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Основы рекламы на Facebook

teacher avatar Aleksei Komarov, Russian teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Лекция 1 - Вступление

    • 2. Лекция 2 - Плюсы и минусы рекламы на фейсбук

    • 3. Лекция 3 - Что нужно для запуска рекламы

    • 4. Лекция 4 - Запуск первой рекламы

    • 5. Лекция 5 - Рекламный аккаунт

    • 6. Лекция 6 - Определение аудитории

    • 7. Лекция 7 - Оформление рекламы

    • 8. Лекция 8 - Фейсбук пиксель

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About This Class

Как настроить рекламу в Facebook? Почему этот вид рекламы наиболее эффективный в России? Какие у него есть плюсы и минусы? Как правильно выстроить эффективную стратегию продвижения? Найти ответы на эти и многие другие вопросы, связанные с продвижением, вам поможет этот курс.

Несмотря на то, что Facebook - самая популярная социальная сеть в мире, она очень недооценена в России, что дает возможность получать качественный трафик за достаточно низкую стоимость (из-за практически нулевой конкуренции с другими брендами). Вы можете тратить огромное количество времени и денег на запуск рекламы на других платформах (Yandex, Google, YouTube и т. д.), но конкуренция на этих площадках огромная, а потому очень сложно привлечь внимание потенциальных клиентов и, как следствие, получить желаемый результат.

В этом курсе вы узнаете основные принципы действия рекламы на Facebook. Он подойдет тем, кто не имеет опыта работы с Facebook Ads, но планирует использовать эти функции для продвижения своего сайта, блога или бренда. Мы познакомимся с двумя типами рекламы, а также разберем, как использовать огромное количество данных о пользователях, которыми владеет Facebook, именно в своих целях, чтобы при одинаковых затратах получать лучшие результаты.

В курсе 8 лекций, общей продолжительностью 30 минут. За это время вы познакомитесь с тем, что нужно для создания первой рекламы на Facebook, на какие моменты стоить обратить внимание, как создать рекламную кампанию, при этом поставив конкретную цель, чтобы в дальнейшем ее можно было оптимизировать.

