【NY発】WeVideoアプリ‐ スマートフォンだけで出来る超簡単DIYストーリービデオ動画編集(テーマ:最近, 克服したこと) Super Easy Video in Japanese | Yukiko Sato | Skillshare

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【NY発】WeVideoアプリ‐ スマートフォンだけで出来る超簡単DIYストーリービデオ動画編集(テーマ:最近, 克服したこと) Super Easy Video in Japanese

teacher avatar Yukiko Sato, StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro: スマホだけで簡単ビデオ製作

    • 2. (1) 起・承・転・結ストーリーを書こう

    • 3. (2) WeVideoアプリで簡単ビデオ編集

    • 4. (3)課題ストーリービデオシェア

    • 5. 顔出し撮影のコツ

    • 6. ビデオオープンハウス例【不動産物件動画】

    • 7. お気に入りお店紹介例【ブログやSNS】Minus Celsius Ice Cream

    • 8. 【イベント記録例】NY CE Tech Event

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About This Class







iMovie App などプロにも親しまれるものはまだちょっと難しいとお考えの方、もっと簡単に手軽にストーリービデオ(ナレーション付き動画)制作ができないだろうか?このクラスは必見です!!




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yukiko Sato

StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer


Love Tech and Fashion since 1977

Wardrobe stylist since 1988

KIMONO stylist since 1994

TESAGE designer since 2000

Online Marketer since 2009

Affiliate Marketer since 2010

iPhone Story Video creator since 2015

- Become a Patreon - SnowSugar -

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1. Intro: スマホだけで簡単ビデオ製作: You know, it's funny story starting you buying its tax on the one that got that Got us. So No, no, no. What are you doing? Sure looks a little story. Video ca care Brademas? Yes. There are a lot of phone the cops got there that I just got there. Continue story. Video does things the core issue Anonymous. The second is still wanna video camera. That's key knows not the phone Mike's key home. So look at this. Not a text that I put the stand via Be Mike Another case, I Oh, it's got anything. Yes, I'm going to out. It's not gonna be there. No matter. You cure this, it's not gonna be there Wasa cars, you know, stupid story. But there are some it story video community. It's good for your mission. Tony, get America New York Sting and start up companies story be doing Apollonia. So solitary cook your No, he got in your own dash inside. You guys should. I mean, that sounds good to us. I did it because then today I wanna funk. I was sitting Kordell, That's not an idea. What's got the I ties during the battle? Cook it on. That's good Getting Saratoga Demo Koko Yesterday So numbers about 10 years. Story video there. What are your thoughts? Got that? It's a demo behind a much better share. Get myself killed that they been the story. Be there they won't be there. Individuals to the Katana cult Quick six. Another car. A shrinking Kawabata moment Conch, Iowa It is you can't that three eyes Greater Canton. A video. A fascination Stop she also up for ur android phone use on what's cardio knee we be there are for your kindness Carver County know that make story your another knock or detonation. But we saw what so that cadet sticking up story But they all got the carry Must guy says no , no, what Katakwi be there? They're not there and I don't know story this I'm Tony content. None of the three is issuing story video. It's good. Three much up 2. (1) 起・承・転・結ストーリーを書こう: much has many story temporary going to stick with its national Congress. Know your project? Okoronkwo The site Such a Danny Cohn across the show's story. Temperate tone, noting animus. No story. Temporary guru spread the she told Scott that secretary must know that fire. Tebow Hideki, copy your sticker. That fight could be You know what? That vitamin and he goes be there which is detained to ship much of a story. Temporary. Tohe? I think so. Story temperate about between you copy documents that I don't know story. It's time. Look. OK, guys, very much. I don't know. It's like the story. York Ridiculous Story will keep show. Think it's the cocoa. Their view. Mirror stone. Okay, Macho Thomas Show. Think it's not a Oh, continue because it's a national Keep You got that? You know that their sets a man's ship so you can go. Cody. 10. Someone's again. OK, I get sitting gets it so don't get cocky. Kona Grass Project on the sample. It does take a sash. Their production of story, your unanimous, he said. They know that simple bakery Brando saga New York State It and yours must stop. Humanity is out. Scott then I gotta gotta. Vegetarian