(مقدمة بركات في تحليل البيانات (الجزء ١ | Ahmad Baracat | Skillshare

(مقدمة بركات في تحليل البيانات (الجزء ١

Ahmad Baracat, ex-Amazon Alexa

(مقدمة بركات في تحليل البيانات (الجزء ١

Ahmad Baracat, ex-Amazon Alexa

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18 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. المقدمة

    • 2. إزاى تستفيدوا من الكورس

    • 3. شرح المشروع

    • 4. Conda تنزيل

    • 5. Conda التأكد من صحة تنزيل

    • 6. Conda Environment بدأ

    • 7. Jupyter Notebook تنزيل

    • 8. Pandas تنزيل

    • 9. Jupyter Notebook بدأ

    • 10. Jupyter Notebook شرح

    • 11. data نظرة عامة على ال

    • 12. DataFrame Filtering

    • 13. تحليل كم عدد التطبيقات المدفوعة؟

    • 14. تحليل كم يكسبون من المال؟

    • 15. column تغير نوع ال

    • 16. رسم السنوات التى تم إصدار هذه التطبيقات فيها؟

    • 17. الملخص

    • 18. ماذا بعد؟

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About This Class

.csv الهدف من هذا الكورس هو تزويدك بدليل خطوة بخطوة حول كيفية البدء في القيام بعلوم البيانات وتحليل البيانات لملفات

Python الشروط: مهارات البرمجة الأساسية يفضل أن تكون بإستخدام

:سوف تتعلم

Conda Environments و Python ١) أفضل الممارسات لإعداد مشروعك بشكل صحيح باستخدام 

Jupyter Notebooks و Pandas ٢) كيفية تثبيت

Pandas DataFrames بإستخدام csv ٣) كيفية إستخراج معلومات مفيدة من ملف

Meet Your Teacher

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Ahmad Baracat

ex-Amazon Alexa


I am a former Software engineer at Amazon Alexa solving computer vision problems using deep learning. In 2017, I was awarded a silver medal in the Understanding the Amazon from Space Kaggle Competition. Currently, I am building my AgriTech startup Priceless AI.

Few years back, I created 10+ apps/games for Windows Phone, Android & iOS with 300K+ customers and featured by Microsoft in 150+ countries. You can have a look at my games and apps on my personal website barac.at.

