(مقدمة بركات في تحليل البيانات (الجزء ٢ | Ahmad Baracat | Skillshare

(مقدمة بركات في تحليل البيانات (الجزء ٢

Ahmad Baracat, ex-Amazon Alexa

(مقدمة بركات في تحليل البيانات (الجزء ٢

Ahmad Baracat, ex-Amazon Alexa

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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. المقدمة

    • 2. Cleaning Unrelated Apps

    • 3. Re run Part 1 Script on Cleaned Data

    • 4. Find Common Keywords in Title & Description

    • 5. Simple Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    • 6. Extract Dominant Color from Logo Images

    • 7. Cluster Dominant Colors of Logo Images

    • 8. الملخص

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About This Class

In part 2, we will learn how to:

  • clean the data using advanced filtering techniques
  • analyze text using simple Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques
  • extract the dominant colors from images (logos) and cluster them

Prerequisite: basic Python knowledge and watching part 1.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ahmad Baracat

ex-Amazon Alexa


I am a former Software engineer at Amazon Alexa solving computer vision problems using deep learning. In 2017, I was awarded a silver medal in the Understanding the Amazon from Space Kaggle Competition. Currently, I am building my AgriTech startup Priceless AI.

Few years back, I created 10+ apps/games for Windows Phone, Android & iOS with 300K+ customers and featured by Microsoft in 150+ countries. You can have a look at my games and apps on my personal website barac.at.

