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*12 Minute* Lunch Break Craft - Stylish Soda Can Bowls / Candle Holders

teacher avatar Brina Brunaughty, Globetrotter - Online Teacher - Creative Mind

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Why (Part 1: Why in the lunch break?)

    • 3. The Why (Part 2: Why crafting with a soda can?)ft 3

    • 4. The Steps (Part 1: Steps 1-8)

    • 5. The Steps (Part 2: Steps 9-13)

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Hello all you creative souls out there,

my name is Brina, I'm a hobby artist and I enjoy painting and crafting the unconventional way! At best: together with YOU!  :)

In this quick and fun crafting class, I'm gonna show you how to transform an empty soda can into a really stylish little bowl or candle holder in just a few simple steps.

While we're crafting together, I will explain every step in detail and tell you some useful tips by the side. 

And the best: it's super easy and won't really take more than 10-12 minutes of your precious time, so even if you're really on your lunch break right now and just started sipping on your soda, you will be done with your stylish little bowl before you got to be back at work! ;)

But hey, of course you can do this little craft anytime - whenever you're feeling in a creative mood and want to relax a bit (trust me, doing this is sooo relaxing) while creating something extraordinary, but you don't have much time: this class is for you!

As you can see (in the picture), I've practiced crafting these can bowls quite a bit and depending on the design / color scheme of your can and the way you weave it, there's a huge variety of different designs you can create. I'll show you the different options you have! 


Content of this Class

1. Introduction (01:39)
What's this class about? What are we going to do and what will we need?

2. The Why (Part 1: Why crafting in your lunch break?) (01:59)
Why crafting in your lunch break is a good idea!

3. The Why (Part 2: Why crafting with a soda can?) (04:40)
Why crafting with soda cans is a good idea!

-> If you're in a hurry, skip the first 3 lessons and start with:

4. The Steps Part 1 (Steps 1-8) (05:50)
5. The Steps Part 2 (Steps 9-13) (07:06)
These are the main two lessons of the class as they are covering the actual crafting process. Let's craft together!

6. Final Thoughts (03:15)
What can you do with your soda can bowl? How can you clean it and where should you store it?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Brina Brunaughty

Globetrotter - Online Teacher - Creative Mind


Hello lovely people,

and thanks for taking the time to look at my profile! :)

I am new to Skillshare and just creating my very first class at the moment which is going to be about a very extraordinary art form: painting with coffee!

And my first class has been published!!! Check it out here!
(This way to my regarding class project!)

If you want to find out more about me as a person, check out the 5 things you should know about me:

- I'm a creative mind and self-taught artist (I started drawing as a teenager, and got addicted to coffee painting just lately..)

