#1 Global Bestseller: Growth Hacking w/ Digital Marketing Masterclass 5.1 (2018)

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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91 Videos (7h 17m)
    • [Introduction] Eazl’s Growth Hacker Certification Course version 5 (Course Trailer)

    • [Introduction] What is Growth Hacking? (Beginner)

    • [Introduction] We’re Excited You’re Here. Let’s Get Started!

    • [Introduction] How to Launch and Run Your Growth Team (Intermediate)

    • [Section 1] The Awesome Little Digital Fly on the Wall

    • [Section 1] How to Measure Traffic Volume and Visitor Interest (Beginner)

    • [Section 1] How to Measure Engagement and Actions Taken (Beginner)

    • [Section 1] Source/Medium: Where's the Good Traffic Coming From? (Beginner)

    • [Section 1] SideBYSide: Set Up Your Google Analytics Property (Intermediate)

    • [Section 1] SideBYSide: Set Up Your Facebook Pixel (Intermediate)

    • [Section 1] 6 Product Launch Tips from Stella, CMO of EQUA Products

    • [Section 1] Pirate Metrics! Let’s Expand Your View of Funnels

    • [Section 1] SideBYSide: Voice Command Your Google Analytics Database (Beginner)

    • [Section 1] An Introduction to Digital Funnels and Conversion Points (Intermediate)

    • [Section 1] Maja’s Practicum: Sail Your Pirate Analytics Ship (Intermediate)

    • [Section 1] Build an Automated Google Analytics Monitoring System (Advanced)

    • [Section 2] Relationship-based Approaches to Persona Development

    • [Section 2] Personas: Know Your Customer and Win (Beginner)

    • [Section 2] The Fundamentals of Segmentation for Growth Hackers (Beginner)

    • [Section 2] Thomas Paris from MAD Kings on Segments and Acquisition

    • [Section 2] Digital Approaches to Persona Development and the $100k Survey

    • [Section 2] Brian Taylor from Amazon on A/B Testing and Tesla

    • [Section 2] Assignment: Develop Personas with Digital Tools

    • [Section 3] You Don’t Need to Know Everything when You Have Data

    • [Section 3] Three Growth Marketing Concepts We'll Use Throughout the Course (Beginner)

    • [Section 3] 5 Hats: The Five Skills Needed to Hack Growth (Intermediate)

    • [Section 3] In Growth Hacking, Strategies are Learned not Designed

    • [Section 3] The Fundamentals of Lean Analytics (Beginner)

    • [Section 3] Find and Measure Your Leading Variables (Intermediate)

    • [Section 3] Prioritize Experiments with the ICE System and Find Wins (Intermediate)

    • [Section 3] Maja’s Practicum: Run a Growth Marketing Canvas Session (Intermediate)

    • [Section 3] Assignment: Generate Growth Hacking Experiment Ideas

    • [Section 4] Increase Conversions by Finding Language/Market Fit

    • [Section 4] Write Better Copy for Your Emails, Blogs, Websites, etc. (Beginner)

    • [Section 4] Design a Killer Landing Page (Beginner)

    • [Section 4] Reduce Friction in Your User Interfaces (Intermediate)

    • [Section 4] Romina Kavčič: Language + Usability = Conversion

    • [Section 4] Try These Methods to Increase Email List Signups (Intermediate)

    • [Section 4] Use Social Media as a Testing and Acquisition Channel

    • [Section 4] Learn Best Practices for Developing Online Communities (Beginner)

    • [Section 4] SideBYSide: Set Up Your Social Scheduler (Beginner)

    • [Section 4] Test to Develop Your Acquisition Channel Mix (Intermediate)

    • [Section 4] Maja’s Practicum: Prioritize and Manage Your Team’s Experiments (Intermediate)

    • [Section 4] Assignment: Rank this Experiment Using the ICE System

    • [Section 5] Use Online Ads to Test and Iterate Fast

    • [Section 5] Learn the Fundamentals of Online Advertising (Beginner)

    • [Section 5] When to Use Social Media Ads vs. PPC Ads (Beginner)

    • [Section 5] Launch and Manage Your Online Ads (Intermediate)

    • [Section 5] The Fundamentals of Optimizing Awareness and Acquisition Channels

    • [Section 5] Send More Effective Marketing Emails (Beginner)

    • [Section 5] SideBYSide: Create a Custom Segment in MailChimp (Intermediate)

    • [Section 5] SideBYSide: Set Up Basic Link Tracking for a URL (Beginner)

    • [Section 5] Use UTM Tracking to Compare Channels and Content (Advanced)

