गणेश मूर्ती करा घरच्या घरी | Mandar Marathe | Skillshare

गणेश मूर्ती करा घरच्या घरी

Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

गणेश मूर्ती करा घरच्या घरी

Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

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4 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Intro to Ganapati Idol Making Simple Method Marathi

    • 2. Ganapati Idol Making Simple Method Lecture 1

    • 3. Ganapati Idol Making Simple Method Lecture 2 Marathi

    • 4. Ganapati Idol Making Simple Method Lecture 3 Marathi

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About This Class

  Social Distancing च्या या जमान्यात गणेश मूर्ति आणण्यासाठी बाहेर जाणं सुरक्षित नाही आणि ती मूर्ति eco-friendly (मातीची) असेल याचीही खात्री नाही, मग आपणच अगदी सोप्या पद्धतीने एक श्रीगणेशाची मूर्ति का तयार करू नये?

माझा हा Online Course बघून, अशी मूर्ति स्वतः तयार करणं अगदी सोपं आहे, ते सुद्धा कोणताही साचा न वापरता!

माझं नाव मंदार मराठे आहे आणि मी एक चित्रकार आणि मूर्तिकार आहे. २०११ पासून मी काही हजार लोकांना अशी गणेश मूर्ति घडवायला शिकवलं आहे. अगदी ४ थी पाचवीतल्या मुलांपासून ते ७०- ७५ च्या आजी आजोबांपर्यंत!

तर या online  course मध्ये आपण सुरुवातीला मूर्ति  चे सुटे भाग तयार करणार, नंतर ते जोडणार, आणि मग मूर्तिचे बारकावे घडविणार. हे सगळं  मी तुम्हाला अगदी टप्याटप्यानं दाखवणार आणि सांगणार आहे म्हणजे तुम्हाला माझ्या बरोबरच अशी मूर्ति करता येईल. या पद्धती मुळे, तुम्ही आधी कधीही जरी मातीत काही केलं नसेल  तरीही तुम्हाला अशी मूर्ति करायला काहीही अडचण येणार नाही.
ही मूर्ति पूर्णपणे eco-friendly  तर असेलच पण स्वतः च्या हातानी, आपल्या कुटुंबीयांसोबत ती तुम्ही तयार केल्यामुळे त्याचं समाधान काही वेगळंच असेल.

चला तर मग, हा course घ्या आणि माझ्याबरोबर घरच्या घरी गणेश मूर्ति करा!

Meet Your Teacher

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Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer


My name is Mandar Marathe and I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

Have a look at the classes that I teach here on Skillshare, see my projects and join me here to learn from me and feel inspired to create your own masterpieces! You do not need any previous knowledge or art experience to benefit from my classes. I'm here to answer any queries you might have.

Join in!

Follow me on Instagram to see my latest work and timelapse videos!

 Happy art making!


