ورشة تدريبية مخصصة لتصميم النصوص العربية | Kamel Altohamy | Skillshare

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ورشة تدريبية مخصصة لتصميم النصوص العربية

teacher avatar Kamel Altohamy, 3D Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. drafting the basic 2d in kelk

    • 3. design fb cover from the previous pdf

    • 4. styling the 2d text (add more colors)

    • 5. making 3d text using blender 2.8(part one)

    • 6. making 3d text using blender 2.8(part two)

    • 7. making 3d text using blender 2.8(part three)

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

هذه الورشة تشمل كيفية عمل نص ثلاثى الأبعاد



- كيفية عمل لوجو عربى من البداية

- سوف تتعلم أساسيات برنامج بلندر

-كيفية تحويل اى لوجو من الفلات أرت الى الثرى دى

يمكنك متابعة قناتى على اليوتيوب للمزيد من الفيديوهات :

قناتى على يوتيوب

دروس مجانيه على قناتى


Meet Your Teacher

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Kamel Altohamy

3D Designer


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1. Introduction: So let me introduce myself. Money, my scrotum, and I will be your instructor in this close. So this work is about graviton and how you can make and Arabic calligraphy and how you can make any city tickets. And in this class we will see how we can using directors. You can make any Arabic calligraphy soldiers course is made for our because because for his English version, you can check my vision is good shit. 2. drafting the basic 2d in kelk: a ceremony has. How does it feel? Or should be really funny. The fields were shattered. Re has the sencillamente abortion revere. And when weekly graphic design workshops Quintus Blank Winfield watch to the Revere I recommend with We're gonna be I wouldn't have him rough A lot Still to be other No consequence shares. They set him roughly level. Are we A country to other criminals were possible. And she, uh I wouldn't have LeBron arrest photo detention there isn't Has opened in that. Were. Actually there isn't a lot of software. You need a come see him. I wouldn't. Not chemically little feet enough. Thought offers are you are having had in store hooked? I can only talk from here. This Oh theories, I thought Why? After a fictive it a little prince. In fact, there is doom. Hadn't seen Fenical Automatic beer is umami team. Oh, may I was come Seen Question hot You you But okay prosthetic feet issue him. You know, if five we had demanded officially suffer in hell Yah, there is a and it's been in a courtroom. Quinto Dakota Critically. I'm seeing We're is an Italian Dropped a lot with him. It has a convicted about a few months in Helena. No. Right Click on your hard. We other ships off of them. But even kind of things. Okay, Have his junior, uh, potable water. Has he even I wouldn't build him. A trip can be covered with which they were being. Ah, the doctor. No. Has a lot to do the head for. Isn't the clarity busy? It can get mean when sore. And they don't have the ankle with often slept. Remember, if he new homes would for willing potentials, I would Teoh, uh, after 15. You now another fresh recruits. Five. It is better that remove toe I wouldn't own I thought I'm not, uh, shackle offer. Really has it Felton Mericle skin with another. Others were caught. Ah, but in this body, rather timid off Karen stadiums. Ah, and vocally upset if you look the tender for limited about two years way. - Come on. We Yes . Place these effects Way six if you're started a little more off. Uh, kids control really? Bring the kids, Learn the skin. It be somewhere zero to presents a problem. Fine. Saves half of Syria followed this case measures the way. Wait a minute. Wait 3. design fb cover from the previous pdf: I said I'm a lot of time or hotter because there's nothing has should be different kind of cities. Has he here with Tommy? Had earlier local writings E started What color? An idea about a one rating on their color schemes. Please accept in no way I don't have a should be enough. You said this is a loon. We are Schaff. Had the anyone here drink This cream will have been for you, Isn't Has he had a running? Let him. It's if you have the Juninho Caribbean jeans. I feel like I did when a part or they don't have the Has he had fear? Nunes So has once I started writing color over writing pretending in their side is a suffix colors for raids from about over the moon. However, on heaven particle Wait, it could be emergent. Someone had, uh, the in come over. That's cool. Have the tolerance the stock has In a way, we filter units. - It's it's it's really I thought I couldn't help. - It's oh, in this Confused. Uh huh. In essence, regular we But im said you. But Amanda had in the background. Sure, they are usually the