See full profile

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1. المقدمة: Linda goes attaining, of course, because that I would have a limited set up bison or conduct varmints is then installed packages with zany notified to extract useful information. Will goes. Detainee dies in normal, get advanced. Roy defies ineffectively applied No. One. Clean it. Advanced filtering techniques when analyze it next titled with Description with Apple maps were heavily started in NLP Natural Language Processing. But I get a simple techniques and get Tioga where Hagar and analyze it Aikens with apple maps. When extract mint dominant color would cluster a dominant colors. Yashin Naroff likens the doctor. And when you start Ademola, perhaps with them I said, Hey, Bob, Feat of design likened it right now. And as I your competitors and anything that like when you for courses de about a kid and animation practical given much of a highway, that would be theory. Piece of tasks needs business with a haven. If you get to have a kid than in business, or will you be driving technical decisions? Syria goes, it goes it to people sitting on the table. Sorry, Shefi steps whenever common men. How would he get a project without course, for I'm sure you have a good thing. Trouble so early on a website that haggard more Emma and Enterprise Entire off limits, of course, is getting the market will follow him. We have also boasts area feel about them and it goes with the Taliban. If you was lies into fruitfulness editing and, of course, applicator discussion. Doubling Wigginton lists emotional stuff them every size in the wreckage early October in the nest thistle Estela to start the conversation on Matin Out the sherry projects with either the Mohammad. We are ashamed by together investigated shooting a standing military for on the project disease. Leave institution and nest for Gary Final ever started in her water resources and haggard here going toe to toe a Google map Burkart with a toilet website today. Let one ahead of a Taliban store on any experience with title Nestle move them. We feel teaching that little unavailing courses part one apart to ensure love ecosystem blowing. Present to connect my Arlington and get off Twitter Dealings Party for the Last Friend request on Facebook clean, and we're going to subscribe that the hotel email will, with name about one and a contented I get email confirmation and advising people subscribe Bustani hanging off. You know him a little more freedom in about him And you want about foreign personality? Use a deep in the lemon peel. Task it regular. And I mean Hamas Rocket today will be their assignment. Has a nobody a shoe, Formally dmurphy Don't know. Hey, we're really gonna before whether the for curry se Koran attend the rocket will be a terrorist. They were really animus on the cool pain when all doctors were mad and defending for lower located went machine on videos can be looking to pause with throughout the house I might have even gotten 2. Cleaning Unrelated Apps: the passion that I have a sore ocular nominee. What if folder double seen on Dana? It filed that there are three different project we feel file and let it be with you in your book now and then. Within the economic environmental his involvement for low dose control Our family back, sir Charlotte commands applicator for Hamad Kama conductivity Russian activity visual environment we have t attributed. Well, Jupiter notebook on Osama to happen direct really happy if he was up there certified for dynamic as a heck uh To create what Kenya create more booked any answer me apart to let us we in configures ok and finally becoming part one type report to pilot any enamel important highly hurt again Hang for thunder's well that a frame check out shape Bordeaux soda Let me No, I never seen a So I did what Chairman? I would live that dream. But Ana Eisenhower ergonomic her initial applications and financial capital Quito 11 over other n b stands for master off Business administration Just a few abstentia. It's my nb whether god human iniquity, right? Not right I get that further Even Google match it N b a The National Basketball Association . I got a national business, but MBI eps over had a phenomenal idea. Create section would filter unrelated ups. Lanham Economico in national one muscle NDF clean Oh, uh, filters a mom and it goes, It will be net and pulled muscles in Hampshire is in it tighter, not contains corn and beans and be most are shaped like a happy idea. Leafy nb 14 was standing naked in a cool title. TNB capital for a lesson in an old law Philly Hello by the North A and B B function. But I got a zero. Never got a little over Father. What? They're gonna any 44 aluminum economic ruin condition d We create mini versions, Tanya. All ashamed We eat a target, Fertilize India or or in a title Yukun Fee Basketball. Oh, in the description Come in. You can feel her nbl basketball Russia When she did 40 a minus 30 40 Tuapse do a little if you men video Label him the He, uh has A and B If it was to be a basketball for question time in the heart, it could that Michaud hash haga Michelle where we recognize internal before Dr Economic Hunger Disease Thinking they re factor Colombia Little off function Tinian Marcelin is unrelated, uh, media row and they have rope in that frame us for deep the hydro with a ploy Abstinent conditions with regard to or forced for McCain Or did columns and recognizing Sally April tightened description with your keywords in the front of mine nb the bus convoy I've seen the cooler column Will colicky worked The people call him the medieval when order wouldn't really two turnovers couldn't figure. And although if key word and the on return true in a widow are inadequate get finish on return force But US retail leader Hey, stop! Actually, Furman can attest it will DF on employee function and I was unrelated A little axes one Any other Rose Bashar columns wouldn't give it shape the tight further than ever in him stool over most probably a enormous And then about 42 Find Shelda within a fairly keen when she did shape with the f clean and I see no although not to the I couldn't and I met on the NFL tops a minor admitting with many a minute material crime scene down the further clean 3. Re run Part 1 Script on Cleaned Data: Simon McLean, England Absentee LEGALISM Economic Don't CREATE SUPPORT one GOES a lower finish Cleaning THE Lapse WANDELL Analysis Based on Net