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1. Intro to Ganapati Idol Making Simple Method Marathi: Social distancing Julian's or money, putting more TB and necessity buyers and a Zurich Sidney. And at the more eco-friendly ammonia montages or Salia Ji Kai Catherine Maga upon this OP about that generates EEG Ashish regulations. You move the Qatar Masan land cause baboon and she moved this for the other corner of the soap. They should quantize ads are no upper Muslim under Marat in me HE trigger any multi-country donors are across all of us know we are toupper into hazards. And Anna, she will dig and put EEG girl Ella, she colon are going digital teapots with Le Moulin bassoon case of terpene Jakarta, Algiers one put in them 30. Our online course muddy upon what the law more teachers to take back their corner. And 30 Zona anymore. It's a Bhargava governor. Histogram Illumina, data paired up earners icon array, and he sang dairy manure to mola Mars have a robot's azimuth theta? Yes. Op apathy. Murray, Yeah, the Tamika dihedral, Matryoshka, he, Kaelyn assail the read monarchy multicolor Ella cohere attorney and he Murthy pulled up an eco-friendly their assailants. So that your heartening to me, Tom Jacobian. So both the dare Kayla Moore a, that's or some other, some other mock hackers got an image hover over, treasuries, garnish, multitasker. 2. Ganapati Idol Making Simple Method Lecture 1 : And then what's got going put the more the current Yochai at last Marie them just Father upon he can put the J Murthy banana road. And if he shadow G, bizarre Lily, Matthew upper nanny, he's had no humorously shadow Timothy thought to me, J. Kumar whopper that murky Carola, Marty, people who approve septa for that, that headache body, the ordinate by j. And if the modes only be Xunzi tele piling up layla, a cuddle hormone and they're kava presence at the photonic bourgeois burnout. And he just say Jake case as that there'll be more slowly as Alhambra's period to the opponent. Iot VOIP or analogy ma Car2Go Jilani aplenty saf courageous it. And he, me portico upon Arieti Tortosa pining per Kenny HOTPO Salama Demo Day. That's Olbia Watteau. And then particular nature per 30 Medea punter, Jadi, vague variable La Coruna, Hannah, none, 38th resort and IMRT. They're jagged upon details, schema, Baraka way they're garner. The missile, what the law? Joe part I though, Carnatic, anemia Hayek plastic GP, Shiva, Danny, Timmy and put the kernel and he's overlap Haroun plastic rubbish. Whereas the ammonia, the ammonia me, Whopper. And he had just had three measurements. He sat in such immortality current ISR, THE astronaut, it show TQM multi, multi courageous held that the admin tab Romani map, but Lucia and he has had great our ion Shi mappable to Malaysia. Pdf animated GIF classless, old Lillian. Fee to me downloaded solution at the Hami part WLAN like Carola get laying and with the eta and that you molar only Sadducee interplaying j lambda had HR in sub IJ and he, me, he party you upon the Mozilla array. And we just don't want the hassle dummy decoupled dogmatic. But to me he or she patois Protecta steel GIA K12 sort of gave up Russia. Modulus r t When he still just Lamar, I mean, the opportunites, Martin say extra Jima, the SNP, min-cut, push-up to it. The check CUDA neat budget more than me is around pertaining coupling with luggage animal-like that of the engine and then upon how basilar tuning you. And he puts a biohacker LRU and the upper denture pions had he done Cun Xiang Qu Gela mono saccharide said Tommy Matthys a month, it's Angola SaaS either anchoring ghetto that she worked at the just the ending polycythemia Manetho. Helene shortage water holds out the anatomy as a table, our motto, role Gothic. And he started yet Jian De, worthy lead in sub IJ. And he that she lumpy apply law by J parts into me. But tennis, the monsoon GitHub, new parts in xy. He just does allele madam and carbon are zoonotic, bios, archaeal categorizing, and vehicle. Medea high engineering project naive. They are more heat Hershey mapper each other the millimeter accurate. She let us name southern map as legalese shouldn't output SA for diet, AKG, educate the RDD slowly, that's a diameter change. While apology may cook Madrid's xydA Hayek DOM bindings, Halle, our Sunnyvale away. And the product may lead in certain diameter and impulse into Columbia. So cologne, luther upon our category, Hitler had done malachite said, char Hutton, psyche, say, aka, the important shampoos acknowledged that just IT upon me, Hema, thank mighty. She gotten ghetto. And you are thoroughly Cortana. I went there. Giardia wasn't up to the ugly uniform by Jim. Were Kali said that's overdeliver, alcohol, anybody? The Asoka layer, the MATLAB parts into Islam, Libya, demo Amy, Fiats, Ottawa, Canada, thought CLR, Mozi, nasa, Kiva burner, a lumpy sadly, you daddy, that you were the umbrella deal charity IQ in Silicon Valley. But they more than just the Duma deity. Current again says mulatto. Team corrected occur. As I'll add to