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1. المقدمة: Alan on Ahmad Barakat for Amazon Efs 17 anos el efecto UK. Her team could travel peak and Amazon Alexa Hubley a can t miss more dynamic advertising and I could tell Tyler Group a Facebook group. It's more Egyptian Geeks went on a date. The orderly Allah Facebook said Ilana Broken Malula wanna on the knowledge way of machine learning data science stripped off Amazon applicator amid content. If you say that the old course will hit the illustrate chur But after course over in and out How cool a hands on who you surely will et any much course that Farhadi the hunger, the hologram we cannot know. Boy laptop computer attack British by my of course and a high William shipped Aurea structured Tory Amman Islam and I will military Zana sort of bison batory Akayesu Avoid Montella Mollema CNA fita Mean Mindy of course, there on a hard Rickman hated in had the our victim could Montini back ways Bison business lesson. No, but are effective code language standing on JavaScript c sharp, C plus plus java shall hearken. Zana set up. I think y it's on a computer is extra high n equals Willie. Been been sort of shackled by the international project. Initially also on loaded data when it to the left and Mr for them Where is a minute dated in Atala? Insights Natale Amaro, Metro Feta, Monroe, Dolla as when a machine for core settler who never make element English Tear Mellish s a piece ever been in terms will get a technical sobbing the other. There are a lot of it. Willamette Self rule Amat Sharma had Commodore all Internet A diamond. What? Turned in English for machine learning. Deep learning data. So in school, Kalinda, I get any about other on her inside. Go with a gold. Larabee. Fecal met most English mish technical terms. Motherhood. She baby record shows side pequenas halibut, senior bucket loads of houses In the course of every day you get. Then Allah extravagant with door Ali. I know sorta get machine learning with learning filled state of the art. Any alligators and not see her answer, of course. And let me know. Well, they may be updated feet. Get them. It's more faster. First, follow the hunt. Okinawa fast ai that later. And if he has a Corso Momineen, Rogel, Ismael, Jeremy Howard that I didn't. Tehran Are Malinga's Alkatiri an effective machine? Learning deep learning with data science boastfully best for it. Hard rock amount, of course, is the He comes courses with them for most Ali and I went houses in the most of it can feed . We'll take it then. Minutes. Belloc Elissa Bedri Aerial heightening Take no paladar. Where is that line? A starter, Bento Tomorrow I'm on a mission General Amazon machine learning can feed Get get busy it if you have talent where I left about the kid ago has wantonness awesome Started in the library is the faster we have Titanium him in an escaped here. But if the courses did parliament go Tullahoma Austin below home date engine Any wholesome ? The daughter Tractor within a data engineer. Well, what a close were minute course. Hang out here and I want a Kalamata. Leave a hotel Well with the city in a minute. While I don't have a single will shake next day me for Sorry. Get the monocle enough. See what sort of toxic and even beside could hear behind Bill Gamma and I'm in Gaza was like it was any but highway Atomic is ok. Mission Little Benet managed to stop 2. إزاى تستفيدوا من الكورس: it is a team show. My, of course, on a scale share Feel about Alicia. In addition, of course, with that she a class project metal foil tattler in it and is the newest Dyson National machine. My discussion. Then move him blowing tie, stiffed her any color from although my in the wisest are so l know ice. They shared a project attack. You start sent by them Hollis, a public council handed to shout out I get going to be a bad Isay that allow by data on the computer with with Analyze who I would talk to. Help get the national feel in Estonia wherever Hagar reviews lower lysine with Carson for disability review with Low Ilaga nearly has sent a lawyer Baga Tahira Winterizing family follow Allah Skill share a shell. A Minister Coarsest Daniel More donation show locked off 3. شرح المشروع: a project on most rural and generally for course, that Hamas Franco German Ali Austin came home that practically given adequate Isiro dela como una Be stated them data academic data Halal android Play store applications on the android. Follow us in a data D and later in the D Data Perret Query problem of in search our place toward with envy for lady title Theismann application with description. If you can walk in a zilla ratings with right now, I can tell you sometimes I would so l equipe debate right committed no crime scene up. Eyes are off minute meeting with him Seen up. Come on them and no home. Come on. Paid Michigan Helinet in a purchase. Eyes are off camera with through solitude Any higher Catanzaro file paid applications The amulet loose at the minimum profit Homa Malu Inside man is zero application David Hager Eyes are off home and assumed application The end fed will tell it. Assailant Howard know Dolly home? Of course. Mr DeMint, Data pipe. I was sort our kid a Russian in this, a little more of them. And get the data demeaning. Also, get Hubley it project. It's good place Creeper. We still live in O. J s session. You don't like daytime? The Google play store. If I don't project the Minister of Internal issue anomaly data into the secret to shape when I'm elected data Tikolo say his aim and his little project connected Abanet heart be column in again on the road Dallas Elena, Elena talented. 