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(OLD) Decide Whether or Not Creating an Online Course is Right for You

Eric Campbell, eLearning Expert | Location Independent

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12 Videos (48m)
    • Course Promo

    • Introduction

    • About Your Instructor

    • Online Course Fundamentals

    • Common Objections That Stop People

    • Benefits for Yourself

    • Benefits for Your Students

    • Different Uses for Online Courses

    • Required Skills to Teach Effectively

    • Amount of Time and Money Required

    • Conclusion

    • Sign the Create a Course Commitment Sheet


About This Class

Check out the new course on this topic titled: "Everything You Need to Know Before You Decide to Create an Online Course"

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This course helped me to gain confidence and an understanding of the reasons why I would want to create an online course. Each video empowered me to consider the benefits from both sides, which is something that is important to me as a content creator who aims to create communities. I would highly recommend Eric's videos. He has a friendly, informative and focused perspective and I feel like this is an amazing course for anyone considering taking the first steps into putting themselves out there.





Eric Campbell

eLearning Expert | Location Independent

Let Me Tell You a Story...

My background as an online instructor started when I was 13 years old. At the time I was playing an online video game called Runescape. One day I wrote a guide on how to make money in that game, sold it on eBay and made a couple hundred dollars. Ever since then I have been hooked to starting random online business ideas.

Then fast forward until I was a sophomore at Penn State University. At that point one of my random business ideas was importing men's...

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