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Aleksei Komarov

Russian teacher


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1. Лекция 1 - Вступление: pretty. That's we've seal. We'll see soybeans This in the book recordings of alleged bullish like Hot have Sex Possibility. Yamagata will probably because, obviously, but your 15 minute livers, which comes at a Give me off the mystical esteem. Opposing economists. A clam in a Facebook. But you more Facebook. His book. Buttercup Register. Let someone shoot location on a strict a requirement on, and she leads a demon Sam with that stupid states marketing on evil eight. Osama bin Laden Silence City Where I see stop the special took a conscious, turning traffic repetitious card. So stricken currencies give me Come find me city up the poles It seem you would still it must again. And today she require me potato pave. Let's of course, didn't go another gift. What Pharma? About the mystical ice tomorrow. Smoking cream wishes to it in a static Erik Lamela Facebook here Some new Rosinha Far Monty . Now what you say is a prescribed control. Later it everybody would result started. Attraction is very upset. Stomach or Facebook picture. It puts you monitor butcher Shop in the mall for his book point in marketing 2. Лекция 2 - Плюсы и минусы рекламы на фейсбук: closely in Minister Facebooka Facebook. Some of a political society city media could use a registered driven. The bullet broke me out of the Children. Is that you know? Certainly one of the deportees would say you for his book. Still admitted some of us today. CIA Group in Uganda Freddie makers off the Amazon, The milk a company. But that's what it's really like. A micro switch yesterday to climb on the Western Alayna. It's biscuit. You log off, it'll buckle. Buckle on your point of view. Minister. I need sir. But knocker little notifies book was to buy. It means to redeem bullet puller in silence. Nisman was look of stodginess. Cream wishes. That's darkness. The host Facebook on the payment is released at the Guam. Catalonia started complaining of similar Miro by item and is duly sumas Most natural physiological on one of his book Enabling the Stupid last year Is this Lena They meet this should a little start talking patella was a prostitute. Glam cocktail would never try marketing company libation storage requirements tables percent in the community. But there that issue that fucked story. The street naval age limits and business majors. Oceania. Nobody enter called Estonia created target hero, his Virginia system that the critic llama Democrats are regulated through those trees over eagles. Dustin, everybody of items Lucci's still produced a practical day to watch Cowboys status almost a Legislature supposed economic hardship, for a statement says Stone missed off his book, I should Get Christ Emit a cynic. Remorse is a Pacific Klum. She was a gentle states to believe. Dean, I usually show you told you probably create another Villager, he says. The people kaitlan people in here there is of that world. Stone Mr Glow in Sudan Business meeting. Hi there, little commando to video. It could and I was up Wishner. But you obviously oppose effectiveness. Status of Dr but hysterical glamour was a major tips to sell you winnable, but absolutely has no. But we she interacted on a Russian website. Yeah, provisioning canal on instagram on my introductory between Oakley ent off attack Dalia. But it's obfuscated, glamour origin version of when you might stop cheating. Cowart said that we keep examiners never, but it's something that doesn't keep a positive Facebook vegetable. My good things about the climate promised in Virginia, but inside McCleon but on British. But the more you sleep when you look in sports that Facebook State of Virginia knows international up when you might begin a whole, it's about on cable slash Washington Sending TNT, you guys just dependence is the absolute Guam. Was the slates failure he has the city was 90 bullshit on Kiplagat filed analytical program in college to Dando, God be multi Get if your brother was satirical, any Congress sure up his look. So just to deride about with economic growth and encourage so done with my cast about poison such total like late year. Absurd. A native community area. But the authorities Police light photo similar position. Una Even if his Booker Online attacks every island. Reason you he's lost first, regular cars in California said to the piece of It's a bit about the words assassination, varied money. Facebook murdered, of course, enough to let older many wash his dimension of the holder, but with us, it's exile imprint illusionist, but he just gets gladly. They seem in a ballerina, sinisterly Facebook. That equipment must be controlling selenium. Most requested only at the ideas. Lucia, explosive off kind of right neighborly. Attentional you totally stable business. No, I think it was. Kid was teetering. Still yet Catheters with your key. A more common thing. Quit eating every smaller. It seems enough both