4. Conda تنزيل: I mean, I get the more him Atlantean Calamari. Hey, is a set up to start up in environments without Victoria Quays. Janitorial Quays, Yanni. Another audition went out of project. Why in close project that Lee Dependency Sleep packages Tanya will have a 10 year enemy. Take Hollis and probably get a 10 year delay. Have virgins? May she from us in the local food. Example. Muscle and Nashville Kangol competition Follow swarming big package Mariana and Color fears . My Pandas Finished Opened is Delia version 1.5. Afghanistan. Come in camp show wonders had charging a fee. Virgins did. Either. We have one again after product. Did it muscle? Probably national identity with bundles, but it virgin toe animus I Islam and funders in Let me take a product that Danish, I heard the lawyer product over any machine is a technique. Will be Limonov responders. Enough subversion. I is really in a llama target. But the lawyer The ball was also the project. Initiation Election can be backward compatibility issues you can us and Hagar Zil projects but Corbett dependencies. But I time but with the in fact in my chicken feed. Virtual environments on camera fee fi package manager for a local Also and in interest. Seen there's a product down. Bart Calamos Bar Really beginning column about Vittorio in my social Another one over to give Pakistan after project Additionally, eyes before or give them order. I load packages but adaptable versions in lannister site which travel light eyes all the left holding up See how public pension really from men are Salvatore s. Alatorre may not necessarily have ice and we aren't regulated virtual environments with package management today, Ismael Condom Close. We're had little description hand and you're like in a package manager. Were environment Management system clinical entity for had it with violence traditional full on installation we had after a whole has been toe set of the movie. I never said that Mac os, uh, Willamette misses it. Uh, I started them poison Three points of life in three points. I had zero packages would step with install it XIII Mamic to follow a longer I get a limo if you hashing hash hash mercy nor tablet me best when I could have set up their Mac os inversion Catalina in Nick. And if you get economic has yet Leanness in Tel Beiji table, which I believe course would kill em very specifically. What more? And was a man Dwyane was they stole. 5. Conda التأكد من صحة تنزيل: the bottom unnecessary. Many condo anaconda has a different for every step more him in and acted in the conduct installed Correct in Reynosa, NASA for handed Kalala Terminal um, connective Kanda list Takeda minutes. Very condition. 6. Conda Environment بدأ: I am sweaty and in a silicon owner in Uganda, the package manager, Virtual environment environment manager instead of the Martian, there's a big project, right? I z normal our environment and stopped the project began violation a builder Atlas hopefully one of them, and have a killer for 12 animation. And how liquids, they and a big if it had been given agony fossil commands. But I mumbled orally for him. Lay it, hit it in May the getting started incon, um, one of the most Michael Dyson, but meaning Nana for starting conduct managing environments for him. Let him is they create a condom environment with henna, Hopi all and create environment. Asami has snowflakes. Which more? Him Well, I installed package Where has my by bison palette? Knives investing, creating environment Negative Kanda, create name. One idea is on a layer style. It I lived because a heart has sent me Then a d virtual environment. Ramos Ellen had will inhe 37 a deep poison 3.7 Nobody in an old muscle in place tour another Granada Allah will oppose the measure is my have, I reckon, individual environment in points inversion. Lester Cookie, we have any project cashing in a bond because of virtual environment. But anyone that any Hagar must well, honey created well. Call us Calumet, about environment Created, have both who had little negative terminal. And then I hope he will fill based environment any apple environment default. Another white guy Xena. Network filled environment left something for Anamika Conduct. Activate what little Hannah, but the only local. It's my Damani nickname, which will be is involved. Handle authority, fee based Environment minister will be a whole of someone. Inform a 10 year deal hype if your packages but right now versions with it on a little project. Originally Koobus Mazula on Detain him, Mohamed Mazula and Default Mazula and quarterly environment Centennial at a time we are so shallow. What? 7. Jupyter Notebook تنزيل: type in the word Tikkanen is in a condom. Well, now with kidney initial radio woman activation involvement in a big way and indigenous, it packages liniment again hashing enamel. And it will be for data. Science will analysis. But I I would package for him a good then give them, um Ismahan Jupiter notebook. But a Jupiter notebook there in the standard Yanni on a machine that had the family data analysis maybe stop them. Variation. Minimalist kind, humble Asali Doctor will bottom in azalea but had Deco bus overview on leaving standard of Hagar's a Cuba for Jupiter men borrow Hollis Dettori are Russian economic data analysis on a kid at heart How shahada syriac it elegant must move him weapon abnormal Break the code I method for engineering with economic data analysis All house met again Optimize the money and I Islam active Good A guard up agonized roof An output result in a Tyga Asaro