Discover Online Classes in Photography

Portrait photography, lifestyle photography, photo editing, and more.

With phone cameras only getting better and better (remember when camera phones were a novelty?) everyone fancies themselves a photographer. And with platforms like Instagram as a mainstay on our home screens, taking photos to share has never been more popular. But, just because amateur photography is on the rise doesn’t mean the basics of photography are any less important. Photography classes are a great way to not only learn the fundamentals but to sharpen your existing skills.

How to Teach Yourself Photography

To properly teach yourself, sign up for photography lessons. Check out free photography classes, or courses specializing in photography for beginners, to get started. 

As with most things, you do need to start with the basics. While your phone or camera can technically do a lot of the work for you—adjusting white balance, aperture, and shutter speed—knowing how a camera actually works is important. 

Then, move on to photo editing as that’s the final step in producing a great photograph. There are photography classes focused on editing, too, so consider online classes or researching a photography school near you. 

The Best Online Photography Classes 

1. Photography Essentials: Understanding the Basics


Sean Dalton, a travel and lifestyle photographer, teaches this class that walks you through the basics of photography. You’ll learn about camera settings, functions, lighting, photography style, and more in under two hours. 

2. Fundamentals of DSLR Photography

camera man in nyc

Justin Bridges shares the basics of DSLR photography, including how to use the camera, what to consider when buying, and nuances like ISO and shutter speed. In under an hour and a half, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to operate a DSLR camera.

3. DSLR Photography II: Understanding Lenses, Focal Length & Shooting


Once you’ve completed the first installment of Justin Bridges’ class, go even deeper into the world of DSLR photography with this hour-long lesson. You’ll learn about portrait, object, street, and landscape photography, plus editing tips. 

4. Fundamentals of Photo Editing

photo editing

Here’s another great Justin Bridges class to take once you have some great images that need to be edited. He discusses everything from what to consider when editing, to performing creative edits, and fixing common problems in just over an hour and a half.

5. Building a Complete Photography Kit: Cameras, Lenses, Storage and Tools

parts of a camera as told in photography classes

Tabitha Park, a product and food photographer, walks students through how to build a photography kit. She discusses camera bodies, lenses, accessories, and more in eight lessons spanning a little over an hour. 

6. Learn Adobe Photoshop Like a Pro: Advanced Techniques

photoshop editing in photography classes on skillshare

Artist Cat Coquillette teaches you everything you need to know about more advanced photo editing in Adobe Photoshop. From teeth retouching to removing objects, she goes through it all in under two hours.

7. iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone

iphone exposures photography classes

Dale McManus is a professional photographer, but he agrees that you can take professional-looking photos on your phone. In this under-60 minute class, he talks about different settings to use (and not use), shot composition, and basic editing skills.