default at the moment for sure he has a check. Uh, you have total hardness when normal. Going over. Send me a little earlier. I'm gonna low under fat. Has a short of time control book. It's central. They cover week fatally. We'll find cover. Soto Sabah Cancer war If he mean efficient. Some of our feeble fair warning I took is in a way then not as she didn't feel look big about finding teens isn't that he is under me for two Parent that's predicted have a burrito difference in heights. We do it. The resolutions, uh, started Mr General years. I mean, any size I started lower a guide to clear municipal So we have a right to make yourself comfortable. Predictive enough e vixens. Seba comes up sighs investment every size. If you fix it. Summer home, several with Taba. Couldn't finance it at that. I took a come here. I got a share. I have to do eloquent Mia, it's It's been this very I don't have a hope school. Tell me about it, Morehead, We have a hell. It'd for too few brother a share. You know that's according business Tenement. They're standing and statement shows They're still it bothered a shared her about the first time I feel for you 4. styling the 2d text (add more colors): cinematic more fertile over isn't has a holder status. He has a lot to three elders. Couldn't Kevin Minor off. He kept in a corner and start layers where they circulate His fee. Hasn't losing with anyone, has its one because he's sure some about the control. 50 jets, as I years I still a timid off looks familiar. Control shifts control shifted here a few everything. Control to you, Control. 50 years control Have you here the caliphate and I'm not controlled. Shifted years. There it is. Wouldn't shifted years. Have another control shift. Your attack a happy They're writing some of the others. Eric Lo Fi. I talked about the very off it in court balloon Mayan with off in skill kind of city even the most skilled on interfere in my life and toward the mayor's control. J. P. Morgan above it. Their study group like a Penis with 65 railroad. Has he has a hosni? Is that it? Huh? Uh huh. In a minute. Not a complicated room. And how will you googly layer posterized layer off a smart object car over today and start left Lorne City? It's a problem List a few. You know and still cute. We could be that point with your the look innocent again. Even if he had sadly be writing If he has a skill you definitely mine has a difficult for with him with Dr Lee the access code It is a calligraphy writing of aesthetic read. 5. making 3d text using blender 2.8(part one): cinematic more local has the best. Robert If he negotiated, we didn't start well, writing a lot of benefit of several. We're stuck with futures. Will. What will it cost to the less ready? Uh, he just views out, please. Happy for interviews. For short. He is under isn't as you have thoughts, I think unified. The difference is we've been stunts started. It's coming from the ship after this. I don't feel like another strip and said, We is the differences. I want you. Karesh and weapons play extra model Feminists Safe missions. Edwards shops striking one from joining Area 1300. A few writings. It's kind of Indians R J Finding keys. They're more like Crash Morris Senior Crop After a reference, What are you MBT for? Two years? Play that further in front of you. I m pretty well hit hard in the United agrees. No, I couldn. I feel dizzy. I m pretty far No selection. MBT about cobbler Zelic after MBT with Roy. So maybe that's in your corner hesitantly. Couldn't Bebe And from there toward on tameness daughter to the area. You just called him at him at will. Double our tea is ready for ism in fish. Direct pressure. Have Alina had almost happened? Uh, l A is starting Victor. Fine. How another doctor find Victor finds three D. Hayes. There s a T s and we left the village north. Scalable vector graphics with which haven't must STD trade in a record crop on a shelf in They haven't. Has it been I would feel with stuff? Of course. Be still going toe are excellent degrees. Uh, saves from It's good that but I will. And I'm interested in writing are hesitant. You could have a great that was be in and I wouldn't. It's been three. Have these. It's difficult. Simmer near this communities poor. That's a pathetic country. Things coming. It's It's have parted with the check controlled right click. A good rule, right? We had for the the hottest Sena. What does Helen have never played in court? You're stuck in a fucking if you cut. Uh, okay, Exit route. Just three things. GloFish. Come on. Electable. My journey lens. Hannah considerably concedes a You go to the we have heard how will look to the play with her. Okay, so right, click or control? Wait a