quarterback A That you already messed up Nordiska. You got to count on the show through the work. That's Minot stepped shoulders. So, in any case, the Kyoto documents Good thing we will go much them. I said Centaurus story in the show. Uh, case I showed in the entire stock 10 days ago Tom boast a messed up at the back. I could not talk. Could actor Suriya market today Mom by she cause I get phone Got talks. Uncle, You think you might start up? You're saying hatching at Neiman Shoko got sick? I Juno case I also it this aggravation this small community of you got hungry Sontag Commons got guru ck be. They agreed to do tastings. Shit! Cause you bring no story, No Shona chicken. Thank you. Got all kite anymore. Still seem at the moment I but I didn't want Tony Kaku Cockeyed, Estimated with the site other there may cost them at the right. About one diner there moments ago. Talk, skittishness. You look about the one of the have on you up grass project or your state. Who can say the sun we can cover team you know you're in there. And I did call it it. They had no keep sure. Cocula must Kohala think gets this? Makes a man a step to attend this. Then what? So the ecstatic a Okay, get the sort of story. Don't punish that old joke, That skank I get stuck out cockiness. Some put a story there are check out also unstable Komada. And they're not tonight. Couldn't put about doorstep Congo. I got that. Mine does. It took out Kanye ties it. Scholarship Amos for step called Bunny Musica Hambor Model talkie boy that can look up through tomorrow Opening Musica Homeboys Goodnight. Who? Only doctor. So where that cannot take out that. Or is it famous? So they will be there, which is a step because you bring the story your Keita Imusshow Then the Monetario Casanova was gonna taking a thinker Quarter the key. So thank you. Cocky mustang on there at the kids Know me down anymore Through the outside will step kids this kids about thin that you can get to stop so I don't get call caca Kids look either at the majority show she kicked Come on, the show a touching us and put historian You are that opening Humber Money is the god of the point that so you keep ago, I think. Amos source the conga catatonic our talk. Sekou states that, you know. I mean, that could bring you out. Hum Boomer means I got it. Who? Uncle Kibo attacks on you. Thank you, Mr Open your humble means puts the sinking of the commercial. It's no so grabby. They're Seattle Yukiko. Story be the auto State exam. Buckyballs. The Kaiju needed architect. I thought I must Don Imus. Coco de video. Which is that? Kids? That story you're cutting in a show it cinnamon over 30 about tight eyes and Jack want greatness. What is the count? Thoughts Cut their catalytic. You know, every time I must stop poachers. Cut that. You can't have got You know his name? Some for restoring the more this is going to need You humans don't have much down there. It can younger I know story we don't know until you go to the show. Quarter that key. So thank gets it. It's a bit in the morning that you cook. You must keep my cover. This guy So does that I think all kinds of I think not got story a young, they meet their but I shall protect that site Cap gun thinking. They gave me their buying ur ghosting. Even a weight issue quarter that started Those thought he got cookie already much that. So you uh maybe they are pretty. It's got that story. Video ensures taking us. 3. (2) WeVideoアプリで簡単ビデオ編集: So there was a SoCal will be there. A pretty It's got that. So she got a demo. Canton indicated story. BDO Hinson's taking my short. Maybe they're everywhere. I phoned Academical under rifle. Matteo. There's no that. The nets on debt. Maybe they operate on a crass no class protector. Paging you. Add a wrinkle guard. He must know that. So go to your site. BBDO Elpidio He died that you in. Could he a double down on that business? But they were Hanshiro sort of time. When I am paid your documents show cassette There there were. Maybe they're not famous. Biggest Anya. That's Mark Brunell. Stay standing video torture Any access from us? So the video is that the story? Be they all his years taking us story be doing at the video? Yes, she don't know what they're buying. You are put