column Quest So you're not really did what you cannot have. It is easy. I shouldn't run could with the music. And I get the about the same notebooks that if I could stop hunger, one can receive the clean and the abs for us or by the for Hillary Hannah food you can go on for size on its part one Taney in And although if that clean but the lighting back. One drunk. No Valentino the menu. What columns am I am I cannot their own quoted Target i. D. The number of Peter Abbs directive or Barba. Then we can sit there fellow. Enough profit. Any other will be tasted. We release year Obamacare on the bus or Barbie absolutely cannot name unknown. Cannot all nb 11 national Well, a profit bunting with this 4. Find Common Keywords in Title & Description: the writing an ominous able foil for a little boy. Thin notebook. Kenya. Where I mineral analysis thing that I don't come about 20 million keywords. Most common doctor Calumet meant Colorado talked to look with description. And I have my key words. Listen to tell you my knowledge and rank high everyplace toe, find common keywords, not smoking it for this section. Additionally, it most common keywords. Duncan Emily on your neck for the title. I'm indicated Cooley Rose without a title values. Now I have bison. I'm and not get a doctor in even enjoying cooler Rosie. Come in about one big string. Well, I'm another split on a simple element poison package from collections in Fort Counters that even fellow man Nikita Normal you'll get up by the end that well, I would often again on documentation on the counter. Most common for that. I didn't stop him for the Hardcastle. I get the Nutella most common words minute title organizing. Who can help the option? Catania Photos decode the function. Define, find. Common your words When it did have text, we're number win return. We're gonna step of them, has a yeah, well, it's my find find common keywords. The idea? Text and media and joined. Yes, Drink. We have split. What's right, guy? Most comment. Number McQuay's. They put a string there, would a number. And with 10 from drug Captain, You know what is in her description? Come in this script option for here. Gather. When did you know I get Get your dizziness. Aloha, Lee. Fear punctuation will lead common words. I'm shaking because in the description of our current activity and with that Okay, from what? The other keywords and half Adam and already 5. Simple Natural Language Processing (NLP): Tom and then the Lana common keywords. Vittoriano Eve show you. But I don't see me, do you? Naive with I Anomaly Handover Alatorre essentially using natural language processing. NLP phenomena the search. Sorry. Um, NLP packages fell eight packages. It's my natural language to work. It's not a state of them. My fellow Boston Ali. Huh? Huh? And later in the day, under 9000 stores this afterlife Ademola store for the ribbon hangem started Emma, We will be together pretty quick for the right to lower my zine. Remove it. Stop words Make and west anomaly. Remove stop words then. Okay, The whole or any Bueller's Day on people The stop words. But I don't actually copy that. Nursing home when run And it became a smoke Gouda The man Kanda stores on a wonderful environment or something. What? Conduct stole and came Carlos installed? No, I'm in the run and let the words alone is in Nashville. You feel feel kinda Let called Lizzie's the effort Example Text Well beyond be creative stop words are they beat organized text For what organization? I t federal left words Vitoria meaningful enough anonymous and lo fi comma Fosler Anybody killed a certain amount. But like an economist out of the bag, a naive young is a You know, when I had the words suspended Kmart, it's gilma will force lowered comma. You can walk that. It could have been rising for Dennis And I get a little condition formula. Oh, by the envy over at the organization that has ever been Maybe create about and be destroyed . But some women, you know, I am Charlotte Words Way have really She did stop words was kind of the same. Michelle Nifty fit up I don't passing Fever machine will get cold titles and agonizing find goodness and titles Yeah, I mean, for dinner can hold it for the oil tractors Marketable Sally So rash And it couldn't come in Tell me fucking other than my own Armindo Another example sent on hold or titles When I'm sorry for what? Everybody can be a military eating shitty five and ineffective sentence for cold figure and broken people Stop words when people want to organize a text that I'm old financial acumen came over in a kid maybe Mission stop word sentence from printing me printing us filter sentence for how wash eligibility in the stock words that end with McGinty. But still it's stuffy. And then I get any imagination. Has a William can have commas more good about it? Another right in this country, you know, ever since she didn't stop words magazine come in high frequency tone prom in the social and energetic frequency where it's and in the henna will be standing frequency distribution . The package for Thailand important from I'm OK in Port the peckish. Call it vicar in hand. I fell. It's taxed highly. How in all the most common? Okay, gnomic. Get up. You can see this with a the most common for grace on a scale of your local installed. Hang off a five and TK heretical comment. Install oil Federal commanded into rising to install O'Hagan Famous Ellen on a condom off with this evil Don't stop words for doing too. Commented on a stock totem Sarah Tiana download that are getting home back. How shiny they stop. Words relate punctuation, hellis eyes initial punctuation Guys in the control of common words calls for a lower off. Now I'm in the bison, removed punctuation on google and lay in the home a beauty point function is alphabet that even though number returns through it all, character strings are alpha numeric, so funny farm in Canada. Hannah when only lies in her country Stop words and word is a monument, but I'm 100. Acquittal. Punctuation had eyes in Iran. It could Allah titles while the descriptions for Madame Copy paste on and create function find most common keywords when anything next well, number, number, number of keywords, looking keywords, the name for better or fighters have a text. Were better trained and returning. Kalinda with a hate A number off que it unable to function D London in the old fighters enamel. All description. Essentially, it's a haggard and convert the photo function. Sardinha all titles. Why is in 20 months when Runda on a description que the hell out of them Have you head where we ate cured? Ham it again for titles. Our common for titans were key words and again, her description. It had any late in, and I'm in Volta Boesel, a DF chocolate that a frame should clean bus Khalida clean. I will ask Tom Watson how inadequate it had started cleaning going off in a book. Raw Deal living clean. We had data back together have unloaded, cleaned us must for now, has she? I don't know for sure Have been import beginning at 14. I don't know the full bottle. Four days Speculators have been import an antique a long road ahead of him again have been given fighters with description minute clean, create function fashion to get in the most frequent word. So which punctuation? We've been rigor, villainizing and I got keywords. 