it for Jupiter minute hug it And Camilla in Hobe Collina picked a good life life could with a honey from Doctor Rani have maga in horror movie margin so lamented trunk could go ideas I intelligent a Catania atom clematis today. More ideas de with guitar lesson talk to run. We're called the court Iran with hope the money fraternize Best section that Iran people organs market Before I get the election to Dick Vickers a Jupiter Best wise anything give you a Centauri? Oh, hey. Adopted the Leno show toe Go Amazon The latest Ebola Amazon The list of names of cargo blowhard Ruhollah Kagle had little notebooks The hunger the standard for Mafia ash column Listen not off, Mr Farrell Ashamed instead of them in my notebooks and install it installed. Uh huh. Well, our Tyrone both Saleh installed the holy and in a nozzle Jupiter notebook. Uh, mish Jupiter Lab Boredom Stanwood Owen harkening for conduct in stores Kanda install will comment Holy Nazal in north Omo him on You can feel where mr mean had labour won the election and listen Jupiter, Jupiter be attended Al A Pakistani with packages standing as equal militants For them it is babe leave nasal Huguette in intel. Um, a bit nasty. Hagar lamented the project twice to serving package Daniel Hash and defeat of Alaska in package Dele High Command dependencies Formal door Bieber, Missouri for at Centauri or in inte there's it Projects are Russian. My, This will give them Monken winter lessen dependency with 70 back to Mariana the also I get any of his tenure African Kolyma present and get us. 8. Pandas تنزيل: So you better retinas in a Jupiter. And that's the package. 10. Your didn't. It's harder. Colorful attire required packages, packages Kenya. It's my ponders The Lord for Corona. The standard. The manner DeMint, Senator elect Obama be headed Analysis with the tools of them. Hi, Family. Come on, give me the law. Would Damon Paper feta here. Fact National records. Allah, how direct is Allah in head of minute hunger for two minutes to cool off? Mean? Haley, let him sell them for the relative ponders. I haven't had a fever here. Data manipulation and analysis effort. Intimate load data tactic will entice Tamela analysis Table is I excel Killed Who dictated to stardom Poison Allah, Shanty, manipulate or till after data A hellish road out of the total light inside Celente Thank hominid Dated for election. Install it, Kanda In store pundits for four wicket era. Well, OFI package one true errors Gigi sharpening azalea conduct Stole a small packet China's my fish Google Linna Ill ill volatile model. We're gonna have a Lusitania. Accola hated Lee. Also the following new packages will be installed. Benezet bundles best heaven as offenders recording independence may again without having to get inside my friend related technical. And in an employee, the package Memogate, Bison Larkin and in an umpire Virgin Tenure to the light. The moment of installation. I don't know him. I mean in in the Olympic nested hangover with Mr Wada with early then as labour go a virtual environment wise Lynn Honey, forget it. 9. Jupyter Notebook بدأ: Hagar more Him or her machine? Have Achter the whole McCallum Sheikh Tirana Hager Allah Abdomen had been Dr Lamott. Mr Has Bean for writing a goal. Catania bus. That kid going virtual environment e another right If it desktop the directory Best off. Create Director Geeta did hit Elena. Uh huh. Analysis with Artie With death a tactical financial letting go of direct Righetti the deal . I hope the project They would have a family. Russia Halal in notebooks Eonni Mechanical active feet Could one notebook while Russian. After Huawei. Anybody head I did there. Um China. Which minimal others. The Hyuga Leanna, Um and more him in Jupiter. Big Old Another witty create local server A sort of a computer attack with servility Interpret Interactive My hominid broth Allied attack in Willbros Dehecq haggle Tanya in the location. But I had the any Nestle letters are for local host the host computer with China with the link on national or local? No, I stick with any idea Each party I get any ammo? Him Lawan eyes a lot of servility. How does control see moderate in considering? Still with monetary freshly page For how we have seen who knows, Able witness if you know them. I am Jagodina Inaugural in the notebook list is empty. Graduated directory. Phil, Phil, Phil Direct really created default from a flashback for having Lamkin upload in battle. Mr. Obama, project that smile and be a better uploaded them Annan Nicola Phenomenon Hard rock Common had been Copy it middle McCann Leffe Lind Director Titan with hey Band Granada Desktop location. Wow! Milner lists on late foil. Listen, Ellie off and get a copy of the terminal finder. Emelin Taizo Best move him in. How we call him Upload. Busted. Ofelia Sala Editorial Convenience wasn't even haggle. Tania and Hanna create notebook. Did incredible Cutler on the Hannah among on or off of it and move him in the virtual environments. Cooler environments. Lana McCann, Virtual will Elena. Me alone should be a fairly new book. Dig Where you at? Lahan about Doma Cantillo Huguette Diseases Event three that will, in a virtual environment. Three people voicing three British respectable three point Hagar. We're driver competition. You can goggle competition but the environment is recognized internationally with an awesome one toe in Barco Still involvement 11 feet, Ismael, huh? Then 37 We'll play stored analysis which more good our sinful options with other in economic begin all the Jupiter Arifin free environment get either more powerful