out that the dates that sickness conch Iowa students. That's another Susanna Morricone that Djokovic area tickets store your communities that that story about the audacious taking us My Huckabee there were obsessing on my bar and you are so that Maduro says I know Dog castle down the stairs and just three eyes It's good to meet, you know, got this guy the heat academics and Shoni story but they all its could take in a shop. Sarah snowmen go that you gotta would not undermine a day. And then you continue Whose access to medical. So I think that's a good boy. So bad, cause even the story Or you may get their own sale. Of course they're imusshow So I'm thinking, you know, I still might go. Sure stomach a my Masinga. Yeah, home I go. She was sort of thought was suspicious. Make Ewing out a Michael down the opposite of thought boys. So by your no come in economists Maradona, Kanye Maiko tapestry counted Anger had unanimous kuska cookie that the document according concert story Ascione thing that he must So they hold off can he says they need a constant in my shop on Sunday Cassava and the video music video keep also never sunny Dream English Step Christmas No guy Bo Anyone who needs a video the mecum I'm ascended etc Car state Never sell to a session. I think it starts a considerable and you are thickest or Tapash it keyboard Muska on send. You know Could it take a stone? Your Maximus? You know what? They were here. We decided knife on the Mario. None of that. That that school. So we decided it. Phone thought every measure. Hey, should go What that music go. And indeed he must. Story of State of Korea. Yes. So you need music in the body. More famous. Hey, should go. What? That's I say, Stevie. My show. He said then. And that's simple. The curry Brando got New York State it and just animal. That's got a nice steady in Britain can he said Sure, at the doctor Sharia market for them on my second Phangnga. Exxon. Thank you, Mr You're saying that the matchup got sick. I Juno case I also the subdivision. This community it's going to keep I don't have a full stomach. What about those? Can I got lying about discussions? Don't keep me that way that you know that 100 mark don't do you keep over. I think you can say that. Well, Booth snow so heavy They're sad story video community or that nice impression exam. Likable Sekai Junie Text putting him should go. What? That Samata phone 90. It's a business. YouTube in Texas. A protester, Nur, then can't stand the accuser. Kiss and talk. Yeah, So you have to go. Julia. When she had outdoor, they can hear this. You got this car? Maybe do uppity. Took them a compound. That candidacy on there. I want only contact story there. Got the care that they be Kristen there? Neither. Skull. Okay. Cooking in order in the story there. What's good? That second? Yes, just a particular site. But that that that I shared them on aggressors could take You must know that said, you know, could ask that I see myself. 4. (3)課題ストーリービデオシェア: cause I story be they take the care Got done with that minutes on the story Yoko Ono grass Understand? Yet grass protects the page and you kill you. Get that site que use the CRISPR a sector Facebook gets it. Doubts Got their cocks and documents. Kata sandal Another was taken a story Your shares that skijoring cable He don't get taking my shop Much work Crafts project Oak Creek, Miss Storing of data Roach Cam Emma's What do you are similar? Died or got the heat coming to the site Home. Bring you a story Temperate Only Keita minutes on the story you keep so think kids cottony copy and paste Be the already going there kgo dark And then it's all stick of that site. But they wouldn't go past or stem a video that you would come on York, your startup routine. You're designing my stop Cydonie call. No story, no humanity that your brother step Make Ewing at Putin Unpublishable Tower stood up Can do this. How can you say the San Colono comenta Got me this corner. That could I thought every day I thought some of story again. Go No go. You know the cumin Stop! I got the with. I'm us 5. 顔出し撮影のコツ: I Thanks for watching. Why you dio 6. ビデオオープンハウス例【不動産物件動画】: 7. お気に入りお店紹介例【ブログやSNS】Minus Celsius Ice Cream: 8. 【イベント記録例】NY CE Tech Event: what we're doing is