    • [Section 5] SideBYSide: Append UTM Codes to a Link (Advanced)

    • [Section 5] Maja’s Practicum: Build a Leadpage and Integrate Mailchimp (Intermediate)

    • [Section 5] Maja’s Practicum: Set up Google Tag Manager and Hotjar (Advanced)

    • [Section 5] Maja’s Practicum: Track On-page Events in Google Analytics (Advanced)

    • [Section 5] Assignment: Evolve Your Online Ad Strategy

    • [Section 6] Revenue Hacking: Prioritize Profitable Personas and Segments

    • [Section 6] Estimate the LTV and CAC of User Groups (Intermediate)

    • [Section 6] SideBYSide: Let’s Estimate LTV and CAC of Different Personas (Intermediate)

    • [Section 6] Place a Value at Each Point of Conversion in Your Funnel (Advanced)

    • [Section 6] Simon Belak on Segmenting and Lifetime Customer Value

    • [Section 6] Optimizing Towards High-priority Segments through SEO

    • [Section 6] Five Must-know SEO Practices (Beginner)

    • [Section 6] SEO Optimize a Webpage for Inbound Traffic (Intermediate)

    • [Section 6] Why Voice Search will Drive Search Discovery in 2018 and Beyond

    • [Section 6] Davis Guest Practicum: Drive Traffic to a Leadpage (Intermediate)

    • [Section 6] Assignment: Estimate Your Lifetime Customer Value (LTV)

    • [Section 7] Use Content Analytics to Increase Your Relevance to Audiences

    • [Section 7] Use the RIFE Method to Research Content Ideas (Intermediate)

    • [Section 7] SideBYSide: Mine Your Content Analytics (Intermediate)

    • [Section 7] Three Advanced Email Marketing Implementations (Intermediate)

    • [Section 7] SideBYSide: Automate the Delivery of Emails Based on a Trigger (Intermediate)

    • How to Amplify Successes through Public Relations

    • [Section 7] Increase the Likelihood that Your Content will Go Viral (Intermediate)

    • [Section 7] Pour Gasoline on a Viral Spark through the Media (Intermediate)

    • [Section 7] Joy Schoffler on Working the Media when You Have Something Newsworthy

    • [Section 7] SideBYSide: Find and Mass Mail Journalists and VIPs (Intermediate)

    • [Section 7] Maja’s Practicum: Experiment Analysis with FB, GA, and Hotjar (Advanced)

    • [Section 7] Assignment: Segment this Audience to Increase Conversions

    • [Section 8] The Two Elements of Conversion

    • [Section 8] Try these Five Methods to Increase Conversions (Intermediate)

    • [Section 8] Remarket to Users Based on their Online Behavior (Intermediate)

    • [Section 8] SideBYSide: Set Up a Facebook Pixel Remarketing Audience (Intermediate)

    • [Section 8] Growth Hacking Retention Can Dramatically Increase Profits

    • [Section 8] Define and Growth Hack Your Retention Cohorts (Intermediate)

    • [Section 8] Maja’s Practicum: Install 3 of Maja’s Favorite Conversion Tools (Intermediate)

    • [Section 8] Maja’s Practicum: Find Retention Issues and Fix Falloff Points (Advanced)

    • [Section 8] Assignment: Try to Fix the Leaky Part of this Digital Funnel

    • [Conclusion] Let's Wrap! + How to Request Your Eazl Growth Hacker Certificate

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About This Class

Become a certified growth hacker and join a network of more than 32,000 alumni in the world's bestselling growth hacking course!

The World's Bestselling Growth Hacking Course // Version 5.1 Updated February 2018


Grow your digital marketing results faster through the power of growth hacking! In the world's bestselling Growth Hacking course, you’ll discover the extraordinary benefits of digital metrics, including lean analytics, web traffic, digital conversion funnels, and LTV and CAC calculations. You’ll also gain access to cutting edge info about inbound marketing, email marketing, SEO, paid acquisition, public relations, viral marketing, and much more!

Introducing…The Digital Marketing Toolkit for the Connected Economy

Want to have huge success in modern digital marketing? With this remarkable course at your fingertips, you can hone the much-needed skills to attract and retain customers through any online channel. By leveraging the advantages of growth hacking, you can:  

  • Compete head-to-head with even the biggest firms in Silicon Valley
  • Build your business with secrets unknown to most entrepreneurs
  • Qualify for more prestigious and higher-paying digital marketing jobs
  • Improve your outcomes with content marketing, social media, and SEO
  • Discover the real potential of email marketing, viral marketing and public relations
  • Lead digital marketing teams to massive increases in conversion rates
  • Multiply your results with growth hacking applied across numerous channels

The demand for digital marketing experts is increasing every day, and one of the key factors of success is keeping up with the latest trends. This growth hacking course puts you in the driver’s seat with the most relevant, most effective information available.  