options for land. Obama Lo and then about half is Get back to Mars and Jupiter. Notebook Inside virtual environment I have got a minibus, a commander level already one of the leading Mr Mishra's house. For what? However, comment. Be old. Install a user and know him in nationa. Environmental Nfi Hope The Hollywood Basement Full name benefactor Terminal targeted. Finally getting busy Environment Hockenheim machine broken Believe holot tenacity I get busy environment for mature Fresh for Kenya Rushing home Almousaly for henna on active it any environmental and I Yes, sir. Hey, Evan 37 This is find other ways to virtual environment D no, um after Commander Kulenovic take of IOS mint projects on our behavior. I shan't mama to the sweaty hot filling service because I am a shortness A What happened? Eliminating Jupiter fella Monroe, Fallon oum off route Nearly event 37 Play store data on us 10. Jupyter Notebook شرح: hell, I definitely What is a in a shoe for a virtual environment? Recognizing her banana Hannah election we have there. Been create in notebook for Tyrone Video for Olivia Solon phenomenon. Abu Ghida Terminal had thought Dick updates Libya's officer Tom, and create little agreed on that safe but yet lie, lie and needed saving files that Mohammed Basada Medina to look in the Boston shuffler loss . What? I learned a lot, even for course. Animal Notebook. Water bus When Sami Ham Analysis Pre Limin area on us darling Possible So sorry on a notebook climate is a in Libya Some preliminary analysis that I smell last checkpoint after more received enter the disease. A virtual involvement Ln a few a circle The, uh we're equal rights e but Royal alone I wish had been damaged, which had been election damage saga. Which could mean what I don't look package But let alone has worked the manner in the field work that Eliot had thrown her sweet fee. Can Colonel can feel oppressive? True. Other notebook. Demo him again than inside of that for a country more opium, Hagar or it could be run with Lana. Toronto has the right of your kernel item. My fish. I ate anymore him. Colonel. Colonel delighted into shape for dynamic leadership. You know them code that front end a beach? It could maybe Iran. Hannah. Beautiful server, Iran Gawker Phantom Toe effort to restart it. The mundane inte had a team Sakhalin had little trouble into tomorrow. We could have Elena, but variables with that memory. But I get the chip looking restored to shut down, restart and run. All Yanni had restarted. Kerner with Ron Coolest cells and column cells. We're going to change the colonel. Any Children environment right here. Right now. Hamilton. You know him? A sells. It could fit Jupiter notebook. Couldn't head tackle the section. This myself find myself a fee cell. Been important they had hijacked Selvin Lotfi had data. Well, heck Gaza itself The internal contrary. Order it. You know X equals to Linda the vein making it a lawful when Israel attacked making a run it . Danny, we're rockin be lawyer. You'll ever sell you bet you you've been a d f her cell. I never met her. What I call my sitter. Yeah, you I might sit the executions listens because But I'm looking out of when you do, you get the money in the deer on its ability. Smart of Sheila Osama bin it. Namely, said Iran for no Smart District. Can you confused Daniel? Around five. Mom Can I cut a based cells? Herakles. Ayman Eyes it. Hagit Daniel Mohammed shortcuts the metal hanging women for hire. I love computers and then Tecun, but stopping short. National Daschle Au What In the heart of the hurricane mouth Section two. Rohana induce Iran. The little boy isn't it harder restore it commends an associate in a short castellana. Best out of them off the even hair color. No. One. We're head no and I, Zahran said on away finally had those shift enter for higher on it. We really cellular body Lohan eyes off. The livelihood was control and Isa create cell for cell Enough! We unionize the runaway father X equals to examine. Have if we acted from day, See Ferhat life or worktable in ice Close control. Enter on it. Isa creates LTT e g. I. Get back together. Have any either delete salty active Dede Martin Adduced Medium Oddity Marijuana Go itself in a variety on a see Bachmann Moscow's enough said, and it looking out on it. Pacific that exact could go ahead. Do center bus for the health where the cursor going, Get locked up. The Getting a election and attainable command. Mood Commandment. Holy Fellini at Hard Rock Oh, hark cells. When Sahar hope itself or sent produce Escape plan of escape Forget command mode for God Will a outlaw for a D. D and I would just enter while ago. What, any marketable? A nice call us again. 11. data نظرة عامة على ال : on a really bad worked in both Saleh Data for action. Best off a cork or Chamorro should know. What did the judge know? Salma. Holiday data The gave it Men play store Android Play store the mom and the search Other nb for us for a cool Laro Dear app Minute APS titled How this May description Come with Mozilla gets a kid a Sarah for digital managed. It will be four core Kousseri antennae and Namen a crudely dated He only had a folder Lashinda leafy gam a notebook slash value. Far more continuity names that according to the I would Hager import Bendis. I mean, she they had a lot of head vomit. Why, then an old agonizingly loaded data de Goa data frame and she only needed a friend on the seat. SPT not read Allah. Shannon Data DCs v. I have been reading Killer we and the money the money flowing toe are poison Have been important. Package D Havas. Alias thing media