6. Extract Dominant Color from Logo Images: the national final likens with actual Absi. How little I mean, a dominant color would have it now off the doctor and, when common, feel absolute with a haiku. Mafia National Store icons with total and Web site. So where has university greatness lies in the family section? Gilead With local color analysis. When a friend the final scene of the F clean, not columns and let in the cinema and a few column, it's more difficult economic a lot that's in tech Stain but said them head with a winter it Call him name of Bush. Places in a low key space mission out of time like a name should be like a located Skillet fellow. No, Aiken will want to list, but he had a value. Or else with actor I constructed, abstain from convulsed are living. No homos are ready. Like So you know, the Eisenhower had an ammunition alone so that I can see when they intrude. Feel remarking, Kalina told Dominic, Are on a comet social? If I said fine, dominant color image. Feel every small color. See medial filed a bit regarding Adani and will. I really ought to get up on that. Have stars My older becuase most trusted. We started with that poison package manager hand as it has a bingo Jupiter notebook. Normal pip in scholar packages forgets McCarter See in music identikit I'm with academia Goal environmental and haven't done ago A virtual environment from standard package manager in local work on the environment from back in the starting 11 is very here already installed and a color TV got her CPR firefighter again given in your world in acidified for Hyundai and download image vice in your l fellow Ratna Hannah and Evan is very concerning the and started requests the board would like Hello Section she called them. Couldn't figure nobody open Find what indeed or he keeping your and we got off filed requests were to walk into that may take on Dr They don't know they get about I can see when we know Loaded tomorrow Downloaded on the field level Direct frantic tip for index row Those we need to reach out of the frame by minute Index metal row with local farmer Can Atala Aiken A little Pichon have been granted the right to get most of the year When drum this Well, I should will you have clean calling? Small app idea for that fire. Did that fire start in that? Send me if I let alone loaded for I D. Washing machine. You still limit conventions with that poison? I said you're kidding. For the Hagel app idea for her file name. I had a PNG find name. We did. I can looking at the national about Gracie. And would you, like in your house get a 11 total? I'll I Can you r l with after i d been create fine. Been downloaded files have been in close it for better Menard. And if the file Taney madam hand on local farms where kindergarten packaging got a thief of the lemon with was he finds Andy a gamble Our technological for me to get home each color See if I could take, you know in the same hole. What? I don't have a smithy Ingenuity, Dominant color. The dominant culture doctor alone Lutheran of us that have dignity import for coders Thief in the night time Take a fine name. Not really, but five paths where Hagar, waiting in a bottle receive it can end up with the clean having a look at the money in Apple Index. We'll call him for another column. He didn't see me dominant. Gonna I talked a dominant. Okay? And when I'm for you, the higher ups or on boss, a color TV guy, the whole off site Nash invalidated and stuff them in dominant color of the astronomical distance analysis. Any truthful, dominant corridor, horribly and yellow antenna that it's a Halloween analysis with them for hostile them. Not boy. I call it figure in the bin. Will another syntax been would for that? A frame the heart really fill in, Dexter, that colander invalidity in the current international would have created jealousies about economic inequality. Gonna do well with that Bison on the package is not a condom felon here, huh? Derives from the Arabic word that even limit iconography. You're saying we're not sure given a Shinto will be in a time of progress. Board. Let me coffee. And then I looked and I don't know that sequentially how the image image for her stardom package, but couldn't figure and have been import from a condom. The notebook, of course. A condom. Well, best of interrupt it called The bitter cold equals Victor makes you know you would import it. Okay. When? Drum detainee for him. I think I buy widgets about it. All important that installed a I cannot comment out quickly without a shin Matic adulterate around my house. They punish bad lamented I fi widgets started notebook, Ferla. Mama restored the new book called Load and I am really nicely nervous. Important Employees. There's no point as MP five and it can get e Eric Sir Blinder for the money in the whole child if your beautiful self Very cool it, Victor in having all no colander fairly off the object that can happen. Check under the we D types for the new I t dominant color left like objects Vaquita Hawaii . Very hot coffee from Honda. I did here on more food. There will be no one load off you. Progress collapse theoretical. Download it. Mr Abbas in Vienna and Cologne downloaded, perhaps directory with your bad self. What kind of more rooted here in no way have been download them. They create directory. Don't fear famished. Once you get a night already on him, in your knowledge will create the doctor who did it. Aiken's We're moving I had a PNG I can see Take it all over again and I'm a fruit that I ate. About 40. Began it any what? I'm dinner for that I can school PNG's d Looking to buy himself a little idea. Well, I got feta una hamandiyah clean. I saved them in school. Amara, I give it dominant colors that I, my Lord, what I would call a calendar tomorrow follows that would clean nb abs myself with colors what I saved. 