✅ Scale Your Business with Facebook Ads. Learnings from spending $150 Million. | Jack Paxton | Skillshare

✅ Scale Your Business with Facebook Ads. Learnings from spending $150 Million.

Jack Paxton, Growth Marketer

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11 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why You Should Use Facebook Ads to Scale

    • 3. Intro to Facebook Ad Accounts

    • 4. The Profitable FB Ad Account Setup

    • 5. How to Create Converting Ads

    • 6. Setting Up the Bottom of the Funnel

    • 7. Setting Up the Top of the Funnel

    • 8. How to Find Converting Audiences

    • 9. Optimizing Top of the Funnel Campaigns

    • 10. Optimizing Bottom of the Funnel Campaigns

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

Want to learn the exact strategy for profitably scaling your business with Facebook ads? This class is for you!

Join growth marketer Jack Paxton for examples, guides, checklists, and instructions on how to set up your Facebook ad account, then how to scale it using prospecting and re-marketing correctly while setting up campaigns optimized to leverage top or bottom of the funnel messaging.

We'll cover: 

  • All the factors that go into creating a profitable Facebook ad account.
    • Top of the funnel
    • Bottom of the funnel
    • Copy
    • Creative
    • Targeting
    • Audience building
    • Account structure

This class is for anyone in a marketing role. No prior knowledge is needed, but a basic understanding of Facebook ads will help.

Why you should join:

  1. Learn how to scale your business with Facebook ads
  2. How to create converting ads
  3. How to create a long term marketing funnel on Facebook





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Jack Paxton

Growth Marketer

Founder of marketing SaaS products (VYPER and HYAX) and full stack digital marketer specializing in growth, media buying and customer acquisition.

Have managed accounts from $100/day to as large as $100k/day with a total spend of over $150 million on accounts like AppSumo, Home chef, MyIntent etc.

Check out Top Growth Marketing for full list and case studies.

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