Have you taught online before? Read below to find out what makes Skillshare different than other platforms, and the best ways you can get started earning money today.

1. Your Students, Your Followers

Unlike other platforms where students only purchase once from a teacher, Skillshare lets you grow and monetize a following. Each time a student watches your class, they are prompted to follow you. Students that follow you are notified every time you post a new class in your Skillshare “channel.” Our top teachers have tens of thousands of followers and earn thousands of dollars every month!

Pro tip: The best way to maximize your earnings is to post new classes and build a following for your “channel” over time. Rather than posting all of your classes at once, post a new class once every 2-4 weeks.

2. More Money, Less Work

We’ve seen that classes of 20-60 minutes that focus on teaching a specific skill or project perform well on Skillshare, and are a great way to keep students engaged and coming back for more. Shorter classes mean less work for you, and make teaching easier than ever before.

Pro tip: If your class is longer than 2-3 hours, consider chopping it up into smaller pieces and posting each of them on Skillshare. Often times, you can use your ‘video units’ as classes themselves. An 8 hour class can be 8 classes on Skillshare, giving you the chance to earn more money for less work!

3. Discovery Made Easy

Membership means more students. Every class can be discovered by over 1.7 million students. Our membership model makes it easy to get discovered by our community of lifelong learners, who are always looking for new skills to master!

Pro tip: Follow our tips on Class Merchandising and SEO to make sure that your class can be discovered by students both on Skillshare and off.

4. Make Money Marketing Your Class

Monetize your existing networks with referrals. When you publish a class, you’ll be able to use your unique class referral link to help market your class to your networks. You’ll earn $10 for every student who signs up for a Membership. Our most successful teachers have earned thousands of dollars sharing their referral link with their networks on Youtube, Facebook, audiences they’ve built on other learning platforms and their personal followings by utilizing our top tips for marketing

Pro tip: Got a social presence or an email newsletter? Post your newest class referral link in your profile or the footer of your newsletter so that you any any new followers can find your Skillshare class and you’ll get paid $10 if they upgrade.

5. Royalties You Can Count On

Royalties mean consistent, steady income. We share 50% of our Membership revenue with our teachers every month. On average, our teachers make $2,500 and our top teachers earn over $40,000 a year. To date, we’ve paid out over $5.5 million to our teachers.

Pro tip: Our top teachers post new classes once a month to keep providing content for their followers and grow their earnings. Read here to learn how teachers like Teela Cunningham have turned teaching on Skillshare into a full-time job.