around. Talk about the day of the Walmart. Probably with the same street. Somebody going with me Dream yet ticketcity partial step Facebook Because it's virtually glamour even at the auditory Russians that you don't get taxed at only toady. Yeah, pretty late Conscious for a new bus. Ladies start subordinate Retargeting. Here it is called a story at the crashed into traffic. But I gotta call Facebook in years. So overpopulated c w or Chinese Korean set chief when he's got a shot. But the more people have been and the story came Morton Apology that is retired. He got as they give me Isn't I'm interested in West China? Premier Yandex deliver ca 3. Лекция 3 - Что нужно для запуска рекламы: It was a pretty common on Facebook here on day one. Listen, account of his book. Is there any surrender itself? You store grouping Paraded? Yes. There was a group of his book, The monster than years of this training. So abuse is considered a serious offence booking you boo at the new hood because it, of course I was suppose is this training So my mother, when you see whoever it says that as a team study needs but that is three others in a great big llama. But the entity agreements is then year off his book. But can yesterday was at rest day, Mr Any So Nijmegen straight, sir. Opportunities to them. Look, there's a little bit against the insulin Nationa Business Options Toe Monica Legislature Waas Mobile Battery Boy Beastie, Your religious cure Others The Bush campaign because I was presidential politically entered . But Kostunica is the same mechanism actually will do little to boost the opposite category in a visual here that you keep a pros first Facebook and imposed. That's fine. If everyone settle, number goes to the strangest union. Emotional, stubborn anyone you dispose tonight is after skipper of our He has another very strange, so I never really had a food. Does a positive step mark that we did? It was to strain. It's a legislative response, but the move processes that astringency or chicken and do portable radios. They're running the but you have a tube of law school university catch. Tonight, person yah is a potent emotional bullshit. Please contact any account and geeks. Asylum seeker appreciated Revisited in the post cut over the scars of Abbas if Russia, whose logo potentially religious devotion Graziano's pyszka like international, was strange. 4. Лекция 4 - Запуск первой рекламы: is a possibility. Club it up, straining to get over usually like East in contact is up. Only take Terry Morton says that MP Rory Glamour around Eugenia Pasta. I wish number unusual. Not a solemn Delia. Italians neighborly. If you're killing people. Requirement Yes remembers numbers Turner. Should it in the sense that snow yeah, auditorium I was sticking. This tendency Is that the cheese messenger cynically into me? Stop. But this George, noticing the strange, says that no post atoms with Hitler's in your boxy living bodies. Instead, Shia labels today show correct. Gloria Shatto, Richard remind you it was a radio open Silapa Goodbye together sports constraining civil. Most of the political kinky video A prose for most lazy approach er posted publicly at Silverstone. But me by everything economical. It's not issue proclaimed public are so is this nation and sister sound wanted? Yes, that date is up is committed by my Facebook here. More dinner. You know, it's never but it said even this additional Managua My body, my useless you collect so suggested President Post even a ppd cramming business. Cricket. Silly But at the publish in your village honesty family cards he had very commendable, but it'll save seem. Tim. Texas has also been strange in a Facebook it store three comma Does washpost cutter beheaded by everything number smelling. It would really get to know it. Tory Qatar lumbers number with fertility. No composure. He s diverse possibility guys Pneumonia said they would call you a present from also from a guy division problem reception Deluded Qatar ability We should've laid you bullets Slim a King Billy Bob Prisons embodies sort Why could come in here with reposted? I'd like you stood on the hood, he said Privilege, Auditory, stable Neo Brendel Mr Radium study Is the Children like it was supposed that we were mostly progress? It's like that special be this training So it's the Boehner support shell over the millennia. Animal pasta, Swedish It's it is glamour Buster Facebooking at the sap Xinye are now organising undateable Stupid. That's ironically empty percentile on my surgery. But every moment she agency But wish I had the chance. Devil Stone is the international corriente me valley Oppose most importantly grade likely cough? Yes, Living in the Sochi. Yes, he was, he said, in a more reasonable online platform. It the We mostly to that prevent ladies facebooker with their adult, said his book. But because it's partially clogged with limited in his rush dedicated auditory Qatari Scary issue. Ochlik to pass. Okay, it paid would never say it. Don't start, Teoh said. Eric Lohman booed at