded something, then, Okay, You want have the options, not show it so you can just have it hidden to You can ask for a revision so you can reach out to this person and you can come in here and write a personalized message asking them to revise their recommendation. It could be something as simple as they wrote on. Instead of in because that definitely happens to me. Or maybe the way that they were did something. It makes it sound different than a project, waas. Or, you know, it's just the verb e ages and what you're comfortable with, and you can reach back out to them and ask them to revise it. Okay, So another cool thing that you could do, because we are in this digital age where people just want to click buttons as quick as possible, you can ask for a recommendation, so show you how to do this. OK, so I'm going to use one of my good friends, Maddie Osmond do this. So, um and then here you go. You can pick your relationship so you can ask for a recommendation from your boss if they managed you. If they reported to you. Maybe it's a coworker that you've worked with who was senior to you, but like they didn't manage to them in the vice versa, it could be a coworker that you work together with. Maybe it's another graphic designer, or this is probably a good place. If you work in a field that isn't as flashy, I'm begin like finance or operations. Um, you know, you just don't have asthma graphic. So maybe you worked with these people, and they can talk to working with you to your project management skills to your time management skills, etcetera, etcetera. Or maybe it's a cross functional person that you worked with. Um, you know, for example, I work a lot with a business intelligence team. Um, so, you know, I could request one of them to write me a report. It also could be someone that you worked with but works for a different company. Um, you know, this is great if for volunteers, this is also great. If you worked in the event together, this is an option. And then obviously, clients, um, you know, it was an option. And then, you know, Maddie taught me something which I'm not gonna lie. She teached me things every day. She's also, um, you know, maybe you heard them speaking at event, and then you do developed this relationship, but, you know, it started from this event, so you can pick that they taught you if they were mentor. Or maybe you have a classmate. Um, you know, give you Ah, nice recommendation. maybe all did a group project together. And really, what happened is that you and one other person did the entire group project on. Everyone watched. So you'd like a nice recommendation from the people that watched or from the person like, you know, you did the project with. So you have all these different options? Um, I'm just gonna pick that Maddie taught me. Okay, so then you can select, like, the position, and as you can see, like, mine has a lot of positions in, like so it's like the position when you worked with this person. Um, and then, Oh, just something to highlight again. I know. I talked about in the last video about, you know, you just need to put job experience on there if you come up here and look, I wrote that I was hostess at Houlihan's restaurant, which I did in college, and it was lovely. Um, you know, but that doesn't obviously go directly into a marketer, but it does help me, like, fill out my resume and show some other skills and felt my lengthen and explained that, you know, I understand time management and managing people's expectations and all that kind of stuff . So I just want to highlight again. Why, that's important to share. Um, Okay, so here you see all the positions, Um, and then down here, if you pick student, you can pick when you were a student. Um, so I've known Mattia for so long. I don't even know what position to pick. So let's just pick that one. Okay, So the next So then you can come in here and type out, Um, a recommendation. You know, about what you want them to say about you. So I think a great way to attack this is to lay out a couple of bullet points for them that you worked room that you want them to highlight. You know, one option actually is toe fully right out everything for them. Ah, you know, I understand. You want to control the message and everything like that so I can see that benefit. Um, another option is that you, um, you know, just put out some bullet points, so maybe you want them to talk to your, you know, skills working on a team, your skills monitoring a bunch of different projects. Maybe you're managing vendors, so that's something that you want to work on. So you have all these opportunities to kind of, like direct them where you want them to go without writing them for them. And I think that's the best path, because then it's a genuine message from them. Okay, let me just close that. Okay, so the last section on here is your accomplishments. Um, you could impress the plus button. And here are the different categories. So if you were if you're published somewhere, um, I won't read them to you. But you can see, like, the different things that you can add into the different accomplishments. So this is just a great way to, like, suddenly show where you've done what you've been doing. If you've been a part of big projects, all that kind of stuff. So just come in here and put in your accomplishments and then, you know, just a tip, like, especially if you do certifications, make sure you're updating them. You know, Google AdWords expires. I think it's every 18 months. Two years, you know, stuff like that. Um, if you are an author and you're getting published, make sure you're coming in there and updating that kind of stuff. So that way there's all these different things on here. Okay? And then the last one is interest, and