Have you always dreamed about traveling the world while doing what you love?

In today’s economy freelance work has made it possible to work while traveling. You can have the flexibility to work from a remote island or your family’s summer house– all it takes is some planning. If you’re thinking about doing freelance work while traveling, or even trying to fit in more vacations than what you’re used to in your traditional 9-5, here are some tips to help you take the leap!

Build your client base wisely

Use your network to build out a client base that you can rely on, but make sure your clients don’t require you to be in person 24/7. Depending on the type of freelancing work you do, many clients will be comfortable with entirely remote work or in-person quarterly check-ins. That would leave you with flexibility to do your work from anywhere you desire.

Teach to earn passive income during your travels

You can have the option to be more selective about your client base if you’re tracking your finances closely and have a steady source of income from at least one project. Teaching on Skillshare is a great way to earn passive income that you can rely on– an average teacher earns $1400 within their first 6 months on Skillshare. Any class you post on the platform will continue to generate revenue, even while you’re sitting on a beach off the coast of Spain. 

Barter when you can

Another great way to conserve your funds for the essentials, is to barter your services. Find projects you can do on site where you may be traveling, and take advantage of the free perks you can get in return. For example, if you’re a freelance web designer, there are tons of places who would benefit from your services but may not be able to pay money. Use this to your advantage and barter for free stays, meals, or tours. Not only does it help save you money, but it can also help you build credibility in a new market.

Plan your schedule carefully

Just like with any freelance job, you’re the master of your own time. But when you add travel into the equation, your schedule can become complicated and you may find it hard to balance the needs of your clients with your own personal time. Make sure you lock in holidays and breaks that you’ll need, and don’t budge on these commitments. Clients may have deadlines, but being clear on your availability and timeline upfront will help align your needs, and make sure that you can take of yourself while still performing at a high level. Additionally, pick a time zone to work around, and stick to it– if you have international clients, it’s important to be clear what your hours are. You might need to work erratic hours depending on the project and the client, but setting expectations upfront are key.

Cowork internationally

There are lots of coworking facilities around the world where you can meet like minded freelancers. Finding communities of coworkers when you travel will not only help with productivity, but it will also give you the chance to exchange techniques and ideas from similar professionals in the field. Plus, you never know what new client opportunities you might find

Stay organized and be accessible

When you’re traveling and working, there are lots of time zones and logistics to account for, so make sure your clients know if you’re going to be traveling or what time zones you’re going to be in. Maintaining a strong level of communication is key, and it helps build trust among your client base that no matter where you may be you’ll still be able to get the work done on time. Stay organized and manage your workflow carefully– your business will grow because of it.

Ready to prepare for your big trip?