moment. Ex itude. I have never come back. There's a cartoon of fear script and just But I'm just I'm just ready to the power of a little injured. In the past two days, even 1/3 will have treated surgically across and save her benefits in a photo. - I just and Vertex We I had only exit would disease. It's, ah, how that was done in a story. It's really been a powerful our ability. Our this is the top box. So it's like a few 100. Well, we will from him. Control is expected. The X you probable control Early fifties so coming. - It's awful way it's on having access, I believe in efforts will be controlled. Come on as he is short because women on toe his IHS stand. You said the door. How would I have islands if you that's me coming. Fever do in 1000. Commission has had a good Roy. And if you can, some of you getting towards you, it hasn't funicular. It's if you could. Okay, Kind of said bad Is Eric, - uh , before you I think 6. making 3d text using blender 2.8(part two): cinematic has through the It has been a technical that she has a good is that owners have. It wouldn't exit, I said. Well, three months, That's like cooking. - It's I haven't seen. It's It's It's yes, you can sell their fish. You to record Italian Has he had wait here in the most brutal murder in and a few square we are treating because it heck wealthy copper mine manuscripts script. Holy Father, Our team. The government of Viktor Fine three d Country has treated three things. Is the action trouble Helbert within the time website? How will Vertex Net? Quinn has an office in one volume settings on user preferences. We have no one that it's split. - It's of course it is. Think about it. Does it have anything? STD's It's for you. - Okay , X In a few years, what was that? That woman has no we control Except what disease? Three prudence. So you're another cool in the court? Vertical CIA. - I don't have a lot. A lot of equipment in the looked on it. I haven't been staying home when the objective and you mish Blaine or exploited agrees with skilled scale. Murat. This one there there has a process control. But IM said yeah, I couldn't birth across a a quick question. Condemns tanking ago, uh, shifted east. We looked up shifted. You have a I don't look to me, uh, recognizing too shifted if you win control control. Tell you funny, I blame our excellent two degrees. We're for not going well, you know. So, uh, doing it's it's type couldn't have that wouldn't cause a condition. That is your telephone. We have a thirst in attaining here. This one of the filters calling business. 7. making 3d text using blender 2.8(part three): cinematic stratosphere. Daughter Maria Henderson Children He hasn't throughout, of course, that I couldn't have winner for ism. Happy in front of you Rotated Roy Skin kind of city. Oh, no. If you know the one head of the skin Eugene's even. Uh huh shifty duplicate More. Okay, - it's has it. I have food. Six at Rhodes House Killer When actual Oy six is good for Illinois has what I did. I went for. Was so called Macbeth departure for seats from Earth so he don't leave from developers. It just and I will see it leaving. Had a Shockley fell in another view in violence she used way Clever started spoiling the earlier one. Talk about the skin on the French. A lot of the recording Let's have that the mission has with We can fix it. So you No, they wouldn't the colors in the picture. Second conclusion. 24 Victor British In skills I couldn't see picture co ordinates. If you'll be victors, it's and I didn't get in. It's a new election. Gruban. That's school. Heather Colors 100 roughness went toe metallic willingness. What about the clear? Could I mean it's been have enough? Come uh, camera. Are you like that from early? So looking with another weapon Fill light. Hello TV even should number 100 Battisti on your audience. This is for you. Have the exact asla had dinner with him? The color, I mean in Charlotte. Others looked on. That recording has indoor a 8. Conclusion: eso sanctuaries for joining me in this workshop. So what you find is this workshop useful for you Kind of give a comment ability or a boast and review in this class. So if you have an inside question for making is this course or is this your true Jupiter can protect me and my mail? Which a beer in this carino and graphic design? Candy. I just want you to return it almost immediately. Artwork on my profile so you can forgive me for me there. So what next? So what next? I suggest you torture my director and course, which is being published on sculpture and now and it's around 20 or and it will either knew everything about the characters on. And he was taking your mothering skills toe. I hope you're doing this for troop.