- I consider myself a passionate online teacher! I've been teaching my native language German to students from all around the world for 2 years meanwhile. Now I want to try out digital... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, my friends. My name of brain on. And I'm a hobby artist. And I love to paint and craft the unconventional way. And I am here today to do a 10 minute lunch break craft with you till if you're on your lunch break right now, chances are high that you maybe already had a can of soda. Or that you still gonna drink one. If so, good for you. Because I'm gonna show you in this lesson how to transform. I thought I can into some really cool and stylish. Little Bo was candid. Horner like that. And if I know you're on your lunch break right now, that means you don't have a lot of time and he don't have access to a lot of tools. I'm gonna have some good news for you. First of all, we're gonna craft if little boy within 10 minutes of time. And secondly, you won't really need many to earth at all. All you need is this. Of course you thought I can appear off sits us and a cattle that will see you in the class 2. The Why (Part 1: Why in the lunch break?): Hello, everyone. So here I basically want to tell you about the Y off this court from two perspectives three and quick. First of all, you don't have to craft in your lunch break. You can do it any time off course. You would experience the same benefits anyway. I came up with the idea of a lunch break craft, as I know that many people, often hearing the breaks from work or even after work, have a problem saddling down their minds, they asked. They caught up and thinking about problems that occurred at work, and their thoughts are not willing to leave their minds, not allowing them to find the wealthy there after annexation that they need sounds familiar by crafting. You get the great option off, letting go off your nagging songs and very for a while, and focus your attention on something simple and relaxing instead almost like meditating. You also get to activate the creative part of your brain, which may even have you to find the solution you've been looking for all the time. And after you're done crafting, you can return to your work happy and I just and motivated. After all, it may offer increasing motivation as you just gained the experience that you were capable of learning a new skill, applying a new idea and even creating something often within just a short period of time must be good feeling. 3. The Why (Part 2: Why crafting with a soda can?)ft 3: once a friend asked me Why would you use trash to craft with so I can't ugly and be known in the garbage? This statement made me think and s. I assume some people may have had the same thought. I want to try to change your perspective on it. That's why I want to raise awareness with this class to the global waste problem that we are facing today. And it all starts with our own attitude and behavior. See, the main problem is that as we speak, we produce way more ways than our planet can handle. In our modern societies, which are driven by consumerism and materialism, we constantly consume an overload of products which of course, become trash to another nature. I just want to show you a few statistics here real quick to give you guys an impression off how serious is actually is. And you can look at all of this up. Yes, left on the Internet. I am here on the website called www dot the world counts dot com. So let's start here. For example, there is actually a total off 2.12 billion tons off ways them globally per year. At the moment, 99% of the stuff being trust. It's not even half a year old. We think nothing of throwing products away after a short time when we get bored of them. Or they look brand new anymore. Or sometimes chef, because they are not trendy anymore. The same with foods. I don't know if you have an idea how much the edible food have check out daily, mainly because we board more than we could eat at that time. And additionally to our products we consume loads off packaging, including classic bags, much of which is totally unnecessary. And we all know what happens to all the stuff to the product in the packaging. This stuff is going to pollute and contaminate our soldiers and oceans or two floating around, causing lots of problems for wildlife and humans alike. Our environmental footprint would force stated to be 1.7 on the previous page measure of humanity's demand on the earth equal systems. In other words, we would actually need 1.7 Earths to support our current way of life, and they adhere if everyone lift, for example, a lifestyle like an American. We would even be in need of 4.6 planet Earth. That's how much over the trump we are. And one last thing I want to tell you here. If Earth history is compared to a collender year, modern human life has existed for 23 minutes and we have used 1/3 of Earth. Natural resource is in the last 230.2 seconds. That's a wake up call, my friends. Okay, so why am I showing you all this? And now that crafting with so Dickens would not change our global waste problem, I just hope that this class will bring your awareness to this issue. And that's so much you can do. Firstly, do some research about it yourself. There's loads of websites with information about this topic. Do your homework, educate yourself about it and question us. Debt is cool. Your own approach to waste. Maybe we can become a little bit more mindful and think twice before we throw things away or actually already before we buy them. There is many products and packaging materials that can be either recycled or we can reuse them and give them a new purpose. Remember the future of the Earth is in no all hands. And if we are open minded, creative and innovative, there's always a way to turn something bad. Such a trench into something good. I know better boat from plastic borders or a whole house from last, but it's Or why not start small and craft A beautiful little can bow instead of floating in the ocean. This empty soda can now serve a brilliant new purpose as living boil or candleholder, though. What are we waiting for? Let's create one together in the next video. 