you can just click to follow someone and be interested in there. So, um, this is like how you would get started, how you would build out your profile, all that kind of stuff. So another thing I want to talk about with building out your profile, Um, sometimes here we'll look at this internship that I did. Sometimes you can't control that. They don't have an image. To be honest, I don't think this company is around anymore, But that's why I just showed right did with them. As you can see, I put the statistical number as my first thing to try to grab attention. Um, used my bullet points. Um, you know, I'm a big fan, like I said of, you know, putting them all like that. And another thing to think about is that when you finish a job that you're gonna go in and put in your new job, you know, make sure you go to the last album put in past tense. It's a weird little thing, but it's It's something to do. And now if you're thinking OK, like I don't know what to write for my job. Um, you know, maybe you just started at this job, so an option would be to go find the job wreck, if you can, and put back in there all the information of what you're doing, and then you can come back and, like, tweak it. But then you just have something down into that job for you there, Um Or, you know, if you can't find the original job wreck or you it's been a while. You know, you've been in this job for over two years and you're like, Sam, this job working longer. This that's fine. Go out there and Google other jobs of what you do. So, like I said, if you're in a cow and go over and Google like accountants are being hired and take that verb use and take those words because, as you can imagine, those accounting jobs are also Arlington. So if you're using the same burbey ageism, then you're going to rank in your S E o s CEO. As faras Lichten goes, it's going to do better, and they're gonna be able to see that. And if you're getting looked at by recruiters and you talk about the same thing that they have on their job rack, I mean, obviously, they're going to think that you're a great fit, what you most likely are. So that is a great way to make sure you go through and you fill out all of that information . OK, All righty. I think that is all we have for building out your profile, Getting everything going. If you have any questions, you know, leave a comment. You can always message me on Lincoln. I'm always happy to help. So next we're gonna talk about your headshot in your cover image, and, oh, the fund that comes out of this, Um, so that will be our next section. All right, let's go. 4. Headshot and Cover Image: All right, we're gonna talk about how do you set up your head shot in your cover image? But before I do that, I just want to tell you guys one thing. Because, of course, in the last section, I forgot one. My notes I want to share. Okay, that is life. Okay, so we're talking about the skills there's sat out there. That's a view of five skills. You'll get 17 times more views and 31 times more messages. So definitely go down there and do your skills and a huge tip to you guys. And as you saw mine like I need to do this is to definitely refresh your skills. So make sure you're going in there and tweaking them and refreshing him and that kind of stuff. Um, for a couple of reasons. One we know digital stuff changes all time to Maybe you did a career change. So maybe what you did at your old job is actually not what you want to do for your new job . Or maybe you've gone out on your own. And now you're consulting freely and seeing etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So just make sure you are tweaking your skills. Okay. Sorry about that. Totally corrupt. But let's get into the cover image in the head shot. OK, so if you have a profile picture who that 20 time, 21 times More views of your profile. So let's the first thing. Let's make sure we get a profile picture. Another thing to think about for your profile picture is that you want to make sure it is a professional professional photo. Sorry that my mouth was just, like going nuts. Okay, so obviously, LinkedIn is a more professional platform, so let's make sure that your your images more professional. Um, you know, you look clean, cut your smiling, all that kind of stuff. Okay, so now I know what you're thinking. I need to get a head shot, but when I got to do that, So I have a couple option for you one. You could hire someone. Um, which is a great way to do it, too. If you work in a corporate company, probably one of your graphic designers or someone in your marketing department, um, has a camera can take head shots where you can do all that for you. So I would suggest like reaching out to them and getting that set up. Um, Or if you're freelancer, college student consulted that kind of stuff, you could reach out to a photographer. An option could be to trade services. Um, you know, or find a way that you can help them and everything like that. Or, you know, you can also offer to pay for for your headshot in, Ah, food or beer. If you're over 21. Are did that with my friend Rachel. Um, so it's just something to like, Think about overtime. So then when you go to your head shot, it's kind of obvious, but, like, make sure you look good. Where? Shirt that you like this picture that you're seeing, I still own Not sure I still like it. You know where? Sure. Thought you, like, find a shirt, dress, blazer, suit, jacket. You know what you're comfortable in? Um, and, you know, make sure you wash your face, brush your teeth, you know, brush your hair all the cost up. You want to make sure that you are looking good in this picture because this is going to be the first time that someone sees you. So you obviously want to look good, you know? And