Sara, who don't have IntelliJ and but the law Punjab Karen unload memory as soon dawn Malacca writes it. Yet that the Malacca tragic heroine Cortana told us that we pylon, that's kind of a Santa policy. Prototrophs Goyal. Q I need Honan name when Tortosa practice needs so any Hey, Sam Laoshi. For academia, the head char, Muslim hankering, Haitian them into modular table. Can melodic. So NESARC guitar, Shang Qu, Yuan, gong, gut, I'd say those are deme, but a multi-issue role, Carter. And he had Takata paella leading Tutte's worthy data. We ask you our diameter by J. And he lumpy mater art in such a manner that he or she, me. Indigo blue shirt, Hello egg and put the Sankey, don't. We're doing Kennedy, MY song, gotta turn monarchy in surviving. Tomonaga, Shorty sewn, Haumea sill, non-Mendelian Nagarjuna. Aig got psuedo astronomy. That dummy can be lumpy cheese on yo shut down your Camila meta data. Then you take eig inside the Tammy Muslim, Hey, Marty, art in lumpy Biogen and the arguments are Haber over her lesson later man. And thermo la porta sat heat Sappho are categorized. Those are cuboid current, say m and j pi. Pi j jets are Nationale de Ninja. When Ci RDC insert_one D irony deed insert, which is ideation and here's what that means. But tinny its margin. Baboon. Currently, the he wouldn't cheap IDA teeny, tiny gets archived. Comida Carthage or some other PyGame. He viewed into Gustave Le to join two markings distill. When has alotta put our satellites on? Each had these Attica basic bug mini H over T upon multi-level Noritsu, interrupt ALL hizo sagas, top-level droughts happen. Glucose TO portraiture colleague sat here categorizing and employee ES6 cylinder QR codes up ING THE data we asked by g by g Southern. So Wien's or semi icon Hong Kong has with the umbrella and thorough and just the widely Lambeth thereupon cut, cut current dominant cup one document per car autonomy, those Hawaiians outside Carthage. Now the last song, guess IT, soccer. Then thermally, don't. Goal by jet. Lateral Sharkey, and Intel inside diameter readings up, I guess Alan. So what did lead into current hemi can't garner sativa upon array as our domain table or should that though? Virginia carpal, tunnel of wheat, bella agony and golden IP map, Guinness, ATI, so permanent, go la, la Snell's Law, the high ego as Ella and any other me asserts induce rock or annuli. As sharpen our Caracol ruminate limb, it come up money that appellant herders soap or the pen upon a heatmap NOR gate does our upon corral log-log thoroughbred through counter edge, Al-Qaeda has thick, then other place or M has grown up and pull Java. Java upon hacer him hang Zona anymore, TCGA, Monday upon surrogate details, can Barca a current mood de la thereupon patria put Java than ever. 3. Ganapati Idol Making Simple Method Lecture 2 Marathi: Now a scarf going pretty more thicker nature. Yeah. Quotas Monday morning does wonder upon my child hug armada him ha, colon greatly. And at that point the clicker Arun George narrow, for me are the biotype bug get Les. And he made those Madeira AGI, domain IRA and a Jenny MLA that via characterizing the guard autonomy, Medan, Catriona only gotten dot Hugh Lucky mosaic, gap data that your hands are gonna Sheila eliminate way more than me. Our satellite VR card data. The high IQ by Zola at the Army inducer pi L upon, does it go when Kurt Lewin and here Donny Zoltan, upon minding alone the syllabus tool, that's aha, English muddied W, aka chlorides Ebla Laidlaw ni pi of opera. And it does not happen though. Here Donny by upright our terminal. And any hair cycle Danner here, arsenate, Elijah, mine, Deseret. Today are Adler elaborated and arguably our support naked only magnetically. He or she muddy, yeah, point personality up when put in the 2D gap by G, The sharpen must lower the epic, the Heliopan part. Our queue, there are Maggie, I debug target who 89 doing begins. Let them Maggie, data divert jargony. Parramatta Zagat AppDelegate will build near any pooja. Hr upon wounded current allotment. Here Donny Yeah, Dani buyers had kids, Jaccard, hidden ETO, Lenin. We have pulled data occur and our Bernard and suddenly told that Toyota. Here's hello admin mug, Java has eulogy, gap, patriotic duty, Amy, mighty barroom dagger would be Zagat. Cryogenic Bailey. You've got the mosquito bite in it. I've been put up for whichever Angela you adapt, your leg gets up port two. Then you up and support the channel. That's more personal than when I see my decode and when della leeway, THE new Debye, Jenny delegate locker anchor data. And you name reported Chow are Carmody. Genes hadn't BSD de cultivo de la justice. The word Communist. Then want to upload the digester Marty law, HE, yeah, cheat and imports analog Olga. Only when told us a boat, Qian Tao or La Coruna upon EG mighty loudly at the Pollution Coalition. And he had the molar densities of I1 rides at the me, my data Hidatsa hung it has dubbed dune della chat into our Xun mighty law aging the resume attached my job to monitor ETL out of the cell. Galton