4. The Steps (Part 1: Steps 1-8): first of all, drinking soda. Cheers. Okay. Okay. The first step it's wash out or empty soda can thoroughly to make sure we went out all the sticky soda leftovers. You can maybe even use, um, dish soap if you want to, depending on how dirty you find you can to be. And once you're done, place here can upset down somewhere at best, maybe at a funny spot and let it dry out for a few minutes, planning to yourself a cozy little spot somewhere at best at a table. It all the materials you'll need. Yes, so they can off any size, by the way, so larger or smaller cans, I find you a pair of fifth of and Takata. Now we want to cut off the top of the can using a cutter. The cutting line should be between have and 2/3 off the can's height if it the larger can more towards the half to have more control. A place I can sideways on the table pushed Takata into the can side and trying to create a straight cut around the whole. Can he care for? This is a little bit dangerous. Also, don't worry if it's not perfect with stay going to even it out in the next step. Once you've cut all the way around, you can use your Citi us to separate both parts. If necessary, the top off the can can go. We won't need it anymore. The next step is again pretty simple and straightforward. We're now going over our cut whiz assist us to even it out. By cutting off sharp edges and corners that the cattle might have cost, we're going to minimize the risk off scratching our self in the continuation off our crafting process. As this cut won't be visible in our final boa, it doesn't have to be 100% perfect, but it should be s straight as you can get it. Now we want to cut the can side and even strips 10. You think ls is us to do this, we're start by making the first rate cut from the tough towards the bottom. When we continue, we want to try to make more cuts in the phone distance to each other so that all our strips will get approximately the same with actually depending on the way you want. You can bowl to look like you can go for it, senator or cigar strips, but as guide number, I'd say there should be around one centimeter wide, which, if, like, 0.4 inches. So now you're basically going to make this cuts around the whole can side until you're done with all your strips. You can see I just cut my eye. But if you're new to that, if you may find it hard to create each strip in the exact same wit. If so, you could also cut the can side into four even parts first, and then again, touch each quarter into around five strips. This way you'll end up with 20 strips, and this is what I'm ending up with as well here. I have decided to not speed up anything here in this tutorial. We're doing this together in real time, and even if my working pace is an in a bit faster than yours, maybe, maybe not. We're going to finish this queer Kemble within around 10 minutes, definitely before your lunch break will be over. If after a while, off cutting you feel like this is really exhausting for your hand, just put the can down for a moment and relax, as did insight to. Sometimes you have straight lines or text on your can as part of its design. By cutting along Zeev, it's easier to create straight cuts. So take advantage, Johnson. Okay, my friends. And once you're done, you end up with a can bottom with around 20 strips your job if you made it to here. This step is easy peasy and quick again. We want to follow all of us trips outwards or town. And by doing this, we're going to end up with something that almost looks like a meta son. Huh? What do you guys think? After we bent on a less trips, we got a really good access to the former inside off the camel. If there's still any drops off soda left, now is the time to wipe it off. So it looks all nice and shiny, and he won't get sticky fingers in the next step. 5. The Steps (Part 2: Steps 9-13): Now you got to decide how you want to finally can boil to look like. Do you prefer that kind of flat room designed that you can see on the left or rather, the more curve bowl shape? As you can see on the right, Just take a spontaneous decision. The following protests were almost be the same anyway. And you can always try the other divine data on us. Well, though, this is going to be the most important step. Now we're actually going to create the bow shaped by weaving the strips. You will maybe finds us to be the most difficult and time intense that. But it's also the most fun one s. You will see your can coming to life metaphorically to start with, we just grab one random strip with our left hand and bend it out and over the strip to the right and underneath the second to the right, you can use your right finger to hold the strip in its position. Abandoned in this way, the colorful bank off the can will become visible from the chop. Now we take the next trip to the right and bended over its right neighbor and underneath the next one to the right again, we can you throw a right hand to hold everything in shape and get what now, exactly. We're going to continue with this and the movement until we're done weaving in all of our strips every time we're going to take the next trip. Following a clockwise direction, pulled it over its right neighbor and underneath the following strip, you can use your right hand to keep the strips and their position. Try to keep the Benz or kings around