is maintain Yashin, Natasa Russian Culture School A more active pandas over the introduction of old pandas on and the file CSP eyes loaded into memory will alarm and naked was seen ago that framed in a big way whole exception. What that whole table Landis title feel description. But after 30 been of school, ponders Haliti, I fit and subtly Foda header. The Washington Luna marked a bold one dinner time in your brain called Machine, working on both sides. Hagar Fenosa Hannah had little in the way you handle bamboo cycle in the body in it's called him T. Any human would ago that a friend so may be display. We'll let that Alicia and more. But us. We have a history and description. Bordeaux. Those are black. I will get on a family, a bus in a decade in the haggle armadillo. Deluded correctly by benighted minute data, Lanham knows if anything comes up ready and Latino, come scene Such a role. Where did the money or being called haggle about the L A capable Sally almost identity columns that the columns look over about Damian 12. DataFrame Filtering: the variety of fecal No. One. If you tell a sailor magazine Austin the project Almost Production Road Ali is Sue Ellen. I will come application Mean Colin Applications and had never seen a paid mystery way. Homer released. Enter Webby Armero. Flu said the home. A pit lane in Hatfield. Close. It haven't really had a ribbon partner feeling Hammerschmidt again. Cold It columns the initial again. Call that a friend Fashion Really hyper upset on how old and what's that high right now in historic columns, Best met again for handsome me muscle and columns. Uh oh. Felt, oh filter columns. What mean Find 1/2 at least tighten. Come in it anymore. Him free home I released When Truth together. Don't take a food order. Breaded columns home gay and I is the f left to sort that out frames motionless. Will the DF filtered? Did it? I have a whole daughter frame. Best alone. Could they got the best of columns he had with the columns? D. Wade Davis. The columns a lot. A lot of them. Well, then it occurred minutes or a broken glass had head intact. Idea. Argument between a nice came at that organic came out of a solid career going for high bond title. We have free. Will a tour false would release date with Vitoria or left them now may be next door columns more una agonizing, then sent experts in the demo him. 13. تحليل كم عدد التطبيقات المدفوعة؟: So you've been waiting Reminder that the cream over time and the school I don't know that I was well with Al Pete. APS sora Haastrup has area. It sells for notebooks. Jupiter Notebooks Don't anybody on wear tight? Behenna? It sells the united a cold one Contempt a mark to market on my colleague Tom. Text addicted text built the model Phantom connected test. What On it? I'd be shift in Tokyo. Can I help if you're heading that I rolled over a normal had a quiz. Will the section on dollar Ali Island, perhaps for an old number off maps. I've seen the filter and that off. Remember, I get a limits free. It paid us. This is a banana together about hotel bar appletini Asami that frame paid who are have filtered three of a small call. A molecule or not? Not for vice They vanoc either on the paid the marketable Sorry. He said the APS paint without syntax. Belinda started in two Russian men Cooler Rosalie Buddha Although had the bus I get a blemish free Duncan A nod off December election Could self document given a lot They got hot comments in the code enough soup. It I two editor from family. I wouldn't number off, perhaps. Oh, uh, length without bid binoculars. Write that comment. Mom, Can Hannah up? Yes, I will number off. Paid APS at a LA analyst screen. Hey, yet hole in variable this second. What? Andi, The only number of paid APS sit together. They're not ours were victorious. I waas Ottawa's area. 14. تحليل كم يكسبون من المال؟: no matter what you have written a number off paid upset the rising across well, about gonna create some 30 who am one of command mode. I will let mark down well and eyes. Although Allah minimum profits till after the time it profit that the Russian asset the enema and dish information Hannah feels that a criminal and a material filtering that I get And I'm a big added come walking as it was sad right? Come with hidden as it, huh? L It's my minimum stalls Apatow Peter Columns in an ISA We price will have to be around him low on ice around cooler Nothing but the law, etc. The minimum profit behave I'm in is a good idea that a friend a list Well hello. A Nizami column. Get it? They call him the Sesame minimum profit. I would call him the whole. With the F B number of installs, Allah will become more massive. We price please. This is a very me way and points that Lee Alicia and who will be the utility vehicle may a minute revenue will be able rockets eventful as in profit 400 rubber. Seven points blemish more him well, every the end. Alien Weitzel head firmly in the minimum property. Possibly know the family meeting with Fidel. Syntax That was salad, Taney, Old Medina and the page column is enormously column. Giddy smokers will call in the auto, probably in other than installs, it said. It's a very familiar, totally calling. Getting with another kid on have left their even profit. Little absolute. I'm Lizzy. 15. column تغير نوع ال: So you head where we're at dinner. So anything need for us to tell about Isand Now off applications released and guys in the plot distribution but are released it for an old muscle on Release it distribution Must Lincoln Mayfield ever come in? 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