#1 Creativity Secret: How to Stay Creatively Inspired Workshop | Tatiana Ambrose | Skillshare

#1 Creativity Secret: How to Stay Creatively Inspired Workshop

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

#1 Creativity Secret: How to Stay Creatively Inspired Workshop

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction to my Creativity Secret

    • 2. Taking a Closer Look at the Creativity Secret: How To Stay Creatively Inspired

    • 3. Creativity Class Conclusion

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About This Class

Have you been involved in creativity for awhile and lacking creative inspiration? Or are you just starting out in exploring your creativity? What is my creativity secret to staying creatively inspired all these years?

In this creativity class we will take a closer look at on main creativity key concept I have practiced throughout my life of being creative.

Not only will this creativity class explore the key concept behind what keeps me creatively inspired but there are examples, exercises and a bonus creativity section that will get you started off on the right foot to staying creative.

If you ever need any additional help with your creativity simply post below and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

I am 100% committed to helping you think more creatively because I believe everyone has something unique to offer. 

So if you are ready, go ahead and enroll in this creativity class and let's get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Tatiana Ambrose

Helping You To Be Creative & Productive



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1. Introduction to my Creativity Secret: Welcome to my class. My name is Tatiana Ambrose, and in today's class, I will be sharing with you my secret to staying creative. I have been involved in creativity and art since I was little. So some may even be thinking. Well, are you ever going to run out of ideas? The simple answer is no. I probably won't because I love creativity. Whether you're just starting out and discover your creativity or have been practicing creative thinking for years, this class is a great fit for anyone who is creatively curious. This class will be part lecture and part examples slash exercises so you can put what you learned to use right away. If you are ever struggling or have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to me. I want you to share your amazing creative ideas with the world, all the while staying creatively inspired. So go ahead and roll in this class and let's get started 2. Taking a Closer Look at the Creativity Secret: How To Stay Creatively Inspired: when it comes to being creative. There are so many questions that ever one normally has about the right and the wrong way to pursue creativity. You can have restrictions or you don't have to have any restrictions. It can be extra large or can be extra small. It can be green or it can be blue. So now you end up thinking so Tatiana, basically anything can spark creativity. And if that's the case, why are you teaching about creativity? Well, first, it's true that anything can spark creativity. But I have a question. Can you name 10 things that can spark your creativity? Right now, most people won't be able t o. And that's the reason why I teach about creativity, to give you the tools and exercises on your creative journey to discovering how you think creatively, what puts you into the creative state of mind and how to overcome any creative obstacles while on that journey. Everyone's journey is unique to them, but they're also the ups and downs in creativity that everyone does experience relatively the same. So what is the secret to me staying creative? Since I was little, wouldn't you think I would run out of creative ideas. No, there are many stages of creativity that I have gone through. But just as the world is changing, so am I. And my creative expression and my creative thoughts. The secret to staying creative is to pay attention. Sounds easy and simple, and some may even be thinking. I'm Tatiana. That's it. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Now let's continue on and really break this down into three main points. Number one. Pay attention to what the commotion is about. The first thing I want you to start paying attention to is what the commotion is about. No matter where you are, there is typically something that stands out or catches your attention. So, for example, in a store it may be a mom and her three kids at the park. It may be the dog walker and his five dogs on the beach. It may be a group of very intoxicated college kids. For this exercise, you do need to be out of your home in a social setting. The beauty of capturing these moments is that these will never be the same. There may be another dog, walker or imam with her kids, but it's not going to be exactly the same situation ever again. Capturing this moment, whether it's in a drawing or in your creativity journal, can be creative fuel down the road. Now let me point out how paying attention is for creativity. Say you do the opposite. You go to the park and just lay on a blanket, writing your thoughts down, oblivious the dog walker or any other commotion around you. At this moment, you are limiting your creativity by not drawing inspiration from the stimuli around you. Not paying attention to your surroundings should only happen in your home when you have some time to yourself. But if you are outside, pay attention to what is going on around you. The second point is to pay attention to the obvious. Now, another form of pain attention is to pay attention to the obvious four creative inspiration . I'm talking about the grass, the trees, the houses you walk and drive by with a blind eye. You may think, really, why? Because in today's world were constantly being bombarded with ads with sales, everything is in your face, and if it's not, you are making it be in your face by being on your phone on your laptop or simply watching TV. That's the world we live in, but learn to balance it out with simplicity for creative inspiration. When I was a kid, I played outside with sticks with rocks, and when I was in the store with my mom while she was picking out fabric, I was playing with a strand of beads. And to this day I still pay attention to the obvious, even if I don't sit around playing with rocks anymore. So when you are in a quiet area, look around you. Notice and pay attention to the small details, the everyday obvious details people don't have time for because it's not in their face and they're just too busy to notice it. Do you have a favorite tree around you, or where is your favorite place to be outside now? How did these change during the day and during the night? How do they change during the seasons? Don't guess from your memory, but instead start to pay attention and observe the obvious over time. Number three. Pay attention to the emotion and the vibes of a setting as humans, our main form of communication is to talk and talk some more. But for creative inspiration learned to pay attention to the vibes or energy of a setting that you are in pay attention to what people are not saying through body language. I'm not saying go and learn all about body language, especially if you have zero interest in learning about body language. But instead of you talking about yourself being oblivious to everyone around, you pay attention to what's not being said, like the group in the corner that seems isolated from everyone else. Why is it because it's a business meeting or because they feel they don't fit in? You may be thinking, but I can't just not talk or I can't just continue to talk yet at the same time, multitask and focus on body language or a person's emotions or the energy of where I'm at. I just I can't do that. If you can't isolate a setting to strictly focus on the nonverbal, go to a place where there people around you put on a pair of headphones. No music that will drown out anything. Verbal. Now what do you observe? What catches your eye? What is the feeling behind what is going on now. I really hope you give the three points I just shared with you a try. For some, it may be difficult at the beginning. For others, it may be just what they were missing and jump right into it. No problem. The beauty of your creative journey is that it's not going to be the same. It's going to be different from another person's creative journey. You will go at and discover yourself creatively at your own pace. But one thing you shouldn't do is simply not to anything that challenges you creatively and just hope to have a light bulb moment where you have that greatest creative idea you were wanting to get. The eureka lightbulb moments do happen, but not on a regular enough basis. Engaging in creative thought is what will make you grow creatively. As we conclude this class for your class project, I would like you to complete one off the exercises from the three points I shared and share your observations on what you came up with. If you would like to share a photo instead of writing anything, you can choose to do that as well now as a bonus because I really want you to start paying attention as soon as possible. I am giving you a list of 10 different things to add to your list when it comes to paying attention to your surroundings, to your interactions, to the environment, to any small detail that is going to inspire you creatively. And lastly, I hope you learned something new. Thank you for choosing to take this class with me. 3. Creativity Class Conclusion: Hi. You have now reached a in this class. So what did you think of this class? If you enjoy the class, I would love to see a thumbs up review from u. I love all my students Feedback. It helps me plan for my future classes. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you had fun. Learned some new stuff and I will see you in my next class.