night. It's done with the regular. The musical chairs of Tom Stuff is book coach. Debris plays with Lester, but it's never platform. American heroes took Interrogate City on public pressure to three million cattle imports with liberal society by some pretty sporty bullshit. Facebook. Because a lot of the climate Jim chocolate in the Australian city you just bought for in the congestion sure that sell cocaine aside whether it would sell over. They just they showed very calm. Facebooker verbal Is Russia targeted on a military jet? Greedy categories label she that I have the stick a little from a so called but Russian custom they looked inside is official Pakokku Gillibrand ID like a teat of it that fucked state benefit. A clam with these, it was announced. Never done any jokes about his training. Yes, there was no extra Nitze taste. Pulitzer intercourse silly, neither. Mr Tom, My sugar is raw data. Scary issue. There's the brush is a pretty quick, very quick mustard, a slow start believing traditionally with the adversity. Yes, replacement rate number on corporate Dash is said. Mystique are just propensity. Kwamie the Luggage Naval About probably Great first product. Gillibrand. Stripper. Slate of eternity for quite a bit of a stallion. It doesn't say Very glamorous. Imagine I as publishing religionists. Cliquey I was about Oh yeah, humans. That's a different side. The typical vitally at a deal. It's a little more stable. Getting Facebook ERM ugly is achy. Providian of Russia Auditory. Have a delicious sell. You really holding co auditory in the tournament that enable us lost the chase for some procession. Me, this traditional poster group. It was the Eastern over Julia. There's no she do it. We call instability, basically enter state television. Mom says that nobody told you, but it's absurdly after doing women, you know, is one year a real temple. Do you mind his days? Facebook. But it had cars due to climate eight years up a scum yes, devotion with variable and quickly. But between the custom money to to quit, Oklahoma at mischievous account was implicated. The sexism there is. Obviously, we couldn't get a real pleasure any Arab or a would be writer commission. Do it. I would murder Senior prank. Oh yes, they were probably the most school overfill ideas. Do the whisper Quinn. A more stable, but it must call for a story it a glum with the presence of commissioner. That is little too. But look at sir. Yes, there was the issue. Just get ready and comedy about border. The news little bit emanated good and it's just don't know is that you mean you're dependent? Everything For his book Cigarette in Vermont, Super is not presently magic Incurious zan Interest, temperature It was not visited. Number sports was step of. Actually, Islamabad has a little committed bullets into him, but it will need a divided like also Kaloogian grantor instigated Sebok. When you published, your gift is in tatters. No problem is the assurance of toe to shower slows number really key even in cases of immediate Russia auditory a late over. There's no problem. Interrogation military. You can be not so Study where most A big meekness secretary a fortnight auditory, most actors studio. He told you. The buyer with a point in the corner. What else would she declined with? Because in the city, um, the thirties and simple Italian are most easy. Curcio you don't use needed to remain today when he's released the Ochoa cartel because of that not or mustard kosher car. It was got Russia all Victoria attraction on the because of related it doesn't yet at the colleges Tell Ajay. Qatar, ordered by the Russian, was ever also up a delicious problem. More distant, incurious, semi secret. You told you people Osama Strategic Lama, the Livermore stillbirth, Mr As missionary common. What's quickly Instagram Pinterest, Facebook. The emotional trick Llamas obfuscate. Parallel. Nate Um, first lady cabinet on a moment. Mulberry strategies to image it. But check wizard still believe d I'm not quite budget. You would get in here. Tom Cookie Caper is retarded. No more stupid net activists in a brand new Kadima college to like off. Yes, the weakness was with me the use of auditory. He's really said edited couple Cheney, like of energy, post of taking care of your most noble thing meaningful. There's no stopping When you told you that when you concluded it was virtually me kind an opinion used evolution. We photographed it, districts, that steady checklist, Any photograph if DePriest was obviously was rich. Kamoga Bush with Staples Center. Very prominent dog. Most of a bit of luck outside of similar mule that that Facebook somebody lit neighborhood . I wish that strawman Afriqiyah Easy as there are musicals do the absolute or Chinese at Vicky. This teacup pig, like a little post conditional, is live on Newsnight Prevent product over there than you might think that I should have stayed with a comma. Those could cover, but nobody guys digging, Eric Lyman says. Avoid reports, people, but I must very numbers and treated for a shoulder toward you. Article separating you use it the most miserable, still wasted history. Most people, which is a document. 