make sure you smile. There's all types of stats out there about how, like you should be smiling and pictures and attracts more people to you. Ah ah, fun phone interview. Tip for you. You should make sure that you're smiling at the end of your sentence. Is like, you know, it just sets off of Ivan. People could get it, so that's a huge thing. OK, so now let's dig into the cover image. So there's a couple theories on how you can do your cover image. Um, and I wrote an article about this, and I'll make sure that you guys could get that information so you can get you know, the more details of it. But a huge thing to know if your cover image it is, it has to be 1584 pixels by 396 pixels. Don't worry, you can just google it and you know a good chance. If you're listening to this video a year later, Lincoln has already changed it. So don't worry if you didn't hear all those numbers, okay, But a huge thing about your cover images that it gives you another way to display yourself , just like Facebook or Twitter. So if you're working in a corporation once again, you could reach out to your design team and see if they have branded cover images. Um, you know, I know that's a big thing at my company. Um, certain people branded covered images and let me see if I can pull one up quickly. Yes. So this is my good friend Jordan. Um, as you can see, he has a branded cover image for Hiss. Um, his page. So that is always an option. If you work, Inc, you can go for the branded cover image. Um, you know, I think if you're a sales rep, that is a great way to go about it. Okay, So another option would be is that you could develop an image that shows all the people that you work for and let's see if he still has it. Um, yes, this guy and John Nemo. He's a big okay. So as we can see on his speech, he put up here all the different companies that he's worked for and that he's featured in. So that is also an option for your copper image. Um, you know, my one note about this is, you know, either find a good friend who is a graphic designer who news our disaster, like, make sure you're comfortable because, as you can see, like, you have to watch where that had circle hits And, like, we're that cuts in. And so you don't want that to, like, overlay on one of your logo, so just keep that in mind when you are creating him. Okay? So 1/3 option for your cover image is still do something towards your brand. You know, um, if you're you know, if your or if you're hosting an event, that's another option. Sorry that I just stumbled over my words. But these are a couple ways to show. How do you cover image? So we're gonna look at my friend Matty again. Okay, So, Maddie is, as you can see, an eso content strategist and a huge part of her brand is street art and graffiti, and you'll see it all over her bread. So that's her cover image. And so I mean, that's also another option and a great way to, like show what you're doing and what you have going on, Um, you know, or will look out one more that shows another way that prize into your brand. So here's Janay. Um, and she's a graphic designer. So her cover image shows her, you know, taking photos, being on the computer, all that kind of stuff. So this is another way to like, just what I want to get cross is just another way to display yourself and to show another piece of your personality in a visual sense. Okay, so the final option that I have for you guys for your cover image is to find an image that speaks to you. So, like, personally, as you can see, mine is of mountains. Okay. And this picture is from, ah, hike that I did with my boyfriend, our dog in our friend's dog back in September. It's in Rocky Mountain National Park. You know, it's amazing. So but I want to use this image to one highlight that I'm in Colorado. Um, because if you remember from my interest line, I'm not from Colorado. I'm actually from Chicago. Um, so I want to highlight that, and I want to show my love for the outdoors and hiking and all that kind of stuff in, like, kind of just add another level to who I am. You know, a huge thing about Lincoln is that, like, while it is a more business professional platform, it's still a human platform. You're still connecting with other people. So, you know, if you have a couple of ways to show more about yourself in your personality than go for it . So I think that's another idea for your cover in which is, you know, find something that, like talks to you and to your brand and all that kind of stuff and what not So, um, you know, And if you're thinking Well, hey, I live in the Midwest where it's going me all the time, and I can't find any good pictures I feel, Yeah, that's why I left. You know, there are websites like unspool ash or pixels. P E X E l s, um, that have free stock images so you could find a stock image that speaks your brand to. So just you guys know that you have, like, all these options to, like, speak to your brand and who you are and, you know, give personality to it. So I'm going to show you one more person's profile. Sorry that were jumping around, Um, because she has her dog in her picture. Okay, so this is my friend Becky, and she has her dog in her picture. Um, and that just adds more to her brand. So she's a freelancer. Brand developer of so her world. While she works with corporate companies, you know, she's not incorporate companies, so she has more flexibility, but her dog just allows to add more to her personality and mawr to her brand. Her cover image is another great example. Um, and I know that she switches out when she runs events. And we'll put that up, um, as her cover origen stuff like that. And so it's just another way to show, like what she does. And that is actually her, um, physical desk, um, at her her place of work. So it just, like, shows her space and let me show you what her he's used to look like. So in this image, you'll see what her page used to look like. And so this is just another. It's a different picture, but It also just shows, like another, um, cover image. So she hosted this event in Denver back in the beginning of November, so she had that up as her image. So that's another option. If you're hosting an event, is that you can put your image up there, too. Alrighty. Well, that is all we have for cover images and for your profile pictures. Um, and next we're gonna go into how to write the headline. 