01 Client, Contracts, Rates and Invoicing for Designers | Nico Gibson | Skillshare

01 Client, Contracts, Rates and Invoicing for Designers

Nico Gibson, Brand Designer

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5 Videos (30m)
    • Intro

    • Client Communication

    • Hourly Rate vs Fixed Rate

    • Knowing Your Rate

    • Tools

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About This Class

In this first class we will dive into the various methods, resources, tips and tricks when it comes to clients, contracts, rates and invoicing for designers. 

This is the first of many classes to come! After this first class I will go more in-depth, covering topics like: Mood Boarding, POV Creation, Idea Sketching, and Presenting Your Work to name a few.

Here is the PDF to download the 3 tiered pricing system I discuss in the class: Click Here





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Nico Gibson

Brand Designer

Nico is a brand designer in Chicago rooted in music, fashion and sport. He believes in wearing his kicks, in the hustle and in not taking anything too seriously. He has 7+ years of studio and agency experience, most recently MNML and Leo Burnett Dept. of Design. In his downtime he runs his own online design shop CRCL.

He's created award winning brand identities and campaigns for global corporations and local boutiques. Including: Adidas, Under Armour, Samsung, Coke, McDonalds, Chicago ...

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