5. Лекция 5 - Рекламный аккаунт: article on the account. Evil but steady. Stop the bullshit does to pick up steam was more Sister Mary Graham of Facebook a month a terrible trickle on account. What she does the agreement and we can go. It would be the geopolitical me is that imagination is very common account. Even Positive s manager that was a pretty clever and natural woman says that no will combine you measure My happiness is dead even by them standing suitable. It's silly is this is a silly no longer bullshit. If seeing Europeans over the patterns to thinking about production was that my amiss at us , Matteini has not encouraged itself. A bags. You put your inner dinners now with dignity, etc. Cetera with and challenge us, Monty. Will it? It took Didn't look atyou. Gaudio's that I missed celery climb over the catchy body Wasn't a committee this washing random, then very common police dash No never lets us know where the nature within the stream used money. He was really into me when he must know with Agnew's doofus marginal Sally wasn't Obama's Brenda here what? As the remembrance of the search at the pocket that partially glum got most abortion college to a lady incinerators and you're doing a musical chairs of Tom. Stop. Remember, there was no I am Mr Brenda for his book. Bhutto's led the Economic Very Timid means vegetarian catering. Auditory Qatar is apartment two year. It's Mobutu's nine People tournament. Buckeyes it principal Katayama Facebook out there. I think it was a really immunization, scary ex civil organic zero. It's an activist. People is totally in a Lamborghini in the past. Record. Oklahoma Losing my name was Brenda pilots. Eladio Bullets killing poison Italy. The extremist in your boat Boucha that could have focused their climate because they were points with plenty, concluded its There's no store company with which that portrayed enable should have heard that because of the climate taken by me slowly, she group. It's silly, but there's no training. The critical you Papa Derek. Totally anti cattle in the it cool, but problema issues possibly as a show me. Are you a good strategist? Romney with rosemary interational problema in the premier Children called Should could be eager to off Coupet Manabe Smartphone, The Hannity Show, Coco Magazine One must surrounded leisure and yet doesn't company. It was broadcasted common immobile into slogan, the alleging and more excluding people. Points which was looking at the company over Deputy police Time about chocolates. Met Sally is Katara most never been able about that issue. Terrific. Enteric Loma Qatar Enough, Renato. Stupid Politically. Pretty high pass. Okay, people, today another site. It is trainings. Lovely journalist. As a better stammers to publishing. You have the chance to public arts too. The east is then you Busta people Virginia for his with like it connected with any questions. He is the very clean irritability and leandro it really I always the one glacier, but they get no pleasure in here. Revolution Callisto, press moderate medio under your Christmas tree video. That's the vision of a fish critical. I'm off Facebook here taking your a sedative. He s fellowship said at a separate check. Most noble said it is so far Internet pushed it as the main pathologic niche to police and his partner for sitting premier Chick Elise Elise blocking. Get that the boot or Julian. Almost every city in your your little boy pillows in the distance Relation down there was signed up until age Saretta the public most in in Tripoli premier pushed the Kenya. Really? Can you do? It? Is a professional military former approach relations for months lucidity climb assisted system, the foundation. You know this is the way to a wedding begging. Insulated about on parade traffic, I could see what the press corps infantry, facebooker today sports with clean and articulate platform talk. His bookmakers there was bullying his history. Mr is read out of that stadium pretty good. Here, come here at the funeral Manchester Timekeeper. There boys attribute Is it that the people Nats and the D's, too that is spoken by a double, are surprised to still use its value practically the sheikh integrity, the clown most interior. It's not traffic politically in English site liberal opponents and the decently Facebook up but states in production tomorrow is national catalogue. Minister needs the most insidious train. It's a business, and above it a very loose look Brazilian magazine typically interpret, really respected for his book Convertible stability Teller 6. Лекция 6 - Определение аудитории: grow popularly possible, but it's a dick lemon with bodacious and issues to be. Since then, the group of evening in the face after many Premier no still technically. But the movie Don't Say traffic got bad news, some of his personal in a germanium production. The misery statistical to the luxury common when was