5. Developing a Headline: awesome. So on this section, we are going to talk about your linked in headline and customizing your headline. If you remember, I talked back in a previous lesson that your headline does not need to be your job title. My advice is to not use your job title, because if people continue to scroll through your LinkedIn page, we'll see your job title. So let's use this headline as an opportunity to stand out and to talk about yourself again and to present yourself again. So a few things you need to know about headline customization. You can use 120 characters, but a note is I'm desktop Onley. 80 characters will show in the preview and on Mobile, only 65 characters. One someone clicks on your profile. They can see all of it. But you know how people just like pop up on the side. They'll only be able to see that many characters. Oh, another thing to know in a great thing is that if you customize your headline, your 27 times more likely to appear in the search. So once again, you're helping your Lincoln s E o. Okay, so let's look at some headlines. So a huge thing that you need to think about what you are developing your headline is What are you selling or how are you trying to position yourself? Or another huge thing is what are some key words in your industry? So if you look at my profile, you can see that I wrote that I'm a digital and social media marketer, helping you get results across all platforms. So what am I selling? I'm selling my ability to get you results across all platforms and how my trying to position myself as a digital and social media marketer. So keywords don't play in that much into this because, you know, it's a pretty obvious field. But as you can see, I follow these steps to be able to write a good headline and to make myself stand out. Another thing to know is that my headline is like to the point. I tell you what I do and how I can help you. OK, so that's another thing you don't want to get too bogged down in it. And here we're going to look again. I'm gonna hop around in people's profiles. Okay, so we're gonna go back to Becky's because she has a really cool thing. Okay, So and her cover image apparently has disappeared anyways. So in her headline, she talks about how she's a brand developer and a consultant. But the huge thing that I really like about Becky's headline that she gives you a call to action, she tells you, Let's see how we can work together. So you know immediately that like she wants to work with you. So I think that's another huge thing to put into your headline. Okay, let me look at Maddie's again. So Maddie took the opposite way that I did it, which isn't anything wrong. Um, you know, Maddie would tell you that she went the opposite directions because she wants to capitalize on those characters, and she wants people to see how she could help them. So, as we can see, she helps businesses grow with traffic and sales with content marketing. She's an ASIO content strategist, so once again, her headline talks about what she's selling, how she can help and her headline uses. She's a good one who uses keywords. Um, you know, s e. O. Obviously is a huge buzz word, right and so is growing and traffic. And she managed to work. Both of those hurt all three of those terms into her headline to show you exactly what she could do. You know, you also want to think about the keywords in your industry. Four ranking again. Um, you know, So if someone is just searches into Lincoln ASIO attorney, um, accountants Plummer. Sorry. I'm trying to think of unique things. You know, You want to make sure that those are in your headlines, so that way you will pop up. So keep that in mind when you're trying to develop your personal headline. All right, we're gonna look at one more. Okay? So looking at Britney's profile, her headline talks about what she does and her goal. And you know, her headline isn't exactly on selling. It's more of a passive cell because she's kind of just talking about how she can help you. She talked about being a creative marketer on a mission to positively change the world. Uhm, and another thing, I want to talk about your headline. I know most of you. I'd be shocked if any of you know who Britney is, but She is very much about, like, goodbye. If she's a very positive person, she wants to help the world. She wants to make it a better place. So her headline to a T talks about her and her personality, and you know, you don't want to develop a headline that isn't to your brand to your personality. And then, you know, you have people start talking to you and they're not the right customers. They're not the right people. It's not the right fit. So that's another thing that you want to make sure that you take into account when you are developing your headline. Make sure you know, like I said it, we want to answer the questions. What are you selling? How are you trying to position yourself? And then, you know, look for the key words in your industry, but then also make sure that it's true to your brand in true to yourself. Um, you know, any freelancer can tell you that the worst thing is finding a client that just doesn't fit with you. You want to make sure that you are spending your time and your energy working with the people who feel the same way in. You know, the whole phrase your vibe attracts your tribe. So that's just something to keep in account when you are creating your headline. Um, okay. Comment below of you have any questions or any ideas for how to create a headline? If you're working on your headline and you want some feedback as always, feel free to message me on lengthen I will definitely give you my feedback on your headline and weaken Brainstorm some great options for you. Um, the next section that we're going to start working on is how to write your summary. 