7. Cluster Dominant Colors of Logo Images: So you gonna give negative predominant colors was seen on TV and you got a raise. If you have all GB with apple colors elephant, I can see if Victor and available Serena my cell and Hannah and let in the colors. And Coralie told him off fruit type, located at orange. I would burn me, Mr Value started or which he will be Normally. I think the group colors the marble famous Alan. I seem cool. Orangey Bonaparte could last for more about ActionAid ladder that absolutely would came or hit a dominant talking prosper here. Okay with, like Alina's, I'm order together now after 90 has in compete Manistee hot after Hagar, Very lonely. Instead of being witnesses, loneliness, Mr Women were always in a different ship of state and I would have went on your little them hand in hand roar. Nicolo had been doing well calculated distance, like understanding any family luxury definition and had a big bean. The lonely as they reminisce, but not alone over their business. But nice enough launder or of any normal and one of mine. Why can't count cold? The few upset Lizzie's. It's my flat You I colors feel 20 McQuillan Hamadou Moustapha happened the other day. Call us when Ivan Format Energy before for her would myself have a dictionary. How we're goners. Extremity was serving that I'm dictionary and then eyes that were in the green and, uh, a data business or a hockey balloon. Taney Is it forward in blue Overlord? Well, heck us So even Armento helped it later. Cutters that white toe Blackman Nandina, Rajai cynical. A little distance, maybe in any color. Mendel who are actually colors Dictionary landed on a comet. Sir Shala find closest distance between Point an array. Russian Lena Reactive For further eat it couldn't get me in there. The closest nodes. Footnote Winwood's I. Howland as a rage way. Family difference Family Clearly in distance difference in fairly clearly in distance. The area west in a straight line. McBean two factors type politically in distance. I've seen it written on a cold lead. Roles with Paula. Dominant color. When Deep are up. Closest scholarly on Italy struggled Hammond, Indiana By then. Hunter like dominant. When will it cruises? Colors over. Closest known. Any deal so dominant. Better we had a deal. List Off colors Dictionary Not frequent 11 Anna and the values that the dictionary powder list with Magali Index without color for Haryana prudence and me closest color index will close colors. Are you a Bill Colors Dictionary? Well, I did. You noticed There's a lot of index I would have given Index without colored a demon dictionary even give you smoke. Carlos. What in any other? The clean when hot enough old that closes corner hot include this. Call him getting close. Kind of a string of bad behavior here. Alicia and Borden debug for Syria. Get and she left. A number of the mission quakes were left farmers so shallow displayed color poison for the in depth. Either displayed color will help. The gamble is drinking and packages. By the end of the deal, it's college. I ordered image. OK, but you know. But what show When Indeed, Closest colors for 100 under among the print. Violating our clothes. Color blue. Pocomoke in normal board to print Mr Schaefer in the color for the hello Difficult. Raising them on displayed gross scholar That little string, anything that is played dominoes, Color wise initiative on him. The immature had little to do another. Show him that equally shaped Comorian. But she behind that. That the dominant culture Three of us organizing record, three dimensional art and function McQuillan, Hamel. And then I had my main function. If it worked there, every nominee Debbie was Hamid. You call us? I don't mean it's got It could never expanded. I mentioned for her the one affected shape The look a little color. Kida Helinet! What I mentions Fucking easy nominal model Come in. Colors, colors, polish and 53 dimensions. One by one by three in the homosexual. How you have a kid with a shack? Little haven People can arrange one dimensions fell in every three dimensions. Well, Im I talked about color like we have. You don't want to not show? Thank you for having displayed college More Kimber. And she they surrender. When you stop that, then it behave. Almost. How many may I get you? I felt he never forgot. It will come, Sir Rose, she'd brother I don't see vessel in in order. Agony blue bow us on a dominant calendar are finally green over the dominant color blue with a red with it. Fresh requests hated the booking Eloquent degree So I didn't know your three dimensions. For most of us, this area has been expanded. Dimension data show no cell in equal three dimensional lately. In the function the world functions Tanya display image for homesteading three dimensions standing X Worldwide weather What Hair color Final X y man Dishrag Save half of you half hearted. We have us energy the color for being split Want color coded image for the Louisville and harm you in a shed in handy, Carlos got on five What I can do debugging cool. It had to read it further. What you heard on it follows. Hold us, Put it figure banana Hannah again No. Ruhollah cruises colors with old value counts. Value counts with 20 shoof invalids, NFL colander Who can model car or family in the black Common Doctor I get red Blue were Don't forget further. Hey, Dina, hint lower my zine El Readiness A heroin dealer for organizing neighborhood. But I never went back over and went on you much nationals 8. الملخص: you go meet any men? Of course, Europe. We could feeding exact limits. They filter in a letter from Madonna. Complex expressions the function name Sharia. When would filter the roads in the country together? Fashion. Another filled that free Madonna. If Arlen is a needle, I keywords when I try it. Natural language processing. NLP Palace Genital like common keywords Title with After a description with them again, even if you get them for a good kitty. If I live in a zany download files and here I can spit out, perhaps with the element dominant color final actually a device in October way short value comments, functional human action group. I get my body won't let love inside feet.