chatty polio are developed by the dummy legitimately Labouchere. The upper layer, though Trojan near a decorated and tar sand that lay down. I've got the toy. Oshima devoid e-learning, the generality. Any agentic, maybe encourage EEG at decennalia, big shuttle, DC, body castle. Yeah, he Bugzilla, me maybe got to Luoyang tens of our Berg vector. And yet they decided lung Lily. And the agenda that are Bella though Treta sagas Tom with equals to open to tocar, I'd say just like, yeah, born ha, Kayla, hug you want to color. Reported shock. Holly. And I went on killing the updates are della, hegemony, pasado, and either dredges soldiers had cut these 200 EEG external da, parte dialectic Lenin. Gloomy day, we'll build an anion. Will drive the soul govern delay towards Michigan and put the gel Mozilla, Google, our NESARC, come kernel, the jadi Borda, ugly. Jadi boy doubly. Anymore Deepak RIG irony, untold login into and Indonesia and Togo and gold pillow ITA, do Sarah would rebel done is added to me, Hecker enterprise that they need, Hold me. Ten, it's geared up idea. They would adapt to our needs and the parietal cell rabbi, Funny loan, polar, so will, will arise a loose Rabat and tell our pollution per Antonius guys endoscopic Hamiltonian, Schottky hold name, then the order adopt by Eudora top product nanoplankton. And he got old and Marty Wilde, aleatory La Jolla said DR or leopard again, soon gauging when you're burned Yarmouk, Galileo's day, that their tower D Hema happening, any one of them where they were, they had police ICSE and that blood he he jaguar Prune. That's a hack that I did not give me ha put an L-shaped multi-domain a_hat corporate. I said this level only pull each other. And they'll say, I need candidate did the law I mean, Jane Hercy load up when gelato zone data examine your kundalini hot. He and he got somebody like Jackie said, identically, Ireland, anybody? I think worry gap, hostname, how hot? Gmr, dipolar allele, the assumed worthwhile AG and it then e ha, charitable done sourdough our Gary Though RNA into Turkey. And the della Tortosa pluralism in the hot and the support, the slanted toward us are colored banana. But when gala tackled on loner than mighty Italy, she ruled variety. Irony. When jello whether De Lao H0 T by Johnny Law 18 IE util our IT and import the data into the sublime to the self taught Asado, bend guys are pulling. Walk winds are predictable. When Danny, now that lucid aha, remedy to allow worldwide for that law, Cargill Lemmy, and into Yahoo La La Rosa day. But let me J d hat then either zone Dr. So now boom, della, channeler has adequate here's order than upward Nagasaki as right-angle alanine regime, slope by aluminum. Hodeidah Layla burn yourself. Good luck on this lab ID key. And donated a asymmetry. The slab weight is someone either put up yeah, had data louder words are lateral that Leila hat guides. And he hereby they'd say Youwei lucky, hard. How do I do I take I saw do you need go to the ablated the jihad, that big multitask and Lola de la la leukemia. There's gotta be a Diigo. Adapt the Hadza Eagle objective as a key at uncovers two ER data, though by heterogenous to Javadoc, Java dealers too. And you pull these up to a height of the data. At level dealers don't count money and their lives have idealized voltage modulus to the DNA. We'll objective. When Dani heart does it Gothenburg IT key block would hate any dummy my pizza. I've got on GSA. Lula poker law as Abdullah chick tie into detail only uncanny when lead our Tito and mode is going on my TV lowliest in this linear way. They had only had loaned Elliot perinatal PCR. Pcr, does IT put it facades via car? And how gotta assume torta Arduino eta mu nu v as one body koala wages at a hostile ornery Magna. When deta idea Belinda, when data are garden, they'd say the integer mighty law protocell, correct? Partly a cinema, theatre. Finally, loan della will work that enter yet Greg schema that the maroon gauge when the Dow pretty wide at the environment. Thus allow upon 0 and added them. Where do I think that I've done it? For? Uncanny that dune that upon a charitable Danton log alpha, i saccharides money EG mock Cuba during the summer of geology Lady had been t. He, he bugs. The somewhat general delayed anyon pin Marcelo developing. And when I saw this among this uncolored and allow IT by zooming. And he does have all the data. I need. The more jagged, bumpy journey. When gala degli elaborate, kind of bigger, produced by less Dilma. Finally loan me. I said that any harm, the heart, the blood, they are not taught us up though we're lucky we're bathed me. When Hotmail here j is now us that determinant Ohad porous. So are these two. You have the more learners today, muscles, molester, southern data Makemake I room taking any old ledger, Belinda Disney. Hey loud and sell at 78 sampler, lucky. You had so-called perennials oval but hey, costs labor law by the irony, irony, MOOC, ENG level point a. And their gap more the Hema T T Ballroom Dr. Than magnetic bottle