6. Writing A Summary: alrighty. Second toe, Last section. Who is tired of hearing my voice? Just kidding. Okay. So as he said on this section, we're gonna talk about writing a summary. Here are a few things that you want to think about when you start writing your summary. What is your unique selling proposition? What's a bigger way for you to stand out? And then, once again, we're gonna come back to this. What are key words that are in your industry? Okay, so let's start with my page and I'm gonna talk about my page. And I'm gonna go back to this idea about how Lincoln is, Yes, a professional platform. But we also want to be personal. OK? So directly to the point, I discussed the three things that I dio and that I'm passionate about. I'm a social media specialists. I'm a digital marketer, and obviously I'm lengthen enthusiasts. Okay, so that's how I stand out. Those are That's my triple threat, you know, or, um if anyone is a fan of McDonald's, Um, you know, Ray Crock talked about his stool in the three points, so those are my three points, okay? And then I go into my unique selling proposition. I talk about what I do, how I can help and how I want to work with you. And then another thing I do want to highlight is that as you can see right here, I have a call to action. Um, I'm sure you all know the benefits, having a call to action and telling people what to do. So after my unique selling proposition, I throw in a call to action. Send me a message. Let's get going. Let's get started. So that is something to think about to. You know, if you are comfortable, you can put in here your phone number, your email address. Make it as easy as possible. But here's the personal thing I want to talk about, as you can see in the second pair are Yes, The second paragraph. I take a little who'll John away from Lincoln, and I talk about life outside of the digital world, and I comment on what I like. And I'm sure listening surprise you guys that I make a comment about my dog cause you know , I talked about him in the first light, and then I tell you a fun fact and that is something that my boyfriend and I are working on . We're going toe every major League Baseball stadium. We've been to 15. He's actually been to 17. But I've only meant to 15. We have six Plant or the 2019 season. Yeah, So I just want to highlight this because I show that I am more than just a B two b market. Er I'm more than my trifecta that I mentioned in the beginning, and I show a more human side of my personality. So that way, like we said on lengthen, it's people connecting with people. So that way I am showing my people side. So keep that in mind when you're writing your summary, it doesn't have to be long. Doesn't have to be some great big spiel about you know, your memoir or your life story. But, you know, just give them a little something about yourself. Okay? So once again, we're gonna hop around. Big surprise. I know. And we're going to look at Matty's. So Mattis summary get gives you the call action right away tells you how to get in touch with our tells you how to be, you know, talk to her. You can follow her on Twitter. You can email her. You could look at her portfolio. She has a weekly newsletter that she sends on Thursdays. So it tells you all about that. And then it breaks into her. Her unique selling proposition and all backgrounds stuff it also talks about, you know, how she stands out and huge in that many does so well is that she uses keywords in her industry. She's uses terms like ASIO CMS, which is a content management system. Um Yost, which is a product. And she talks about these different things. And then another huge thing is when you go into that, the paragraph, the next para she talks about herself and she talks about in a subtly classy way. You know what she's done and who she's worked for and who she's helped. Um, you know, I think everyone can understand imposter syndrome in feeling like you're not enough. And this is a great way for you to subtly tell people like why they should want to work with you and what you've done in your past in why you bring to the table. Um, she also what I love is that? She explains Lincoln. Um, as you can see, she tells you where her published pieces are. Um, you know, I'm sure a lot of you can relate to not understanding where things are, how to get to stuff. So she has people step by step directions on how to get there, and then she finishes it up again. It was a call to action and tells them how to want to learn more and how to get in touch with her. And then because she's the full package. She also gives you fun facts and conversation starters, which again ties back in to my point about, like being personable. And she talks about all the other stuff that she does the books, that she reads all that kind of stuff. So to come back full circle like we said, unique selling proposition, she talks about what she could dio for as an S e o contents. Dr This she lays it out when explains it to them, you know, without giving away trade secrets and shows how she stands out. She uses the right keywords and she keeps her