apprenticed Desperate Test Terry says that ugly it was required would lead as the auditory eastern interested. That cookout, doted diet bullshit is a doctor. Most impacted exports with optimists. That's a pejeta, almost palatable. Stupid Facebook. Some of their own may bully thinking medical. I'm not even here. These little boots that described me as a cover I'm cut my company. Can I return to go into a table? It s delicious, really. Sinners number it could advocating here. A truck traffic side Villa Genia Messenger believe what's up? Everybody with bottom side. Why do you keep up with inflation shining slender shops at the Danish Escape? It's understanding the stopping the negative, silly enough can live on a boat watching Disney. Yes, Mrs Little shared system stubble mortgages has, like music article on the Have you any clear? No. Editori stupid participated with Cokie and sending it Photograph it aborted in which really guys pneumonia from South Virginia was volatility to watch Strickland, for the Qatari puts it to me just to Sochi with Easter's chorus decried. What a great incentive Julie exterminated lasagna on any sports. Attila Parker Imo cancer These record upon in any spasticus stroke of lasagna up a sweat. Good in agony, Jinnah tones Bush. Kerry admits to the most part I'm not going to be responsive advantage, skill, creativity that then melts Abboud from just open the military could insist on your doing. Is this treatable minuto public debt ceiling? There's no but the respiratory when you're looking with option curiousity. Mr No, the digital Eric Lohman was them. I missed. There's not with another shitty, but both are dirty, some rustlers, nobody climbing. He is the one that nobody just stay in business. Um, the rules of was mostly immediate. Off she crystal in the autumn, specifically anti acuity. Virginia. They which key approach you, but it's staying somewhat. Really? No pizza. You must create a kilogram clean, the Pettiness said there was no comments. This new people cheat component dictators like Austin Adam. It didn't show me the damn clock at so much squat conventional trouble about pretty boy Justin. Look out, Sir Stokely intimately Colombo A bullet No premier across toe caused when these girls, if he used to put us in a dormitory I didn't smell and enjoy it The literally Leon voters but was love you on state advice. Tenacity in the starfish It is too picky and I'm emotional, but it's just not steering the ship in a premier in Libya tdc a full list of lamb kookiest music most in Newcastle That little holding conservatism Let the interests of a medium But Mr on a pizza Senator view story, don't it? Secretaries they seem instead wants to discharge that live emotionally. But so you told you. Told you the about. If he should not border it time over to Syria said the very ground with because it was the symptom. Kabul Open thesis Apartheid. I live among Muslims. Must was told you Sammy showed in but the most deluded These idiots. So one of the hardest material Skinny civil. But she shares a little business that I think you didn't Auditory originated in China steady If I was no good gorge clustering in targeting her. Still Facebook you because of a decline with Jim Come Oscar reissue of a 19 the available arrested extricated glamour remorse Just opening at auditorium Most and above it it is Country keeps rising Nova Scotia cool was group A number There is a lot of thought that they were imbued that little that little placement taste Mr They clambered. Bailout, sir, was drift historian kookiest about audience network in messenger Orbiter and logic but most of temperate climate Wishner Good. Didn't I live? You didn't mind than your check ship? I should get that. Should it come into its orbit? College study that damn toes about a click of power Ship care split the chest. Madrid The ever adopted is that cepa Cosmetic? Obama blood. They even wasn't really Big East. Cut the number of cylinders in a formal chain. You state opinions artistically. Keep us. Okay, then we use me. But I must adjust their religion. My so called a bar ship care live apart communities. There is the custodian said, but I am press more. That's it was strange Facebook Because American with Jim Top alleges that grows Castagnede . Was it double cooperative? another company with most just because of control and senior level. Shall we story? Because Lammy of his book, The Left Visit um give leverage it in the premier stably mostly posterity. Ghoshal Most name insure glove inappropriate at a bullet let out early today, even yet majestically combining that he couldn't do it. Sitting in there continued Easter, but most of them are supposed to locate. Confess Booker. It was the Karmapa occurred around a minimal crew. Bullets was the now live in Sochi. Electricity was to become a slanging match. Change, please. Book Stamatopoulos. She by item was got 80 were Mr Devotion with 30 is that it was Let me give options Day would say clammy Western. So circle believe Kanchanalak. Measure my own Prado's. 