away. Yeah. We had Loudon, I'm concerned Hallelujah, that suddenly upon Jurgen Habermas, Jurgen particular toilets, goal, debtors, happy putting CO2 is high. When your terminology gap was the mighty highlight, Gianni domain, tomato Gua prune, the mighty detailed Abu shutdown. And the heat level. To me, navy. That means I will lose my IP economic data to put a modulus. And if he or she knew Jadi border, he or she will happen a Bonnie loan. And he just put it on my sheet. But let me take the carbon double money IVF Monday D might happen. Jama gap DID, sorry to keep my naive to think that an antibody. So what I've been doing and put them on, need this tennis imitator. So what current energy a draconian paradata into? And he, he'd, you'd bulk silicone Antar, the DJ Tim. And I'm going to put club wavy pattern at the button. And it among you, you might da here, went out there. And internally. But don't that I do for the EG. Then he got bored of magnesium maybe that these are occurred in these clean a thick are porta initiating that libido called me. And he might be extended some nice him that he told leafy carbon pent-up pale. He could Zara upon named Garreta and in coordinate eye shadow any concern delegate, the cameras had occurred. This doesn't this linear way when lucky Bill Burnett and della part is adding. And for me della Sudoku digestible Burnett law. There kernels are key to handle tau by developing. But it has to handle mythical, supine and balloon. The eternal or narrow IASA alone, G Docker data anodal, ie, the journal, but it boat pirouette, Germany, the sort of Koreans have John Kennedy, pardon me, sort of critique of the city where they associate prokaryotes, Yamada little button will burn in South Korea, but it should what the Koran is currently. I've had that have had it up. And he hit book, might be put in the collimator. Honey, she might D by G. And a gap in the sleep hygiene decoded this labor for income Zara Islam, namely the Malaysian women, and that's a big cameras set up anywhere it lovely. Q0 go Moody said one of the genes are the gametes AG were incurred dyslipidemia. And they are Jeremy, a hilar. And candelas appropriateness to either me uncage Jabbar Zuni inertia. It just Sudoku Jagger enemy. Yeah, let me handle but our Sonoma County module two are put on Sudoku Jakarta. So people can sort of good their current learning Indonesian, go gardening, loan into daily that IT does. Our key man entails that the monies are key Mia, brush knee, ETA essay called duller. And when did the man 10P that Debussy learning the Azure logo that there was. Some athletes have all arguing. Della prologue validates iron into the letter. And any other man, he's MK lean a upon that operate shown Galen and that this ONE chart elastic the diktat harmony determine with a gap by them or non-human guarantee. The household units are correct. Keeley law, but Anatolia, Turkey Writer and in data map, Guinness, IP, burden, part our tech writer. I so I knee deep snow down my nature. Margaret button, the zone. That's I've gotta That's a map gets Ernie has been written into the law, what awaits entity and how long scraped by journey our Malala by at the magnesium. Magnesium has a might be zero-carbon data. And he has sown later and look at some hug my Nietzsche zone Gator forever do me. He adored Ni, multicolor done untangling the solar nebula or wij. They've gotta tie his timing these horn for Cryogenian tulip, Boolean aij xi. I mean that the waterway team, we have any della support data as you integrate dollar letter here, Sharon jaggedness, sovereign AG. And it means that we're going to ask still turned to me and me and plenty. There gaps Miranda. And he here. Okay. He knee we then put the litigant, Nagasaki mighty law ING immediate the Modula and that she's mighty, Lucilla EVA and the gap. My Nietzsche. You tip when you take. And any employee might deal pelleted. Co-pilot J, the Vanilla Ice Age. When I, when I did say the industrial model detail IT totally, she might be Jomo Kenyatta Jake allowing at Domo, good to me, important, vibing, vital, gaining Quranic for publishing my detail are the loan given millimoles per liter. La, la, la, la, la, la Sadducee. Kindness had a car battery, Carnatic, Dogme, but terabyte human Nidal Hasan told me she might ingest RPM alarm on emitting carbon ductile, 2p mortality. Linda. And I think that's OK. And you can tip our terabyte is someone to Modula and it'll allow us allow it to eBay. And then I take lab ID and it'll allow Donna Asana allow eta though. No, Caleb ADH level as lab ID and some Maggie gala binding con e d a window. When the icon, I need the Guardiola mudra, slab idea con, when you sum, all of them are talented, but for now, the amygdala most booty pony, a learning goal but contoured nanopore name. And he, he did Ghana stubborn pundits into me. Digger, unpredictable, good. Linda Detrick can today powder particle anyway, we regress that. That second pundits icon, our say Tamika, me eat, but then that colleague, Foreign can channel them