profile personal. It is an awesome profile. It is a great way to do it. And so now we're gonna go look at my friend Jordan again. You know, um, Jordan does very similar thing. He just keeps his a little shorter in a little more direct and is you can see Jordan has now linked in here all this different stuff that he's done. So that is another huge thing to make sure that you could do in your summary. So if we look at Jordan summary, we see his unique selling proposition. He talks about how he stands out. He mentions that he's an award winner and Jordan musical right writer. He should probably won more awards, but he talks about, like, why you should work with him. What hope bring to the top. We see his fun little sentence about his jazz records and playing indoor soccer, and then he highlights his specialties. Um, you know, he shows people exactly to what he wants to do, and that's an option. Two. You can put specialties in there. Um, I know we already talked about building out your profile and the different skills that you can put on the bottom. But if you are worried that someone's not gonna scroll to the bottom, which is very possible in 2018 when we have way too much going on, you can highlight your specialties right there. So that way they know what they're looking at and what is going on. So it is definitely a tip when you are creating your profile and definitely something that you can keep in mind. Well, you are creating this. Okay, so we're gonna go back to my page. Women issue now, how to do this Now that we have highlighted some people's profiles, let's look at how to do this. So this pencil up here, But it's basically what I like to call this whole top section so we can click on the pencil and this is where you can come in and you can put in your graphics that we talked about in previous sessions. And guys, these were the numbers that I was rattling off earlier about Your cover image came. And then here's the pencil for your profile image. Okay, so that's there. Obviously. First name, last name, all that kind of stuff. This where you can put your headline in current position. Um, just something to note. This is your current position. You can add a new position. Same with education. Um, if you have reason, you don't want to show your education in your intro. Um, which teach their own. You know, you always leak, unlike uncheck this. Okay, um, And who Everything got really small. Let's just close at this card that we're going to hop back in, okay? And then for anyone who has been married or anything like that, you also can add in a former game, um, or if your name changed, for whatever reason, we are gonna Okay, so yep, back in here, you can pick your country. You can pay your zip code location. So I had chose Denver, Colorado. It could be the Denver Greater Denver area. It's gonna come up based upon your zip code. So if I come in here in search my parents zip code, you know what? Chicago comes up or greater Chicago area comes up. So it's just, um you know, whichever one you prefer, But you do need to put in your zip code to get your location. And I know we talked about this earlier, but I think location is a huge deal because of someone does come in here and search, you know, s e o accountant, blah, blah, blah. And they're looking for someone in their area. You're gonna pop up higher if you're in their area. Okay, so then obviously we pick our industry. Um, you know, a huge variety. I'm in public relations and communications, so you can scroll through here and you can find your industry of him, and then we have contact info. Um, I personally don't have my cellphone on here. I can see the value of it. I do. You have my email on here, and apparently my birthday. If anyone wants to send me gifts, not for a while, but it is only visible to you. You can add it. This, um I feel like it's just a personal thing. You could So money, birthday wishes from so many people that I look, Yeah, I don't know. I just don't put on linked in, but that's fine. If that's what you wanted to you put it on. LinkedIn have people wish you happy birthday. You know, maybe write a block post about it will be great. Um, And like we think we've talked about. You can add in your website, Um, which is a great things in there, especially if you have a portfolio. I know that will really get Maddy spoke while her website is in there. So And you know, you can put in these in from, um this information to if you would like, I'm one of those people where I just don't want to give you my phone number. You could message me, and like then we can get to give you my phone number. Boat? Yeah. I just don't give it out to everyone. Discard. Okay, So here is where you put in the summary. Um, and you can come in here and added it. All you have to do is hard enter and you can get a line break. It's not like instagram where you press. I'm turning. It doesn't actually work. And then here is where we can link to stuff. We can upload stuff. Sorry. You know, I was gonna happen. So that's where you can add that information. Because if you'll remember, when we're looking at Jordan's profile, he had all that stuff on the bottom of the different articles that he's written in the different things that he's worked on. So that is a great place to add your portfolio. And I think it's also great to add up on the top because, like we said before, people are busies and then they could just see it really, really quick. Um, OK, so that is what I have to say on writing your summary. Uh, I'm waiting for Hashtags to come into summaries. They're not there yet. They don't work. But when that comes around, we'll talk about putting your hash tag in there. So that way that ranks. If you have any questions or need any help on writing your