7. Лекция 7 - Оформление рекламы: at Oklahoma, it took more prettily. So auditory is digital recording watches. Colchester says Daniel Oklahoma Such always be ram. Strain into a temporary calm. Avoid because of it. Sir, Is that Informatica? Mama, You can. Yesterday most of the experiment here. It's money really modernized. Rosanna Illy video was that Jesus Was Moses is that was a family instant experience. This is the biblical story in social site. Er wouldn't know a traffic. No organism on Facebook. Italy. Lots suitable. The point is with us because it's so safe. Our Facebook was not ready to ask a lady shortness of anatomy at Michael. Let there was in Catalonia pros and dozens experience. But I was doing me the objective for marches recently by the Virginia Caliber Videophile statistic. You got a local guides? Facebook. Which of a president is that the video chimp rose to Captain Cool but the most It was his videos. I complaining to recommend you step in the naval. No, let me near the mystery Ambrose to photograph repeats its side The destructive photography class that got home When you mind you photograph, it does not mean Dexter. If you choose to be objectionable, imagine Facebook more Just knew Eternity Diploma is joining Isabella's. Any contact with him on a boat? You should push the Karama luxury motion straight cutting. Could Lakers do it with the people in here? Julian Univeristy instagram a dolly the elected. You could even steal Sochi of what? You just in a text? The gym was noticed years ago. Look like this tiny motion The backbiting orchestration ist year Because I can't with you so constraining. So there s cars with Sebastian collage any? He is the second after, Let me know the Marchioness training. So Australia, because that's so cool. Mostly stayed in Daniel in a contest with the Empress of these two. Katharina Petrova. So what's the jicama Ghetto measure? My input. Your deed? Ekulama Private? Yes, that that they're very glamour wasn't straight, sir. The process, much as we need the stitches still shares amount. Separated Commissioner is the temperatures boards in my financial training 8. Лекция 8 - Фейсбук пиксель: Facebook picture competition when you're really our Vittorio MacDonald Dennis most to change to see here serve honesty Victor Keramika Nesta facebooker Even sweeter ethic In the instrumental Facebook picture just to the court picks it Facebook pixel at a lemon cooler cattle evermore Just me to Savannah cars The string Societa left excutive Anybody in imports of Italy saying For Monsour Katara pasta pies speaks era most with famous person letters Daniel Bully A thickening the climate company at actually targeting was motions Difference book picture This condition start in a special picture. We went there with a pleasure. Yes, lubricious liver show beside the striking surface book He s released on the recognizance Iraq Finally virtually picture condition A vehicle that is most approaching those to get in for Muncie Smarter, debilitating number Civilised satar It is not of interest. Now it's qualities Present it, damn it! This is the neck llama off better because you just measure it by submitting a site at the most with absolutely store Gordon pathetically intrepidity industry needs the valiant about of casino But this kind of a circle Kupka attack daily let you go to solution By the end of his persona at Inter Muncie model, but not sister. That's Montana Pinero. Facebook pics it six years deposition a lot from cited its security and to see that in Vermont. So customers New great stadium stolen notices that nobody climate combine you revolution trafficker can National Memorial is animal, but it seems seriously There's no talk. Private are most of us president since I, Monsey, Cattle Facebook So but also show Seiter. Putin says that the auditory for his books on Planet is You did see a procedure decider people. Michelle, get it. Move Nigel cut Most numbers show option. Serious of a characteristic as a gym is. So where is it? Leap of the detail double receive about Patricia Initially secretary Cuban prison were pulled change Now while you told you that a bunch of civil But it says then you combine you will be ready at a proposal Editorial people change in America, which is if that. But it just is that camp I knew. Stop in a primitive version button silent corriente stolen yesterday A little bit of Christina monetary slicked back. Okay, animals of which really about relationship. Anyway, those numbers should remain about too much. Ilka coated Bono's no brainers kit. Car activities, physical beat that about them. Switch you with the data goes and which year places January 20 Animals, Verza and to card a pleasure. Facebook sample Director Vittorio, are Pentecostals separate? DuMond, stop it. Legit. So important. Sending Clinton stubbornly to sleep. Okay. No, it was what you facebook me for? Dinner at the whole w on a problematical Amador KTM material member of society. Get the body out our house. 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