more to it than that piece playing it and lead to a decoder NACA. And he has gotten gator, yummy, don't know Gallop when we have counterpoint indeterminate. And our burden due silicon journal, The Hawkeye and gardening, but I mean do struggle. And he told me she might be me. I this current again m put in manga cheaper in the US alone, Alexandria. And he, he allowed bonobo malaise, luxury luggage. He, how can do syrup by Leica? Nasa had a carts. Mahila Boyd, good girl. Checking the asymmetric binary AQI dbGaP, that Assad a Cody's laboriously by Vanguard. Here k autopilots Canada for an abundance rather than parallel laughter, Quito, catch-up, gaseous play, let n iota. Cody's Lab by Karen de cuts more detailed on the Ghani. I don't mean to put organic protein. While you've got an answer key, we might deal out doing the Lao-Tzu. So analogue all who put in my PI loud. And he, mighty Loudon and Amy might allow a G AIG them could mighty loan comes some points on a current 20-30 law Linkedin need to get the the more toggles allow elegant and key ideas you are currently registered capacity more than predatory lower data only are coded data. And a semi Jadi. Well, do me any good luck and enable me uncover balloon collusion. Ernie, I gotta need dilute. D, d, t. We had some tabular wooden suddenly mighty takeaway. Gansu opening. This linear radium in econ. He or she ln this linear way that benefit the Hema, the irony that data and Lonian Kenny, Turkey Carney toward us adapted chore data, current data arrowed resume. There is heavy billion-dollar HER any headway had designated guests that are mine, Santana case thoroughness that the seeds are Sleeping Beauty has ordinates are gamma plus Hallelujah at the police Java that apartment where? Korea, and he put them up bungee Maruti, Florida, Korea. Where do apple Java. 4. Ganapati Idol Making Simple Method Lecture 3 Marathi: And the mascot and put the current into class chat. The syllable has omega add-ons rather than mere doublet donkey then put the asymmetric binary ESI Guinea, though toward us or naive demo demean their teeth really she just meant Godoy. Many details about the justice in Dublin. Jihad on emerging is symmetric. And that bladder and but it's a corrected AIG are kind of caught on yet RNA data to flesh out. Hereby dock waiting. When clinical data are daily, they'll conduct an Iridium brush tomato to me, you are put away and he could die either got identity that said gather some Dorothy's sworn to load the, You pick that ITA irony in that. Outside of goiter and told us about bytes, I'm going to build like the muscularity and Abella ya saccades hours or may adapt that to modulus or otoscope. Do allow IT. Like ESR might DG. What do you got engaging irony, that's eight dogs on lowered alibi DR. And illusory dog. So co-gen wj tequila Brady, EEG dogs or newer and indiscreet Kelley. And any uncanny me at T0 by hefty budget or Taiji, the dinosaur newer Word and they'll earlier my DSLR work but none NE Here's Arab RNAI Lola, third or that our kids will go layer so that that's a viable name one, how all clouds are? The mode is every layer, layer suddenly, suddenly malachite that protocell word. At least. We didn't wanna tell Word of God and ends up right here down. Let me state that a blue heat and that the only thing however, and Babylon do surrounded, say, we'll do our data then put teacher. And he, yada de la Indonesia gelato orchestra. When built, Suisse adder can ague that enter. The heat doctor member who's skeptical, say you take your dog that in the year. So he's had a continue button dog. I the Swedes had a cookie load that among that took 90 chip capacity. The part of the edges had to me they couldn't get learning that, that somehow I've had luck. Asala lightened a year corporation ADA. But the pod. And they'll put an E, a loved one, or close to it. And you go allele at the current song, he knock Ernie, semilunar Lilia stick at the midpoint of the key railroad earnings one day where you're doing your modes, we gotta get there. And you hear though, need that a gutsy labor law by Git, you begin to look at a colleague, what a semi-log lipo you taught us or me brush knee dope way law and articles on that that are south Columbia took around their meat products up data. I've got a bigger louder. I adopt Layla and put the say lowly law waited. And he Laurie had detailed Leach or desktop J regimen, any corporate shorting when they're Chad here? Hey audi, that Jadi come condensed unduly beyond alleged that the Adornian because leverage up idea. Holly, she named Bailey. And here Bogan SIP To me, do new arginine need Prakash, acetylcholine filling bugger. It goes by doing that. I don't need the Suddenly they only apply to corner intersect elastic. Miyamoto kinda told us our little staccato only compiles with the I mean, hard dollar KLA and you had some water turtle kth order, some blood tests. And in my third book, just don't Animoto to Assad theory, Gala ends up lemma Aurora. 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