summary, please come in below. Feel free to reach out. And that's about it. Thanks for sticking with me this song, guys. 7. Final Touches: Alrighty. So final touches for your profile. All right, So here's what we're going to talk about. My big thing. Always, always, always is. Please. Proof Read. Oh, my goodness. Please. Proof. Read everything from your headline to your summary to your job description to your volunteer description. Make sure that you're proof reading all of it. As we said earlier, if you get a new job, go back to your old job and put it in the past tense. Since you no longer do that. But please proof read you will not believe they want. Of course stories that I saw. I know someone who is a soccer coach. And he not only spelled goalie wrong in his job description, he also spelled soccer room. He was just going too fast and did not prove free. So make sure that you're taking the time to proof read and read it all through. Another tip would be Have someone who look at it whether it's me, which I would be absolutely flattered. Or it's just a friend. Significant other mom, Dad, classmate, professor, a coworker. Whomever. Have someone else look at it. Make sure that it makes sense to make sure that it flows, You know, all that kind of stuff. Obviously another set of eyes is always beneficial. The final thing I want to point out is that when you are updating your information, turn off your sharing profile button as we'll see right here. This is just a screenshot, but you can enable it to show people when you've had a job change. I just They turned it off especially. Especially if you are someone looking for a new job at a current company. Make sure you turn it off or else it's gonna pop up in your co workers knew speeds. Um, you should definitely be connected with them. So you just want to make sure you turn that off. Um, it's Onley in the job description part. The other pieces don't have this, so you just have to worry about it there so that those are my final touches. Um, enjoy ling din. Have fun. You know, make sure that you're connecting with your friends and classmates. Coworkers. Um, if there's a mentor that you look up to, you know, my suggestion is to write them a note and asked to connect with, um um, you know, Make the most out of your platform. Okay? So, class project. I have a little class product for you. And first of all, congratulations. You may until the end. I'm almost done. I promise. I hope that you have gotten so much out of this class. I hope that you've enjoyed it. I'm sure you can tell that I am obsessed with Lincoln. And so I hope that my class one hour to complete a linked in profile that gets the job has been awesome for you. So here here is my class project. I would like you to make three changes. Teerlink in page. First of all, if you do not have a link to impeach, let's create your page. So let's start there. If you do not have a LinkedIn page and you followed through this class and you still feel a little lost, please do not hesitate to reach out. I could definitely help you. So if you do have a linked in page, let's revamp your skills. I know we talked about this and we talked about the importance of having the skills, but let's go in there and refresh them, and we're set them up and always make sure that you have at least five skills. As I mentioned before, with five skills, you get 17 times more views and 31 times more messages. So let's make sure we do that. Change number two. Let's look at your head shot in your cover image. Can you update it? Can you change it? Um, you know, if you are a professional who has been in your field for over 10 years, is your headshot from when you got out of school or, you know, so should you update it, should you change it? So let's look at that. Let's see if you need to update your head shot. And then, first of all, do you have a cover image? If you don't have a calmer image, that's where you got to start. Let's go get a cover image. Um, And if you do have a covering roots, are you ready to update it is that time? Are you hosting an event that you want to share about? Um, is there more to your brand that you wanna build? Maybe your company won't do re brands. You need to update that. So that is change new Moreau dose. Okay, so then the third change rewrite your summary and your title. And by title, I mean your headline. So let's work on rewriting all of that. We just went through all these tips or writing your summary. Um, I promise you can google it. Um, all this kind of stuff. If you visit my website, you will see a different block post. I've written about reading your summary in your child that goes more into detail than just my ramblings. Um, so let's work on rewriting your summary. And were you writing your title? And then, of course, after talking on the previous life proof read were going through and making all these changes, let's make sure that you are proof reading and that they totally make sex. Awesome. So after you finish this video comment below, let me know that you've done the class project. I will go check it out. If you have any questions that you need help with this class project, always, always, always message me. I am more than happy to help you. So I just want to say thank you for listening this long. I so appreciate it. This is so awesome that I get to share all this information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me if you just want to be connected, you know, add me on Lincoln. You can see my emails down there. You can visit my website. I have a Twitter. Um, you can follow me on Twitter. Whatever is best for you. So any questions, please send them. Thank you for lasting. Just under an hour with me. I hope you have so much enjoyed this class. Thank you so much.