*12 Minute* Lunch Break Craft - Stylish Soda Can Bowls / Candle Holders | Brina Brunaughty | Skillshare

*12 Minute* Lunch Break Craft - Stylish Soda Can Bowls / Candle Holders

Brina Brunaughty, Globetrotter - Online Teacher - Creative Mind

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6 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • The Why (Part 1: Why in the lunch break?)

    • The Why (Part 2: Why crafting with a soda can?)ft 3

    • The Steps (Part 1: Steps 1-8)

    • The Steps (Part 2: Steps 9-13)

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Hello all you creative souls out there,

my name is Brina, I'm a hobby artist and I enjoy painting and crafting the unconventional way! At best: together with YOU!  :)

In this quick and fun crafting class, I'm gonna show you how to transform an empty soda can into a really stylish little bowl or candle holder in just a few simple steps.

While we're crafting together, I will explain every step in detail and tell you some useful tips by the side. 

And the best: it's super easy and won't really take more than 10-12 minutes of your precious time, so even if you're really on your lunch break right now and just started sipping on your soda, you will be done with your stylish little bowl before you got to be back at work! ;)

But hey, of course you can do this little craft anytime - whenever you're feeling in a creative mood and want to relax a bit (trust me, doing this is sooo relaxing) while creating something extraordinary, but you don't have much time: this class is for you!

As you can see (in the picture), I've practiced crafting these can bowls quite a bit and depending on the design / color scheme of your can and the way you weave it, there's a huge variety of different designs you can create. I'll show you the different options you have! 


Content of this Class

1. Introduction (01:39)
What's this class about? What are we going to do and what will we need?

2. The Why (Part 1: Why crafting in your lunch break?) (01:59)
Why crafting in your lunch break is a good idea!

3. The Why (Part 2: Why crafting with a soda can?) (04:40)
Why crafting with soda cans is a good idea!

-> If you're in a hurry, skip the first 3 lessons and start with:

4. The Steps Part 1 (Steps 1-8) (05:50)
5. The Steps Part 2 (Steps 9-13) (07:06)
These are the main two lessons of the class as they are covering the actual crafting process. Let's craft together!

6. Final Thoughts (03:15)
What can you do with your soda can bowl? How can you clean it and where should you store it?





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Brina Brunaughty

Globetrotter - Online Teacher - Creative Mind

Hello lovely people,

and thanks for taking the time to look at my profile! :)

I am new to Skillshare and just creating my very first class at the moment which is going to be about a very extraordinary art form: painting with coffee!

And my first class has been published!!! Check it out here!
(This way to my regarding class project!)

If you want to find out more about me as a person, check out the 5 things you should know about me:

- I'm a creative mind...

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