And no boring power point slides, ever! This flagship course was developed in partnership with leading instructional designers. The course is exceptionally well-crafted, allowing you to learn growth hacking concepts and apply them immediately. You’ll also enjoy the beautifully animated learning modules, developed by Eazl’s own animation team.

Growth Hacking – The Secret Key to Digital Marketing Mastery

Ready to get feedback quicker – and make changes faster – to supercharge your digital marketing results? You’ve got all the strategies you need in this growth hacking course.  

In the first part of the course, you’ll gain essential “big picture” skills, including developing your customer personas, interviewing your target markets, and analyzing your “buyer center” (i.e. the individuals in your target market with the most purchasing power).  

Next, you’ll learn how to analyze your results. With any growth hacking effort, you always want to know what’s working, where it’s working, and what needs to be changed. For this, you need digital marketing tools like web traffic analysis and lean analytics.

Lastly, you’ll discover highly effective tools to bring boatloads of new customers – ones with money to spend – into your online eco-system. This includes the concepts of digital conversion funnels, lifetime customer value (LTV), and customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Develop a User-Centric Approach to Digital Marketing

In the second half of the course, you’ll discover how to create digital marketing materials that target the unique wants and needs of your customer. This might seem like a given, right? In fact, it’s a much rarer skill than you might think, and absolutely crucial for maximizing sales. No growth hacking course is complete without this must-know info!

You’ll start with a section on the changing landscapes of social media marketing, viral marketing, and public relations. Yep, it’s a whole new ballgame out there!

Then you’ll get a crash course in both online SEO and in content marketing, allowing you create relevant and memorable content that’s designed to be discoverable on the web.

The email marketing section will introduce you to automated strategies for email. You’ll also develop the ability to use email platforms to manage your subscriber lists.

The course wraps up with a section on paid acquisition and online advertising so that, when you have an advertising budget, you'll know how to use it.

Since giving you the most possible value is so important to us, Eazl is offering this course with our 30-day guarantee. If you’re not totally wowed by the content, feel free to ask for a refund. We will give you one immediately, no questions asked. Sound good?  

Released November 2017: What's new in version 5.0?

  • Where to begin? This learning experience has just received the most MASSIVE upgrade in Eazl history from the previous version of the course!
    • You can now earn your Eazl Growth Hacker certificate by completing 100% of this course. Eazl will customize, host, and issue your certificate so that you can impress clients and employers with your knowledge and commitment to building growth hacking skills!
    • All new hands-on practicums by former Googler and European growth hacking leader Maja Voje that takes you all the way from developing personas, using the Growth Marketing Canvas to generate growth hacking ideas, launching a landing page with Leadpages, setting up tracking with Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, and the Facebook Pixel, analyzing traffic to the page, optimizing it, watching user recordings, and moving into retention cohorts, user analytics, installing third-party tools on the page, and optimizing the funnel. It's AWESOME.
    • All new side by sides updated for the all new Google Analytics interface, Facebook's newest changes, new Mailchimp workflows, and more.
    • TONS of brand new animated modules. Growth Hacking has become an increasingly cohesive community and best practices are starting to solidify around the ecosystem. More than 80 lectures... 80 lectures! were upgraded as part of this update.
    • An all new study guide that's hosted on the cloud and give you links to tons of online spreadsheets built to support this course, guides, and references. It also includes the world's first Growth Hacking dictionary so that you can stay up-to-date with the language used by growth hackers.
    • A new suite of interviews all included as part of the 2018 upgrade plus full-length versions of the interviews accessible on the Eazl YouTube channel. We wanted you to have a streamlined learning experience, so none of the interviews are over 10 minutes in length during your experience in the course.

*Note that this course is co-instructed with Maja Voje


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A great guide to building and growing a brand.
In-depth course. Share a lot of knowledge. Give good examples and some material to download. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in diving digital marketing and growth hacking.





Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the co-founder of Eazl, the content team that has created of two of the bestselling online business courses of all time. Today, Eazl is a community of more than 120,000 smart, engaged learners worldwide.

Prior to starting Eazl, Mr. Jones was a professional recruiter (or "headhunter") with Robert Half International, the publicly-traded recruiting and staffing firm with ~$5.4 billion in annual revenues that operates in countries around the globe. Mr. Jones worked in the...

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