in order to be flexible and still be able to adjust your weaving pattern in the end necessary. However, if you find it hard to keep in particular the first trips in their new positioning, you can squeeze the bend slightly with your fingers to stop. This trips from slipping back. But don't compress them too much yet, or it will be hard to correct eventual mistakes. By the way, planning on the exact length off your thrift, you can have your king forward close onto the ken bottom or further away from its and I. That depends on your preference. The main thing here. Synchronicity that I A bands have the same distance to the ken bottom. And now you're already in a good idea of how you can Bowl is gonna look like the first trips may have been a bit difficult to weave, but I'm sure meanwhile you already got the hang of it. And you may think, no. Wow, the weaving is really not as complicated as I saw. Maybe it's even so much fun that you're going to try another one later on one off. And once you're there, try to stick the last trip into the gaps that you will find where you started a few minutes ago with your very first trip and Viola, you are done weaving my congratulations insist step. We want to even out the room by making sure all the bends in approximately the same distance to the can base just started with one strip and then check all of them in a clockwise direction. If a strip sticks out too far, you can just push it in with your finger. If the strip is too close to the can base, you can use your fingers to pull it out of it. If you decided for the fled room designed like me. You are now finally a larger screen looking fourth hard and fled the room. That way, if you go for the round a bow shaped try to remain the bend around, okay? And once you're done with this tip, you should hold it pretty evenly shaped. Thought I can bow in your hands. Almost done, my friends, before we can finish this that something quite important to do. We want to make sure that our Kimbo is not going to fall apart anytime soon. Right? That's why we are going to turn on a can around. No and Ford, the strip ending on the back side of the rim. You could already watch me doing the first few strips. This is really easy again. You're going to start with one random strip and he forwarded 180 degrees exactly where it crosses over the strip trades right from your perspective so that your phone it's kind of encases the other one now from both sides. And then you continue anti club wise and you're done this. We have to hold all the strips in position and give a little thing a bit more stability. And this shouldn't take too much time. And once you're done, you can call yourself the proud owner of really cool and stylish Kambo. Yeah. Yes, I know. I just told her you were done. And now one more step where this is option and only interesting for you. If you go for the flat room, shape some people as you're finished. Campbell upside down on the chamber and use your fingers or even fingernails to press again on all your king forwards. This way, you will make sure to get an extra flat brim. Um, yes, we are done. And look at our beautiful re side. If you went for the fled room, your bullet should look someone like this one. If you win for the curved room, you should have a both somewhat looking like this one. Either way, I hope you're can Bullet turned out just the way you like it. And I'd be more than glad to see some picks off your craft in the project section Thankful crafting with me. And if you want to find out in what kind of ways you can use a little can bone just watch the next video 6. Final Thoughts: So now that he's done with all the work, what can you actually do within it? A craft. Well, that's a whole bunch of possibilities, in particular the curved shape of great with store, basically anything little in it from jewelries doing stuff Fisher, or even that treats whatever comes to your mind and the flat one. Well, I'm not an advocate for smoking, but I have to mention here in particular the divine with a flat room, make the perfect party yesterday that my favorite usage ever canda or tea, light holder and F. You may have noticed the 3rd 5th of our Ken bottom of curved. So Jeff putting a T light into the bowler will not give it a good hole would to create an even surface. I have figured out a great solution. Just take the lid off a big water container and placed it in the can base. And if you can see if it's perfectly and it would have your tea light if it's straight in the Canada Florida instead of rolling around, if you have some dust on your soda, can you can just rent it up in the thing or write it off with a Wetklo. You should avoid to fourth pick your liquid stuff in your can bone, so it may not be so easy to get rid of. For example, melted chocolate stains from all these narrow gets and forwards. You can store your candle inside or outside, but at best in a dry and secluded spot. Too much sensual and may cause the colors on your can to fade. Too much water make or thrust, and too much wind would blow it away. O k. My friends, we are done. First of all, I want to send you one more big Thank you for taking the class with me. I sincerely hope that it was a good experience for you and that you're happy with your little can bone or candleholder. Don't forget to share eviction the project section and feel more than way. Come to let me know of any question sauce or from end that you may have. I am still new to kill share, and I really do appreciate your feedback a lot to you. Food, maybe in another lunch break craft class. Or maybe check out my coffee. Panting Claire's as painting with coffee is something really creative and unique that you should definitely give a try. 500 0 War Marie Guns and all the best you bring a